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Couple Helps Divorced Friend

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Do you know what is worse than being married for five years and not having sex for the past six months, finding out that other men have been having sex with your wife in your bed? My name is Robert, I am 35 years old, five foot ten, thick black hair that starts at the top of my head and doesn’t stop until it reaches my toes, green eyes, and a pretty naturally fit body, all compliments from my Italian heritage.

I met Judy through my best friend from college, Mike and his wife Sarah. Sarah and Judy were roommates in college. When Mike and Sarah were married I was the best man and Judy was the maid of honor. We didn’t actually date until after college and we both started our careers. We kept running into each other through Mike and Sarah. Eventually we just fell into a relationship.

Judy was the typical petite blond hair blue eye short buxom beauty that guys dreamed of as they jerked off. She was a sexual maniac in bed. I thought, like all guys do, that I had a sexually demented mind, but Judy took it to the next level. She loved tying me up face up on the bed, then climbing on top of my seven inch cock and riding me until I was raw, cumming at least twice. Then she would turn around and sit on my face and grind her cum filled pussy in my mouth until I finished eating all my cum out.

We had a great sexual relationship, but when it came to other goals she just didn’t see kids or a house in the future. She wanted to travel the world and fuck in every country. She was openly bi and loved having other women in bed with us. I didn’t complain, who would? We both made really good money, me as a CPA and she was a museum curator. In her job she traveled half of the time looking for new displays. When it was somewhere exotic and/or nice, I would tag along with her. But come tax season I worked 24/7 from January through April 15th. I would drag my ass home and want to fall into bed asleep, Judy wanted to play and got mad when I wouldn’t, or couldn’t.

It was one of those nights in the middle of March, dragging home around eleven at night, walking into our bedroom to find my wife on all fours being fucked by this huge muscle guy from our gym and her face was buried in some woman’s snatch. Most men would find this hot. However, for the past six months my wife and I had not had any sex. I thought we were in a rut, turns out she was getting plenty and didn’t need me. She did lift her head out of the woman’s pussy long enough to tell me that she is finally being fucked by people who KNOW how to fuck.

I was too tired and too hurt to even care. I did glance at the guy and noticed his cock was hung like a fucking baseball bat. His well chiseled body was covered in sweat and glistening. He looked at me and gave me a wink. Then he beckoned me to come over to the bed and join them. He was very good looking and if I was going bi, he would get me to try. At the same time that monster cock scared me. If I was part of Judy’s plan to be part of her orgy that would be one thing, but it’s that she was having sex with other people and she just didn’t care what I thought about it. I said a few choice words to her and her friends and left.

I walked out of the room and didn’t stop until I was back in my car and driving to nowhere. I was still in shock and my auto pilot must have kicked in as I was pulling up to Mike and Sarah’s house. I didn’t even realize I had been driving for over an hour. I don’t remember any of the trip or how I even got there. I was just there. I sat in the car for about fifteen minutes before their porch light went on. Then, out of nowhere, Mike was standing next to my window trying to open my car door. I opened the door, got out, and stood staring into his face. He must have understood something bad happened and pulled me into a big hug. He said something like “Whatever it is buddy, we’re here for you.” We both walked into his house.

Sarah was coming down the stairs as Mike and I entered their home. “Robert is everything OK?”

Mike still had his arm around my shoulder, probably the only reason I was standing, as I looked up at her and said “Not really, can I crash here tonight?”

“You don’t even have to ask, the guest room is always made up. Can I get you a drink?” Mike said as he squeezed me into another hug.

I look at him, “You don’t even want to know why I’m here?” I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes.

Mike looked back at me, “If and when you are ready we are here for you buddy. If you just want time to yourself we will respect that. I don’t want to push you before you’re ready. Do you want to talk?”

Sarah walked towards us and wrapped her arms around the both of us, “Let’s go into the kitchen and I’ll put on a pot of coffee.”

Sarah and Mike were your typical ken and Barbie. Mike was six foot two inches tall, blonde hair, and blue eyes. He has a washboard stomach, from playing handball, which he loved to beat me on a weekly basis. Mike is a Finance Major, and has a great position with a large manufacturing company. Sara is six feet tall, by looking at her five feet of her are legs. She has long flowing red hair, green eyes, and small 32b breasts. Sara, like Judy, is an Art Major, and landed a job as a manager of a huge art store that deals only in very large price tag items.

