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Brooke Ch. 01

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Brooke lay back on the bed and her hands drifted across smooth, warm skin. She grazed one of her thick, dark nipples and it stiffened. Goose bumps rose on lush breasts and damp labia began to swell. She wished Allison was stroking her body, making her wet, making Brooke cum.

The half t-shirt and silk shorts were so tight she might as well have been nude. She reached under the small top and took both of her sweet buds between thumbs and forefingers. Her hands twisted and pulled at nipple rings and areolas in the way Ali did. Her tips sent rapid-fire pulses of pleasure-pain racing through her body. Delicious sensations dashed headlong into Brooke’s throbbing clitoris.

“Mmmm, oooh,” she whimpered. She quickly wet her fingers and resumed the nipple play. Desire burned between full thighs. She imagined showering Allison’s vulva with kisses and licks and nibbles. Honey flowed from her and seeped between the cheeks of a round and heaving bottom.

She exposed large, soft globes and lifted one to her lips. As she suckled herself the erotic jewelry electrified her flesh. One hand slid down the curved tummy into the steamy recess of her slick vagina. She pinched its hood. Tingles from her hard nipples paled in comparison to that jolt of sparkling sensation. Thoughts of Allison’s face at her breasts, a hand between Brooke’s legs, made her shiver. More droplets slithered along her slit.

Lip-covered teeth bit down on one nipple and pulled at its ring. Her left hand played with the other ring and pinched hard. Sexual energy coursed through her fluttering tummy and raced lower into her pussy. Brooke yanked the shorts aside and they tore. Allison tore Brooke’s short off once, and the memory made her smile. Two fingers trust into the girl’s needy opening. She thumbed the fleshy hood and circled her clit in a flurry of stimulation. Her smile faded into a determined grimace.

“Mmmmph, mmmmph, mmmmph!” She gasped around the aroused breast in rhythm to the pounding pulse of a building sexual frenzy. The girl slurped with noisy abandon. Cruel fingers tweaked her throbbing nipple to just shy of the pain threshold. Brooke’s hand thrashed her turgid folds as she dreamed of Ali’s tongue.

She came in an explosive orgasm. There was no languid build, no teasing peaks and valleys. Her body simply convulsed in a huge and heady rush of sexual fulfillment. The nipples burned and the wildfire spread, igniting her skin. Brooke’s body enjoyed the deep, full orgasm as her mind’s eye saw Allison’s beautiful face between shaking thighs. She curled her fingertips into her g, felt the second wave build, and cried out in joyful release. The wet nipple slipped from her mouth.

“Oooh . . . oooh . . . oooh! Fu . . . uh . . . uck!” Brooke’s voice quavered in crescendo. Large breasts shuddered. Hips thrust over and over again. Thick spurts slipped from between her fleshy lips. The rush of fluid intensified her sensations. She tumbled into a second, trembling climax.

With her immediate needs met she relaxed and caught her breath. Brooke’s legs closed on her hand and she rolled onto one side. Tiny aftershocks rippled for several seconds as she reveled in the afterglow. Even temporarily satisfied, though, she longed for Allison.

* * * * * * *

Brooks drifted for a few minutes then rose and went for the shower. She reached for the faucet handle and noticed how wet her hand looked. The girl licked her fingers and imagined the taste was Allison’s.

After a quick rinse she toweled the thick black-brown hair and put on a light summer dress. She decided to let her ample breast swing. It might get the looks she adored. Besides, the sway of ample tits against thin fabric would generate a welcome friction. Brooke debated over the choice of panties—high-cut, crotchless, thong—then decided the simplest solution was to skip them altogether. That’ll be sexier, too, she thought.

She looked in the mirror. The reflection peering back oozed sensuality and telegraphed just the right mix of confidence and vulnerability.

“I hope Allison’s home,” she murmured to herself. “God, I need a good tribing. And to munch some wet kitty!”

She blew her reflection a kiss and turned for the door.

Allison’s house was less than two blocks away, and the late morning was mild and sunny. A soft breeze rustled bushes and trees lining the quiet street. Brooke enjoyed the stroll. An occasional breath of air whispered up the skirt and caressed her bare labia. The fabric stroked at still-tender nipples. Even the cloth stretched across her rolling bottom produced sweet chills. The empty street was slightly disappointing.

That disappointment was short-lived. As the young woman rounded the corner, she caught sight of Beth walking through the front door with armloads of groceries. Allison’s mother was in her mid-forties and kept herself in wonderful shape. She had attracted Brooke’s attention often. Her square face held relaxed blue eyes, and her wide mouth was just made for kissing. Brooke wondered how it would feel to run her tongue across Beth’s even, white teeth.

She had often wondered about a mature woman’s body in general, and about Beth’s in particular. The woman’s breasts held their lovely shape with little sag. Brooke imagined their rubbery nipples would taste so sweet. She had dreamed of nibbling her way down Beth’s tummy until she could suck the woman’s wet cleft and devour her erect clitty. Of course, she’d have to hold tightly to that pert ass to keep Beth’s puss against her face. Brooke longed to give her friend’s mom orgasm after orgasm.

She knocked on the door before pushing it open. “Hello?”



“Come in! I’m in the kitchen.”

