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Banging into Sarah

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My name is – well, what difference does it make what my name is? I mean, you don’t care about me. You’re probably more interested in my little adventure and, if that’s the case, you’re one sick son of a bitch. But, okay, here goes.

Oh, hell, I don’t care if you want to know or not. I’m going to give you a little background about me anyway. If you don’t like, go screw yourself.

Still here? Fine.

I’m 42 years old and worked as a contractor for about 10 years before I got sick of the bullshit. It wasn’t the people I worked for who pissed me off. It was the damned people who worked for me. Drunk, high or lazy, many of them were completely unreliable and did shitty work.

So when I was able to put together the money, I quit my contracting work, went on down to the bank and purchased a nice little apartment complex. Because I have no use for maintenance workers either, I make it a point to do all the repairs myself. It’s my place so I take pretty good care of it, if I do say so myself.

I’m not making as much as I thought but I’m pulling down some regular change and I get some fringe benefits, as I’ll explain later.

Here’s a little more about me. If you don’t like it, tough.

I’m not as long as a horse but I’ve got a cock as thick as a small baseball bat. After about 15 years of women (never got married – most girls are whores anyway) saying they couldn’t get my monster in their fuck hole, I started to get the idea that I was sort of special in that department. Oh, I managed to get it in eventually. My feeling: if a woman can punch a baby out of that hole, she can take my thick dick in the other way.

Over time – and it got easier as I got older – I started to target mothers. Some of my buddies (assholes, most of them) said some mothers’ floppy cunts were no good as places to stick their dicks. I on the other hand found they were a very nice fit, thank you, and most of these ladies were only too grateful to find a man who could “fill them out.”

Okay, back to the fringe benefits at my complex.

I got to know most of the people in my buildings over time and, because I did such good work, there was an eager waiting list of people wanting me to repair the disposal or stop a leak or some damned thing or another that their limp-dicked husbands couldn’t or wouldn’t fix.

There are no children allowed in my complex (noisy, ungrateful bastards) so most of my tenants are older, although most of them have a family that doesn’t live with them any longer. I found myself spending more and more time providing upkeep to my buildings and I wasn’t getting out as much as I would have liked.

And the older ladies started looking better and better to me.

The first one I took was Catherine, a retired schoolteacher of about 60, with a big wide smile, liberal politics and a pussy as wide and friendly as all outdoors. She gasped the first time I fucked her but as soon as I bottomed out in her hole, she was fine and I grabbed a mouthful of tit and hung on for dear life as she soaked my cock dry.

Oh, yeah, and I got her washing machine working again too.

Then there was Margaret and Frances, Catherine (again) and Sally who I fucked in the kitchen while her fat good-for-nothing husband snored away while watching the History Channel (yeah – we get cable in our building too).

Most of the women came on to me in one way or another which at first was surprising and then I started to expect it.

I was in the middle of boning Emily, a fat 60-ish librarian at the nearby elementary school, when I realized she had never really come on to me. I just expected I could have her if I wanted. Fortunately, Emily didn’t seem to mind but I never had the chance to bonk her again.

The reason is Sarah. And here’s where my story gets kinky – although, as they say, it’s only kinky the first time.

Sarah is Emily’s mother and she lives in the second bedroom at their apartment. She had been at a doctor’s appointment when I replaced some bad carpeting in their living room and put the meat to Emily. Usually, however, Sarah was home all the time either watching television or sitting on the balcony that overlooks the courtyard – and, yes, I take great care of the courtyard too. The lawn is mowed by me, flowers are planted in the spring and I even put in an irrigation system so it all stays green.

Sarah is 90 years old.

Hey, don’t give me any crap! I’m just telling the story. If you don’t want to hear, go elsewhere. I don’t give a shit.

Not leaving, huh? You are a sick bastard.

Anyway, I know Sarah is 90 because she told me. I went back up to their place because the cheap-ass carpeting I put in earlier had wrinkled up and Emily was afraid her mother would trip over it. I didn’t want that so I got up there in a hurry.

It turns out it was my fault, which is pretty unlike me. I did a crummy job putting it in but I had it fixed in short order. Keep the customer happy, that’s my motto.

Sarah let me in. She had a pretty smile and her own teeth but there’s no getting over the fact that she was an old woman. She came to the door pushing a walker – which was a little tricky on the carpet – and invited me in.

Like many old women, she wore a simple shift because, I guess, it’s easier to get in and out of. She didn’t have the “old woman smell” that you sometimes get. You know what I mean. The fact is, she didn’t really smell like anything. She just pushed her walker along and sat down on the couch. On the way, she pulled out an album from the bookshelf and plopped down on the sofa with a sigh.

