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It wouldn’t have happened, Dianne decided, if she hadn’t been so damn conscientious about the job. She’d assured her boss that the amended tender he wanted would be on his desk when he arrived in the morning. And then she’d had to go home early for a family emergency.

An emergency that wasn’t, as if turned out. Her mother had been panicking over nothing. She should have got more details before rushing home, expecting to have to take someone to hospital.

Instead of which she arrived home to find her little brother, not at death’s door with a serious head injury, but out playing cricket with his mates.

He’d banged his head and cut his scalp and there had been blood everywhere, but by the time Dianne had arrived home the blood had been cleaned up and a very small cut had finally been located on Brian’s scalp. Not exactly a major injury.

Dianne quietly fumed during dinner. She’d really have to go back in and finish that damned tender. Her boss had a meeting first thing and it was going to be presented at that meeting.

After dinner Dianne returned to the office. She settled down at her desk, her light the one lone bit of light in the entire building as far as she knew.

Dianne had nearly completed the tender when she heard a noise behind her and turned.

Standing in the door way was a young man. She looked at him in surprise, taking in his appearance. Casually dressed, probably a couple of years older than her, say twenty two or twenty three. He looked calm and confident, as though he belonged there, but Dianne was quite sure she’d never seen him before.

Kurt, in his turn, was examining the young woman he’d come across. Probably a secretary working late for some reason, he thought. About twenty, fair haired, nice complexion and a very nice figure.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” demanded Dianne.

Her question crossed with Kurt’s cross “What the hell are you doing here?”

Kurt laughed. “Ladies first,” he said, waving his hand to indicate she should speak up.

“I’m just finishing off a report that my boss needs first thing. That’s it printing now,” she added, indicating the printer smoothly rolling out printed sheets.

“And you couldn’t have finished five minutes ago, could you,” grumbled Kurt. “You had to be here in my road when I expected a nice empty building.

Oh, and if you’re still wondering who I am, I’m a thief. I’m raiding this set of offices for a few little items.

This means that to keep you quiet and out of my hair while I finish working I’ll need to tie you up. Might I suggest that you don’t try to fight me? I’d really hate to have to knock you out. I’d much rather just tie you up nice and safe and release you before I go.

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to fight or behave?”

Dianne went pale. She’d have no chance trying to fight him, and she knew it.

“I’ll behave,” she said sourly. “What do you want me to do?”

“Turn around and put your hands behind your back,” she was instructed.

On doing as she was told, Dianne felt something close around her wrists.

“Padded handcuffs,” she was told. “Easy to apply, easy to take off again and they won’t leave any marks on your skin. Now back up to your desk. I’m going to tether the handcuffs to the desk so you can’t move around at all.”

A few moments later Dianne was neatly fastened to the desk.

“Don’t bother trying to break the cord,” she was told. “It’s highly durable and there’s no way you’re going to break it. Just stand there and relax. I’ll check up on you every so often.”

Dianne could only stand and glare as the thief prepared to go about his work. She was surprised to see him hesitate at the door and then turn back to her, smiling. He walked over to her.

“By the way, no yelling. There’s no-one else in the building, so it would be a waste of time and it would annoy me.”

Then to Dianne’s horror, Kurt calmly undid the fastenings on her skirt and let it drop, exposing her panties. He winked at her and left the room.

Dianne could hear him in the next office, opening and closing drawers and cupboards. After about five minutes he returned. He didn’t waste any time with idle conversation. He just moved over to her and undid her blouse, pushing it back over her shoulders and down her arms. Then he winked at her shocked face and left again.

Just what the hell was he up to, wondered Dianne, and why was he stripping her like this? And did he intend to go further?

It appeared that the answer was yes. Kurt came back into the room after a while and looked at her.

“Bra or panties?” he asked with a smile.

Dianne blanched. “Neither,” she managed to say.

“Oh dear, you should have picked one,” Kurt told her, moving closer.

Reaching around her, Kurt unclipped her bra, pulled the straps off her shoulders and lowered it, freeing her breasts. Then, to her indignation, he took hold of her panties and pulled them down. A pat on the bottom and he was gone again.

Dianne stood there, silently fuming. At least, he couldn’t take any more clothes off her. Hopefully he’d now leave her alone.

Hopes, she found, were raised just so that they could be smashed. Kurt came wandering back and crossed over to her. His hands came up and cupped her breasts. Dianne twisted from side to side, trying to move away, uselessly. Kurt stroked her breasts, tubbing her nipples and tugging them softly. She gasped when he lowered his head and gently took a rosy tipped breast into his mouth, sucking gently.

