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Ashley and Jack’s Turkish Delight

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Rounding a bend in the unsealed narrow country road, I was disappointed to see that the last few hundred meters were uphill. Weary from our third consecutive day hiking on the southern Turkish coast, I grabbed Jack’s hand, trying to get his help pulling me forward. I felt him wrapping his fingers around mine, and upping the pace a little which was assisting me to move.

Past the bend, the road was joined by a track that wound downhill through pine trees. Just before we reached the start of the track, I spied a girl emerging from the pines. She stepped onto the road just in front of Jack and me. Seemingly not really perceiving us, she was engrossed in the music on her i-pod.

The first thing I noticed as she as she turned to walk in the same direction as us, was a trim butt barely covered by her tight blue bikini bottom. That suggested she was walking up from the beach that, I had discovered from our guidebook, was below.

As Jack was half a stride ahead of me, I could not see much more of the newcomer. However I could see Jack staring in her direction. So I quickened my pace and drew level with my boyfriend, eager to work out what had his attention.

I immediately could guess why he was staring. The naughty boy seemed to be focusing on the jiggle of the girl’s large breasts, which were unconstrained by either bra or bikini top.

In truth girls like that have always made me a little jealous because I tend to think that at least half of the population prefer their breasts to my b-cups.

Jack turned and winked at me. As I walked beside my boyfriend of over eighteen months, I too was seeing occasional glimpses of side breast from her barely there t-shirt. I smiled to myself as I felt Jack alter his pace to keep in prime viewing position just behind the girl.

Deep down I really admired how confident she must be to dress in such a revealing way. She knows that revealing her body would certainly draw stares, just like she was getting from Jack. Me too if I was honest.

It did not take long for us to arrive at the Lycian Garden which was everything the good reviews had suggested. Cabins were dotted along the hillside, running along from a built in deck. On the deck were tables and chairs set out beside a bar.

We stopped at the little office beside the bar and, after Jack went inside, I briefly watched the girl walk, hips swinging in a sultry way, towards the cabins. After she disappeared I walked across the deck which overlooked a secluded wooded valley and the bright blue sea.

Saying, “This is beautiful,” to myself, I waited for Jack to check in.

When we were shown to our cabin, I was thrilled because, while simple, it was spotlessly clean and comfortable. Better than I had expected given its price to be truthful. Looking out the cabin window I spied a small swimming pool just down the hill side.

As I took off my pack Jack put his arms around me saying, “I am so looking forward to a day’s rest and relaxation. How about we hit the pool.”

He quickly found some board shorts in his pack and stripped off his walking clothes. He paused naked, realising that I hadn’t moved and was staring at him. Smiling I went to him, putting my arms up onto his shoulders.

“Oh my God Jack you are so not giving up sport. You are a hulk, over 6 feet, broad shoulders, and a trim body. Even after eighteen months I can’t get over how hot you are.”

“Hey you. You are the gorgeous one Ashley. I adore your slim trim sexy body,” he replied which made me feel warm and gooey inside.

Lifting my t-shirt he said in his bedroom voice, “Come on either you get a bikini on or we are staying inside.”

Feeling hot and sweaty, I was more desperate for a swim than an orgasm. Searching in my pack I found a bikini and slipped off my clothes. As I slipped on my bikini bottoms, Jack picked up my bikini top saying, “Don’t know whether you will be needing this.”

“Topless,” I thought, “I bet I know where he got that idea from.”

Sauntering over to him I took his penis in my hand asking, “Is it me, or the cutie that we saw on the way here, that has given you thoughts about not wearing a top?”

Feeling his penis stir I had my answer, “Ah ha…it is that big breasted shameless display that has turned you on.”

Grinning Jack said, “Well that and the fact that the most gorgeous b-cups in the universe are in front of me.”

He ran a finger around my sensitive nipple which made me feel even gooier inside, my residual envy fading a little with his appreciation of my figure.

“Well these b-cups are going into a bikini until I know for sure being topless is ok. And this body is off to the pool. So you better get that erection down a little so you can join me without embarrassing yourself.”

