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Au Pair

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“Pamela, do you know what an Au Pair is?” asked her mother.

“An unpaid slave who gets to work twenty four hours a day for the privilege of living as a family member in a strange household while at the same time trying to study for her university degree?” hazarded Pamela.

“You’d better hope not,” said her mother, “because you’re about to become one. We’ve arranged for you to stay with the Chalmers next year while you’re at uni. Peggy had 2 small children and is currently pregnant with twins and could use a little bit of extra help around the house.

Peggy and Andrew are a lovely couple and I’m sure you’ll like them. You’ll be living with them and just giving Peggy a bit of a hand with household chores. It shouldn’t be too strenuous.”

“Mum,” protested Peggy. “I’m eighteen. Can’t I just take a small flat and live there, maybe sharing with another student?”

“Certainly, dear, if you prefer to,” said her mother. “Ah, how do you propose to pay for it?”

“And when are the Chalmers expecting me?” asked Pamela, ignoring her mother’s comment.

Shortly before the start of the first semester Pamela was settled in with the Chalmers. She found that Peggy and Andrew were both nice people and quite reasonable in the sort of chores they would expect her to do. Much the same as her mother had been demanding for the last year or so.

Peggy, Pamela decided, was a sweetheart. The two kids were nice. Rumbustious, as all small children are, but not mean or deliberately naughty. Andrew was nice but loud, an extrovert with a hail-fellow-well-met attitude to everyone.

All in all, Pamela decided, she had a good deal going.

The semester started and Pamela found herself busy. The course she was taking was hard, but doable, and she had always had the knack of being able to study. Her friendship with the Palmers developed nicely, probably improved by the way Andrew laid down the law the one evening she’d come home a little tipsy.

He hadn’t said anything that night, but the next day he’d had a few firm words with her. She was there to attend university and he expected her to apply herself. As far as he was concerned he was standing in for her parents and she would do as told.

In effect, the line had been drawn, and Pamela was not to cross it. This actually acted to boost Pamela’s confidence. Her father would probably have acted in much the same way, and the incident made her feel more at home.

It was on a hot Saturday afternoon that the incident happened. Pamela had offered to do the dishes after lunch and was standing at the kitchen sink doing so. Looking out the window Pamela could see a very pregnant Peggy relaxing by the kiddie wading pool where the children were happily splashing.

Afterwards, Pamela had wondered if her clothes had contributed to the incident. Because of the heat, she was lightly dressed. Top, but no bra, short skirt and thong panties. Typical clothes really, for lounging around the house and doing a little studying.

Pamela had her hands in the sink when a hand lifted the back of her skirt and pushed her panties to the side, exposing her mound. Then she felt something pressing hard against her mound, urging her lips to part and let it in.

While not very experienced, Pamela wasn’t a virgin. She knew damn well what that thing was that was pressing against her, and she wanted none of it. With a squeal and a curt “Stop it” she raised onto her toes, moving away from the cock pressing against her.

Neither the squeal, the command to desist, nor the raising onto her toes made any difference. The cock followed her upward movement, the pressure increasing. Then it was forcing apart her lips and slipping between them, moving slowly up into her.

Unable to rise any higher, Pamela found herself settling back down onto her feet, finding this resulted in helping that damned cock to go even deeper.

“Will you stop this? Please,” she gasped. “I don’t want this and you know it.”

Again, her pleas were ignored, and she could feel herself slowly being filled. What was worse, she could feel excitement at the forbidden touch, her body’s natural reaction being to accept and welcome the cock. Heat was pooling deep within her and she could feel moisture lubricating her passage.

She could feel pubic hair, rough against her bottom, as her assailant finally pushed fully home. Hands that had been holding her hips now moved forward and up, sliding under her top, seeking and claiming her breasts.

Then the torment started. Her assailant moved easily against her, almost gentle in his taking of her. She could feel a swaying movement as he moved in and out of her, slowly taking his pleasure. And he kept it up.

Seconds seemed like minutes and minutes were hours as the sweet torment continued. There was no rush to a climax, just a constant gentle rocking against her, a slow sliding in followed by an equally slow withdrawal, time after time after time.

Pamela found that she was breathing hard. Idly she mused that if she’d stopped to consider it, she would have put Andrew down as an energetic lover, not one who would move in this peaceful manner.

She was, she realized, moving in accord with that gentle ravishment of her senses, pushing back to meet those thrusts. When, she wondered, had she moved from resigned to accepting to participating?

And she needed more. What was happening was not enough. It was driving her wild, feeling that gentle torment when she now had a hard driving need.

She choked on the words, but they came anyway.

“Harder, please.”

“Mmm?” whispered a voice in her ears, giving her breasts a squeeze.

“Please. I need more. Please.”

“If you like,” came the whisper.

The gentle motioned quickened, not much, but some. Not nearly enough to satisfy Pamela.

“Damn you,” she groaned. “Harder. You must.”

Again the pace picked up, and Pamela found that Andrew was slowly continuing to build up the pace.

She was breathing hard, gasping out loud as the tempo continued to rise, and then she was giving little cries as he started slamming into her. It was obvious that he was now ready for his climax, and Pamela was past ready for hers.

Desperately she thrust herself back against his rampaging cock, anxious to reach her climax before he came and left her wanting. Her breath was coming in short gasps and she jammed her hand in her mouth to stop herself screaming, vaguely tasting the soap from the dishes.

Then she was shuddering, clinging to the cock inside her, feeling it spraying her, flooding her with potential life, and she was letting everything go but the sensations washing through her.

Slowly she gathered her senses, feeling arms still around her, hands still cupping her breasts, cock still inside her, filling her. Breathing hard she looked out the window where Peggy sat, talking to her children in the pool.

There was, she realised, another figure out there as well. Andrew was sitting on the other side of the pool, joining in the fun.

So who was holding her?

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