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Cupid’s Wish

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I laughed out loud at cupid. He slapped his hand over my mouth to silence me; he wasn’t happy, I could tell by the way he growled at me to shut up before straightening his listing laurel wreath and rearranging his bow and arrows. His face was silvered, heavy with stage makeup, his body sheathed in an over-tight leotard, and a toga that left little to the imagination.

As a ploy to get people into the shop to buy Valentine’s goodies, it was not the best it had to be said.

“Has anyone twigged yet?” I whispered, leaning my head close to his.

“I think they were crying with laughter too much to see past the makeup Sarah, now piss off before anyone else I know finds out.” I blew him a kiss and went across the street to the café, making sure I had a window seat so I could have a clear view. After all it’s not every day that a woman gets to see her husband dressed up as Cupid.

It was my fault he was standing out on the main street in the town freezing his bollocks off. The card shop I worked for had been unable to find anyone brave or stupid enough to don the costume as a Valentine’s gimmick, even when hard cash had been used as an incentive. As a last resort I had asked Dan, and, after spewing a torrent of four letter expletives he had told me what I could do with my request. Not to be defeated I had suggested, that in return for him doing the shop this one favour that I would grant him one wish for Valentine’s in lieu of a proper present, no matter how weird or wonderful it might be.

After thinking about it overnight he had cornered me at breakfast time, telling me that he would gladly ponce about in the leotard, but it would come at a heavy price; I was curious to say the least. All he wanted was one night with our neighbours; he would take care of the details. At that point my eyebrows must have disappeared into my hairline, but all he did was laugh as he sat down to breakfast. Not that our neighbours were strangers to us, far from it, all four of us had gone to school together and at some point or another between school and us getting married, she had been with my husband Dan, and I with Kyle, her other half. Though, as yet, we had never actually gotten together as a foursome; the idea was far from off-putting, Nikki was a very attractive woman and I knew she had a rather liberal outlook.

The weather was starting to take a turn for the worse, loose papers that were being blown about by the rising wind plastered themselves against Dan’s legs from time to time, but still he stood there. I was impressed by his willpower, if it had been me, I would have slunk into the warmth of the shop long before now; one thing was for sure, he would need some serious thawing out by the time he got home.

We lay back in bed; sated, with the sweat coating our bodies cooling rapidly in the evening air. We were tired, but not tired enough to ignore the sounds filtering through the wall that separated our bedroom from that of our neighbours. Automatically we raised our hands and conducted the invisible orchestra, with extra emphasis on the rhythmic bang of their headboard. It wasn’t long before the grunts and moans that had been mere whispers reached a high-pitched crescendo, which had us both laughing out loud. If it hadn’t been for the fact that we had Kyle and Nikki for years, then we would have probably been hammering on the wall with our fists, demanding that they keep the noise down. As it was, on both sides, we found the situation with our thin walls hilarious and had spent more than a few nights trying to outdo each other on the noisy sex front. At this point in time, it looked as though they had won hands down.

I turned over and snuggled into Dan’s chest, inhaling the musky scent that was uniquely his. His arms tightened possessively about me, holding me close, kissing the top of my head lightly before resting his chin there.


“What is it?” I whispered, not bothering to cover my yawns.

“I’ve had a word with Kyle about this wish you promised me and we’ve arranged a date.” He held his breath as I managed a squeak of shock, my tiredness quickly forgotten.

“Tell me it’s months away Dan, tell me that Nikki wasn’t too keen, tell me you’ve given me time to build up the nerve to do it.” My voice was shaking as I spoke.

“Uh… well, I thought we should strike while the iron was hot so to speak, and after what I went through to get a chance at this, you better believe I wasn’t going to wait months. We’re going to have a little party, just the four of us tomorrow night.” He sounded slightly smug.

“But that’s Valentine’s night, you know, that one day of the year dedicated to lovers, a personal day. We can’t share Valentine’s night with our neighbours, I don’t care how long we’ve been friends!” I sat up quickly, drawing the quilt up, covering my chest, wondering how Nikki had taken the news.

“She was quite enthusiastic, they had nothing more planned than a little pampering and dinner at home, you know how Nikki is, she likes to share; her body, her man… whatever.” Dan’s hand made contact with my arm, making me jump nervously.

“For someone that hasn’t had a great deal of experience in that kind of situation, you’re being remarkably calm about the whole thing. I want to change the rules slightly though.” I began. “I won’t back out of the forfeit or anything like that, but will only go through with it on the understanding that both of you men participate too. Nikki and I will not be a floorshow for you two perverts.” I had said my peace, but my stomach was still turning.

