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As my orgasm subsided, my girlfriend Annie held her mouth completely still around my cock, waiting until patiently until my cock stopped twitching, before gulping her mouthful of semen down. After a few moments, she took my cock out of her mouth, exaggerating the audible “pop” sound for effect, and said, “Ahhhhh.,” as she crawled up next to me in bed to snuggle.

“You are amazing…” I whispered into her ear.

“And don’t you forget it…” Annie said, contentedly.

We lay there without speaking for a few minutes, and then she said, “You know, you *do* have a birthday coming up… Do you have any idea what you’d like for your birthday this year?” I could practically hear the smile on her face when she spoke. Annie and I had a tradition of giving each other sexual presents on our birthdays.

We were both 24. Annie and I first met at the end of college, and we had been dating since. As a pair, we were the odd couple, except for our sense of humor. I was definitely the more straight-laced of the two of us. I was a young engineer WITH a big firm. To most of the world, I looked like a pretty white-bread all-american type.

When Annie and I started to get involved in college, she was delighted to find that under the surface, I had my kinks, and she seemed to take particular pleasure in coaxing me to explore them.

Annie was an artsy type, and an empowered, radical feminist. I came to know that even with her public persona, she got an incredible sexual charge from her desire for things that “good girls” are not supposed to desire. For her, feminism meant that she had the choice not to be confined to a particular role in life. In the bedroom, she seemed to take equal pleasure from being put into a subservient, submissive role, and from acting as the aggressor, and controlling her partner. She fully embraced her kinks, and turn-ons. Nothing got her sopping wet faster than being told what a bad, dirty girl she was for craving the things she craved.

As we lay there in bed that afternoon, I was silent for a few moments, conflicted, and wondering whether I dared to answer her question. There was something that I had wanted for a long time, but I didn’t know if I had the courage to ask for it.

Annie knew I loved my porn. My personal favorite was amateur facials. There is something transgressive about being invited into the most intimate moments between other men and their wives and girlfriends, seeing girlfriends, wives and mothers in their most private, debauched moments, giving loving, sensuous blowjobs, right up to the inevitable raunchy conclusion, and watching them enjoy having their seeing pretty faces spattered with outrageous amounts of thick, salty cockslop. The bigger the mess, the better.

My favorite sex acts with Annie were the acts that had a visual element to them. She knew it very well, and played to my desires. She loved to prop me up on pillows so that I could look down on her while she sucked me off, spending lots and lots of time making eye contact with me while her mouth stretched lewdly around my cock.

I had a mental storehouse of images of her; eyes opening wide in surprise as I began to ejaculate into her mouth, her pretty face spattered with the biggest loads of sperm I had ever produced, and even other wonderful mental images of her, slowly pushing back onto me as I slid my cock up her ass for the first time. Just doing those things with such an enthusiastic partner should have been enough, but is wasn’t. I was greedy – I wanted more; I wanted pictures.

Annie was about as porn-forward as they come. She had made it her mission to seek out the things that really got me going, even if I didn’t yet know what they were, and fulfill them. It occurred to me that every single one of the thousands of boyfriends and husbands had to screw up the courage to ask to take out a camera for the first time. I figured if I couldn’t ask Annie, I would never be able to ask anyone.

After a few moments, I summoned up the courage, and said, “Actually, yes. For my birthday this year, I was thinking I’d like to take some… pictures… of you.”

She rolled over got up on one elbow, and raised one eyebrow, looking right at me. She was very beautiful, with her dark hair in a page-boy style, with a tinge of red in it, beautiful clear, pale skin, and big hazel eyes. Her breasts were not particularly large, but she had beautifully rounded hips, and she was very, very flexible.

“Oh, really…” she said, “That wasn’t what I expected. What kind of… pictures were you thinking of?” she asked. Her tone was relaxed, and interested. In her teasing way, as she almost always did, she coaxed me to share more.

“For starters, I’ve always wanted to have some pictures of “the mirror’…” I said. “And you, afterwards.”

“The mirror” was our pet expression for birthday sex we had one time, which had become a regular part of our repertoire. Annie usually stripped down to nothing but a pair of her skimpiest panties, and then got on her knees in front of me, right next to her big full length mirror. On her knees, looking up at me, she made a performance of worshipping my cock, licking me, sucking me, teasing my shaved balls with her fingernails, and whispering the filthiest things until I was right at the edge. Then, she would stop for a few minutes to tease me even more. She did this until I was practically begging her to put me out of my misery and let me ejaculate. When it was finally time, she sat back on her knees, tilted her head back, and let me finish into her open mouth, knowing full well that as soon as I was done, she would enthusiastically swallow the hot mouthful of thick semen I had just given her.