I left the cabin first, but Jack caught up with me as I got close to the edge of the pool, and jumped right in.

“Come in Ashley this is so refreshing.”

I went to the side where there were wide steps and stepped in, enjoying the coolness of the water as it reached higher up my tired skin with every step. After swimming around for a few minutes, we sat on one of the steps and took in the view over the pine covered hills and the sea beneath them.

“Ash, I am so glad you suggested this as our summer vacation. The walk is hard work but the views are so worth it. I am having a lot of fun so far”

I was relieved that Jack liked the walking. Knowing that his past vacations involved beaches and bars, I had spent the last month fretting over whether he would like the solitude that came with longer distance walking as much as I do.

After a minute or two he put his hand on my chin and led me into a kiss. Gently and then more passionately his tongue met mine and I enjoyed the physical taste of my boy. The boy who I was more and more convinced was the love of my life. Just testing how he was feeling I put my hand on his lap and could feel his penis start to stir.

I heard a splash. We broke our kiss. Both turning to see that the girl from earlier had jumped into the deep end of the pool. We watched as she swum into the shallow end and walked over to where we were sitting.

At around 5 7 she was about the same height as me but in other ways she was different. Younger and more brunette to my blond. A little bigger in the hips but much bigger in the breasts which were now covered by a bikini top. And her olive skin was somewhat darker than mine. But I had to admit I thought she was stunningly attractive. Feeling Jack harden some more I realised he did to.

“Don’t stop kissing on my account,” she said, “But I couldn’t resist coming over to talk, as you are the only ones around my age here. I’m Cara by the way.”

“Hi Cara, I’m Jack and this is Ashley. We are just cooling off after a day’s walk.”

With this easy introduction we sat in the pool and chatted. First, about the long distance walk we were doing part of. And that tomorrow was a rest and relaxation break.

Then we talked about university. Cara was nineteen and was having a final holiday with her parents and much younger siblings before starting university in York. York she observed was about as far away from home as she could be while still remaining in England.

Both Jack and I told her about our undergraduate degrees, and that they were both about to start our Masters at Oxford. She seemed more interested in Jack’s economics than my ancient history.

From our conversation it became increasing clear to me that Cara was a little bored with only her parents and her lap top for company. But when we discovered a shared interest in animals, Cara delightedly got out of the pool. She called me over and pointed out some of the local animals including hens, ducks, one kitten, and a lovely dog called Alexander.

Because we had things in common and as she seemed good company, I didn’t feel Cara was intruding on my time with Jack even though he was sitting in the pool alone. Though I suspected he was quite comfortable spending his time watching our bikini clad bodies move around looking out for animals.

After a while Jack called out, “How about a beer?”

I was up for that, as was Cara and we turned to face the pool, calling out “Yes please,” in unison. As Jack jumped up onto the pool ledge, water flowed down his body giving added emphasis to his well-muscled back.

I could see Cara’s eyes following him as he walked to the bar. When Cara turned back to me she said, “God girl, he has a hot body.” I was slightly taken aback as, while I have seen other girls check out Jack, she was the first to comment so directly.

But she is right he does have a hot body. There is no use me denying it or being shocked she had noticed, “He so does. He plays a lot of football and I love the way it keeps his muscles well defined.”

“You two are such a cute couple. It is so good to have someone younger and fun around here. I hope you don’t think I am intruding.”

In truth I was enjoying her company and found her openness kind of refreshing, “No, not at all, you are good company,” I said spying Jack returning, “Hey our barman is back, let’s get back in the pool.”

Jack came back with three beers and as he approached the pool he seemed aware he had two pairs of eyes on him. He handed out the beers and sat next to me with Cara on my other side. I again placed my hand high up on his leg.

“Hey,” he said after we had begun our beers, “I found out that dinner is served up by the bar, and that the beach down below us is good. What do you say we hit that tomorrow Ash.”

“That sound good Jack, I saw in the guidebook that the beach gets two stars.”