“So long as you don’t expect me to do anything with Kyle than okay. If it’s the only way I’m going to see you with another woman, then I have no choice but to agree. Does that mean that I get to play with Nikki too then?” I would have been stupid not to notice the tone of hope in his voice.

“How about we go into this equally, whatever you can do, I can do also?” I got a grunt of approval. That was enough for me so I settled back down with my mind turning over and over in the dark, there was little left to say but the last thing I remembered as I fell into a deep sleep was the brush of Dan’s lips against my temple.

The next morning I was the first to wake up, enjoying the luxury of an early Saturday morning stretch without the worry of having to rush out anywhere. Dan slept on like the proverbial baby and I turned onto my back, staring up at the ceiling but not actually seeing it. My mind was racing, I was wondering if our friendship with Nikki and Kyle would suffer after the four of us got together, but I realised that there was a good chance if we backed out, that we would still speak. That was what I hoped at any rate.

Three hours later, we were both up for the day and while I busied myself with making breakfast, Dan popped next door to talk to our friends. With breakfast waiting on the table there was nothing left to do but pace back and forth, waiting for him to come back, but he seemed to take forever. I was away in my own daydream world when he came back in, and jumped nervously when he planted a kiss on the side of my neck.

“Don’t be so jumpy hun, there’s nothing to be worried about.” He settled himself quickly at the table and waded into the cooked breakfast I had made for him.

“It’s not so much that I’m worried, I’m scared shitless, now are you going to tell me what took you so long or are you going to make me wait?” I sat down but couldn’t face the thought of food, choosing to have a coffee instead.

“Well, you better dust off those ‘fuck-me’ boots of yours, because we’re still on for tonight, they’re both coming over later.” At that moment I felt the first stirrings of excitement.

“Just the boots then Dan? Won’t I look a little too eager if I just wear the boots and nothing else?” Saying that, if I turned up in the lounge later wearing just a pair of boots, it would certainly create a talking point.

“Nikki is really sexcited about it all, in fact she suggested that you both get ready together tonight, have a few drinks to relax, that sort of thing. She did say that if at any point you’re uncomfortable, then all you have to do is say something. No pressure, although I will be bitterly disappointed and may need years of counselling as a result if you back out.” He smiled broadly, holding his arms open.

The rest of the day seemed to drag, but I managed to waste a good portion of the afternoon by trying to figure out what to wear, without much luck. In the end I decided to wait for Nikki, we could choose something together. By the time the clock hit seven I was a mass of nerves and Judging by Nikki’s face as she let herself in through the kitchen door, she was faring no better than me, but she came armed with a bottle of vodka.

“Do you think we’ll have to drink much of that to get through this then Nikki?” I knew it wouldn’t take much to get me drunk, and neither of our husbands drank spirits.

“As much as it takes, and a little more if needs be. I can’t believe this is actually happening, I thought Dan was taking the piss when he first mentioned it, but I’m easy going.” She headed for the cupboard where I kept the glasses and I took a bottle of mixer from the fridge.

She dropped a small holdall by the kitchen table and sat down, waiting for me to join her.

“So is Kyle nervous about it at all?” Dan hadn’t seemed bothered in the slightest; in fact, he seemed remarkably relaxed about the whole idea.

“Not even close to it, he’ll be over shortly, last I saw, he was hunting for his lucky boxer shorts.” She laughed and I felt myself melt.

Truth be known, I had always thought that Nikki was a very attractive woman, but it wasn’t one particular point in her appearance or her personality that I liked, it was a mixture of things. I loved the way her long black hair swung back and forth across her back as she walked, and the way her dark eyes flashed when she was excited about something. Her nails were permanently sharp, blood red talons, just made to rake the skin on her husband’s back. The only thing we both had in common physically was our height, we were both around 5ft 6″. She had the tits I had always wanted for myself, gloriously full, whereas mine were barely a handful; on the positive side, this meant I could go around without a bra on if I felt like it, while more than a steady walk would set Nikki’s tits jiggling. She was a true wonder of nature when she ran.

Our first drink was gulped down, and as the second was poured Dan came through wearing a crisply ironed shirt, which hung loose from a pair of smart dress trousers. I wondered briefly why he was bothering so much, if everything went to plan, we would be ending up naked before too long anyway.

