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Cajun Voodoo

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I got good grades in Classical High School, Providence, Rhode Island not because I was endowed with great brains, but because I studied hard. Basically all I did was study and play a little High School football, but to say I was the best back-up running back for Classical wasn’t saying much. I wanted to date but that didn’t go far since I was tagged “Mikey the Geek boy”.

After I graduated from Cornell with a degree in managerial accounting I didn’t find the job of my dreams, which is the real reason I continued for two years to get my MBA. So far my very limited life existed primarily in books no further than northeastern United States.

I longed for change, definitely not stuck in a cubicle in some big company’s office tower. So I jumped at the chance when Miss Madeleine Jolicoeur interviewed me in Ithaca, New York and asked me to add business systems to her very successful Cajun clothing and food business Louisiana.

The Louisiana House of Cajun was started by Miss Madeleine’s grandmother 63 years ago as a very small shop and sold primarily in their small town. Miss Madeleine took over from her mother seven years ago and developed a mail order catalogue, began to sell on the Internet and the business in the tiny store expanded exponentially selling globally.

She had kept the small storefront for the local walk-ins, but the back was now a large office area with 20 women working behind desks.

The office manager, an incredibly sexy woman named Jeanine, initially greeted me. She was the stereotypical tall blond, hair cascading over naked shoulders into a very ample cleavage. Jeanine had a beautiful face, big blue eyes and painted red lips.

My eyes were out of my control as they took in her displayed figure. She had on a painted-on yellow dress that accentuated her round DD’s, tight belly and it stopped just past her round hips showing long legs that reached all the way to the floor.

I was in a state of stunned lust. I wasn’t quite a virgin, but close and I’d never encountered anyone remotely as sexy as Jeanine.

I suspect some part of Jeanine enjoyed the stunned effect her sexuality had on me, but I also suspect my coke bottle bottom glasses and not so well-chiseled bod caused her to look at me with some disdain.

Jeanine unceremoniously walked me back to Miss Madeleine’s rather large office. Miss Madeleine greeted me with a warm business attitude, very strong handshake.

Where Jeanine flaunted her sexuality, Miss Madeleine understated hers. Black hair up in a tight bun a face more beautiful than Jeanine’s with no makeup, very full lips open in a genuine friendly smile. No clue on her figure. While Jeanine had flaunted her curves, Miss Madeleine hid body under a loose fitting Cajun Kimono (or whatever it is called).

Miss Madeleine was a sales genius but her business had few controls. Bills too often lost & unpaid. Inventory way overstocked on some items and regularly out of stock on many others. Which is why she brought me in to instill some semblance of order.

The eighty-hour weeks went by quickly, I found the work challenging but enjoyable. Miss Madeleine gave me free reign to install accounting systems in the office and organize the huge stacks of inventory in the shipping area and warehouses.

I know, I know. Boring, where’s the beef? On to the meat of the story. On the day my life completely changed I was surveying the floor space of a remote warehouse amid tall stacks of ladies clothing. If I hadn’t been so engrossed in the paperwork in my hands and thoughts of how to better utilize the warehouse space, I might have heard the telltale sounds coming from the back of the warehouse and less shocked by the sight that slammed me in the face as I came around several particularly tall stacks of boxes.

Standing naked with his hands on his hips was Rene’, one of the dockworkers. He was a good looking guy, almost six feet tall with a great body. Strong pecs, ripped abs, well muscled legs, tight ass and the biggest cock I’d ever seen, probably 8″ long, glistening with the saliva of the fabulous Jeanine. As stunned as I was the first time I saw Jeanine, now I was shocked as rigid as a statue staring at the spectacle of my sexy Jeanine naked, deep-throating Rene’s 8″ cock. Her big boobs swayed rhythmically as Rene obscenely stretched her mouth and throat. The sight of these two sexy bodies lost in lust in front of me was too much.

I have no idea how long I stood there frozen taking in the sexy spectacle, but everything came to a screeching halt when I leaned against the stack of boxes next to me and they came toppling down on top of me . Rene’ apparently withdrew his dick because Jeanine let out a loud scream of surprise.

After I removed myself from under the pile of boxes, Jeanine’s look of fear changed to disgust. Jeanine turned to Rene’ and said “It’s only Mikey, the perv’s been watching us. Show him what a real man does. Fuck me!”

Rene’ considered me only for a moment, laughed at me and blurted, “Get lost geek-boy, show’s over.” Then he turned to Jeanine who had flipped over and placed her long legs over Rene’s shoulders showing off her beautiful round ass and pink pussy.

