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A Slight Change Of Plans

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As Pamela showered she couldn’t believe it was her wedding day today. She had known John for two years now and although she had strong feelings for him, the sex was lacking. John just wasn’t…equipped. He had a six inch cock, but compared to some of the men she had fucked back in her college days he just didn’t satisfy her. She longed for a big strong man to ravage her cunt and fill her with cum. She glanced down and realized that she had been softly stroking her pussy thinking of her past experiences.

Pamela turned the water off and got out. She looked at herself standing in front of the bathroom mirror and wondered how she had ever agreed to marry John. He wasn’t even in her league. She was a beautiful brunette, five foot six with a killer body. She had long smooth legs, perfectly curved hips, and perky D-cup breasts. Her skin was dark and flawless, and the way she stood in the steamy bathroom, her skin glistening with water, she thought she probably could have had any man she wanted. She had chosen to marry John though, a lawyer who was nice and had money, but lacked a personality and experience in bed.

Pamela dried off and went into her bedroom, where she picked out a pair of tan silk thong panties and put them on. Then she picked out a matching bra that nicely showed the cleavage in her ample breasts. She blow-dried her hair and finished getting dressed and ready. Pamela then went down stairs, grabbed a bite to eat, and then rushed off to meet her friend who was helping her get ready for her big day.

Her car pulled up to her friend Stacy’s house at about 10 am. The ceremony started at 4 so they would have time to do her hair and make up and such. She knocked on the door and Stacy answered and let her in. They talked for a little about the big day, about how nice the ceremony would be and how pretty she would look. Pamela had told Stacy, her closest friend, her feelings on John already, but they didn’t bring it up much. After a little talk they started discussing was Pamela was going to wear that night for the honeymoon. Stacy joked that she should give John some pointers on being a better lover. They both laughed and Pamela mentioned that she planned to wear a black crotchless teddy. Pamela indicated that she wanted Stacy to take a look at it and tell her if she looked alright wearing it, so She went out to the car and got the bag that the teddy was in.

Pamela went back to the house and put it on in Stacy’s bathroom. They had seen each other naked many times before and even made love occasionally. She loved the feeling of being with another woman, it was so sensual. Pamela walked out of the bathroom in the teddy, and stood in front of Stacy.

“You look incredible” Stacy said to Pamela.

“Thank you” Pamela remarked back.

Her legs were so smooth and her cunt was all but shaved except for a small amount of hair above her sultry pussy lips. Her breasts were pushed together by the teddy making her cleavage extra conspicuous. Pamela posed for Stacy who was now sitting on the couch, and as she uncrossed her legs Pamela noticed that her panties were noticeably wet.

“If John is as turned on as you are then I guess that this was a good pick” Pamela joked

Stacy blushed bright red and laughed back. She then stood up and walked over to Pamela.

“I doubt he could ever be as turned on as I am right now” Stacy whispered in Pamela’s ear.

Stacy was a beauty, she was about an inch and a half taller than Pamela with long blonde hair that was about the same length as Pamela’s, and fell softly on her back. She wasn’t as large in the cheast but with a C-cup they were a nice handful. Her skin was fair and she had piercing blue eyes. Their soft lips met and both enjoyed a long passionate kiss. Stacy stripped down to bra and panties and laid Pamela down on the couch for another long affectionate kiss. Their tongues caressed each others as they cupped each others soft breasts. Stacy kissed Pamela’s neck and bodies, as Pamela ran her hand over Stacy’s firm butt and put her fingers under the T of her thong panties, then letting them slide down the smooth crack of her ass under the soft material.

“I’m going to miss this after you get married” Stacy whispered as she kissed Pamela’s ear.

“Don’t worry I’ll come over from time to time so we can have a little fun” Pamela giggled back.