“Well if you’ve left some hot water, I think we’ll go make ourselves beautiful Dan.” Nikki got up from the table, taking her drink in one hand and her bag in the other, just managing to balance on tip-toe long enough to brush her lips against the side of Dan’s cheek on her way through to the lounge. I just stood there silent, watching her hips sway as she walked away.

“I think you’d better do as you’re told Sarah, it’s easy to see who’s going to be in charge tonight.” He swatted a palm against my ass as I walked past him.

As soon as I walked into my bedroom, I knew at once that Nikki had been having a hard time choosing a suitable outfit. My bed was covered in a multi-coloured blanket of her clothes.

“I’m not showering until we figure out what to wear.” She held up a black see-through shirt and a lacy black bra to put underneath it but quickly discarded it.

“I spent all day trying to figure out the same thing Nikki, and I think I have the perfect outfit all picked out, bear with me a sec and let me know what you think.” The vodka had made me a little braver than normal, but I took a long swallow of my drink before diving headfirst into my walk-in wardrobe, hunting around in the deepest recesses for the kiss of cold leather against my fingertips.

“What the hell are you looking for Sarah, we really don’t have much time, Kyle will be over any minute and the night isn’t getting any younger. But saying that, your ass does look kinda sexy, pushed up in the air the way it is.” I let out a laugh but felt myself blush with the compliment.

“Okay Nikki, I suggest you take some more of that drink and steel yourself for my suggestion.” My hands slipped over the two pairs of boots I had been looking for.

“This, I cannot wait to see sweetheart.” I heard the creaking springs of my bed as she sat down.

Carefully, I backed out of the wardrobe and got to my feet, my hands holding tight onto my beloved thigh-high boots, and the spare pair I kept, just for emergencies. I stood up with my back to her, whirling round quickly, waving the boots in the air.

“Jesus, they’re gorgeous, but I don’t think I’ve got anything that I could wear with them.” She shook her head sadly and downed the rest of her drink.

“Well, when I wear them, I don’t wear any clothes at all, and it works for Dan, believe me.” I dropped the spare pair at her feet and let my fingers stroke along the spike heel.

“Are you being serious?” A naughty smile curved her mouth and she pushed herself up off the bed, bending down to retrieve the boots from the floor.

“Completely, now, I don’t know about you, but I know it would make Kyle and Dan’s night if we put a little show on for them, I didn’t actually buy Dan a Valentine’s present this year, I guess with everything happening so quickly, it slipped my mind. This will make up for it don’t you think?” I grabbed my glass off the dresser and laid the boots down.

“Okay, looks like the outfits are sorted, time to get showered and shaved, hope you have some sharp razors.” I wondered briefly what areas of her body she would shaving, but didn’t ask for any specifics.

I let her take her shower first but it wasn’t long before I heard her shouting for me to come through.

“Sarah, the water is turning lukewarm, you better get your ass through here now and shower before it goes completely cold!” I finished my drink and went through to the bathroom, my eyes widening with slight shock as Nikki held open the shower cubicle door.

“Umm, I thought you were finished already Nikki, I can wait till you’re done.” I should have left and given her some privacy but for the life of me, I couldn’t.

The water pounded against her shoulders, streaming down over her breasts, and her stomach, and, as I looked down, I saw that she had managed to shave her mound so that all that was left was a little heart shape. I couldn’t help but giggle, but at the same time wishing that I had thought of it first.

“The true spirit of Valentine’s, eh Nikki?”

“Get your ass in here Sarah, it’ll be quicker this way.” She gave me a broad wink and crooked her finger at me.

“I guess you’re not nervous at all?” I grinned and started peeling off my clothes, hesitating only for a moment before stepping inside the shower with her.

“Wasted emotion right now hun, we can be nervous tomorrow if you like though.” She turned me gently away from her and began to soap my back, her hands moving in large lazy circles.

I braced my hands against the cool glass of the shower stall and sighed as she eased away the last remaining traces of tension with her hands. Her fingertips danced up and down my spine and I felt my legs part of their own free will as she skimmed her palms across my ass, but she never sought a more intimate contact and I was left wanting, but unable to find the words to tell her how I felt. When she moved closer to me I could feel he brush of her hardened nipples against my back and it was my undoing, turning round quickly, I caught hold of her hands and smiled.

“I somehow get the impression that you’re not as new to this as I am.” She wasn’t acting like someone purely emboldened by alcohol.

“Hmm… well okay, since I’ve been married to Kyle, we have had threesomes with other men, but only a few times. I haven’t been with another woman since before we got together, not for the want of trying on Kyle’s part I hasten to add.” Although we had been friends for quite some time, I realised just then how little I really knew about her, but I didn’t dwell on it too long.

