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Coming Of Age

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“Damnit!” Catherine exclaimed as the wrench slipped and her knuckles scraped violently across the faucet handles. She dropped the heavy silver tool into the sink with a loud clang as she recoiled. Her hand drew up, curled and hiding the hurt. With the other she gently eased open her fingers. She stared down at the torn flesh across her knuckles and brought them to her lips.

The angry flesh stung as her tongue tasted the coppery tinge of her blood. She sucked until the hurt subsided into a dull ache.

“Shit. What the hell am I doing? I don’t know the first thing about fixing this damned leaking bastard of a faucet!” Catherine’s frustration slammed around inside her head. “Bert was a sonuvabitch, but at least he kept up with the house.”

As she sucked and kneaded her aching knuckles she had to chuckle in that ironic tone. “Bert! Why the hell did I marry a man named Bert anyway? She giggled aloud in the empty room, “Well, she can have his sorry butt!”

Catherine lightly dabbed at her raw knuckles until the pain and blood subsided. She found herself starring out the small window above the sink. Gazing out into the backyard. The old swing set her children used to play on sat motionless. The lush green grass just beginning to become untamed. Her beautiful flowers, the flowers she had spent years tending, beginning to fade with the on coming of fall.

“Is that what this is? I’m in the autumn of my life. Am I going to be like those flowers and just shrivel into winter? Am I…”

Her thoughts interrupted by the throaty growl of a diesel engine outside. It rumbled loudly and close to her home and then stopped abruptly. Silenced. She took one last look and then broke her longing gaze from the memory filled yard and turned toward the front of the house.

“Must be the lawn service. Wonder if it’ll be that cute boy again? Oh hush, Catherine!” She strode through her home to the front room. She reached the expansive window and peered around the lacy drapes to the street. There sat the bulky white Ford truck. A trailer riddled with mowers, trimmers, and tools following obediently behind. She watched as the door of the truck opened. The boot clad leg reaching for the curb. The white sock pulled into a bunch at the top of the leather boot. The bronzy-colored leg hairs exposed as the leg stretched out of the confines of the cab.

Soon he was out. His above-the-knee olive drab shorts hung loosely but snuggly at the same time. His over-sized white T-shirt clinging to his back from sweat. It was a warm day. Those days when summer and autumn battle for control. The morning had been crisp but summer had asserted to warm the air by mid-day.

Catherine realized she had moved behind the curtain and was barely peeking one eye around the lacy fabric as she watched him move to his trailer and ready his tools for the job.

“You’re acting like a damned school girl!” She laughed inside her head as her cheeks flushed.

Evan, as she’d come to learn his name over the summer, wasn’t going to be painted on the cover of a romance novel any time soon. Yet, he was attractive. He was handsome. His body lithe with youth but not overly muscular.

Catherine could remember giggling as his sandy hair would fall into eyes and annoy him as he tended her lawn. Those thick long locks at the front continuously falling flipping about as the sweat dripped from his forehead. Always stopping to shove them aside only to have them again distracting him.

“Damn Catherine. Have you been watching this boy? You naughty old woman!” Again she giggled as she gently peeked around the concealing curtain.

It was getting late in the afternoon. Catherine glanced up at the clock, just past five. Her eyes again back out to the yard watching Evan work.

“So you’ve been watching him. No big deal. You ARE human Catherine! And he is attractive. And how long has it been since you had sex? Even the last couple of years with Bert were pretty sad. Admit it Catherine. Your horny!” She couldn’t believe she was thinking this way but wasn’t about to stop it.

Evan had finished the mowing and was nearly done with the trimming. All the while Catherine watched from the window. Slipping the curtain over her barely exposed eyes each time she thought Evan might catch her looking at him.

He had only one last stretch up the walk to trim and he would be done. She had been watching him nearly 40 minutes. Moving again to the kitchen window as Evan mowed and trimmed the backyard. Then back to the front as he finished up there. He was facing the street, away from Catherine, and squatted low and deep. The fabric of his shorts stretched tight across his youthful butt as he paused for a brief rest before finishing the last strip.