Pamela caressed Stacy’s back, directing her hands to the clasp of Stacy’s bra. She undid the hook of Stacy’s bra and letting the soft globes fall out. Pamela then took one of the delicate pink nipples between her tender moist lips and sucked passionately. Pamela felt the delicate nipple firm up in her mouth. Then she did the same to the other grazing her tongue over the hardening point. They switched position and Pamela took off her teddy and then placed her own large soft breasts in Stacy’s face. Stacy licked and sucked Pamela’s sweet nipples, feeling the soft nipples harden and elongate in her elegant mouth. Their gentle lips met again for a long kiss and then Pamela knelt over Stacy’s face, placing her hot wet pussy on Stacy’s hungry mouth. Stacy lustfully licked Pamela’s clit, probing into her tight hot hole with her soft velvety tongue. She ran her tongue around the edge of Pamela’s full pussy lips, licking and kissing intensely, burying her face in Pamela’s fiery hot cunt. Stacy ravenously licking the hard clit, flicking her tongue over the tip of the aroused pink nub.

“OOOOH” Pamela moaned in pleasure, “you are incredible.”

“Thank you” Stacy responded back as she slurped the tight pussy, “but now its my turn.”

Pamela got off of Stacy and let her sit on the couch with her smooth legs spread wide, exposing her delicate pink pussy lips. Pamela knelt down and lowered her ready mouth to Stacy’s hot juicy cunt. She lustfully licked Stacy’s hard clit slurping on Stacy’s sweet pussy juices. She was so hot and wet, Pamela couldn’t believe how hot her friend could get for oral sex. She licked and probed her tongue into the drenched hole for a few more minutes and then they repositioned on the couch in a 69. They buried their faces in each others hot waiting cunts, licking the sweet and salty juices.

“OOOh my god Stacy that feels Soooo good” Pamela whimpered into Stacy’s pussy, “It wont be long now before I cum!”

“Same here you got my pussy so hot I feel like im about to explode!”

The two women licked and sucked for several more minutes, exploring each others blazing hot cunts with their tongues. They licked and kissed each others hard clits, working their tongues over the firm nubs. Pamela was now thrashing Stacy’s sickened clit with her lustful tongue making Stacy writhe in orgasm.

“Oh yes lick my cunt! Make me cum!” she screamed.

Her body quivered and her cunt gushed into Pamela’s eagerly awaiting mouth. Pamela slurped up the hot salty juices, burying her face in the sweltering hot pussy. Stacy feverishly licked Pamela back wanting to return the same crushing orgasm to her friend. Dizzy after her orgasm, Stacy now flicked her tongue swiftly over Pamela’s throbbing clit. Pamela could take no more and she came. Her body quivered, and she screamed and moaned as her pussy juice streamed into Stacy’s mouth. Stacy happily slurped and drank the hot juices.

“Oh wow that was incredible Stacy!” Pamela said with content.

“Same here” Stacy replied.

They sat up and embraced in another long kiss. Their flustered lips met and they stroked each others tongue with their own, tasting their own pussy juices in each others mouth.

“Well I guess we should go” Pamela said some what regretfully, “Ill need plenty of time to get ready for the ceremony.

They both got dressed, playfully touching each other as they did so. Then they got into Pamela’s car and headed for John’s parent’s house. John had decided to have the wedding at his parents house so that they could have the wedding and ceremony in the same place and there would be plenty of room for all the guests. John’s parents were unbelievably rich, and they didn’t mind showing it off at all. They lived in a 4 story mansion on several acres of land. Mansion was almost an understatement there were several hundred rooms, pools, tennis courts, and an small collection of high end exotic cars that John’s father kept in a special garage and took out from time to time.

After a little over an hour of driving, Stacy and Pamela pulled up to the gate of the house and one of the servants let them in. The drove up to the front of the house and were greeted by Pamela’s fiancé and his parents.

“What took you so long to get here?” John asked after greeting her with a kiss on the lips.

“We were distracted by some girl stuff” Pamela replied blushing.

“Well you two had better go get ready. the ceremony starts in a few hours” said John, “Everything you need is in the fourth room on your left” He pointed inside.

Pamela and Stacy went in and entered the large bathroom. Inside was her dress and everything she needed to get ready. Stacy and Pamela washed up and did each others hair and make up in preparation of the ceremony. The door was slightly cracked open and they could see guests and caterers walking by. Stacy got into her maid of honor dress, and Pamela began to undress in preparation to put on her wedding gown. She stripped down and was standing in her bra and panties when she saw someone peeking through the crack of the door.

