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Czech Adventure

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I am often in Prague on business and often stay over the weekend so I have seen most of the sex shows in town and tried several of the cosy massage parlours. On this particular day I was not looking for any whore but just strolling through town after a lunch with a former colleague. In Prague you are often approached by girls asking “Sexy” or “Want to fuck” directly in your face but when these two business looking girls approached I thought they would ask directions or something.

Both were in the late twenties, dressed in very elegant dresses with business jackets and lots of jewellery. One was a busty fake blonde with a couple of pounds extra in just the correct places. The other was black haired, tall and slim but with a good pair of breast stretching the dress to the limits. The blonde came very close to me so I could not avoid looking down the V-cut in her dress revealing two sun tanned beauties the size of oranges. She looked up at me and said:

“Would you like to have fun with the two of us. Two hours – 200 crowns. We have a room, nearby” The offer surprised me. The girls being hookers and the offer was very cheap. 200 crowns is like 50 dollars and very cheap – even for Czech standards. I decided to investigate a little.

“Does that include everything?” I inquired

“We do not do anal” the black haired girl informed in a very nice deep voice. She was nervous but seemed very determined and eager to get a client.

“Sure, that seems like a very nice offer. Lets go” I said and changed my mind on how to spend the afternoon. I would spend some afternoons with these girls if the service was anywhere near the looks.

I followed them a few streets into and through a back alley and into what looked like an abandoned factory building with pigeons flying out of the broken windows. I hoped we were going through but the stairway we entered had an electronic lock on the door and the stairs were clean. The blonde girl unlocked a large steel door to a flat and the girls went inside ahead of me. As I entered the small entrance I noticed a mirror in the next room. I could see the girls ahead of me and myself and suddenly I saw a silhouette of a person with a gun in the darker area behind the door. I do not know why I reacted like I did. I am not an action guy and have not been in any fights since High school. I slammed my shoulder against the door and could see the head of the guy fly backwards and bang into the wall behind him. The gun slid out into the middle of the entrance where I grabbed it and pointed at the guy. I realised after some time that he was totally unconscious and turned the gun on the girls. As I stepped further into the room I noticed a chair standing in the middle with small pieces of rope lying next to it. They had intended to tie me up and probably force me to give up the codes for the credit cards or something. There was a large dinner table, an old sofa, two chairs and a huge flat screen TV. Otherwise it was full of biker and car magazines. No painting or anything on the wall so clearly a guys flat.

“We were just hired to bring you here – we have nothing to do with this” the dark haired girl said. They both looked very afraid of the latest development in their well planned abduction.

“Shut up and lie down – both of you” I ordered and they both reacted immediately. I checked the other door leading into a small kitchen where a minute bathroom was attached.

I went back and tied up the guys hands behind his back and his feet. My hands were shaking so it was not easy. I do not know why I did not just leave but the sight of these two beauties lying on their belly on the floor with the well rounded bottoms poking up into the air was driving me to stay and do something to them. They had planned to hurt and torture me and now I suddenly had the power.

“You – get over there” I ordered and pointed the gun at the blond. She started to object but I yelled “Shut up” and pushed her over towards the large heavy table. I brought the rope pieces and standing opposite her I tied her arms to the table legs so her body was forced to lean over the table and then circled her and tied her legs to the table legs so she was forced to spread them wide.

“You, get over here” I ordered the black haired girl and tied her up in the same way but facing the opposite direction. I stepped back and looked at the piece of art. Two beautiful girl lying belly down on the table with the round full buttocks sticking out and fantastic nylon legs going down to the high heeled shoes. My penis was harder than steel.

I went to the kitchen and found a large wooden spoon and a little knife. I took the mirror off the wall and placed it on a chair in front of the blondes face so I could see her face when I stood behind her. I went behind her and placed my hands on her buttocks. She jumped forwards to avoid the touch and started babbling things about how they were not involved and just hired to get a tourist. I yelled shut up and hit her with the spoon on her inner thigh. It was very painful judging from the look on her face. She could not control a scream and tears just rolled down her cheeks with the not so waterproof mascara.