Catherine felt a dull tug deep in her stomach as she watched him swipe his sweat soaked hair back. He grabbed his squeeze bottle, his head tilted back, he sprayed the water over his face and head, cooling himself. Catherine could see his back expand and relax as Evan drew deep breaths.

“Damn Catherine. You shouldn’t be thinking what you’re thinking! Your own son is older than he is.” But she couldn’t deny it. She couldn’t deny the fact that she’d been voyeuristically watching Evan for months now. Had she thought about him during those lusty needing moments of masturbation when she sought the relief her body so craved? The relief never fully achieved. The physical satisfied for the time but the emotional left feeling thirsty.

“Rubber and latex is no substitute Catherine!” She giggled sinfully at her own wanton thoughts. She watched as Evan finished his trimming and loaded his machines back into the truck.

Maybe I should…you know…invite him in? Just for a cool drink. He has been working hard all day. That’s not bad right? A cool drink for him and a warm drink for me!” She almost shocked herself at the thought. “Damn Catherine, you are horny. You’re actually considering this aren’t you? You’re almost fifty! Your own son is older than…older than…Evan.” She watched as he latched his equipment into the trailer.

Over the months they had barely spoken. Catherine’s suppressed attraction keeping their encounters brief. But she had always believed that Evan admired her. She had never been a slim or petite woman. She was full and voluptuous. Strong hips, broad shoulders, heavy breasts, thick thighs. She was a bigger girl all her life, weightier than so many of the other girls. But as she grew older she found that many men actually found that an attraction. Bert had told her many times that he would rather have a full real woman than any of those women in magazines. He said they were nice to look at but in reality, when the rubber meets the road, men want a full luscious woman.

Catherine was that. And Catherine was a sexual person. Not really open and brazen but very much in touch with her sexuality. Damn it had been so long.

Evan, his load tightened and secured now, headed for the truck. Catherine watched. Not believing what her mind was screaming at her. But wanting to give in to that dark voice that cried out to her.

She moved to the front door. Watching him through the tiny window. “Catherine, you can’t. Yes you can. You want to…” He was reaching for the door handle. About to leave again as he had every week for months. And soon he would be gone for the winter. And he may never return as the new year brought him new opportunities.

“Oh God Catherine. Don’t…” Before she even knew it the door swung open and she emerged on the porch.


He stopped and turned. Catherine’s blue jeans stretched tightly over her full hips. Her white spaghetti strap top barely able to hold in her heavy breasts. As she called out to him, her nipples unconsciously swelled. Catherine could see, even from the street, that his eyes lingered on her breasts. Her nipples obvious.

“Yes, Mrs. Morgan?”

Catherine stepped out fully onto the porch, letting the screen door slam shut behind her. “You’re in deep now lady!”

She hooked her thumbs into the back pockets of her tight jeans. Her ample breasts swaying as she rocked to and fro. “Long day huh Evan?”

“Yeah.” He smiled slightly and struggled to keep his eyes off her breasts. She could feel his gaze on her and she liked it. It reassured her. Emboldened her.

“Evan. I know this is a lot to ask. But my sink is leaking like crazy. And well…Well I busted the hell out of my knuckles trying to fix it. I don’t have a man around here and…well…well…you mind taking a look at it Evan?” She bobbed coyly like a teenager on the porch.

“Damn Catherine! If your nipples get any harder they can cut glass. Your getting wet!”

Evan smiled and released the door handle. “Sure, Mrs. Morgan. You’re my last job of the night so I’m in no hurry.” Evan glided up the walk and onto the porch.

Catherine reached out and opened the screen for him. As he passed by she watched his body move. Could smell his sweaty body as he passed close. “Oh shit Catherine. What are you doing?”

They made chit chat as Catherine led Evan to the kitchen. “Well there it is. Damned leaking thing! Been keeping me up at night. There’s a wrench in the sink. Where I threw it.” She laughed.

