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Calendar Girl

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I decided one night that I would get a calendar made of me in different sexy pieces of lingerie for my baby for his birthday. I heard there was a studio near Reading that had a talented photographer who not only could do this type of work with sophisticated style; I also heard he was hot! Thus, I decided one day when I was off of work to give it a shot.

It was late afternoon when I pranced into his studio dressed in a short brown knit, tightly fitted dress with high spiked brown boots, carrying a bag of fine lingerie. I sauntered over toward the desk and waited patiently while the mom with the toddler finished paying her bill for the treasured package she was holding. As she turned to walk out he looked up at me and asked if I needed help. I told him that I wanted to have some intimate shots done of me for a calendar, to give to my boyfriend for his birthday. He had a bit of a smirk on his face, probably imagining that there was a decent chance that I was going to be removing most of my clothes right in front of him, but politely told me that he was about to close for the day, so I should make an appointment and come back at another time.

I immediately pouted and told him, as I lifted my right arm to show him the bag I was carrying, that I already had all of my personal outfits with me, and truly needed to get this done today. He apologized, stating that he wouldn’t be able to help me today, and asked me again if I wanted to make an appointment.

I decided I was going to have to do something to get him to change his mind, so I pretended to be looking at some of his work as I turned around, intending to have him notice my ass in my tight dress. I then bent over so that my short dress rose just enough in the back to show the tops of my stockings. I just knew that he was staring right at my ass, and I figured if I started to scratch my outer thigh with my left hand I could get the dress to rise a little more on the side to show him the strap of the garter. As I made these moves I complimented his work and told him how I wouldn’t want to go to another photographer, but if I had to, I guess I would, yet secretly I knew I wanted him, and only him to do me. I looked at him again with a little pout and pleaded “Please, couldn’t you just stay open a little later tonight for me?”

He looked at his watch, then towards the door, then directly back at my ass. He walked over to the door and locked it, then turned to me and said “OK, follow me.” I followed him into a smaller room where there were cameras on tripods, umbrellas opened, and a little stage in front of a plain blue backdrop. He told me he’d like to get a shot of me from behind in the outfit I was wearing, so I stood there with my legs spread about shoulder width apart, my ass sticking straight out, and my head turned slightly towards him. He snapped a few then told me to get changed into whatever else I brought.

I went into a little changing room and slipped into one of my favorite outfits. I came out dressed in a white corset with tiny pink ribbons tying it shut down the back, and a wider pink silk ribbon crisscrossed down the front. This corset had push-up padding in it so my tits looked full and he couldn’t help but stare at them. The corset was tight making my waist look tiny, and it ended right above my ass cheeks, but it was curved so that it dipped down a bit at my ass crack, and then raised above each cheek enough so that my total ass cheeks were exposed. I had on white garter belt and stockings, and a white thong with a lacy sheer front and a tiny pink bow on the back, right at the top of the ass crack. I kept on my high spiked boots.

He stared at me, and I stole a peek at his pants to see if he was enjoying what he was seeing. He stuttered a little, and then asked me if I had any particular pose in mind. I confessed that I had never modeled anything before, or had my pic taken half dressed, so I asked him to advise me how to proceed. He came over to me and physically escorted me to the stage and instructed me to sit. I liked his confidence and ability to command my attention. As he was starting to tell me how to move my legs and arms, I decided to just open my legs spread eagle and he immediately looked and found that the thong string over my pussy was covering absolutely nothing. He looked at my face and saw that I was smiling, then he looked at my pussy again and grinned back at me.

He bluntly asked me if I was looking for more than a pic, and I responded by moving my hand to my pussy and lightly rubbing my clit. He got on his knees in front of me and said “I suspected you were craving more than a photo shoot…as soon as I looked at you I knew you wanted to be fucked!” I smiled at his keen insight and spread my legs as wide as I could to encourage whatever action he was contemplating. He pulled my thong to the side and bent down to kiss my pussy…I shivered from the thought of having a total fucking stranger eating me…it’s always been a fantasy of mine!

After licking it up and down, and exploring my cunt with his tongue, he stuck a finger in and asked me how I liked that. I was moaning like a whore telling him to finger me harder. He stuck another finger in, then a third, and fucked me with force, just as I had asked. While I was enjoying his zealous attempts to please me, I noticed flashes of light and realized he was snapping pics of his fingers in my slippery little love hole.

As I laid there with my legs totally spread, feeling like a dirty little porn star with him fingering my pussy and snapping pictures, I played with my tits and moaned and enjoyed every minute of this fantasy come true. His fingers were so adept and powerful they had me raising my ass off of the stage, trying to keep them in me. Teasingly, he’d pull them out each time I sounded as if I were about to cum, then he’d ram them back in vigorously. Finally, I couldn’t tolerate this game anymore and I blurted out “NO! Don’t you fucking stop! I need you to keep fingering me!”

