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Bound By Your Promise

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I cannot ignore your texts or help being provocative, everything you mention to do with sex hits the spot and you are a master of seduction, making me ache inside. You know that I can never consent to what you want, I would never cheat on my husband, but you know how much I want you…

We agree that one day it will happen, but the time’s not right, but you are willing to wait for as long as it takes, and you promise me one day I will be yours.

You have already warned me that you are going to take full control, and there will be no surrender when that day arrives. I know that what you promise is your word

Later on we have decided as friends to steal a few hours away together just have a drive and visit a remote beauty spot. It will be nice to talk openly to each other and not be bound by text. I suggest that you choose the location as you know the area well from when you had your days in mountain rescue.


And so the day arrives, I’ve already told you I can never consent so, after all it is just a ride out in the car, nothing more. But there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun together and teasing is there? I make sure that I am clean shaven and smell nice for you, I love to be a temptress and you deserve that much from me, plus I have a sneaky suspicion you won’t keep your hands completely to yourself. You’ve told me once that you would love to see me in thigh boots, so I have put them on just for an extra tease.

I set off and send a text you: on my way 5 mins x

My phone beeps back my insides flutter a bit: OK hun I am w8ing 4 u x

I pull up in the car park next to you and smile at you through the window. I then kill the engine, grab my bag and phone and open the door; you beam from ear to ear when you see what I am wearing.

You are always so complimentary to me, and today is no different, you tell me I look beautiful and sexy, and I thank you but tell you to behave. We laugh and after a peck on the cheek we set off ‘sightseeing’., We are so comfortable in each others company, no awkwardness, or lack of conversation. We’ve hit it off from the moment we met.

After about a 15 minutes’ drive, the latter 10 minutes being roads I have never seen before and can imagine are not even on a SatNav, you slow down to a snail pace, looking intently for something, then you take a turn onto a hidden dirt track that runs through the dark blanket of forest that has covered the hills running at the side of us. Once in it the sun sparkles through the opening of the leaves, it’s a warm afternoon with a slight breeze, but with the car window open it feels cool under the shade of the trees. As we drive along, the road gets more and more rugged, and after 5 more minutes you turn into another hidden track, the opening so overgrown I thought you were turning into the hedge. We just keep climbing and climbing, and the forest seem to be getting thicker and thicker, suddenly as though somebody has turned a light on we are out in a small opening, with a collection of boulders scattered around, you bring the car to a halt and tuck the keys in your pocket, and we both get out and walk to the front of the car. I look around, it’s so peaceful I think to myself and tranquil how beautiful, a million miles away from everything.

“OK we’re here” you say with a mischievous grin.

“Wow! Where is here”? I ask

“Do you like it? It’s the middle of nowhere… a promise is a promise baby, consent or not I’ve waited long enough, so today you become mine! You can do this the hard way or the easy way honey” you tell me in a serious tone.

I laugh at these words, thinking you are just having a bit of fun, but your voice is serious and your face meaningful, and suddenly I feel consumed by panic realizing the situation I have put myself in to. I can’t run, there is no point in screaming, and I am totally powerless compared to your muscular frame. My mind is spinning, how could I of been so naïve? I had trusted you! I have to try to reason with you. You could just rape me on the spot and there’s not a thing I can do about it!

“This wasn’t part of the agreement; I thought you understood, the time just isn’t right! Please don’t spoil what we have, don’t do this to me please” I can hear my reasoning turning into desperate pleading.

“Up to you hard way, or the easy way?” You tell me seriously.

The panic keeps on rising, I can feel it in my throat, I know you are going to take what you want from me whether I agree or not.

“Fuck you!” I scream at you

“Oh yes baby, that’s my intention, now are you going to take your dress of or am I going to have to rip it off?”

I can feel my cheeks burning red, I’m not sure if it’s from the rage or embarrassment, Oh God!!! The humiliation of willingly taking my dress off and standing in front of you naked apart from my thigh boots is awe consuming, I just can’t think straight. As you step towards me, I back up onto the car bonnet, shit, there is just no way out… even if I had wanted one.

“OK, OK, I’ll take it off, I’ll do it”.

Slowly, (trying to prolong the situation) I raise my dress higher and higher, unaware that I appear to be teasing you till I see the lust in your eyes. As I raise the hem over my shaven mound, and you lick your lips in a hungry mocking gesture. I know now, it doesn’t matter how long I take, you are more than happy to stand there ogling me, your obvious bulge is all the confirmation I need of this.