Evan’s smile was warm and genuine as he turned, reluctantly, from her to the sink. His eyes always stealing down to glance on her hard nipples testing the fabric of her shirt.

Evan snorted, “Well, Mrs. Morgan, you don’t have the right wrench here. One thing I have learned is you have to have the right tool for the job. Do you have any other tools?”

Catherine’s mind was a whirl of thoughts from what she had just heard and what her mind, and more urgently, her body were telling her. He’d meant it so innocently but she had taken his words and twisted them into an ironic sexual connotation. He really had no idea why she brought him in here.

Catherine had her hands on the small breakfast table just opposite Evan. She gazed over his developing body. An adult by law but still so much a boy. His tight calves not yet fully filled out. His thighs just beginning to show the muscularity of manhood. His ass tight but full. His back…

“Mrs. Morgan? Do you have any other tools ma’am?”

She caught herself, hands back on the table, hips forward and swaying. “Yeah I have a drawer full of them but they aren’t like you. You have to have the right tool for the job!”

“Uh…” Evan’s eyes seemed to glide over her face, sneaking glances at her now fully erect and protruding nipples. “Well…Uh hum…Yes I do have more tools. And having the right tool for the job certainly makes sense to me.”

Evan stood half turned from the sink. He wanted so bad to stop looking at Catherine’s breasts, her hard nipples. He was sure she caught him and his cheeks flushed. His shorts began to strain against the counter as he pressed harder against it. Fearful and becoming worried that his growing erection would be discovered.

“Wholly shit Catherine! His eyes are all over you. And look at you. Pouting your crotch out there. Showing off your tits. Well…you’ve come this far…”

Neither of them spoke. Evan stood there desperately trying to conceal his building excitement and longing gazes. Catherine allowing herself to fall completely over the edge and deeply enjoying the attention. The tension thick and weighty.

“You know Evan. What you said about the right tool? Um…Well…I’ve been having some trouble with that lately…”

Evan’s hand gripped the faucet until his knuckles turned white. Was he imagining this? How many times had he lied alone in his bed in the dark and stroked himself to a chest-wetting orgasm thinking about Mrs. Morgan? It must be his mind making this seem like something that it really wasn’t.

“Really…?” He croaked as his growing flesh pressed harder against the honey colored wood of the cabinet before him and his eyes locked into hers.

“Uh huh.” Catherine smiled warmly. Her long dark hair cascading down her back. Most women her age seemed to cut their hair short, but not Catherine. She believed long hair was womanly and so she kept it. Evan’s eyes snapped from her crotch to her breasts and struggled to hold her gaze. But his will was fading as he returned to those thick hard nipples that seemed to call to him. “See, its like you said. You have to have the right tool for the job. I have lots of tools but they don’t seem to be getting the job done. Do you understand Evan?”

Evan kept thinking that what he thought was happening wasn’t. His mind was telling him that this mature woman, likely older than his own mother, was coming on to him. “It certainly wasn’t cold and her nipples are surely hard,” he thought. And her words. Was she really talking about tools? Like wrenches and screwdrivers? Or was she being sexual.

Evan wished he had more experience with girls. He’d never slept with a girl. Hell, he’d never even been completely naked with one. He’d rubbed a few girls’ breasts and Tabitha Rory and let him rub her pussy inside her pants. And as a graduation present, Tabitha stroked his cock inside his jeans until he filled her hand. But that was it. Work and school and shyness had kept him from girls. Now he wished that wasn’t so because he had nothing to draw from to help his mind sort all this out.


“Y…Yes, Mrs. Morgan?” His mouth dry as he clung to the faucet.

Catherine giggled, “Evan please don’t call me Mrs. Morgan. After all, I’m not a misses any more. I’m a miss. But I would really like you to call me Catherine. Will you call me Catherine?” She could feel her excitement beginning to pool deep inside her. She watched his ass unconsciously tense tightly inside his shorts, pushing his crotch harder into the counter. “Damn, I’ll bet he’s already hard…”

“Uh, sure…Catherine.” What a beautiful name Evan thought. And sounded, no, it felt so good to speak it.

