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Bachelor Party Men

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By the time the stripper arrived to the Bachelor party, we were all pretty drunk.

It was a small party, really. There were eight of us to begin with, but Steve had an early flight the next morning and so had left by ten. Then Sean, the groom-to-be of all people, got too drunk too soon and passed out on the sofa not long after that.

The stripper arrived at eleven and we greeted her with a riotous yell and whistles inspired by a lot of beer and whisky and the general rowdiness of a bunch of men in their early twenties. It was a bachelor party, after all. Time to let loose. And letting loose we were.

We tried to wake up Sean to watch the stripper, but he was out cold, snoring away. Chris took a magic marker and wrote “I love cock” on Sean’s forehead as he lay there on the sofa. I shook my head and laughed at the joke; Chris was gay and I was bisexual, and we had a slight flirting tension between us for some time. We had sometimes joked together about seducing Sean, who as far as we could tell was straight.

In fact, Chris’ boyfriend Scott was also at the party. While Chris was clean-shaven and blonde with fair skin, Scott was darker, with black hair and a black goatee and an olive complexion. While I was more than happy to flirt with Chris, who was cute, it was Scott’s hard face and sexy eyes I often fantasized about.

Also at the party was Devon, Jakob, and Roy. All of us had been friends for years, and we had few if any secrets between us. Most of us had even played on the same softball team in college.

The stripper’s name was Lara. She also had black hair and olive skin, like Scott. She was lovely. I had expected some woman past her prime to arrive as our stripper. But Lara was young, probably a college student, and pretty, and wore very little makeup. Her outfit was not gaudy, either. Another surprise. She wore a tight little black dress and sexy thigh-high boots, and little under that. She made me hot the moment she entered the room.

Since Sean was passed out on the sofa, Devon and I picked him up and carried him to an armchair on the other side of the room. Lara put a cd in the stereo and began her dance, and we all hooted and hollered some more. Chris and Scott and Jakob made it to the sofa first and sat down, leaving Devon and Roy and I to stand next to the sofa or sit on the floor. I chose to sit. Lara was gyrating just inches from me and I could have simply reached out and touched her soft thighs peeking out between the top of her boots and the bottom of her hemline. Which I really wanted to do.

Devin and Roy grabbed some table chairs from the kitchen to sit on. Chris jokingly said “I feel sorry that you’re sitting on the floor. Here, you can sit on my lap.” The guys all laughed at that and Lara just smiled as she continued dancing. I laughed and said, “Ok,” and stood up off the floor, moved to the sofa, and sat on Chris’ lap, putting my arm around his neck for balance, and started watching Lara again. All the guys were laughing and Devon rolled his eyes. “Uh-oh,” he said, “Chris is gonna get you after all.” We laughed more and Chris said, “Oh, if only.”

I said, “And hurt poor Scott’s feelings? No way.” To which Chris replied, “It’s ok, Scott can videotape it.” Scott just smiled and shook his head.

We all joked some more and watched Lara dance and before long she dropped her dress to the floor and stepped out of it in those big black boots, revealing just her low-cut bra and tiny panties. Her small body was tight. We all screamed in joy, even Chris and Scott, who, if not actually interested in Lara’s body, at least appreciated a good strip show when they saw one. Lara kicked the dress away and bent over, still gyrating, shaking her ass towards us men. Her pussy and asshole were barely covered by the panty fabric.

I started to get a hard-on, and before long I realized that Chris himself was noticing the bulge in my jeans. He didn’t say anything, but I could catch him looking. Then I began to feel his cock grow hard under me.

Within a few minutes, Lara took off her bra and her firm little tits bounced around as she danced. All of us had hard-ons by now, it was obvious, and it was becoming uncomfortable to just sit there so horny and so restrained.

When Lara dropped her panties and we saw her lovely shaven pussy, we all groaned in discomfort and lust. Devon finally said, “Fuck this. Sorry guys, but I can’t just sit here like this.” He unbuttoned his jeans and quickly pulled his dick out and began stroking it. He moaned in relief as he did.

“Nice,” Roy said, and taking Devon’s lead, also dropped his pants. Chris’ rock-hard cock began to twitch under me.

