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Big Beautiful Bar Banger

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You may or may not remember me, but to refresh your memories anyway, I was the slut that sucked off many a cock and got fucked in every way possible by two women and at least 50 guys at a pool party last summer. Even after all that weekend of sex, I was still hot and very horny and spent the following week getting myself off over and over just thinking about that party.

Even the 18 year old guy who jacked his huge dick and sprayed his jism all over his web cam when we got into cybersex one evening didn’t satisfy me much, though I did cum pretty hard when I saw him lose his load.

I had to have more cock; it didn’t matter what kind of guy it was as long as he had a hard dick attached to him. Usually I only fuck younger, hot stripper-type and athletic-looking men like the guys that had been at the pool party, so you know I had to be horny not to be picky about my sex partners this time around.

So one night totally bored out of my skull and having a strong craving for a good fuck or two, I went out to some hole in the wall bar after I’d gotten off another web cam guy that had blown many a cum shot live on cam while I was fooling around on the computer. Damn, I’d forgotten how horny those teenage and college guys could be…LMAO!

Anyway, totally braless and no panties per my usual routine, I had put on a loose, low cut sweater and some black jeans before heading out. When I got there, the place was busier than I’d originally thought, but then again, it was a blue-collar joint and men were there for the picking.

After having a few drinks, a construction guy that had to be about my age that I had been chatting with started hitting on me and feeling up my crotch under the table. In the dark bar, I unzipped both my jeans and his and shoved his hand in my pants as I took out the hard cock from his own and started jerking it.

He then took my hand off his cock and zipped up. I was wondering if maybe I’d gotten a little too forward when he pulled me by the hand. “Let’s go outside, baby,” he said huskily in my ear.

We ended up in the alley at the back of the bar, where his car had been parked. Unzipping him again, I took out his now VERY hard cock and began sucking and teasing the head, licking the shaft and playing with his balls before I took practically his entire eager tool into my mouth. He groaned and bucked his hips as I orally serviced him for several minutes before he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

“Jesus, baby, that was great. But you’ll make me cum too soon with that hot assed blow job.”

Bending me over the hood of the car, he slid his cock inside my cunt and began fucking me from behind. People would come out now and again, but we were both into such a fucking frenzy that we didn’t care who saw us, as long as it wasn’t a cop. Turns out, people that both came to this bar, picked up a piece of ass in general at the bar and/or brought prostitutes back there they’d picked up off the street went out in this alley for sex all the time; finding many a used condom out there (even though the guy doing me now didn’t have one on) the next morning was commonplace, so it really didn’t matter. As a matter of fact, I was getting turned on at the thought of anyone watching us fuck.

He was a quite buzzed on all the beer he’d had; he and I may have exchanged four sentences once we started fucking. During our impromptu sex fest, many could hear bottles clinking, people chattering, swearing, laughing, the door opening and closing as he slammed his cock in and out of my pussy. He fucked so hard and good. And despite being on the edge of totally drunk, he had no problem getting it on. My cunt was being opened and stuffed and rammed and worked over. The rush! I was feeling all limber and loose as I stuck my cunt up and slammed him back as juices from my one orgasm after another spilled all over his cock.

Okay, so I will be the first to admit I am both an exhibitionist and a slut. Being half nude wasn’t enough , so I pulled off my top. His muscled arms were locked straight, bracing me against the hood of the car. I suddenly jerked up and slid away until his dick popped out of my soaked slit.

“In the ass!” I ordered. “Fuck me in the ass!”

I then bent over the hood again and he spread my ass cheeks, lubed his fingers with both his spit and the wetness from my cunt, fingering my tight asshole until it was a little looser. His cock still soaked from fucking my snatch, he slid in easily, gradually pushing his entire fuck pole up my ass and pumping away.

My tits were shaking hard as he banged me in the backdoor. As he continued to pound and assault my ass like I had been like one of the $10 whores that had been brought into that back alley, his hands reached up and began squeezing them and lightly pinching my nipples, then reached under my ass and rubbed my clit, then finger fucked my cunt in time with the ass pounding. Oh God, it was hot…and I came so hard! Arms still locked around me and his hands all over my huge tits, he fucked my ass even harder.

“Oh, baby!” finally cried out of his haze of sexual frenzy. “I’m gonna cum!”