“Well, at least one of us knows what they’re doing then, it makes things easier, I guess.” She helped rinse the soap off my body quickly and we stepped out of the shower, grabbing two bath towels before going back through to the bedroom.

“It doesn’t matter what I’ve done before Sarah, this is the first time with you; it’s more personal. This means something.” She wrapped the towel around herself and sat down on the edge of the bed, pulling me down beside her.

Without a word spoken, she leaned into me, her hands cupping my face, angling her head to kiss me, and I knew in that moment, that this was what I wanted more than anything. Our first kiss was a tentative exploration, her teeth nibbled on my bottom lip, sucking on it gently before her tongue slipped past the barrier of my teeth and danced against mine. I moaned into her mouth and sat a little closer, deepening the kiss, letting her know I needed this and more. We were so lost in what was happening that we didn’t hear the footfalls on the stairs.

“Ahem! Who said you could start without us?” I broke the kiss quickly and felt heat filling my face as I looked to the doorway where both of our men were standing, with very interested looks on their faces.

“We won’t be long, just get yourselves back down the stairs, I promise we’re worth waiting for.” Nikki shooed them off with her hand and stood up quickly, letting the towel drop, the moment they disappeared.

“Kyle’s looking gorgeous tonight Nikki, I wouldn’t blame you if you decided against this and dragged him off home.” She leant forwards once more, planting a soft gentle kiss on my lips before standing up.

“Now why would I want to go home when an evening with you and Dan holds all sorts of delicious possibilities? I think we can safely say that neither one of us is going to back out, am I right?” She pulled me to my feet and pushed me in the direction of my dressing table.

“You’re right, but I think we’d better hurry up.” I sat down and pulled my hair free of its restraining band, sighing as the long red-gold strands settled. I would have given anything to have Nikki’s dark hair and even complexion, instead though I was cursed with the strangest shade of red hair and a multitude of freckles that only just managed to mask the pale skin of my face and my arms.

I could see looking in the mirror that Nikki was having trouble with the zipper of one of the boots and was bent right over, wiggling about as she tried to pull it up. If nothing else happened between us, then the sight of her glistening slit, peeking from between her thighs would satisfy me for many nights to come; she was an open invitation to be tasted, but I grabbed my hairbrush and dragged it through my hair in an effort to take my mind slightly off her movements. By the time I had finished brushing, my hair looked somewhat tamed, and Nikki had managed to get both boots on. With her hands on her hips and black leather hugging all the way up to the middle of her thighs, all she needed was a whip in her hand and I would have fallen to my knees in front of her. I could feel myself starting to get wet and she grinned naughtily, as if reading my mind. Slowly I stood up and felt the air caress my wetness, heightening my awareness, and her eyes dropped down to the cleft of my thighs.

“I’ll help you with your boots Sarah, come sit on the edge of the bed.” She held her hand out and when I sat down, I brought my thighs together tightly. It was an almost prim posture, completely at odds with my naked state.

Her hands stroked the length of my calves and she lifted one foot up to slide the boot on, pushing her fingers between my knees, parting them, and without a word I relaxed. Stopping only long enough to give me an encouraging smile she laid her head on my lap and my fingers automatically went to her hair, smoothing it away from her face. I could feel the heat of her tits pressed against my legs and I opened my legs wider, bringing her closer. Her fingers worked the zipper of the boot quickly and she drew away to put the second one on me, before standing up quickly.

“It would be so easy to just stay up here Sarah, you have no idea what’s going through my head right now.” I felt so in tune with her, it wasn’t like what I had with Dan, it was just different and it felt right.

“Let’s go then Nikki, I could do with another drink.” I laughed nervously as we left the bedroom and made our way carefully downstairs.

The door to the lounge was partially open and we waited for a few seconds listening to Dan and Kyle as they whined about how long it was taking us to get ready. We laughed softly, holding hands, pushing the door open together.

I wished at that moment that I had a camera handy, because the look on both of our husband’s faces was priceless. Dan choked on his lager and Kyle blessed the fact that he had put his drink down shortly before we made our entrance.

“Hell, Kyle, it would seem that we’re a bit over-dressed for the occasion.” Dan started to unbutton his shirt and I pushed Nikki in his direction, so she could help him out. Dan looked at me for assurance before placing his hands on her shoulders and I just smiled.

