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Blissful Ignorance

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Sarah woke with a start and sat up immediately, looking around in confusion. Part of her confusion had to do with the fact that she had been drugged, and thusly had fallen asleep. However, the more dominating part of her confusion was that she did not know where she was or how she got there.

She laid upon a king size canopy bed, which looked like someone had spent far too much time and love into making.

The canopy supports were carved from what seemed to be polished onyx; not an easy task, considering the stone’s fragility. Upon closer inspection, though, Sarah noticed that they were only made to look like onyx, and instead were made out of some rough stone. The comforter she laid upon was black, like the canopy supports, and the pillows, which were the same color, were frilled at the ends with lace.

The room itself had a polished oak floor, and looked as if a shoed foot had never taken a step upon it. There was a walk-in closet as well, which was closed. The walls were painted white, and rest of the room was empty and cheerless.

Sarah then noticed something that only further incited her confusion. She couldn’t remember clearly what she was wearing before, but it was not this. Now the poor startled girl was clad in a white, button down office shirt, a short and rather snugly fitting black skirt, and a garter belt, complete with black stockings with lace patterns at their top and down her legs.

She grimaced as she noticed the lack of panties she had been wearing. She wasn’t wet now, but there was no telling how long she had been out, and no telling what whomever did this had also done to her.

Now that her confusion the drug had induced upon her abated slightly, it was replaced by curiosity. Sarah wasn’t afraid; she could handle herself against any man. Years of exercise had made the woman toned and slightly muscular. She could hurt a man if she wanted to, and she knew how to do it.

And that was just the blunt end of Sarah. If she wanted, she could also seduce a man. Standing at five feet and seven inches, most of that height being leg, Sarah would just need to pull her skirt up a little in order to send most men wild. That, too, was to ignore her perky breasts, which seemed to have been taken tender care of, and placed in a black lace C size bra.

So, Sarah decided it was time to figure out what was going on. Whoever had placed her here, obviously had intent, blatantly marked by the fact that she was missing certain pieces of underwear. The thought of a man wanting her in this place, and her being ‘mostly’ helpless excited her. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more intrigued she was. She could feel the moisture gather ever so slightly inside of her, and she decided to stay.

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look around, she figured. Sarah walked silently up to the walk-in closet, and opened one of the doors. Gasping, and then giggling in girlish delight, the woman saw a vast assortment of toys. And when she said toys, she meant toys. There were a number of dildos and vibrators lined neatly on a shelf, along with two riding crops, ropes, handcuffs, and other things she couldn’t even begin to imagine having a purpose in sex.

She looked farther into the closet, to see what was at the other end, but darkness wouldn’t permit it. Sarah, using magnificently humorous logic, then grabbed the largest dildo she could find, and closed that side of the closet. If anything bad popped out, which she would only fall to the floor in laughter if it did, she could beat it with the giant rubber toy.

Taking a few steps to the other side of the walk-in closet, Sarah quickly opened the door, holding the dildo in a sort of mock battle stance. All she saw, however, was a small desk and a large vanity mirror planted on the back wall of the closet. What the desk was for, Sarah couldn’t imagine, for it was too low to the ground for her long legs to fit under there, and she didn’t suppose this was a child’s room.

However, these fleeting thoughts quickly dissipated as Sarah decided to appreciate her image. She took a lot of pride in her appearance, and especially her dark brunette hair. She laughed as she tossed her hair, grabbed her breasts tightly with both hands, looked straight into her own eyes, and planted a foot on the top of the small desk, saying “Come and fuck me, big boy…”

As Sarah looked into the mirror, she realized that she was still holding the rubber penis in her hands, and that it was a pleasant pressure against her left breast. She angled her left hand a little more, so the head of the dildo was right near her mouth, and she gave into an urge to take a quick lick of it.

The dildo bobbed with the quick stroke of her tongue, as if in delight. Sarah watched all this within the mirror, and was amused. She looked beautiful in this get-up, and was becoming even hornier at the thought of licking the giant synthetic dick. She grasped at her breasts harder, reveling in the equal sensations of pain and ecstasy it brought her.