After I fixed the carpeting and was ready to leave, Sarah said, “This is my Henry. He was a policeman, you know.”

Of course I didn’t know but I’ve got no use for cops. Bullies, most of them. Still, I smiled and nodded.

“He’s been gone more than 30 years now.”

My mom has lived alone for a long time because of my dad’s early death (he never took care of himself. I eat right. He didn’t) so I was a little sympathetic. I walked over to the couch and she turned it around and showed me a picture of Henry. Ugly, fat fucker but I nodded appreciatively.

“This is when we went to Niagara Fall,” and Sarah pointed a bony finger at the page. There was Sarah about 50 years ago in black and white. I squinted to get a good look but it was easy to see she was an attractive woman. In the photo she looked a little like Emily but thinner and, of course, younger. She had nice legs back then (she was wearing shorts) and sweet little thighs that sort of floated out of the shorts.

I looked down at her legs now but they were mostly covered. Still, I could see her legs were shaved. I sat down next to her.

For the next 20 minutes she showed me photos of everybody including Emily who looked like she was always fat from second grade up to today. Sarah went on in her sweet, high-pitched old voice explaining this and that. I wasn’t listening but as I sat next to her I saw that she seemed to have – I don’t know how else to say it – a young neck. Her face was old and wrinkled but the neck that disappeared beneath the shift looked smooth and young.

I guess no one had spent this much time with her for quite a while. Whether it was that reason or another, I don’t know, but Sarah gently put her free hand on my thigh as she continued to show me pictures.

At first I smiled and interpreted this as the suggestion of keeping me in my seat so she could continue her story. But after a while, Sarah began to run her bony palm against my thigh in a slow stroking motion. At first I thought it was like she was patting the head of a child but as my pecker started paying attention, I realized it was possibly something more.

Her tiresome high-pitched droning continued and her strokes grew longer and eventually the heel of her palm brushed my hardened pecker and she paused for a moment, pressed against it, then again with the slow brushing motion, pause at the pecker, back to the brushing, droning on.

Sarah’s breath was picking up a bit and sped up even more as I placed a tentative hand on her thigh through the shift. I could feel the boniness of the leg but there was some bulk there. Now she spread her legs apart just a little, making it easier for me to stroke her leg.

Finally, she put the album down on the other side of her and just laid her liver-spotted hand on my hardened cock through my work jeans.

At the same time, I pulled up her shift and started running my hand along her bare thigh which was smooth and only occasionally veiny until I could just about brush her panties. I pushed a pinky finger against the cotton and felt her warm flesh.

Sarah was just looking straight ahead, saying nothing. She could have been asleep with her eyes open except her breath was coming in fast puffs. Finally, I did away with pretense and placed three fingers gently against her panty-covered crotch then pressed until I could feel warmth.

It’s true I hadn’t been laid in a while. Like I said, my job keeps me busy. But I was amazed at how horny this old woman was making me. Now she was starting to brush my cock with her hand and still didn’t look at me. I finally stood up.

Sarah continued to look straight ahead, as though her mind was elsewhere, but she kept an insistent hand hard against my cock. There could be no misunderstanding her intention now.

I looked down at her and her shift was up about mid thigh. Her legs were not as shapely as they were in the photo but they were not unpleasant to look at. I bent over to stroke them and she opened them still further. And I don’t know why but I whispered in her ear as I bent over her.

“I will be gentle,” I whispered. I know it sounds corny but with a 90-year old woman, what else can you be? She continued to look straight ahead, her right hand now off my cock and resting between her legs.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my knees. My thick, hard cock must have looked like another arm at her level and it was dripping with pre cum. For the first time, Sarah moved her gaze to it and as she did, I placed a soft hand on her head and pulled her aged lips to my cock.

She flicked her old tongue at the tip as though she were slurping the first melt of an ice cream cone but I pushed the head at her in degrees and now her eyes closed as she took about half of it. I wanted to jam it in her good but it was clear this was all she was comfortable with.

Looking down at this old woman, her shift around her knees, her fingers between her legs, eyes closed, sucking my hard dick was the most arousing experience of my life. I don’t care what you think! It was! I even felt a kind of affection for this old woman but the arousal was too much.

I spurted before much longer and gave her a facial like she’d never had. She was breathing so hard now I was worried about her health but as she licked at the cum dripping down her face, her breath slowed again and she held out a hand. I took off my shirt and wiped her face and Sarah seemed grateful. She smiled up at me, tapped my still hard dick then ran surprisingly firm fingers along my bare chest.