“Sarah, get that sweet ass over here and help me out, my fingers are shaking too badly to manage these buttons.” Kyle winked at Dan and held his arms out to me, and I went willingly.

“I would like to point out that if anyone wants to call a halt, then all they have to do is say no.” The words were pointless, but a reminder nonetheless, it was clearly apparent that we all wanted the same thing, sex with no inhibitions and no regrets.

“I’d like to point out that you talk too much Dan!” Kyle laughed, along with the rest of us.

My fingers worked quickly on Kyle’s shirt, but they seemed to be having the same problem as his and I gave up, choosing instead to rip down the front, much to the amusement of everyone present.

“Hell Dan, if I’d known she was gagging for it, we would have come over earlier, I hate to think of a woman being denied one of the most basic pleasures in life.” I stuck my tongue out and giggled as I saw the buttons scattered across the floor.

“Give her what she wants honey.” Nikki shouted as I slid my hands inside the gaping flaps of her husband’s shirt.

His hands cupped my face as he lowered his head to kiss me for the first time, showing me how he wanted me with the slow thrust back and forth of his tongue against mine. Standing as I was, with my back to Dan and Nikki, I couldn’t see what they were up to, but I could hear Nikki moaning softly and I felt myself start to get excited. My hands went to Kyle’s belt, pulling it free quickly, unzipping his trouser with a shaking hand as I felt the length of his hard cock pressing against my palm. He brought me in close and I moved my hands inside the waistband of his boxers, pushing them down along with his trousers.

It had only been an hour since Nikki had come over and I felt like I had been teetering on the edge of an orgasm ever since. I let my nipples drag down over his chest as I kissed my way down towards his belly. His breathing started to quicken as my hair brushed against his belly, his hands gripping me tight as I flicked my tongue over the head of his cock, catching the bead of pre-cum on the tip. I drew my head back and watched the shiny strand stretching between his cock and my mouth, managing to steal a look up at him, running the tip of my tongue over my lips as he looked down; his groan was music to my ears.

The room was quiet as I took him into my mouth, my fist closing around the bottom of his shaft, holding him steady, sinking my warm wet mouth lower and lower. I could smell his tangy aftershave even although I was squatting down in front of him, but it was overshadowed by an earthy masculine scent that sent my senses on overdrive. I felt his hands tilting my head up slightly, enabling us to maintain eye contact as I worked his cock, sucking harder now, sliding back and forth while my teeth grazed lightly. I manage to work one of my hands between his legs, letting my fingernails drag lightly across his balls and further back to the sensitive strip of skin that led the way to his puckered little hole. I knew this was something that Dan loved for me to do, but I had no idea what Kyle’s reaction would be so I pulled my hand back and let go of his cock for long enough to slide my fingers inside my mouth, coating and soaking them with spit. A few seconds later I captured his cock between my lips once more and pressed my slippery fingers against his ass hole, circling it slowly. I knew straight away that he wasn’t put off at all, his hips pushed against my face as I managed to slide the tip of one finger just inside.

I let my hand drop from his shaft and just let him fuck my mouth while I concentrated on sliding more of my finger inside him. He was so tight, clutching at my finger, trying to trap it, but as I started to stroke him, I heard the breath hiss out between his clenched teeth. His hips bucked, thrusting more and more of his cock deep inside my mouth, until I found my nose being tickled by his pubic hair; in response I crooked my finger and felt his shaft grow stiffer. I was bringing him to the edge and pushing him right over. His cum splashed against the back of my throat and I swallowed hungrily, keeping my lips tight about him until I was sure that he had nothing left to give. I broke free and gave him a sloppy grin, pulling my finger free quickly, laughing as he winced.

His fingers trapped my nipples, pinching them tightly as he sat down, and I saw a mischievous glint in his hazel eyes that peaked my interest. I stood up slowly, but his fingers still held me, the pain mingling with an exquisite pleasure as he brought his face close to my pussy, inhaling deeply before spearing his tongue straight into my sopping slit. The roughness of his tongue against the nubbin of my clit was sweet torture and I felt a real sense of loss as his fingers freed me, so I replaced them with my own as his hands gripped my hips. My thighs turned to jelly as he pushed a hand between my legs, slipping two long thick fingers into my pussy. I was grinding myself on his face, it was my turn now and my cries were loud as he pumped his fingers in and out, forcing a third inside. As I started to cum, I pushed myself down hard onto his hand, covering his face in my wetness. My chest heaved as he continued to lap at me, taking all that I had to give him.

