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Bust My Bottom!

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I picked up this slut at a dyke bar I like, a notorious pick-up joint for horny lesbians looking to take a walk on the wild side. She was a college student from the State U. campus and was down there looking for some action. I took her home with me and we spent a torrid, sweaty two hours going at each other until we collapsed, our pussies raw, our bodies worn and sweaty. We’d just taken a shower and were lying around, naked, sharing a bottle of wine.

I couldn’t stop staring at Karen. Nineteen and, as my big brother would say, a hot little piece of ass. She was a sleek, sexy, smooth-skinned beauty, her body perfectly proportioned and gorgeously shaped, with full breasts, a pinched waist and perfect hips. Plus she had the prettiest face, with these big, dazzling green eyes. And the tightest, most perfect ass you’ve ever seen. And that bottom of hers wasn’t just gorgeous, it was hot! I had noticed she seemed to get even more excited when I licked her ass than when I went down on her pussy. And the way she tongued mine! Like a hungry kid going at an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Then, when I slid a finger up her asshole as I licked and sucked her clit, she just about flipped. The orgasm she had when I did that could’ve woken the dead.

“You got yourself a pretty responsive little ass,” I said to her, running my hand down her back, over her buttocks, edging into the crack, then grazing my fingers over the rubbery ridge of her anus. She closed her eyes and sighed, her body quivering.

“You noticed, huh?” she said with a sweet little giggle.

“I’ll say,” I said, idly fondling her back there again as she began to groan.

“How’d that ass of yours get to be so hot?” I asked.

“You really want to hear?”

“Sure,” I said, “tell me.”

“I’m pretty young, nineteen. I won’t be twenty for a couple more months. And until a little more than a year ago I had no experience with anal sex whatsoever. To tell you the truth, I didn’t have that much sexual experience of any sort since I was sort of a late bloomer, having gone to this strict girl’s boarding school and stuff.

“It all started when I had to go to the hospital for some surgery. I’d been a gymnast for years, and as a freshman I joined the women’s gymnastics squad here on campus. A couple of months after I’d started school — I’d just turned eighteen at the time — I did this careless maneuver and really damaged my knee. It was pretty bad and my orthopedist told me I’d have to have surgery on it.

“Now I’m already in the hospital and I’m supposed to have surgery that afternoon. I’d never been operated on before and so I was sort of nervous. Then this nurse comes in. So far the nurses sort of scared me. They tended to be very stern and stuff, like my mom. But this nurse was young and pretty and had a real sweet smile and an easy manner. She tried to comfort me, saying how the surgery I was going to have was absolutely routine and no big deal, not to worry about anything. But then she told me she’d have to give me an enema, which was standard before surgery. I’d already been told that would be part of the prep for surgery and sort of dreaded it. I’d never been given one before and the thought of having a stranger turn me over and stick something up my butt and then fill me up with a solution and everything kind of freaked me out. I mean people are supposed to dread that kind of thing. But this nurse put me at ease right away.

“She asked me to lay on my side and flex my legs. Then she lifted up my gown so my bottom was exposed. She smiled when she saw me blushing a little, telling me not to worry, that everything would be alright and she’d try to make it as comfortable for me as possible. Of course one thing that made it easier was that I was a dyke so I probably had less of a problem with a woman delving into my most private parts than a straight woman might’ve had.

“I watched her fill up the enema bag and hang it from a hook. I’d never even seen one before. My eye followed the hose down to the nozzle, which I knew was about to be inserted into my rectum. Except for a thermometer I’d never had anything inserted inside me back there before. I thought I’d be real scared and nervous. But, strangely, I wasn’t. This nurse was true to her word, putting me completely at ease.

“She pulled a rubber glove out of a dispenser, then put it aside, saying that for a pretty young thing like myself she didn’t really have to use a rubber glove. I thought that was a little strange, but by now this cute nurse was beginning to turn me on. Next she squeezed out some lubricating jelly right onto my anus. It felt cold and I told her so. She said she’d warm it up right away, and she did, rubbing the jelly all around my anus. No one had ever touched me back there like that and from the first contact between her fingertip and my anal membranes I knew I had just been introduced to something absolutely wonderful! Suddenly I had forgotten all about my imminent surgery. All I was thinking about was what this sexy nurse was doing to my bottom.

