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Copper in the Snow

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Winter was lingering here on the mount, we’d had rain two days earlier and a freak thaw and this morning, the air reeked of snow. I lay in my bed in my little shack, the smell of breakfast coming through the walls on the smoke from the house. For a moment, I simply wanted to go back to sleep, but I had work to do today, traps to check and trails to walk.

I heaved myself out of bed and slipped out of my sleep shirt in one motion, facing the cold as bravely as I could. Last night, I’d barely made it under the covers, I wasn’t about to spend the day without washing some of the mountain off of me.

The water was so cold it seemed to make my skin steam in the early morning light, my nipples hardening until they ached, making me think of all the things I could be doing to myself back under those warm covers if only I had the time. It would have to wait, but I was nineteen, my mind was only on one thing most of the time. I’d even spent awhile pouring over the family Bible, searching; almost every man or boy on this mount was related to me in more than three ways. So, I was left with my own fingers and fantasies of people I’d never even seen.

As I dried off, I looked myself over in the mirror, nodding at the futility of it all. I was tall and thin, just enough curves that people tended to figure out I wasn’t a boy, but not enough that the boys that looked at me immediately thought of me as a girl. I braided my black hair to tuck it inside my hat, then slid myself inside of my jeans, pulling on three shirts and a sweater. Looking in the mirror another time, I snorted in disgust; who cared if I was a girl when I looked like this all the time? Shoving my old cowboy hat firmer on my head, I headed inside for some breakfast, then out to the mount to check out my traps.

I’d been out for awhile and I was working on the last trap for the day when I heard it. Around here, there weren’t many cars, so the ones that came you noticed. This one was even more obvious as its tires spun on nothing and it all ended with the sound of crunching metal. I grabbed the last rabbit and tossed it up and over my shoulder, headed as fast as possible towards the sounds and soft smell of spilt gasoline.

Whatever kind of car it was, it had been pretty, but now, wrapped about a tree and hanging half in a ditch, it wasn’t anything but junk. Someone was moving, however, and as I dropped the rabbits and grabbed the door handle, I could see a dazed looking woman trying to free herself.

Now, I may be skinny, but I’m stronger than a mule, and with a few tugs I had that door hanging open and I was trying to get her out. The engine was still going and the key was broke off in the ignition, if that gas caught up this woman wasn’t going to much more than the biggest variety of road kill I had ever seen. Up here, we may not be altogether fond of strangers, but we don’t tend to wish them dead. She was fighting with her seat belt, which had probably saved her life, and I didn’t see it giving up anytime soon. I think I was cursing up a storm, the smell of gasoline getting stronger as the first few flakes started to fall, and I snagged my knife and just cut through that damn belt. She grabbed me so tight, I thought my face would start to turn blue, and I pulled her out, dragging her more than anything else.

The hood was already popped open and I reached in and started tearing away, grabbing any cables or hoses I could find. I didn’t know a gas line from a brake line, hell, I didn’t even know the gas pedal from the break pedal, but something I ripped at worked and the engine finally died. I grabbed my hat from the ground and settled it tighter on my head, turning back to the woman, giving her a look over. Her long blond hair was in her eyes as she gasped for breath, her body wrapped into a knot as she sat on the ground, showing her curves underneath her shirt and short skirt. Then she looked up at me, bright blue eyes locking with my brown ones, looking desperate. The snow was falling harder, we were a good five miles from the house, twenty from town. I’d brought home raccoons, squirrels, even a bear cub once, I don’t think I’d ever brought home a stray city girl.

Everyone looked at me in shock as I was blown through the door, snow whirling about my feet. I’d had to carry her the last mile and, shaking and shivering, I dropped her finally on the couch to settle with a bounce along with the rabbits she’d been holding for me. She hadn’t been real hurt, but she’d been wearing heels and stockings, the walk had proved too much for her.

“Car wreck just as the storm started.” I didn’t recognize my own voice, my teeth were chattering so hard and I would’ve ended up on the floor from the exhaustion if Uncle Ed hadn’t sprung into action and caught me on the way down.

Rose took over after that, getting blankets wrapped about us, coffee cooled with cream thrust into our hands. I just let myself sink into being taken care of, mom’s lips white with nervousness as she rubbed my hands and feet, ignoring all that happened around me. It wasn’t until Rose started talking to me that I tuned back into the world.

“Copper, Copper you listen up,” I lifted my head and looked at her finally, her hands stroking my black hair out of my face, “Ed’s gone and gotten your shack warmed up, but you’re gonna have to share it. No one’s going anywhere tonight at least and we ain’t got a bed for Rebecca here.”

Looking over at Rebecca, I could see someone had loaned her some boots for her feet and she was wrapped up tight in a bunch of blankets, waiting for me. With a shrug, I finished my coffee and headed on over, leading her out the door. It hit me as we followed the clothesline through the storm that I hadn’t spoken one word to this woman and here I was, spending the night in the same bed as her.

