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Best Friends

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The saga began on a beautiful, hot, July, Friday evening in New England.

My wife and I are fortunate enough to have a nice cottage on the shores of a large, pristine lake. The lake is quite deep, very cold and clear enough that you can see into depths of 30 or more feet. Though there are hundreds of homes and cottage along its shores, our camp is located such that we have a reasonable amount of privacy on our back deck.

I had arrived home from work around 4:30 or so and was greeted by my lovely wife, Ellen, who was holding a glass of wine in one hand and a well greased butt plug in the other.

“Strip and spread ’em,” Ellen instructed after giving me a warm greeting kiss. I, of course, complied.

As I said we have a reasonable amount of privacy on the back deck. When there are no neighbors about (which, luckily, is quite often), Ellen and I will often sit on the deck naked, drink wine and get caught up with each other’s day. It was right on the deck that I stripped off my clothes, bent over a chair and offered my wanton anus to my lovely wife. With gentle circular motions, she slowly and teasingly inserted the plug. Once the plug was firmly in place, Ellen and I sat down and got caught up on our day’s events.

Ellen had been at the cottage all day painting the kitchen so she was not aware of the brutal heat that had baked the cement and black top in town. There was nearly always a light breeze that swept the cool air off of the cold water and kept the surrounds of the lake ten to twenty degrees cooler than in town.

“You smell gamy,” she said. “Must be hot in town.”

“Sure is,” I replied. “It sure is nice here! I think I’ll take a quick dip a cool down after I finish this glass of wine.”

“Sarah called and said she might ride out a little later. I invited her for dinner. I hope you don’t mind.” Ellen said.

Sarah is Ellen’s best friend. During their past marriages, they spent hours together as families. Their children were about the same age, so they played together. Even after they had both divorced and the kids had grown, Ellen and Sarah had maintained a very true, loyal and rare friendship. Ellen went on to marry me and Sarah went on to a string of bad relationships that neither of us could understand because Sarah was a very attractive, self-sufficient woman in her mid forties. There were plenty of good men out there for her to pick from, but she gravitated toward “losers”. Currently, she was between men.

“Why would I mind,” I asked playfully. “I’ll be the only man with two good looking babes, were at a nice cool cottage and I am plugged in to boot. Life doesn’t get any better!” I had often wondered what a tag team bout with Sarah and Ellen would be like. Not a fantasy, just a fun thought, but even though Ellen and Sarah shared everything, that everything did not include me and that was just fine. Ellen is a marvelous lover and she gives me all I need and more.

“Marty called her again last night,” Ellen said disgustingly.

“Don’t tell me. He’s unemployed again,” I replied. Marty had been Sarah’s latest loser. They had been on and off several times. He leach off of her, then she’d kick him out. He’d get hurt or lose his job and he would call her, talk her into taking him back and the cycle would continue.

“She didn’t say. But he said he was in town and was going to drop by her house this evening. She just decided that she wanted to get away for a while and hopefully when he arrives and finds her gone, he’ll get the hint and move on.” There was doubt in Ellen’s voice.

“A 2 by 4 across the head is the only hint he’ll get.” I took a sip of wine. “I guess that means I can’t walk around all evening naked.”

“No you can’t.” Ellen quipped. “It has been a long time since Sarah’s seen any man meat. I afraid that just one look at your, no MY man meat, she’d jump your bones.”

“Your no fun,” I pouted childishly. “Okay, I’m going to put on my suit and take my gamy, plugged in ass for a swim.” I finished my wine and went into the cottage, put on my suit and headed for the dock. The water was so cold, that my anus gripped around the plug like a vise and my man meat resembled more of a morsel. I had seen Sarah drive in while I was in the lake.

I walked into the camp through the front door. Sarah was on the back deck and Ellen entered through the back door. She had a scowl on her face.

“What’s up?” I asked quietly.

“Marty called Sarah just before she left. He had been drinking and was quite rough with her on the phone. He scared her.” Ellen whispered. “She hurriedly threw some clothes in a bag and left. She asked if she could stay the night.”

“And YOU said?” I asked already knowing the answer.