Both of our bodies shivered as he let loose with long hot streams of creamy cum into my bowels. Let me tell you from personal experience that anal sex does give the best orgasms, especially when a guy spills his load inside your ass!

After that impromtu fuck and him blasting his cum up my huge ass, we went our separate ways. From what I could see then, the guy could barely walk straight aftewards after all that fucking in the barely lit alley.

I went back a couple times to the same bar after that first night when I got it on with the construction guy. First return, it was a total bust with mostly women there and I wasn’t exactly in the mood for pussy, so I went home and ended up inviting another guy I had met online over to the apartment, where’d we had at least two hours together fucking the shit out of each other.

Second time, I saw two young guys playing pool and I’d had more to drink this time, so I was working on definitely getting these two out back for some cock servicing. Wearing a skirt with no panties underneath, and still totally braless, I was sticking out my bare ass, flashing my shaved mound, briefly flash my huge tits and the like. As they played pool , I would sit on a bar stool and spread my legs to show a cunt shot. We were all three flirting and they were making almost lewd comments. Finally, in one of my legs-spread moves, one guy said to the other when they thought I was out of earshot, “I bet that one is an easy and great piece of ass. Big chicks usually are.” And letting them know I heard, I came back with, “I wouldn’t mind getting a piece of your cocks myself.”

They went back and forth whispering and nudging each other, with me giving them innuendo about “balls” every chance I got. They then asked if I was serious. I jerked my thumb toward the door that led to the alley and grinned.

“You wanna do us HERE?!” one asked when we got to their car and told them to unlock one of the back seat doors. I just took his hand as I shoved my other hand down second guy’s pants and dug out his waiting dick and squatting down to give it a quick lick on the head, to show them what I wanted for sure, then I stripped off my top, revealing my bare tits. He got quiet very quickly and he opened the car door.

The first guy was pretty excited by now, judging from the rise in his Levi’s that I certainly didn’t miss seeing and let these guys figure out how they wanted to take my body and choose to fuck any of the holes they wanted!

Once in the backseat of the car, and both their pants off, I soon had one guy in my cunt and the other in my ass. And it was my even wilder having two men banging me right there behind that bar where any moment we could be stopped and even arrested by the cops. I even knew which guy I wanted in my cunt and which guy I wanted in my ass. The one whose cock could not stop oozing precum I wanted in my ass. Never mind he was generously endowed; I’ve had big dicks in my ass before.

Anyway, these two guys were not ideal, as it turns out, but what the hell, a gal can’t be picky when she’s having a strong cock craving. They excelled at filling both my ass and pussy and showing me that they could work a cock and make me cum over and over.

It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to get off with two strange men in the backseat of a car in a back alley, especially when they’re just drunk enough to have trouble with their hard ons; but not enough trouble that both of them shot off their white hot loads of jizz at the same time into my used openings, moaning as they filled me with load after load of cum, just as another guy came out into the alley that I hadn’t seen in the throes of our orgasms.

Once the two guys I had been with had emptied their cocks into me, they pulled me out of the backseat and drove away, tossing my clothes and purse behind me and leaving me there still totally naked and cum streaming down my legs. Though a lot of women would be devastated being left that way as if they’d been nothing more than a whore whose purpose was now useless once they had finished with her, I didn’t care. As I to them, they had just been another nameless fuck to me. And I’d had more of my share of those among the hundreds of men I had used and been used by sexually since losing my cherry at age 19 and being both being a total slut into recreational sex and somewhat a ‘pro’ in the field of adult entertaiment at live sex shows and an escort, impersonal, no-strings fucking like this came with the territory.

Thinking I was still alone, I wiped some of the cum that had leaked down from my crotch onto my thighs with a tissue before throwing my clothes back on. Little did I know at that moment that the big dude that had come out a bit ago as I and the two guys went at it and we’d been cumming together before I was thrown away like used tissue.

“Hey honey, you all right?” he asked.

“Sure.” Why wouldn’t I be? I’d just gotten dicked by two guys at once; not the greatest ones in the world, but any cock in a storm…

Though the place had been full of sleazy-looking guys outside of the two pool players I ended up banging, this giant of the guy was built and quite good looking. I wondered what the likes of him was doing in this dive, and at the same time, I couldn’t help but notice the tent in the crotch of his khakis. Oh God, he must have seen the threesome I had been in!