Brooke made her way to the kitchen. Grocery sacks covered the counters. Her friend’s mother wore a pale blue cotton dress. It shaped itself perfectly to her shoulders and torso. Then it flared from her hips and ended just above the knees.

“Hi, dear,” Beth called cheerfully. “Allison isn’t here.”

“Oh,” Brooke mumbled, disappointed. A hollow twinge needled the center of her sex. “Will she be home soon?”

“I don’t know.” Beth turned to put a jug of milk in the fridge. “And she left her phone.”

Brooke wondered about the slight unease in the back of her mind, but the view of legs and ass distracted her. Brooke’s libido re-exerted itself. Her mouth began to water and her pussy dampened as she watched Beth move.

“Give me a hand?”

“Oh, sure.” Brooke’s dark eyes tore themselves from the tanned thighs. Her mind tried to forget the illicit thoughts of Beth’s bare breasts, and the young woman looked into the nearest paper bag.

“I’m sure you know where everything goes . . . .”

“Oh, yeah. I mean, I’ve stolen enough of your food over the years, you know?”

“You didn’t steal it,” Beth laughed. “It’s no problem. Besides, you need to keep up your strength. Right?”

The way Allison’s mother gazed directly into Brooke’s dark eyes made the girl wary. “I guess,” she answered. The answer sounded lame to her.

Beth touched the girl’s cheek briefly and smiled before turning back to the groceries. She asked, “Are you hungry?”

God, yes—for your pussy! she thought.

Instead, she answered, “No. I’m okay.”

“Okay. Tell you what. Let’s finish putting stuff away, and then we can have some tea—or something—until Allison gets home. How’s that sound?”

“Sound great.” Brooke wondered if the “something” might be, well, something. She had occasionally teased Beth on the rare occasions when they were alone together. Once she even did it in front of Allison just for fun. But despite the opportunities, Beth always seemed unmoved. That apparent disinterest made the girl bold.

She searched through the bags for items that either had to go up high in the cupboards, or low in the drawers. As luck would have it, the first bag had both.

Jack pot! She smiled to herself.

“Do you have something to climb on? I need to reach the shelves.”

“Yes, dear, in the pantry.”

Brooke retrieved a small stepladder. She selected one item at a time and stretched to place each one on the shelves. She could feel the hem slip up and down her thigh. On one particularly difficult reach the fabric stretched high enough that Brooke knew the crease beneath her ass showed. She thought she heard a soft gasp behind her.

Next were the low items. Again, Brooke made sure to put away only one item at a time. She bent from the waist, keeping her knees straight. The bottom of her dress teased close to her smooth, ample bottom. She loved teasing. Indulging her exhibitionist side always gave her a thrill. She only hoped Beth would want more than a glimpse.

Brooke jumped when Beth’s husky voice sounded in her ear. “You know, when Allison’s phone rang earlier I couldn’t get to it in time.”


“Yeah. I saw it was you and thought of calling back.”

“Oh, that’s okay. But, I mean, you can call, too. If you, like, want to.”

The older woman smiled. “No. I just, listened . . . to the voice mail.”

“Oh. Oh! Oh, I’m sooo sorry. We joke around like that sometimes.” Brooke uttered the words though she knew they sounded ridiculous.

“Uh huh. Brooke, please. It’s okay. You don’t have to lie to me.”

“I’m not—”

“Brooke, I know about you and Allison.”

Hearing her lover’s mother suddenly say she knew Brooke and her daughter were having sex confused the girl. But, wait. Is that what she said? What does she know about—?

“I’ve heard you two a few times,” Beth continued. “You can be quite . . . vocal . . . when you ‘finish’.” She smiled.

Brooke’s stomach felt funny.

“I even peeked in on you once. You were sucking on Allison’s tits!”

“Oh, God,” Brooke whimpered. “I’m sooo sorry!”

“Oh, please.” Beth moved closer and her breath seemed to surround Brooke. “The only thing you have to apologize for is making me want to suck my daughter’s nipples.” She edged closer until they almost touched. Brooke tried to back away, but the wall stopped her.

“Actually, maybe you do need to apologize. For showing me your pretty, naked ass just now.” She reached behind the girl and cupped her cheek before she pressed herself against Brooke’s lush body. Beth pulled on Brooke’s thigh and ground her panty-clad labia into the girl’s leg. She whispered, “Or maybe you should apologize for not making me cum in person, for just being my masturbation fantasy.”

Brooke’s mind buzzed. She wanted this woman, but embarrassment confused her. The control she felt while teasing was gone like smoke in a strong wind.

“Or maybe you’ll need to apologize for not letting me fuck you. That is,” the older woman smirked, “unless you let me fuck you!”

Beth’s mouth attacked Brooke. Lurid kisses seemed intent on devouring the tingling lips of her daughter’s friend. Thin panties could not contain the steaming honey that flowed from Beth and smeared Brooke’s thigh.

The suddenness of the embrace stirred mixed emotions in Brooke. She wanted it badly; wanted to be taken by this salacious woman. But it happened so fast that it startled her. One moment she teased her friend’s mom. The next she was pressed against the wall, her lips mauled and her leg used. She tried to think, but when her pussy twitched out of reflex, when a few errant droplets trickled along her inner thigh, all reason dissolved.

