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Click A Chick

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I don’t suppose it will surprise anyone that, in the age of the Internet, texting, and beyond, it is not only possible, but extremely easy and pleasant to acquire the services of a female ‘companion’ when one is a busy lawyer visiting Washington D.C.

I am 34 years old, 5′ 6″ tall, with short, ash blonde hair, blue eyes, attractive and slim, though I admit I’m putting on just a little weight as I grow older. Oh, and my name is Lisa.

I was staying at one of the very best hotels on Pennsylvania Avenue, just across from the White House itself. I was in town to meet with some officials at the State Department. However, an international emergency had required that the key official absent himself, so I had extended my stay by a few days to accommodate him, and complete my meeting, even if a few days later.

So, what to do, with some free time, and feeling horny?

As I alluded in the opening paragraph, one can text one’s desires and have them fulfilled – if you know where the text should be directed. I sent the following text to a national specialized escort service that a ‘very good friend’ had assured me was reputable, called “Click A Chick.” I had arranged an open account with them before leaving Colorado, ‘just in case’:

(name withheld) hotel

rm 456
any girl

‘Any girl’ meaning I would take whomever they sent, ‘4-12 hrs’ refers to how long I would like her to ‘accompany’ me – oh, can I quit with the euphemisms?

I wanted a girl to FUCK, and to FUCK me. I wanted to cum gloriously, and bathe myself in her cum! Shockingly, lesbians like to fuck every bit as much as men do, and in my opinion, do a better job of it. God, my pussy was creaming just thinking about getting some strange! Feeling her tongue on my clit, my fingers and tongue in her sweet, hot asshole – I HAD to have it!

Within thirty minutes I received a response:

45 mnts

I began to have second thoughts. What would she look like? Would she be as ‘open’ to ‘interesting’ things as I am? Would she be nice, or would she be too business-like? A million thoughts like this were going through my head, and maybe a thousand times I thought of sending a ‘CANCEL’ text, but frankly, my horniness stopped me. I so longed to feel another female’s body on mine, to feel her soft lips and warm breath racing over my skin, to taste her smell, and smell her taste, all over, to explore EVERY part of her…

Exactly 45 minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Bursting with curiosity, I swung the door open, to find the most adorable, teenage girl smiling back at me. “Click?” she asked, our code word.

“Click!” I said. “Please, come in.” She walked in, carrying a small overnight bag, and wearing a demure denim outfit, skirt and jacket top, with a white cotton blouse underneath. Ankle socks and sneakers completed the outfit. Her hair was long, straight and chestnut brown, tied back in a ponytail that hung to the center of her back. Her cute ass swayed naturally from side to side as she walked toward the living area sofa.

She turned to look at me inquisitively, her sweet brown eyes asking if it was okay to sit there. I smiled.

“Yes, please make yourself comfortable,” I said. She sat, straightening out her skirt demurely. “Would you like a drink?” She looked embarrassed.

“Umm, I’m not old enough to drink, and I don’t really know what to ask for.” There was a hint of a blush on her lovely face. She looked as though she’d just come from school, very little makeup, but tons of natural beauty.

“Well, wine’s always a good choice,” I suggested.

“Okay,” she said, relaxing a little. I called room service and ordered some food and two bottles of a red that I like, but have trouble finding in Colorado, where I live. The big city has everything, doesn’t it?

“Please don’t be offended,” I said, “but could you show me a driver’s license or something, to prove you’re at least 18?” Now it was my turn to be embarrassed. It’s not like I use call girls all the time, so I’m not sure what the protocol is, but I also didn’t want any headlines in my local paper of ‘PROMINENT LOCAL ATTORNEY IN UNDERAGE LESBO CALL GIRL LOVE NEST SCANDAL.’ The publisher is VERY conservative, but from the ‘other’ political party, and he’d no doubt love to embarrass me.

She giggled. “This is my first time,” she said. “Do we always get carded?” But she showed me her drivers license, from Pennsylvania. She was indeed 18, and her name was Elizabeth (name withheld..)

“Elizabeth, what a lovely name. I’m Lisa, pleased to meet you.” She nodded, and impulsively leaned forward and hugged me, and gave me a peck on the cheek. She smelled fresh and natural, unlike the rest of D.C.

