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Bath Time

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From her perspective:

I set the mood for the evening and in the bathroom there are candles, soft music and a tub full of hot water. We slide in together and after much kissing and soapy caressing I lean you over the edge of the tub, head out…so I can sensually cleanse your ass. I use thick and creamy soap making lots of yummy lather.

The hot bath relaxes your muscles (and maybe even your nerves) and the sensual bathing excites you and transforms you from nervous anticipation, to aching need. Starting with a nice soapy massage of your ass cheeks then hips and thighs working inward. A nice deep massage with no friction, gliding along your ass muscles. Then I would put my left hand alongside your outer left thigh and my right along the inside of the same thigh massaging upward. Repeat on the right thigh with the same thigh massage. I would get close to your ass but not quite touching it. Using the heel of my hands to massage your lower back downward, teasingly close to your ass. Then use the heel of each hand to massage circles on your cheeks, clockwise on the right, counter on the left, with each upward glide lifting and separating your cheeks. Slowly incorporating my fingers, pointing towards each other, and towards your ass you feel the smooth edges of my fingernails drag across your skin, gently, but not tickling. I put my right hand on your lower back and my left bathes your balls in creamy lather. I hold your lower back down as you try to move and keep you secure as I stroke, massage and pull on your balls.

You barely notice that I’m inching downward towards your virgin ass. I drag my hands together to meet at your ass. I lather it and your entire ass crack. Running my fingers up and down, occasionally pressing a little more firmly at the opening. I rub the lather into your crack and start fingering the entrance of your little pucker. I tease your tight hole with my soapy pinky… you love it. Then gradually pressing into you, I withdraw, you relax and I probe again. Then I use my index finger to make you moan. I push it half-way in, and twist it right to left, sliding in and out until its all the way inside you. I am cleansing your aching hole and it feels so good. I withdraw to rinse off with a warm spray of water. I pull you back into the tub and lay your back against my soapy breasts. You are panting. I can feel your heart beating faster. I hold you against me in the warm water. I know it’s your first time and I want you to feel secure and relaxed. I want you to want it more than ever before. I slide my hands down your chest and stomach and feel your hard cock. I fondle you and take charge of your manhood.

We get out and I dry you off then lay you face up on the bed. I lie down alongside you and caress you and fondle you everywhere I can, we are both so aroused at this point. You join in the caress and fondling, kissing me and we give into amazingly sensual foreplay and I can tell you are ready for me. As I go down on you, I reach for the strategically placed lube and toys which are between your legs. You can feel them against your skin, it ads to the sensation and anticipation. I hold your legs apart with my arms while my hands meet in the middle to apply the lube to my fingers and toys. I hold your body down with my lips around your cock and my arms on your legs. You feel the warm and slippery touch of my fingertips moving from each side towards your anus. I slide one fingertip in and instantly feel how much you want it and I want it to last. I’m working you, sliding my finger in and out. We both know your first time is soon. I release your cock and with my finger in your ass. I lick your balls slowly and firmly. I feel your hips rising to meet my hand wanting me to finger your ass more deeply. I raise my head and look at you, your eyes pleading. I guide my finger further upward and find your prostate. With the tip of my finger I’m giving it gentle strokes, sliding around in circles then figure eights which make you moan so sweetly. Then gently adding another finger when you relaxed and sliding them both all the way inside. You are moaning out loud and squirming. Looking at you, I smile knowing I am granting your wish and want to see your reaction when I insert a toy for the first time. For me, it’s exciting to have that power….to be in control of a man in this sexually physical way.

It’s a tapered butt plug with a wide handle made of silicone. I lube it and I slowly slide the head up and down over your wanting ass. With it poised at your opening I slowly work it in until the it disappears. This is the moment you have been waiting for. I like to tease and make you want more. I let your moaning subside before sliding it in and out to see how much you enjoy being entered over and over again. I love the sounds you make as it slides in and out of your tight ass. Pushing and pulling it rhythmically. I can feel your ass gripping it, the sphincter is snug around the neck of the toy keeping it from escaping. With each stroke you can feel the head rubbing your prostate. You trust me because I know what you want. With my gentle ways I am going to bring you intense pleasure. Feeling you letting go and starting to give yourself to me and how open and vulnerable you are is turning me on. Moving around in circles, opening your ass up, I sit up on my knees, pressing them to your cheeks, holding you wide open. Reaching across the bed I hold up my strapon and tell you “I’m going to make love to you.”

You watch me slip it on and lube it while the toy stays inside you. Kneeling between your thighs, I lift your legs up. You look down and see my cock, your eyes wide with nervousness and excitement as I lower it to your ass, “Look at me…” our eyes are locked on each other as the toy is slowly pulled out, your ass gripping and pulsing around it. Next you feel the soft head of my strapon cock. It is big, bigger than anything so far but I have prepared you for it. It will be snug, but it is well lubed and with my gentle determinations it will go in. You are ready and I’ve been wanting this too, there’s no turning back. I rub the head up and down your ass, teasing yet letting you know its about to enter you.

As I gently probe you I feel your nervousness is subsiding and your acceptance of what we are about to do. I feel your male energy entering me and my female energy entering you. We have traded roles and now a powerful felling comes over me. I’m in charge and I’m going to fill you with my cock. You are on your back, legs up, moaning and wanting me inside you. I ask, “Are you ready for me… ready for me to fuck you?” But you are lost in anticipation from my stimulations so I start to push it in. At first our eyes are locked on each other then your head rolls back you let out a soft moan as the head of my cock begins to enter your ass. Stretching you I hear a few short gasps followed by a long loud moan as the head slides in. Pausing for a moment so you can adjust to this new sensation then slowly sliding my cock in a bit more and almost all the way out, deeper with each thrust, until finally it’s all the way in. I hold it there letting you feel what its like to be filled. I slide out, but stop when the ridge of the head meets your sphincter. Then I start to pump you with shallow strokes, gradually picking up speed. Each thrust making you whimper and moan. You like it deep and want it so much. Now plunging in, granting your wish, each stroke filling you. I try different angles to see what gets the biggest reaction. I love the sounds you make and the excitement you are experiencing. It is very arousing for me to be in control and have a man enjoy submitting to anal sex.

I have taken your virginity and lay on top of you with my cock deep inside. I want to kiss my recently deflowered man. Kissing passionately while I continue to pump your ass. Your legs are wrapped around my waist pulling me into you while we develop a wonderfully intense moment. Then feeling your body starting to shake I know I have taken you past the point of no return. I slow down so you can feel the momentum. You writhe underneath me, moaning, gasping, my cock up your ass. I sit up and watch as you buck. I tell you softly, “Let it go, let the pleasure fill your entire body from the inside.” I’m pumping you slowly as your whole body has an orgasm. You cum so sweetly, intensely and completely.

Looking down at you post climax with my cock still inside I feel closer to you. I’m in awe of the man who showed me his vulnerability and gave himself so completely to me. I know we will be exploring and sharing this beautiful moment again.

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