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Best Friends

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I absolutely love this site and I’d like to share an experience that was absolutely the most exciting thing of my entire life. This happened about three months ago and I still can’t get it out of my mind.

My best friend, Andy and I have been friends since grade school. We’re now 25. Last year Andy married Jen, another friend from high school. Andy and Jen both work in the city which is about 40 minutes from the town we lived in, so they got an apartment downtown together.

Sometimes when we get together, if we go out in town and we get in late I’ll just stay there rather than drive home.

On this night two months ago the three of us went to dinner in town. Unfortunately the girl I was seeing got called in to work at the last minute and I had to go it alone. After dinner we just hung out at the bar drinking and talking. Since we’d been friends for so long we were very comfortable discussing anything together. I learned that Jen loves to watch Andy masturbate and loves to have him cum on her breasts. Naturally Andy also liked to watch Jen get herself off.(what man doesn’t). Andy and I also confessed that we both shave our bodies. Neither of us is very hairy to start with but what little we do have on our chests and stomach we remove. We laughed at this because it never ceases to amaze us at how similar we both are. The more the night went on and the more the conversation progressed, the more affectionate Jen and Andy became with each other. Frankly it was starting to drive me crazy, so I suggested that we leave so they could be alone and I would head home. Andy convinced me not to drive; it was almost 2a.m. and I had downed quite a few beers during the course of the night. I didn’t particularly feel drunk, but I guess I was a little buzzed. So they convinced me to stay.

When we got to their apartment Jen gave me sheets and a pillow for the couch and they disappeared into the bedroom. I could tell by their mood that they were not going to be sleeping.

I took off my clothes and changed into the sweats and tee shirt that Andy had loaned me. I settled onto the couch and started watching television. It wasn’t long before I started hearing the familiar sounds of sex. The bedroom wasn’t too far away down the hall and even through the closed door I could hear Jen’s soft moans. I had always found her very attractive, so the thought of what might be going on in there instantly turned me on. It wasn’t long before my cock swelled and I found myself stroking it through the sweats. This went on for a while and soon my hands were inside the sweats, one stroking my penis the other playing with my balls. Jen’s moans got louder and then I started to hear Andy chime in. Maybe it was all the beer that loosened me up, because I still can’t believe I yelled into them. I hollered, “This isn’t cool at all, you’re driving me crazy in there.”

An instant later, or so it seemed, Jen appeared next to me wrapped in a bedsheet looking really very gorgeous in a disheveled sort of way. She had a devilish look on her face as she caught my obvious hard-on under my sheet. “Oh Jon, I’m sorry…you want to come play?” I was totally embarrassed and really caught off guard. Andy was now behind her and he too looked a little surprised at her offer. I looked at him for a signal one way or another. She caught this exchange and took Andy by the hand, “Come on honey, we’re all friends, it’s just for play.” Before he could say anything she stood up and kissed him…a very deep and long kiss, her tongue dancing in his mouth. The sheet she was wrapped in fell to the floor and I saw her naked for the first time. She’s really pretty with shoulder length dark hair. She has full breasts and kind of the Monroe type figure; not super thin but very soft looking. I was drawn to her trimmed but dark pubic hair. I had usually dated blondes, so dark hair there was a new thing for me. Watching this brought my cock back up to it’s full length. I don’t know what Andy was thinking about all this but her kissing was turning him on because I could see his cock growing under his boxers.

Jen moved from his lips down his neck to his smooth chest, stopping at his nipples to lick them, then trailed her tongue down his stomach and put her mouth around his cock, but through his boxers. I watched this completely transfixed, but I was also so completely nervous. She glanced back at me right before pulling Andy out of his boxers, “Let me see yours, Jon”.

I stood up and nervously lowered the sweats exposing my cock to Jen and Andy. At about the same time, Jen had taken Andy’s boxers down. Once again we would be surprised at how similar we were. Our cocks were nearly the same size erect, and we both kept our pubic hair very trimmed. Jen took me by the hand and moved me closer to them. She was down on her knees and she took Andy’s cock back into her mouth, while she stroked mine. I looked toward Andy again for some signal, as I didn’t want to ruin a friendship, but he was too into his blowjob to even notice. I pulled off the tee shirt so now we were all completely nude. I kept watching Andy; he looked ver hot standing there nude, his wife on her knees in front of him.

Jen adjusted herself pulling me closer to them; she was now between us and moved so that both our cocks were inches from her mouth. She then took mine in her warm mouth for the first time. My God it was heaven; she moved so slowly and softly over me, so wet and warm. She alternated between me and Andy and then she did something which surprised us both…she pulled our cocks together so that they were touching. She tried to put both in her mouth at the same time, but when she couldn’t fit them both, she began rubbing our cocks together. We both were stunned and I think we both wanted to protest but the feeling was absolutely wonderful. Both our cocks were wet from her saliva and they slid so smoothly across each other. It was such an incredible feeling. I couldn’t believe it was happening. Whenever we dried up a bit she would give them a good tonguing to get them wet again and resume rubbing them together.