There came a knock on the door. I answered it, and as expected, it was room service with our wine and some appetizers. He rolled the cart over near us, had me sign the check, then left. No doubt he was used to such things as two women drinking alone in a hotel room, and more.

“May I ask what a Pennsylvania girl is doing here in D.C., uhh, doing this?” It was an awkward question, but my lawyerly curiosity was aroused, as were some other emotions. She was cute and I found my body responding to her presence so close to me. I poured us some wine, and we both tasted, and found it quite good.

“That’s good,” she said, commenting on the wine. “Well, it’s a classic summer job,” she said, returning to the subject. “I work in a restaurant in town for my uncle, saving money for school. I’m going to Cornell this fall.’

“How nice,” I said. “Cornell’s a great school. So you’re working two jobs?”

“Well, yeah. A full time job at the restaurant. One of the other wait staff told me about ‘Click A Chick,’ and it sounded like a great way to make more money on the side.”

“Have you made a lot of money from your, uhh, side job?” I asked.

“I don’t know, this is my first time,” she said.

“Your first time?” I asked. “Um, you know what it entails, right? I’m a lesbian and-”

“Oh, don’t worry, I understand. I know I look like an all-American cheerleader dating the quarterback of the football team, but in high school I had several girl friends, very close girl friends. Boys, not so much.” She paused.

“Plus, do you ever get so horny that you think you’ll scream?” she asked in her young voice. “I mean, where jilling just isn’t enough?”

When I nodded, she continued. “I thought that ‘Click A Chick would allow me to meet some nice women, who share a love for other females. And god, you are so sexy, I can’t stand it!”

“So, how do we-” I began.

“Get together?” she asked. “Well, first things first. Maybe this is a good way to start.” She stood, and took my hand in hers, and pulled me up. She hugged me, her body warm against mine, fitting together nicely, as she was about 6″ shorter than my 5’ 6″. Her long brown hair contrasted nicely with my ash blonde hair, though mine was much shorter.

She looked up at me in our embrace, her sweet, young face open to me, showing no guile, her brown eyes searching mine. Her small breasts rose and fell as her breathing deepened. Our lips came together so naturally, her breath slightly minty and with a hint of our wine, and warm as it first raced over my cheek, then our lips pressing together, warm and soft, her lips quivering at first, perhaps nervous. I know I was! Once we kissed though, I felt the tension slip out of my body, and a warm glow begin in my clit. Our hips pressed into each other, and I sensed she was as anxious to alleviate that sweet pain as I was.

I turned her around where we stood, pressing my front against her ass, which was nicely rounded and plump, her hips wide and full, promising pleasure galore. I put my arms around her, both hands on her stomach, which had a little baby fat. I found that so fucking hot! I sniffed at her hair, as she rested her head back against my breasts. It smelled like cornflowers, so fresh and innocent. I could feel Elizabeth’s body moving as she breathed in and out.

I began unbuttoning her blouse, as she sighed in anticipation. She lifted her right hand, and put it on my right arm, gesturing that she wanted me to hurry and undress her, though I intended to drag it out. After all, we had all night. Her left hand slipped down to my hip, as she rubbed me there, occasionally snaking further back to caress my ass. As each button gave way, her blouse opened a little bit more, until the buttons were all conquered, but her blouse was still tucked in, and she still had her denim jacket on over it.

I slid my left hand inside her blouse, to feel the heat of her small breasts under her bra, virginal and white. I slid a finger under the bottom of a cup, feeling the swell of her breast, plump, soft and moving with her breathing. Elizabeth groaned with pleasure as I invaded her body with my hand. “Oh, that’s nice,” she moaned, her head resting back on my breast.

I twisted around a little more to insinuate my whole hand under her bra, my fingertips brushing against her nipple. It became kind of a tight fit, so I used my right hand to reach under the back of her jacket, roughly pull the blouse out of her skirt, then reach up and quickly unhook her bra. It immediately loosened, and I was then able to grasp her nipple, already hard, between my forefinger and thumb, pinching it slightly.

