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Cave of Filth

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Megs had desperately sought a woman to dominate her in special ways. She yearned to be controlled and, with that control, to be subjected not only to depraved sexual acts, but be exposed to embarrassment and humiliation. An elegant, stylishly attired businesswoman, her hair always perfectly in place, her nails immaculately done, dressed so very precisely, Megs gave off an aura of almost over concern with the crisp and clean and tidy image of herself she presented to others

But deep down she craved the very opposite – to wallow in filth and degradation, to be transformed into a wantonly dirtied, soiled, defiled version of herself. And this is one thing about Megs that Denise found so alluring, the stark contrast between the outer woman, so elegant and presentable, and the hidden, private, inner woman, obsessed with filthy bodily functions and their shameful revelation.

For this transformation, Denise, her controller, had been well-selected. A committed lesbian, rather than a bisexual like Megs herself, she was younger than Megs. While petite and slender and deceptively feminine, Denise was immensely self-assured, effortlessly controlling. Denise could almost from the start sense, without ever being told, the nature of Megs’s yearnings. They had met a few times already and Megs had been well-used by Denise, well ‘topped’ in the parlance of lesbians keen on dominance and submission and discipline. Memories of those nights, those spectacular sessions roiled Megs’s feverish brain.

And for today, Denise promised more, much more – a descent into deep, deep filth and extraordinary degradation.

To this end, Denise had arranged for Megs to visit her in her apartment and to prepare to spend the entire afternoon and evening there. She was told to bring a fresh set of clothes with her – she’d definitely need those clothes by the time she left – and this instruction not only deeply piqued her interest, but made Megs shudder with dread, apprehension and immense arousal.

Since it was a major holiday, the small apartment building would be empty of its tenants, but for Denise and her guest. Megs asked about the relevance of that. Denise smiled at the other woman knowingly, wickedly.

“We then won’t have to concern ourselves with any special sounds and, especially, any extraordinary smells,” she explained mysteriously.

Megs had been instructed by Denise to make certain that both her bladder and rectum were completely full at the time of arrival, and to achieve this by avoiding urination and defecation for as long as possible before her visit. Though this was the way Megs normally dressed, she was nonetheless told, told rather ominously, to dress smartly, to arrive in her business suit, with a white cotton blouse, white stockings and underwear. She immediately guessed this would not be a session where Denise took her even further down the corridors of lesbian sex, but would be something more bizarre, something more depraved and perverted. For the day prior, she had been immensely excited and aroused, and nervous and fearful at the same time. “What have I let myself in for?” she asked herself, “I suppose she wants to see me piss and shit.” She had once let slip to Denise her fascination with toilet acts and accidents.

On her way to Denise’s, the fullness inside her, in bladder and bowels, was making her both rather desperate for relief and immensely apprehensive about just what Denise had in mind for her. The need to evacuate felt especially extreme now because Denise had instructed Megs to insert a large suppository into her rectum just before she departed her home for Denise’s apartment. Her fingers had trembled when she had reached back to insert the large glycerin bullet into her anus, soon feeling its effects as it melted inside her and mixed with her stool.

When Megs arrived, she saw Denise was dressed in a black sleeveless top and baggy denim jeans – barefoot, no tights, obviously no bra, and, she supposed, no panties either. This was her style, natural and casual. She knew that under those clothes were unshaven armpits and a thick pubic bush.

Denise welcomed Megs with a warm hug, pressing her body hard against Megs’s so Megs was able to feel the lesbian’s erect nipples against her soft breasts, even through the layers of clothing. Then she felt a very large, hard object hidden under her jeans, pressing into Megs’s skirt. This she knew was the immense dildo Denise had already used on her, several times having fucked her with a raw, furious power she would never forget.

“Yes, Ms. Jenkins, I’m already wearing my strap-on. And, by the way, you look really good today; that outfit you’re wearing suits you perfectly, the ‘proper’ business ‘lady’ on the surface, but oh so very, very nasty underneath, craving unspeakable depravities and degradations, craving excruciating humiliations, isn’t that right?”