“Oh, really…” she said, as though she was thinking it over my birthday wish in her head.

“Pictures of me… on my knees?”

“Yes” I responded.

“My, my, my…” she said. She rolled back over onto her side into our spooned position. She was quiet for a few minutes, and I was thinking that I had totally botched this, and that she was stewing about how angry she was with me.

Then she simply said, “You know, that is a very intimate gift, sweetie. Pictures like that last forever. It takes a lot of trust… ”

“I know,” I sighed, thinking my idea was shot, and that I had overplayed my hand. We both dozed off, and I stayed clear of the subject, not wanting to pursue it any further when we got up and finished the day. I figured I’d overplayed my hand, and I was just as happy not to bring it up again.

The next time I saw her was to meeting her for a quick lunch on her break near the Gap store she was running.

I was in the middle of a bite of cheesesteak when she said point blank, “So… About those pictures… How much do you want them?”

I almost choked, “You want to talk about this here? ” I asked.

“Why not?” she answered. ” I am still a bit nervous taking those kinds of pictures, but I have to admit, the thought of being so “compromised” to you is a bit of a turn-on for the subby side of me,” She said. “And you know, I was born to perform.”

I smiled. That was truth.

Annie continued, “I did think of one way I could let you take pictures of me like that,” Annie said. “I trust you, and I have faith in you, but it’s a big risk having pictures like that get out of control. I would need assurance that even if our relationship goes sideways someday, You would still keep those pictures with care and discretion. But… I think I could be comfortable letting you take pictures of me if I had some collateral.”


“Collateral. If you want pictures of this pretty face covered in your spunk, you need to give me something in return.”

“I’m not sure I’m following,” I said.

“If you want pictures of me covered in your cum, first, I get to take pictures of you, covered in cum. That way, if I *ever* find out my pictures get lost, stolen or posted, you will know you can expect the same treatment with photos you give to *me*.”

“Uhhh, Annie…” I said, a little startled.

“I know, I know. You happen to be straight… although I’ve had my doubts on occasion… We’ll call you straight-ish. So how about this? For my collateral pics, I will settle for pictures of you covered in your own cum. I’ve got this all figured out,” she continued, “If you lean over the edge of my bed, I can stroke you off until you come on your own face”. Then Annie added with a smirk, “I looked it up on the internet.”

I was still too dumbfounded to speak, and surprised we were actually talking about this, even in quiet voices, in the mall food court.

She leaned back a bit and said, “So, I guess you just have to ask yourself…how badly do you want these pics? If you want them bad enough to do this for me, then I’ll be your little glazed donut.”

If there was one thing about being with Annie, it was that she liked to find where the edge was, and push a little farther.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” I said, right on the spot.

“Then you have yourself a deal. I’d suggest you walk right over to that Best Buy behind you and find yourself a nice camera!” she said wink. “Shall we say Friday night?”

“Deal” I said.

“Oh…” Annie said, as she was wrapping up the trash from her lunch, “One more thing. If we’re doing this, we are doing this *right*. This is going to be my first time *giving* a facial, and I want it to be a good one. I’m sure you can relate to that, can’t you?” she teased.

I smirked.

“You are not allowed to come until Friday. You can edge yourself all you want, but I’m serious. No coming. Impress me. You always do.”

That Friday, I left the office, went for an early evening run, and then started to get ready. She was off work in the afternoon, and the asked me to give her a chance to clean up, and come by around 7:30.

When I got to her apartment, I pushed the little ding bell, and she quickly opened the door, and kissed me hello. Her short hair was still damp from the shower. All she was wearing was that very short black silk bathrobe.

I put down my bag and my brand new digital camera. It was the first one I had ever bought. It wasn’t a DSLR, but it was a pretty nice point & shoot, with very high resolution.

I handed it over to her.

“Wow.” She said. “Fancy! All I do is turn it on, and point and shoot? Awesome.”

She led me back to her bedroom. Next to her bed was a pillow on the floor.

“This is where it’s gonna happen.” she said. There was a very long pause between us. “Are you ready?” She asked.

She turned around, and sat down on the bed, pulling her robe open just a bit, so I could see the curve of one of her breasts, and then she crossed her legs seductively.

I was still standing in front of her, and she said, “Why don’t you get undressed for me, sweetie.”

I slowly took off all my clothes, and before long I was standing before her, completely naked. She looked me up and down, and then her gaze stopped on my cock, which was already starting to swell, from this embarrassing attention. From the edge of the bed she slunk down to her hands and knees, and crawled over to me.