Rene’ pushed his 8″ dick all the way into Jeanine’s blond cunt with one hard thrust. She gasped and completely forgot I was there.

I stood frozen for a little longer, staring at the hot bodies fucking.

Nausea came over me as I felt dismissed, irrelevant. “Mikey”, the perv? Geek-boy again? Ugh! As nerdish as I felt in High School this was far worse. I sensed that my cock, which had swollen to its full, mighty 5 ½ inches only moments ago had now retreated to its lonely, embarrassed cave well hidden below my office workers potbelly.

I stumbled back to Miss Madeleine’s office planning to tell her I was nauseous and needed to take the day off.

Her large office was a comfortable mix of modern business, deeply carpeted & walnut paneled, and a mystical Cajun I didn’t understand. The warm smile I expected to greet me wasn’t there. Instead, Miss Madeleine’s head was buried in her hands, she was apparently crying.

Not knowing what else to do, I went around her big desk and gently massaged her shoulders. I believe several minutes went by before she realized I was there, raising her head smiling her appreciation towards me.

Even with tears streaking down her face, she was very beautiful, strikingly so. I wondered for the first time how old she was, couldn’t tell. Perhaps 30. Ish.

Definitely not that dumb to ask.

She silently rose and went to a dark cabinet on the wall. The office was fairly dark, light only exactly where needed. Very heavy curtains covered the large window.

From the cabinet she extracted two glasses and half filled them with a thick yellow liquid. She handed me one glass as she crossed the office and reclined on a very thick, heavy leather couch, smiled at me and patted the seat next to her in invitation.

Several minutes of staring into the yellow drink before Miss Madeleine looked up at me.

“I regret you finding me this way. I was feeling sorry for myself due to the curse I have.”

” I suspect folks from your part of the country don’t believe in magic, but here it is quite strong, especially in some people. People, like me.” I guessed she was considering how much of her story she should tell this newcomer as she was quiet for several minutes more. I quietly sipped the sweet yellow beverage, the smooth burning in my throat warmed and calmed me down.

Her throaty, sensually hypnotic voice helped draw me into her deep, dark eyes.

“When I reached puberty, my mother told me of the family magic and she suspected it would be strong in me. At the time, I was not completely sure what she was talking about.

As a child I was a tomboy, always playing with the boys, trying to run the fastest, climb a tree or swim the fastest, and I usually did.

When I became a woman my body developed quickly, my waist narrowed, partly from hard playing, my hips expanded & my breasts grew full and heavy. The boys looked at me very differently.

When I turned 16 one of the boys made love to me and the curse began. As my mother explained, from then on my breasts would fill with the most magical milk and would flow continuously.”

I was transfixed by the deep, rich voice of this sensuous woman. But the small part of my intellect that could still function looked at her story of magic and said “Huh? What’re you drinking lady?” Still not too dumb to express my doubts.

After several moments of silence, I noticed I was holding an empty glass. At that time the look on Miss Madeleine’s beautiful yet troubles face changed, almost imperceptively.

“I sense you doubt my story of magic.”

She sat quietly for another moment considering me before pulling down her top showing me her large breasts held captive in a nursing bra. Smugly smiling at me, looking deep into my eyes, probably to read the upcoming reaction, Miss Madeleine deftly removed the heavy restraint to display two magnificent, fully engorged breasts. Her large, dark nipples obviously dripping milk.

My head was spinning, I’m sure in part from the drink, whatever it was, but also from watching the fuck session of the sexy Jeanine only moments ago and now my sensuous boss displaying her milk filled bosom. I must be dreaming.

“I’ve found not all men like large breasts and even more are disgusted by the sight of a full breast flowing with milk. This is part of the curse that saddens me.”

A full, sultry smile crossed her face as she stared openly at my crotch and said, “I can see from the bulge in your pants that the sight of my milky bosom does not disgust you. Come, drink the magical milk from my full breast, they are uncomfortable and you will give me relief.”

I was in such a stunned state I didn’t comprehend what Miss Madeleine was saying at first. It wasn’t until I felt her warm, firm hand pulling me towards her that I woke up and flew to her bosom, kneeling on the thick carpet, holding one heavy full breast with both hands, taking the large dark nipple into my mouth.

The moment I began to suck on her long tit, my mouth filled with her thick, warm milk. My body was overwhelmed with sensations. The full heaviness of her breast, the silky softness of her skin, the throbbing hardness of my cock, her musky scent, the contented mewing deep in Miss Madeleine’s chest. Overwhelmed.