Megs shuddered hearing this, blushing and nodding, the words a prelude to perversions and ordeals she was sure she’d be made to endure over many long hours.

“Now get undressed down to your undies, Megs,” Denise instructed her, “and, oh, do keep on your blouse but undo the buttons.” Megs did as ordered, a curious mix of respectability and wantonness animating her face and movements.

“Before we start, I really do need to go to the bathroom. And I suppose you want to watch. That’s why you insisted I hold it all in until I arrived, isn’t it?”

“Watch what?” Denise asked mischievously, smiling at Megs’s naiveté.

Megs was so embarrassed, knowing Denise was making her say the difficult words, words which to her were somehow deeply transgressive and obscene.

“Watch as …… I urinate …. and do …. empty my bowels,” she said timidly.

“You mean piss and shit. Say it, Ms. Jenkins.”

Megs felt so humiliated asked to speak those words.

“Watch as I ….. piss and …… shit.”

Again, louder.

“Watch me as I piss and shit!”


“But not in the bathroom, come here.”

Denise led her into the bedroom. The king-size bed was bare except for a fresh clean white cotton sheet, under which she could see the large white plastic waterproof mattress-protector. She knew immediately that she was in for more than a ‘normal’ domme-sub session with her new lesbian Mistress. She was now truly certain now that this was going to be much more bizarre, more depraved, perverted and starkly filthy. Involuntarily, from the fullness and anticipation both, she leaked some urine into the crotch of her panties.

Megs stood there, half undressed, as Denise beckoned her closer.

“Stand straight, and still,” Denise commanded.

Kneeling down, Denise slowly peeled down her white panties and took them off.

“What’s this, Megs? I said fresh, clean ones. These are soiled, look.”

They had been brand new this morning, Megs had been so careful to shower and wipe herself thoroughly before putting on those fresh panties. But there in the crotch was a sticky damp patch, the result of the urinary leaking moments ago.

“I’m sorry Denise. I was so aroused at the thought of what we would do, how you might be using me, today. And I was so, so full that I just leaked a little.”

“Good, Megs. That’s how I like my sluts, so aroused they lose control. Now get up on the bed and kneel. On all fours. Legs apart, wider.”

Megs adopted the humiliating position, one which made her feel so exposed and vulnerable.

Then Denise stripped down, clad in only her strap-on, as Megs could see, looking over her shoulder. The rubber phallus jutted out proud and firm, so immense, it seemed. At least ten inches long, and more than two inches across, Megs guessed. The shaft was veined and warty, and the knob was large and broad, with a slight neck between its base and the main shaft. Megs knew Denise was going to fuck her with it. But just how? Under what conditions? In what state?

“Let’s get you lubed first. Get that ass spread,” Denise ordered. Megs willingly adopted the most degrading position she knew, tucking the fingers of each hand into either side of her ‘split’ and prying her cleft apart, exposing her anal crevice. She well knew that Denise could now see her vividly displayed puckered anus and she went red with shame and embarrassment as she exposed herself so wantonly and lewdly. She worried that when Denise finally began probing that anal cleft with her fingers, her nearly unendurable fullness would give way. She was aware that the moment those fingers of Denise’s penetrated the anal barrier and dug up into the anal passage, Megs just would not be able to control her bowels, to pull back on the massive load contained within her, and Denise would immediately sense the thick, pregnant, fecal mass starting to work its way towards her rear exit, to then slither its way out over her fingers and hands. And that is just what happened as Denise dug in, felt the shit immediately inside the sphincter and went to work making use of it, scooping it up with two fingertips and smearing it all around her anus.

Megs was now fully aware of the ordeal about to follow: she was going to be ass-fucked with that whopper, and with her bowels fully packed, at that! She feared, feared with absolute knowing certainty, that Denise would be doing things that would make a thorough mess of her, a soiled, filthy mess of the lovely new white stockings with the pretty lacy top, her new blouse and bra — all these would be completely ruined. Despite this, or maybe because of it, she could not overcome the depraved craving she felt for the fecal abuse she was sure was imminent.