He caught me staring. “You like that, baby?” he teased.

“Can’t judge much through your pants,” I teased back.

Next thing I knew, he had wordlessly unzipped and dropped his pants and pulled down the G string underneath them, revealing a very large, very stiff tool. “How’s that view of it, baby? You love that big dick, don’t you?”

Now here was a guy that certainly was going to be worthwhile! “Mmmmm…nice and stiff. Just the way I like my men. Hard and ready to go!”

“Suck me,” he commanded.

He didn’t have to ask twice.

As he leaned against the building of the bar with his pants and G string around his ankles, I went to my knees and I took as much of his throbbing shaft into my mouth as I could, sucking his massive pole into obvilition and tasting his precum in my mouth.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck that cock. Suck me real good…you really love it…yeah, suck me!”

He thrusted his hips faster and faster as I got my face fucked, gobbling more of his member until I was practically deep throating him. He groaned with pleasure as my hands ran over his tight ass cheeks and made their way down to cup his balls as I continued to orally pleasure him.

Suddenly, his dick popped out of my mouth and he told me to lean against the building and spread my legs. “Oh baby, I gotta fuck you now!”

Wrapping my legs around his hips as I put my arms around his shoulders for support, this big stud thrusted his giant cock inside my hot, wet pussy and proceeded to give me the fucking of the night, if not the whole damn week. With every thrust, he groaned and grunted and banged me as if he’d been sex starved for ages.

“Ohhhhh yes! Give me all that hot prick, you stud! Drill your cock deeper into me! Fuck me hard! FUCK ME!” I hissed.

Continuing to fuck me like a dirty slut right there in the alley against the building, he pounded in and out of my now very well fucked slit for over 20 minutes as his balls slapped against the bottom of my ass, until I felt his cock growing even larger as his orgasm began to rise from his nutsack. Any minute now his dam would be breaking.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum in your hot little cunt right now, you cock loving slut, you filthy whore!” he growled as he’d pumped even harder in and out of me.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! HERE’S MY CUMMMMM, BABY!!!!” he yelled louder as he finally exploded deep inside me.

I went into an intense, very hard orgasm of my own as I felt him shoot off inside me. Rivers of white hot, creamy sperm filled me to overflowing, leaking out the sides of my open pussy as he continued to blast the rest of his load inside me.

Once an end finally came to a long stint of our respective orgasms, he slid his now-limp prick out of my pussy and put my legs down before he pulled up his G string and pants, leaving my pussy throbbing and streaming out yet more cum as I slid my skirt back down.

“Thanks,” he grinned as he zipped up and went back inside the bar.

It hadn’t been long after I had finished him off sexually when four more men had come out to the alley to have a private weed party in their van, parked a little ways down the alley from where I had just fucked Mr. Big Cock, in addition to the drinking they’d likely had been doing in the bar. I know I now reeked of sex after doing three strange men within the course of under at least two hours, and it seemed the musky scent had drawn them like a magnet to me.

The next thing I knew, they had asked me to join their group and offered me a joint; I only smoked pot once before and that had been in my senior year of high school, and that must have been some bad shit or oregano or something, because I hadn’t gotten even the smallest of buzzes off of it.

Now it is a common legend that weed made one horny and/or get the munchies. And the fatty these guys had passed to me really gave me a buzz; it didn’t have the munchy effect on me, but even though I didn’t need pot to get horny, this fat joint certainly sent my sexual appetite into overdrive!

Within minutes after we puffed on the last of the fatty, we were all naked in the back of that van and I had three cocks rammed into my ass, pussy and mouth while jacking off the dick of the fourth guy. I took turns of the two men above me, sucking them hard and jacking their cocks as I rode the guy under me and the other pumped in and out of my ass with a vengeance.

The guy under me began pushing me up then slamming me down on his cock a few times as his buddy drove himself deeper into my dark asshole. We then were fucking together in unison as I made an effort to keep the dick of the third guy in my mouth and getting off the fourth with my hand.