Roy and Devon had nice, big cocks, and between seeing Lara’s hot naked body and my buddy’s big hard dicks, I pretty much let caution to the wind. I think at that point we all did. I pulled out my own cock and began to stroke it. Within seconds Chris, without saying a word, simply slid out from under me, bent over, and began sucking my dick. His warm wet mouth felt so good. I looked his mouth locked around my cock, bobbing up and down it’s now-slick shaft, and it was an awesome sight. I vaguely thought that this might piss off Scott but he didn’t seem to mind. He had stood up and was taking his clothes completely off. When he dropped his pants and shorts, I could see he had a nice thick nine inches of beautiful smooth meat with a sweet mushroom on the end. I knew I had to get that into my mouth, and soon.

I turned to look at Lara, and saw that she had stopped dancing. She stood transfixed on what was happening before her. Suddenly I heard Devon say “Shit, guys. No fair. You get to blow each other and we get to just stand here jerking off.”

“Damn, that’s hot,” Lara finally said, watching Chris suck me. I took off my shirt and he pulled my pants all the way to my ankles. I moaned in pleasure. Scott, now naked, looked at me and Chris and before I knew it I just said, “Come here,” reached for his big beautiful dick and gently pulled him by it towards my face. He knelt one knee on the sofa arm and filled up my mouth with his warm hard meat. It felt so good in my lips, and tasted so good in my mouth. I was in heaven.

Lara began fingering herself, she was so turned on. “Fuck,” she said, “that is SO fucking hot. You all gay?”

“No,” said Devon, watching Lara touch herself. “You gonna help us out?”

In response, Lara stepped towards him and Roy, and they began to touch her and kiss her body and mouth. Her hands went all over the two of them.

Jakob, still sitting on the sofa in between me and Chris and Scott on one side, and Lara and Roy and Devon on the other, was stunned and didn’t know what to do. He had just been watching everything and had only barely unzipped his pants to let his cock out. I noticed this and pulled Scott’s tasty cock out of my mouth.

“You ok, Jakob?” I asked.

“Uh, yeah dude. I just…don’t know what to do.” He said. I could see Lara was now on her knees taking turns sucking both Roy and Devon’s dicks. Except for Jakob, we were all completely naked now. Even Chris had managed to get his clothes off while sucking me.

“Do whatever you want to do,” Scott said. “It’s ok.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Jakob got up off the sofa and took off his clothes. Then he reached over and gently touched Chris’ dick, stroked it a few times. It was obvious it was his first time, and he was nervous about it. Chris moaned in appreciation, his mouth still full of me.

Lara let out a moan, too, and Jakob turned and looked at her. Still on her knees and sucking cock, her ass was pointed right at him. Jakob let go of Chris and moved closer to her. He touched her wet pussy from behind and she groaned. She popped a cock out of her mouth and said, “Fuck yeah. Suck me.” And went back to sucking the two big fat wet cocks. Jakob silently obeyed, and leaned in to her pussy and ass and began licking and sucking and fingering them from behind. She shook and moaned in pleasure as she sucked.

“I want to suck you, too,” Scott suddenly said to me. Chris heard this and took his mouth off of me. He sat up and Scott and I moved into a 69 on the floor. I was on the bottom, and Scott began fucking my mouth, filling it up. Scott was an excellent cocksucker and I knew that I was going to come soon the way he was going.

Suddenly I felt a wet finger rub around my ass and then slide into it. I pulled Scott out of my mouth long enough to look up and see that Chris was sitting in between the 69-ing Scott and I, and the pussy-licking Jakob. Chris was finger-fucking me with one hand, and jerking off Jakob with the other. It felt so damn good. I began to suck Scott for all I was worth, giving him my best hand job at the same time. I fingered around Scott’s asshole and rubbed him behind his balls. I knew I was going to come soon, and wanted to make sure he did, too. Chris switched his finger with his thumb, and it felt so damn good and tight in me and I groaned and he hit my prostate and that was it. I groaned loudly this time, still swallowing Scott’s thick cock, and began to come hard in Scott’s mouth. He sucked and licked it all up, making sounds like he loved it. Chris pulled out of my ass and suddenly Scott groaned loudly and I pulled him out of my mouth and jerked him off. I kept my mouth open and caught some of the cum, although plenty also went all over my face, which I liked. Then as he was finishing his thrusts, I took his cum-covered cock back in my mouth as it was softening, and cleaned him up. I felt so completely satisfied.

