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Aunt Sylvia & Allen Hanging Out

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The two girls were excited about their plan. Their mother had been so bitchy since Allen had come to visit that they decided it was time she got some of her own medicine.

They had lured her out to the barn under the pretext that they wanted her approval for a little surprise that they were planning for their thoroughly pussy-whipped cousin.

Aunt Sylvia looked a little out of place standing in the middle of the barn in her high heels, black nylons, shear blouse and her little black skirt. And she didn’t seem too pleased as the girls giggled and fluttered around her.

“What’s this all about?…” she demanded.

Clare looked at her sister with a knowing smile. Then she reached into one of the empty stalls and pulled out a pair of padded handcuffs with a long tether attached to them.

“Well, we thought that tonight we’d try a little teasing and flirting and see if we couldn’t get Allen all excited, you know. Then we were going to barge into his bedroom and if he was masturbating, we were going to handcuff him with these to the bed. But we don’t want to hurt him. What do you think?…”

Sylvia looked at the handcuffs with sparkling eyes.

“I think that that’s an excellent idea dear!…”

“But you don’t think these handcuffs might hurt him? Would you try them on for us mommy? Just so you can tell if they’ll be O.K.!..” Clare asked innocently, holding out the handcuffs.

“I don’t see why there should be any problem…” Sylvia said, holding out her wrists for her daughter.

Clare slipped the cuffs on as Diana edged quietly around behind their mother. As Clare closed the handcuffs tight around her mother’s wrists with a satisfying clink, Diana snatched up the end of the line that was attached to them and pulled down on it sharply. The tether ran from the cuffs, over one of the barn beams and back down to where Diana had grabbed it. As she yanked down on the rope, Sylvia’s arms flew up into the air and her daughters had her strung up from the rafters before she even knew what was happening.

The raven haired beauty was totally unprepared for this attack by her daughters and she didn’t like it! She was speechless for a moment as she gaped at Diana and Clare. With her arms stretched out above her, Sylvia’s monumental breasts thrust out urgently through her shear white blouse.

“What do you girls think you’re doing!…This isn’t funny!…You let me down from here this instant!…You’re going to be very, very sorry!…” she raged.

But the two girls ignored her as Clare helped Diana adjust the tension on the rope. There was a little pallet lying nearby that the girls kicked up behind their mother’s heels. They pulled up with all their might until Sylvia’s toes were just touching the ground. She flailed around with her feet and was just able to take the weight off her arms by standing on the little pallet.

“So help me God!..If you two don’t let me down from here right now…!…Let me down!…I mean it!…” Sylvia shrieked, glaring at her daughters.

“Now mommy!…You just quiet down!..I don’t want to have to use this!…” Diana said, holding up a black shiny ball gag in front of her mother.

“I won’t quiet down young lady!…You let me down immediately or you’re going to get whipped so bad you won’t be able to sit down for a week!…”

Diana just turned to her sister with a shrug and said…” I told you!…” as she moved behind Sylvia and reached around her with the gag.

“I’ve asked you nicely to stop shouting, but you won’t!…Now open wide!..”

But Sylvia stared over her shoulder at her eldest daughter and seethed…”I don’t know what you think you’re doing little miss but if you think for one second… Owwww!…” yelped Sylvia, her mouth opening into a wide O as a sharp pain lanced through her chest. Diana popped the ball gag into her mother’s gaping mouth and cinched it behind her head. Syvia’s head snapped forward to find Clare grinning at her, her arms outstretched as she roughly pinched her mother’s nipples through her shirt.

Diana walked back to join her sister and the two girls looked at their mother appraisingly.

“I think we should take her tits out, don’t you?…” Clare said to Diana.

“Most definitely!…” answered Diana, reaching up to undo the buttons on her mother’s shirt.

“Ummmm!…Whhaaaa!…Noooo!…” Sylvia moaned, struggling fiercely but ineffectively as her daughters opened her shirt down to her waist. Two sets of teen-age hands pawed at her bra until her two big melons were fully exposed, jutting out obscenely on top of her twisted bra.

“That’s much better, don’t you think?…” Clare asked her sister.

“Yeahhh!…That’s pretty good!…It just needs…something…I know!….Let’s try this!…” Diana mused out loud. Leaning closer to her mother, she tweaked Sylvia’s already puffy nipples, squeezing and stretching them from her heaving bosom.

