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Brown Slut’s Surprise Party

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A while back I threw myself a dirty slut party. My guests didn’t know they were invited–I really didn’t know it would go that far myself until the first dick hit my mouth. But I guess I put myself in harm’s way.

I was in the parking lot behind Billys in North Miami at 2 in the morning, leaning on my car waiting for the right group of guys to come out.

I thought I only wanted to tease them. I was a little drunk–usually that’s when I get all my bright ideas.

Then I saw them: five dudes, mid to late 20s, mostly Latin I guess. And cute enough–I’m not super picky. All in varying stages of drunkenness.

“You guys, there are a lot of cops out tonight. You better be careful,” I said as I walked up to them. At first I think they were surprised I approached them; a lone morenita in the parking lot with big tits spilling out of her tank top. “We’re all right,” said one, caramel-complected with shoulder-length wavy hair. “You be careful too, out here by yourself.” He leered a bit and I knew it was on.

“I’d be safer if I had someone to walk me home,” I said. “It’s just a couple blocks away, and y’all can come in and chill for a bit if you like.” They were confused at the invitation, and a little mistrustful. I won them over when I pressed up against the leader and stroked the nearest guy’s arm. “It’s five of you guys, and only one of me. Promise I won’t hurt you too bad.”

I barely made the two blocks home with all my clothes on. I walked in between two of them, with three guys behind me. They were grabbing my ass, trying to stick their hands in my extra short daisey dukes, while the guys in front distracted me with small talk and eyed my chest and thick thighs.

When I got to the door of my apartment, I turned around and leaned against it for a second, to look at the five hungry faces staring back at me. I was soaking wet. I know it was dangerous, and before the night was over I might regret what I’d done, but at the time all I could feel was triumphant.

“Come on baby, open up,” one of them said, bringing a laugh from the group.

“You got it,” I spun around and bent to unlock the door. The one who’d spoken first, who I thought of as the leader, grabbed my hips and rubbed his cock between my cheeks. I hissed as I slowly straightened up and flung open the door. “I’m gonna swallow all these cocks tonight,” I vowed to myself.

They filed into my place and I heard the door click shut. Before there could be an awkward pause (I hate those), I dropped down to my knees in my tiny living room and started unzipping the leader’s jeans.

His dick was already half hard, but I could tell he was caught off-guard. His balls smelled so good and musky, it’s like I could smell the sperm heating up. I couldn’t resist rubbing my face against his cotton briefs for a few seconds. “You guys can sit down. More beer in the fridge,” I mumbled around his clothed dick.

It was really thick with a ripe, fat head that was already juicy, that plus the hot air from my mouth was making his underwear moist. “Slap it against my face,” I commanded.

He pulled his rod out and smacked me heavily on the cheek. “More, yes!” I cried. It bounced off my nose, my lips, and I stuck my tongue out for him to smack too. Instead he used my tongue as a runway and parked his dick in my mouth. I started sucking even before he told me to.

“That’s it baby, suck it good.”

I moaned as he pushed on the back of my head, forcing his cock deeper in my throat. My eyes closed in ecstasy, and saliva ran down my chin onto my boobs. I firmly licked the underside of his shaft on each downstroke, rocking my mouth from side to side on the way up, and periodically I’d run my thick lips sideways along his length.

I’d almost forgotten about the other four cocks in the room, until I felt a new guy kneeling between my legs behind me. “Let me get in on this, bro,” he whispered hoarsely, but his homeboy’s head was thrown back and his abdomen was jumping. He thrust wildly down my throat, grabbing hanks of hair as he rode my face like a bronco. I don’t think he even knew his buddy was there.

The buddy reached around and yanked down the front of my tank and my bra, so my big titties were still supported, but exposed and bouncing in the air. “Ah, que lindo, mami,” he groaned as he grabbed a handful of each tit.

His cock was pressing hard into my ass crack, and with each pump my pussy flooded and I slammed my face a little harder onto the cock in front of me.

Finally the first one couldn’t take any more. He let out a yell and clot after clot of salty cum spotted my throat. I kept sucking while he busted his nuts, and wouldn’t have stopped but he pulled me by my ears gingerly off his cock. He sank into an armchair and gestured weakly at my open mouth. “Who’s next?”

Two guys scrambled off the couch, impeded a bit by sagging, unzipped pants. Their fully stiff dicks were aimed straight at me–I guess they’d been enjoying the show. I kept my lips apart as they rushed me, each eager to be the next man in.