“What do you think I said?” Ellen whispered defensively. “I can’t let her go back home tonight!”

“Jesus Ellen, she has family,” I answered. “Have you forgotten what you stuck in my ass when I got here.” As horny as Ellen can be, she will NEVER have sex when there are kids or company in the house.

“NO, I haven’t forgotten,” her voice more defensive. “We’ll make up for it tomorrow night.” I looked in her eyes while she spoke. Her mind was made up and I wasn’t going to change it. I also knew that she would make up for it on Saturday.

With the resignation of a man who knows when he is beat I simply said, “I’ll go shower and pull my plug.”

“I love you,” Ellen gave me a kiss on the lips and headed out to her best friend. I headed for the bathroom.

Chapter 2

When Sarah and Ellen get together there is little room for me. Sarah is a hairdresser and gets all the gossip and dirt on everyone else in town, so they talk about people and things I don’t know or care about. They drank and chatted, I drank and made myself busy around the cottage- there is always something to do.

And I pouted. Ellen and I have been married just a little over a year. We were, by my definition, newly weds. I love my wife dearly and can’t get enough of her-in and out of the bedroom. Sarah was an unwelcome intrusion into my world-especially since I was forced to remove the butt plug my wife had so lovingly inserted. “Oh well,” I finally thought to myself.

I prepared a platter of cheese and crackers and took it out to the women. I poured more wine for all and began snacking on the cheese and crackers.

“Your awfully quiet tonight, George.” Sarah said as I took a bite of a cheese and cracker sandwich.

I shrugged and continued chewing.

Ellen must have been “more over the top” than I thought because she just blurted. “He’s just pissed because he had to pull out his plug!” I was shocked! Ellen claimed that she never discussed our sex life with her friends and though I doubted it, I had no reason to disbelieve her. I stared at Ellen with daggers coming out of my eyes.

“Plug? What plug?” Sarah asked giddily.

I was hoping that Ellen saw and registered my reaction, but if she had, she ignored it. “His butt plug. He loves having things stuck up his ass. When he got home I stuck a plug up his butt and because you’re here, he had to take it out!”

I was on the edge of rage. Not because I am embarrassed about my love for anal sex, but because Sarah had a habit of repeating everything she heard. I would have preferred Ellen to have told MY MOTHER over this woman. But then again, my mother would probably hear about this in a few days anyway-along with the rest of the town

“REALLY!” Sarah exclaimed. “Every man I have ever had has wanted to put his cock in MY ass. I have never heard of a man that wanted ME to put something up HIS ass!”

“Oh Yeah!” Ellen chimed in with out caring about or seeing my reaction. “A couple of months ago he bought this thing I wear and it has a cock attached to it. I put it on, he bends over and I screw him in the ass while he jerks off!” Ellen was drunk and her words flowed easily from her mouth.

All I could do was sit there and listen, there was little point in confronting Ellen now, but in the morning we were going to have a long chat. I was watching Sarah’s reaction and she seemed to be enjoying the view into our sex life.

“Isn’t it dirty?” Sarah asked.

“Can be,” Ellen proclaimed. “Preparation is the key. We clean him out first with an enema.”

Sarah shivered either from repulsion or excitement. I wasn’t sure which. Ellen got up from the table, went into the cottage and returned carrying our “toy” bag.

“This one is mine,” Ellen said pulling out the small plug we use on her. “My ass is too small for anything bigger and this is his collection.” Ellen laid out the array of anal toys she uses on me- a medium sized rubber plug, a vibrating plug and a sixteen inch long acrylic toy that is shaped like a plug on one end and is rippled on the other end. We have “shared” this toy on occasion with one end stuck in my ass and the other end in her vagina. But most of the time I have the plug shaped end in me and she uses the other end as a handle so she can fuck me good and proper.

Sarah was wearing a light blue, one-piece bathing suit. I noticed the light blue fabric in her crotch was getting noticeably darker.

“And this,” Ellen said with pride “Is MY cock.” She removed the harness and the realistic 7″ dong that was attached.

“That fits in your ass?” Sarah asked me in disbelief.