“Wahhhh!…Ahhhhhhh!….Nahhhhh!…” Sylvia choked through the ball gag, the tears springing to her eyes as her daughter roughly groped her sensitive flesh. After a few moments more of this, Diana stepped back to view her handiwork, leaving Sylvia panting behind the ball gag.

The two sister’s rude fondling had left their mother’s bared breasts heaving, her nipples red and swollen. Those fiery buds jutted out almost two inches from Sylvia’s glowing bosom.

“That’s much better!…” the two girls said simultaneously, nodding at each other in satisfaction.

Then it was Clare’s turn to step around behind her mother and wrap a blindfold around her from behind.

“Now we want you to wait right here for us mommy!…We won’t be too long and when we come back we’ll have a surprise for you!…We hope you’ll like it!…” Clare said excitedly. And then Sylvia could hear the two girls whispering together as they walked away and left her.

Sylvia didn’t know what those girls were up to but sooner or later they would have to let her go and when they did she was going to kill them.

A little while later she could hear them returning. One of the girls climbed up on the little pallet with her and seemed to be adjusting something. There was much giggling and shushing and then there was a momentary quiet. Then there was a blinding light as one of them ripped Sylvia’s blindfold off.

“Ta Daaa!…” the girls shrieked.

Sylvia was confused for a moment. And then she realized that it was Allen who was standing there on the pallet with her, trussed up to the rafters just like she was. He was also gagged and also apparently had just had a blindfold removed as he blinked at her in confusion.

“Whaaaa!…Mmmmmm!…Naaaaa!…” Sylvia grunted through the ball gag, her eyes burning fiercely at her daughters.

“Hi mommy!…We’re just having a little fun!…You know…Girls just want to have fun!… Now we can take the gag out and make it much more pleasant for you, but you have to promise not to scream and shout!…If you can’t do that…the gag stays in!…What do you say?…”

Sylvia looked at her two daughters in a fury but she finally nodded her agreement.

Diana dutifully took the gag out.

“Now you listen to me girls!…” Sylvia began to rage but Diana just dangled the ball gag in front of her and said…”Ahh!….Ahh!…”

Sylvia bit her lip and quieted down.

“What are you doing?…What’s this all about?…”

Diana and Clare exchanged pleased glances.

“Why nothing mommy!…Nothing really!…” Clare said biting her lip coyly, as Diana reached up and removed the ball gag from Allen. The poor boy had been so abused over the last few days that he hadn’t even tried to put up a fight when the girls had tied him, blindfolded him and led him out to the barn. But he never expected to find that his cousins would dare to treat their mother equally outrageously.

“We just thought that you’d been so hard on Allen lately, that if you got to know him a little better you might actually…you know…get to like him!…” said Clare.

“Yeahhh!…So we thought we’d arrange for you get to spend a little time together…” Diana chimed in, a wicked gleam in her eye.

“This is ridiculous!.. You girls will let us go right now, if you know what’s good for you, and there won’t be any more said about it!…Now untie us this instant!…”

“Sorry mommy!…But I think if you just go along with us you won’t be sorry!…Now we’re going to leave you two alone!…Oh yeahhh!…There were just a couple of other things!…” Diana said as she stepped behind her mother and Clare stepped behind Allen.

Sylvia’s torpedo shaped breasts were still bared and framed by her open blouse. Diana deftly unfastened her mother’s little skirt and stripped it off her. Then she reached up and pulled off her mother’s diminutive panties, leaving her standing there on her high heels, naked from the waist down except for her nylons and garterbelt.

“What!…No!…Don’t!…” Sylvia protested as she realized what her daughter was doing.

At the same time Clare had stripped Allen from the waist down.

“Clare!…Please!…Don’ttt!…” Allen simpered.

The two girls stepped back again and grabbed a little bag from behind the stall.

Diana pulled out two strings of little brass balls of different sizes and some vaseline. As she and her sister looked at her mother and Allen with barely contained excitement, they started greasing up the balls.

“Don’t you two dare!…Don’t even think about it!…” Sylvia protested.

“What’s that?…What are you going to do?…” Allen asked fearfully.

The girls ignored them as they sidled up behind Sylvia and Allen.

“Wahhh!….Unnnnnghhh!…Gnahhh!…” Allen grunted, his eyes nearly popping out of his head as Clare started stuffing the cold greasy balls up his ass one after the other.