As I massaged one full breast with both hands and sucked on her elongated tit, Miss Madeleine began to talk to me again, this time her voice became deeper, more husky. “Your mouth on my full breast feels wonderful, suck hard, drink deeply of my milk.” At that point I was so turned on I couldn’t have stopped if she told me to.

“Rene’ was not always the man you see today. He was one of my lovers. After drinking my milk his body grew, not just his muscles but his penis too. He, and my other lovers liked the change at first but grew very scared of my magic, were afraid of how much they would change. He, they, left me.

I am cursed to be alone unless I find my real man.”

What the hell she was talking about I had no idea & at the time couldn’t have cared less. As I moved over to her other engorged boob I was well aware of feeling drunk, lightheaded, head spinning, my entire body was on fire not just my cock.

My entire previous sexual experience was one night in college with a girl on the gymnastics team. What she was doing with Mikey the geek-boy was a mystery, I always guessed she lost a bet. That night I definitely did not feel like this. I was so hot I felt like superman.

When I finished sucking on Miss Madeleine’s second breast, she looked deep into my eyes and commanded “Put your man meat into me now!” Being a good employee, I did as told.

Grabbing hold of my dick to put it into her pussy, it somehow felt different in my hand, a feel I’d definitely knew many times. Somehow it felt bigger, but then as I said I felt drunk so who’s to tell?

I felt like King Kong to myself so I pushed my cock with all I had into her wet cunt. One mighty thrust and I was balls to the wall in. She smiled wantonly and merely said “Again!”

I closed her legs & put mine around hers to tighten her love canal and thrust into her again & again. Miss Madeleine apparently liked to talk during sex as she kept encouraging me “That’s it push your hard dick into my love tunnel, give me all of your manhood.” After several minutes of this I realized that she had long nails as she dug them into my gyrating ass at the same time bit down on one of my nipples.

That’s when my cock exploded for the first time for what would be many times. She laughed out “That’s it shoot your man milk into my hungry pussy. I love the explosion of your manhood.”

She then showed incredible muscle control in her pussy. When I pushed my dick into her pussy, it was relaxed, but when I pulled it out her pussy muscles clamped down on my dick like a tight fist. She was definitely milking my cock, she wanted it in not out.

I couldn’t believe how much & how long I came & came. Boy this sex thing is really great!

Miss Madeleine rolled me onto my back on the floor and massaged my balls with one hand “Did you hear what I said about the strong magic in my milk?”


I’d never had someone play with my balls before, I guessed this was not the first time she done it. She was quite good. My head was still spinning. My entire body was hot, over heated. I half wondered if I had a fever. Didn’t care.

“You are not afraid of the change my milk will cause in you?”


Not only was my linguistic ability gone, most of my intellect wasn’t functioning either.

She gave me a huge smile with her full lips, displaying beautiful, perfect teeth. Miss Madeleine slid down my body, dragging her heavy breasts along the way, leaving a wet trail of milk across my chest, abdomen to my thighs. Her dark eyes sparkled as her smile broadened and she swallowed my cock in one gulp.

I could feel the head of my cock enter the tightness of her throat as her tongue caressed the underside of my dick. She sucked hard, very hard. I almost passed out.

As Miss Madeleine’s head bobbed up and down, her mouth and throat muscles gave my cock a ruthless massage. Finally she shoved one finger, moistened with my cum, up my ass in a single thrust. My eyes bulged and my entire body convulsed. I heard and my cock felt her chuckle at my reaction.

It didn’t take long for me to start to cum again. With one hand squeezing my balls and the other digging into my ass I erupted a second time greater than the first. I don’t believe she missed a drop as all of my cum went deep into her throat.

When I finished cumming she climbed back up to me, dragging her heavy breasts along the way, again leaving a very wet milky trail. Licking her lips with a wanton smile across her beautiful face she said, “Your man milk is delicious. I’ll want more later. Much more. Now my breasts are full again. Suck the milk from my breasts. This time suck harder!”

She rolled over onto her back on the thick carpet. Her breasts were so full they seemed to have grown. They were so firm they stood straight up, the tits looking like giant antennae reaching for the heavens. Milk visibly bubbling out of her boobs over her sexy body onto the carpet.

In spite of having cum twice my body still felt swollen with fever, my head spinning with lust. I grabbed one swollen boob with two hands that felt strangely strong. I gave a squeeze for all I was worth, she responded by bucking up to meet me, her eyes opened wide and she squealed with delight. I was rewarded with a hard stream of hot milk squirting into my open mouth. I drank hungrily. I sucked hard.

“That’s it squeeze my boob hard, harder. Suck my boob as hard as you can. I LOVE IT!” She growled huskily, almost yelling, digging her nails into the back of my head, and pulling my face into her full breast.