The very tip of the dildo passed easily through her sphincter and up into her anal passage, slickened by the lubrication of fresh stool just extruded from her rectum, as stuffed as a sausage. At first the movement felt smooth, even if the fullness began to seem even fuller. But then, suddenly, she felt a sharp pain as her anal ring was stretched by the widest part of the dildo, the bottom of that fearsome head with its wide round base.

“Aaarrrgghhhhhhhh…!!!” she yelped. Fortunately the widest part was through her anus and the worst was over. Or was it? The sudden intrusion played instant havoc with her bladder, as the addition of the dildo’s shaft to the already packed rectum placed additional pressure on the urine-bloated bladder and Megs began to release more urine, spurting piss onto the clean white sheets. She tried to clench her muscles, but in vain, the force from within was just too strong. The stream went on and on, jetting the forbidden liquid, the sharp-scented urine onto the pristine bed with its fresh, starched sheets. Denise took in the obscene spectacle, while Megs groaned and wept, wallowing in her deep humiliation, an adult, normally self-controlled woman now urinating uncontrollably, like a helpless toddler.

Denise smiled to herself, a satisfied, almost smug smile as Meg lost control and pissed as Denise pushed in. There Megs knelt, presenting herself to Denise like a bitch in heat, on all fours, on elbows and knees, sticking out that ass of hers, so utterly exposed and vulnerable, an elegant woman suddenly transformed into a female of filth. Denise pulled the dildo out for a moment to have a look at the violated entrance, the puckered anus, already dirtied, sitting there like a greasy brown bud. Megs somehow looked even more lewd and vulnerable and dirtied attired this way — still wearing stockings, the white, open blouse, the white bra underneath — than if she had been stark naked. This state of partial undress only highlighted the utter nakedness and vulnerability of her ass, her lower regions, the sphincter as Denise’s lewd target, as passageway to a cave of filth.

Her anus was dirtied because Denise had already slid fingers inside, immediately feeling the clay-like fullness of an immense fecal mass filling Megs’s rectum. The introduction of her probing fingers triggered an unavoidable defecatory instinct as Megs pushed out, in effect trying to shit as her anus was being plugged and probed. But the dike could not be entirely plugged, shit insistently oozing out around Denise’s fingers. This fecal discharge was certainly not unwelcome. In fact, Denise had immediately thought to make use of it by smearing some around the other woman’s anus and using it as a lubricant. After all, she had an immense 10″ long dildo strapped to herself, more than 2″ thick. This dildo had been destined for Megs’s ass, and to accommodate such a gigantic phallus, her anus needed to be well lubricated. Why not be as natural and economical as possible, and use her own shit, mashed into a greasy brown paste, to lubricate her in preparation for a stunning rectal fuck? And that’s what she had done, now reaching down to scoop up even more with which to coat the massive dildo.

And then, again taking the thick shaft in hand, she pressed the fat tip once more against the obscenely dirty anus and forced it in, inch by thick inch. Megs groaned even more loudly with this intrusion, with this forceful anal invasion, wincing, throwing her head back, flinging it from side to side, biting down on her lower lip, breaking out in a sweat — but bravely enduring this first stage of the stunning rectal assault. Megs’s ass — her filthy, shitty, ass – was getting fucked, fucked by the petite but powerful and relentlessly driven dyke.

As she grabbed hold of Meg’s hips with brown-smudged fingers and thrust forward, Denise knew that inside her rectum a storm was brewing, a shit storm. After all, she was plunging that massive dildo not into an empty rectal cave, but into one densely packed with shit. Megs had guessed Denise would be fucking her ass with the largest of her dildos. Normally she would’ve taken an enema beforehand to flush out that debris inside that fecally clogged space and make room for the phallus. But secretly she craved something more extreme, something more perverse, something much dirtier. And so when Denise told her to make sure not to shit before coming over, she obeyed. Both she and Denise were of like mind, in their feverish minds imagining the dildo forced through a thick fecal barrier, and so when Denise had made a point of telling Megs not to shit for days on end prior to the meeting, Megs was only too happy to comply, however difficult it had been to fight back the many defecatory urges.