Elizabeth squeaked, then sighed, her hips squirming as sensation ran from her nipple to her pussy. I had both hands under her loose bra, each hand caressing her sweet little apples, her nipples now rock hard, as I alternated pinching them. She leaned back, and I leaned forward, kissing her roughly, our lips meeting much as I imagined our cunt lips might later, soft plumpness touching, moisture seeping from one to the other.

Our tongues danced together, her young mouth sweet and minty under mine. Small guttural noises were escaping from her throat as we kissed, and as I teased her young breasts. My fingers danced over her smooth, silky skin, stroking the softness of her breasts, and strumming and pinching her incredibly wide nipples.

I broke our kiss, then burrowed my nose around her long ponytail, kissing and nuzzling her soft neck, smooth and swan-like. Then I stepped back. “Elizabeth, you’ve got such a beautiful young body. I could worship an ass like yours!”

She laughed. “We’re supposed to think of you as a guest in our temple.”

“That sounds kind of, well, Victorian,” I said. “But I promise I shall worship devotedly, in your temple.” Elizabeth giggled.

“They told us that joke already,” she said. “But please, don’t stop!”

“No worries,” I said. I led her into the plushly appointed bedroom, to the king sized bed. I quickly stripped the bedspread off, leaving the cool white sheets, and numerous down pillows.

“Now stand at the foot of the bed, facing away from me, towards the headboard,” I instructed her. She did as I ordered. I approached her from behind, then pulled the denim jacket off her shoulders and arms, and placed it on the chair next to me.

Elizabeth looked more than ever like a young school girl in her white blouse, denim skirt, sneakers and ankle socks. I felt a tingle in my own pussy, imagining what I would see of her when I was further along with undressing her. I kissed her neck again, and she shivered with pleasure.

“That feels good!” she said, her voice cracking slightly.

“Let’s have your hair hang loose, Elizabeth,” I said. “It’s so beautiful and glossy, I want to see how it looks against your bare skin.” I unrolled the scruncie, and her chestnut mane hung straight, spreading in a glossy wave over her back and shoulders. I smelled it again, fresh and welcoming.

“Ohh, Lisa, can I turn around and kiss you?” she said, looking over her shoulder back at me, the most wistful expression on her face. If I didn’t know that I would eventually have her moaning in anticipation of being fucked, I might have given in to such a beautiful face.

“No honey, you’re mine to tease……and to please,” I finished. “You’ll be able to kiss me soon enough, sweetie.” Then I slowly pulled her thin white blouse off her shoulders, seeing her pale, pink skin there for the first time. Her perfection was augmented, not marred, by the few freckles scattered over her shoulders and back. Slowly, slowly, her lovely flesh was revealed to me, as the unbuttoned blouse pulled away and down, finally off her arms.

Now she had only the unhooked bra, white, small and virginal. Lacy, sexy in its simplicity. I pulled the bra off each arm, the straps sliding down to her wrist, then off each hand. I smelled the cups of her bra. Small, but warm with her body heat, they smelled slightly of her body, salty with a touch of her body wash. I detected no perfume, which pleased me immensely. I so wanted to taste the girl tonight, not any adornments.

“Mmm, you smell divine, Elizabeth” I cooed. She looked uncertainly over her shoulder at me, but said nothing. “I adore your fragrance,” I added.

“I didn’t wear any perfume,” she said. “I’m sorry.”

“The fragrance of your body is absolutely wonderful,” I said. “I could eat you up.” She shivered, and pressed her thighs together, still facing the wall behind the headboard. Dressed only in skirt, shoes and socks, she looked like a teenager getting ready for school. My pussy was dripping with anticipation. I could feel that slight tickle when my pussy cream drips out from excitement.

I returned to hugging Elizabeth from behind. “Just a few minutes more, darling,” I whispered in her ear, kissing it. She giggled again.

Then I reached around her slim waist, and unbuckled the belt of the denim skirt, unsnapping the button at the top, then lowering the zipper, allowing it to fall to the floor around her feet, leaving her in a pair of simple white cotton panties. God, what an adorable piece of art she was!

She began apologizing. “I was leaving work when I got the text to come here,” she said. “I didn’t have a chance to wear something more…attractive.” So she’d been working all day before coming here, and hadn’t had a chance to shower – god, I was SO turned on knowing I’d get to taste and smell her wonderful body au naturel!