The humiliation is burning into my core, there is no option, and no point prolonging my ordeal further, so I whip the dress over my head drop it by my feet and stand there with my arms and legs crossed trying to shelter any dignity I have left, only to be met with an amused laugh you stand there drinking in the frozen spectacle before you, and I can feel my heart pounding against my ribcage.

As you approach me you raise your arm up and your hand snakes around the back of my neck causing goose bumps as skin contacts skin, suddenly you grab a handful of hair, not viciously, but just enough for my head to be held in position while you kiss me passionately. When I don’t return the kiss you abruptly stop, look deep into my eyes, and without expression say:

“Open your legs baby”

I part them, just to see if I can get away with it

“I said open them” you tell me strictly

I open them a little more, I can feel the cool breeze caressing my moist lips and feel so exposed.


I have never felt so embarrassed in my life and I know the proof of how turned on I am, is only seconds away from being discovered. I open my legs as far as I can possibly spread them, trying not to let my heels sink into the ground and without causing myself too much discomfort. With this you let go of my hair and step back again.

My nipples are so erect, they hurt, they are so tight with the sheer lust and mixed emotions I feel within my body. You tell me to look you in the eyes, and not to make a sound, as you raise your hands to my breasts you stroke my hard nipples tenderly, then without warning, painfully clamp them both at the same time between your fingers and thumbs and roll them about wickedly. A whimper escapes my mouth but the waves of pleasure flowing to my groin are explosive.

As you let go of my nipples, the blood comes rushing back to them, they are so swollen, dark and extremely tender.

“Oh baby, you seriously disappoint me: Didn’t I ask you not to make a sound? Turn around and spread your legs again, more this time”

I take a deep breath, and turn around obediently, resuming my position with my back to you. As I try to part my legs at a comfortable distance again you lift my thigh boots from the top and kick my feet apart, opening me up even more.

“Bend over”

The humiliation can’t get any worse, I am now openly displaying not only my pussy lips that are covered in juice, but how much my cunt is dripping with excitement. You stroke my backside, and move your fingers within inches of my sex, I quiver under your touch and just want you to take me, I need to feel you inside me, I try my best to stay still and hide my desire as you continue teasing me.

“Hun, you look more beautiful than ever, but now when I say not to make a sound… I mean it, and just so you know how serious I am, you will be punished!”

I feel myself turn crimson in my cheeks; I am so pleased I have my back to you.

With this your first slap lands across my thrust out backside echoing around us, I jolt forward onto the car bonnet, the burning is instant and the heat between my legs rises to a new level, before I have chance to recover, you deliver the next slap hitting one cheek, followed immediately by another slap hitting the other, the pain is searing into me, and your spanking is relentless, as a tear rolls down my cheek, I bite my lip and take my punishment without a sound. You now stroke my bright red ass caressingly, as if admiring a work of art and I know that you too can feel the heat radiating from my soft skin.

“Don’t move”

I couldn’t if I wanted to, your caressing stops but the heat from my rear glows and emits waves of pleasure into my groin. You part my tender cheeks to display my opening even more. After a moment or two, I feel your hot breath replace the cool breeze, you inhale my scent with every breath. Your tongue licks the full length of me and I feel like a bolt of lightning has hit me as you make contact with my clit, God it feels so good! You start greedily lapping round my opening, my legs buckle in their painful position, and I am relieved to support my full weight on the bonnet of your car, any resistance I had is completely gone, I am totally betrayed by my body.

Your mouth works hungrily on my swollen bud licking and rhythmically building me to climax. I reach my peak so ready to scream out my orgasm and come on your tongue, I start to grind onto your mouth and you stop…

“Noooooooo! Please, please don’t stop PLEASE”! I cry out

I beg of you, but you just stand there, holding my ass cheeks open watching my dripping cunt spasm, and wink at you with shameless need, for what feels like a lifetime. Finally you slowly dip a finger into me, and I let out a moan of pleasure, I think you are going to continue your sexual onslaught and give me the orgasm I long for, answer my prayers and give me harsh deep finger penetration, only for you to dip deep once into my pool of sweet honey and scoop out a nice helping of lubrication which you menacingly spread around my tight ass bud. You place your finger over my virgin hole and as you slowly nudge it in, my ring tightens involuntary around it, you began to motion your generous digit into a mini fucking of my behind prodding deeper and deeper.