I had no choice but to go along. Both women’s cloth lined crotches were getting wetter by the minute and my dick was beginning to swell, as well. Ellen was going someplace with this little show and I knew I was going to be the star attraction! “The plugs help open me up first.”

Ellen then pulled out the last item in the bag-a vibrator-and without comment, put it along side the rest of the toys. She looked into the empty bag. “Oh, Oh,” she said. “No more bottles.” She was referring to the disposable enemas we use. “How am I going to clean you out?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Ellen was planning to give me an enema right then and there in front of her friend. What else was she planning?

“There’s one under the sink. I put it there so it would leak in the bag.”

Ellen’s look of disappointment turned to excitement. “I’ll be right back.”

I glanced at Sarah. She had a smile on her face. The kind of smile that was holding back a chuckle. The wet spot in her bathing suit was growing. I hoped Ellen realized what she was doing to her friend and was going to give her the opportunity to get relief.

Ellen returned with the enema and our riding crop. Both were destined to find a place on and in my ass. “Drop ’em and spread ’em!” She commanded. I obeyed. I lowered my swimsuit, turned away from Sarah and dropped to my knees, lowering my head to the floor of the deck. I felt the skinny neck of the bottle enter my rectum and could soon feel the flow of liquid enter my bowel.

“There! Be nice and clean in a few minutes,” Ellen declared. Then she took the riding crop and gave my ass a couple of good whacks.

My humiliation was complete. There I was face down and ass up, an enema working on my insides and probably two pretty good red marks on my cheeks and the biggest gossip in town was getting a show at my expense.

During the few minutes it took for the enema to work, Ellen continued to tell Sarah all about my anal fetish, my love for being tied up and spanked and how I enjoyed being her slave. Everything she said was certainly true enough and my cock began to harden as I thought about the situation and what Ellen might have in store for me tonight.

When I could no longer retain the enema, I got up and went into the bathroom to relieve myself. Ellen yelled to me, “Leave your bathing suit inside, you won’t be needing it.”

When I returned to the deck, Ellen was holding a well greased, long, acrylic plug and I was sporting a hard on. I took a moment to survey the crotches of the two women, both were visibly wetter.

“Sarah and I have decided that you are going to be our slave tonight.” Ellen proclaimed. “You will do everything we ask or you will be punished. I have decided that Sarah can play with your plug or screw you in the ass with the strap-on, but she can’t touch your dick and you are not to touch her in any way.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing coming from my lovely wife’s lips. I never expected her to be this open and her compromise was certainly fair enough. “Assume the position.”

I again got on my knees and exposed my ass to the two women. Slowly, gently and lovingly Ellen pushed the phallus into me until the widest part of the plug passed my sphincter and my anus clamped onto the narrow part. She let my ass get accustomed to the invader and then she slowly worked it in and out a couple of times. “You can’t do this too much,” Ellen said to Sarah. “Or he will come too quick. Here give it a try.”

Sarah got up and grabbed the “handle” and gave it a gentle pull. “It’s stuck!” She said with a giggle.

“Don’t be so timid,” Ellen chimed in. “Give it a good tug. You won’t hurt him.”

Sarah pulled harder and that time my sphincter released its prize.

“Now just push it back in.” Sarah did as Ellen instructed and then repeated the process a couple of times -to my delight.

“That’s enough.” Ellen said. “It is time for our slave to perform.”

“That’s fun!” Sarah exclaimed.

“OK, slave,” Ellen said sternly. “Time to get to work. I think we are ready for dinner. So get cooking!” With that said, she landed a firm blow with the crop and I jumped to my feet.

As much as I enjoy that large plug, it has a few drawbacks. For starters, weighing in at over a pound, it is quite heavy. When standing erect, I have to concentrate to keep it from succumbing to gravity and falling out. Another problem is that it sticks out of my ass a good ten inches, making sitting and squatting virtually impossible. But that is part of the challenge and part of the fun. These two elements are constant reminders that it is there and who put there.

