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Attitude Adjustment

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Phyllis walked past me as if she didn’t even see me. You fucking bitch. I followed behind her, intent on not letting her ignore me.

As I walked close behind her I couldn’t help but admire her slender, petite body. She was about 5’2 but couldn’t weigh more than 90-95 lbs. I watched her ass move in her tight jeans as she moved quickly towards the back of the building. You can’t get away from me that easy bitch.

As she approached the suite of offices located in the back corner of the warehouse I sped up and just as we entered the empty hallway I grabbed her elbow and forced her to stop.

She turned, obviously angry that someone would grab her as firmly as I did, “Oh-Adam…” she seemed startled to see me. Maybe she hadn’t seen me after all. “You shouldn’t be here.”

“Yeah, thanks to you and your mouth,” I replied. “But, don’t worry, I’ll be leaving in a minute and this is last time you’ll ever have to see me. I just came back to tell you what I thought of you, you fucking nosy, hypocritical, self-righteous, tight assed bitch.”

I could see that my comments had had the intended effect. Her temper quickly came to a boil. Jerking her elbow from my grasp she stepped to me, her face in mine, her chest to mine, “Listen to me, you are a pathetic little boy who can’t handle rejection and who used what little power you had to manipulate a young girl for your own pleasure. I’m glad they’ve suspended you. I hope they fire you and I hope you don’t find another job because of this,” she was practically screaming in my face.

How dare you be angry with me you little cunt? You fucked me over…I’m the one who should be screaming. I was so pissed I lost control; grabbing her arm I spun her around twisting the arm behind her back and forcing her chest against the wall. “Your mouth just gets bigger and bigger and you just get dumber and dumber,” I whispered into her ear as I pressed her harder against the wall with my own body. “I think you need to learn a lesson and I’m just the man to teach it to you…come on bitch.” I forced her in front of me, her arm still pinned behind her back and my other hand covering her mouth. I found an empty office and forced her inside, kicking the door shut behind me. I locked the door with a bump of my hip, my hand still covering her mouth in case there was anyone nearby.

Grabbing a toy ball from the desk I shoved it into her mouth and then grabbing her bright yellow t-shirt I ripped it off of her body. I heard her try to scream but the ball wouldn’t allow her to make much noise. I stripped a piece of her shirt off and used it as a gag (to keep the ball in her mouth). Then I took the rest of the shirt and tied Phyllis‘s hands behind her back.

Now, confident that she couldn’t yell for help or resist too successfully, I turned her around to face me. Before meeting her eyes I let my eyes glide up her smooth black stomach, over the small mounds of her chest (which was still covered by a white lace bra) and up her slender, sexy neck to her face. I couldn’t read the expression on her face…it was part anger, part confusion and part fear. I think that she had simply been angry up until I ripped her shirt off then I think she realized just how serious I was. Now you aren’t so confident are you?

I moved close to her forcing her to back up until her back was against the edge of the desk. I leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “I think it’s time to begin the lesson, but don’t worry, I’m a very dedicated teacher so we can do this as many times as necessary til you understand it.” My lips brushed ever so gently against her ear as I spoke and I felt a little shudder go through her body. As I pressed against her I felt my cock begin to stir in my pants. I licked Phyllis‘s neck from her ear down to her shoulder, as my hips pressed firmly against hers’.

“You feel that don’t you?” I asked, “You feel my cock pressing against you, don’t you? It’s getting bigger and bigger, thanks to you.” I let one of my hands move to her right breast and squeeze it firmly. “The first lesson I’m going to teach you is what it feels like to have my hard cock rubbed against each and every part of your tight little body.”

Phyllis tried to say something but it only came out as a muffled cry, “No talking in class. I don’t want to have to spank you…okay I do and I will, but not just yet. Right now I want to remove this pesky bra so I can see those little tits of yours.” I reached around and unclasped her bra and pulled it from her chest. I gazed down at her perky little breasts and their puffy nipples and licked my lips. They were small but very sexy anyway…very bitable.