“Oh my God” Stacy shouted and ran over to the door. “Just what in the hell are you doing” she shouted to an embarrassed looking caterer.

“Oh I’m real sorry miss” he said regretfully “I…I was just wondering if the bride was the same Pamela Stevens that I went to highschool with.

Pamela motioned to Stacy to let the man in and In walked a muscular black man about six feet tall, wearing a catering uniform.

“Oh my it is you” he said happily “Its Frank Adams!….from high school!”

“Oh yes!” Pamela responded happily “Frank Adams!”

She ran over and gave him a hug forgetting she was half naked. After the quick embrace, she looked back at Stacy who looked slightly confused.

“We went to high school together, he’s an old friend”

Pamela looked down and noticed that there was a large lump growing in Franks pants. Frank noticing the error said how sorry he was putting his hands in front of his crotch. Just then there was a know on the door.

“Who is it?” Pamela asked.

“Oh sorry” said the voice “I was just looking for one of our caterers”

“Yeah I’m in here” Frank said, and in walked another handsome man.

“Oh…I’m terribly sorry” said the new man blushing as he looked at Pamela standing in nothing but a bra and panties.

“It’s perfectly alright” she responded.

“This is Ron” said Frank “we work together.”

“I had no idea the bride was so incredibly beautiful” said Ron “well….Frank we should get back to work”

“No not yet” Pamela replied “I’d like to catch up with Frank a little”

“Alright” said Ron and he slipped out of the room

“So how have you been since high school?” Pamela asked.

“G-good….maybe I should give you a few minutes to get dressed” Frank remarked.

“No its quite alright” responded Pamela smiling at the bulge that continued to grow in his pants.

“So your catering now?”

“Yes, so is Adam Miller, you remember him from school right?”

“Oh yes” Pamela answered “is he still as good looking? He was quite the stud back in highschool.”

“Yeah he’s still the same as ever”

“Oh I sure would like to see him.”

“Yeah I’ll go get him in a minute” Frank replied.

Stacy had been quiet up till now but all of a sudden she came out and said with a smirk on her face, “Maybe you would like to go up to one of the guest rooms and catch up?”

Pamela’s jaw dropped astounded. And she just stared at Stacy who had a huge grin on her face.

“I cant believe you said that. I’m about to get married in a little over an hour.” Pamela announced.

“Well its not as though you like him anyway, and from the looks of Franks pants he certainly wouldn’t mind.”

“I cant argue here” Frank said “I been wanting you since back in highschool.”

Pamela looked back at Frank and then at Stacy.

“You know you want to” Stacy said, “you should have one last wild time.”

“Well uh….um….”

“She will meet you up in the main guest room in 15 minutes” Stacy said, ” And you know what….bring your friend Ron too!”

“I cant believe what your saying Stacy!” Pamela responded.

“Oh come on Pam you want it, and two is better than one” she said with a grin. “She’ll be there!” Stacy said, and then Frank left the room with a huge grin on his face.

“NO. There’s no fucking way!” Pam shouted.

“Oh come on Pam you’ve told me you always wanted to try double penetration anyway.”

“Yeah, but not like an hour before my wedding!”

“Look you can’t turn back now, so just have fun with it”

“Fine” Pamela said submissively, “but now im going to fix you up some time and you have to do it!”

“Sure. But your going to thank me for this anyway.” Stacy said. Then she opened the cabinet under the sink and pulled out two enemas. Then she looked around a little more and found some K-Y lube.

Fifteen minutes later Pamela sneaked up the stairs to the main guest bedroom. She had to admit she was excited as hell. She had anal sex a few times back in college but she had never been with two men at the same time, and definitely not two men as good looking as these two. Also, Frank was known to have a big cock. He was called Big Frank back in highschool and not because he was tall. She couldn’t wait to get her mouth around that big stiff piece of black meat. She stood outside the closed door of the bedroom knowing once she opened it there was no going back. She stood there for a minute trying to build up courage. All of a sudden she heard some one coming, and not wanting to be caught standing there in nothing but a tight thong and a revealing bra she opened the door and stepped in.

Inside was Frank laying naked on the bed stroking an enormous cock that had to be 10 inches long! Pamela stood there in complete amazement feeling the crotch of her panties begin to soak with juices.