Mike and Sarah have a nice big home outside of the city, where we all work, as opposed to my apartment in the city. They chose the bigger home and the commute, where Judy wanted to be in the heart of the city with all the action. Mike and Sarah are more private and quiet, like me. In retrospect Judy and I are really polar opposites. We sat at the kitchen table and I told them everything, well almost everything.

Sarah was more pissed at Judy that I even was, “That BITCH! This is all my fault, I should have never introduced you two. I’m so sorry Robert you shouldn’t have to feel this pain. I knew she was bi, hell she taught me a thing or two, but I at least thought she had SOME scruples.”

Sarah’s comment didn’t go unnoticed by either of us when we both looked at her and said “WHAT!”

Sarah gave us a cute smile, “What do you mean ‘What’? It was college we all experimented. Don’t tell me you boys didn’t try anything as roommates?”

Again Mike and I were on the same page, “HELL No!”

Sarah got up from the table, grabbed the coffee pot, and poured us all a fresh cup, “I thought everyone in college fucked anything and everyone in sight. Hump! I guess I was more of slut that I wanted to believe.” She looked at our stunned faces, and then broke out laughing. “Relax boys I was just trying to lighten the mood. You both are still so gullible.”

Then we are started to laugh, Sarah’s ploy worked and I felt a little better. We finished up our coffee and headed up to bed. The staircase separated the upstairs with the master bedroom on the right side of the house, and the two spare bedrooms and bath on the other. Sarah broke off and headed to the master bedroom while Mike escorted me to the spare room. He made sure that I had enough blankets and pillows. Sarah came in caring a toothbrush, toothpaste, some clothes, and a pair of silk boxers. “The toothbrush is new, and here is a pair of Mike’s shorts to sleep in, a swim suite, shorts, and shirt for tomorrow. Set your clothes in a pile in the bathroom and I will wash them tomorrow.”

I thanked her, “You guys are the best. I will get up and be out of here in the morning. You don’t have to babysit me. I will work it out with Judy tomorrow.”

Mike gave me another hug, “You can stay as long as you want to. Anything we have is yours. Don’t do anything until you’re ready.”

Sarah followed suit and gave me hug as well, kissed me on the cheek and said goodnight. As soon as they were gone I stripped down and put on Mike’s boxers. They fit perfect and the silk felt surprisingly erotic against my skin. I went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and took a leak. When I got back to my bed I picked up my phone and called Judy. She answered annoyed, “What?”

I started to apologize for leaving, “I’m sorry I left, I should have let you explain.” What a pussy I was becoming.

She tore me a new asshole, “It’s just sex. You work so much during tax season that I have to get sex elsewhere. I had my two friends over and they were dying to meet you and play with you. I try and open your mind up for new sexual pleasures and what did you do, you call me and my friend’s names and stormed out. I was so embarrassed that I lost my sex drive tonight, almost. Chad was disappointed he wanted to suck your cock so bad. He thought you were hot.”

I sat there with my mouth open, “We never discussed a three way, or a four way for that matter, with another guy. I would need to get my mind set. This time of year is not the time to spring new things on me. I can’t focus on anything until April 16th.” I thought to myself, ‘how the fuck did this turn into my fault’.

Judy fixed that, “Look Robert, we just aren’t sexually compatible. I need someone who is willing to open their mind up and explore all sexual stimulations. Sex can be so good no matter who you’re with, male or female. You need to lighten up Robert and explore a whole other world of sexual pleasure. I need variety Robert, I can’t be in a relationship right now in my life that has so many restrictions. I want, no I NEED a divorce. I will pack your things, come and get them this weekend. Gotta go, Chad just got hard for round three, see ya.”

“See ya?” Married for five years and she hangs up like a teenage girl hanging up with her friend. I clicked the phone off and stared at the ceiling. At least it was Friday night and I wouldn’t have to go to work in the same clothes as today? This sucks! I lay on the bed and started to actually cry.

I barely heard the light knock before the door opened and Mike came into my room. He just had on a pair of boxers on, “You ok man? What happened?” Mike sat on the bed and scooped me up in his arms and held me. I wrapped my arms around him, buried my face in his neck and balled like a blithering idiot.

Mike kissed my head and whispered in my “SSSHHHH. It’s ok, let it out.”