I stole a look over my shoulder and saw that Nikki was receiving exactly the same treatment from Dan. Watching my husband with his head buried between another woman’s legs was unbelievable and as I moved to the side to let Kyle get a look, I knew he wasn’t totally oblivious either.

As Nikki’s cries subsided, I watched as Dan drew back from her pussy, his face shiny with her juices; I was transfixed. Slowly I walked to the middle of the lounge and pushed the coffee table to one side. Nikki wasn’t long in following my cue and we stood together, hairs breadth apart, facing each other. Slowly our hands began to caress trace over on another’s bodies, our movements mirrored; we leaned in, kissing softly, tongues sliding and dancing. I laughed into her mouth as I felt the weight of Kyle’s hands on my shoulders and opened my eyes while I kissed her; watching as Dan loomed up on the other side, pushing Nikki down as Kyle pushed me.

In the end we were on our hands and knees, face to face, close enough for our lips to brush, but far enough apart that I could look down and see her beautiful tits swing as she moved. Kyle’s hands smoothed their way down my spine, clutching at my ass, spreading the cheeks; I wiggled my ass in invitation and was rewarded by a long dragging lick from my clit to my ass. I moaned softly and looked up at Dan, holding his eyes as I felt Kyle position his cock at the entrance to my pussy. I mouthed the words ‘I love you’ to him as I watched him surge forwards into Nikki’s cunt, forcing her forward enough so that we were able to rest our heads on each other’s shoulders.

Her skin felt hot under my cheek, I could see tiny beads of sweat breaking out along her spine; I noticed every little thing about her as her husband fucked me. My hands inched forward, covering hers, squeezing them lightly as I listened to her cum for the second time that evening. I knew Dan wouldn’t last much longer, the veins were standing out on his neck and his eyes were tight shut as he threw his head back, slamming his hips against Nikki’s ass, driving his cock deep inside her one last time. Her cries turned to sobs as Dan leaned forwards over her back, kissing me deeply, forcing Nikki onto her stomach on the floor under his weight.

Watching Nikki orgasm seemed to spur Kyle on, and he started to fuck me harder and faster than ever, long deep thrusts that stretched and bruised my tender flesh. When he slipped completely out of me I braced myself, expecting him to miss his target, but he stilled, pulling me up by my shoulder so that my back rested against his chest. Dan had pulled back and was sitting a little bit away, getting his breath back and I felt Nikki’s hands on my thighs, pushing them as far apart as she could.

The moment I felt Kyle’s hands spreading my ass cheeks, I knew that he was going to take complete advantage; I knew also that I was going to let him. I felt him drag the head of his cock along my slit, anointing it before presenting it against the tiny star of my ass, making me cry out as he pushed steadily, pausing only for a slight second as the head of his cock was swallowed up inside me. Nikki’s breath was hot against the inside of my thighs as she moved higher, her fingers stroking back and forth along the sensitive area between my pussy and the top of my thigh. Her tongue began to flick against my outer lips and I felt a rush of heat, my mind taken momentarily off the cock sliding further and further into my ass. All of a sudden the gentleness was gone and Kyle slammed forward, pushing me against Nikki’s face, but she was ready and her mouth covered me while her fingers thrust deep inside my cunt, pumping fast while her husband fucked my ass. It was too much, I had never felt anything like it; they were completely filling me. Dan’s jaw dropped as he realised what was happening, but I couldn’t form any coherent words.

Even when I started to cum again they didn’t let up; my whole body was shaking, both with the force of my orgasm and the way Kyle drove his cock into my ass. Pain ceased to figure, I was beyond it; between them they rocked me. Sweat trickled down between my tits and my hands went out to Dan, I needed him more than ever, he didn’t need to hear me ask him out loud, he was there in an instant. My hands were held tight as Kyle’s cock flexed and pulsed inside me, filling my ass with globs of cum and slowly Nikki slid her fingers out of me, pulling back, a grin splitting her wet face. We laughed then, pulling far enough away so that we each had a clear bit of floor to collapse on.

“If I haven’t said it already Dan, happy Valentine’s day.” I was still slightly breathless as I spoke.

“It’s not over yet Sarah, it’s not even nine o’clock; Valentine’s is far from over and we have so much more left to do.” He winked broadly before closing his eyes.

“Hear, hear.” Echoed Nikki and Kyle, from where they lay, arms wrapped around each other.

The throb between my legs seemed to radiate outwards, until my whole body felt primed, one touch and I would shatter into a million pieces, and all with the thoughts my very own Cupid had placed in my mind.

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