I lifted her skirt and saw the nylon stockings stopping just short of the beautiful buttocks which were covered by black lingerie. I took the little knife and cut the panties so her love lips were free. She was dry from fear but it was clearly stimulating as my fingers were probing around her clit and opening. The black haired girl was staring and staying as far away as the ropes would let her. I tried to get my hands down her blouse but she pressed her breast down on the table making it impossible. I walked around the table and hit her three times with the spoon on her inner thigh.

“You have a small chance of getting out of this alive and without extreme pain. If you are not very, very nice to me I will remove your pussy hair with the flame of a lighter, only fuck you anus and kill you afterwards. Is that what you want?”

The girls mumbled something I was not able to understand.

“What did you say?” –I shouted into the ear of the blond.

“We will do what you say she cried” while more mascara ran down her cheeks.

I pulled up the skirt of the black haired girl. Her pantyhose’s were up to her waist so I sliced a hole as far as I could reach and cut through her white panties. My probing fingers felt a little more moisture. She knew what was coming and her body was adjusting.

I walked round to the other side and could feel she was getting more wet. I stuck my hand into the blouse of the black haired girl and now she was letting me feel her large warm soft breast while she was struggling not to touch my arm with her face. With the other hand I pulled out my dick and looked at the possibilities. I was planning some oral treatment but the blondes vagina was so nice looking that I moved closer and started moving the head of my dick along the outer lips. She babbled in Czech and moved around to avoid my dick but that just improved the view. Each time she tightened her ass muscles the buttocks became at least two inches taller. Mush have been a sports girl. Eventually I let the head of my dick enter the warm vagina and her mumbling became understandable.

“No, no no please. We will do anything. We will pay you” and so on.

I just moved my head back and forwards the first inch while enjoying the show. Her stressed face in the mirror, her blouse showing a deep crack between her breast and the buttocks of the blackhaired girl. What a view!

I started moving my dick further into her vagina which worked as a volume button on the girl. I had to lift the spoon before she stopped screaming and just mumble in her own language. I started gaining speed and started making noise as my hips rammed into her beautiful buttocks. What a feeling.

After some time like this I could feel the pressure build up but I wanted it to last longer so I undressed and went around to the other side of the table. The black hared girl started to move around in her ropes and say things but when I started to probe he lips she accepted her faith and relaxed. She was more wet than the blond and as I moved the mirror over in front of her I lifted her face up and positioned my dick on her lips. She reluctantly opened and swallowed the head. I held onto her ears and started picking up speed. She tried to jump back when I entered too far but otherwise gave a good sucking. My pressure was now unbearable so I moved around her and without much lubrication pushed my dick deep into her and started pumping. I grabbed hold of her nylon covered hips and rammed as hard as I could until I had the largest cumming I had ever tried. It just kept spraying and spraying for what felt like minutes. At the end I found myself lying on top of the girl totally spent while both girls were sobbing and telling me not to get her pregnant. As if I could change that now.

I pulled out and went to the little bathroom for a pee and then into the kitchen for a beer. I sat in the sofa and looked at the situation. I decided I had not fully exploited the situation. The blonde girl kept begging for permission to go to the bathroom so I took a bathrobe on and put the gun in the pocket. I untied her hands first and tied them behind her back and then her feet. I pushed her towards the bathroom and helped lift her skirt.

“I cannot pee when you are here she said” but I just pulled out the gun, cocked the spring and pointed it at her head and the noises told me she had changed her mind. I made her stand up and wiped her behind when she was finished.