“How old are you Evan?”

“Uh hum…a little over 18.”

“Hum.” Catherine’s hips swayed lustily as she rolled that thought over in her mind. “C’mere Evan.”

“Come here?”

“Yes. Come over here.” Catherine’s tone had changed. Becoming more demanding, forward and direct. He was just a boy after all. And boys need direction.

“Well…I would Mrs…um…Catherine…” Evan giggled nervously. “Well I mean I really should get this sink fixed.”

“I have another problem that needs to be fixed Evan. And I need the right tool for the job remember? I bet you have the right tool for the job don’t you Evan?’

Evan’s face burned with excitement and embarrassment. “Uh, well yeah I guess so.”

“Oh I know you do Evan. Now come here.”

“But Catherine…” His eyes cast down briefly at his crotch slammed against the counter. “It’s just that…”

A sly smile snaked over Catherine’s lips. She was getting so turned on now. She could feel her warmth filling her jeans, spreading out through her body. “Is it hard Evan?”

Evan nearly choked. Gawd, could this possibly get any more embarrassing? “Well…”

“Come here to me Evan. Come her and let Catherine help. It’s okay.” She reached her hand for him.

Evan turned slowly, his rigid flesh strained uncomfortably down into the leg of his shorts. So hard that the head was outlined through the fabric. Catherine’s eyes fixed on his cock. Admiring how it looked even through his shorts. She noticed too the tiny dark wet spots all around the head. He was getting so excited he was dripping.

“Come on Evan. Come to over to me.” Her fingers beckoned him. Evan moved from the sink and with just a couple steps stood before her. Catherine’s eyes warm and soothing as she stared into his. Calming him, relaxing him, reassuring him. Her tender fingers reached up and lightly stroked his soft cheek. It was downy, not yet stubbly and rough. She heard herself purr quietly as Evan’s eyes fluttered shut.

Her fingers caressed his face, through his hair, over his supple warm lips.

“That’s a good boy Evan. Just relax. Don’t be nervous. It’s okay. Do want to touch them?”

Evan’s eyes flashed open and locked directly on her chest. Catherine’s fingers still ever so lovingly stroking his face. She was so beautiful even at her age. Because of her age. Evan’s lips moved but no words escaped.

Catherine giggled sinfully. “It’s okay Evan, you don’t have to say it. I can see you want to. Here…” Catherine’s fingers withdrew and she quickly pulled the tiny shirt up and over her head. She shook her head side to side and her thick wavy hair spilled over her shoulders. Making her look lusty and wanton. Evan’s eyes wide as he gazed on the heavy fullness of her breasts. He’d never seen such big breasts before let alone touched them.

“They…they’re…” Evan struggled to make his mind work.

“You like them Evan? You like my breasts? Do you like touching the girls’ breasts Evan? Like to feel them in your hands? It’s okay, tell me Evan.”

“Well, yes but I haven’t really…Really had you know…that much experience…” Again his cheeks flushed.

“Really? A strong handsome boy like you?” Catherine’s hands reached out, the very tips of her nails lightly scratching down his forearms. Taking him by the wrists. “I bet lots of girls wish you would touch them Evan.” Catherine pulled his hands up from his sides. “Poor girls. I bet they go home and touch themselves thinking about you Evan. Oh I just bet they do.” Catherine brought his hands up higher. She pulled one to her face.

Evan’s mind was racing with excitement, nervousness, embarrassment. He watched as Catherine brought his fingers up to her lips. Her sensuous pink tongue flicking out from her pouty red lips. Evan stood riveted and mesmerized as Catherine sucked his middle finger into her mouth. Her lips wrapping around it, swallowing it into the wet warmth. He was completely fascinated. He’d certainly never felt anything like this before.

Catherine ever so slowly slid his finger in and out of her mouth, back and forth. Her eyes fixed on Evan’s boyish face. Watching him, watching his reaction to her. His eyes locked on her mouth and his finger. She pulled it from her mouth, and rubbed his glistening finger tip over her lips.