She could feel herself become wetter as her clit tingled with delight. She wondered idly whether or not she should allow herself the sin of playing with herself. Then, she decided it wasn’t much of a decision. Here she was, breasts in her hand, along with a tantalizing dildo. Sarah couldn’t help herself.

She gave her breasts one more squeeze and then began to unbutton her shirt. The rubber dick, still being in her hands, played along the skin of her breasts as her hands descended her shirt. Suddenly, Sarah decided she couldn’t take it anymore. She was dripping down her thighs with excitement and anticipation. She wanted to be penetrated, and now.

Suddenly realizing what the small desk was for, Sarah placed her left leg upon the top of it, and planted her other a small distance away. This turned her on even more, and she took the dildo and slowly plunged it deep inside of her.

Sarah’s insides went aflame with delight as the rubber prick delved inside of her. Moaning, she watched her image in the mirror, as she fucked herself. She used her remaining hand to massage and squeeze her breasts. God, this was beautiful inside of her. The pleasure was quickly becoming more than she could bear, and she closed her eyes with the intensity of it. She pulled the dildo out and pushed it inside of herself again, moving it in and out with a steady rhythm.

Then, realizing with humor that she was about to orgasm without her clit having even been manipulated, she reached down with her other hand and started to finger her it. Sarah’s breath came in rapid gasps and her hips rocked back and forth; everything was ecstasy, and her body went numb with pleasure. Then, suddenly, the dildo was ripped out of her, and her hand had lost grip on the thing.

Sarah opened her eyes to see what was going on, but quickly found that she couldn’t see! She knew she had not gone blind, but what had happened? Had the power gone out?

And then strong hands grasped her flailing arms, and a soft, warm masculine voice spoke. “Be calm. Don’t scream. Everything’s going to be alright.” Sarah knew what had happened; this man had blindfolded her!

She struggled against him a little, testing his strength. If she really wanted to get rid of him, she could; she would never allow a man to rape her.

She heard a soft thud, and realized that the man had dropped the dildo on the floor. His hands were probing her, feeling her firm breasts and tight abs. Then he reached deeper to her clit and began to start up where she left off.

“I’m sorry I interrupted you, I just didn’t want you to wear yourself out before the real fun began.” Sarah could not recognize that voice for the life of her. This man seemed to be a complete stranger!

Still, Sarah reasoned, this could still be fun, as long as nothing got out of hand. The man was using one hand to manipulate her clit, and the other to penetrate inside of her. She called her thought process reasoning, but as close as she was to climaxing, there was no such thing as reason.

The man breathed heavily on the back of her neck, obviously excited himself, as she felt the bulge of his dick in his pants brush against her ass. Sarah grew even more excited at this, and had nearly reached orgasm. “Oh, please…more…” The man seemed happy to oblige as he stuck three fingers into her pussy, dancing them around inside of her.

Finally, with a loud moan, she orgasmed, sending a stream of her liquid down his fingers and onto his arm, as she squirmed and her knees started to buckle. This mysterious man held her upright as Sarah convulsed in his grasp, the man still gently massaging her clit.

Then, as the pleasure slowly subsided, he stopped playing with Sarah and pulled her towards the bed. He set her at the side of the bed, and let go of her. “Lay down and get comfortable; I’ll be right back.” Sarah shivered with excitement and obliged; her orgasm had left her weak. She really saw no reason in leaving now.

She could tell the man had returned as the bed shifted slightly under his weight. His strong hands had grasped at both her legs and were spreading them apart. Sarah, unable to help herself, let another moan of excitement escape her lips and shivered again.

There was movement on the bed, and she could feel the man breathing on her clit. She realized fully that he was going to eat her out, and she felt herself grow still wetter from the though. She just hoped he would get on with it.

And suddenly, without warning, he did. His tongue lingered playfully on her clit, manipulating it slightly. He played up and down the entirety of her genitals, and took his time penetrating into her vagina with his tongue. Sarah was losing control, and began to squirm once again, but he held her firm.