He ripped off his belt and dropped his jeans and camera saying “Oh I’m gonna fuck you alright, but not with my fingers! I’m gonna stuff this big hard cock so deep into your pussy you’re going to taste it, you gorgeous little slut!” With that he got on his knees in front of me while both of my legs were straight up in the air and spread wide, and he wrapped his arms around my legs causing them to bend practically over my head, and pressed his cock right up against my eager hole.

I started screaming “YES! YES!! Ram that cock into me hard!” He continued teasing the opening of my cunt, pressing his big hard cock up against it, but not pushing it in. I leaned into him and grabbed his ass cheeks, attempting to pull him into me, but he was much stronger than me, and he successfully resisted my desperate efforts.

He laughed at me and said “Tell me what you want you little whore!”

I said “I want your fucking cock packed inside of me, what do you think I want?”

He snickered again and said “OK you little slutty bitch, you’re gonna be a fucking smart ass, you’re gonna pay!” and he let go of my legs and moved upwards, straddling my chest. He began jerking off while he was right in front of my face, and started to spank my face and foul mouth with his cock. He yelled “Stick out your fucking tongue you little cocksucker”, and I did as instructed. As I parted my lips and stuck out my tongue he grabbed me by my hair and held my head up with one hand, and like a man on a mission, he shoved his cock down my throat with the other. I took it all and felt it hit the back of my throat, and I was so aroused I felt the cum oozing out of my neglected pussy.

After he fucked my throat for a few minutes he asked “Now my little whore, are you ready to be a little sweeter to me?” I nodded yes and he withdrew his massive cock from my mouth.

He asked me what I had to say and I responded by saying “Master, I’m sorry I yelled, but I just love the size of your cock and want nothing more than for you to ram it into my cunt repeatedly, until I burst with cum running all over”.

He smiled as he retreated from my face and grabbed both of my legs, pushing them back up against me so that I again looked like I was folded in half. I immediately felt his big hard prick revisit the opening of my pussy, and I politely whimpered “Yes, please screw me Master!” He rammed it in and I screamed with such fucking satisfaction I startled him. He rammed it again and again until I was losing all control, then he suddenly pulled it out.

Again I cried and begged him to finish me…”Let me CUM!” I couldn’t believe it…twice now I was seconds from cumming and he prevented me from experiencing the climax I desired and required each time. I cried “Finish me! Please finish fucking my pussy!”

Instead, he rolled me over so that I was face down and said “OK bitch, I’m going to finish you now, and you’re going to love it!” He then stuck his hands under my hips and lifted me so that I was now on my elbows and knees with my ass in the air. My pussy was so fucking slimy and I was so ready to cum that I was wild with impatience. Just as I was expecting him to ram his big cock back into my pussy, I all of a sudden felt something I never felt before…it felt like a tube of something wet slide into my ass and fill me.

Next, he removed the tip of the lube tube and very cautiously slid his finger into my ass. It felt so fucking goooood! Again I saw flashes and knew he was getting some very “intimate” pics of me. I spread my legs further, performing for my new master and his camera, and he said “Oh yeah, all little whores like a good old fashioned ass fucking don’t they?” I timidly admitted I was a virgin in this area, but urged him to continue. He said my virginity was not a problem, he’d be gentle!

As I knelt there on my knees with my ass up in the air, with his finger poking in and out of my ass, I felt shivers and tingles travel throughout my total body, and I thought I died and went to heaven. Soon he pulled his finger out of my ass and rammed his cock back into my pussy. He explained “Let me grease up my fuck stick so I can slide it into your tight little ass” and I waited with lustful anticipation.

Within seconds I felt his cock at the opening of my greased up ass. I was a little nervous but he caressed my ass cheeks softly and told me to relax. As he entered me I felt how large his cock really was, and I stopped breathing. He cautioned me against being nervous and explained that I had to loosen up and push out a little. Although it made no sense, I obeyed. Within a few minutes he had eased his big cock more than half way into my ass, and I was feeling so fucking submissive and fulfilled that I wondered why I never did this before. Vigilantly he started to pull out, then push back in, then pull out again, gaining more ground each time. Soon, my ass had relaxed enough that it not only allowed his cock to thrust in and out, it begged to be fucked.

The more he fucked my ass, the rougher he got, and the rougher he got, the more I wanted to play with my clit. As I rubbed my own juices all over my lips and clit, I felt like I had never felt before. Almost in no time at all my whole body was jerking in pure untainted orgasms, and he held onto my hips tightly while continuing to fuck me brutally!

He said “Oh yes baby…every fucking wave of your orgasm makes your tight ass muscles squeeze my prick like you’re milking me! You feel so fucking good!” I had the longest hardest fucking orgasm I ever had, and he shot his whole fucking load right up my ass!

I collapsed onto the stage and laid there with my heart pounding rapidly and in a lustful whisper I admitted that I had never experienced such intensely powerful orgasms before. He leaned forward and reached for his camera, and as the lights flashed he said “Instead of a calendar, I’m taking pics of my cock in your ass and we’ll make it into an instruction manual for your boyfriend.”

I grinned with approval and said “Why didn’t I think of that?”

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