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Better Than Chocolate

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What is better – chocolate or sex? I know what you are thinking, both! Well that is exactly my thoughts on the subject.

Valentines day can be very frustrating, finding the perfect gift, the perfect evening topped with a candlelight dinner, wine, perhaps dancing and passionate sex. Every year we tried to outdo the other just to make that evening perfect in every sense.

This year we opted for a different route….Vegas! we had arrived only a day before V day with two of our best friends Kent and Lexy. We had known them several months, having met at a swinger’s party.

Kent stood 6’1 with steel blue eyes, long brown hair and a neatly trimmed goatee. We had always teased him that he was still living in the days of Ozzy and Metallica. He was a gentleman in every meaning of the word, both Lexy and Anne, my wife, adored him. Lexy’s eyes immediately stood out to a person. Powder blue like ice on fire pierced you with the slightest glance. Her hair was shoulder length. Brown with subtle blonde highlights adorned a body that was the fantasy and envy of any man. Anne and I adored her as well. What was truly amazing were their personalities. Lively, fun, honest and open to anything, they were two of a kind.

We were staying at the Harrah, and after a dinner complete with roses and candlelight we ventured to the casino to try our luck. Anne had been aching to play roulette, which Kent was a very adept player. We found a table and began to test the fates and win a small fortune. What better numbers to play than two, fourteen and red. As it stood the first few spins ended in a bust. Then as fate would have had it lady luck found us. Well Kent and Anne actually. Combined they brought in a small fortune and seeing as Lexy and I were not having the same chance gave us half and sent us to the slots.

We were not far from the roulette table and had a good view as they continued to amass their winnings. Lexy and I ordered a drink and began to tempt the fates. While we played I saw Kent and Anne standing closer to each other. Her hand rested on his thigh, and his arm cradled across her shoulder. We both glanced at them and our eyes met. Smiles gleamed back to us and from us to them. One seat stood before our slot machine and I offered it to Lexy in a shy manner. She laughed pushed me into it and sat down on my lap. We began to play, and soon we were nestled very close. WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS.

Kent and Anne’s voices rang out as they continued to hit. The distance between them had not narrowed, nor did either I or Lexy seem to mind. Lexy’s back pressed into me and I could sense myself growing harder by the moment. She never once flinched. She just looked at me and smiled.

Our spouses were now beginning to become bolder in their affection. Hands wandered, lips found the other. I placed my hand on Lexy’s thigh and motioned her to the scene that was unfolding. Her attention, soon with mine, was focused. She looked at me and I at her and without a word our lips met their mark.

“That was nice.” I said with my lips still lightly pressed to hers. She laughed. “yes it was.”

We continued to spin the slot and watch the dedicated gamblers. They seemed oblivious to the fact that we were spying there every move.

Lexy slowly stood and walked toward our spouses. She whispered something to both of them, which drew a smile on both of their faces. She returned and told me to cash out which I readily did. The four of us began our trek to the room. Hand in hand Anne and Lexy walked ahead of us, giggling as they went.

As the door to the elevator closed our two ladies were soon pressing their lips together. The short skirts they wore were soon being grabbed and lifted to reveal their hips pressed into the other. Kent and I watched intently as the elevator came to a stop. The door opened only to reveal an elderly couple staring at the scene unfolding before them.

“We were just getting off!” Lexy and Anne exclaimed.

The elderly couple without hesitation replied “We can see that!”

Having entered the room Anne and Lexy wasted no time in undressing each other.

Anne more eager than I have ever seen her laid Lexy back and gently caressed her body while kissing her gently. She started her trek downward first stopping at each breast, then her pierced navel, and finally to her wet pussy. Anne took Lexy’s clit into her mouth and sucked gently, tounging her and playfully licking her pierced hood. Cupping her breast Lexy arched her back in approval allowing a deep yet pleasurable moan part form her lips.

Lexy began to cum; the moans grew louder and slowly faded to soft sighs of release. Both ladies arose and quickly produced a toy that both had tried and loved, a double ended dildo. They faced each other and placed their new found toy between them and with experienced hands guided it into their wet pussies.