“Yeah it’s really cool,” Cara said, “I have gone down a few times with the family and by myself. If you like I can show you tomorrow. I would love it to be honest, it gets me away from being with my family. Without them we could go all the way to the far end. It’s not that far but I like it because it is sheltered beyond the rocks and a good place to go topless.”

I felt Jack’s cock twitch when Cara said topless.

“That’s sounds great it’s a date,” I said, thinking that may not have been my best choice of words.

We sat talking and enjoying our beers. Cara was a sponge asking questions and picking up all she could on university life, both parties and studying. But I liked her enthusiasm and Jack seemed as entranced with her bubbly personality as I was. She was also quite tactile touching me on the arm and even one time on the knee as she make a point.

At one stage when the conversation had turned to Turkey, she mentioned how she was having trouble with her camera settings and that her photos were crap. I saw Jack’s eyes light up and he offered to have to have a look at it for her. Ever since he was at school, photography has been Jack’s passion. His camera, though less expensive than his car, is his most prized procession.

Cara bounced out of the pool and rushed up to her cabin to get the camera, both Jack and I watching her butt disappear into the distance.

“I like her,” I said “She is enthusiastic and fun. You don’t mind if I ask her to have dinner with us?”

“No she’s cool, so long as the conversation is not about animals all night,” said Jack laughing.

Cara came scurrying back. She and Jack sat on the ledge of the pool with their feet in the water. I sat on the step watching the two of them. They were engrossed in Cara’s photos and talking about how the light settings were wrong.

I zoned out of the conversation, though I could see that Cara was even more tactile with Jack than me. But as it just seemed how she was, rather than specific to my boyfriend, it didn’t concern me.

After a while it occurred to me that I so needed to wash and blow wave my hair before dinner. “Hey honey, I am just going up to shower and change before dinner. You stay if you like. Cara feel free to join us for dinner if you don’t have to be with your parents.”

Cara beamed at me obviously delighted. “I would love that,” she replied, but quickly returned her attention to Jack and the camera.

When Jack entered the cabin about fifteen minutes later, he came up behind me, naked and drying my hair in the small bathroom. He dropped his board shorts, and as he squeezed past me to get in the shower, he patted me on my butt.

I asked, “Have a good time with Cara?”

“Yes, she is really nice, we worked out her camera is stuffed. We had a good time talking about photography. I think I talked her into picking it up at York.”

“Why does that not surprise me,” I said laughing, “Hey, by the way Cara thinks you are hot.”

“She really said that?”

“Yes why?”

“Well she said that you had a hot body you when you got out of the pool” Jack replied.

My stomach tightened from the thought she found me hot. But there was also a little anxiety that I did not compare to her. “Really?” I said,” I’m small compared to her big breasts.”

“Yes she did. Funnily enough she even asked me if I preferred her big breasts. My God she even squeezed her boobs together emphasising her cleavage as she said it.”

“What did you say?” I asked feeling more anxiety rising.

“Ha, I said I liked hers a lot, but that my favourite breasts are the ones attached to my girlfriend. Cara giggled at that and said it was a good answer. Keeping two girls happy at the same time.”

I smiled at Jack and gave him a kiss. He pulled me into an embrace but I knew we could not get too carried away or we would miss dinner.

“Come on lover get in the shower. We have got to get ready for dinner.”

I put on the only good dress in my pack. Brought for clubbing in the last town we were to stay. As Jack zipped it up for me he commented that he liked that I had chosen not to wear a bra. As it was still warm Jack had decided on shorts and a t-shirt. I thought they really emphasised his figure.

Telling each other we looked good, Jack picked up his camera, and we went to the bar where Jack took advice on a local red wine.

Taking our bottle of wine we sat at a corner table set for four. Relaxing we took in the view. The sun was about twenty minutes from setting into the sea. I took Jack by the hand saying “God this is perfect. I so love sharing this with you.”

“Me too. Love you honey,” he replied.

I sipped my wine content to watch the sunset and hold hands with Jack.