Her two, plump ass cheeks were better revealed now, the two, full globes distinct, as each filled up one side of her panties. Sadly, she wasn’t revealing much more, as her panties weren’t a thong or bikini, but the modesty in her choice of panties to wear with me gave me an even greater, a far greater, thrill than if she had tried to show off with something revealing. I knew that I would be making love with a virginal young girl. My mouth watered.

Her thighs were long and slim, with muscles that hinted at her spending time in sports, or cheerleading. Her calves echoed her fit shape, and I was moved to ask her about it.

“Elizabeth, honey, were you a cheerleader, or did you do sports?” She looked at me over her shoulder, openly curious.

“Yes, I was a cheerleader at my school,” she said, smiling. “But as I said, I didn’t fuck the quarterback – it was the point guard on our girl’s basketball team.”

I chuckled. “Honey, you’re in such wonderful shape. You’re quite lovely.” I could see her preen at the substantial compliment. Such a beautiful creature, clad only in simple panties and sneakers. It was almost enough to make me cum just from admiring her beauty. But we had much more to come, in that area.

“Step out of your skirt, honey,” I instructed her. I picked up her skirt, warm from her body, and yes, I smelled it, too, then placed it next to her jacket and blouse. It smelled slightly musky, which made me think of the delights she held for me between those luscious ass globes, and between her thighs.

“Okay, now I want you to climb up on the bed, and kneel there, still facing the headboard, okay?” She nodded, and climbed up on the massive king bed, wobbling momentarily, then sitting up so that she rested on her knees and lower legs, the rest of her upright. It was just the position I wanted her in. I looked more closely at Elizabeth’s fine little ass.

I’ve always loved another woman’s ass. The look of it, the smell, the taste, the heat…..if I could figure out how to fuck myself with a woman’s ass, no vibrator could ever compete.

Anyway, I could see that Elizabeth’s panties were moist and damp, and bunched up a little bit inside her tight little crack. I pinched a piece of the fabric, and slowly pulled it out of her ass crack, then patted her sweet, round globes.

“Unnh”, Elizabeth squeaked, startled by the intrusion into a most intimate place. “I wasn’t expecting that!” I stood over by the right side of the bed, where Elizabeth, still obeying my command to kneel and face the headboard, could see me, and began ‘absent-mindedly’ disrobing. Her eyes were fixated on me as we made small talk.

I pretended that I was just absent-mindedly taking off my clothes, but I did it so slowly and teasingly, I could see that I was turning her on even more. She’d start saying something, then when I slipped off my blouse, and my bra, languorously showing my full breasts, and my long nipples, or showed her my ass when I took off my skirt, she’d completely lose track of what she was saying.

“You like watching women disrobe, don’t you,” I teased her.

“Yeah, I used to watch my older sister change her clothes when I was a little girl,” she said. “Then I used to go masturbate after she’d left on a date or whatever.”

“What did you think about when you were playing with yourself?” I asked her, curious.

“I dunno, just how pretty some women are….like you,” she added, her eyes on my bare breasts.

“Yeah?” I whispered, moving closer to her. “Did you ever touch her, your sister, I mean?”

“God, no! Though I wanted to. She had nice breasts, like yours. Her nipples were brown though, I love that yours are pink….and long.” She unconsciously licked her lips.

“Would you like to suck on my nips?” I asked her coyly, cupping my hands under my breasts.

“Oh….yes, please!” she said, her voice tremulous.

“Well, you’ve got to ask for anything you want,” I said. “Go on.”

“Please, Lisa, could I suck your nipples……and hold your breasts, feel them, kiss them?”

“Oh yes, and more, darling….when I’m ready to let you.” I smirked at her, and naked now except for a pair of black satin panties, as she was still dressed in her white cotton little girl panties, I walked back to the foot of the bed, directly behind her. I rested my crotch, wet and hot, against her warm, soft ass, then slipped my hands around her waist again, now with little of anything between us. I raised my hands and began caressing her sweet breasts, warm and soft, and scratching my fingernails over her nipples.