“Mmmm…Do you like that Evan?”

Evan swallowed hard, “Yes.”

Catherine smiled, reveling in the sinfully sweet beauty of this moment. Her own body beginning to cry out to her. Begging her mind to succumb to this boy’s pleasuring body. She pulled both his hands down and onto her breasts. His palms warm and sticky from nervous sweat. Evan’s fingers spread open as he felt her warm fleshy breasts beneath his hands. His eyes starring as his hands froze.

“Mmm…It’s okay Evan. Touch them. I want you to. Feel them all you want Evan.” Catherine could see Evan’s ample erection had found it’s way into a vertical position. The thick shaft swelling out against his zipper. The head just barely concealed by the struggling waistband.

She purred as Evan moved his hands over and around her breasts. Cupping them and feeling their weight. His fingers rubbing and stroking her thick hard nipples. Evan’s touch so gentle and sincere caused Catherine to moan quietly. Her breasts alive with his boyish touch. Her nipples tingling in excited pleasure as Evan explored them. Her chest thrust out. Her crotch gyrating in slow circles.

Evan’s fingers rolled and pinched her nipples. Feeling their hardness, fascinated by the way grew even larger as he fondled and teased them.

“Unh…” Catherine’s eyes fluttered as her body reacted to Evan’s hands. His touch direct and deliberate. The touch of an inexperienced boy exploring and discovering.

When Catherine grunted, Evan froze. He quickly glanced up at her face. Lips shiny and half open. Her eyes lusty and dark, the lids heavy and fluttering. “I’m sorry did I hurt you? Did I pinch too hard?”

Catherine’s eyes focused and she gave Evan a warm reassuring smile, “No Evan. I groaned because it felt good. You won’t hurt me Evan. You’re a good boy. Go ahead now, feel and rub them all you want to.”

Catherine was immensely turned on. She needed this. Needed him. Needed to be needed. She purred and groaned louder as Evan resumed his exploration of her tits and nipples. Something about his inexperienced touch made it all the more thrilling. It was genuine and curious. Wanting very much to feel and discover but at the same time very concerned with her pleasure.

The tingling sensations shot out from her thick nipples. Evan pinched and squeezed them. Flicked and caressed them. “That’s a good boy Evan…” Catherine’s voice low and heavy with passion. “You can use your mouth if you want to Evan…”

Evan again swallowed hard, his tongue snaking out over his dry lips. My mouth he thought to himself. “I’ve never done that before…” Evan realized he’d said it aloud.

Catherine’s eyes closed on his face. Evan’s gaze cast down in embarrassment at his unintentional admission. Her palm warm and reassuring cupped his flaming red cheek. Her thumb lightly stroking his face.

“I’m sorry Mrs…er…Catherine. I must look like a real idiot. You’re so you know experienced and here I am bumbling and so nervous my legs are shaking. I’m probably doing every thing wrong. It’s just that you’re so beautiful. And I, you know, don’t have much experience with girls. Let alone a real woman.” Catherine’s hand held his face, her thumb stroking softly over his cheek as she watched Evan’s confessions and nervousness spill out. She liked the idea of him thinking of her as a real woman. This boy barely a man now wanting so bad to make sure he was doing the right things for her. Unconcerned about his own wants. How beautiful this boy was.

“It’s just you know…I guess I’m scared is all. I want to make sure I make you happy and I’m not sure I know how. I guess I’m just scared is all.”

Catherine didn’t speak, she just smiled at him. Her hand pulled his head forward. She turned it to the side and laid his flushing cheek between her ample bosom. Her hand tenderly stroking his hair as she held him to her. “Ssshhhh…that’s a good boy. You’re okay Evan. I know you’re frightened. You’re doing just fine Evan.”

Evan’s head felt so warm and comfortable pressed against Catherine’s chest. Safe and secure here against her flesh. So safe. He almost cried. He didn’t know why exactly but a flood of emotion spilled over him.