They began to move their hips back and forth sliding the cock between them. They both sat up watching it penetrate deeper and deeper. Their moans began staggered but grew in their timing. They began to buck back and forth allowing the dildo to pass back and forth. Anne’s hands gripped the bed covers as she began to cum. Her mouth parted and a loud moan began to crescendo thru the room. The sound of my wife put Lexy over the edge. Within moments both vixens were cumming. They looked into each others eyes and for a moment opened mouths allowed no sound to escape. Then sighs of relief and the sound of laughter as they collapsed back onto the bed.

Lexy was not going to give up without a taste of Anne. She gently removed the dildo and straddled Anne.

Lexy began kissing Anne softly on the lips running her hands along my wife’s hips cupping her ass. Anne sighed deeply at her touch, as she began a rhythmic movement with her hips. Lexy quickly followed suit, keeping tempo with each thrust.

Lexy’s complexion was much darker than Anne’s. Viewing them was akin to seeing a twist of chocolate and vanilla entangle on the bed. Lexy moved downward, while Anne continued to rotate and move her hips. She placed her mouth over Anne’s pussy licking her labia while massaging her clit.

Anne began the all too familiar moan. The moan that tells you a person is going to cum. Her mouth parted and with an expression of half pain and half ecstasy began her orgasm. Lexy did not let up, she stayed with it until Anne’s moans were nothing more than muffled sighs.

Both ladies rested in each others arms for a few moments, catching their breath. Kent and I had witnessed this before, and it is a scene that could easily be repeated without losing interest. We both knew that aside from the touch of another woman, these two vixens adored cock just as much.

Anne arose from the bed and walked toward Kent. Lexy sat up on her feet glancing over her shoulder at me, offering an invite that I would not refuse.

Anne began sucking Kent’s cock. She handled him with long strokes of her hand up and down the shaft while taking him completely into her mouth. Lexy reciprocated the deed, her hand gripping the base of my cock as she licked its tip.

No two women were ever more skilled at the art of fellatio than these two creatures. The noise of them perfecting their art alone would push mere mortals over the edge. They continued to the point where were about to explode and then stopped.

Anne pushed Kent back grabbed his cock and lowered herself sighing as she went down. Kent reached up and grabbed her small firm breasts and squeezed as she pumped her cock starved pussy hungrily up and down.

Lexy loved doggy position more than anything. And her posture proved just that.

Her pussy already wet allowed me to slide into her tight hole. I grabbed her hair and reined her head back as I began to pump with furious delight.

Anne was taking no prisoners she continued to ride Kent. Saving a horse she rode her cowboy. Kent’s hands moved and cupped her ass lifting it upwards as he began to thrust harder inside her. Lexy and I could se him penetrate her, and the site caused us both to become more aroused. Anne’s soft sighs grew into louder moans of delight as she began to cum.

I viewed Lexy’s ass moving back and forth swallowing my cock with each thrust we made. Her voice deepened, her back arched, and with a deep groan she stated three words every man loves to hear “I am cumming!” Anne and kent glanced over to enjoy the show as well, and as all of our eyes met a simultaneous round of laughter erupted.

The laughter slowly gave way to more groans. Kent continued to fuck Anne with hard long penetrations, but his time was drawing to a close. Anne saw the expression on his face and at the last second dismounted him and took his cock into her mouth and took the full force of his load, as he began to cum. She continued sucking and stroking his cock until the last quivers of his body subsided.

Lexy too knew I was nearing an end. She allowed me a few slow deep penetrations before she pulled away. She turned and faced me pressed her tits together and waited. I grabbed my cock and stroked only a few times before my load shot over her chest. She grinned in delight at the show as much as I enjoyed providing it.

We all slumped back and rested a moment catching our breath. Anne sat up.

“Today is Valentines Day, and here I though all we would get would be a box of chocolates!”

Lexy added ” I think we have something better than chocolate!”

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