“After working the jelly around the entrance, she slid a finger inside. I can’t tell you how good that felt. Immediately I could sense that I was as sensitive back there, in that other hole, as I was in my pussy. Maybe even more so. She saw how I wasn’t complaining so she worked her finger in nice and deep. I couldn’t help groaning and that let her know right away how much I was enjoying her anal probe. She took her time fingering my asshole. I mean all she really needed to do to get me ready for the nozzle was just to rub some jelly around in there. But she was doing more than that, much more, and though she didn’t say a word about it, we both knew this went well beyond merely preparing me for a pre-op enema.

“Finally she pulled her finger out and wiped the jelly off on a tissue. Then she picked up the nozzle and brought it down there, telling me that was going to feel good too. And it did. Her finger of course was warmer and thicker, and it was alive, part of her, but the nozzle felt nice. By this point I’d let this nurse do anything to my ass she wanted! With the nozzle securely inside my anus, she said she was now going to release the clamp, letting the enema flow inside me. The nurse said it would feel strange at first, but to try to enjoy it. She told me some people actually looked forward to taking an enema, she among them. There was something about the warmth and the fullness that could be quite pleasant, apart from the health claims made for this procedure. Yes, there would be cramps, and she asked me to tell her when I started feeling them. She would help ease them, and let me get accustomed to the new sensations.

“Suddenly I felt that very new sensation as the enema began to fill and bloat my rectum. The fullness felt marvelous. Of course I knew about anal sex. I’d even seen videos where people were doing it. And now I realized why, from the point of view of the recipient at least, it could be seen to be so enjoyable.

“I started to feel cramps and told her so. She gently soothed my bloated stomach and that immediately relieved the cramps. I looked down at her hand rubbing my belly. As you can see I’m pretty thin and don’t have much of a stomach. But with that big enema filling me up, staring down at myself I looked like I was a little pregnant or something, and that was because my innards were so full. The nozzle inside my anus, the fullness inside, this soothing, sexy nurse tending to me and my bottom like this, all that combined to instantly make me fixate on what it felt to have that tight barrier of my anal sphincter violated.

“And that’s how this new fetish began to look to me. It was all about that anal barrier of mine being opened up, my ass penetrated and probed and filled!

“Soon the enema was over and I relieved myself. The nurse left and that afternoon I had surgery. It went well but I had to spend a couple more days in the hospital. I saw the nurse again, but unfortunately there was no more enema to give me, no more reason for her to probe my bottom.

“Then one day she came in with a sassy smile on her face. She’d just seen me a little earlier to bring me pills so I knew I wasn’t due to be visited by her. This time I noticed her lock the door behind her. My leg was up in traction and so I just lay there as she lifted my gown. Now I watched as she again squeezed a little lubricating jelly onto her finger. Then she slid the jellied finger between my buttocks and slid it up my ass again. ‘This is just for the fun of it,’ she said. Soon she asked me if I’d perhaps like her to add a second finger. I told her I sure would! By this time I would’ve been happy to let her shove anything up my ass she wished. And so now, as she fingered my ass sensually with two stiff fingers, she lowered her face between my legs and started to eat my pussy. With her marvelous tongue skillfully stimulating my clit and her fingers digging deep into my rectum I experienced one of the strongest orgasms I’d ever had.

“Unfortunately the next day I was due to be dismissed from the hospital and that was the last I saw of the nurse. But she had opened something up for me, opened up my bottom! From that moment I began to have a serious fetish for anal sex.

“Now remember, before this nurse I’d never had anyone’s finger probing me back there, never a tongue. It had instantly become a fetish for me but I was hardly experienced at all. Now I began to go down to a video store and rent tapes featuring lots of anal sex — you should’ve seen the look they gave me when they saw the titles I was renting! But I wanted to see how people did it. I can’t tell you how many babes I watched getting screwed up the butt, and the size of some of those cocks! All I’d had up to this time was a nurse’s two eager fingers! I watched guys and chicks lick each other’s bottoms, women use big dildos on each other’s rears. I even rented a couple of gay tapes so I could see men screw each other too.

“And while I watched all these, naturally I’d masturbate. But I wasn’t only playing with my pussy. I had gotten some of that same lubricating jelly that had been used on me in the hospital and now I was always fingering my own asshole whenever I strummed my clit. Soon I was able to get three, even four fingers up my own bottom, getting used to it, opening myself up. Then I got the courage to go to one of those stores downtown and get myself some toys, a vibrator, a couple of dildos, what they call a ‘buttplug.’ I’d never gotten toys like that for my pussy, but now I got them for my ass. And I used them too, regularly reaming out my rectum with them as part of my masturbation ritual. Sometimes I’d actually shove the buttplug up my ass and go to my classes or do errands with it inside me. That felt so freaky! And I’d give myself enemas. I gave myself one before meeting up with you today, figuring that, if I got lucky, maybe I’d enjoy some ass play. I’m always hoping for ass play, but most chicks all they want to do is kiss and cuddle and eat pussy.