Some distant part of my conscious brain realized that not only was my cock rock hard again, perhaps harder than before, but Miss Madeleine had not come close to cumming yet. I was going to have to change that. Later. Right now she wasn’t about to let me go until I finished sucking on her big boobs. Again.

I don’t know where all that milk was going but my body was on fire and I couldn’t seem to get enough. When I finished draining her boobs, Miss Madeleine rolled me over again. No question who was in control. I wasn’t complaining. I think I was still on the clock.

When she had me on my back she grabbed my dick with two hands. A dick I didn’t quite recognize, it seemed bigger, perhaps swollen from all the exercise it was getting.

Her beautiful dark eyes lit up lustfully, “My magic is strong in you. My magic is working in you.”

Huh? What? Sure.

It did look and feel bigger.


She positioned her pussy directly over my cock and dropped down suddenly, swallowing my entire meat in one motion. I almost passed out. She was apparently a deep knee champion. Lifting off my cock, dropping down swallowing it, again and again. Gyrating her hips, tightening her fantastic cunt muscles.

Madeleine stared deep into my eyes, laughing lustfully. She was a sex machine. Her strong pussy muscles sucking the cum out of my dick. And out of my cock it came. Deep into her hungry vagina I shot load after load. I couldn’t believe my own stamina.

When she climbed off me, obviously quite pleased with herself, I realized she still had not climaxed! I was a little scared but still super aroused. My body hot and throbbing from head to toe.

We continued fucking for an impossibly long time, positions I hadn’t imagined were humanly possible, penetrating different orifices, swapping much body fluid.

I had no awareness or concern for time. Who knew how many hours we’d been fucking, who cared? It didn’t occur to me to question how was I able to keep fucking and cumming like this.

Eventually we did collapse into a deep sleep in each other’s arms. I awoke a different person, exceptionally well rested. Yet if I didn’t know better I’d have thought I’d come in contact with something radioactive, my body was tingling, almost humming all over. I felt bigger, stronger somehow.

What woke me was the sucking on my dick.

Gazing down my body to see a laughing set of dark eyes looking at me while a beautiful mouth bobbed up and down devouring my cock. My LONG cock.

Madeleine got up with one athletic jump, pulling me up by my new BIG dick. “Come into the bathroom. It’s time to wash your new beautiful body. You stink!”

She laughed lightheartedly at her own joke, but pulled quite seriously with two hands firmly on my “new” big dick into the bathroom adjoining her office.

My head was still groggy, spinning, perhaps from all the sex, but when I looked into the floor-to-ceiling mirror, I could see something was very wrong, or perhaps very RIGHT! Definitely changed!

The soft, potbellied body I had brought into the office yesterday afternoon was gone. The guy I was looking at was very well muscled, small waist, nice chest, and a dick at least 8″, perhaps 9″.

I was very confused. Great dream probably.

We thoroughly washed, kissed, bit, and scratched every inch of each other’s bodies. Madeleine’s body had changed also during this night of wild sex. Her boobs had grown possibly from a DD to a very full, heavy EE and her waist seemed smaller, tighter. The only nutrients we had overnight were my sperm and lots of her milk. Wild!

I had originally entered Madeleine’s office about noon on Thursday and we continued our surreal mating until Sunday morning. I know this because we laughed at the sun rising through her eastern facing window, looked at the digital calendar/clock on her desk and decided it was time for a break.

I had difficulty getting back into my clothes. The waist of my pants was several inches too big but the legs were snug around my thighs and especially where my cock was lying. Forget the shirt. I couldn’t get it over my shoulders, they had obviously filled out with muscle, as had my chest. Fortunately, Madeleine had a Cajun shirt that fit loosely.

I went home and slept like a dead man for 23 hours.

When I awoke, my body was still on fire, tingling, almost humming like something radioactive. A little voice far in the back of my head was alarmed, but I loved what was happening too much to care.

Apparently the rest allowed my body to respond to Madeleine’s milk even faster. Checking out my measuring tape, my cock was over 12″ now. Looking in the mirror the guy looking back could have passed for Arnold S.


I put back on Madeleine’s Cajun shirt, though it wasn’t as loosely fitting as it was only 24 hours ago so I only buttoned the first couple of buttons up to my abs. The slacks I put on now looked like spandex, they were so tight fully displaying my 12inch cock snaking down my thigh.

As I entered the offices, Jeanine was on me like a dog on fresh meat. She wore a painted-on hot pink number designed to clearly show her hard nipples and even her belly button.