“Ahhhh!….Naaaa!…I’ll fix you for this young lady!…” Sylvia hissed, clenching her ass as tight as she could. But she was no match for Diana’s wheedling fingers as her eldest daughter deliberately shoved the unyielding Ben Wa balls up her ass.

In just a moment the two girls were finished. They stepped back to watch both their mother and Allen gasp and groan as they gingerly shuffled from foot to foot. With the slightest movement, the brass balls shifted around tantalizingly up each of their asses.

“There that looks like fun doesn’t it?…” Diana asked with a lewd chuckle.

“It looks like they have to pee!…” her sister said with a giggle.

“Just one more thing!…” Clare added, bending down behind Allen and reaching between his legs. She took the strings that trailed from the balls in Allen’s ass and the balls in her mother’s ass and tied them loosely together.

“Now you two play nice or those little balls will be popping out in no time and what would there be the fun in that?…” Clare teased.

“Oh and Clare!…Don’t forget to….you know!…” Diana said with a giggle and a nod at her cousin’s loins.

“Oh yeahhh!…” Clare answered excitedly. She reached down and fisted her cousin’s cock…

” Allen, sweetheart …” she said, jiggling him to make him hard, …”don’t you even think…” she murmured, leaning close and stabbing her moist tongue into his ear, …”about fucking…” she whispered, jacking his quickly stiffening penis hard and slow, ..”not for a moment…” she purred, pushing his shaft down and rubbing his knob against Sylvia’s bushy pubes…”should you think about fucking…” she repeated, reaching in and giving his drum taut testicles a torrid squeeze…” our mother!..”

“Naaahhhh!…Godddd!…” Allen moaned in distress when Clare released him with his engorged tool jutting rigidly upright from his groin.

Diana reached around her mother as Clare teased her eager cousin. The dark haired teen-ager grabbed her mother’s tits once again and squeezed them nastily as she murmured…” And don’t you dare take advantage of our little, virgin cousin!…”

Sylvia sucked air in through her teeth while Diana pancaked her swollen orbs flat against her chest. After a few moments of this rough fondling, Diana released her mother’s chest and Sylvia gasped with breathless agitation.

“Good!…So you kids are O.K., right?…” Diana asked with a lewd chuckle.

“Great!…Well we’re going to leave you two alone now so feel free to just get acquainted, O.K.?…We’ll check on you a little later!…Bye now!…” the girls giggled, blowing kisses at their mother and their cousin as they skipped out of the barn, closing the door behind them.

What Sylvia and Allen didn’t know was that as soon as the two girls left the barn, they ran around to the other side where there was a ladder up into the hay loft. They scampered up and quietly made their way back through the hay until they were lying just above their mother and Allen where they could watch what developed.

Allen was breathing very hard and squirming in a wild combination of embarassment and arousal. He was supremely aware of his aunt’s bullet hard nipples and her seething breasts thrusting into his chest. Also, the feel of Sylvia’s silky nylons brushing his thighs was extremely arousing. And he was still shaking from the torrid fondling Clare had given him and from the weird but erotic sensation of the brass balls bulging inside his anus. His cock was waving around at his loins like a flagpole in a stiff breeze. He couldn’t control his arrogant tool as it jutted urgently against his aunt’s naked loins and he was terrified of her reaction. He tried to step back away from her but as he did so he stretched the string tied between them. The balls shifted around outrageously inside them and both he and his aunt gasped at the shock that raced through their groins.

“Be still!…Come here!…” Sylvia hissed barely managing to stay on the little pallet with her hands strung up over her head. She thrust her loins into her nephew’s to relief the tension on the string of balls up her ass. She could hardly keep still herself as her rectum reflexively clenched and rippled on the little orbs buried inside her. The girls knew exactly how excited those shiny spheres made her. And she was equally aware of her nephew’s big cock pressing against her pubes and inching it’s way up towards her navel. She bit her lip and tried to stay calm as a furious arousal began to build in her loins.

“Ooohhh!…Naaaa!…Ohhhh!…Aunt Sylvia!…” Allen gasped, as his excitement grew and grew. He pulled frantically on the ropes that bound him but realized quickly he wasn’t going to get free. And with Sylvia’s nakedness pressing against him, he couldn’t help himself. He began to gingerly hunch against his curvaceous aunt, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

“Ewwwww!…” Diana murmured in the hay loft.

“It looks like our little cousin wants to get laid!… I wonder what mean old aunt Sylvia will have to say about that!…”

“I’ll bet she gives it to him!…” Clare said.