Catherine lifted his head. Her eyes soft now. Her gaze tender and knowing. She pressed her finger to Evan’s lips. Her hands, palms wide and flat, trailed down his chest. Evan’s eyes watching her every move as his breaths quickened. Catherine’s gaze never leaving his face. Wanting to watch the effect she had on him. She would get her satisfaction later. For now, she wanted this boy to take a strong step onto his path of manhood.

Evan’s arms lifted as Catherine pulled his shirt up and over his head. His chest all but bare, just a few dark hairs around his tiny taught nipples. Her hands stroked and caressed his chest. Her fingers pinching and rolling his nipples. Evan groaning in response to her touch. His face tightening and twitching as Catherine showed him new and wonderful pleasures.

She eased away from the table and lowered herself slightly. Evan watched in wonder as her tongue flicked across his now rock hard nipple. It felt so good. Catherine swallowed it into her mouth gently and warmly. Her tongue stroking over the hard nub of flesh. Her teeth ever so gently clasping it around the best. Evan groaned deep and loud. His body alive with intense sensations.

Catherine’s mouth worked at his nipple as her fingers trailed over his hard youthful belly. Evan was completely lost now, no longer thinking conscious thoughts. Simply reacting to his body and the pleasure Catherine was bringing it. Somewhere in the back of his mind he was aware that she was opening his shorts. He could feel the straining pressure subsiding as the fabric pulled away from his swollen hard penis. He struggled to look down but her mouth was working such wonderful magic on his nipples. He could barely flutter his eyes open.

He felt his clothing bunched at his ankles and was suddenly aware that he was naked. Bare and painfully hard. Catherine eased her mouth away from Evan’s nipples. She kissed each one slow and soft. She eased down onto her knees and pulled at Evan’s clothes. He raised his feet one at a time as Catherine eased them off. Catherine sat back on her heels. Her fingers worked at the knots in his boots. First one then the other. Tenderly slipping them off each foot and then returning to slowly roll his socks away.

She gazed up into Evan’s face. His eyes watching her with pleasured wonder. Fully exposed to her now. Open. Catherine’s gaze made him feel so warm and safe. He was still very nervous but it didn’t seem to matter any more. He knew Catherine was happy with him. Sensed that she wanted him to be happy with himself. Again his eyes fluttered as Catherine’s soft tender hands roamed over his legs. Catherine marveled at them. Legs that had only recently lost the fattiness of boyhood but not yet acquiring the fullness of manhood. Evan was a little slower developing than most. The idea only added to Catherine’s enthusiasm. She was determined to show Evan the wondrous pleasures only a woman can deliver.

Her hands stroked and caressed his legs, cupped and kneaded his fleshy ass. Roaming around his waist and over his belly. Evan’s thick swollen shaft stood tall and erect just before her face. The head reddened and wet with his oozing juices.

Evan groaned and his legs shuddered slightly as Catherine caressed his ample balls. Weighty and full in her hand. She stroked them in the warmth of her palm. Pulled them down gently but firmly, stretching and releasing them. Over and over. Her right hand working his wonderful balls as her left reached higher. Her finger and thumb wrapping about the thick shaft of Evan’s glistening cock. He had certainly developed well here. His cock wasn’t huge, just thick and full. With a well defined head and strong veins. It was beautiful and sensuous.

Catherine released Evan’s balls and watched as they slowly began to shrink up closer to his body. His breaths husky and forced as her fingers began to lightly explore his rigid flesh. Gently touching and stroking him. Her cast upward and locked on Evan’s face. His head lolled, his eyes squeezed shut. He was completely lost in her now. Lost in his own pleasing body.

Her hand wrapped around his thick cock and she slowly began to stroke him. She knew he wouldn’t last long. She sensed his legs beginning to tighten and stopped her movements. Her hand squeezing hard around his shaft. The head swelling with the force. Her grip pinching off the impending flow of cum. She held him tightly until again his body began to relax. The intensity of the all-too close orgasm subsiding.