Beth pulled away, and gasped, “You’re my little girl, now, Brooke, my little cunny-slut. And you’re gonna make your momma cum. A lot.” The intense stare bore deep. Brooke’s submissive expression gave Beth the signal she sought. Beth knew she could now do whatever she wanted. Her hands slipped the thin straps from the girl’s shoulders and tugged. The dress fell and gathered at Brooke’s waist.

“Oooo, pretty,” Beth cooed when she saw the rings dangling from erect ebony nipples. She bent to take one in her mouth. Her tongue fluttered and played, and Brooke moaned. The involuntary mewing sound delighted Beth. She ground her labia into the firm muscle of Brooke’s thigh and shuddered. Her legs clamped onto Brooke’s.

“Mmmm, mmm, mmm, mmm . . . mmmmm!” Beth grunted, keeping the throbbing nipple in her mouth. A teasing mini-cum rippled through the woman, who sighed and pulled back.

“One down, and oh, so many to go,” she smiled. Brooke tried to smile, too, but a predatory glint in the woman’s eyes stopped her. She was unsure what was going to happen next, and it scared her. That fear, in turn, liquefied her insides. She was struck at just how incredibly horny she had become. But more than that, it surprised her how badly she wanted to please Beth.

“We’re going to my bed. Now. And you’re going to give me just what I want, understand, dear?”

“Yeah,” Brooke breathed.

“‘Yeah?’ No, no, dear. Try again.”

“Yeees . . .?” she whispered.

“Yes, what?”

“Yeees . . . Ma’am?”

“Mmmm, that’s my good little girl,” Beth praised her. Then she cupped a hand to Brooke’s face and gave her lips a tender kiss. “If you do just as I say, I know you’ll get so much pleasure, too.” Her blue eyes sparkled. “Would you like that?”

“Oh, yeees,” Brooke gasped. When Beth’s eyebrows rose, she quickly added, “Ma’am.”

“That’s a good girl, such a good little, slutty girl.” She dropped to her knees and pulled Brooke’s dress off in one motion. It collected around her feet. Allison’s mother knelt and thrust her face into the smooth, bare pussy. After a few expert licks and deft clit sucking Brooke was on the verge. But Beth denied her release. She stood quickly, licked her lips and ordered, “Follow me—leave your dress.”

She turned and sauntered towards the bedroom, gratified to hear a small, shaky voice behind her say, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Brooke’s mind lurched as she padded down the hallway. She had not been overtly threatened, she had not been hurt, and yet she felt as though she was completely under the spell of this woman. Something in her young psyche had clicked. She liked being used for Beth’s pleasure. She liked being naked, subservient, controlled. Being kissed, having her pierced nipple suckled and her pussy tongued were all fantastic sensations. But falling into the role of sex slave to such a beautiful, sensuous woman rocketed Brooke’s excitement.

She noted the silky movement of the muscles in Beth’s back. She fixated on the feminine sway of her trim hips. Her mouth watered as she gazed down to the toned thighs and calves. She imagined licking up those pretty legs—

Beth turned at the bedroom doorway. Brooke nearly ran into her, startled. She gazed up into the woman’s face, into her calm, commanding eyes. The girl quickly looked at the floor.

“You may remove my panties, sweet one.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Brooke knelt and reached up under the skirt. She hooked her fingers into the waistband and tugged downward.

“Not like that!” Brooke froze. That gratified Beth. “Softly,” she said. “Slowly. Enjoy it.”

The garment’s descent resumed as a tender caress. It breezed past the thighs and slipped below the knees. She could not see Beth’s slit because of the skirt. But Brooke caught the scent. The lingerie slipped into view. A large, delicious wet spot covered the crotch of the tiny undies.

Beth watched intently, enjoying the sensuous spectacle and recognizing the raw lust in her subject’s face. She noticed the hesitation as Brooke realized how soaked Beth panties had become. The edges of her mouth curled.

“Suck them,” she ordered.

“But . . . how?” Brooke asked. Beth had not lifted either foot; the underwear remained trapped between knees and ankles.

“You’re a smart, inventive girl. I saw how you contorted yourself so you could suck Allison’s nipples while you did her with a strap-on.” Brooke was mortified by the graphic revelation. Mortified, and aroused.

“Use your ingenuity,” the older woman concluded.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“And dear, if we are going to fuck then you should call me ‘Ms. Beth,’ or ‘Mistress Beth’.”

“Yes. Ms. Beth.” The large, dark eyes glimmered at her Mistress. They projected capitulation mixed with profound, adoring desire. Brooke leaned closer and pulled the panties closer as she stared into Beth’s ice-blue eyes. The perfume of sexual essence sharpened her need. Her tongue snaked out and ran over the damp spot. Brooke moaned and clamped her lips over the fabric. She sucked greedily and it made a wispy sound, like a breeze through a screen door.

“Is that tasty, little one?”

“Yes, Mistress. It’s delicious!” As if to emphasize the point, Brooke took another mouthful and moaned again.

“Good. And for being such a good girl, here’s a little treat for you while you clean my panties.” Beth lifter her skirt and watched with satisfaction as the girl stared at the steamy pussy. She spread her legs a little more and reached for herself. Beth’s right hand parted herself as the dress dropped over Brooke’s head.