I feel like I would take anything you offer at this point, as I started to push my body onto your finger, wanting you, wanting relief, just so wanting… past all cares or inhibitions, I just kept thrusting myself towards your single penetration struggling to set my body free from the sexual torment burning through my every nerve.

“You’re such a beautiful slut” you say, and as you slowly remove your finger.

Out of the blue, you present a painfully large rubber butt plug in front of my face.

“Put this in your mouth and keep it there”

I do as I am told as it fills my mouth completely, swiftly I am rewarded with a sharp sting on my tender backside, I let out a muffled “ARRGGHH”, totally shocked and confused, then you remind me that I had begged you not to stop, and I am not in the position to make requests without your permission. Adding to my already tender painful behind I feel the fire relight, promptly followed by another thwack, and another, and another, one for every word I uttered you inform me as I struggle desperately for breath, I can only really breathe through my nose. My body is wracked, my legs give way and I slide to my knees, my sweat soaked hair across my face, my mouth held open with this invasive butt plug, slavering from both sides of my mouth I can taste my tears of torture mixing with my saliva, fucking hell I am a wreck!

You remove the plug from my mouth.

“Where are your manners?”

I weakly reply “Thank you…”

You stand the butt plug on the car bonnet like a trophy, then take my chin in your hand as I look up at you, with your other hand you unzip your trousers and display your weapon, I lower my sight to eye level and feel a thrill of what is being presented to me, you look so beautiful, throbbing and looking like you are about to burst. You rub your pre-cum delicately round your knob with your thumb, making it glisten and twitch, God I need to taste that pre-cum dripping from you, I need to fill my mouth with your veiny rigid hot fucking rod. You come closer and slap me across the face with it, then again the other way, leaving a trail of your juice across my cheeks, with a big grin on your face you say “Now my sexy little slut, I know you can suck like a pro…. Enjoy”

I place one hand around the base of your shaft and tenderly lick the salty pre-cum, the taste drives me wild, and I swallow you deep into my mouth, closing my eyes, hungrily sucking and pumping you.

“Open your eyes and look at me”

I comply, as you look down on me devouring you, I enjoy the power shift and slow down, I lick up and down your length and toy with your balls through your jeans, looking at you all the time, looking for your expression of pleasure and not daring to lose eye contact I lick round the end of your knob then consume you greedily, I start to bob my head back and forward upping the speed, my hand wet with my saliva slides in harmony at the base of your cock and I accelerate my actions even more, I know you are as close as I was, and you are about to shoot your load. You take hold my ears and start to fuck my mouth hard…there’s no power shift! I can’t move my head as you start to shoot your load, you flood my mouth, I cant swallow quick enough, I am engulfed in your hot spunk, pumping from your body, choking for air as the flood of your sex consumes me, the overflow runs down my face and neck and onto my breasts. You hold my head in place until your spasms stop then let go of my ears and step back.

You gather yourself at remarkable speed, and lower yourself to your knees, crawling intimidating towards me like a tiger about to pounce, you rear up and envelope my sticky cum soaked neck in your strong hands, and raise me up on my knees to meet your mouth, you kiss me again, enjoying the taste of your cum. I want you so much and respond eagerly to your kiss.

Suddenly you let go and pull away as I fall forward onto all fours, you get to your feet again and just stand there looking at me shaking your head, I don’t know why, is it at my oral skills or at the semi naked heap of a whore you see in front of you?

“Get the butt plug and I’ll let you place it yourself hun.”

I look at you in horror…

“I haven’t got all day gorgeous!” You say watching my unease with total amusement, your cock begins to expand and rise from your groin again. Realizing I am watching your manhood with wanton desire, I quickly snap out of it, managing to gather my senses I drag myself up on your car bumper to reach your trophy butt plug. I have no idea what to do or how to do it, but the last thing I need is you near my tender ass, ruthlessly ramming in such a fat object.

I lie on my back and it crosses my mind that I can pleasure myself while I lubricate this monster. Your eyes stare as I slowly rub the nub up and down my slit, I so need to fuck myself with it, I push it slowly against my wet opening, pressing the narrow end in with as much self-control as I can manage, you are standing over me and I know I cannot abuse your ‘generosity’. Deep down I know you are perfectly tuned into what I am thinking, and you are only going to allow me what you decide. I am putting myself through total torment, but I have to at least try to get away with it. Slowly, I push the plug deeper stretching my lips until they swallow the girth, I pull on it to the limit of it threatening to slip out then ram it back deep into my pussy, I start to gently rub my swollen bud and begin to pound myself with the invader, oh yes, I am so close, oh yes!

