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Behind Her Smile

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The first time I saw her naked was five years after we had been living alone together. She came out of the shower with a light blue towel around her body and a white one covering her dark hair. As she walked by me to get to her room, she reached up with both hands to make an adjustment and the body wrap fell around her ankles. My eyes were filled.

“Oh my God” She said as she froze for an instant. “I’m sorry Kyle”. To my own shock I said, “Don’t apologize Danni; that’s the most beautiful sight I’ve seen in a long time.”

Danica looked at me with a strange smile and went to get dressed but those five seconds set off a chain of events that would have lasting effects. A small event, a word and everything that was, was no longer.

The colors burned themselves into a fantastical vision: the black hair on creamy shoulders, the deep pink of her open mouth, the softer pink nipples on wonderful globes, a dark triangle between white thighs and startling blue crystals sparkling as they looked at me – all turned into inexhaustible fuel.

I’d lived with Danica since I was thirteen and she was 27 when my parents were killed in a car accident. She was my mom’s best friend and I had no other family close enough or willing enough. She was ‘Aunt Danica’ for the first year or so but as I got older she became more of a friend than a guardian. She’s younger and more full of life at 34 than most of the people I know in their early twenties.

Danni loved to talk and touch. We’d sit for hours holding hands discussing anything and everything. Although she didn’t go into sexual details, I knew that she hadn’t married because all her relationships proved unsatisfying in one way or another.

I always wanted to be around her because of her loving nature. She often touched my face and said with a wide smile, “Hey ugly, did you break any girl’s heart today”? Nothing made me feel better than her calling me “ugly”.

I can’t say that Danica didn’t participate in my erotic dreams but I never thought they could become physical reality until the instant of that smile. The question was, did I hear the unspoken words she sent me or did I invent them?

A few days past and it struck me that life is too short and too long not to pursue the chance for happiness. How long did it take for the last year to pass – a minute? How long does a day take to pass in misery – forever?

I waited for Danni to get home from work. When she opened the door, before she could say hello I put my arms around and kissed her fully. With my mouth on hers I waited for any of the dozen reactions I had imagined. She kissed me back.

Her eyes opened wide and she said, “Wow, what did I do to deserve that”?

“You didn’t have to do anything” I said, “All you ever have to do is be you”.

For two people who discuss everything, there was very little talking for the next hour. We undressed each other and I marveled at her skin. I ran my hands over her velvet breasts and belly over and over as Danni moaned softly and stood with her eyes closed. When I reached behind and gently traced the slope of her round and perfect ass, I felt her shiver. I let the tips of my fingers play over the smooth globes from her waist to the back of her thighs. She had me in her hand and I hardened.

We went to her bed and she smiled as she opened her legs for me to enter her. I started to push past the folds and had some difficulty because she was dry. I said, “Danni, if you don’t want to do this…”

Before I could finish she said, “No love, I do. I’m just never really wet down there; I’m sorry”.

We kissed and touched for along time and then I ran my tongue down her belly and found her pink nub. I licked and slathered her with my saliva and tasted some of her moisture in response. She was wet enough for me to enter and her hips began to gyrate as I filled her and slowly drew in and out. As each stroke climbed higher into her belly she said, “Oh, it feels good Kyle, it feels good”.

I was in her a long time and we were both slickened with sweat. I knew I would come soon as she held my ass and pulled me into her. I pumped shot after shot of cum and heard her say, “Mmmm yes baby yes; come in me, come in me”.

We held each other for awhile and I said, “You didn’t come did you Danni”?

“No baby but its not you, I just don’t.”

“You mean you’ve never come?”

“A long time ago but lets not talk about that now; it felt wonderful and I loved feeling you in me. You know I would do anything for you; don’t make it something more important than it is. We’re here for each other, that’s all that counts.”

I love Danni and I would have done anything to take the sadness out of her voice; I just didn’t know how. I wanted her all the time and she responded but I always felt that something was missing. We made love often that first week and she opened herself to me only physically – until that rainy Saturday.

It was a day when you’d say “It can’t rain this hard for this long”: pelting, pounding rain as if the heavens had opened. It was late afternoon and dark as night. We sat on the bed playing the two person ‘solitaire’ card game we often played for hours when she reached for me. “Make love to me Kyle, make love to me soft and hard and long”.