Her grip relaxed and she glanced at Evan’s twitching cock. The head tight and purple from the pressure. A thick drop of pre-cum spilling out of him. She held his cock straight out. There on her knees in her kitchen. Her heavy breasts exposed and heaving. This virile inexperienced youth before her. Wanting her, needing her. She stared straight up at his face as her tongue flashed out at Evan’s swollen head. He groaned deep and loud, his lips open and shiny.

Catherine pulled the thick drop of pre-cum onto her tongue. Tasting his salty sweetness in her mouth. The thought struck her that she was the first woman to ever taste Evan. Her tongue swirled slowly and deliberately over his head. Her fingers gripping the base of his shaft tight to help Evan maintain control. Raising his cock to point at his chin. Her tongue sliding slow and long up the entire length of him. Evan’s hands instinctively moved to Catherine’s head. Holding her, not forcefully, just firmly as his body cried out to him.

Catherine watched his body twitch and shudder in response to her licking. So close he was now. She didn’t want him to go over the edge unexpectedly so she decided to release him from his built up tension. She pulled his throbbing cock straight out. Her hand again cupping and kneading Evan’s tight scrotum. Her lips wrapped firmly around the head of his cock. He tasted so sweet in her mouth. The scent of his flesh driving her devotion. Evan’s legs shook and his hands trembled on each side of Catherine’s head. She swallowed him fully into her wet warmth. He was almost there now. His body begging.

Her mouth working slowly back and forth over his thick shaft. Deliberate and focused. She felt him shudder, a deep throaty growl spilling out of his chest. Her fingers kneading his balls. Milking them, encouraging them to spill into her mouth. She held the head of Evan’s cock in her lips. Wanting to leave room for him to explode inside her. Her tongue swirling over the oh-so sensitive underside of his head. She moaned deep and lusty as the first heavy stream of Evan’s thick cum exploded into her mouth.

Her hand stroking his cock, the other rubbing his balls. Wave after wave of Evan’s thick warm cum shot into her mouth. She could barely swallow it fast enough to keep it from spilling out. Evan’s entire body wracked in intense pleasure as his orgasm smashed through him. Catherine swallowed every drop of Evan’s warm seed. Savoring both the taste of him and the thought that she had been the first.

Evan jerked and twitched as the intense waves washed over him. His cock throbbed and pulsed as Catherine’s touch slowed to a relaxed soothing stroke. His eyes fluttered as he tried to regain focus. He glanced down and saw Catherine there before him. Watching him in mesmerized pleasure as she tenderly stroked his shrinking shaft. His fingers played in her hair. Her lips red and full, shiny from her saliva and his cum.

“That’s a good boy Evan,” Catherine purred. “Did you like that Evan?”

“Yes. Very, very much. That was the first time anyone ever did that. It felt so good.”

“Be honest with me Evan.” Catherine finally released his penis and rose to her feet. Her hands cupping his face, her eyes locked with his. “Are you a virgin Evan?”

Evan began to look away but Catherine held his head. “Yes.”

“Its okay Evan. There’s nothing wrong with that. I think it’s nice that you haven’t done it yet. Losing your virginity is a very special thing Evan.”

“Do you want to be my first…Catherine?”

“I would love to be your first Evan. But I want you to go home now. I want you to think about this and be sure it is what you want. In a few days, if you decide that is what you want, then I would love for you to come back here and see me. Okay Evan?”

Evan felt slightly dejected but he understood what she was saying. “Yes Catherine. I understand.”

Evan dressed and Catherine held his hand as they walked to the door. She turned him and kissed him softly and tenderly. As Evan eased out onto the porch and into the cooling fall air he paused and turned back to Catherine. “If I decide I want it to be with you I can come back right?’

“Yes Evan. If you decide that, you can come back. I will be sure it is something you’ll remember all your life.” Catherine smiled warmly. “Thank you for helping me find the right tool Evan.” They both laughed and Evan headed for his truck.

Catherine closed the door quietly and then smiled hugely. Off to her bedroom for some much needed relief. Gawd how she hoped he’d come back. She had so much more she wanted to show him!

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