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Perhaps it was the coffee.

She didn’t usually drink the stuff, but it had been a hectic day. Whatever, the fact was, she was having difficulty concentrating. The two prospective clients sat across her desk, the pushy one was rambling on about profits and costs of their new business. She knew she should be paying attention, but she was too distracted by the other client. Tall, where his partner was short, gaunt where the other was stocky.

She caught herself staring directly at him. A mystical appearance, maybe it was the goatee, or perhaps the earring. He was a man of few words, though. Let his partner do the talking, just sat and looked at her, a hint of a smile peeking between his facial hairs. She was mesmerized by his hazel eyes. She felt herself dampening between her legs. Really mustn’t lose control, she thought to herself. She wondered why she seemed to be thinking about sex so much anymore. Damn hard to concentrate sometimes. The coffee, maybe that was it.

“Coffee?” she asked suddenly, interrupting the droning figures spewing from the mouth of the other man.

“Please,” the tall one answered, Black. But allow me.” He stood, stepped towards the little stand upon which sat the coffeemaker. His movement coincided simultaneously with hers. They bumped together in front of the machine. A moment frozen in time, eyes locked, bodies touching. The other man had stopped talking, was about to ask for coffee himself, but noticed the electricity that suddenly filled the room. Without thinking, simply reacting, her hands reached to his face, pulling him down to her. Her lips found his, hot, hungry. He responded. His hands went to her waist, pulling her into him. The embrace, the kiss, seemed to last an eternity.

A cough broke the spell. Standing behind her, the other man. “What about me?” he asked.

Her nipples burned, she felt the wetness soak the crotch of her panties. A fantasy, should she make it come true? A whisper in her ear, the mystic, the enchanter, “Whatever you desire.” His words spurred her. She reached a hand back towards the stocky man, ran it across the bulge in his pants, let him know he was included. But her real attention was on the one in front of her. Her tongue snaked out, traced across his throat, met the knot of his tie. His hands slid to her ass, cupping each cheek, squeezing, pulling her into to him. She could feel the hardness in his pants. Two bulges, two sets of pants.

Perhaps it was the coffee, but she knew what she wanted…

The tall one, the mesmerizing one, she felt his hands on her, making her burn inside. He stroked her back, hands moved to the small of it, pulled her in tight to him. She felt breath on the back of her neck as he kissed her long and hard. Strange, it felt so strange, to have his mouth on hers and to feel the breath elsewhere as well. Two places at once. She almost forgot the other man, a tool to be used by her passion, little more.

His mouth was hot, devouring her own, their tongues twisted, tasted, savored His hands moved to her ass, tightened around her buttocks, squeezed, at the same time, two other hands reached around her, covered her breasts, bringing a rush of pleasure coursing through her. Her kiss intensified, as his hands moved again, between her legs, spreading her. She wanted to leap on him, slide along his shaft Yes, his cock, she had to see it, taste it, the need was intense.

She dropped to her knees, reached for his zipper, pulled down the metal tab, released the prize inside. Slim, hard, the reddish head shining in her face, she slipped her hand around it, fitting it neatly in her palm, the head sticking above her fingers as her tongue tasted it, mmm.. so sweet. Then she felt a poking against her cheek, her eyes caught sight of another cock, thicker, bigger than the one she held in her hand.

Tthe variety, the difference in the two men, increased her excitement. She moved her mouth to the new offering. He was uncircumsized, unlike his partner… the difference, intoxication… slowly she slipped her lips around the thicker one, taking it slowly into her mouth. Her hand still held the first, her thumb caressing the tender glans in its front. The tall man moaned, his hands massaging her shoulders. The shorter one reached out, pulled her head forward, making her take more of him into her mouth. She almost gagged, but relaxed, allowing him deeper. Her head began to bob, he too moaned. The men exchanged a silent glance. The tall one slowly pushed her back, down to the floor. The shorter man was already slipping out of his shirt and pants. She was wet with anticipation of what was to come.

Perhaps it was the coffee….

She closed her eyes, succumbed to the dreamlike quality of the moment. She felt hands unbuttoning her blouse, opening her chest to the coolness of the air. Other hands were unfastening her skirt, sliding it down her legs. She raised her feet, allowing her invisible lover to slide the garment off. Hands lifted her head, others pulled the sleeves of her blouse down and away. She lay back, eyes still closed, knowing the picture she presented them.

She had worn green today, to match the green in her eyes. She knew they were admiring the way her breasts spilled over the low cut bra; that they were aroused by the lacey green garter belt holding up her stockings, green as well, with a dark seam in the back. Her panties matched the garter belt, the crotch doubtlessly much darker than the rest. Her juices were flowing uncontrollably. She felt lips on the mounds of her chest, where her breasts flowed from the cups of the bra. No facial hair, it was the short one.