The fetid, acrid, stinking wastes had marinated, had cooked and festered in the humid rectal oven for days now, simmering in her cauldron of filth. She could feel it so vividly as the fecal mass grew and expanded, pressing more and more against the walls of her bowels, pressing down into her anal passage and sphincter, so insistent. The need, the urge to shit had become greater and greater, culminating earlier in deep, frank cramps, the pressure inside her rectum and against her anal passage and sphincter so severe now as the dildo only added to the immense mass within her.

And so now as Denise rhythmically thrust the entire length of her dildo into Meg’s fully packed bowels, two things happened. On the one hand she forced some of her shit even deeper inside, well up into her colon. And on the other (and at the other end) shit escaped from her rectum, was extruded, as Denise plowed ahead. After all, a dildo 10 inches thick and more than 2 wide constituted a rather large volume entering Megs’s ass with each thrust. And with her rectum packed with a solid fecal mass, that volume had somehow to be displaced, as… shit! Most would be forced even deeper, packed in even more tightly. But some escaped, oozing out of her anus.

As Denise kept fucking Megs, several more things happened. Inside, the solid fecal mass was being broken up, mashed, severed. And where Denise entered Megs, her anus, that hole of hers was being stretched and dilated, making it even easier for shit to escape. And so Denise now could see that with each outward pull from the depths of Megs’s ass, more and more feces clung to the dildo until that dildo was heavily caked with her shit, soon completely brown. At the same time, thick fecal sludge was being squeezed out of her rectum as toothpaste from a tube and sliding down the inside of her thighs, and down onto the bed.

“Look at you! You are so full of shit,” Denise cackled lewdly as Megs looked over her shoulder and blushed deeply, “you should see it back here. Fucking your shitty ass, Megs, is turning into a messy, stinking — and delicious –- effort, you beautiful, shit-filled bitch! Tell me how much you crave it. How you crave the filth, how you yearn to be fucked… and soiled! Go on, Megs, shit for me! Shit for me as I fuck your filthy, shitty ass, as I ream out your rectum with my massive girl-cock. Tell me you want it, let me hear you say it!”

“Fuck me,” Megs hissed, blushing and shamed and yet bold now, “Fuck my disgustingly filthy ass, Denise! I’m a filthy, stinking whore and I need my shit-clogged rectum reamed and battered! I need to be soiled and dirtied, violated and defiled!”

Denise’s hands were brown and soiled now from handling Megs’s greasy anus and shit. As she dug those hands into her hips while fucking Megs, she left imprints on those hips. Her fucking was furious now as she rammed her massive dildo into the other woman’s filth-packed rectum, her hand moving down, around, all over, soiling Megs’s stockings, her blouse, her white bra, her skin, leaving brown streaks and splotches and smudges everywhere, ‘marking’ Megs excitedly with her own stinking fecal wastes. Even working her shitty fingers through Megs’s hair, clumping the strands with shit. Denise’s rough dyke girl-cock power, the 10 inches of thick dildo pounding furiously into the depths of Megs’s bowels left Megs howling and shaking, sweating and panting and, finally, yet another time losing control of her bladder as she pissed uncontrollably once more, splashing urine over herself, on the bed, even on Denise, the spill and acrid aroma of her urine now added to the mess and earthy stench of her shit.

With each thrust into her bowels, more and more shit spewed out of Megs as she befouled herself utterly, shit as paste, shit as slurry oozing out of her ravaged, profoundly violated asshole.

“Crap for me!” Denise hissed into Megs’s ear as she leaned down while fucking her, “crap for me while I fuck your stinking, cock-loving ass, you filthy shitter. Megs, the befouled, shit-loving shitter, isn’t that right? Crap while I fuck you. Let it out while I force it in.”

Her words made Megs swoon, made her heart skip a beat.

“I’m crapping! I’m crapping!” she howled.

Denise kept it up like this for a while until she momentarily pulled the dildo out of Megs’s ass.