“Now if you ‘wash’ my panties very well, I’ll let you ‘wash’ my pussy, too.”

From beneath the dress came the girl’s, “Yeees . . . thank you, Mistress Beth!” Sounds of sucking resumed.

Beth played with herself. She parted the copper-colored hair, touched the outer lips and caressed the inner. She loved the slick smoothness of her vulva, and trembled at the exquisite sensations that coursed through her pelvis. She knew the young woman’s eyes were focused on the action. She could practically feel them on her skin. She smiled as her forefinger and thumb pinched her hood, pulling it back and forth in autoerotic bliss.

“Mistress, I’m done with your panties. May I lick your pussy now?”

“Hmmm, let me see, my dear girl.” Beth stepped out of her panties with the grace of a dancer. She stood back and Brooke emerged from beneath the skirt. Beth held out a hand and her subject placed the thin material into her palm. The woman lifted it to her nose and inhaled deeply.

“Hmmm, I still note a hint of my juices on this. But, you did a good job for your first time. Perhaps you deserve your reward now . . . .”

“Thank you, Mistress!” Brooke could not lift the skirt fast enough. But as she reached for the mature hips, Beth stopped her.

“No! Not here, dear. I want you in my bed.” Her eyes made it clear that this was not negotiable. “Now!”

Brooke quickly rose and dashed into the bedroom without acknowledging the command. Beth walked in slowly, exaggerating the sway of her hips. Brooke, completely nude, sat on the edge of the bed awaiting Beth’s approval. She smiled, but the predatory light deep in those blue eyes transfixed the girl.

“You forgot to say, ‘Yes, Mistress,’ when I told you to get into my bed. That could mean punishment—”

“Oh, no, Mistress, please . . . .”

“Well, perhaps I can overlook it this time. If you have a good reason.”

“Oh, Mistress, please, it won’t happen again. It just, well, I couldn’t wait to, to lick your pussy. Please, let me lick it. Can I, Ms. Beth?”

“You mean this pussy?” She lifted her skirt again and traced the dripping outline of her flowing sex.

Brooke stared with longing at the trimmed triangle of straight hair surrounding reddened lips. She could see the thick nub peeking from its protective flesh. Brooke thought she would die if she did not have her mouth on it very soon.

“Oh, yeees, please, Mistress Beth, please don’t make me wait any longer!”

“Lie back.”

Brooke flopped onto her back. “Farther up, near the headboard,” Beth directed. The girl scooted and wriggled into place. Beth smiled. She put one knee on the foot of the bed. Then the other. Beth held her skirt up to her waist and knee-walked towards Brooke’s face.

Does she realize she’s panting like a dog in heat, Beth wondered.

“You’re going to eat me until I tell you to stop. Understand, my sweet?”

“Oh, yeees . . . please, hurry!”

Beth moved the remaining distance and paused with her seething cunt just out of the girl’s reach. Brooke’s desire took control and she arched herself into Beth. Her tongue slithered into the gaping opening. “Oh, mmph,” Brooke whimpered. Her hands grasped Beth’s hips and pulled them to her face.

“Ahhh, my dear girl. Yeees . . . lick—Ooh!”

“Mmph, mmmhmmm,” came the muffled reply.

Beth braced her palms against the wall. She rocked her hips back and forth on Brooke’s delightful mouth. Lips, tongue and teeth were hitting all the right spots and Beth’s passion flared. Even so, the first orgasm surprised her.

“Oooh, fuck! Oooh!” A roiling tide of ecstasy swept Beth away. Brooke opened her eyes in the blue light that filtered through the dress and smiled with satisfaction. Beth rubbed and thrust down on her, trying to extract more pleasure from the girl’s knowing mouth. The young tongue thrust as deeply as it could reach. The swollen dome of a very large clit bumped Brooke’s nose.

“Oooh!” Beth shrieked. Brooke felt one huge contraction on her tongue. Then pulse after pulse of hot, clear, ambrosia gushed from Beth. Brooke thought for an instant that she might not be able to breath, might drown in the copious, scalding juice. But the very next instant she wanted to drown in her mistress’s streaming folds. She pushed her face tighter and deeper into Beth’s crotch.

Beth pinched and twisted her exploding nipples as she rode out the climax. When her passion ebbed her hips twitched in one final rocking motion. Goose bumps erupted all over her skin. Beth jerked herself away as though she received an electric shock. Brooke froze. Allison’s mother collapsed to one side, a heap of quivering flesh.

“Ms. Beth?” Brooke asked in a tiny voice. “Did I . . . are you, are you all right?”

Beth registered the concern in her tone. But the voice sounded as though it was coming to her from a far off dream. She heard a pounding, like surf during the full moon, and knew it was her heart thudding in her ears.

“Mmmm,” she sighed from her trance. “Oh, my, you wonderful little slut. No, dear, you did nothing wrong. In fact, you did so much right. Mmmm, yeees, so right,” she sighed again and closed her eyes.

Brooke’s smile could be heard in her answer. “Thank you, Mistress. It was wonderful.”

“Mmm hmmm . . . .”