I felt the bed shift again and felt a soft hand rubbing my back and racking through my hair. I lifted my head to see Sarah on the bed as well consoling me. She beckoned me into her arms as Mike pushed me into her. “Babe, go get a glass of water for Robert, and grab the box of tissue from the bathroom.” Mike got up to get the items.

Through a runny nose and teary eyes I got out enough of what Judy said. Sara squeezed me really tight, “There are better people out there for you Robert. You’re a damn good, LOYAL, man. You deserve happiness. Judy will wake up one day, hopefully with an STD, and realize what she lost out on.”

I laughed and cried at the same time. Mike came back and handed me some tissue. I was happy to blow my nose and wipe my eyes. I drank some water and handed Mike the glass back, which he then set on my nightstand. Mike sat back down on the bed next to me and placed his hand on my thigh and softly stroked it to console me.

I was finally calming down and became aware of the fact that we were on a bed together almost naked. In fact, looking at Sarah, she only had on a very sheer black lace robe on, and her pert tits were very clear to see. With my nose finally clear I suddenly caught the scent of sex. ‘Oh crap’ I thought to myself, they were having sex and I interrupted with my blubbering.

I started to apologize profusely, “I am so sorry to bother the two of you with my problems. I can’t believe how immature and stupid I am acting. I will be out of here in the morning.”

Sara grabbed me and pulled me into her bosom. “Robert, you can just shut-up now. You will be staying here. I will go get your things tomorrow and bring them here. We will spend the weekend drinking and forgetting. You are the best friend we have, fuck that, you’re family. After tax season we will look for a new place for you to live, if that is what you still want to do. Decisions are made so we don’t have to think, we just all have to follow through.”

I felt Mike scoot closer to my back side and he started to knead my shoulders to relax me. My head was still buried in Sarah’s bosom and the cum smell from her pussy was starting to turn me on. I felt my cock rising in Mike’s silk boxers. I looked down at Sarah’s breast and I could see her nipples sticking out against the sheer robe, and they were hard as a rock. My eyes traveled down her smooth stomach to her crotch to find her robe spread open revealing a very swollen and smoothly shaved pussy.

Was I over reading all of this? I interrupted them having sex, they run in to my room more worried about me than the way they were dressed and I start thinking horny thoughts. Judy said I wasn’t sexually adventurous enough, but I have to get my mind under control. Mike and Sarah’s hands continued to roam all over my body, consoling me. My heart began to race and I felt my breathing become heavier. I felt my cock twitch as Mike’s hand ran over one leg and Sarah’s hand on the other. As my cock became hard it began to snake its way out the front of my boxers. Mike’s boxers, the pair he wore at one time. His cock was where mine is now. I let out an audible moan against Sarah’s breast.

Sarah rubbed my head and applied a little more pressure to my head forcing it against her breast. My lips were pressed against the side of her left nipple. “That’s it Robert, just relax. Let us take care of you baby. Just relax.”

I could barely hear her, what was she saying? What did she mean? Then Mike pressed is chest against my back and nuzzled his face in the back of my neck, just behind my ear. “Just relax buddy. Sarah and I are here for you. Let it out. You’ll feel better. We want you here with us. We love you.”

I was so confused and so sexually aroused. Are they consoling me or seducing me? The warmth of Mike’s skin against me made we want to melt back against him. I wanted to suck Sarah’s nipple into my mouth. But they were just really good, caring friends I can’t fuck that up, especially not tonight.

Then Sarah’s robe was pulled open and my head was guided to her bare breast. Mike was in my ear, “Go on buddy take it. Let us make you feel good tonight. We want this to happen for you.”

I opened my mouth and Sarah fed me her tit. I slowly suck in her hard nipple. I used my tongue to trace her areola all around it perimeter. My tongue followed the length of her nipple until the tip of my tongue touched the tip of her hard nipple. I lightly clamped my teeth on the base of her nipple and started to give her nipple a good tongue lashing. Her hand pressed my head hard against her breast, “OH god Yes that feels so good Robert. That’s it, nurse on me baby, suck my tits good and hard. Oh yes that is soooo good baby.”

My hands found their way under her open robe and I ran them up and down her naked spine. Mike’s hands moved from my back, up and down my sides then moved to the front of my chest. He lightly grabbed each of my nipples and started rolling them between his finger and thumb. At the same time I felt his hot breath at my ear as he kissed and sucked my earlobe, “Just go with it, let us make you happy, this is all about you Robert. Let us make you feel good.”