“Well are you going to come over here and suck this or not?” Frank asserted.

“Oh…y-yes” she murmured.

Pamela walked over to the bed and then knelt down on the bed in front of his massive organ. She leaned down and wrapped her lips around the huge cock. It tasted so good, the immense cock pulsating in her mouth, and she could barely get her lips around it!

“Oh yeah” Frank moaned “Suck that big cock!”

“Mmmm It’s so big!” she gurgled, the huge cock in her mouth slurring her words.

Then Ron came out of the bathroom off the side of the room. He stood there staring at the beautiful busty brunette sucking the huge black pole.

“Hello Ron.” Pamela took her mouth off the black meat long enough to say, “why don’t you come over here.” Then she went right back to sucking the stiff cock.

Ron came over and got behind Pamela and kissed her neck and back as she slid her lips over Franks pole. Ron then stripped and stood there stroking his own cock. Pamela got off of frank and then knelt on the floor in front of Ron stroking his rock hard dick with her hand.

“Wow!” Pamela remarked “you’ve got a big cock too!”

Then she took Ron’s 9 inch penis in her hungry mouth. Frank knelt behind Pamela stroking her tight ass and cupping her soft breasts in his hands. He then knelt next to Ron and she took turns sucking one hard cock and then the other. All of a sudden the door to the room opened and standing there was Adam.

“Well you sure are leading a different lifestyle since highschool” he snickered.

“Oh my god Adam Miller!” Pamela said astounded. Then she said with a smile, “why don’t you come over here and get your cock sucked with these two studs?”

So he stripped off his clothes and knelt between Frank and Ron, his firm cock protruding out. She took his head in her mouth letting the her mouth devour big shaft, while holding on to Frank’s and Ron’s in each hand. She ran her tongue up and down each of the men’s shafts taking time to suck each of the testicles in her delightful mouth. Pamela one at a time stuffed each one of the cocks as far down her throat as she could, then she ran her lips up to the head giving it a long hard suck.

“Wow I sure am glad I took this job!” Adam said with a grin.

After a few more minutes of sucking their cocks, the men laid her on the bed. Frank licked the inside of her thighs, running his tongue almost up to her soaked panties and then back down her leg. Then he slowly pulled the thong down and kissed her sweet pussy lips. He ran his tongue up her slit and then flicked the end over the nub of her hard clitoris. The other guys stood on each side watching the show and stroking their firm cocks.

“Oh yes Frank eat my cunt!” Pamela moaned in pleasure.

Adam decided it was time to take out those nice round tits of hers. He reached around and unclasped her bra, softly sliding it off of her shoulders. He cupped one in each hand sightly pinching her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. The soft nipples began to harden in his sensitive hands. Adam then lowered his head and took one of the soft breasts in his gentle mouth. The nipple hardened even more as he ran his tongue over the tip. Pamela was now writhing with pleasure making small moaning sounds at having her pussy and tits sucked. Ron put his hand through Pamela’s soft brown hair and turned her head to the side, sliding his stiff cock into her hungry mouth. Ron’s dick was firm and smooth, and felt incredible in her mouth. She ran her tongue over the velvety tip, giving it a long hard suck. Then she flicked the tip of her tongue over the small hole at the top. Pamela now had a big cock in her mouth, and was having her pussy eaten, while Adam caressed her breasts with his hands and tongue.

“This feels amazing!” she took the cock out of her mouth long enough to says with delight.

Adam and Frank switched places, so that now Adam was eating her hot salty pussy and Frank was running the head of his huge black cock over her hard nipples. Pamela moaned as Adam licked and sucked her aroused clit while he worked two fingers in and out of her cunt. He kissed and sucked her sweet pussy lips and flicked his tongue over her glistening clit. Pamela was so hot with passion and could take no more. She sat up pulling Adams face into her sweltering hot pussy as she gushed with orgasm all over his face. He happily drank up her hot juices.

“Oh my god that was good! I’ve never been eaten like that before!”

Pamela then stood up and Ron laid on the bed letting her position herself over his throbbing cock. She slowly lowered herself onto the bulbous head.

“Oh my God its so big!” she moaned.