Hands stroked her right leg, massaging her calf, playing with the sensitive area behind her knee. The tall one, no doubt. She opened an eye, saw him, naked now, his eyes fastened on the dark wetness between her legs. His face lowered, she felt his tongue slide over the sheer fabric of her hose, over her knee, up the front of her thigh, tracing along the strap that reached from just below her waist. A cup of her bra was turned down, a breast spilled out. Thick, heavy lips on her nipple… she saw the bald spot on the top of his head as “shorty” began to nurse, to pull her nipple tenderly into his mouth.

The mystic one was moving again, his tongue touching where leg met torso, sending chills through her. His fingers found her panties, pulled them to the side. She felt his warm body lean forward, his earring touching her skin, then, ecstasy… his tongue found her clitoris, hard, throbbing… it touched, teased, tasted, the tongue moving the little bud beneath the little flap of skin above it. his finger found her slit, slid in, hesitated, then pushed further up.

The short man had shifted, his mouth still glued to her breast, his tongue teasing her hard, pink nipple. His cock dangled in her face, she reached up, her tongue tracing along the bottom of his shaft. He shuddered, she could feel it through his lips. The other was still working her clitoris, a second finger hand now joined the first, spreading her lips, opening her wide, pushing in deeper. She was losing it. She reached a hand up, grabbed the dangling cock, took as much into her mouth as the position allowed, about an inch past the head. Her lips began to suck, harder and harder as the intensity of the movement of fingers and tongue between her legs increased. The short man moaned and began to lick her breast as if starving. She felt the first wave of her orgasm flow through her, his tongue and fingers working their magic. As her orgasm intensified, she squeezed her thighs together, locking his head between her legs, not wanting to let him go. It was obvious he enjoyed what he was doing, he simply kept the pace, not going to fast, allowing her orgasm to wash over her in wave after delectable wave.

She sucked as much of the other man’s penis into her mouth as she could reach; her mind racing wildly with the pleasure the taller one was giving her. The other man pulled back, releasing his erection from the suction of her mouth, obviously on the verge of cumming himself. As her orgasm subsided, she relaxed the grip of her thighs, the head coming up for air. His hair, black and grey, glistened in the harsh light of the office. She looked at him, admiring the face that had brought her such pleasure.

The other man, still enthralled by her appearance, her outfit, lay back on the carpet, holding his thick cock in his hand, invitingly. She rose up, pulled off her panties, threw them to the side, and then straddled the supine body. Facing away from him, towards the tall one who knelt, looking on approvingly; she lowered herself slowly onto the man’s shaft. She felt the head separate her dripping cunt lips. She felt it slide slowly into her as she continued to flex her knees, lower herself onto his hardness. She motioned with her finger to greyhair to approach. Standing directly in front of her, she took his cock into her hand, examining it, admiring the veins, the bumps, the rim of the head. She pulled it towards her mouth, her tongue running over the hot, red head. As she took it between her lips, holding it there, savoring the taste, she began to move up and down on the other man.

She had never experienced this before, had never simultaneously sucked one man while fucking another. The feeling was positively filling. Her mouth loving worked the thin shaft, flicking tongue over head, eyelet, glans… sucking, pulling him deeper into her warm mouth while she bounced up and down on the stiff rod stuck between her legs. She felt the second orgasm building, stronger than the first. She increased the speed of her pumping, her thighs, calves, and knees hurting, but the pain mixed with the pleasure from her vagina. The warmth began to spread up through her body. Her nipples were rock hard, aching. She pulled the stiff cock out of her mouth and ran it along her lips, her chin, her cheeks. She tensed, felt the overpowering urgency of the orgasm break over her every nerve. She wanted to scream, but remembering where she was, issued a series of little whimpers.

The tall man grasped her shoulders, lifted her up, almost but not quite off the cock of the other. He turned her in the air, pushed her forward, the head of the short man’s penis just inside her burning pussy lips. To her knees the mystical one forced her. She felt his hardness at the end of her rectum, knew what was coming. Could she take two cocks inside her at once? She felt the push, the give of her muscles. Fortunately, he wasn’t large, she didn’t tear… her ass was slowly filled while the man below her pushed up. She could feel the two hard shafts practically touching through the thin membrane within her. Pushing, they both were, moving in unison… she felt as if her head would explode. Her second orgasm had barely finished when a third, more powerful than the first two, erupted throughout her body. This time she did scream, yelling her pleasure, her ecstasy.

Both men slid out at the same time, the tall one began to gush his hot, thick cum over her back while the short one grasp his longer, thicker cock and shot up the front of her, hitting her breasts, her chin, his hot goo dribbling off her, puddling on his stomach. The three of them, overcome by their explosion, collapsed in a heat, a tangle of arms, legs, breasts, penises. She was completely, totally, sated.

Perhaps it was the coffee…

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