The blond won by a nose; his big red dick sank home as his boy’s leaking meat slid along my cheekbone. I swiped a palmful of my own pussy juices and smeared it over the loser’s cock while Blondie fed me his. I’d never slurped down a bellyful while another dick shot off in my face, but I sure wanted to try it.

Meanwhile, Butt Man had worked my shorts down, and I lifted first one knee and then another so he could get them completely out of the way. I intended to get the full 5-star slut treatment, and as I felt him smear more pussy juice on my anus, I knew I was going to get it.

I jumped as his smooth arrowshaped cock stabbed at my hole.

He wasn’t particularly thick, but he was relentless. He used his weight to push into me continuously, without asking or giving me a chance to get used to it. I had to consciously resist clenching my jaw.

Finally he speared me and sank all the way inside. It’s strange, but after the pain of entry the slide home felt so good I moaned on Blondie’s dick.

“That’s it baby, its all yours,” Blondie muttered.

While I gobbled cock I worked my ass muscles on Butt Boy’s lap, then started a slow bounce. His cock wasn’t huge but he had spirit. He pumped with me, using my titties as levers to jerk my body back and forth.

When a dick jabbed me in the temple, I popped Blondie from my lips to give his partner some attention. His dick was distinctive—a lot darker than the rest of him, almost purple, with a tempting, muscular curve.

It twitched as I slid it down my face, staring up at him with my big brown eyes. He was really the cutest. I hadn’t paid any attention to their faces until now, and I thought he looked younger than the others.

I kissed the tip and smeared his precum on like lipstick. “I’m gonna make it real good for you, papi,” I promised, then winced as my booty boy hit a particularly sensitive spot.

“That ain’t nothing,” the young one sneered, “I know you take bigger dick than that. You wait till I get back there; you gonna walk sideways for a week.”

His tone alone made me clench up in anticipation, and the guy in my ass grunted out loud. “Yeah man, she likes that shit. Keep talking to her,” he said, twisting my nipples.

I licked Young Papi like a lollipop while he talked dirty to me. “Get it good and wet. I’m sticking this dick down your throat into your gut.” He grabbed my hair and pulled back so he could see my full face. “I wanna see it when you choke.”

But I’d lost my gag reflex in middle school. I opened my throat and inhaled the whole thing in one take. “Shit!” he shouted, and I grinned around his cock.

I backed off just enough to watch his face. Then I held still and let my throat muscles play up and down his length, swallowing in time to the fuck song in my head. Even Blondie and Butt Boy stopped thrusting, mesmerized by my skills.

Young Papi was losing control fast. “Slow down, I don’t wanna come yet,” he whined. He tried to pull back but I followed his snake, and my suction was too good; his body kept returning thrusts against his will. “A-a-a-alright,” he stuttered, “you win, you got it, girl!”

I slowed my ministrations and let him slide out of my gullet.

“Damn, you can handle a dick,” Blondie said, taking his place in my face while Papi calmed down. I really couldn’t decide whose dick I liked better; it was like picking between cherry and grape. The red one was fatter, but the purple one was harder and sweeter.

I wished my mouth was big enough to cram them both in and drink them down at the same time. I did the best I could, alternating between the two, but Butt Boy was getting close and it was hard to keep steady.

Finally I pulled the cocks from my mouth and started jerking away, licking and sucking on both their heads and letting Butt Boy fuck me any way he wanted.

“Mmm, gimme that leche!” I was getting anal fucked like a ragdoll, feverishly licking two cocks, titties bouncing and yelling for cum. A beeping sound caught my ears, and I saw the last guy, a slim dude with a curly afro, approach with his iphone. He was taking pictures.

I thought of him posting the shots online to hundreds of horny perverts and started cumming, there was no way to hold back.

“Ahhhh,” I wailed. I know the neighbors could hear me through the paper-thin walls. My back spasmed and I squirted girl juice all over the tiles.

Butt Boy ground his pubes hard into my ass and my juice bubbled all over his lap too. He was strumming my nipples like an instrument. I slipped on the wetness under my legs, my knees slid apart and all my weight slammed down on his cock. Our bodies rocked together and he bit down on my ear, screaming as his dick exploded in my ass.

Shock waves rocked through my body. My hands, still raised and clutching two pricks, automatically clenched and unclenched, pumping their cocks right at my face.

I don’t know why, but there’s something about the smell of cum in the air—it makes everyone else want to cum too. Blondie was first. His stream blasted me right in the face, on my forehead, cheeks and nose. I had no time to close my eyes or anything. Four distinct times he creamed me, and I used both hands to pump the last trickles onto my tongue.

My hips were still rolling over Butt Boys softening cock when I stuffed my face full of Papi. I’d only eaten one real load tonight and even when I’m not being a slut party favor, that’s not enough.

