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Being Naughty

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My lover has a beautiful cock. Just thinking about it makes me wet. It is perfectly shaped with a head that could be used as a model for the perfect dildo.

Because of his perfect cock, every time I am around him, all I want to do is feel his cock in me. I fantasize about sucking on him, on touching him, on having him inside of every hole in my body.

This is what made our visit to his family so difficult. He comes from a conservative family, so these visits require that we sleep in separate bedrooms and never display any affection publicly.

We were driving to his house, and I suddenly had the urge to feel him inside of me. I reached across the armrest and started stroking his cock through his shorts.

“What are you doing?” he asked, although he knew exactly what I was doing.

“Nothing…” I answered coyly. I kept on stroking with my right hand and used my left hand to undo his shorts. I then reached in to find his hard cock.

We both groaned.

“Can you concentrate on driving with me doing this?” I asked.

He didn’t say anything but pulled his boxer briefs down so that his cock stood at attention as we drove down the turnpike.

I undid my seatbelt and knelt across the armrest with my ass pointing away from him (he has tinted windows, and it was dusk). I took him in my mouth as he reached around and fingered my wet pussy. I moaned around his increasingly hard cock as he stroked my clit.

I could taste the pre-cum, and I reveled in the idea that I was about to get him off while we were driving when he suddenly swore and braked. There was an accident on the road, and his concentration was broken.

I sat back down in the passenger seat and refastened my seatbelt. Ah, frustration.

Later that night, after dinner with the extended family, after his parents went to bed, we were in the family room, and I mentioned that I was disappointed that we didn’t finish what we started in the car.

“If you want to suck on me, you need to change into a skirt so I can finger your pussy,” my lover — how considerate! — told me.

I ran upstairs to change into a skirt. When I returned, he was lying on the couch, watching a football game.

I walked right over to him, knelt on the floor beside him, and undid his jeans. He was hard, and his cock was unbelievably beautiful. I immediately started kissing and sucking on him. He pulled up my skirt to find that I wasn’t wearing panties, and he thrust a finger into my already hot and wet pussy.

Soon he was as hard as a rock, and he whispered to me, “I want to fuck you.” Dutifully, I stood up and climbed on top of him, my skirt pooling around us so that no one could see where his cock was pushing into me.

He thrust into me over and over again until I came on his hard cock. As I lay on top of him panting, he growled into my ear and he continued to pump up into me. “I want to fuck you naked. Go upstairs and go to bed. Do not wear panties. I will come to you, and then I’m going to fuck you in the guest room. I want to fuck your mouth, and your pussy, and your ass….”

He didn’t have to ask twice. As much as I hated getting off of him, I forced myself to go upstairs and prepare for bed. I feel asleep soaking wet, my juices pooling onto the clean sheets of the guest room.

What must have been hours later, he came into my room. He left the door open. “They’d hear the door close,” he reasoned.

He got into the bed and on top of me immediately. Without waiting, he shoved his cock into my unprepared pussy, which became wet within two seconds. The very illicit nature of us fucking in his parents’ house made me come within a minute, biting my hand to prevent myself from screaming as he thrust into me, hitting my g-spot perfectly with the ridge of his cock.

As soon as my pussy stopped spasming on him, he pulled out of me and flipped me onto my knees. He stood at the side of the bed and fucked me from behind. “Your ass is so perfect,” he whispered, as he started spreading my cheeks apart so he could see my little pucker wink at him as he continued to fuck me.

He promptly reached into his pocket (he was still fully dressed) and pulled out a bottle of lube. Without asking my permission, he aimed the bottle at my pucker and squirted the cool gel into my hole. He then pulled out of my sopping pussy and shoved his swollen member into my asshole.

My lover’s cock was so hard that even though he could force it into my pucker, it hurt. I whimpered, “Give me a moment to get used to it.” He held still for a second, then tried pushing again.

Again, I whimpered in pain. I didn’t want him to stop because I knew he wanted my ass, but it hurt. He was so hard and so thick that my ass couldn’t handle him.

He pulled out and I gasped.

“I don’t want your ass if it’s going to hurt you. I’m too big and hard for you right now.”

He shoved back into my pussy, which gratefully accepted him.

We spent the next hour (!!!) fucking in ever position known to man. We did 69, we did it side by side with his arms around me, I mounted him, then spun around to do cowgirl position. It was all wonderful, but I knew I needed to give him my ass to make him cum. We were both too distracted listening for his parents for him to lose control enough to cum. I knew only one thing that could distract him over the fear of being caught.

He was on top of me with my legs over his shoulders when I came a second time. It was so intense, I could barely move. I smiled sleepily at him and whispered, “I think I’m relaxed enough for you to take my ass.”

He didn’t hesitate. He pulled out of my still-spasming pussy and without any lube other than my own juices that had run down from my pussy to my ass, pushed in. His head popped in, and with just two more thrusts, he was buried completely in me.

“Does this hurt?” he whispered.

“No. It’s just intense. Fuck me,” I answered, completely truthfully.

In and out of my ass he thrusted, looking straight into my eyes as he fucked my ass. The intensity of this position along with my complete and utter surrender of my body to him caused me to orgasm again. “I’m going to cum,” I whispered desperately. “Keep fucking me in the ass until I cum,” I begged.

He kissed me and started thrusting harder. Harder and harder he fucked my little tight asshole. “You feel so tight, it’s so good. I’m going to cum too.”

He rode my ass until we both came together, his cock swelling up in my ass and exploding just as my ass started contracting and milking him. It was the most perfect anal experience I had ever had. We were kissing furiously through the whole thing, swallowing each other’s screams.

Finally, when he had emptied what felt like a gallon if his fluids into my ass, I looked at him with the most satisfied expression. “I love you. I want you to fuck me forever.”

He smiled down at me, his deflating cock still in my ass, and kissed me one more time. “I will.”

With that, he gently pulled himself off of me, his cock leaving my ass empty and already missing him, and he padded naked down the hall in the early dawn. A couple hours later, we were up, having breakfast together and acting as though we hadn’t just violated his mother’s good sheets two naughty thirty-somethings pretending to be teenagers.

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