“STOP!” you yell.

I immediately freeze, apart from my trembling, and you hold out your hand. I feel like screaming and crying at the same time but know I daren’t mutter a sound.

I reluctantly remove the phallus, as slowly as possible, and as the tip leaves my lips a gush of my juices escapes with it.

I hand it over to you, my frustration no longer hidden, feeling I am about to lose my sanity, I look pitiful, just hoping you will give me some compassion. You return my look with yet another wicked smile.

“Oh baby, I give you an opportunity and you abuse it, now let’s see if we can do this without any further instructions” you say and nod towards the car bonnet. You bring the toy up to your mouth and taste my cream on it and your hard swollen cock twitches.

I know what I have to do, and rise to my feet with as much dignity as I can muster, I turn my back to you and resume my position of earlier with my legs spread wide open I bend over and raise my ass in the air. I feel your thighs in between mine and then the tip of your cock positioned at my opening, you just hold still enjoying the feeling of me wanting to suck you in, in anticipation of a thrust and deep penetration my cunt throbs on the end of your cock…… but instead you move back slightly and start to nudge my ass with the invader, you alternate one hole then the other, plunging it deep into my wetness I let out a moan of desire, you remove it again lubricated for its purpose. You decide I am ready, and slowly start to ease it into my ass, I try to relax as much as I can but the stretching seemed like its tearing me apart. Pushed against the car bonnet I have to endure the pressure as it is forced into me. Suddenly, the widest part passes my ring and the plug is sucked into me and held securely in place. I can feel my orgasm rising as you tug gently on it, threatening to remove it you pull it slowly to its limit and I feel myself moving back with it, wanting to keep it inside me, then you lunge it deep back in me and know I cannot hold back. You gently stroke my hair away and kiss the back of my neck, the pleasure is overwhelming but you rapidly replace your kissing with bites strong enough to bring me crashing out of my erotic state, and you whisper in my ear “Oh so beautiful” with this I cry, and a flood of tears of frustration stream down my face.

You turn me around, and wipe away my tears with your thumbs and taking my hand in yours you guide my fingers over your throbbing prick, I want you so much, and I see your menacing smile through my blurry eyes. You take hold of my breasts, one in each hand and squeeze them together while pulling them towards you and up closer to your face, you lower your mouth to first one erect nipple, sucking it in taking a mouthful, then the other, making them stand out even more. Then holding onto them firmly you start to lead me over to a boulder about 10 paces away, I struggle to balance on my heels, but you have a firm grip and I know I won’t fall over. Each agonizing step is more pleasurable torture as the fullness in my ass makes my pussy release more juices.

You sit me on the boulder, where the intrusion is pushed deep into me again, and release my tits which are almost purple, they feel heavy as you let go and they fall back into place. You remove your clothing effortlessly, exposing your muscular frame and huge protrusion. Rubbing your shaft rhythmically you say “I am ready to give you the fucking of your life now, and I believe you are ready for it, but if you want it baby, you’re going to have to beg me for it, now lie back, open your legs and I want to watch you slowly play with yourself”.

With this I submissively lay myself back on the boulder and bring my booted legs up either side of me and lower my fingers to my sex. With surprise, I feel how swollen my lips are, I have never felt like this, I gently massage my ballooned clitoris, and imagine you pumping your rigid shaft forcefully and ruthlessly pounding my begging cunt in shameless passion.

“Oh Please Fuck me Please…I can’t take anymore”


“Please, please, please I beg you to fuck me, please fuck me, I am begging you, you bastard fuck me pleeease!”

You move towards me and place your hands either side of my shoulders, you’re smooth head slips easily between my lips and you start to enter me slowly, opening me up and stretching my love channel, every nerve ending is ignited as I feel your solid pulsing dick fill me to capacity. With the butt plug still firmly in place you start to fuck me mercilessly, you lift my legs over your shoulders as my groans turn into loud cries of pure pleasure you continue your pounding into my hot deep wet throbbing cunt. My long denied orgasm explodes and sends my world spinning, wave after wave of pleasure engulfs my body and mind and builds into another rolling climax of amplified bliss as I scream out my ecstasy. My screams and contracting muscles round your cock send you over the edge as you shoot your hot semen deep into my cunt hurtling me into a third crashing orgasm as powerful and wracking as the previous ones, I hold tight onto your arms as I writhe beneath your trembling body I greedily buck at your subsiding erection.