There were four other people at the bar. They were joined a few minutes later by Cara and her family. Cara waved as she ordered a drink and wandered over with her parents. We stood as she introduced them to us.

We chatted briefly before Cara’s mother suggested to her dad that they move to their table where Cara’s younger sisters were waiting impatiently.

I had immediately noticed how Cara had dressed. Short skirt and even a push up bra that really emphasised her cleavage. I thought she looked hot and had dressed to accentuate her body. From the glances Jack gave her, I realised her outfit worked for him.

We chitchatted but when the conversation returned to animals, Jack picked up his camera saying he wanted to get some shots of the valley at sunset.

“Do you mean the pines or my cleavage?” asked Cara innocently.

I had to laugh as Jack reddened slightly. It was so unlike him to get embarrassed.

As we watched Jack standing at the railing taking shots, Cara bent over and whispered “Hey I like your dress, you look very sexy.”

“Thank you,” I stammered a little flustered by her attention.

A moment’s pause but, “So do you,” was the best I could manage.

It was my turn to blush when I realised that I had glanced at her cleavage as I said it. She had smiled when she caught me.

Fortunately she changed the subject away from me, saying, “You boyfriend has a cute butt. Those shorts suit him.”

“Yes,” I agreed, “But with his body he looks good in anything.”

Jack returned and we sat at the table with Cara opposite Jack and me, “Oh my God,” Jack said with a smirk, “That is the most beautiful valley I have ever seen.”

He was rewarded with a perfect pout, and a sly, “Are you sure?” from Cara.

I must admit I started wondering how skilled this girl was at flirting.

“Oh yes,” said Jack with the most innocent look on his face, “Best natural feature I have seen today.”

“It didn’t seem like that on the walk up to the cabins,” said Cara with a wicked grin. We are so busted I thought.

“I so don’t know what you mean,” said Jack bringing his glass to his lips. I guess in an attempt to hide his smile.

One of the staff interrupted with the fixed menu for the evening which brought the flirting to a close. At least for the moment I was imagining.

As I sat there l was only half looking at the menu. I kept checking things in my mind.

Was I envious of Cara? Not really, Jack had told her he preferred my breasts.

Was I ok with her flirting with Jack? Yes, generally, it was like watching sport, first one side and then other. Though I had to say to myself, in soccer terms Cara was ahead two to one.

And what did I think of Cara? Perhaps that was a question I hadn’t yet got my mind around.

I had a wonderful time at dinner. The food was delicious.

It was a set menu but dish after dish was of the highest quality and featured lots of vegetables often picked fresh from the organic garden. For me the highlights included crisp fried aubergine slices in tahini and yoghurt dressing, whole sea bream baked on the barbeque, and syrup-drenched Turkish milk puddings.

And it was fun with Cara. Yes she was flirty. She had Jacks total attention, as he showed her the photos of the valley and discussed how he had controlled for the light of the setting sun. But I didn’t feel threatened by her as she seemed genuinely interested in learning about photography.

After that she kept asking about us as a couple. She wanted to hear about where we met and how our relationship developed. That brought me strongly back into the conversation, as Jack is my favourite subject. And she really endeared herself to me by sounding almost as excited as I am by the prospect of Jack and me moving in together once we get back to Oxford.

At one stage she said, “I am just so going to find me someone like Jack. Do you know at the pool, after you left, he said his favourite boobs were the ones attached to his girlfriend? I thought it was so cute.”

As she said cute she reached across and ran her fingertip in two circles around the open palm of Jacks left hand. As his right hand was holding hands with me I felt that hand clench as a little shiver ran through his body.

“Yes,” I replied, “Jack told me.” Cara raised an eyebrow when I said that.

As we finished our desert, Cara said, “I can’t believe how much you two packed away. It is a mystery to me how much you two can eat. I so have to watch my weight.”

She looked at me, ran her tongue over her lips. Then she directly asked, “Ashley how do you remain so slim and sexy? Do you do a lot of sport?”

“Yes some,” I replied a little flustered.