She had a faraway wistful look and I said, “Do you mean something like – fuck me gently with that chainsaw”? Danni started laughing out loud and we both were in hysterics as she hugged and kissed me.

Her mood had lightened and she undressed us both saying, “I’m going to do everything; you just lie there”.

For the first time she took me in her mouth. She seemed more excited and talkative. “I love your cock Kyle; I love how hard it gets for me and how it fills me up completely when you’re inside me”. She licked and sucked with soft moaning sounds that made me want to explode. I was caught in the paradox of wanting to come and wanting not to; I stopped her.

She said, “I want to watch us” and turned to face the mirror on the closet door that happened to be open. Danni impaled herself on my hard rod with her back to me and began raising and lowering her hips and ass. I never realized how beautiful her ass was until I saw it this way. I fondled it and could feel a slight tremble run through Danni’s body. I licked my finger and pushed it gently into the small pink opening.

Danni stopped bouncing and reached back putting her hand over the finger that was exploring her asshole. “No…oh, oh…no” she kept repeating but didn’t stop me. She moved on my cock and I could see her glistening honey on it. She was dripping.

I took my finger out and inserted my thumb into Danni’s ass. I moved it in her in all directions. She responded by wildly rubbing her clit and loudly calling, “Kyle, Kyle…OH God… OH…” Her orgasm shook us both. She bucked and shuddered until wave after wave finally quieted into small ripples. Then she started crying.

It began softly and then grew into a great release of tears and shaking. I held her and stroked her and soothed her until she was spent. “Please tell me Danni, please”.

After a long silence she said,” that’s the first time I’ve let anyone touch me there since he left me”.

“Who left you Danni?”

“His name was Robert and he was the first man I ever loved. He was my teacher in high school and he called me right after graduation. I knew he was married but I was so infatuated and flattered by his attention, I didn’t care. He made love to me for almost a year. We found a way to be together almost every day even if it was for fifteen minutes.

He wanted me from behind. It was what his wife wouldn’t give him and he almost always took me that way. I loved him and would have done anything to please him. When he moved away with his wife and all the promises he made me, I was ruined. I called and wrote him dozens of letters. He answered a few and then stopped; when his phone number came up unlisted, I was finished. Until tonight, until you my sweet Kyle, the thought of a man having me that way filled me rage.”

“Danni, I’m never going to leave you.”

“I know love, I know.” She smiled, “Now come fuck me gently with that chain saw”.

Danni pulled her legs back with her hands behind her knees. The folds of her cunt opened and the pink of her inner flower showed. I could see tiny beads of her love juice on the fine hairs surrounding her sweet pussy; the sweet pussy I soon had in my mouth. I licked down to her waiting pucker and heard her whimper as my tongue teased and moistened it. My straining cock was now aching to enter the hot dark confines.

I pushed past the tight ring and the pressure surrounding the head was exotic: new and blissful almost to the point of pain. Before I could go deeper Danica said, “Wait Kyle, not like this”.

I thought she had changed her mind but it was the position she wanted changed. She got on her hands and knees and said, “Take me like this Kyle, I want to be yours”.

I came up behind her and reached between her legs to rub her sopping cunt. Some of her juice had leaked down her thigh and I gathered it up and wiped it on the purple knob of a cock so hard and pulsing, I hardly recognized it as my own. I entered her ass again. This time I pushed inch after inch slowly up into her. The heat and gripping tightness excited me almost past the point of hearing Danni’s moans and exclamations.

“Oh Kyle…you’re in my ass…so deep …so big, so good…yes… for you, only for you…yes baby, fuck your Danica…oh…”

I pumped her in a manic combination of lust, love and desire to master and possess; a desire to be have her, and yet be one with her. I was completely in her. I felt her start to shake. With a long “Ohhhhhhh” she pushed back on me and started to come. My first jet of cum lubricated the excruciating grasp her tight tunnel had on my cock. I bucked in and out of her ass as the hot streams of cum coated my cock and her asshole. With each deep entry she let go to another level. With moans and cries in between she said, “I’m yours…I belong to you…anything for you…always for you Kyle…oh…oh… mmm”.

With her final shudder Danni collapsed on the bed and then started laughing a relieved laugh. “Whew, that made up for a lot of years of not coming.”

I laughed and kissed her, “We’re not nearly done love; we have lots of years to come”.

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