Now, Phyllis was topless, wearing only her tight blue jeans and her shoes. I pulled her shoes off to leave her barefoot as well as to make her another inch or two shorter and allow me to tower over her even more than before. Then I removed my own shirt and pressed against her body again, anxious to feel the warmth of her breasts against my own chest. My cock was now fully erect and jabbing into Phyllis‘s stomach as I pressed against her and began suckling on her neck.

“Okay, let’s get started,” I said, stepping back just a half step. “Get down on your knees,” I commanded her. She responded with an attempt at a scream and a feeble look of defiance. I slapped her across the face just hard enough to sting and she slowly sank down to her knees. Then I moved close as I unzipped my pants and stepped out of them. I was wearing tight boxer briefs and the outline of my erection was clear to her. I pressed my crotch against her face, one hand on the back of her head keeping her from moving away. I rubbed my still clothed erection over her face and head, then, grabbing a handful of hair and pulling back slightly to tilt her head back I reached down with my other hand and freed my long cock from its confines, letting it spring out and land solidly on Phyllis‘s face, the tip slapping against her glasses. I let it rest there on her face for a minute or two, then finally I took hold of it firmly and still holding her head in position by a handful of hair, I slapped her firmly across one cheek with my weighty cock. Then I slowly began rubbing the head of my cock across the dark black skin of her face. I slid it into her hair down across her ear, under her chin and up to the opposite ear. I let it caress her shoulders and then her upper chest and finally her trembling breasts. I rubbed the shaft roughly across her chest before teasing her nipples with the crown of my thick member. I rubbed her puffy nipples with the head of my cock until they stiffened, then I slapped my dick against each of her tits in turn.

Then, standing her up I tugged on the front of her tight blue jeans. I pulled them out from her smooth belly as I forced my dick downward sliding it down in between her jeans and her belly. I left it there, held firmly against her belly by the tightness of her pants as I let my fingers play with her hard nipples. I leaned down and placed my mouth over her left breast, letting my tongue tease her nipple as I sucked on the puffy areola that surrounded it. After a few minutes of sucking and fondling her titties, my cock still stuffed down the front of her pants, I let my hands move from her chest around her waist to her tight, firm ass. I squeezed her ass cheeks roughly, before turning her slowly to face away from me. As her body turned it forced my cock slowly out of her pants.

Phyllis’s hands were still tied behind her back, resting against the small of her back. I brushed my cock up against her hands for a brief second before untying her wrists. Even as I untied her, I maintained a firm grip on her wrists, forcing them around in front of her and then tying them securely once again.

Now there was nothing blocking my view or access to her sexy little ass. I pressed against her from behind, forcing my large, semi-hard cock against her, as I leaned over her shoulder and playfully bit at her neck. I forced her to bend over the desk, pressing her bare chest against the top of the desk as I playfully rammed myself against her ass. Then I pulled her back up and, like I’d done in the front, I pulled her jeans out from her body and slid my python down in between her bare back and her pants. This time I slid it even farther down, letting it snake down the curves of her ass. I could feel it rub against the rough fabric of her underwear. With my cock stuffed down the back of Phyllis‘s jeans, I grabbed two handfuls of boobs and began humping her from behind, rubbing my cock against the firmness of her buttocks.

“You like that don’t you bitch, you like being treated like a piece of crap, just like you treat everyone else?” I said into her ear. “I know it turns you on to treat other people like dogs. I know you go home at night and finger that juicy little cunt while you think about what a hard ass you were to everyone that day. I know nothing makes you cum harder than when you think about how you made someone cry that day. I’ll bet when you heard I was being suspended because of your dumb mouth that you probably creamed your panties right there, didn’t you?”

Phyllis was sobbing into the gag over her mouth and she had tears on her face. “Now you get to feel what it’s like to be treated like a dog, and this time I’ll be the one creaming in your panties…and your pussy, and your ass and best of all in your face,” I said, reaching up and grabbing her jaw and squeezing her cheeks roughly. “As a matter of fact, I think this preliminary, getting-to-know-you stage is over…it’s time to get down to the serious business of fucking the bitch out of you.”