“I know how much you want and need to shit it all out, bitch, but do not shit it out, not yet,” she ordered as she slowly pulled the dildo out of Megs’s ass. The dildo of course was completely caked with shit. Now Denise took that filthy, greasy phallus and smacked her buttocks with it, leaving brown imprints, then rolled the dildo over Meg’s cheeks.

“You love to be soiled and defiled, don’t you, Megs-the-shitter?” Denise asked mockingly.

Megs looked over her shoulder at Denise blushing again, nodding that she did indeed crave to be soiled and defiled.

Then Denise again forced the dildo back inside her ass and kept fucking Megs. There was filth everywhere, stench everywhere, piss and shit, stains and smudges!

“Okay, Megs,” Denise finally said, “now I’m going to pull it out and you can do whatever you want, you can let go.”

And so she pulled her dildo out of Megs’s rectum and only caught a quick glimpse of the obscenely dilated, dirty hole when the volcano suddenly erupted, spewing, blasting, exploding out of her rectum the putrid wastes Denise had loosened and churned with her violent ass fucking. If the stink and stench weren’t enough, now a bounty of acrid brown filth exited Meg’s rectum as shit — nuggets and logs and chunks amidst a thick brown slurry – all blasting out of her filthy bowels as out of a cannon.

Denise didn’t even have time to move back as she was showered with all manner of fecal debris, leaving her spotted and streaked. Somehow that deeply aroused her, to be soiled by the other woman’s wastes, to be befouled by her putrid discharge along with Megs herself. Megs, shaking and writhing as she kept shitting, managed to shit all over herself, all over the bed, an eruption, a literal storm of brown filth cascading as she emptied her bowels in a seemingly endless evacuation of crap, of putrid, rancid, acrid shit!

Of course this utter loss of control was unimaginably humiliating and embarrassing to Megs as she blushed every shade of pink and red.

For a moment she stopped, and everything seemed to quiet. And then the storm resumed, more violent than ever. Her flaring shithole was like the tip of machine gun’s barrel now, a seemingly endless volley of brown bullet-like nuggets shooting out of the filthy spout, Megs shaking, her bottom quivering so that the chunks of shit, small and large, were spewed everywhere, soiling everything in reach of the shit cannon’s discharge, but mainly against Denise, kneeling behind her, right behind the defecating crater. Though serving as a toilet was not normally her role, she knelt there in amazed wonder, watching the spectacular fecal eruption, letting the outpouring of filth spray and shower and splatter her. She felt the little warm, greasy ‘thuds’ as rich brown nuggets of shit bounced against her bare skin, soiling her utterly, her bare body thoroughly stained now, stained and stinking from the endless cascade of Meg’s volley of fecal filth.

Then, again, for a moment the machine-gun volley stopped as her anus dilated and a turd of immense girth emerged. This massive log, lodged deep within Megs, was now obviously taking its turn being evacuated, but the effort proved not so easy, as Megs strained, grunting and pushing, finally shitting it out slowly and with some effort. Denise knew well how intensely and excruciatingly embarrassing and humiliating it must have felt for Megs to be grunting like an animal, straining so nakedly and vividly simply to shit out her wastes, the sounds and smells a spectacular aromatic symphony of shitting; this normally most private of acts now a fecal fantasia unfolding for the two women. Here Megs was, a depraved, a perverse dream finally realized as she was shitting it all out in full view of a woman whose degrading control and yet ultimate respect she so deeply craved. Denise could easily imagine doing all this with Megs a second time, and that time having Megs leave on her white, freshly laundered and immaculately clean silk or cotton white panties. When she finally emptied her bowels that time, she would empty them into her panties, soiling the undies horribly, ruining them, a massive load of shit bulging obscenely in the seat of those panties, the compressed turds and greasy fecal sludge oozing under the elastic.