“I love the way you look, understated. No bra is strongly sensual in that dress.”

I felt myself blushing. It was like Jack and I had swapped positions. I was now on the sports field competing in flirting with Cara. But I already felt a goal behind. And I was not sure I could really play.

I tried to summon up some of Jack’s confidence. “Perhaps though a push up bra would have more effect,” I cooed.

“I am not sure my effort competes with your bounce,” she sighed. And pouted, making her look a little sad.

Immediately without thinking, I felt as though I should cheer her up.

“But you look so good Cara,” I said placing my hand over her upturned palm.

With a little devious smile, she ran her fingers around my palm in a circle. A little shiver went up my arm and down my body all the way to my pussy. I withdrew my hand feeling flustered at the effect her touch on me. My God I thought at best I am now down three to one.

Jack I think noticed my nervousness after that. He yawned and said, “I don’t know about you honey, but it is bed time for me. I am so tired after our walk.

The three of us walked towards our cabins. Cara pointed out hers which was three along from us. Then pointed out her parent’s cabin which was much further away. Jack asked why she was not next to her parents.

“It gives me privacy,” she said pausing long enough to leave me wondering what was coming next, “Like they can so not hear my vibrator.”

Jack was stunned into silence.

Cara turned to me and said, “You are lucky to have a real one. I will just have to make do with my vibrator tonight.”

She hugged me and ran her fingers vertebrae by vertebrae down my spine. Another shiver went through my body. She then hugged Jack, and I could see her fingers travel slowly down his spine.

Saying, “See you after breakfast around 10,” she positively skipped to her cabin.

In our cabin we brushed our teeth and got ready for bed. Then, as Jack unzipped my dress, he said, “Oh my God Ash, Cara is so openly sexual.”

Despite not generally talking in a bedroom voice I found myself saying, “And tactile and sensual,” as I lifted his t-shirt over his head.

“Dressing sexily to catch the eye,” he said as he slipped my undies off. My pussy was damp.

“Just deliciously naughty,” I replied as I slipped off his shorts and underwear. He was hard.

We kissed and my toes curled at the passion and promise in Jack’s tongue. Right from our very first kiss I realised this boy was the best kisser. But tonight had spurred him to great heights.

I reached for his cock stroking his firmness, “Yes I can tell she has got to you, mister. You are such a bad boy. Getting very hard as you talk about her.”

“And what about you,” Jack replied running his finger along my pussy which had been damp for most over the evening, “You are soaking my gorgeous. It seems you like busty naughty girls as much as I do.”

Jack’s comment was on the money. But I said “No honey, it is you.” As the words came out I realised they didn’t really sound convincing enough for Jack to believe they were completely true.

Jack lay me on the bed and moved over me. Positioning his cock just against my pussy. Looking me in the eye he asked, “Are you horny Ashley?”

“Yes,” I whimpered.

“Do you want me to slide my cock into you wet tight pussy and make you come?”

“Yes, so much.”

“Then tell me the truth,” he said as his cock grazed my clit.

“What about?” I said squirming, trying to get him in me.

“About liking our sexy friend,” he said, positioning himself to take me with one stroke of his cock.

I was desperate to feel him inside me. It was more or less true. So I said, “Yes I like her sensuality, her openness, her body and …”

“On yes, fuck me,” I exclaimed as Jack slide slowly into me.

Jack started to fuck me forcefully and a little faster. Much to my surprise I could feel an orgasm rushing at me almost immediately.

“… and what,” Jack panted as he kept up the pace on my eager pussy.

I knew the answer to his what. Just thinking about it intensified my pleasure.

“I love her delicious sexiness,” I screamed as the orgasm hit. Almost winding me in its intensity.

“She is so fucking hot,” said Jack as his cock pulsed repeatedly deep in me.

After what I admit was a shatteringly good orgasm, I lay exhausted in Jack’s arms. A ball of anxiety grew in my stomach. The three question in my head at dinner returned.

Was I envious of Cara? Perhaps, she obviously was attractive.