“I’ll bet she doesn’t!…”

“I’ll bet she does!…”

“Allen!…Stop that!…Don’t!…” Sylvia demanded, her eyes burning into her nephew’s as Allen’s throbbing boner rubbed gently against her. She could feel his pre-come smearing against her tummy as Allen pushed his cock and forth against her satin garter belt. She shuddered with her own excitement. That made the balls twitch around thrillingly up her ass and she groaned again. Without realizing it, she started to writhe against her nephew, grinding her coarse pubic hairs into his erection in the most provocative way.

“Nooo!…Stop that right now young man!…” Sylvia cried, trying to get control of herself and stop herself from grinding against her panting nephew.

“Ohhhh!…I’m sorry aunt Sylvia!…It’s just…It’s just…I can’t help it!…” Allen groaned as his aunt sucked in her tummy and opened up a tiny space between them.

“We need a little bit more damn room!…Just back up a little!…Just a little!.. I’ll move with you!…”

Allen groaned in frustration but tried to do what his aunt wanted. He dangled one foot back off the pallet and gingerly stepped back onto his toe.

“Naaaaa!…Ohhh!…Waittt!…” Sylvia gasped, following cautiously after him.

“Ohhhh Ohhh!…I see a disaster in the making!…” Clare giggled.

“Shhhhh!…” hushed Diana.

Allen stepped back with his other foot and now he was on the floor, but straining upwards on his tip toes. The rope tying him to the rafters was too short to let him stand flat footed the floor.

“Ohhh!…Ohhh!…Wait!…” Sylvia gasped anxiously as the string tightened on the Ben Wa balls and she felt the first one spreading her anus, on the verge of popping out. She shuffled forward in jerky motions, ultimately bumping roughly against Allen.

The excited young man teetered frantically on his toes and then his feet slipped and he lurched backwards. Two of the balls popped out of Sylvia’s ass and one squirted out of Allen’s.

“Wahhhhh!…Ohhhhhhh!…Nahhhhh!….Ahhhhhh!…” the two of them squealed, shaking and twisting against the ropes that bound them.

“Oh Shittt!….Come here!…Come here!…” Sylvia gasped frantically, hooking one leg around Allen’s ass and dragging him back up onto the little pallet. Her high heel dug painfully into one of his butt cheeks.

“Ooohhh!…Godddd!…Naaaah!…” the couple gasped, trembling against each other as they each shuddered with excitement. Sylvia’s anus was twitching and her cunt was starting to cream as a fiery ache consumed her loins

“Unnn!…Aunt Sylvia!…I’m sorry!…Ahhh!…I didn’t mean to!…” Allen whispered, burying his face in his aunt’s hair. When the little ball burst out of his ass, an electric shock of arousal had exploded in his groin. His cock had grown shockingly hard. With his aunt’s leg hooked around him, his throbbing erection was sandwiched between her enticing pussy lips. He tried to stop himself but he couldn’t resist rocking his loins, sliding his rampant tool up and down through his aunt’s juicy trench.

“I know dear!…Ohhh!…Don’tt sweetheart!…Ahhh!…It’s all those damn girls fault!… Ummm!…Stopp!…When we get down from here…Unnn!…When we…Ohhh!…Allen sweetheart!…Don’t!…Ahhhhh!…We can’t!…Ohhhh!…” Sylvia murmured, slightly bending the knee of the leg she was standing on to press more fully against her nephew’s steely erection . Her excitement was clouding her better judgment as she tilted her pelvis up so that the ridge under Allen’s cock crown was rubbing directly against her swollen clit. This only made the fire in her loins burn more fiercely. Closing her eyes, Sylvia pressed herself closer and rubbed her drooling slit feverishly against her nephew’s responsive tool.

“Ahhhh!…Ahhh!…Gnaaa!…” Allen moaned as his aunt’s scalding juices seared the underside of his cock. He thrust back against her swiveling loins with even more urgency.

“Our mother the slut!…She’s going to fuck him!…” Clare giggled.

“Yeah!…But he won’t be able to hold it!…Look at him!…He’s almost coming already!… Then she’s really gonna’ be pissed!…” Diana whispered.

“Yeah!…She’s really gonna be pissed!..” Clare whispered back as the two girls watched the action intently.

Allen could feel the come rising in his balls as his voluptuous aunt squirmed against him. In her high heels she was just as tall as he was and their loins fit together like pieces of a jig saw puzzle. Their dry fucking had gotten so intense that at one point, as he hunched up and she tilted her loins down, the tip of his cock hooked just inside the opening of her vagina.