“Especially when you squirted!” Brooke relived the excitement of the moment and it made her talkative. Beth listened as her mind slowly filtered back into her body.

“At first I thought I might drown, there was sooo much cum! But then I didn’t care if I drowned or not, as long as it was in your pussy. It was sooo hot. I don’t mean just hot, like, ‘hot pussy’ hot—though yours sooo was and now mine really is, too—but hot like, ‘huge turn-on’ hot. You know? So, when you squirted on my face, well, I guess I kinda lost it.”

“You did so very, very well.”

“Thank you. It was sooo gooood! And, well, Mistress Beth, you have the most amazing clit!”

“Come here, little one. Let me hold you.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

They cuddled. Brooke lay naked, face wet and hair damp with Beth’ essence. Her Mistress still wore the blue sundress, but with bared breasts and an otherworldly smile. The woman snuggled into the girl’s body and smelled perfume mixed with the scent of musk. It was a potent, intoxicating mix.

“Let me rest a little while, dear, and then we can make sure you are rewarded for eating me out so well. So very well.”

“Oh, yes, please, Mistress. I’d love to receive pleasure from you. Yes, please, I need it so bad!”

“Do you need to cum, Brooke?”

“Oh, yeees!”

“It will be a bigger ‘bang’ if you wait a little, you know?”

“Ohhh,” Brooke whimpered. “I don’t know if I can wait, Mistress!”

“All right then. You may pleasure yourself while I watch.”

“Oh, thank you, Ms. Beth. Thank you!” Brooke’s hands busied themselves. She tweaked her pierced nipples and drove two fingers into her depths. Amid groans and gasps she writhed in a delightful climax. Beth savored the lewd show until Brooke lay panting, eyes closed. The fingers of one hand thrust slowly in and out, while the other hand circled her hood.

“Cum again, Brooke. Now!” For emphasis, Beth reached out took hold of the nearest nipple ring. She pulled and rotated it so the metal twisted Brooke’s swollen flesh. The nipple stretched and the areola erupted in a pebbly texture. It happened in an instant, like exploding fireworks.

The command and breast play triggered a second cum. Honey ran freely from the young woman’s puffy labia and dribbled down between flexing muscles. She cried out in mewing whimpers. Slippery walls clenched at invading fingers. Her free hand pinched the hood to punish a throbbing clit. Wave after wave of climactic joy pounded through Brooke’s quaking body.

The younger woman trembled in aftershocks. Beth reached between the strong, wet legs and gentled the smooth vulva. Beth smiled as her subject’s closed eyelids flutter at the intimate contact.

“Do you shave, or are you waxed?”

“Waxed, Mistress Beth,” she sighed in answer. Brooke’s lips curled ever so slightly.

“Why waxing instead of shaving?”

“It’s not as stubbly. And it lasts longer. Mmm, that feels sooo nice, Mistress. Mmmm. Oooo, yeees, there. Please don’t stop. Mmmm, please—”

“Why waxing instead of shaving?” Beth’s hand stopped and her tone hardened.

Brooke’s eyes opened, but she was unable to hold the probing gaze of those challenging blue orbs. She looked away and whispered, “Because . . . because it hurts . . . a bit. Ms. Beth.”

“You enjoy a little pain, dear?” Her fingers pinched Brooke’s hooded clit until the girl gasped. Beth noticed that the large, pierced nipples went hard and the areolas wrinkled, betraying the young woman’s excitement.

“Sometimes, Mistress.”

“Sometimes a little roughness can blur through the line between pain and pleasure.” She lightened the pressure and resumed a light, slow stroking. The slick, delicate flesh felt hot beneath her fingertips. “But I rarely use it with my lovers, unless the reward is much greater than the ordeal. I prefer to treat my subjects with a great deal of respect—as long as they keep earning it.”

Beth’s kiss was soft and warm, with the lightest touch tongue tip across Brooke’s full upper lip. The young woman sighed, enjoying more and more of her Mistress’s experienced fingering. Their mouths played back and forth, alternating pressures and techniques in their exploration.

Beth broke the kiss and removed her hand. Brooke groaned in frustration, but Beth only smiled. Then she stood next to the bed and bent her head to the girl’s crotch. She tongued the young, seeping labia and sipped on the enflamed bud. Brooke shuddered, her hands tangled in the wavy red hair, until Beth stopped. That elicited another frustrated growl. “Besides,” she explained, “I find that the denial of pleasure is much more effective than the imposition of pain. Don’t you agree?”

Brooke whimpered, dying of such desperate desire.

“Spread your legs,” Beth ordered. Brooke trembled with need and complied.

“Good girl. Now play with your nipples while I watch. It’s so sexy to see you play with those tight, thick nips. And your rings are making me wet!”

“Like this, Mistress?” Brooke fingered and pulled the rings, elongating the nipples and sending bolts of electricity racing through her body.

“Yes, dear. Just like that.” Hard blue eyes bore into the girl’s chest until Brooke could feel their touch like needles. Her bald sex twitched its inner muscles clenched at the breast play. In classic stimulus-response Brooke suddenly surfed through a small surprise-cum.

“Did you just orgasm?” Beth demanded.