The guy in my mouth had spilled his load first, shooting streams of cum in it as I greedily swallowed every drop. The next one whose cock I had jacked off sprayed a ton of his own seed onto my tits as the guy in my ass shot off a giant load of sperm deep into my bowels at the same time, making me cum long and hard. Not long after I had taken the loads of his buddies, the guy under me lifted his hips and fucked me harder than before with all his will before exploding inside my cunt as I came again one final time.

We were all spent afterwards, with all these limp cocks around me. Lighting another joint, we passed it around and got worked up yet again before the guys I had sucked and jacked off took their turns at my cunt and ass as the two that had fucked me got sucked and jerked off this time around, all five of us going at it long and intense before emptying their respective loads on and in me once again.

But even when they did cum, they weren’t finished with me. One of the guys had gotten out of the van and come back with yet two more of their buddies, both who stuffed my cunt and mouth as the other four watched us in action. Sucking and fucking them as good as I’d done the other four men, it wasn’t long before they too had cum, smoked a joint of their own, and switched ends of me, going through the entire motions of using me sexually yet again.

Afterwards, still in the back of the van that reeked of weed and sex, I then went through and fucked each guy one by one as their friends watched us. Once they had used me sexually to their satisfaction and their fuck tools totally drained of cum, they said that they had to get home and I then climbed out of the van once I’d gotten my clothes back on yet again.

I’d gone back inside the bar to pee and wipe the cum off between my legs and the inside of my thighs that had dripped from my cunt and ass, then ordered another drink. Though I had been horny after sharing a couple of joints with the last four guys I’d done, they really didn’t have much other effects on me.

After I had cleaned up, freshened myself a little and squirted on a little cologne in an attempt to conceal the musky scent of raw sex, I sat down at a table and had noticed a hot blond stud at the bar as I ordered another drink and relaxed after engaging in all that back alley fucking. Nevertheless, I decided to be a prick tease and would spread my legs a little and flash my bare slit underneath my skirt anytime the blond hunk glanced my way.

I then saw him make his way to the men’s room, his bulge now very obvious in the jeans that he wore that I instantly recognized as a hard-on straining to escape from the material, no doubt to jack off.

He never made it, as I approached him in his path; there was no way I was going to let this guy go into a crappy bathroom in this dive and get himself off, wasting that erection that could be put to good use. We ended up in the back alley instead, my skirt once again hiked up and his own jeans and briefs in a heap on the ground as he had me pushed against the wall, shoving his tongue in and out of my mouth as he was fucking me wildly for at least thirty minutes before he’d started to cum.

He then pulled out of my pussy and said for me to get onto my knees. “Suck me off,” he panted. “I want to bust my nut into your mouth and see you drink my cum.”

Tasting my cunt juices on his man meat as I took it into my mouth, I did exactly as he instructed as he let loose endless loads of hot jism down my throat as I guzzled every drop of it, licking off the little bit of creamy white sperm that had gone out the corners of my mouth.

When he finished and pulled out of my mouth, he grinned at me as he put his underwear and jeans back on, saying I was the best little cocksucker and cum slut he’d come across in a long time. Could he buy me a drink? Not too many women swallowed cum after all and I deserved a reward for drinking down his own seed like a good girl. Of course, I accepted and we talked until it was time for him to go, thanking me again for the good time I had shown him in the back alley.

And the rest of that night, right up to closing time, had been the same way of me taking on yet more cock after cock after cock, from one guy at a time to four to eight men at a time in the alley, on the men’s room floor, on a pickup truck bed of two guys that owned it, in the park a block away from the bar and then back in the alley again. By the time the bar had closed and I had ordered a taxi to go home, I had gone through sexually of about 25 guys in the place!

I’m a regular at that bar now, whether I go just to get a buzz on when I am bored or taking on a few guys out back for some wild, no-strings sex, I always seem to go home happy nowadays.

Naturally, I never see the guys I have previously fucked there since their respective sexual encounters with me, but that is the joy of doing it–good and hard, nasty, dirty sex with strangers that really gets me off. I can’t even tell you all how many times I had masturbated to the point of intense orgasms, thinking about all the men I had worked my way through at that place!

Oh yes, and I am always looking for more if any of you are nice and hard and like your women larger, older, wilder and always ready to fuck…remember boys, I am the girl your mothers warned you about and your wives and girlfriends never wanted you to meet..because we’re the women every man fantasizes about at one time or another!

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