I pulled my cock out of her pants as I stepped back and let her straighten up. Then I reached around and unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them. I grabbed hold of the back of her pants and gave them a tug that forced them down halfway over her butt cheeks. Her pants were so tight that when I forced them down it also forced her underwear (women’s athletic boxer briefs) down, so I had a perfect view of the top half of her bare ass.

Her ass was perfect, smooth, flawless black skin and slender, firm rounded buttocks. After soaking it in with my eyes, I pulled her jeans down and off, careful this time not to pull her underwear down at the same time. I tossed her pants to the side and then turned back to look at her. Her underwear were small and riding low down on her ass, leaving a lot visible. I stepped forward pressing my chest to her back again, and letting my erection press against her lower back and the upper part of her ass.

I slid my cock into her underwear letting it push down across her ass and out the bottom of the left leg hole. I slid one hand around her waist and down into the front of her underwear, slipping down across her small patch of hair and to her clit. I rubbed her clit firmly, licking her ear and pressing my cock against her ass. After several minutes of stimulating her clit I started to pull my hand out of her underwear, but I could have sworn just as I did that she was spreading her legs further apart, ever so slightly. Probably just my imagination.

I took hold of the shaft of my cock and used my erection to pull the back of her underwear down giving me a complete view of her bare ass. Then using my free hand to spread her ass cheeks apart, I pointed my cock down toward the ground and slid it into her crack letting it wedge between her cheeks like a hotdog in a bun.

I pushed her underwear down and let them fall to her ankles, my cock still buried in her ass. Then, with the obstruction of her underwear out of the way, I began to slide my cock up and down in her crack. It was only a couple of inches of movement but it felt great, my cock sandwiched between her firm, smooth buttocks. I guided my erection between her cheeks with my left hand, my right hand on her hip holding her still.

After several minutes of fucking Phyllis‘s ass crack I pulled my cock out and turned her around. I quickly switched the bindings around her wrists so that her hands were once again behind her back. Once that was done I took a seat in a chair about six or eight feet away from her.

“Come to me,” I commanded her. After a brief pause she responded, moving to stand about a foot in front of me. “Closer.” This time she stepped closer, standing between my legs, her legs brushing up against my inner thighs. “Good. Now, get down on your knees,” I instructed her. Phyllis awkwardly lowered herself to the ground between my legs, her face just inches from my erect cock.

I paused for a few moments, watching Phyllis kneeling in front of me, watching her watching my cock as it swayed slightly from side to side. I leaned forward, placing one hand on top of her head and holding it firmly; I held my cock in the other hand and guided it towards her face. I guided it to her glasses and slid the head of my cock underneath her glasses then pulled back, pulling her glasses off as I did so. They bounced harmlessly onto the floor and slid beneath the chair. “I’m going to take your gag off now, feel free to scream, I know I plan to,” I pulled the gag down, letting it hang around her neck and then helped her take the ball out of her mouth. I held the ball in my hand, thinking I might find other uses for it later.

I released the hold I had on her head, as well as my own cock, and leaned back in the chair. “Now, suck my dick you little cunt,” I said venomously. “And don’t even think of trying anything stupid. Suck it and like it!” Phyllis had settled down, sitting on her legs, but now she was forced to rise up as high as she could to get her mouth up to the top of my rather impressive erection.

Without her hands to take hold of my cock she kind of had to chase it with her mouth, but it didn’t take her too long to find it. Once she had her mouth on it she held the crown in her mouth and adjusted her body position to make herself more comfortable. Tentatively, Phyllis began to slide her mouth down over my dick, but she only let about three inches penetrate into her mouth before she was lifting her head back up. I decided to let her get away with taking in just three inches for a few minutes before I introduced my cock to the back of her throat.

She continued to move her mouth up and down on my cock slowly taking in the upper third of my erection and then slowly releasing it. Having her hands tied tightly behind her back forced her to stick her chest out slightly and her breasts were pressed against my inner thighs. I straightened up slightly in the chair and my hands moved, almost involuntarily to the back of her head. Soon I realized that I was forcing her head up and down faster and faster, letting it bob up and down on my cock. I also was forcing more and more of my cock into her mouth each time I pulled her head down onto me.