Scott climbed off me and I sat up, wiping cum from my face, and I saw that now Lara was on her back and Devon was fucking her pussy. Roy was fucking her face. And next to them, Chris was on all fours and Jakob was fucking him. Apparently Jakob had gotten over his hesitations, as he looked really into it. Within seconds, Devon groaned and shot a load of cum all over Lara’s pussy and belly, but it also shot so far it hit Roy on his back and ass, since he was straddling Lara’s face.

Devon laughed. “Sorry, buddy,” he said, and reached over, rubbing his cum into Roy’s back.

“It’s cool,” Roy said, and stopped fucking Lara’s mouth. “Feels kinda hot, actually.” Roy moved into Devon’s previous position and squeezed his cockhead into Lara’s shaven, slick pussy lips.

Encouraged, Devon then reached over for Roy’s smooth ass and rubbed the wet cum some more as Roy continued to thrust into Lara. “Yeah man, feels good,” Roy said. I was surprised and turned on by the sight. Both Devon and Roy had always proclaimed themselves devout heterosexuals before. It was hot seeing them let go and experiment. Roy was fucking Lara with gusto, and Lara was moaning in pleasure. Devon reached a little lower under Roy’s ass and even rubbed his cum into Roy’s ass crack.

“Shit that feels good,” Roy panted. “Touch my balls, man.”

Devon did what he was told and rubbed his own come onto Roy’s swollen balls from behind. Within seconds of this, Roy yelled out and, pumping again and again, filled Lara’s pussy with his cum.

After taking a moment to regain themselves, Roy rolled off Lara and she sat up, smiling deliriously. “Wow.” She said with a sigh, “Mmmmm.”

Then she noticed that Jakob was still fucking Chris. “Oh, yeah,” she said, watching intently. “Fuck him. Fuck him good.”

Jakob was ready to come and did very soon, making hard guttural sounds as he did. He pulled out of Chris and came all over his ass and balls. Chris then got off his knees and lay down on his back, stroking his cock. I realized that he was the only one who hadn’t come yet.

“Can I watch you guys suck his dick?” I heard Lara ask.

“Yeah,” I said, and moved over to start sucking. Scott joined me, and we took turns sucking and jerking Chris. At one point I looked up and saw Jakob, Roy, and Devon watching with curiosity. “You guys want to?” I offered, gesturing to Chris’s dick.

“Mmm…nah,” Devon said.

Jakob, however, accepted the invitation, leaned over and took a mouthful.

Scott stood up and I could see he was hard again. Since Jakob was sucking his first cock with Chris, I decided to take this opportunity to suck that beautiful thick cock of Scott’s again. Then suddenly I heard Devon say, “Ok, why not.” And before I knew it he was on his knees next to me, helping me lick and suck Scott.

Then I heard Roy say, “Come here baby, ride me while you watch all those cocksuckers.” I glanced behind me to see Lara straddle Roy on the floor, riding up and down on his cock and moaning into another orgasm, never taking her eyes off of all of us boys sucking dick.

Finally, Chris came with a groan, and Jakob swallowed it all. Then Roy started to come again, and Lara jumped off him and jerked him off, his big wet cock shooting spurts of white cum all over her hand and his cock and his chest and belly. Seeing this sent Scott over the edge and he came again as Devon was sucking him, but Devon pulled the dick out of his mouth and Scott shot straight ahead, hitting Lara and Roy all over their chests. Lara said “Mmmm” and rubbed the glistening cum into her tits, and Roy said, “Shit, man…” but then relaxed and stayed lying on the floor, catching his breath. There was a moment of silence as we all relaxed and the realization of the incredible event that just occurred to all of us sank in. Finally Roy laughed and said, “Damn, I’m covered…” And we all laughed.

“Let me help,” Chris said, and leaned over to lick the cum off of Roy’s chest. Roy froze for a moment, but then laughed and said, “All right. Anybody else wanna help?” Jakob and Scott and Devon and I all crawled over and licked Roy clean. We licked the cum from his chest, his nipples, his abs, his groin, his thighs. He even let us lick it off his flaccid cock.

“This is as freaky as I’m ever gonna get,” Roy said with a laugh, as Lara sat on the sofa and furiously rubbed herself to another orgasm watching us.

Sean continued to snore lightly from his armchair in the corner.

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