“OHHH….AAAHHH” she moaned, the gentle touch of my fingers on her soft breasts clashing with the pain on her nipples from my nails. I knew every scratch was sending an electric jolt straight to her little pussy. I wanted her sopping wet down there. Her head lolled back against my breasts, fuller than Elizabeth’s, and aching to feel her mouth on them. She must have read my mind.

“Oh Lisa, please let me kiss your nipples, pleassse,” she whined. I leaned around and kissed her sweet lips yet again, my tongue swiping at hers.

“Soon, darling,” I hissed in her ear, then slipped my right hand downward, my fingertips caressing her plump tummy on the way to a delightful rendezvous with her young cunt. I heard her sharp intake of breath as she felt me making my way to the real center of her torment, the ache in her plump and swelling clitoris.

My fingers flattened on her stomach, as my hand wormed its way under the thin elastic at the top of her white cotton panties. Elizabeth sighed as my fingers slipped under the fabric, her plump ass wiggling involuntarily, as electricity oozed through her vulva. My fingers stroked a thin bush of fine public hair above her pussy, her pubic curls nicely groomed

Her hair there was damp and moist, a foreshadowing of the condition I would find her womanly slit to be in, dripping with her cream, and molten with her heat. By her cooing and moaning, I suspected that might be the case. My index finger assiduously avoided the swollen pearl of her pink, slick clitoris, hot and wet and aching for my touch as it might be. Instead, I slid the tip of my finger down along her labia on one side, finding heat and moisture on one side, and fine, downy pubes on the other.

Picking up some of her female moisture on the pleasant slide downward, I caressed those sensitive, swollen and hot lips, as Elizabeth moaned and jerked. “Oh god, Lisa, fuck me! Please, fuck my hole, I want you inside me!”

“What else do you want, sweetheart?” I whispered in her ear, my breath hot and moist on her. I was pleased that she was verbal – I absolutely adore women who aren’t shy about what they want.

“Ohh, I want you to fuck my hole with your fingers, fuck me hard….then I want you to eat my hot hole, and make me lick your cum-covered fingers….oh….oh…and make me eat your sweet, hot hole and cum in my mouth….OHHHHH!!!” Elizabeth’s wide hips shook and bucked, as tsunamis of pleasure washed over her young body, all sensation concentrated in one small part of her body, then radiating out to every part of her loveliness.

Elizabeth moaned with pleasure, her hands flailing, her right hand coming up to hold my head close to her as she began whispering coital endearments. “Ohh Lisa, I love you so much, you can do anything you want with me, make me your slave, I love you, fuck me endlessly, make me yours forever, fuck me….fuck me…” her voice trailed off, as I supported her, her body now weak with expended passion.

I lay her down on the bed, on her side, and spooned with her as she caught her breath. Our bodies warm together, the scent of her aroused passion filling both our noses. I could feel her breathing steady, then after a long while she wiggled around to finally face me.

“I’m so embarrassed,” she said, the most delightful rosy glow suffusing through her breasts and upper chest, and reaching up to her face. “I’m supposed to be pleasing you, but you’ve just given my the most wonderful orgasm of my life!”

I smiled at her. “Oh, I WILL be cumming under your touch, sweetie, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to show a young girl just how wonderful lesbian love can be. Even if you meet some guy and get married some day, he’ll never make you cum like I will.”

“Oh god, Lisa, NO man could ever send me to heaven like that! I always want to be your lover, if you’ll let me.” She had a serious look on her face, her brown eyes on mine. Of course, the young feel such things so intensely!

“I promise, you’ll be mine tonight, Elizabeth,” I said. “We’ll see after that.”

“Please, call me Beth,” she said. “And tonight will be so wonderful!”

“I’m glad your nickname is ‘Beth,” I said. “It just seems much more feminine than ‘Liz,’ – and I like my girls to be very, VERY feminine.” Beth blushed even more. I guess it was the realization that, for the first time, she was opening up to the deep pleasure of the lesbian experience with a woman, rather than casual experimentation with another girl. I knew I would certainly ruin her interest in any man in the future.