Her blue eyes bulged with lust and her hands quickly were all over my chest, abs & shoulders. “WOW!! Miss Madeleine’s magic really worked in you didn’t it?” she said.

A week ago I would’ve been cumming in my shorts with all this attention by this sexy broad. Now it was like noticing a fly on my bologna sandwich.

Several other women in the office stood up gasping, open-mouthed staring.

“Oh my God! Is that thing real?” Jeanine said breathlessly, first running her tiny hands then her long red nails up and down the full length of my semi-soft 12 inch meat.

The commotion brought Madeleine out of her private office. She looked incredible. She had on a loose fitting kimono type thing cinched at her tiny waist opened at the top displaying her full cleavage. For the first time I got to see her long, thick jet-black hair loosely framing her beautiful face. Her very serious face.

Hands on her hips, exposed chest heaving with lust, dark eyes staring at me, even from across the room I could tell this woman was in big time heat.

Unceremoniously dismissing Jeanine with the back of my hand, I walked deliberately to my lover, drinking in the sight of the sexiest woman imaginable.

Her tongue was out of her mouth before I reached her and was snaking into my mouth hungrily. Long nails drew blood down my back and deep into my tight ass cheeks. She bit my ear and hissed “Fuck me now, I need your meat deep inside me!”

She pulled me into the office with both hands hard on my dick. Clothes disappeared as mouths and hands were everywhere. She’d quickly gotten me on my back, both hands feverishly stroking my huge dick.

“YES! This is the Man Meat I need!! It is HUGE and so beautiful!” I’m certain she would’ve said more but she was too eager to impale her mouth on my enormous dick.

Madeleine was able to get about 8″ of cock down her throat and she stroked the remaining 4″ with one hand playing with my swollen balls with her other hand. I was in Heaven.

I don’t think this lasted more than a few minutes before Madeleine jumped up, again squatting over my stiff rod. Madeleine’s beautiful face was contorted in lust. I could see her pussy was so wet it was dripping, drooling on my cock.

Suddenly Madeleine let her leg muscles go, all of her body weight dropping down on my cock. She took all 12 inches in one hard thrust. Her shriek was animalistic. Her entire body was finally shuddering in climax. Milk was shooting straight out from both of her full, swollen boobs like firehouses.

Madeleine didn’t move on my cock for at several minutes, until her magnificent body stopped shuddering. Then with her dark eyes open wide staring at me, her mouth opened wide, soundless, she slowly began lifting and dropping herself onto my swollen meat. Her pussy was so tight it was excruciating ecstasy.

Madeleine lowered one fully engorged boob to my mouth and I sucked hard, hungrily devouring her hot magic liquid, obeying the unspoken command.

It didn’t take long before her cunt grinding on my meat caused my swollen log to erupt in a cataclysmic orgasm. My burning cum poured into her demanding pussy, Madeleine’s ear piercing scream was more animal than human. She had climaxed again. The orgasm seemed to last forever.

We did come back to earth somewhat but Madeleine continued riding my still swollen cock, her pussy not willing to let my huge dick go.

I was somewhat aware of the office door opening and two figures entering. Rene’ and Jeanine quickly disposed of their clothes.

Last week Rene’s body looked fantastic. Now he looked small next to my swollen muscles and 12 inch dick. Jeanine’s beautiful body was always on full display but her body also was wanting next to my beautiful Madeleine’s womanly curves.

Madeleine suddenly gasped and I felt additional pressure along the length of my cock. I realized Rene’ had taken the opportunity to shove his 8 inch rod up Madeleine’s exposed ass. The additional pressure on my meat was electric and Madeleine obviously liked the double penetration, her boobs started shooting hot milk at me again.

Jeanine needed to join the spectacle so she thrust her wet pussy on my available mouth. I could hear her babbling “OhMyGod,OhMyGod,OhMyGod!!” She hadn’t expected my tongue to also have grown obscenely. My 6″ snake was giving her cunt a router job like she’d never experienced before.

Dare I say we all climaxed. Thunderously.

Spent. We lay on the carpet panting. Sexy bodies glowing with swet, gasping for air.

My Madeleine was the first to regain composure.

Calmly sitting on the plush carpet, the nails of one hand digging into Rene’s testicles and the long nails of her other hand firmly digging into Jeanine’s jugular, Madeleine simply said “That was lovely darlings, but touch my man again and I will feed you to my dogs.”

We believed her.

I moved into Madeleine’s home. The business thrived. My body continued to grow for about a week then settled down when my cock reached 14 inches.

10 months later we had baby Madeleine. When she was weaned, Madeleine’s wonderful breasts, although still a firm & full FF, stopped filling with milk.


Life is good!

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