Back in the living room I made her sit on her knees in front of the sofa and opened the robe so she could service me. She obeyed when the gun again was pointing towards her head. First she licked around my balls and then up and down the pole which became increasingly hard. I sat back and with one hand in her hair I set the speed while I enjoyed the view of the two girls. After a while the pressure started to build up again but I wanted more out of it so I told her to turn around and ride me while facing away. Again I had to shake the gun a little before she did a told but once mounted it was wonderful. It gave me free hands to open some buttons in her blouse and pull the bra down so her breast were sticking out and bouncing up and down. After some minutes like that I suddenly noticed the guy on the floor was watching with big eyes and a big bulge in his pants. I did not know whether to hit him again or what but the sexual lust took over so I told the blonde to sit with a knee or each side of his head and let him lick her cunt. She complained again that it was not her boyfriend so I squeezed a thin slice of skin from her thigh between two fingers and she screamed. Then she obeyed.

I had to instruct her to lower her cunt low enough that he could lick her. Then I went over to the black haired girl and had her suck on my dick. The blond did not show any signs of enjoying the treatment so I went over and opened the guys pants and pulled out his dick. I then went beside the girl and pulled her head down on the dick. With her hands tied behind her it was a very difficult position and she could only let the dick directly into her mouth. The boy immediately started moving even though she was mumbling angry words to him.

I went behind her and put my dick at her outer lips. Now she really started to struggle but with a hand on her neck I could keep her deepthroating the boys dick while I drove my shaft into her from behind. My other hand squeezed her nipples hard which made her struggle again. So it was a moving target I rammed my dick into but after some time we got a rhythm going with her breathing through her nose and the boy sometimes pulling back to let her grasp some air. I let go of her nipples and pushed my thumb into her asshole. She buckled like a wild bronco but we had her pinned between two cocks. When she relaxed I pulled out my dick and pushed the head into her asshole. She buckled again and I had to struggle to get my dick back into her cunt. I repeated the procedure a few times and each time the lubrication helped the penis a little further in. Eventually I could pick up the pace and fuck her very tight little hole with her trying every trick to get away. When I had it in to the hilt I lubricated with a little spit and could ram at full force into her buttocks. This was too much for the boy underneath. He started to scream something to warn her but I pushed her heard forward onto his cock, increased my forceful ramming and with my free hand squeezed her nipples. He came with such force that his body raised from the floor with the dick deep into her throat and she gagged and whined to get air through the semen and to swallow as much as possible to free her airways. Semen oozed out of her mouth and nose which was too much for me so I shot my load with such force that I lifted her knees from the ground while her asshole was getting full of cum.

Again, I was almost unconscious and woke up on top of the blonde as my dick slipped out of her asshole. She made no effort to move so I went out into the kitchen and picked up another beer. I wanted a look at the situation before I left the company.

When I got back she had managed to sit up and get her skirt to cover her beautiful ass but her breast were still hanging over the blouse edge. The boy was whispering something to the black haired girl on the table. Probably convincing her that he was forced to cum in her girlfriends throat.

I was almost ready to leave when I saw the buttocks of the black haired girl. They deserved some more attention. I pulled up the blond girl and brought her to her knees behind the black haired girl still tied down on the table. I told her to start sucking and licking until I said stop. I had to hit her a couple of times before it was properly done but then it looked ok. I positioned the mirror so I could see the action and sat myself with the beer in the sofa watching the scene play. The black haired girl tried at first to look neutral and to move he pussy away but a few words and the blonde was working intensely again and the effect was beginning to show. First she closed her eyes and her breathing grew in intensity for a long time. Then she began to move around and when she was very close she pulled in all the ropes. I told the blond to stop and start again after some seconds. This time she was up there quicker but again I told the blond to stop. The third time I went over there and when she was on the verge of cumming I pushed in my dick to the hilt in one go. I let a finger continue the stimulation while I let my rod drive slowly in and out. I did not go long before she came in a very large orgasm. The ropes were doing all they could to hold her down. Her spasm also contracted her vagina so I could not hold back and let my hands grasp her breast and increased pumping until I shot loads of semen deep into her belly. That finished me off for good.

I dressed and walked out of there. I even forgot to pay the 200 crowns.

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