“Oh, mmm, yeees . . . Mistreeess. Oooh, yeees.”

“Well, you should have asked first. I’m afraid this requires action on my part.” The older woman began easing out of her dress.

“Oh, please, Mistress, let me . . .?”

“Well, all right, dear. If you must.”

Brooke knelt on the soft bed. She was nearly as tall as Beth this way. Brooke could look directly into those cobalt eyes, but she did not. That pleased the Mistress.

Instead, Brooke’s attention focused on Beth’s naked breasts. As Brooke gently worked the dress over the woman’s hips the girl’s fingers shook. The swell of the globes so near to her face, the texture of two very erect nipples so ripe for her tongue, the areolas so tan and pebbly, made Brooke gasp.

“You may suck them, little one.”

Brooke surrounded the left one, suckling hard, thrashing her tongue and nibbling until Beth moaned and squirmed. Brooke switched to the right tip while her fingers played with its saliva-coated twin. She continued her back-and-forth worship until Beth moved her along.

“Finish removing my dress. Then you may suck my dripping cunt.”

“Oh, thank you, Mistress Beth,” Brooke squealed. She slid the thin blue dress down Beth’s toned hips, licking and nibbling as more skin came into view. When the cloth fell away Beth reminded, “And while you’re there, don’t forget my clitty.”

“I’ll remember, Ms. Beth. Oh, God!” Brooke stared at the trimmed and matted triangle. The sight of Beth’s womanhood obscured by thin, ruby hair was beyond arousing. Brooke caressed Mistress’s smooth legs then took hold of the small hips. The girl took a deep breath and plunged into her lover.

“Aaah . . . . Oooh, yeees, there, dear. Oooo!” Brooke’s mind reeled. She was licking and sucking on her best friend’s mother, smothering herself in sodden, flowing flesh. She wanted the experience to last forever.

The domination provided another heady element that drove her arousal onward. Brooke wanted to please this woman more than she had ever pleased another partner before. Beth’s encouragement and praise brought an unknown joy, and motivated the girl even more.

“That’s the way, my little cunny slut. Eat momma’s puss. That’s so damn good!” Beth had both hands tangled in the long, thick black hair. Her red pubis thrust into the ravenous young mouth.

“Mmph, Mmmmm, Mmmmm!” Brooke’s muffled voice echoed into Beth’s vulva, vibrating against slick petals. Brooke ground herself onto her heel and came. Her rhythm suffered as she strove to devour the morsel in spite of cumming.

Beth asked sharply, “Did you cum again?”

Brooke’s dripping face gazed upward. With a coy expression, she admitted, “Yes. Mistress.” She went on quickly, her words tumbling together “But I couldn’t help it. Really! You taste sooo good. And when you told me how good I was at eating out your cunt, I couldn’t help it. Please.”

“‘Please,’ what?”

“Please don’t punish me for cumming!”

“Hmm, I hadn’t thought of punishment. But maybe that’s what you need.”

As she pleaded, “No, please!”

The older woman, nude and aroused, pushed Brooke backwards onto the bed. She produced a pair of padded shackles and trapped the girl’s wrists.

“Oh, Ms. Beth, no, please. Just let me eat you out, I promise I won’t cum again without permission—”

Beth kissed her with surprising tenderness, letting her lips and tongue ease Brooke’s anxiety. She loved her own taste on the girl’s melting lips. Mature hands touched and explored the panting, sweaty, full body of her subject until the young woman relaxed. Brooke’s sighs had turned into gasps. Now the gasps had turned into moans and whimpers. Only then did Beth know it was time for the next dance of their sexual ballet.

Mistress rose slowly, like a cat about to finish off her prey. She reached into the nightstand and removed a harness that she strapped around her waist. Brooke caught glimpses of parted labia and a protruding clitoris through the webbing.

Next, Beth lifted out a large red cylinder, a knobbed tip with a shaft formed by a series of rings. It was long and quite thick. Brooke’s eyes went wide. Beth smiled as she saw the emotions parade across the girl’s face: surprise; trepidation; nervousness; uncertainty; acceptance; and, most satisfying of all, lust. She snapped the base onto the harness and let the implement dangle from her hips.

“Now, I’ve been very impressed with how well you lick pussy. And I can even forgive your uncontrolled cums as a tribute to the way I—excite—you.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” she whispered without taking her eyes from Beth’s pelvis.

Beth knee-walked along the bed, the dildo bobbing an obscene tempo. “Now you’re going to show me that you can suck cock, too.” She knelt over the girl’s chest with the thick tip practically touching Brooke’s face. Brooke licked her lips and reached her tongue forward.

“Oh,” Beth interjected, “I almost forgot—” In an instant she repositioned herself between Brooke’s heavy thighs and held the knob against the naked, flared lips. She gave it a quick swirl to collect some of the plentiful honey at its tip. Then she thrust two-thirds of the dildo into the receptive depths of young pussy. A loud squelching sound came from between the parted thighs.

“Oooh!” Brook cried. For the next several seconds an instantaneous climax clawed at her insides. She shook uncontrollably, tugging against her restraints. Beth pushed the large phallus deep. Brooke’s entire body seemed to clamp onto the welcomed intruder. She drove her hips into the pressure until the fat red knob seated firmly against her creaming cervix.

