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College Days

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The rain continued to beat against the roof and the windows on the west side of the cabin. Paul sighed and rolled over. He didn’t know what time it was, but it was still dark outside, so he figured it must still be early. He was muzzy from sleep, but awake enough to wonder what had disturbed him enough to waken him. Usually he slept right up until the alarm went off.

Realizing his bladder was full, he assumed it had been that which had made him wake up. He slipped out of bed and padded to the bathroom down the hall, the cooler air in the house chilling his nude body. There were other people in the house, his roommates, but he felt sure the partying they had done the night before would keep them unconscious until midmorning. Paul had stayed in because he had an early U.S. History class the next day. Andy and Jerry were phys-ed majors and had wisely scheduled all their classes for afternoons and evenings. That left them free to party hardy all week if they wanted.

The dim glow of the nightlight in the hallway guided his way to the bathroom. He saw the twin glow from the nightlight in there as he neared the partially closed door. Pushing his way through the door, he stopped dead in his tracks, suddenly wide awake. There was a naked woman seated on the toilet, her eyes closed, voiding her own bladder. As she turned to reach for the roll of paper hanging on the vanity, she saw Paul standing there and let out a little “Yipe!” sound. It wasn’t too loud, but it sounded immense in the silence of the sleeping house.

Shock had rendered Paul mute and frozen. It was only a couple of seconds, but it was long enough for him to realize that, A.) This was a woman who, while attractive enough, was considerably older than he — and his roommates; B.) That she had large nipples that poked out at least an inch from the surrounding aureolae; and C.) That after her initial surprise, she didn’t seem uncomfortable at finding a strange, naked man watching her pee. He came out of his shock suddenly. Realizing that his cock was erecting, he felt his cheeks redden. Mumbling a stammered apology, he backed out into the hallway quickly and retreated to his room, pushing the door almost closed.

Standing in the dark of his room, he heard the toilet flush. It made him realize that he still had to pee, himself. The need was even worse than it had seemed initially, in fact. He decided to wait a few seconds until the woman must have gone back to wherever the hell she’d come from. The fact that she’d been naked logically suggested that she wasn’t a burglar. She must have hooked up with one of the guys during their night of barhopping and had stayed over. Still, she was older than most of the girls they brought home. The woman he’d just seem had to be at least forty, he thought

He poked his head past the frame of the door. The hallway was empty and silent. Wondering if it was Jerry or Andy who had brought the woman home, he tiptoed to the bathroom. He lifted the lid and seat of the toilet and listened to the stream of urine break the silence. Shaking off the excess, he flushed and checked the hall again. Paul hurried to his room and closed the door. He had started to crawl back into bed before realizing that he was not alone. There was just a bit of light from the window, but enough to see that it was the woman from the bathroom.

“Wha…! Who are you?” Paul demanded. He realized his voice was only a loud whisper. Illogically, he didn’t want to make noise and waken anybody else. “What are you doing here?”

“My name is Phyllis. Yours is Paul. I’ve heard a lot about you from Jerry and Andy.” Incongruously, she reached a hand out for him to shake, which he did without thinking. She tugged him toward her and he found himself next to her under the covers. When she grasped his cock, he once again realized it had popped erect without his noticing. Before he could think of anything else to say, she had skipped down and taken him into her mouth. He felt the heat from her body radiating out and the wetness of her mouth as she sucked him expertly. “Mmm…” she moaned, sending a thrilling vibration through him.

His mind was spinning and conscious thoughts receded behind a veil of sexual sensations. Her hair tickled his hips as her head bobbed up and back down, all the way to the base of his cock. No other woman had ever deep-throated him this way, and the feeling was incredibly erotic. Her hand fondled, then scratched his tightening scrotum, his orgasm approaching. The approach ended when she slipped a finger down to prod at his anus in rhythm to the blowjob. He exploded into her mouth and she didn’t let even a drop escape.

As the orgasm ebbed, Phyllis kept a firm hold on his cock with a hand. She rose up and kissed him, spearing her cum covered tongue deep into his mouth. The sensuality of this had the effect of returning his softening cock to full erection. She chuckled when that happened and rose up to straddle him. She rubbed the head of his cock into her folds before sinking down fully onto it. She rode him like a wild horse, squeezing him with her vaginal muscles until she reached her own orgasm. As if she somehow knew what buttons to push, she triggered another orgasm from him when she pinched both his nipples — hard! — and twisted them. Paul felt a roaring in his head as the remaining cum squirted deep into Phyllis’s juicy sheath.

She leaned forward then, and relaxed on top of him. A few minutes later, she rose up and slowly raised her crotch from him. His limp penis flopped onto his belly with a slap. The growing daylight outside was enough to show him her satisfied smile as she leaned in to kiss him again. “Thanks, Paul. I’ll see you later.” With that, she turned and Paul watched her pleasantly broad ass as she walked to, and then out, the door. Suddenly he was exhausted. His eyes closed and he drifted off into a sleep that lasted until the beep of the alarm woke him at 6:00.

He rushed through a shower and pondered the woman in the night. He would find out later who she was. Doubtless she would be gone when he returned from his classes. As he crossed the living room, he noticed a strange jacket hanging on the hook by the door. He went out into the gray day. Sometime during the early hours, the rain had stopped, but the skies were still overcast.

The rain came and went through the morning. Paul managed to stay awake through History. He grabbed a cup of coffee at the Student Union before going on to his Philosophy class, which was immediately followed by Psych 103. By noon, he was finished for the day. He ran through the rain to the parking lot and his dented beater of a car. It started after a couple of tries and he smoked his way out of the lot and down the street toward home.

He saw that the jacket was still there when he hung his own up to dry. He heard a heavy beat, but not much else coming from the second floor. Jerry liked heavy metal, so it was probably his stereo. Paul went into the kitchen and found Andy sitting at the table, his anatomy text open in front of him. “Hey, Man,” Andy said. “How was class?”

“Okay,” Paul answered, wondering how to ask his friend about the strange woman. He was opening his mouth, having just decided to ask about the jacket when she walked in. She was dressed in worn jeans and a sweat shirt bearing the logo of their university. She smiled at him. The question died in Paul’s throat.

She held out her hand, saying, “Hi. You must be Paul. I’m Phyllis, Andy’s mom.” Paul took her hand, suddenly cold with dread and shock.

“Oh.” Andy said, not breaking his gaze from the open book. “Yeah. I forgot to tell you she was coming up for the week, Man. She ran into us at the tavern last night. At least she knew where to look.”

Phyllis winked at Paul and gave his hand a squeeze before releasing it. “Uh…Pleased to meet you, Mrs….”

“No. Just call me Phyllis. I want to feel more like a friend to you guys than a parent. I expect I might even want to party with you guys a little.” Paul felt like his head would explode. He’d fucked his friend’s mother! No, he corrected himself, she had fucked him! He smiled back at Phyllis then. It was going to be an interesting week.

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