As you pull out of me, I am left holding my legs in the air, you swiftly glide two fingers into me then three, then four, I am more stretched now more than ever! You apply them gently, with sweet motion, your touch is tender and slow slipping in and out of my cum filled pussy, you can feel the rear intrusion through the thin wall separating it, and you toy with it. As soon as your fingers have comfortably stretched me you go for the ‘kill’ and sneak your thumb in with them, with your gentle persuasion, the width of your knuckles gains access and making a fist you slide your whole hand inside me up to your wrist, I am entirely yours to do as you please, as you start fisting me I can feel another orgasm building up, and as your pace increases I start to squirt and ejaculate my come up your arm, with this you slow down and twist and turn your fist inside me, tugging at my butt plug with the other hand, you build up your tempo again, and bring your mouth down to lick me, working me skilfully jet after jet of my excitement squirts out, hitting your face and mouth. You gentle your movements, removing only your hand from my ass plug and you bring your face up to mine where you kiss me intensely, I taste my own juices on your lips and start to lick your sodden face clean.

“Do you think you can stand”?

I shake my head, so you pull your fist towards you forcing me to put my feet to the floor and move my body in the same direction, the only support you give me is one handed, as your other is wedged deep within me. I pull myself up holding on to your arm, and your other arm moves with me. Standing now I look at you waiting for your next instruction.

“Turn around and bend over for me baby”

This will be interesting, while balancing on one shaky leg I raise the other over your arm and back down to the ground. Holding tight onto you I gingerly turn round, your fist swivelling inside me, and the butt plug nudging against it with every movement. I bend forward to support myself on the rock and you tell me to spread again. Your fist makes small, slow pumping actions, and with your other hand, I feel you seizing the end of my anal invader, you start to push and pull at it slowly, so slowly, skilfully in rhythm with your fist, then rotate it round, grinding it gently against your clenched knuckles, threatening to remove it, you hold me down in position with your fist, and pull gently on the butt plug for what feels like eternity, then you pull a little harder, almost to its limit, and hold it there again, my ass is involuntary clenching it, and sends my pussy into spasm, as you keep it pulled to its limit, you give it slightly more pull and my already stretched ring opens up and releases the toy. You open and close your fingers inside me, causing me to squirm at the sensation, then you bend down and lick my ring, leaving it soaked in your saliva. And you tell me, that you’re going to ram your throbbing cock all the way up my tiny ass and ride me like a whore.

Fully expecting you to remove your fist I feel a new wave of excitement as your horny cock starts to nudge at my ring. Grateful of your gentleness, and patience, I try to edge onto you as much as possible, bit by bit, you ease your horny cock into me stretching me wider until I accommodate your girth, and filling me up like never ever before you keep nudging deeper and deeper. Now you are into me up to your limit, you start to gently sway, and move your fist in harmonious rhythm. I am overwhelmed with the amazement of the sensation, and calm under your control, I rock to match your rhythm, and feel my climax building. As if prompted you grab a handful of my long hair, pull my head back and start to bugger me hard and fast, pulling me onto you with your fist with every lunge of your cock in my ass, this takes me over the edge and throws me into an almighty orgasm crashing through my every nerve, over and over again, I can’t see, I can’t breathe, I am totally consumed by the overpowering ecstasy. You cannot hold back any more and with another deep hard thrust, your fist pulls me hard onto you and my feet almost leave the ground as I feel your hot cum jetting into my final orifice.

You withdraw you cock first then your hand slowly and gently, my body responds by clamping round it but eventually has to release it, We collapse in a heap on the grass, completely exhausted, our bodies entwined and sweating, shaking from the intense pleasure we have just experienced.

I’d had my regrets when we arrived here, but you didn’t take anything from me, you gave me your all, and I gave you my all.


2 Days later, a jiffy bag drops through my letterbox, the sole contents an unmarked DVD, when alone, I place it in the computer, and as I raise my hand to my mouth with shock, I stare at the screen before me replaying our little secret, My God, how many hidden cameras had you placed there?

The scenes are so graphic and clear, there would be no way to deny who the star of the movie is: I immediately text you “WTF?” with your swift reply I get the text: “U R MINE 😉 same time next week x” I understand, I am now bound by your promise….

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