Beth gazed in rapt, satisfied wonder, as the girl bound to her bed raged from the first monumental orgasm right into another. She bent down and suckled hard on each of the pierced nipples. When she felt Brooke’s piping hot fluid pour around the cock and gush up into her own sex, she came, too.

The women lay together, a gasping mass of sensitized and sweating flesh. Beth was first to regain her faculties.

“Now, show me how well you can eat cock, baby!”

She pulled out with a sucking sound that left Brooke feeling hollow. Beth repositioned herself and the young woman wasted no time. The coated member was slurped into her mouth. The girl’s head swiveled and cheeks bulged as she worked hungry lips and tongue all over the warm shaft. She noted the difference in her juices and Beth’s.

Her young mind was a maelstrom. She quivered. Her body felt tired and sore, but still Brooke wrestled with profound need. She raised her head and took more of the stroking phallus. As she swallowed another inch, and another, she worked closer to her Mistress’s opening. With the aroma of Beth full in her nose, Brooke whimpered.

Beth was very pleased. This girl showed a talent and prowess well beyond her years. It was all she could have hoped for when she had watched Brooke’s face ravishing her sweet Alice’s body. “You want another taste?”

“Mmm hmm!”

Beth pulled away and Brooke felt the ringed shaft slip from her throat and past her lips. Beth pulled the cock tight to her stomach and placed her hips close enough for Brooke to reach. The pink tongue could just bridge the gap. She was rewarded with a few glistening droplets and a satisfied sigh.

“Roll over.” Brooke did, despite an instant and renewed nervousness. Beth unsnapped the tool, rummaged in the nightstand drawer, and took a moment to appreciate the view of a lush young woman spread out like a feast. Brooke twisted. There was a “snap” but the restraints and her positions did not allow Brooke to see.

“Lift your ass!” The girl complied. Her upper body still lay on the sheets while her wide hips jutted into the air.

“Spread your knees!”

Brooke did as she was told, trying to mask a growing concern.


What happened next made Brooke tremble. She cried out and shuddered. Beth grabbed two handfuls of firm, ample bottom and spread the cheeks wide. Without giving her subject time to react, the woman’s face pressed between two smooth globes. A wet, hard tongue circled and probed at Brooke’s tiny, cum-coated rosette. Mistress Beth sought to judge the response, and from that first touch it was obvious. Brooke loved having her anus licked.

That was all the encouragement Beth needed. She spent the next several minutes using her mouth and fingers, and the Brooke’s own creamy juices, to thoroughly introduce her slave to the joys of analingus. She drove two crossed fingers into the depths of the waxed vulva, making sure to massage the g spot. When her tongue slipped into the tight sphincter and slim fingers massaged the spot deep inside, the outcome was as predictable as it was enjoyable.

“Oooh, fuck! Oooh, Gaw . . . ungh . . .fuh . . . uh . . . uck! Deeper! Gawd, please, dee . . . ee. . . per!”

Beth was not certain whether “deeper” meant deeper in her ass or deeper in her pussy. The tiny ring of muscle squeezed Beth’s tongue and the pulsing tunnel clenched Beth’s fingers. Brooke squirted again; cum ran freely down Beth’s forearm. She was able to catch a few luscious drops before the orgasm subsided.

“Mmmm,” she confessed. “Your ass and pussy are delicious, dear.”

“Oooh . . . mmm . . . oooh . . . thank . . . you . . . Mistress,” she panted.

Beth slowly rose and stood on her knees behind Brooke. She reached into the nightstand drawer and found her rabbit. “You’ll love this, Brooke.” The tip slid effortlessly into the dripping cleft. Her vaginal walls welcomed the shaft as its tiny knobs stimulated her hungry flesh. Then Beth flipped its switch.

The vibrations rippled throughout Brooke’s body, starting deep within. She felt the wonderful sensations in her womb, her clit, even in her bottom. Her nipples tightened and she moaned. Then the knobs began to rotate and she shook in a small, sharp climax. “Ohhh . . . God!” she sighed as her core quaked.

Beth let her eyes drink in every detail, from the girl’s wide hips and succulent bottom to the drooling and stretched labia. She licked her palm and spread saliva over a slender black dildo that hung from the leather harness. In one quick motion she positioned it at Brooke’s tight bud and thrust forward.

“Ooohm’Gawd!” the girl shouted. The sensation was unlike anything ever before, a potent mix of pleasure-pain that made her backside tighten. Beth’s hips slapped against ass flesh as the dildo’s full length buried itself in Brooke’s burning ring. She could feel the two shafts colliding within her, sandwiching the membrane separating her channels. It was ecstasy!

Brooke felt a fist in her hair, felt her head being pulled backward. “Do you like this?” Beth hissed in her ear as she shoved the cock in again. Her lips and teeth began to devour the girl’s throat, jaw line, and ear lobe. MS. Beth’s gasping breath rasped in Brooke’s ear. The lewdness of it all made her feel desired, sexual, possessed as never before. At first the girl merely whimpered. But the continued pounding altered pain into consuming pleasure. Soon, Brooke begged Beth for even more stimulation.