She slowly worked the hard velvety head of his cock into her tight pussy and began rocking back and forth easing the rest of it into her cunt. The other two watched and stroked their own dicks as she impaled herself on the hard pole.

“Oh its splitting me in half!” she groaned.

After a few more minutes of working on the cock she managed to burry it balls deep in her tight wet cunt.

“How does it feel to have a huge hard cock shoved all the way up your pussy?” Frank asked.

“Oh it feels incredible!” she declared in reply, “and it would be even better if you licked my clit at the same time.”

So Frank went down and licked her clit while Ron pounded her hot aching cunt.

“Ooo that’s soo good!” she moaned as Ron worked his massive tool in and out of her tight slit.

Pamela’s face was red and flustered as she worked up and down on the big cock. She rose up letting almost all of the cock slide out and then slammed herself back down on the stiff pole while Frank satisfied her aroused clit. Ron had his hands on her shapely hips forcing the gorgeous woman up and down on his shaft. Pamela pleasured herself on the rigid cock for several more minutes, her breasts bouncing up and down with every stroke. Then Adam switched places with Ron placing his own cockhead into her stretched hole. She took his cock to the hilt like a pro, with Frank once again licking her hard clit. She worked up and down like before, moaning softly as the hard meat slid into her delighted hole.

“Iv never been fucked like this before!” she shrieked with content.

Now it was Franks turn. She got off of Ron’s pussy slicked dick and turned over on all fours, waiting for Frank to shove his huge black meat up her doggy style. Frank put two fingers in her stretched cunt working them in and out of her spread hole. He then placed his dick at the entrance to her pussy and slowly guided his cock in. With a hand on each hip he thrust his cock all the way in making Pamela moan in pure pleasure. Ron then offered his pussy slicked cock to her mouth and she let him slide it in tasting her own juices on his shaft. Frank pulled his cock almost out and then slammed the 10 inches all the way back in. His thick black meat stretched her hole like it had never been spread before. He worked the bulbous head in and out of her cunt, relentlessly forcing open her stretched pussy.

“Oh Frank its so big!” she cried, “I don’t know if ill be able to take it in the ass.”

“Were going to stretch you out baby.” Frank replied, “your going to take my big cock up to the hilt.”

After fucking her doggy for sever minutes he pulled his massive dick out and then buried his tongue in her tight asshole.

“Oh God that’s good” she moaned as she slurped Ron’s hard dick.

Frank ran his tongue around the rim of her tight puckered asshole, slowly rimming and inserting it into her hot opening. Adam then handed Frank the tube of lube and Frank squirted a generous amount on her pink ass hole. He worked his index finger around the rim and then gently slid it in up to the knuckle.

“That feels so good!” she exhaled “its been so long since I’ve had my ass pleasured!”

Frank then slid a second finger into her incredibly tight ass, spreading the lube along her smooth asshole. Finally he slid a third finger in slowly working the fingers in and out, spreading her tight little hole.

Adam squired a generous amount of lube on his own hard cock. Frank moved aside and Adam placed the head of his glistening cock at the entrance to her anus. He slowly began to work it into her ass. First he slowly eased the head in as she squirmed and moaned, letting her get used to it before he tried to work the rest in. He had to work it in slow and smooth to let her get used to the massive organ stretching her small hole, and then he gently worked more of the shaft in.

“Aaaah!”Pamela moaned in pain and pleasure “Its ripping my ass open!”

Adam worked the rest of the cock in until he had his huge organ buried in the ravishing woman’s hot ass.

“Now doesn’t that feel good?” Adam asked.

“Ooooh it feels incredible! Fuck my tight little asshole!”

Adam worked his shaft in and out of her stretched hole letting her get used to being spread wide. Then fucked her ass hard and fast pulling her hips toward him and forcing his fullness all the way into her dilated anus. Pamela writhed with pleasure as she wrapped her lips tighter around Ron’s cock. Frank reached under her cupping one of her large tender breasts in his hand. Adam then pulled out of her ass with a sucking pop sound, and stood staring at her gaping ass.