My cock swelled as I watched her slink across her floor towards me. When she reached me, she looked up at me and said “You’re supposed to be the one performing for me, my sweet, but I just can’t resist.”

She got up to her knees, kneeling right below my engorged cock. Without touching it, she brought herself up so her face was level with my cock, and then looked up at me and smiled. She brought her lips to the head of my cock, just barely touching me in this incredibly teasing way she had.

“I was hoping maybe I’d get to use my mouth to get you going, but that doesn’t seem to be… necessary.” She teased, looking at my now fully erect cock with a smirk.

“Still, I thought you might need a little reminder why you’re doing this” she said.

She wrapped her hand around my cock, which was huge at this point, and rubbed it lovingly against her cheek. “Is this what you would like pictures of?” she asked coyly, “Your great, big, thick cock on my pretty little face? Me, worshipping this beautiful dick? Is this what you want to be able to remember, forever?”

I just nodded.

“Just think. You only have to do one teensy little thing, and then you get to take all the pictures you want of me doing every filthy thing I can think of, including some very messy finale scenes. So… do you think you’re ready to pay up?”

“Yes,” I whispered, thinking again about what I was willing to do for pictures of her. Seeing her teasing me, with her mouth so close to me was very arousing. I could definitely feel the fact that I had not come in a few days.

Even though I was doing this to get what I wanted, the way she had turned this all around, I felt something very arousing that I had never felt before, submitting to her in this way.

She stood up, took me by the hand, and led me to her bed, then helped me arrange myself against the bed so that I was upside down, with my back leaning by the edge of the bed, with most of my weight supported from big piles of pillows under my calves.

After she arranged me the way she had planned, she crawled back up onto the bed, between my legs, and looked down at me, smiling sweetly. I was a bit uncomfortable, but it wasn’t as bad as I would have thought.

My legs were spread wide open, and she got on her knees between them.

“I’m not used to seeing you as wide open as this, sweetie. I kind of like it…” she said, as she leaned down, and put her face right next to my balls. Then she gently cupped them in one hand, and I felt her breath on my anus.

“It’s very sweet of you to keep yourself shaved down here for me” she said, and then I felt the teasing tip of her tongue on my anus, which made my entire body shudder, and my cock twitch involuntarily.

She chuckled a bit. Then she got back upright, and looked down at me again.

Looking up, I my swollen cock was only a few inches away from my face. Just behind that was Annie’s beautiful face. She squirted some astroglide onto her hands, and then encircled the base of my cock with a firm grip, and began to stroke the entire length of my shaft firmly and insistently. It felt indescribably good. I could tell this was not going to take very long.

As she stroked, I could see she was working out her aim, trying to figure out just how to hold my cock once I started to ejaculate.

She cupped my balls in her other slippery hand, and before too long at all, she could feel my scrotum tightening up into my body.

“Oooh. That right, sweetie” she said, “You getting ready to come for me, aren’t you?”

She carefully aimed the head of my cock down at my face, stroking it firmly, and more quickly now in her slippery hands. As she stroked, I began to feel my orgasm approaching. She was clearly enjoying this.

“…That’s it, honey, you’re almost there…” she cooed. “Open your mouth for me, my obedient boy…”

I complied, and opened my mouth for her. It was both arousing and humiliating to watch my girlfriend stroking a cock down at my face. She was loving this. I knew what she wanted, and all I wanted was to please her.

“Have you ever thought about me, about what it’s like, about what I feel, what goes through my head when I’m taking everything you give me, right on the kisser? Well, you’re about to find out, my darling, aren’t you? For just a few moments, I’d like you to pretend you’re me, sweetie, and experience what it’s like to take a facial from a big, beautiful cock. It is some that cannot be described. It can only be experienced.” She whispered.

She knew I had often wondered what it was like. I thought about the position I had put myself in, and the perverse pleasure Annie was taking in this. Tonight, the cock she was stroking was *her* cock, and this was her chance to give as good as she got.

“Tell me you’re my little bitch,” she cooed. “I know it’s true. But I want to hear it. Tell me you’re my little bitch.”

She stroked me powerfully with her slippery hand.

“I’m your little bitch,” I whimpered. “I’m your little cum craving bitch. Please don’t make me beg. Please, please, just give it to me. Cover me in cum. Make me drink it,” I begged.

As I said those words, she cupped my balls in her other hand, and gently raking her fingernails across them.

“That’s right, my little cumslut. Own it. Own your desire.” She encouraged.

That sent me over the edge.