One thing about my shack, it may be small, the floor may be plain wood over dirt, but it held heat like nothing’s business and Ed had done a great job with the fire. Something about this woman bothered me, though, and I couldn’t place what, which made it worse. I found myself playing with the oil lamp, taking extra care with my coat as I hung it up, anything to avoid looking at her, my mind shooting back to the feeling of carrying her through the snow, how light she had been, and soft. When her voice came, I almost lost my skin, whirling about to look at her.

“You’re called Copper, right?” I nodded slightly, strangely pleased as she said my name, the way she made it sound crisp, “I’m Rebecca. Thank you for saving me back there.”

I shrugged again, best damn form of communication there is, then turned back around, taking off my hat, “Weren’t nothing.”

“Oh, it was. And thank you for sharing your bed tonight, I know how uncomfortable that can be.”

I pulled off my sweater and, realizing how unfriendly I was being, spun a chair around to sit on it backwards to face her, brushing my hair to give me something to play with, asking a question just to fill the silence, “So, why you up on the mount?”

She started talking about trying to get home for Christmas and I nodded now and then, but I didn’t look at her, getting out all the tangles in my hair, trying to get the snow to dry out of it. I didn’t even notice she’d moved until she was standing right in front of me, watching the way my hair fell from the brush, landing all about my shoulders, all the way down my back and farther.

She reached out slowly and touched my hair, letting it slide through her fingers. For a moment, I didn’t do anything, just sat there, then, realizing how close she was, how I could feel her body warmth, smell some perfume all musky and spicy, I jumped up so fast I knocked the chair over, backing up until I had some space. I’d never been so confused before, my nipples were hard underneath my t-shirt, the tightness of the jeans and long johns suddenly confining. The thought of sleeping next to this woman was simultaneously the most wonderful and most horrible position I’d ever found myself in.

“I’m sorry,” she murmured, a pleased look on her face underneath it all, “your hair’s so pretty…you’re so pretty.”

I turned away from her, not wanting to say anything, but forcing the words out of my mouth. The sooner one of us was asleep, the quicker this would be over, “We should get to bed, I’ll bank the fire down so we stay warm.”

“I don’t have anything to sleep in.” I glanced around quickly, then grabbed a clean t-shirt from the pile near the door, throwing it to her as I bent to concentrate on the stove. I couldn’t help but watch her from the corner of my eye however. She unbuttoned her shirt like she was going to take all night, the white falling away from her shoulders slowly, catching the firelight and sending it to sparkle among the blond of her shoulder length hair. I rarely wore a bra, but the ones I had were nothing like the one she slowly took from her shoulders, all lace and satin, seeming to stick in place, torturing me as she drew it away. Her breasts were full and proud, much bigger than mine, the cold making her nipples harden.

She began to work on her skirt, unzipping it as slowly as she’d unbuttoned the shirt, letting it fall in a pile around her feet. She wore stockings, which I’d never really seen on a woman before, they just came up to her thigh and as she bent over and rolled them down, I watched inch after inch of thigh exposed in time with the shortening of my breath and the increasing of my heart. Finally, she just stood there for a moment, her white panties shimmering softly, playing with the t-shirt until she finally pulled it over her head. Then, she hid herself under the blankets, my stomach dropping as I realized the show was over.

“You coming? It’ll be warmer with both of us.”

There wasn’t anywhere in the place to hide as I realized I had to change. After her performance, I felt a little ungainly, my arms and legs too long to know what to do with. I stood as calmly as possible and stripped the t-shirt from my body, balling it up and throwing it across the room to the pile. I knew I wasn’t curvy, but I knew I didn’t have anything to be ashamed of, either, my breasts were smallish, but they had a nice upward curve to them and they didn’t sag in the slightest. My stomach was flat and smooth from spending all my time up on the mount. Kicking off my boots, I shucked my jeans as quickly as possible, I could feel her eyes on my skin, then grabbed the oversized flannel I liked to sleep in.

She scooted across the bed, giving me more room and I climbed in beside her, the wind outside the only thing keeping her from hearing the way my heart was beating. At first we simply laid there, the wind in the chimney keeping the glow from the stove from going all the way down, giving the room a little bit of light. Then, she rolled over and I could feel her breasts against my back, the hardness no longer from the cold, I guess, since it was getting really warm in that bed with the two of us so close together. I stayed as quiet as possible, my breath caught in my throat, as one arm slowly slid around my waist, softly stroking my belly through the old flannel. Then, her hand found a gap where a button had popped off and she was touching my skin.

I moaned, I couldn’t help it, the sound just welling up and blending with the wind. She moved even closer, one leg sliding between mine, feeling so smooth and firm. Her breath was right in my ear and without thinking, I let my head fall back slightly, her lips finally making contact with my throat. Another moan escaped me, her hand still drawing lazy circles on the skin of my belly. Then her lips moved higher, meeting mine slowly, drawing out all that air I’d been holding, making every part of me melt.