Adam told Pamela to get up, and she readily complied letting Frank lay down on the bed. Pamela then positioned herself facing Frank and then lowered her pussy over Frank’s dick burying his huge black shaft in her drenched cunt. Adam then got behind her and positioned his cock at her gaping asshole. She was about to take on two cocks for the first time in her life, and she couldn’t have been more excited. Pamela was blazing with lustful passion as Adam then worked his cock into her ass.

She moaned with pleasure as her two orifices were stretched to the max. She now had a dick in each hole and was loving it. The two men would pull their cocks almost all the way out and then at the same time drive them hard into her blazing hot cunt and ass. The hard meat in both of her holes had her passionate with lust, she had never felt so sexual in her life. Ron was grinning standing to the side pounding his cock while watching the show.

“Ooooh yes this feels incredible!” she shrieked with pleasure, “I’ve never felt so full!”

They fucked her hard, working their massive cocks in and out of her, as she rode them like a slut.

“I wanna fuck that lovely little white ass!” Frank said, “So turn around and give it to me!”

Adam pulled out and Pamela turned over and sat her ass right on Franks 10 inch pole. He slowly worked it in spreading her already ravaged little asshole. She sat down hard on it, burying all the way to his balls in no time at all.

“Oh its sooo big!” she screamed with pleasure. “Fuck me with that big black cock!”

Frank buried his cock in her abused asshole letting it slide in and out of the slick opening. Pamela then spread her legs wide letting Adam force his dick into her hot slit. She now had a huge cock in her pussy and an even bigger one in her ass. It felt incredible, and she writhed with pleasure. Ron then put his hand on the back of her head running his fingers through her long brown hair. He then tilted her head to the side the side so he could put his hard cock in her hungry mouth. She opened her soft wet lips letting him slide his cock into the back of her throat. She was now taking three cocks all at once! They were fucking her hard and she could feel each one slide in and out of her. The feeling was incredible! She never felt so full and passionate. She was ridding cock like a dirty slut, and she loved it! Suddenly she felt Ron’s cock pulsate and expand between her lustful lips, and suddenly he shot a hot load of sperm into the eager mouth. The steamy load hit the back of her throat and she felt her mouth fill up with his warm cum. The load was too much and it trickle out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin and onto her chest. She swallowed as much as she could enjoying the hot sticky fluid sliding down the back of her throat. She felt Frank and Adam both begin to pulsate and they blew their loads within seconds of each other. Frank’s huge cock unloaded in her butt, filling her anus with hot sperm, and soon after Adam hot cock gushed into her cunt in spurts, filling her up at both entrances.

“Ooooooh! Yes! Yes! Aaaaaaaah!” she screamed in orgasm, her body quivering as she came.

The two men continued pumping their swollen cocks in and out of her stretched and abused orifices. Then as their cocks softened inside of her, they pulled out, and she lay on her back cum streaming out of her pussy and asshole. She licked her lips tasting the cum, and put two fingers down to her ass scooping up some of the cum that oozed out. Pamela put her fingers to her lips licking the cum off and swallowing it. She was on cloud nine, smearing the cum around her cunt and tasting it. She scooped up a glob from her pussy and rubbed it on her chest and over her large tits. The three men just watched the ravishing woman enjoy herself, smearing their cum over her cunt and erect nipples. Then they scooped up their clothes and walked out.

She was still masturbating with the cum seeping out of her holes when Stacy walked in. Stacy just stood in amazement watching her friend moan and rub her cum creamed pussy.

“Wow! It looks like you enjoyed yourself!” Stacy remarked. “But common the wedding starts in 10 minutes.”

This pulled Pamela out of her trance as she remembered why she was here today. Pamela grabbed her bra and panties and ran down stairs still covered in other men’s cum. When they got down stairs she pulled on her still soaked panties and put her bra on. Stacy helped her into her dress and combed Pamela’s messy hair to make it presentable, she wiped the cum off her face and chest and fixed her makeup. Then they rushed to the ceremony room several doors down, Pamela still in a daze from the earlier event. As Pamela began to walk down the isle. She couldn’t help but smile thinking about the satisfaction she had just experienced. As Pamela looked down the isle seeing her soon to be husband, she felt her panties soak as cum oozed from her dilated holes, and a little began to dribble down her thigh. She saw Stacy smile at her and she smiled back. Damn she was glad she had such a great friend.

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