Moving away from Dianne, Kurt admired the picture she made. Both breasts were now pointedly tipped by little towers, one of them wet and shining.

He returned to his search of the offices.

Dianne had to go through several more visits where Kurt paid homage to her breasts. She found herself squirming under his touch. Even though his attention was unwanted he had a certain style that was slowly inflaming her.

Things got worse when Kurt shifted his attention from Dianne’s breasts to her pussy. Kurt had returned and was sucking on a breast when Dianne felt his hand close over her mound and squeeze. She gave a startled cry of protest, totally ignored by Kurt, who began a slow massage.

Then he was gone again. She noticed that every time he came back he seemed to add something to the small sack he had left next to the door. It seemed his foraging was fairly successful.

Back again, and this time Kurt directed his attentions to Dianne’s mound immediately. He squeezed and massaged, slipping a finger inside her to continue his depredations. Dianne found she was writhing under his touch and breathing hard.

It wasn’t fair, she decided. All this touching seemed to have no impact on him but it was slowly driving her wild. She was wet and there was a pool of heat deep inside her. She was ready to scream at even the lightest touch.

Kurt appeared again, smiling happily.

“I’ve finally found the item I was looking for,” he told her, tucking something into his bag. “Now I suppose you think that I’ve been playing with you just because I’m mean and nasty, but it’s all part of my diabolical plan. If I just let you loose right now, you’d be onto the police before I even reached the door. So what I’m going to do is screw you senseless, and then I can unlock the cuffs and depart while you’re recovering.

Isn’t that a great plan?” he asked the horrified Dianne.

Speechless, Dianne could only watch as Kurt dropped his trousers, proving immediately that she hadn’t been the only one getting excited by his little attentions.

Dianne hurriedly shifted her eyes from Kurt’s erection to his face.

“You don’t need to do this,” she said quickly. “I won’t say anything until you’re long gone.”

The grin on Kurt’s face and the erection suddenly pressing up between her legs were rather plain signs that her pleading was going unheeded. She gasped as Kurt pressed energetically upwards, his cock sliding into her with one smooth stroke. It seemed that he’d know exactly what he was doing with all that careful touching.

“Mmm. You feel nice,” Kurt murmured softly. “I’m going to enjoy this.”

Moving slowly, Kurt started sliding back and forth inside Dianne, feeling her body’s initial resistance giving way to acceptance as she started to move with him.

Dianne groaned, feeling her traitorous body siding with the enemy, moving in unison with him. She groaned again as she felt the pleasure rippling through her, knowing that she shouldn’t be enjoying this but unable to help herself.

Kurt captured one breast with his hand while his mouth descended upon the other, alternatively kissing and sucking on it. His hips never faltered, driving him firmly into Dianne, meeting her matching thrusts eagerly.

Slowly the tempo of his love-making increased. The gentle swaying that had initiated the exchange gave way to a more dynamic thrust and counter thrust, which in turn gave way to an ever escalating rampage.

Dianne was gasping now as Kurt pounded against her. Her poor pussy was taking such a pounding that she was sure that she would have bruises. And it would be worth it she thought, throwing herself hard against Kurt as he took her.

Her climax, when it came, took Dianne by surprise. One moment she was being urged to move faster, the next she was swept away. She vaguely heard Kurt shout his satisfaction as his relief flowed through him and into her, and then she knew nothing but feelings.

When Dianne pulled herself together she found she was free. Kurt had kept his word, releasing her and departing while she was still feeling the effects of her climax. One of the most cynical uses of sex that you could imagine, she thought.

Sighing, Dianne dressed and then reached for the phone.

While waiting for the police Dianne took the new tender document through to her boss’s office. Pulling the relevant file, Dianne opened it and blinked in surprise. The original tender, the one they had decided not to go with, was gone, replaced by a yellow sticky page with a smiley face on it.

Puzzled, Dianne inserted the new tender, then returned to her office to wait for the police. Remembering the sheath of papers that Kurt had stuffed in his bag just before he left, Dianne suddenly caught on to what was going on.

He wasn’t just a sneak thief. He was doing industrial espionage. Some firms would pay a mint to see what her firm’s tender would be on this job.

She wondered how they’d feel after Kurt sold them an incorrect tender. She suspected that they would not be pleased. She smiled at the thought.

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