Within a few minutes Phyllis was taking about two thirds, or seven inches, of my rod into her mouth each time she went down on me. As she began to twist her head slightly with each downward stroke it was clear that she wasn’t holding anything back. That was good, I thought, because I wasn’t going to hold back either.

At one point I pulled my cock from her mouth on an upward stroke and instructed her to suck on my balls. She didn’t even hesitate, bending low she moved her face below my sack and began stroking the skin of my balls with her tongue. Soon she was sucking on my sack, and then, finally, sucking my nuts into her mouth one by one.

After several more minutes she finally abandoned my nuts and straightened back up. As she rose up between my legs I took the opportunity to rub my cock against her breasts again before returning it to her mouth. As Phyllis returned to giving me a blowjob, I stood up, not letting my cock leave her mouth even for an instant. Now as she moved her mouth forward and backward over my dick she was looking up into my eyes. Then I put on hand on the back of her head, holding it firmly as I began to thrust my cock into her mouth, fucking her face rapidly, and shoving my cock into the back of her throat with each thrust forward. After several furious moments of me fucking Phyllis‘s mouth I finally felt my orgasm build to its climax. I shoved my cock as deep into her throat as it could go and released a torrent of hot cum which gushed into her as I thrusted again and again milking my cock for all it was worth. Like a trooper, Phyllis swallowed all of my thick cum and I slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth.

I slumped back in the chair leaving Phyllis to wonder what would happen next while I basked in the glow of the blowjob I had just received. After a few minutes, I gathered myself. “Stand up,” I commanded.

Phyllis rose from the ground to once again stand between my legs. Finally I sat back up, my face inches from her small, perky breasts. As I latched onto her right breast with my mouth, I slid my right hand around her waist and between her legs from behind, feeling the slickness that covered her pussy lips. I flicked my tongue across her hard nipple and began doing the same to her clit with my fingertip. I playfully bit at her nipple as I slid my finger from her clit back across her slit and up to her asshole, before pulling myself from her.

I stood and moved around behind Phyllis. Leaning in close and whispering into her ear, I said, “Your pussy got a little wet while you were going down on me, didn’t it?”

“Why does that make you happy?” she answered with an attitude.

“Hell, yeah. I think it’s funny that you got all wet because I let you blow me. Hell if I’d known that was all it took to make you happy, I’d have let you suck me off everyday,” I replied with a laugh. Phyllis looked as if she couldn’t decide if she was pissed or if she wanted to laugh too.

“Since you did such a good job sucking my cock, I’m going to give you a little reward,” I said, seeing the skepticism on her face.

“The best reward would be if you’d go fuck yourself,” she said, recovering a little of her natural venom.

“Now see, here we were getting along so well and you had to go and be rude,” I responded. “If you’re going to talk like that I’m afraid that I’ll just have to put the ball and gag back on your mouth.” I lifted it up in front of her face.

“No, please,” she flinched when she saw the ball. “I’m sor- I won’t say anything like that again, I promise.”

“Say, I promise not to be a bad girl again,” I instructed her.

She paused, “I promise not to be a bad girl again.”

“That’s better. Now come over here,” I said taking hold of her wrists, which were still tied together by the fragments of her t-shirt. I lead her back to the desk. “Now bend over the desk.”

She bent over the edge of the desk slightly, hesitant about what I intended to do to her. “All the way, press those perky little boobs against the desk,” I explained. She hesitated, so, putting one hand firmly in the center of her back, I forced her down onto the desk roughly. She let out an audible gasp, probably from having the wind knocked out of her. “If you don’t follow instructions better, I’m going to have to take your reward away. Now spread your legs.”

She did as she was told spreading her legs and keeping her chest pressed against the top of the desk. I lowered myself down onto my knees behind Phyllis. I had an incredible view of her tight little ass and her tight little pussy. I reached up and placed a hand on each of her buttocks and spread them apart so that I could see her other hole. Then I moved in and licked her from the bottom up, from pussy up to the top of her crack. I paused at the top of her crack and let a huge wad of saliva drip down into her crack. Placing one finger in the saliva I traced it down her crack, over her asshole, down to her cunt, sliding it between her pussy lips and deep into her.