“Unnnnn!…” they gasped together, each of them sucking in their breath and stopping their frenzied writhing at the same instant. Sylvia’s eyes popped open and she glared at her nephew in distress.

“Ohhhh!…Allen!…Nnaaa!!!…We can’t sweetheart!…Ahhhhh!…I’m your aunt for God’s sake!…” she panted, stretching up on her toes and pulling herself against the ropes that suspended her to get away from her nephew. But she really didn’t have the strength or the will and all she succeeded in doing was settling herself a little more firmly on Allen’s pulsing knob, letting it slip another inch inside her.

“Unnnnnnnn!…Gnnaaa!…Goddd!…” Allen gasped, hardly hearing his aunt’s pleading words as her meaty labia fluttered around his cock crown. He was so excited he was afraid he was going to explode right then. He tensed up all over as he steeled himself, trying to stop himself from coming.

Sylvia couldn’t believe the arousal that pulsed through her loins. Allen’s cock was huge. It felt like he was prodding her with a fire hose, the way his bloated knob was stretching her.

“Well maybe just the tip baby!…Maybe just slip it in a little!…Ohhhhhh!…” Sylvia groaned as she eased herself down onto the end of her nephew’s rigid tool.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!….” she gasped as Allen’s mushroom shaped head slithered inside her. Her cunt was a swampy mess and as Allen breeched her seething hole, she felt a trickle of greasy girl juice leak out and drip down the inside of her thigh.

“Ohhhhhh!…Ohhh!…Ohh my Godd!….Aunt Sylvia!…” Allen moaned as his aunt’s scorching cunt sheathed the end of his cock. He began to pull on the ropes that bound him, trying to thrust himself deeper into his aunt’s molten pussy.

“Wahhh!…Unnnn!…Waittt!…Allen!…Naaahhh!…I’m old enough to be your mother!… Unnnn!… Don’ttt!… Christ!…I’m older than your mother for God’s sake!…Stopp!…” Sylvia gasped, trying to pull herself up and away from her nephew’s thrillingly prodding erection.

But Allen wasn’t listening as he stretched up from his toes. With his aunt’s torrid pussy leeching on the end of his cock he couldn’t stop himself from trying to fuck her.

“Don’tttt!…” Sylvia seethed, gritting her teeth and glaring at her nephew as she struggled against her own feverish arousal.

Then the high heel on the foot that was wrapped around Allen got hooked on the string connecting the balls stuffed up the writhing couples’ asses. Sylvia realized what was happening but her thigh was starting to cramp and her leg twitched and there was nothing she could do.

“Shitttt!…” she muttered, her eyes burning into her nephew’s.

Allen didn’t understand what Sylvia was saying but then she had to straighten out her leg.

“Phwahhhh!….Naaahhhh!…Whattt!…Godddd!…” Allen cried as the steel balls were excruciatingly dragged out of his clutching nether hole. He swiveled his hips frantically as a fiery excitement burst in his loins.

“Ahhhhhh!…Ahhhh!…Ahhh!…Goddd!…” Sylvia panted, her groin exploding in a fire of lust as the little balls ripped out of her greasy anus. She relaxed against the ropes above her and let her cunt come plummeting down over Allen’s cock.

“Ahhhhhhh!…Nooo!…Yessss!…” Allen gasped as his aunt dropped like a stone against him, her tight cunt enveloping his teen-age prick right down to his balls.

“Nahhhhhhhh!…” Sylvia shrieked as she impaled herself on Allen’s towering erection. He completely filled her. His rampant tool was lodged excruciatingly against the entrance to her womb. She could feel every vein, every ridge of his cock throbbing against the walls of her pussy. Frantically she locked her legs around her nephew’s waist, swiveling her loins wildly on his plundering spear.

Sylvia’s molten pussy gripped Allen’s hard-on like a silky glove. With his fiery anus still twitching, the panting young man thrust up feverishly into his aunt’s pussy, straining up from his toes with keen arousal.

“Aunt Sylvia!…Godddd!…I’m gonna’!…I’m gonna’ come!…I can’t help it!…” Allen groaned. The way his voluptuous aunt was fucking herself on his upright shaft, he could no longer hold back the come that was churning for release in his balls.