“More! Oh, yeees . . . mor’ . . . ungh. Oh, God! Fuck me, Mistress!” Beth pumped and rocked back and forth, reaming her young lover as she gauged the responses. The redhead straightened, held Brooke’s wide hips and steadied herself as she thrust. Then she leaned over again. Beth’s firm mounds and stinging nipples dug into the smooth skin of her slave’s back. Her hands played with the rings in Brooke’s thick nipples.

Each thrust not only buried the slim dildo in her needy rosette but also shoved the rabbit deep against Brooke’s cervix. It vibrated Beth’s fat, shiny clit too, making her hesitate at each in stroke. As they neared release the back-and-forth became a constant grinding, a passionate lunge that pleasure both women. Brooke could do nothing but gasp, mumble and try to remain in her body. She tugged against the shackles, arched her back and curved her hips to meet the delicious sensations throbbing in her pelvis.

“Please . . . Mis . . . tress . . . Be . . . eh . . . eth! Oooh . . . plea . . . eee . . . ease! Make . . . meeee . . . ohfuck! Makemeecuuum!”

Brooke’s world crashed and erupted. Her tight bud exploded in clutching spasms around the slim, smooth shaft. Erect nipples telegraphed bolts of electric delight straight into a weary clit. The young pussy pressed back against Beth’s leather harness and slick labia. As the Mistress bit with gentle force at a particularly sensitive spot on the girl’s neck, Brooke shivered.

She shook in the most intense orgasms she had ever known. The girl’s peaks blended together in a seemingly endless parade of sensation, pounding her like stormy surf. She was dimly aware of Beth’s powerful thrust and knew she, too, was cumming. But her body selfishly focused on its own climax.

Brooke’s anus burned, thighs ran wet, nipples throbbed and breath came in ragged gasps. In the tumultuous, sex-churned mind she realized that the making love with Allison had been so . . . basic. She felt like an amateur. But in the presence of this virtuoso, she had to discover what more was possible.

How can I stay here? Stay in this place? Can Mistress Beth keep me feeling this good forever?

Brooke became lost in time.

* * * * * * *

Pulled by soft pleasure, the girl awoke. She was lying on her back. Her vision remained a bit blurred. The shackles had been released, her pelvis vacated. But wrists, breasts, vagina and anus still registered the phantom buzz of a hard, thorough ravishing.

It wasn’t a dream.

Mistress Beth stroked the girl’s tummy with such a gentle touch. Cool, pale fingertips played and tickled across dark skin. Brooke’s flushed cheek bore the soft dew of many kisses. The next touch of the woman’s tender lips brought with it a luscious aroma.

“Ms. Beth?”

“I’m here, dear girl,” the redhead whispered. Brooke smiled and closed her eyes.

A voice came from down the hallway. “Mom?”

The girl tensed. Dark eyes flashed open in surprise and fear. Beth held her subject’s gaze and touched a finger to the girl’s full lips. “In here, honey.” Brooke shut her eyes as though she could shut out the next instant. But the young body relaxed in acceptance of what was to come.

Beth smiled.

They heard Allison’s footfalls as she made her way towards the bedroom. “How come the groceries are still out? And is that Brooke’s dress on the fl—?” She stood frozen in the doorway as her mind wrestled with the scene.

“Hello, honey. How was your day?” Mom sounded so normal, so amused—and a little superior.

“Holy shit!” Allison gasped. She caught the perfume of sex. Her eyes took in so much at a single glance that she struggled to process it all. Brooke’s full, familiar, naked body lay in Mom’s bed. The pierced nipples bore a glow of over-stimulation. Beth’s hand caressed the slightly rounded tummy and, as Allison stared in disbelief, descended past the swollen, bald pubis to disappear in between full, wet thighs. Brooke whimpered in delight, eyes still closed as her legs trembled.

Allison’s gaze met her mother’s, and she knew exactly what Mom was thinking. The expression seemed to taunt the daughter with, Well, what are you waiting for . . .?

The young woman wondered if Mother’s face glistened from sweat . . . or cum? A sweeping look at the mature, beautiful body—the thick, erect tips of her firm breasts, the toned abdomen, her trim reddish-brown bush with flared lips, an enormous, succulent clitty, her legs posed just so—it all weakened Allison’s knees. Even as her mind struggled with the details, her body reacted.

Allison adored making love with Brooke, but had secretly fantasized about being with Mom. No, she admitted to herself, fantasized about fucking with sexy Beth. Thoughts of the illicit act had possessed Allison more than once. She had even masturbated to visions of licking between her Mother’s legs. Now seeing Brooke and Mom together, perhaps having them together, was better than she could have ever hoped. Allison stared at the mature, swollen, shiny clitoris.

The clitoris had always been Allison’s favorite sex organ, no matter the shape or size. But she had never eaten one so large and beautiful in her life. The girl determined to taste it, to suck it. To worship it.

In that moment an intense mental image struck Allison like a bolt of lightning. She lay on her back while Mom—no, while Beth—rode Allison’s tongue. Brooke would pound Allison’s pussy with a strap-on cock while Beth sucked Brooke’s pierced nipples. That’s how she wanted these two.

Allison entered the bedroom, reached for the buttons of her blouse and whispered, “Cool . . . .”

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