I could feel the waves of the orgasm start to well up from deep in my body. When she felt my cock starting to pulsate in her hand, she slowed and strengthened her strokes, carefully aiming her cock at her target. As I began to orgasm, my body began to convulse powerfully. My cock swelled even more in her hand, as it ejaculated jet after jet of thick milky white spunk.

She squirted the first two powerful spurts into my open mouth, and I instantly tasted that salty, spicy alkaline taste that she had grown to savor. Then she and then began to spray my face. It seemed like my orgasm would never end. Spurt after spurt of hot ejaculate splattered my face, my cock twitching uncontrollably. I completely unprepared prepared for how hot it was when it hit my face.

Finally, my orgasm subsided, my cock still twitching violently, strings of semen stretching down to my face. And there I was. A couple of tablespoons doesn’t seem like much, but I my eyes were glued shut, and my face felt almost completely covered.

I tried to remain motionless, still propped up for a few moments, and then I felt Annie gently remove her hands from around my cock.

After an awfully long silence, I heard Annie whisper, “Oh… my… fucking… God…”This may be the hottest, dirtiest fucking thing I have ever seen. Don’t you dare move an inch.”

She slowly eased my body down so that I was lying flat on her floor, being careful not to upset the thick, oozing dollops and spatters of semen covering on my face.

As I was laying on my back with my own spunk pooled on my face, afraid to move, I felt Annie carefully straddle me. As she straddled my chest, I could feel her grind down onto me a little bit, and I could feel how sopping wet she was between her legs. She leaned over, and grabbed the camera, and I heard her turn it on.

Kneeling on top of me, she took picture after picture of my face. I could feel the sperm cooling and oozing down my face as she continued to take photo after humiliating photo. She started grinding her slick, wet pussy harder and harder against my hip bone, grnding out an orgasm of her own as she continued to snap away with my new camera.

As her body stopped shuddering from her climax, I felt her lean down very close to my face.

She whispered into my ear, “Courageous men get the prize, sweetie. Thank you so much for having the courage to expose yourself like this. I just… I just didn’t count on how hot this was going to be for *me*. I have a new appreciation for the pride that boys take in giving facials. It really is a primal, isn’t it? Covering the object of your desire in your come?… Oop! Sorry – shhhh… don’t’ answer that… you’re an absolute mess, aren’t you, my little cumslut? Let me see if I can help a bit.”

She knelt closer, continuing to whisper, “Seems like a shame to let all this sperm go to waste…” she trailed off, then she began to slowly and methodically lick and slurp the oozing cockslop off of my face, as I lay there, motonless,silent, humiliated, and still aroused.

When I could open my eyes, I saw her looking down on me, obviously still very aroused, with her mouth full of all the spunk she had just licked off my face. She closed her eyes, and slowly pressed her lips to mine. She opened her mouth into mine to give me a passionate kiss, filling my mouth with my own seed. We shared a long, passionate kiss, sharing a mouthful of thick salty sperm, until we both swallowed it down. When we stopped kissing snd she pulled away, she smiled down at me lovingly, and sighed, “That was awesome… Do you need a towel, sweetie?”

I got up onto my elbow and grabbed the golf towel she handed me. As I was wiping my face dry, the taste of my own semen still strong in my mouth, she picked up the camera, and started to scroll through her new photos, smiling to herself.

She was certainly true to her word. For the next few months, there was hardly a thing we did in bed that I don’t still have pictures of. My favorites of all are the pictures from an evening when I tied her down and ejaculated all over her face just to take pictures of it, and the many, many beautiful smiling finishes in her waiting mouth, and across her beautiful face.

Every set of photos we took we shared, so that each of us had copies of everything.

Every computer I have had ever since has had a hidden subdirectory, containing folder after folder of photos of my time with the kinkiest girl I’ve ever met, alongside the file folder of my own “collateral” photos.

Within a year or so of that “Collateral” night, Annie and had both moved on, and we were out of contact for years. When we did re-connect, we began to email a bit, and it wasn’t long before she asked if I still had my “Birthday photos.” I told her I did, and assured her that nobody else had ever seen them.

She revealed that someone else had indeed seen hers; her husband Stu. Annie is a strong believer that it is the journeys we take make us who we are. She considered that the healthiest way to start a marriage was to start it with a man who could embrace her past. Anyone who was too jealous to deal with her past was not likely to be a match for her. So she shared all of her photos of us with her husband.

The way she tells it, that stash of photos of his wife from before he met her is one of her loving husband’s favorite posessions, and he never seems to tire of hearing her tell filthy stories about the predicaments she found herself in, or of looking at crystal clear digital photos of his beautiful, laughing wife’s face covered in her ex-boyfriend’s cum.

It is as Annie whispered in my ear; courageous men get the prize.

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