“Problem is, though sometimes when I’m with a chick and we play with dildos, even strap-ons, I’ve never met a chick who I could really get into it with anally. I mean, the whole nine yards. Dildos, fingers, fucking, the works.”

“Well I think this may just be your lucky day,” I purred, kissing her as I worked a fingertip in her anal passage. She shivered with excitement.

“It already has been,” she said, wiggling her bottom against my probing finger. “Now can we get into it some more? Ass play. Let’s focus on ass this round, okay?”

“Okay,” I said with a smile, dazzled by the slut’s uninhibited enthusiasm. “how about you get up on elbows and knees and stick it way out for me?”

She excitedly assumed the position,

“Now spread apart those cheeks and let’s see that asshole!”

She couldn’t have been any more enthusiastic as she reached back to spread ’em wide, looking over her shoulder at me as I peered between her open cheeks at the starry little sphincter. I couldn’t help thinking of all the stiff objects that she had shoved up there herself.

I pressed my face between her cheeks and dug my tongue into her hole.

“Yes, yes! I love that so much! I love it! Lick it, lick my asshole, lick it!”

Earlier I had licked her just a little, not yet aware what a hot spot it was. Now I gave her a long, lavish anal tongue bath, really feasting on her bottom, eating it up, fucking her with my tongue. Then I suddenly pulled back and slid my finger deep inside.

“Do it! Stick it in!” she howled as she felt me digging my finger all the way up her asshole.

“You like it, huh? I teased, “You like it up the ass?”

“Yessss!” she panted, as I dug it in deeper, twisting it around in the dark, humid depths of her rectum. She was going absolutely wild on me now as I kept digging my finger into her bottom.

Suddenly she pushed away from my finger.

“Now you!” she gasped, pushing me down on the bed, then turning me over. Suddenly she was spreading my cheeks apart and digging her tongue between them. She was gasping and groaning, deliriously ravenous as she slurped away loudly on my anus.

“Your butt tastes so good!” she gasped, coming up for breath. Two eager bottom feeders, we got into a ’69’ position and instead of going for the usual oral treat – pussy – we dug in for an ass fest! Finally we broke off, but she couldn’t help wiggling it, sticking it for me like some horny alley cat ready for some raw, nasty games, spreading apart her buttocks as wide as she could, eager to display and show off her hot little asshole. I slapped some of the lubricating jelly in there, between her buns, and rubbed it around as she looked back at me, panting breathlessly, looking almost demented with lust.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” she shrieked. “My ass! My ass. Do it to my ass!”

I forced three fingers through her sphincter, giving way to me gladly, Karen pushing back against my probing hand as I jammed the slippery fingers deep inside. She went crazy thrusting her bottom back against my digits, desperate to impale herself on them. Now I abruptly pulled my fingers out of her, squeezed some jelly onto my fingers and slapped those greased fingers back between my own cheeks.

“I want you to ram your fingers up my ass too, you’re not the only one around here with a red-hot bottom,” I said, taking hold of her wrist and working her hand between my cheeks, sliding my fingers back up her bottom as she now drove hers up mine. Karen may’ve been an ass freak, but in me she had found a true soul sister. For I was as bottom crazy as she was. We hugged tightly, hot skin against hot skin, breasts squeezed against breasts. My eyes met hers, her lips met mine as we kissed passionately, sultry, damp breath fusing, tongues thrusting forward. And all the while we were reaching around, diddling each others’ bottoms.

“This is so fucking hot, what we’re doing!” she panted.

“It is, isn’t it?” I said, enjoying it as much as she was. “And now are you ready to take a look at some of my toys?”

I went into the cabinet where I kept my vibrators and dildos.

“Here they are,” I said, throwing out an assortment. One was even a strap-on and that’s the one Karen first picked up.

“I bet you have fun with this one, huh?” she winked at me.

And then she picked up a freakily huge one I own, one that’s about ten inches long and three inches thick. She stared at it in awe.

“Look at this thing, it’s obscene!”

“Yeah, the other three I’ve had buried up my butt,” I confessed. “But this one I’m afraid is just too thick for that. It’s even a challenge for my cunt.”