“Jon,” she said, looking up at me, “Andy loves to have his nipples pinched.” I was shocked, maybe this was going too far. Was her fantasy to see me and Andy together? I started to mumble a protest, but she begged, taking me into her warm mouth again, convincing me that I didn’t want to do anything to ruin this mood. I looked at Andy who was so totally turned on by all this he just nodded, “do it; it’s ok”.

I reached up and pinched his left nipple. His eyes closed at my touch, encouraging me to go a little further. I licked my thumb and index finger and returned my now lubed finger back to his smooth chest. Meanwhile, Jen was back to alternating between our cocks. This was too much for me to take, and I could feel myself close to cumming, when she stopped. “Will you too kiss each other?” she asked. She moved back onto the couch, leaving the two of us inches apart, cocks hard. “Please, I want to see it.” The look in her eyes was pure passion, and she glided her hand up and down her smooth leg.

I think Andy and I were both so totally turned on we would have done anything at that point. He grabbed me and pulled my mouth close to his and kissed me full on the mouth. It was a totally different feeling than kissing a girl, but it was no less of a turn on. I was too far gone now and I pulled him into an embrace and forced my tongue into his mouth. Our cocks were again touching and we grinded them into each other. Jen was moaning in delight and I turned to see her pressing two fingers into her gorgeous pussy. She was fucking herself with one hand and rubbing her breast with another. I wanted her soooo bad but at the same time I didn’t want to leave Andy.

“Oh God, suck him Andy,” she said, “please suck Jon.” Andy didn’t hesitate a minute this time, he kissed his way down my smooth chest and stomach, following the path his wife had taken on him, he took my 7.5″ cock into his wet mouth. I know he had never done this before, but you could never prove it. I guess men just know what feels good, because it was totally incredible. He licked the underside, dancing his tongue over it, before taking it into his mouth. He then milked the base in circular motions while sucking me. Each time he took it into his mouth his tongue darted over the underside of my shaft. I was screaming at this point. So was Jen… the sight of her husband sucking his best friend off had completely sent her over the edge and she fucked herself furiously into an orgasm. Watching her cum sent me over the edge and I screamed that I was close. Andy pulled my cock out and started to jerk me off, a little afraid for me to cum in his mouth. Seeing this, Jen jumped up and took me into her mouth. One second of her warm mouth and I started to cum. I didn’t think I would stop. She took my load in her mouth and then kissed Andy full on the mouth, kissing my semen into his mouth, while milking me till I was finished.

Andy needed to cum bad now, so Jen laid him down on the floor and started sucking him. I needed to try it so I joined her. We each took a side of his cock and sucked our way up from the base and met at the glans. It was an awesome experience to actually have a cock in my mouth. The taste, the texture, such a turnon. Jen then kissed me…Andy’s cock in the middle of our mouths. “Fuck me Andy,” she begged. She positioned herself on top of his cock and started riding him. My God it was so hot to see. The sight of his smooth cock and balls and her gorgeous pussy and ass on top of them. “Jon, lick me while he fucks me.” I moved instantly to her pussy and licked her lips as Andy’s cock thrust in and out. Soon I was licking his cock again as he fucked her…licking his cock as it appeared and then licking her pussy and even up to her asshole. I was stroking myself now, completely hard once again. “Oh fuck,” Andy screamed, “this is it..” I pulled his cock from her pussy and wrapped my mouth around it, as his cum started shooting. The taste of Jen’s pussy and his cum mixed together was again…pure heaven. I could not swallow it all, so I opened my mouth letting some spill out. Jen kissed me, taking in some of Andy’s semen in her mouth.

After giving Andy some time to recover, Jen who was totally turned on again asked us to masturbate with her. We all knelt on the floor watching each other. It was so intense watching the look in each other’s eyes. That’s the most exciting thing about watching someone masturbate for me….watching the eyes. Jen helped us along by stopping now and then to suck us. It only took about five minutes for us all to be ready again. When Jen knew she was close she laid down, and begged us to kneel over her. It didn’t take any begging, believe me. We got on either side of her and looked into each others eyes as Jen started screaming in her orgasm. The sight of her brought us to our peak again and we started shooting on her chest and stomach. We both shot sooo much; usually the second orgasm isn’t as much, but she was covered. I thought I was going to faint. She pulled us down, guiding our heads to her stomach, pleading with us to lick it off her and then kiss her. We each obliged and then the three of us collapsed on the floor, falling asleep.

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