As the man ran his tongue back up her clit, he stopped and placed his lips upon her, and began sucking. Sarah was now moaning very loudly in pleasure, and probably wouldn’t have been able to see even had she not been blindfolded. She was now paying full attention to the world of joy this man brought her, and screamed aloud when he bit her clit.

And then, as quickly as it began, it stopped. The man had pulled away from Sarah who was in mid-orgasm, dripping like mad from her pussy.

After a sigh of elation and disappointment, Sarah spoke. “Why…did you…stop?”

“Because, I’m still to have my fun.”

Puzzled, Sarah tried to figure out what he meant, but didn’t have time. The man grabbed her roughly and made her get on her knees. Grabbing her hands, he pushed them upward and against one of the supports for the canopy. His hands left hers, but Sarah didn’t have the time or sense to pull them away; his hands were there once again, and with rope.


“Just relax, everything will be fine.”

Sitting directly behind her, the man swiftly tied her hands to the canopy, and ran his hands down her arms. Sarah, being as exhausted as she was, just sat there limply as he ran his hands under her shirt and up her back. He unclasped her bra pulled it up over her head, laying it across her bound arms. Then the man reached around her and grasped her breasts firmly, kneading them harshly.

This and the fact that he was digging his nails into her tits had sent Sarah into another cacophony of moans. He rocked slightly against her, making her hips move in rhyme with his as he continually abused her cleavage. Sarah tossed her hair in delight, and her captor took advantage of this to brush her hair over her shoulder.

Still massaging Sarah’s breasts, this man now began to kiss her neck. He was driving Sarah crazy, and her wetness dripping down her leg was a constant reminder that she was yet to be filled. “Please…stop playing with me…ugh, just…take me now…”

The man let out a bit of a laugh. “I want you to squat for a moment, okay?”

Sarah nodded and did what was ordered. Her juices were draining from her in a constant stream, and this only served to entice her further. Fortunately, she finally got what she wanted.

This mysterious man finally penetrated her, thrusting his dick roughly into her. Sarah gave a moan for obvious reasons as he slid out of her, and thrust back in again. She could feel him quivering and pulsating inside of her, and it was driving her to orgasm yet again.

Still, this was not enough for her captor. Again, he reached around her, but only one hand went for her breasts. The other crawled hungrily to her clit and decided to take up residence there.

Between the constant thrusting, rocking of hips, manhandling and clit massaging, Sarah went wild. She bucked and rocked and screamed. This man was amazing, and she wanted to keep him forever; what they were doing together should never end. However, as all good things must come to an end, she could feel that this was about to cum to the same conclusion.

She could barely feel the man suddenly stiffen through her haze of perfect utopia, and knew that he was about to cum. When he started to slow, Sarah spoke. “No…just…finish me.” The man gave a grunt of acknowledgement, and continued to thrust harder and faster.

Sarah couldn’t help herself; she orgasmed again. As her insides clenched and relaxed spasmodically on her captor’s dick, he also came, and the euphoric moment they shared together was absolute bliss. Sarah, finally changing her screams to loud moans, and her moans to whimpers. With what seemed hesitation, the man reached out and weakly untied her. As soon as the rope gave way, they both collapsed onto the bed.

At this point in time, Sarah decided that the best thing to do was sleep in this wonderful man’s arms. In fact, it was the only thing to do. So, when it seemed that her captor was going to do that same exact thing, she let exhaustion overtake her.

Sarah once again woke with a start, and found herself back in her own bed, in her own house. After wondering if it was a dream, the woman gained a little bit more of her surroundings. She was naked, which she didn’t remember either…

Still, if it was just a dream…it was an unbelievable dream that had left her very sore. Ah, well, Sarah thought. Might as well go back to sleep, and see if she could meet this man again.

Laying back and stretching, Sarah’s hand brushed against something under her pillow. Having seen these sorts of movies before, she quickly grabbed at it, and found it was a note.

“Don’t worry. You will.”

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