The monstrously oversized log had obviously been lodging in the depths of her rectum and now finally was emerging. Denise watched with fascination as Megs’s asshole flared and dilated more and more and more, Megs grunting and working to push out the giant log; it was like she was in fecal ‘labor’ and was giving birth to an immense, newborn log of shit. Playfully, wickedly she reached down for the two or three inches of fat, brown solid turd so lewdly sticking out of Meg’s bottom, scooping it up and slapped it down against the clean, white silky fabric of the back of Meg’s shirt, staining, ‘dyeing’ that fabric brown now with thick fecal paste as she mashed and spread and smeared.

And then, finally this time, the fecal volcano quieted as Denise came around on the bed, waving the stinking, shit-caked dildo in Megs’s face. The dildo seemed an inch thicker now with the heavy layer of shit covering it from rubber balls to tip. She smacked her fecal slave’s face with the soiled phallus, leaving marks and smudges on that blushing face of hers. Then Denise lewdly stroked the dildo and wiped her hands off on Megs’s hair, her shirt, her bra, her breasts, between her legs.

“Now you do it,” Denise said as Megs hesitated a moment, then took the filthy shaft in her own hand and stroked it, addicted to her own filth now as she wiped her own dirtied hands on herself and her clothes.

“I’m not finished with that stinking cave of yours,” Denise said with a lewd, knowing smile, “not finished with it at all.”

Denise got behind Megs again, reaching for a tube of lubricating jelly.

“Now that my fucking has opened your hole and you’ve emptied your rectum, it’s time to go exploring and excavating — manually this time, and deep, very, very deep. I know there’s more treasure to be found in the depths of your filthy, humid bowels, bitch!”

Megs felt Denise squeeze out a big, big dab of the jelly into her greasy, dirty hole as slowly she began to slide her fingers inside, slide them in as both inhaled the intoxicating, overpowering aroma of Megs’s wastes, her urine, her feces.

Denise knew that though Megs had shit and emptied much of what was inside her, there was probably as much left in there as came out, her dildo having served as a piledriver which packed so much of the shit deep, deep inside Megs. Her job now would be to go in and retrieve it.

As Denise probed and took in this depraved and yet strangely alluring and sensual scene, one where she was in utter control of the other woman, she imagined another scene, one where the two of them, together, somehow served a third woman, a woman who had mastery over them both. She imagined this scat mistress would keep the two of them both plugged for days on end as the shit accumulated inside them. Over those days, she’d work a special ‘plunger’ into their two rectums deeper and deeper to force the shit higher and to compact it. Eventually their bowels would be so full of impacted shit that they’d need massive warm oil enemas just to loosen the compacted mass enough to eventually rid themselves of it. Then several soapy water enemas to loosen it further so they could finally shit it all out. Their mistress would invite other women to observe the stunningly vivid defecations, the two of them watched and cheered as they took the biggest, messiest, most humiliating shits imaginable! At least it would be humiliating for Megs; for Denise it would be merely a wantonly lewd display of her exhibitionistic excesses. Let them all watch her, watch her at her at her very filthiest! ‘”Watch me shit out all my greasy logs and my stinking enema, enjoy the view, you bitches!” she would hiss at them, like a lewd kitten displaying in a litter box, as Megs cringed in embarrassment. And that would only be the start of it! Perhaps the mistress and her friends would decide to pull down their panties, encircle the two defecators, and piss and shit all over their bodies and on their faces and in their mouths as they themselves kept expelling loudly and lewdly, Denise brazenly, Megs with deep embarrassment but equally deep eagerness and arousal.

But now, as Denise looked down, her fingers digging into Megs’s rectum, she imagined how Megs must be feeling. All Megs could think about was how thoroughly, how very shockingly she was being defiled. She had been given the ass fucking of her life, and it was when her bowels were jam-packed with days of accumulated fecal waste. This recognition for Megs, Denise well knew, must’ve been bone-chilling. And at the same time, seismically exciting.

For Denise it was an extraordinary joy defiling Megs in this fashion, forcefully violating her rectal depths, that deep well of filth when it was most filled. Fucking her ass with a massively thick dildo, fucking it with raw, brutal, vicious power while that ass was so completely, so obscenely packed with shit held a very special thrill for Denise, a woman who always welcomed the most twisted escapades with other women.