She picked up the strap-on and handed it to me.

“Put this on and fuck my ass, will you?” she hissed at me, her brilliant green eyes sparkling with depraved desire.

And so I did. I strapped it on, got Karen up on her elbows and knees again and took my sweet time fucking the shit out of her tight young ass, she squealing and hollering, begging for it.

“More! More! Deeper! Deeper!” she shrieked, bucking back against my thrusts, insatiable, craving the rectal romp, wanting every inch deep as I slammed it up her asshole. I loved the sight of her stretched sphincter wrapped around the thickness of the dildo, one molded from a real cock so it looked like she was really being fucked.

“You love it up the ass, don’t you?” I teased.

“I crave it!” she howled.

After I finally pulled it out I stared down at her gaping asshole. We’d really been at it. I’d had my fingers jammed up in there, and now the dildo. So that hole was stretched!

I got a mirror and held it in place, telling her to look over her shoulder at her bottom. She stared at her obscenely dilated asshole, her jaw dropping in awe.

“See what that nurse of yours started.”

“Oh yeah, that lubed finger of hers is what first did it, then the nozzle,” Karen said, reminiscing fondly.

“How about that one now?” she said, pointing at the monster, the massively, obscenely thick hunk of rubber I could barely stuff up my cunt.

“Up your ass? Are you serious?” I said, awed by her daring.

“That’s right, up my hot, nasty little shithole!” she purred, licking her lips lewdly.

I picked it up and waved it in her face. She tried to suck it, but it was so thick she could barely even get her lips around the knob. Then I brought it down between her legs and first slid it up her pussy as she gasped in amazement at the stunning new sensations. I knew how she was feeling; I had felt just that way myself.

“Oh shit! That feels incredible!” she gasped.

And it looked incredible too, the thickness obscenely dilating her pretty little pink vulva.

“Now up my ass!” she begged.

“Anything you say.”

I spread a whole lot of lube right over her asshole, and spread more over the surface of monstrous dildo. Then I had her lay on her back, wedging a couple of pillows under her buttocks to lift her bottom.

“Alright, here goes,” I said, bringing the knob of the immense dildo, the size of a billiard ball, up to her hole. And then I began to slide it in. She gasped when she felt the thick knob stretch her asshole to unimaginable limits, holding on to my wrist, keeping me from pushing it in any further. She asked me to stop a moment, breathing deeply and concentrating to relax her muscles.

“Okay, keep pushing it in,” she said, letting go of my wrist.

And so I did, working the dildo inside her ass nice and slow and easy. She was panting deeply, breaking out in a sweat, but she was taking it. I’d never seen, hardly imagined, that an asshole could be dilated to this extent. But there was the proof, right in front of my eyes. It was one of the most depraved and thrilling sights I’d ever witnessed.

“See? I did it!” she said, a happy, proud smile on her face.

“You sure did,” I said, twisting the dildo inside her now that it was nicely wedged deep in her rectum. She pushed back, fucking herself on it while she brought a slender finger to her clit yet another time. Looking down at the sight, a chill went up and down my spine as I slowly fucked her asshole with the massively thick dildo, pushing it in slowly, thinking that at any moment she would ask me stop, finally reaching her limits, unable to take anymore. But instead of asking me stop, she begged me to push it in deeper, deeper, her anus, her rectum greedy, insatiable.

Finally I managed to get most of the full ten inches buried in her bowels as she reached down with a finger to touch it, to feel where it met and stretched her asshole.

“That’s it, fuck my ass! Bust it open!” she pleaded.

She was arching her bottom against my hand, eager, desperate to meet my thrusts. And now I had a thought. I’d known my share of kinky sluts, and a few I had fisted, but only in the cunt. And I had my cunt fisted more than once, and loved it. The feeling of a whole hand, alive, probing, working its way up a tight pussy was one of life’s great thrills. When my own hand was working its way up some horny dyke’s vagina or her hand was digging into mine, I couldn’t be more turned on. But I’d never fisted an asshole, never even tried. I knew faggots loved to fist ass, but I had yet to meet a dyke who expressed an interest in this specialty. But something told me that young Karen might be receptive to the idea, more than receptive, eager. After all, the dildo buried in her rectum now had a head not much smaller than my fist and the shaft was not much narrower than my forearm.

I brought my lips to her ear.

“How’d you like my fist up there now?”