I set about the duties of preparing dinner, while the women chatted. I couldn’t help but notice that Sarah had a difficult time keeping her eyes off of me while I pranced about with a hard on sticking out if my front side and a plastic “tail” sticking out of the back of me. I, also, couldn’t help but notice that actually droplets of vaginal secretions had form on the outside of Sarah’s bathing suit crotch and her nipples were straining against the fabric of her bra. Wine, a prolonged period of abstinence and my condition were taking a toll on her. Once when Ellen had gone in to use the bathroom, I watched Sarah lay back in the lounge, close her eyes, insert her hand inside her suit and play with herself until Ellen re-emerged. She didn’t seem to mind that I was there.

“Our slave seems to be doing a fine job getting our meal.” Ellen said while I was tending the steaks on the grill. “Do you think we should reward him?”

“As soon as I get more wine.” Sarah said. Before anyone could ask again, I was filling Sarah’s glass. “Now we can reward him.”

I got down on my hands and knees and enjoyed every minute of the screwing the women proceeded to give me until Ellen declared that I had had enough. A large pool of pre-cum had formed on the deck beneath my still very had cock. I didn’t stand until both had given my buttocks a couple of firm swats with the crop. If there was a heaven, it couldn’t be any better than I was enjoying that evening.

I was in the kitchen putting the final touches on the meal when Ellen entered. She grabbed my cock in one hand and my “tail” in the other. She looked lovingly in my eyes. “Are you enjoying this?” She asked as she gave my plug a small tug.

“Yes, I am!” I replied. “I think Sarah is too. Look.” I nodded toward the deck. Through the screen door, we could both plainly see Sarah- head back, eyes closed and fingers working feverishly under her suit.

“Remember what I said.” Ellen said. “You can’t touch her and she can’t play with this.” Ellen gave a tug and a squeeze on my cock. She gave me a kiss.

Ellen gave Sarah a warning that she was going back out. “Sarah, do you want water with dinner?” Sarah’s masturbation session quickly ended and she replied. “Please.”

In the glow of the Tiki torches I could see the gleam of Sarah’s vaginal juices on her fingers when I walked out the door carrying the tray of food. We ate- the women sitting and me standing. I cleared the table, washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.

When I was finished with the domestic chores, Ellen decided it was time for my reward. “I think it is time to tie the slave up and for you to feel what it is like to give a man a good screwing!”

We went into the camp and Ellen retrieved the nylons we use for tying. She bent me over the table, spread my legs, tied my ankles to the legs of the table and then tied my hands to the opposite legs. Once I was firmly bound she helped Sarah slip into the harness and she gave her the vibrator. The acrylic plug was removed from my ass and was soon replaced by the dong of the strap-on. I took Sarah a couple of seconds to get used to what she was doing, but she soon found a comfortable position and rhythm. I was getting screwed in the ass with earnest. Sarah stopped humping me long enough to turn on the vibrator and I don’t know if she just stuck it between the harness and her wanting clitoris or if she actually inserted it into her vagina. It made no difference to me because the vibration was being telescoped into the dong in my ass and vanquished the last bit of resistance I had.

Ellen watched the show for a few minutes, then she came over to the table and began to stroke my cock while Sarah humped. Within a few moments, both Sarah and I were screaming our release. We both shuddered and spazzed a few times while Ellen milked the last drops of semen out of my penis and onto the floor beneath.

Ellen placed her face in front of mine. “Are you happy baby?” She asked.

“Very!” I replied as the last few spasms of orgasm wracked Sarah and I and Sarah withdrew the strap-on from me.

“What about you?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about me. Thus far this has been about making my two best friends happy.” Ellen said lovingly. “You can take care of me when we go to bed. You really didn’t think you were going to get away with this easy did you.” I smiled. Ellen gave my well-abused ass one more slap before re-inserting the long plug and untying me.


Sarah was hung-over and didn’t stay around long the next morning. I think she was still trying to sort through the events of the night before.

Once Sarah’s car was out of sight on the dirt road, I placed an arm around my loving wife.

“You don’t think she is going to run right back to town and start telling everyone she sees about what went on here last night, do you?” I asked.

“Not if she wants to do it again.” Ellen answered with a smile.

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