And the room? Later, it would take many long hours to clean it, and much in it would have to be discarded and replaced. But now it utterly, utterly reeked of Megs’s shit. The earthy fecal stench was overwhelming. And everywhere one looked there was her shit — sprayed and splattered, wantonly spewed from her rudely violated shithole in an orgy of defecatory explosiveness. The bedsheets, her body, her clothes were all stained and soiled with the filthy brown wastes. In her wanton lust to empty her bowels Megs had even shit all over Denise, some even landing on Denise’s face. Normally Denise might have taken this as an insult, as careless neglect and disrespect of her bodily domain, her physical sanctity. But now, somehow, she found it endearing that Megs had lost control so totally and utterly and wantonly.

In fact, Denise rejoiced in this befouling and besmirching as she swayed lewdly and provocatively, with Megs looking on in stunned amazement as Denise smeared and spread Megs’s greasy, stinking fecal clay all over herself, even tasting the bitter brown discharge. While Denise knew that for Megs all this was so terribly embarrassing and humiliating (and, at the same, time, immensely arousing, nearly addictive), for Denise, one liberated from such strict feelings about propriety and therefore not one to feel easily embarrassed or humiliated, she let the other woman’s shit become simply another instrument of her lewd, wanton, recklessly uninhibited lust, a lust not only for the woman, but for that woman’s expelled bodily wastes as well. Denise well knew how very provocative all this was for Megs, the sight of Denise lustily smearing the greasy brown shit all over herself, so slowly, so tantalizingly, with Megs looking on in awe, Denise even tasting it.

And Both Denise and Megs knew that, later, Megs would be expected to do the cleansing, to drag her tongue over Denise’s befouled naked body, caked and splattered with her shit, and to clean it, to clean it orally and thoroughly. And thereby to restore that lithe, petite body of Denise’s, a body Megs worshiped, to its original pristine state.

Now Megs’s mind pulsed with those intoxicating words of Denise’s – “…I’m not finished with that stinking cave of yours,”

So very true, she knew, as Denise’s hand resumed digging deeper into her rectum.

As Denise dug in and probed deeper, Megs could feel that as much shit as she had already expelled, much more remained deep inside her, tamped and compacted by the hammer action of Denise’s phallus. She was only glad Denise had added some lubricating jelly to the shit before invading with her full hand. Though Denise’s hand was small and graceful, it was still a hand, and a hand entering a rectum was a formidable intrusion. Once inside, that hand felt so different than the dildo had felt, its action more alive and dynamic than the blunt thrust of her rubber cock had been. It felt so strange, and yet so strangely satisfying to feel a human presence deep inside her body, another woman’s hand, Denise’s hand!

Looking down and listening to Megs, Denise well knew that however powerful had been the impression of her dildo relentlessly ripping open Megs’s sphincter and reaming her rectum, it was no match for the far more intimate and extreme invasion afforded by her full hand forced into the depths of the other woman’s humid, stinking colon, her tight but greasy shithole wrapped around her wrist like a helpless rubber band. The dildo had felt sensational to Megs, Denise knew, but now her hand was a different matter, her hand to Megs felt so very, very alive as it violated the sanctity of the other woman’s body, of her very guts!

“Now I’m really going to clean you out,” Denise said, leaning down to hiss in Megs’s ear, “clean out every filthy scrap of it!”

Megs shuddered, hearing this promise. She treasured every twist of Denise’s hand, every probing move of her skilled fingers to work to break up the mass of dense stool. The removal, she knew, would be slowly as each fecal morsel, each handful was carefully extracted through her spectacularly stretched anal ring.

As Denise’s hand entered her rectum she feel the lower part of that rectum was hollow and emptied, the result of the spectacularly dramatic shit that ensued after she had pulled out the dildo. But now, as she delved ever higher and deeper into Megs’s bowels, her fingers dragged chunks and nuggets of shit out of the still filthy cave, pulled it out of her, and smacked bits of the greasy debris against her skin, her face, her hair, all over her already soiled and ruined garments.