The words were softly and seductively spoken. Their hands were all over my body. I was in sexual overload. I could feel my precum dripping down my shaft and onto the boxers. I started to moan in ecstasy. There was nothing going on that I didn’t want to happen. My two best friends were tenderly making love to my body. I have never felt like anyone wanted me more than them. That has never happened with Judy, let alone a man like Mike.

Sarah lifted my head and pulled me into her for a nice long kiss. I melted into her arms as Mike held us together and laid us gently on the bed. Sarah and I were now making out in a prone position. Mike moved down the bed and I felt him hook his thumbs in my boxers and slide them down and off. The silky boxers were so smooth there was no resistance. I felt Mike rubbing his face and hands up my legs as he moved up my body. Somewhere Sarah had lost her robe. It must have slid off as we were moving down the bed and kissing. Mike continued to bathe me in soft kisses as Sarah did the same. I was still on my side leaving my front and backsides exposed.

Sarah was kissing me all over my face and neck, while Mike was working his way along the back of my legs. Then I felt Mike kiss my ass cheeks. Nobody has ever done that before. Mike kissed his way up my spine. My body was on sensory overload. My cock throbbed and leaked against Sarah’s leg.

Sarah was kissing and licking my neck and face. Mike was kissing the back of my neck and working his way to my face. I heard him and Sarah share a kiss before I felt a set of lips return to mine. I turned my head to the left and felt soft lips against my right cheek and ear. The lips against my face were softer. As I opened my mouth to let a tongue in I then noticed the scratchy face of Mike scrape against my face. Mike and I were kissing, and I didn’t mind. I needed the sexual attention. I was starving for the attention. I could feel the energy from my two best friends, my lovers. I needed the love. I wanted to be loved.

I started to kiss Mike back with a certain amount of urgency. I wanted him to want me. Sarah came up to my face and Mike pulled back from me just enough so that Sarah can add her tongue to the most tender exchange I have ever encountered. It was erotic and primal all at the same time. We all needed the sexual release and we all agreed through our exchange of kisses that we were all going to please each other tonight. We gave ourselves up to each other, no matter what that meant.

Sarah and Mike both moved down my body. Kissing my neck along the way until they both simultaneously reached my nipples. My body jerked and stiffened at the same time as they each licked and sucked on my nipples. I wrapped an arm around each of their necks as I caressed their heads and held them against my nipples at the same time. I was fighting from not cumming and enjoying the sensations at the same time.

As if of one mind, they released the assault on my nipples and licked and kissed their way down my stomach until they reached my dripping cock. They gently licked the sides of my cock forcing it to leap in the air, almost standing straight up, causing a long strand of precum to fling onto my stomach. As Mike went for the drop of cum Sarah inhaled my cock. I was squeezing the bed sheets and pulling them out from their tucked in confines between the mattress and box spring.

I was writhing and moaning in pure delight. Sarah released the suction hold she had on my cock and dragged her tongue down my shaft and slid her body between my legs. Her hands went under my ass and lifted me up off the bed. I no sooner felt her tongue on my hole than I felt Mike engulf my throbbing cock. I was being rimmed and blown at the same time. No one could have held back any longer. I cried out in pleasure as I felt the cum surge from my balls, through the shaft of my cock, and released, with a force I didn’t think possible, into Mike’s throat, “Oh god I’m cumming, oh shit oh no ARRRGGHHH!!!! MMMMPH, MMMPH”

I gritted my teeth and moaned and breathed as the orgasm swept through my body. Sarah and Mike did not let up. They continued to rim and suck me all the way through my orgasm. I felt my body finally release and relax. When they felt this Mike released my cock and I felt Sarah lower my ass back onto the bed. I looked down at Mike and Sarah sharing what I expected to be a nice cum kiss.

Mike and Sarah came back up to my face and I could smell my cum on both of them. Sarah was the first to speak, “I hope you don’t mind Robert. We both love you so much it killed us to see you in pain. We both wanted this for you. We both wanted you.”

I looked at Mike’s pleading eyes, like a guilty puppy after getting busted for chewing a slipper. My heart melted, like it would for the puppy, and I pulled him towards me and kissed him. I could taste my cum on his lips and tongue. I felt my cock stirring already. I was never good for two in a row, at least not that fast. What a sexual revelation this is.