I lay back on the bed, my head resting comfortably on one of the plush down pillows. I was sending Beth the message that now, she could take charge of me. She showed that she was quick on the uptake, unusual in a young girl. She leaned over my full breasts, my nipples stiff and hard and aching for her mouth, and lightly took one between her lips, gently squeezing me, as her hand caressed the hot underside of my breast.

She sucked me into her hot, wet mouth, suckling at me like a lover, so much more aggressive and even cruel than a child, her teeth teasingly on my sensitive flesh, making me jerk as sparks of pain and pleasure radiated inexorably to my pussy. The girl showed potential. She continued making oral love to that breast, then switched to the other, kissing and sucking and biting that nipple, drawing out quiet involuntary moans from deep in my throat, as her hand went to the first breast, caressing my softness and pinching my hardness. Sharper electrical jolts traveled even faster, and more intensely, to the ecstasy building in my hips.

I could feel the wetness in my panties. Beth’s hand snaked down my stomach, and to the elastic of my black panties. Instead of slipping under, though, her fingers skated over the fabric, to trace my pussy lips, as I had done to her, but without the excruciating pleasure of skin to skin contact that I ached for.

“Oh god, Beth, touch me there, you’re teasing me so, touch me! I need to feel you on my pussy!”

Beth ignored me. She was becoming such a delightful tease. Instead, her finger scraped over my cloth covered clit, my hips jerking in response, flashes of color momentarily filling my brain, as I came so close to cumming. The mini orgasms instead were perfect, and a prelude to what Beth would give me, in time. She kept her hand between my legs as she pressed her whole body against mine, and now mounting me, laying on top of me, began kissing me passionately.

There were so many sensations flowing into me! I could feel Beth’s hot, soft lips on mine, roughly osculating on my lips. Her tongue was daintily caressing mine, the saliva dripping from her tongue to mine. Her tongue was roughness, when the top with its taste buds slid against the side and underside of mine, so sensitive and slick. Her breath racing over my cheek from her small, but flared nostrils. The smell of her breath, still minty but acquiring hints of my own body scent.

Her long hair, brushing over my face as she lingered over me, tickling my cheek and neck. The smell of her hair, that sweet fragrance of shampoo and girl-sweat, so erotic and stimulating. The feel of her smooth young skin against mine, warm and moist. Her breasts, her nipples so steel hard pressing into my breasts, and my own hard nipples pressing into her softness. The heat from her vulva, still covered and remote from me, when I now desired to have it pressed into my own vulva, and into my face, and onto my mouth, my consciousness overwhelmed by so many feminine gifts to me at one time.

Her fingers between my legs, passively pressing against my hot and swollen pussy, now searching for the thin edge of my panties at the critical juncture of my Y, slipping under and triumphantly slipping deep inside my slick and willing opening, a cry of pleasure torn from me as I came, and came, again and again and again, endlessly. Beth keeping her mouth and lips to mine, riding my wildly bucking body as her fingers no longer tease, but instead please, ecstasy washing over and through me, an orgasm of a magnitude that I had not expected, but which I gratefully accepted from my wondrous lover, the amazing Beth.

As we lay together, my body damp with my perspiration, and Beth caressing me, her cheek hot and flushed against my own, our breathing now in sync, I heard her chuckle softly.

“What?” I said. At first a croak, then on second try, more clearly, “What?” in a slightly peevish tone. Beth raised her head up, a grin on her face and the most beautiful sparkle in her eye.

“You thought you’d overwhelm me with that magnificent orgasm you gave me, didn’t you? And that I wouldn’t be able to do it back at you! Huh? Huh?” Her smile was marvelous.

And I knew I was falling in love.

“Yes, I admit it,” I said, with a serious expression on my face. “You failed to fall into my love trap, I suppose…” Beth looked at me, unable to tell if I were really wounded, or putting her on, until she heard my giggle and the grin I could not suppress.

“That really WAS quite mind blowing, Beth,” I said quietly, as she rested on me, and looked lovingly into my eyes.

“It sure was,” she said. “Wait, are you talking about MY orgasm, or yours?” At that we both giggled, the 34 year old and the 18 year old, now both of us schoolgirls. I had never felt such a feeling before. Is this LOVE, I wondered. It was too early for all the fears that such thoughts bring to a woman. And we still had the rest of the night.

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