“Noooo baby!…No!…Not yet!…Wait!…” Sylvia gasped, writhing even more anxiously against her nephew as she tried to get her own come before he orgasmed inside her. She reached out and grabbed the rope binding Allen’s arms and began to pull it back and forth with all her strength. This had the effect of making Allen’s big cock jiggle and lurch inside her as well as penetrate her even further.

“Yeahhh!…Ummm Hmmm!…That’s it!…That’s it!…” Sylvia enthused with hooded eyes as her nephew’s turgid cock stimulated the very depths of her molten pussy.

“Waaaaa!…Ahhhh!…Gonna come!…” Allen panted, his balls tightening up unbearably at the lurid fucking he was getting from his aunt.

“Told ya!…” Diana whispered.

“Yeahh!…He’s got no chance!…Now she’s gonna’ be sooo pissed!…This should be interesting!…” Clare whispered back with delight.

“Naaaaaa!…Naaa!…Goddd!….” Allen cried as his balls lurched and a scalding gusher of come jetted into Sylvia’s womb.

“Phwahhhh!…Ohhh!…My!…Goddd!..” Sylvia panted, her eyes flying wide open as the heat and volume of Allen’s inundating sperm made her arousal soar.

“Unnnn!….Unnnn!…Unnnn!…” her nephew grunted, as his testicles spasmed and stream after stream of boiling boy cream squirted inside his aunt’s sizzling cunt.

“Ahhhhhhhh!….Ahhhhhh!…Yessss!…Come inside me baby!…Unn Hnnn!..That’s it!… Oh Yeahhh!…I can feel you coming!…Ummmm!…Goddd!…Hose me honey!…Hose me good!…”

“What a slut!…” Clare giggled.

“Comeeee baby!…Make me choke on it!…Unn Hnnn!…Unnn Hnnn!…” Sylvia enthused, lewdly gyrating on her nephew’s fountaining tool. His ejaculation was so scorching, so intense that she could feel her loins melting. As her own orgasm took hold of her, Sylvia’s aching cunt clenched frenziedly on Allen’s cock, choking off his fiery ejaculation.

“Wahhhh!….Ohhh!…Aunt Sylvia!…Noo!…Don’ttt!…Pleaseee!…” Allen gasped as the sperm backed up sickeningly in his groin.

And then the excruciating tension peaked in Sylvia and wracking tremors swept through her loins.

“Ahhhhhh!…Unnn!….Unnn!…Unnn Hnnn!…Unnn Hnnn!…Unnn Hnnn!…” she grunted, shuddering feverishly.

“Naaahhhhhh!….” Allen cried excitedly as his aunt’s spasming cunt had him coming again in time with her convulsions and with even more seething intensity than before.

“Unnnnnn!…..Yesss!….Come you little fucker!…Give it to me!…” Sylvia gasped under the onslaught of Allen’s and her own powerful orgasms. She kicked her heels frenziedly against the backs of Allen’s thighs as she came, driving his spewing cock up against her hard edged uterus .

“Naaaaa!…Ahhh!…Ummmm!…” Allen moaned as his aunt’s shuddering cunt sucked the come from his balls in almost a continuous stream.

“He made her come!…I don’t believe it!…Now he’s spoiled all the fun!…” Clare pouted.

“Wait and see little sister!…Wait and see!…”

“Yesssss!….Honey!…So much come!…I can feel every spurt of it you sweet fucker!…” Sylvia praised as her cunt rippled and creamed around her nephew’s spasming tool. She could feel the come running out of her in a river that coated Allen’s balls and splattered wetly on the floor beneath them.

“Oooohhhh!…Aunt Sylvia!…That’s!…That’s!…I don’t know what to say!…” Allen moaned as his cock spasms began to diminish as he emptied himself inside his aunt’s sodden pussy.

“You’re big cock’s so sweet honey!…” Sylvia whispered, grinding herself on her nephew’s still rigid erection to milk him of the last of his scalding goo.

“Ummmmm!….” Allen murmured in a contented response.

After clutching and writhing against each other for a few minutes, enjoying the afterglow of their intense orgasms, Sylvia noticed an interesting fact. Allen’s cock was still hard inside her. The realization made her pussy tingle. Sometimes getting that first come for her was a challenge. But once she got going she could easily come again and again given the opportunity. And judging by the way Allen’s cock was stretching her greedy pussy, it felt like he might provide plenty of opportunity.

The two girls in the hayloft put their heads together and whispered together excitedly.

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