I stuck him deep in my throat him and tickled his nutsack with my tongue. His balls were hot and drawn up tight, and my face was slick with his friend’s cum. I made a little whining sound, pleading for more, until he cursed sharply.

He grabbed my head and jammed it hard back and forth, gushing in my mouth. My cheeks ballooned with the force of his release. I gulped all he had to give, then used his dick to wipe Blondie’s cum off my face and sucked it clean again.

The guys were worn out, and truth be told I was a little beat too, but I wasn’t fully satisfied. There was still one hard dick in the room, and one hole that hadn’t gotten any attention all night.

Afro got on his knees to get a shot of my drooling pussy. “How you feeling?” he asked the cummy, reamed out heap on the floor that was me. “Need a break?”

I lay back and raised my legs in a V in response, and he promptly snapped another shot. My pussy was aching for something to grab onto, and I humped the air impatiently.

“Goddamn, gimme something to wipe her face off at least.”

Someone handed him my tank top and he roughly swiped my face with it, then prepared to push into my cunt.

“You are one nasty bitch,” he said as he split my slick pussy lips. “That last one was a great shot. Your pussy’s all swoll up, cum’s leaking outta your ass, and your face and tits look like melted ice cream. Your dad know you like to get fucked by strangers?”

I giggled. “Your mom know you like to be last in line at gangbangs? You like sliding around in your boys’ leftover nuts?”

The other guys hooted. “Dang, she blazed you,” the first one said. “Come on man, hurry up, I gotta go to work in the morning and I want to get in there again before we go.”

Afro started humping me harder. This was definitely not a case of saving the best for last. His average sized dick wasn’t the problem, he just didn’t have any rhythm. Strict up-and-down. He was holding my legs over my head, so I crossed them to squeeze him tighter, in hopes I’d feel it more. After about five minutes of thrusting, he could tell I wasn’t into it.

“Come on, I know what you need,” he said, pulling out suddenly and pulling me up.

He tied my wet tank top around my eyes and bent me over the couch. Then he left me hanging, ass in the air and anxious, and turned on as hell, for a full minute.

A dick slammed into my pussy, I didn’t know whose, so hard that my feet left the ground. My pussy was swollen and the cock felt huge–definitely not Afro’s. Whoever it was held me by my shoulders, so I had no choice but to take it all as he pounded me, switching up angles to stretch my pussy all around. Sweat ran off his body and onto mine, and I threw my ass up and fucked back enthusiasticly.

“Yoooo, this is some good shit,” it sounded like the leader. “Thanks for warming it up. Why don’t you take her mouth and leave this to me?”

“You can have that busted pussy,” said a sour voice, Afro for sure. He pushed his dick between my lips and I tasted my pussy. I smacked and slobbered on it, giving him a good old fashioned sloppy one.

Leader was fucking me so good, I’d have sucked Butt Boy’s dick. He started smacking my ass as he fucked me. This guy was gold!

“Harder! Harder!” I yelled, even as I teared up.

“Shut!” Smack! “The Fuck!” Smack! “Up!” Smack! “You don’t run this!” Smack!

His hands squeezed my neck, Afro’s dick in my throat. My legs were trembling and giving out on me, my ass was tender and hot, but I never wanted it to stop.

I gagged and they sank in to the balls at both ends but the fucking didn’t stop. Afro slapped my face and cheeks and started shooting. I was delirious, screaming and moaning and thrashing for breath.

“Dude, she’s gonna pass out!” Blondie shouted.

“Oh No You Don’t, You Whore!” Leader bucked into me three more times, the last one leaving me treading air while he ground his jerking dick inside me.

He fell over on my back, pinning me face down on the sofa. All of us laid there for a long time, gasping for breath.

Afro was the first to move. He stood and untied the makeshift blindfold, using the least cummy corner to dry off his crotch. Leader crawled off me and headed to the open bathroom door in the hallway.

I lay there a few more minutes, a little dazed, and listened to the familiar click of Afro’s cellphone camera. Prick.

Leader flushed the toilet and came back in the living room. “Well, uh, thanks. You got a phone number or email address?”

I shook my head. “You hang at Billy’s, right? I know where to find you.”

It’s been about 2 months since this happened. I get buckwild only three or four times a year, so I’m keeping about the same number of sex partners as any other single girl; I just rack my numbers up in bunches rather than one at a time.

But I’ve been feling antsy, the way it always starts before I have to get down on my knees in front of a line of cocks. If I can wait that long, I want to do it for New Year’s. If I can wait.

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