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“I’m spending the day at the beach,” announced Barbara.

“You’re mad. You’ll be the only person there. It’s not really warm enough,” Sally pointed out.

“It will be. I’m going up to Point Revon. The hills block the wind there and the beach will be sunny. I’m not going swimming, just working on my tan. Why don’t you come.”

“I’ve some things to do this morning. I’ll see what the weather’s like later. If it’s OK I’ll come up.”

Barbara departed to the beach and Sally on her errands.

After completing her various chores, Sally considered the weather. It wasn’t too bad. Maybe joining Barbara for some sun bathing wouldn’t be a bad idea. She called Barbara, getting direction as to where she was.

“It’s nice and warm, the sun’s out and I’ve effectively got the beach to myself,” Barbara told her.

Rolling up a short while Sally joined Barbara and received a surprise.

“You’re topless,” she pointed out.

“You noticed, did you?” said Barbara with a laugh. “Why not? It will get rid of my tan lines and there’s no-one else around but us.”

“And him,” said Sally dryly, indicating a young man not too distant. “He’s probably getting an eyeful right now, and you’re lucky he didn’t jump you, all alone out here.”

“He arrived after me,” said Barbara, grinning, “but don’t worry about him. He’s blind. You can see his cane next to him if you look. If we weren’t speaking he probably wouldn’t even know we were here.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. Like I said, I was here first and I saw him coming. A friend dropped him off, and he came wandering along the path waving his cane all over the place. Then he just settled down there and I think he went to sleep.”

Sally relaxed, dropping her outer clothes and relaxing in her bikini. The sun was nice in this secluded place, and this would be one of the last chances to sun bathe before it became too cold.

“Sally, why don’t you drop your top also,” Barbara suggested quietly. “Like I said, he won’t notice and there’s no-one else here.”

Sally grinned. Why not? She unclipped the bikini top and tossed it to the side before lying down and relaxing again.

It was a couple of hours later, with both girls drowsing in the sun, when Barbara’s phone rang. It turned out to be her mother. She was awfully sorry, but she’d run out of petrol again and she didn’t have her purse on her so could Barbara come and give her a hand?

With a fair amount of grumbling, Barbara packed her things and prepared to depart.

“Are you coming now, or staying on?” she asked Sally.

“I’m staying on,” said Sally, smirking. “My mother hasn’t run out of petrol.”

Barbara laughed. “OK. I’ll try and get back after I’ve sorted mum out.”

Sally started to settle back down, then stopped and looked around. Apart from the blind man there was no-one in sight. Dare she? She did.

Sally slipped off her bikini bottom and lay back nude in the sun, feeling delightfully daring and slightly wicked. Too bad for the blind man, his eyes would pop if he could see what was lying just next to him.

Lying there sun bathing with no-one to talk to was boring, Sally realised. Even if she was naked, it was still boring. She considered packing it up and heading home. She could go to the gym for an hour or so and work on her gymnastics.

An idea sprang to mind, fully formed. The sand was a good place to go through her routines, and she didn’t need her leotards. It could be fun to do her exercises in the nude, especially as she’d be doing them in front of a young man who really wasn’t too bad looking. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.

Springing to her feet, Sally moved around in front of her unwitting audience. A few stretches to limber up, and Sally commenced her various routines. For fifteen minutes she flipped and somersaulted, spun and leapt.

With the initial rush of energy dispersed Sally settled down to slower routines. A slow backward bend, arching her back until her hands touched the sand behind her. A smooth transfer of her weight to her hands, kick up and she was standing on her hands. A quick flip and she was back on her feet.

Facing the sea, Sally leant forward, her body a smooth curve, until her hands were flat on the sand in front of her. Now she wanted to do a slow hand-stand. Weight on her hands and lift one leg until vertical. Now balance while the other leg lifts.

Scream, when her leg is caught half-way up. Scream again, as her other leg automatically drops down and is caught by whoever is standing behind her.

Suddenly, Sally is resting on her hands while her legs are firmly held, as though she was in a child’s wheelbarrow race. She twisted her head, trying to look behind her, while kicking her legs trying to get loose.

Neither attempt met with success. Whoever was behind her was holding her too firmly, and she couldn’t see properly. She could feel however, and she screamed again as she felt the sudden invasion.

Sally struggled harder, but uselessly. Held the way she was she could do little more that wriggle her bottom, and that probably helped more than hindered the cock that slid inexorably into her. She squealed again as she felt the stranger bump firmly against her, his cock deeply sheathed within her.

“Will you stop squalling?” snapped a voice from behind her. “You’ve been asking for this ever since you took your bikini off. As for the little display you’ve been putting on for the past half an hour, what did you think would happen?”