Phyllis moaned ever so slightly.

With my finger still buried in her pussy, I began teasing her anus with my tongue. I wiggled my finger inside of her and then pulled it forward to her clit, which I teased furiously. I could feel my cock recovering from my previous orgasm already. I continued to play with Phyllis cunt as I licked her ass and crack. Then I moved mouth down to her pussy and began to eat her out. I let my tongue flick across her clit, then I sucked it into my mouth. As my tongue pleasured her clit, one of my fingers penetrated deep into her slit. Soon I switched and slipped my tongue into her while I teased her clit with my fingers.

I could feel Phyllis’s body trembling with excitement as I continued to lick and play with her pussy, and every so often I could hear a small moan, or a gasp from her. Then as I could tell she was really getting into it, I slid a finger up to her wet ass and let it press against her anus. As buried my face in her pussy I forced my finger into her tight asshole. Once it pushed thru the initial resistance it slid several inches in before muscles contracted around it. But I was persistent, forcing it deeper in, then back out and back in until I had a nice rhythm and pace going.

I fucked her ass with my finger for several minutes as I ate her pussy, until I could feel her tensing up with an orgasm building inside her. I immediately pulled my tongue from her slit and stood up, one finger still buried knuckle deep in her ass. I knew she would be frustrated, and that was just fine with me.

I kept fucking her ass with my finger as I stepped closer and slid the end of my now rejuvenated cock into her pussy. She moaned much loader now as she felt my massive cock move into her inch by inch, until it all ten plus inches were inside her and my nutsack was pressed against her. I left it there for several minutes just letting her anticipate the fucking she was about to receive. Then when I thought she was ready I began to pull out slowly making her think that I was going to go easy on her, but then I shoved it back in hard and began a series of hard fast thrusts. Just like that I was pounding her pussy with my dick, my balls slapping against her ass

She was doing her best not to scream as I slammed my cock into her pussy over and over again. My attention was as much on sliding my finger into her tight asshole as it was fucking her pussy. I kept working my finger into her ass faster and deeper each time as I worked up to putting a second finger in. The more of a fucking her cunt got the wider her asshole opened for me. Soon I had two fingers pumping into her ass as fast as I was pumping my cock into her pussy. Then as I could tell that she was getting close to an orgasm, I pulled my cock from Phyllis‘s pussy and shoved it into her asshole, replacing the two fingers that I slid out at the last moment.

Phyllis let out a cry of shock as I buried my rod deep in her ass and began thrusting in and out hard and fast, barely missing a beat after switching from cunt to ass. After several minutes I finally slowed down for a minute and gave Phyllis a brief respite. I leaned back and too a good look at my cock as it moved in and out of her asshole. Then as I started getting into again, I gave her tight little ass a good hard smack and began to speed up once again. Within a minute I was once again slamming hard and fast into her ass from behind, so hard that the desk she was bent over was moving forward slightly with each thrust. I also began slapping her ass harder and more frequently, letting her feel the sting.

After fucking her pussy and ass I could feel another orgasm building in my balls. I waited until I was ready to bust my nut and then I spread her ass cheeks wide and let my cock slide just out of her asshole which was still gaping wide. Then the cum erupted from my cock and shot directly into her asshole. One, two, three, four big spurts filled her anus, the fifth and sixth sprayed across her ass cheeks and dripped down into her crack. After I drained the last of my cum I slid my cock back into her hole and fucked her for another couple of thrusts. Then, giving her ass cheek one last spank, I moved around to the other side of the desk. I lifted my cum covered cock and slid it, fresh from her ass, into her mouth, making her lick the cum from it.

After a couple of minutes I pulled my cock from Phyllis‘s mouth and with one last slap of cock across her cheek, I dressed. Then I stopped long enough to spank Phyllis on the ass again as I headed for the door. She was still bent over the desk, cum oozing from her ass and her legs still trembling, as I closed the door behind me. I never saw Phyllis again after that night, but I was happy to hear from some friends that she took a week off after that. They also said that when she came back from that week off she was a new woman, friendly, helpful and compassionate. They also said that she asked about me about once a week. Crazy bitch.

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