I rolled over suddenly, leaving the bed in confusion, turning to look at her. Her blue eyes were half lidded, the black eyelashes a stark contrast to the pale rosy skin of her slightly round face. Her large breasts heaved with her breathing, her whole body a bundle of curves, all in such contrast to mine. I was so aware of my body at that moment, the way my breath caused my nipples to scrape against the flannel, the trails of fire she’d left across my belly. She stood up and approached me; even though I had fled, she knew I was lost to her.

In two steps she was beside me, less than half an inch keeping her breasts from touching my ribs, I could look down and see the top of her head. One of her hands reached out, the pale pink of her painted nails just touching my shirt, pulling it apart where the buttons were gone. It was agonizing waiting for her hand to finally move into touch my skin again. When she did, I groaned loudly and with a speed that caused her to gasp, wrapped my hand in her hair and pulled her next to me. It was my turn to tease, the confusion had vanished, I knew what I wanted now. My lips were just shy of hers, our breath mingling. Then her tongue softly snaked out and touched mine and I clasped her to me, my other hand rubbing across her back, our tongues dancing together.

I let my hand fall from her hair and as she finally touched my breasts, I touched hers, cradling the weight of them in my hand as I twirled the nipples between my fingers. Her hands grabbed my breasts, gently pinching the nipples, causing me to moan deeper into her throat. She broke the kiss just long enough to rip my shirt open, the last few buttons scattering as her lips found my nipples and sucked them deep into her mouth, nibbling gently, spreading her tongue wide across them. My head fell back, my black hair tickling the top of my thighs, and her hands moved to grab my ass, kneading the firm muscles softly as I reached up and grabbed a rafter to support myself.

She moaned around my nipples, causing my body to arch from the vibrations, then dropped to her knees before me, her breath tickling the wet flesh between my legs, the warmth seeming to pry my legs wider apart.

“Stay holding on.” Her voice was so husky, the force of the breath, all of made me moan again, her hands gliding on the skin of my thighs, drawing little circles, raising goose bumps. Then, her tongue eased out again, sliding through the hair to the heat and the skin. I was so wet, so ready, that her tongue felt almost cold in comparison. She slowly touched and prodded, easing my clit out of the skin that hid it, teasing me. Then, with another moan of her own, she fell forward slightly and sucked for all she was worth, making my back arch even farther, my hands tightening on the rafter.

Her hands slid up my legs even farther, one finger teasing me at my opening before plunging inside me, finding the most sensitive spots, her tongue sliding back and forth over my clit, sucking when I least expected it, her teeth grazing me just enough to cause shocks to vibrate up my spine. I could feel it building, the tension growing as I looked down at her, her face shiny from my juice, her large eyes looking up at me imploringly, her breasts swinging between my knees. Then, her other hand slid up and I felt the tip of her finger push at my asshole and I was there, my first orgasm with another person, my body convulsing with the shock of it all, my hair lashing about us as my head shook from side to side.

She stayed at it, bringing me to one orgasm after another, sucking up all I had to give her. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and my hands fell from the rafter, grabbing her head.

“Get up here, darlin’.” The forcefulness in my deep voice shocked her and she stood, wondering what she’d gotten into with the hillbilly girl in the middle of nowhere. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her, moving one thigh between her legs, holding her so tight she was gasping for breath as I kissed out every taste of myself I could find. When I felt her begin rubbing herself along my thigh, the wetness creating cold spots on my skin, I spun us around, then fell backwards on the bed, pulling her towards me.

I forced her higher and higher until she was straddling my head, her hands supporting her against the wall. I’d never done this before, but I wanted to know what she tasted like, what she would feel like against my tongue. I started slowly at first, the way I did to myself with my fingers, tasting for every drop of her, twirling her hard little clit around, getting her to moan and shake. Then, taking a cue from her, I slid a finger up deep inside her, feeling her muscles clamp warmly around me, the rippling letting me know she was close. Finally, I traded hands, sliding the wet finger deep inside her ass, the other hand replacing the first one with two new fingers. She almost screamed, her juices flooding my face, her hips forcing down on me so hard my jaw started to ache.

I took her through as many as she or I could bear, nearly cumming myself from simply pleasuring her, the feeling of her smooth, hot skin on my tongue, the taste of her in my mouth. Finally, she pushed down my body, laying full on top of me, kissing her juices off of me just as I had off of her. She woke me three times that night, each time making me cum expertly, once by rubbing ourselves together, legs locked like scissors, until we both came together clutching each other tight.

When we woke in the morn, the storm was still raging and I’d never been so glad to see it. As long as the wind was high, no one could hear us as we called out to each other and she couldn’t leave for awhile at this rate, the roads would be closed to anything on wheels for a week or two. We dressed slowly, bringing each other off one more time, then headed inside for something to eat. Before I opened the door, she gave me an evil grin and wondered if maybe we could head to the car on foot when the storm stopped, she had some toys in the bag she wanted to introduce me to, something about me with my flat belly and beautiful breasts and a large dick to slide inside of her. I smiled and said it might just be possible.

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