I pulled her up then, without saying another word, I pulled the shift over her head and took in her 90-year old body, semi nude, for the first time.

She wore thin cotton panties and an unexpectedly large bra. Her belly sort of drooped in lazy folds into her waist but there was still the hint of a waist there. In addition to the tits, Sarah’s ass was bigger than I had expected.

For the first time, she looked a little coyly at me and I smiled. She took my hands and stood up with my assistance. She went for her walker but I placed her hand on my arm. I pulled off my jeans and left them in a pile by my cum-covered shirt and the two of us, clad only in our underwear, slowly wandered toward her bedroom, an odd couple if ever there was one.

I sat her down on the edge of her bed – made up of course – and went into the bathroom. Eventually I found some KY jelly and I took it with me.

Sarah looked up at me like she wasn’t sure what I would do next and what I did surprised even me. I picked her up again and held her in my arms, stroked her hair which still smelled a little of my cum, and undid her bra from the back.

To my surprise, she held the cups protectively across her chest but I only smiled and gently removed her arms and the tits corralled in that huge bra tumbled almost to her waist.

The nipples fell to her tiny paunch and I picked one dug up like a warm duffel bag and played with the heft of it, rotating the nipple in my finger, then let it fall and did the same with the other. I was able to reach down while I was still standing and pull the tit up to my lips by bending over just a little.

When I began suckling her, Sarah spoke for the first time. Or, rather, she mewed in a very contented way. I was growing more and more aroused and even managed to stuff much of her droopy tit into my mouth like a sock and chomp on it to her delighted cheers.

I lifted her up bodily now. Although she had huge tits and ass, Sarah was not a heavy woman and it was easy to place her on the bed. She could see that my erection had returned with a vengeance now and she touched the wet tip of my prick through my underwear. I quickly slipped them off and Sarah smiled like she was welcoming home an old and very eager friend as my cock dangled before her eyes.

I straddled her carefully and pulled her panties off and got my first look at her cunt. There were just a few hairs there but surprisingly, some of them were still dark. I probed with one, then two fingers against the opening but she was dry.

She started calling with unintelligible guttural sounds that she wanted my cock in her mouth again so I carefully put myself in 69 position and this time she took my entire cock for its full length. I couldn’t see her well but it was so arousing to see her elongated tits flopped on either side of her spare body while she sucked at me like a baby at its bottle. If I looked much longer, I knew I would go off again so I went to my work and started lapping at her cunt hole.

Sarah pushed her twat at my face. I wrapped my arms around her delightfully full ass and began tonguing her enthusiastically while she sucked on me. Her “hmmph, hmmph, hmmph” began to increase in speed and intensity and I realized that she was close to an orgasm and my only hope was that she would survive it.

I rubbed her belly, squeezed her ass, bit gently at her labial lips and that did it. “Oh, God!” was all she said, but I got the idea. She paused for a moment but was ready to begin sucking at me again. I had other plans.

I pulled myself around on Sarah and looked down on her old face. For the first time I almost felt depraved but I was too horny and it passed.

Leaning over her, I flicked a tongue at her old, floppy ear and whispered. “I’m going to fuck you now, Sarah.”

To her credit, she didn’t say anything about getting my “monster” in her cunt or being gentle or going slowly or anything of the kind. She just opened her legs as well as she could and, while looking her in the eyes, I worked my hard dick into her hole.

I had done my work well and no KY jelly was necessary. Hell, if fat old Emily could come out that hole, I could surely get in!

Once I saw Sarah bite her bottom lip and a tear even formed in her old eyes but she shook her head, then nodded as if to tell me, “don’t worry. Keep going.”

So I did.

I could tell she was moist but she was tight as a virgin I got the head in and thought I would stop there but she pushed against me and took another inch and then . . . and then . . . I was in up to the hilt. Sarah looked up at me and smiled, then said with that same high-pitched old lady voice she had used to explain her photos: “Fuck me. Fuck me good, now.”

Wow! I almost popped my cherry right there but the earlier cum slowed me up. I started drilling her cunt with my baseball bat-sized cock in slow motion then picked up the pace. I watched her face as I pistoned in and out of her cunt, then grabbed each of her tits like I was taking the reins of an old horse and rode her for all I was worth.

She was saying something I couldn’t quite make out but determined it was “more, more, more” and that’s what I gave her. I must have fucked her for 10 minutes before my load, even larger than my last, splashed into her aged interior, coated her cervix and squished out against what was left of her cunt hair and I rolled off after the best fuck of my life.

Believe it or not, I don’t care. Call me a crazy, depraved asshole. Fine.

I’m just telling you what happened.

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