And as she did this, Denise would teasingly whisper into Megs’s ear as each was removed, “I’m going to rub this little turd into your hair,” or “I’m going to stuff this chunk into your bra”, or nominate some other destination, some precious and normally pristine part of Meg’s body which she would now violate and befoul yet again.

And yet there was more, much more. As Denise delved even deeper, Megs’s shockingly stretched sphincter now clenching the middle of her forearm, she felt her fingers come up against a solid wall with the consistency of dense clay. This, she know, was the shit driven and packed deepest into Megs by the relentless pounding of the dildo. She now felt the contours of an immense fecal mass compacted into the very depths of her bowels. It seems glued to the walls of her upper rectum, and Denise knew she now needed to extract it. She carefully forced her fingers between the mass and the rectal walls, slowly dislodging it, and opening her hand to clump it in a ball as she scraped it all from the membranous rectal walls. When she had finally pulled out this loaded hand, Megs gasped, she saw stars as she endured the shocking dilation. After all, it wasn’t just that Denise was pulling her hand out of Megs’s ass, she was pulling out her hand while it clutched an immense ball of shit. When she finally got it out, she showed it to Megs, a giant, stinking ball of densely compacted shit the size of an orange. She brought the obscene handful of wastes up to Megs’s nose, the intense aroma of the shit now as intoxicating a scent for these two women as a handful of rose petals would be for others.

And what would be the destiny of all this shit, Megs wondered, certain Denise would not ‘waste’ it. Denise’s lips curled in an evil smile as she instructed Megs to lay on her back and spread her legs wide. Her open thighs were glazed brown with a film of her shit; everywhere there was shit, everywhere. And now there would be more, much more. For Denise now took that big handful of hot greasy shit and smacked it between Megs’s legs, into her pussy, mashing it against her open vulva. Megs, on her back, looked down between her legs to see that her slimy aroused cunt, her pubic mound, had been made into yet another repository for her own fecal wastes.

“It’s time to fuck you again,” Denise sneered, sliding her sleek body between Megs’s open legs like a lithe, lewd cat, dildo still attached, held in her hand. Denise now forced that dildo, so filthy already and about to be filthied again, into Megs’s cunt, now heavily caked with her shit, and resumed fucking her. She had fucked her ass when it was full of shit, and now she was fucking her cunt when it was full, the shit again so very obscenely oozing out of her vagina with each hard, deep thrust.

Looking into each other’s eyes, like two wild tribal women ‘marked’ by some ritual ointment, that ‘ointment’ now being Meg’s voluminous fecal wastes, the two women felt a special bond, a bond of such special closeness, of shared transgression. Their eyes blazed with deep lust and satisfaction as they gazed at one another, intoxicated, mesmerized by this profound journey into the very heart and soul of filthy, obscene transgression.

And after Denise brought Megs to a volcanic, utterly draining orgasm, she finally pulled that dildo out of her, more begrimed than ever with her brown wastes. And now brought that dildo up to her face. She told Megs to open her mouth, and Megs opened it. Then Denise forced that filthy, shit-caked dildo between her open lips as Megs looked up at Denise with stunned but perversely aroused eyes, the blush of pink faintly visible under the brown, soiled cheeks, the deep emotions of love and humiliation, of lust and embarrassment, glowing under the thick layers of grime. And then Megs sucked the dirty dildo clean like the filthy, shit-loving whore who, under the veneer of tidiness and propriety and elegance, she was and always would be, Denise smiling with smug and yet tender satisfaction. And as the hours unfolded there would still me more, much more, as both women well knew. For while Denise stood there, looking down at a kneeling Megs sucking the shit off the fat rubber cock, both turned towards the open door of the bathroom to see there, hanging from a hook, an immense, bloated, 4-liter enema bag, full and ready, heavy with its gallon of warm, soapy water, a menacing black nozzle dangling from the long rubber hose. With the joint effort of both women, Megs’s bowels had finally been emptied. Now, she well knew, they would soon be filled again. And then there was the matter of Denise’s own bowels and what they did and would later contain. And how and where they too would be emptied. But that is a story for another time…


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