Looking behind, Sally could see that the blind man was no longer lying down. Of course he’s not, idiot, a little voice told her. He’s standing behind you with his cock jammed up you.

“But you couldn’t see me,” Sally protested. “You’re blind.”

“Why on earth would you think that? You can call me Dave, by the way. What’s your name?”

“You’re wearing dark glasses and you’ve got that cane,” pointed out Sally, “and shouldn’t you have exchanged names before you assaulted me?”

“I wear sunglasses because it’s a sunny day and I have the cane because I pulled a hamstring and have to be careful,” said Dave. “And I’m not assaulting you. I’m just taking advantage of what you’ve been offering me for the past half hour.”

“I wasn’t offering you anything,” wailed Sally. “Now take it out. I thought you were blind and couldn’t see me.”

In answer, Dave pushed firmly against Sally, causing her to gasp.

“You still haven’t told me your name,” he reminded her, “and I don’t want to take it out. I’m enjoying the feel of you.”

He gave another thoughtful little press to drive the point home.

“I’m Sally,” she gasped. “Now please stop. I don’t want this.”

“Too bad. I do. You should have thought of that before putting on your display, and don’t say you thought I was blind. You were probably wondering what it would be like if I was watching. Now you’re finding out.”

Sally tried to struggle again, but realised from Dave’s laugh that she was only amusing him. And probably exciting both of them, she thought. She rather suspected that her main gripe about the whole thing was that it felt humiliating to be held like a wheelbarrow while he casually bonked her. It just wasn’t fair.

As soon as she stopped wriggling, Sally felt Dave pull back a little and push firmly back into her. She shuddered at the feeling, wanting him to stop but wanting to feel it again. And feel it again she did, as Dave lazily repeated the movement, taking his time to slowly withdraw and slide back in, sending little shivers through her with the thrust.

“You know, Sally,” said Dave, “This reminds me of those wheelbarrow races we used to have as kids. I think the grown up version is better, don’t you?”

“No,” wailed Sally, “I don’t. I want you to stop. This is humiliating.”

Another slow thrust answered her. Dave apparently didn’t care about her wishes or her humiliation. He was talking his pleasure of her, and doing it slowly, and slowly driving her out of her mind.

For another ten minutes they stood there, Sally trying to talk Dave into letting her go and Dave making the occasional slow thrust, destroying her arguments in a flood of sensation.

Sally was breathing hard now and she knew that, but for the awkward position Dave had forced upon her, she would be responding strongly to those long slow thrusts.

A hard pressure against her took her by surprise. What was he trying to do? Clarification came swiftly.

“I think we’ll wheel over to the towel you were lying on,” Dave told her, increasing the pressure against her.

With increasing fury, Sally found herself forced to wheelbarrow walk over to the towel, hearing Dave laughing at her helplessness.

Reaching the towel, Sally felt Dave’s hands moving along her legs, transferring his grip to her hips. With her feet finally on the ground, Sally was prepared to start struggling again, but before she could start Dave was forcing her to her knees, still remaining firmly inside her at all times.

Finally on her hands and knees, Sally felt Dave’s hand slide up and around and close over her breasts.

“Playtime’s over,” she was told. “Now let’s get down to some serious work.”

Dave withdrew and came back at her, but this was no longer the slow deliberate movements he had been using. Now he thrust into her, hard and fast, squeezing her breasts at the same time. As he pulled back Sally could feel herself repositioning herself slightly, to take full advantage of his lunge. She gasped as he came back, lifting her bottom to meet him, relishing the hard physical contact.

If it was a contest, Dave had definitely won, she knew, because there was no way she could resist what was happening to her. She didn’t even want to resist, and she could feel her body responding to his every movement.

Sally lost track of time as she succumbed to the rocking motion taking over her body. All she could do was to flow with it, keeping in time to a slowly accelerating pace that was not so slowly driving her wild. She rocked, pressing up against the cock invading her, yielding and welcoming, while all the time tensions built within her.

Then they snapped, and Sally screamed as everything seemed to sweep over her, leaving her stunned at the enormity of what she’d felt. Slowly she came back to full comprehension of the world around her. She looked at Dave, who was sitting back with a smugly satisfied look on his face.

“My mate will be here to pick me up soon,” Dave told her. “You might want to get dressed before he arrives.”

Sally glared at him, but hastily reached for her bikini. While putting it on her phone rang, and reaching for it she saw that Barbara was calling. She answered.

“Listen, I won’t be able to make it back,” said Barbara, “so if you’re still waiting for me, don’t. And by the way, that blind man is not really blind. I just told you that so you wouldn’t get upset about me flashing my boobs, so you’d better put your top back on.”

“I’ve already noticed that he’s not blind and my bikini is firmly in place, I assure you,” said Sally.

Which it was. A little late possibly, but in place.

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