My rising cock did not go unnoticed as I felt a soft hand cup my balls and give them a good tug, “Looks like somebody wants to continue to play?” Sarah whispered in my ear just before she bit my earlobe.

My left arm, which was holding Mike’s head, moved down Mike’s back. I never felt a man’s body before. It was strong and firm. I rubbed my hand on his ass and the light dusting of fur felt so different than that of a woman’s smooth ass. I ran my fingers up and down the crack of his ass, feeling the hair and his tight little hole. Mike pressed his ass back against my finger as it made contact with him. I held my finger firm and allowed him to hump my finger up to the first knuckle. Mike started to moan as he wiggled his ass against my finger. His body was pleading for more.

I wanted to please him as much as he pleased me. I felt the bed move and then my hard cock was enveloped by a wet hot pussy. Sarah was sitting on my cock and riding me. Mike move around onto all fours and stepped over me. I was on my back with Sarah riding my cock and Mike was on all fours above me with his ass facing Sarah.

Sarah leaned forward, spread Mike’s ass and dove her head into his ass. Mike let out a soft moan and was forced forward causing his dick to be within inches of my face. I was staring at his cock and a clear drop of precum was about to fall out of the tip of his swollen cockhead. Mike’s cock was longer than mine but thinner. His cock must have been eight inches long with veins bulging out along its length. The tip of his cock was slender, almost pointy. The pink flesh looked so soft and perfect. His pubic hair was completely shaved off his balls and groin. His ball sac hung down about six inches with two nicely shaped oblong balls. His smooth chest above me was glistening with sweat. His body was the exact opposite of mine.

Sarah’s gyrations on my cock were pushing me to the edge again. I could feel her juices flowing down my balls. I was so sexually aroused that I lost all will and self-control. I opened my mouth and lifted my head just enough to allow Mike’s cockhead to enter my mouth. My tongue instantly darted out to meet his cockhead. I ran my tongue around the tip. I felt his precum with my tongue. His cum was smooth and thick and tasted sweet. I used my tongue to spread it around his cockhead. I swallowed to taste cum from another man.

I became caught up with the exploration of Mike’s cock. I was enjoying the taste, the feel, and the smell. I wanted to really enjoy this first time experience of being with a man. At the same time feeling the warmth of Sarah’s pussy wrapped around my cock. My mind was in a fog of sexual desire. Mike was moaning loudly as I continued to move my mouth around his cockhead. I reached up and grabbed onto Mike’s ass and pulled him toward me. Sarah held on to my hands and continued her assault on his ass. Mike’s cock slipped further down my throat.

I kept thinking in my mind ‘breathe through your nose’ and as I took a deep breath I felt my throat open wider and Mike’s cock slip further in my mouth. Mike let out “OH Fuck Yes!”

I certain amount of pride swept through my body. I was concentrating so much on my first blow job that my own climax calmed down, but thank goodness my cock stayed up. Sarah started riding my cock harder and I felt her nails dig into the backs of my hands. I felt her inner thighs shake against my legs as an orgasm swept through her body. My balls were soon drenched with her pussy juice.

Sarah lifted off my cock and scooted down between my legs. Her grip on my hands relaxed as she pulled my hands off of Mike’s ass. Mike’s cock slipped out of my mouth as he pushed his body back. I raised my head a bit and looked down between our bodies. Sarah was holding my cock up and guiding it to Mike’s ass as he settled down on it. I felt a resistance as the head of my cock met Mike’s puckered hole. I felt warm air on my pussy juice covered cock, then Sarah’s tongue against my cockhead as she tongued my cock and Mike’s ass at the same time.

Sarah reached around Mike’s waist and pulled him down on my cock. Her tongue, saliva, and pussy juice was enough lubricant to allow my cock to slip into Mike’s ass. My cockhead pierced Mike’s ass and disappeared into his tight hot hole. What a different feeling than a pussy. Mike’s ass was so tight and hot. There was more friction as my cock continued to enter Mike’s tunnel. Mike lifted up and went back down a few times until he was sitting all the way down on my cock.

Mike placed his hands on my chest and pushed himself straight up onto my cock. I didn’t think any more of my cock would fit inside him. My cockhead was pressing against something, must have been his prostate. I looked up into Mike’s eyes and they were glazed over.

Mike rotated his ass a bit and started to moan, “OH fuck ya. This feels so fucking hot Robert. You are so deep inside me. Your cock is wonderful.”