Her eyes went wide, her lips curling in demented, lewd smile.

“Oh God, I’d love that! You fisting my asshole! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fantasized about that, having my butt fisted,” she confessed.

And so I pulled the dildo out of her ass, leaving her on her back with the pillows wedged under her bottom. This way I could look at her as I fisted her, and she could look down and see my fist working its way into her body. But first I freshened up her asshole with another big scoop of lubricant. She meowed like a contented kitten as I greased her ravaged, dilated hole.

“Oh yes, yes!” she gasped as I quickly slid four fingers up her ass, then a fourth. Now I added a thumb, stretching her hole with all five fingers. She reached down to take hold of my arm, pressing it closer, urging me on.

“Do it! Stick it in! Shove it up my shithole!”

I pushed my fingers in past the first set of knuckles, Karen breathing hard, deep. Then I kept pushing past the second set of knuckles until the widest part of my hand was forcing its way past the barrier of her anal ring, stretching it.

“Oh my God!” she gasped, wincing, sweating

“Should I stop?” I asked.

“No, no!” she pleaded, “keep going, I want more. I want it all!”

And so I pushed until, suddenly, my whole hand had popped into her ass, her anus now stretched around my wrist. A big smile broke out on Karen’s pretty face as she realized what she had just accomplished.

“Oh wow! You’re inside! You’re really in there!” she said, running a finger around where my wrist met the stretched band of her anus, as if to confirm that I truly was inside her like this.

“That’s right, Karen, I’m fisting your ass!” I said, looking right in her eyes, bunching up my fingers into a fist inside her rectum, twisting that fist around inside, feeling the hot, humid flesh of her rectal walls pressing in on my probing fist.

“Oh yes, yes! Yes!!!” she barked, grabbing hold of my arm, making sure to hold it in place as I kept churning it inside her.

I lowered my face to suck on each of her aroused, corky nipples, then brought my lips to hers, our kiss passionate, deep, tender.

“This is amazing,” she groaned, “your whole hand, your whole fuckin’ hand is buried up my asshole. I’ve been dreaming about this for so long!”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and we kept kissing passionately as I kept twisting and churning my fist around in the hot, humid recesses of her rectum.

“More, deeper,” she whispered huskily, holding my forearm, pressing it into her.

“You want more?” I said, a little astounded.

“Yes, yes! More! I want to feel it deep!”

And so I slowly kept pushing my fist deeper and deeper, the stretched band of her anal ring moving higher and higher up my forearm as I dug it inside.

“This is so, so intimate,” she gasped, “feeling you so deep inside my body!”

“It is, isn’t it?” I said tenderly, relentless pushing in further.

I probably had no more than two or three inches to go to get to my elbow when, with a deep gasp, she finally stopped me.

“That’s it,” she groaned, “I don’t think I can take anymore.”

“I’m just amazed by what you did take. You’re some champ, Karen. You’re my champ.”

“You asshole-fisting champ?” she giggled.

“That’s right,” I said as she ran her fingertips along the margin where her unimaginably dilated sphincter gripped my forearm.

“Turn a little, turn so I can feel your ass,” she asked as I shifted position, making my bottom reachable as I kept fisting her. Now she reached out with a hand and scooped up a big dab of lube, slapping it between my cheeks. Then she began to finger my asshole as I fisted hers. I was so aroused that before I knew it, she had four fingers digging into my rectum. Then the thumb.

“Do you think you can take it?” she asked.

“A fist? I don’t know, I never have.”

“Let’s see if you can,” she said, probing deeper with her fingers.

I sure was game to try. If this young co-ed could take most of my forearm up her ass, I sure had to show her I was at least willing to try the fisting route. My ass had been fucked with some pretty thick dildos but now, as she kept pushing all five fingers deeper and deeper, I felt stretched as I never was before.

“It feels so good in there,” she said, probing, “so warm and snug.”

“Don’t I know it!” I said, my own fist buried deep in her bowels.

Suddenly I gasped and groaned as I felt her whole fist pop inside, reaching back with a free hand to run a finger around the circumference of her wrist. I was amazed that I took it like this, without balking, without having to tell her to go slow. But that just goes to show that when the desire is there the body will respond.

We looked into each other’s eyes, a gaze mixing tenderness and passion.

“I got my fist buried up your ass,” she said with a smile both sweet and raunchy.

“And I got mine buried up yours.”

Our lips met as our fists kept churning up a storm in our heated bottoms, a storm of pure, sheer, pleasure!

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