Sarah came around to my side and her leg crossed over my chest before her hot wet pussy lips rested on my chest. Sarah looked down at me “Does that feel good Robert? You like having your cock deep in my husband’s ass? Watching your cock fuck my husband was the hottest thing I have ever seen.”

I didn’t even have to answer her as her pussy moved closer to my mouth, “Eat me Robert. Lick my pussy and fuck my husband. Do it Robert. Fuck us both.”

My tongue darted out and met her swollen pussy lips. The pussy smell was overwhelming. I felt my cockhead flare out as my nostrils filled with the smells of sex. Mike let out a moan, “I could feel your cock expand Robert. Fuck me buddy. I want to feel you shoot your hot cum deep inside of me.”

Mike began to move up and down on my cock. I could feel his balls smashing against my groin. The skin on my cock was pulled back tight as he went back down and my cock pierced its way back up into Mike’s bowels. The feeling was so hot and tight.

I continued to lick and suck on Sarah’s pussy. She moved forward allowing me better access. My tongue darted in and out, and all around her pussy. I explored every fraction of an inch of her pussy.

Sarah urged us both on as she neared her climax, “That’s it Robert lick my pussy. Suck on those lips, bite them baby. Oh yes. Fuck my husband’s ass. Shove that big cock of yours in his boy pussy. He likes to be fucked. I fuck his pussy with a dildo all the time. We have fantasized about your cock when I fuck him. We have always wanted you to fuck us Robert. Fuck him hard baby fill him up with your juice. Oh god.”

Sarah pushed her pussy hard onto my face almost smothering me as even my nose was enveloped by her pussy lips. I was in heaven. Mike’s fucking became faster. I felt my balls tighten and my cum surge through the shaft of my cock. The pressure of Mike’s clinched ass muscles were so tight that my cum welled up just outside his ass before the pressure released and shot long and hard into his ass. I screamed out into Sarah’s pussy, “MMMMMMMMMM, AAGGGHHH!”

My entire body went stiff as a board as the most intense orgasm swept over it. The vibration of my scream into Sarah’s pussy was too much for her and she climaxed as well, “Oh shit Robert, fuck oh fuck oh fuck.”

I felt Sarah’s pussy tighten and open up allowing a flood of juices to wash over my face and down my throat. I was still shooting into Mike’s ass when his ass tightened even more and I felt hot streams of liquid land on my stomach as Mike came, “Oh fuck ya. Cum in me Robert, fuck me good. Oh shit I feel your cum in me. OHHHHH!”

Sarah rolled off me first. Mike rolled off of my deflating cock and flopped down on the bed, “Fuck that was the hottest thing we have ever done.”

I was a mess, covered with gobs of Mike’s cum on my stomach. It didn’t take long for Mike and Sarah to crawl over and lick Mike’s cum off of me. Two tongues on your body is a sensation I can’t describe. They both came up to my face and each kissed me. I could taste my cum on their lips.

Sarah kissed my cheek, “Thank you Robert that was the hottest sex we have ever had. I hope this doesn’t change our relationship with you. We really do love you, more than just friends. It would kill us both if you weren’t our friend.”

I looked at both of them, “Of course this changed our relationship. I not only have two very good caring friends, but now I have two of the hottest, sexiest lovers. I want to take a shower and spend the entire day exploring sex with you two.”

We got up and went to their master bathroom. Their walk-in shower had six shower heads and could accommodate a football team. Mike and Sarah took their time soaping and rubbing my body as the hot water cascaded over my body. I no longer had a tense bone in my body, and dreamed of having Mike’s tense bone in my body.

That day I swallowed another man’s cum for the first time and right out of the best tasting cock I have ever had. Of course that is the only cock I have ever had. We fucked, sucked, and kissed our ways to multiple orgasms. I have never been so fucked out as I was drained by my two best friends.

I stayed with Mike and Sarah until after tax season. The three of us went to my apartment and cleared my stuff out and moved it into Mike and Sarah’s place. Even though my clothes went into the guest room closet, I mostly slept in the king size bed with Mike and Sarah.

Judy signed the divorce papers and was offered a job in Egypt as a curator of a museum, her dream job. No alimony and no chance of an awkward meeting. Mike, Sarah, and I have a great relationship. We truly are great friends in and out of bed.

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