Was I ok with her flirting? It seemed safer at the time. Now it seemed like it had pushed Jack and I into something new.

But was it dangerous for us? And what did I think of Cara? Perhaps my pussy had revealed more than my mind was prepared to accept?

“Jack about what just happened,” I started.

“Shish sweetheart,” he interrupted, “That was good for both of us. Fantasy can be fun. In the real world you are the only girl for me. If we enjoy it and it doesn’t damage our relationship it is fine. But if for a moment either of us has doubts then I promise you we will stop.”

“But what if Cara wanted to do more than flirt?”

“Then we can say no. It only takes one of us to say no. No for one is no for both.”

That eased my mind on a couple of questions and the ball of anxiety shrunk.

“Ash, can I ask you some questions.”


“Did you like what we did tonight?”

“Yes with reservations. True it was one of my best ever orgasms, but immediately after I felt anxious.”

“Well don’t be anxious, if it’s fun and doesn’t hurt our relationship, there is nothing to be anxious about.”

“Ok I get that. I think you are right, honey, what was your next question?”

“Do you like Cara, or do you ‘like’ her?” The emphasis on the second ‘like’ indicating exactly what he was asking.

I prevaricated for a minute letting the question run around my mind. But my subconscious brought the answer forward and made me look it straight in the eye. Honestly always with Jack, I thought, before answering, “Yes I like her, with maybe a little bit of ‘like’ as well.”

Jack was silent but looking like he had another question running through his mind. I let him ponder and then he spoke

“Umm well, have you ever kissed a girl before?”

I so didn’t want to go there. But I don’t want secrets with Jack so I gulped and replied, “Yes twice in my first year at university. The first time was at a party. She was cute, I was attracted to her and we ended up in an upstairs bedroom. We kissed and touched breasts but I stopped when she looked like she was about to go down on me. The second time I went clubbing and got hit on by a very sexy older woman. I thought she was elegant and experienced and just went for it. But again I couldn’t go through with it.”

“Did you like being with a woman?”

“Yes at the start, the kissing was good, but my doubts about licking a girl made me anxious and it sort of fizzled out.”

“And now how do you feel about girls?” asked Jack.

“Now I have you silly. So no boy or girl will come between us.”

“What about you, did you like what we did tonight?” I asked.

“Yes truthfully I loved tonight. My orgasm was intense and I saw a side of my girlfriend which makes me like her even more.”

I was content but just had one piece of my anxiety to put to rest. “Can I ask a final question? Honestly, really, don’t you think she has a better body?”

“Look sweetheart, you both have hot bodies but you two are different. The way I look at it, there are two wonderful body types. One slim and smaller breasted. One fuller in the hips and breasts. You are a perfect example of the former a real model like figure. Cara is a perfect example of the latter. If you had her breasts I would worry you be so top heavy you would fall over all the time. Your breasts on her would be positively pear shaped.”

I snuggled up to Jack finally completely happy about what he thought of Cara. I think I understood him and so said, “Thank you, I feel much better. I got a bit nervous when you seemed so into Cara’s body.”

“You have nothing to worry about. My favourite thing is having this body snuggled up to me. Goodnight sweetheart.”

With that Jack quickly drifted off to sleep. It took me a little longer, wondering about my earlier curiosity about girls. My first major crush and masturbation fantasy had been a girl at school. For a long time that had made me wonder. But it truth the desire had faded as I got to know boys better. Now I thought that the two girls in my first year at university were just me confirming my preferences.

I was content. The warmth of his body, and his comments about me calmed me and I easily joined him in sleep.

In the morning I awoke to see him smiling at me.

“Good morning lover, time for breakfast,” he said.

We got up, dressed, and had breakfast on the terrace on our own. Obviously no one thought it was time to get up even though it was nine. Jack noticed a sign saying that packed lunches could be provided, so he ordered some for us and we went back to our room. Jack got his camera out, lay on the bed and began to go through the photos he had taken over the last few days. I lay beside him reading about the next day’s walk.

After half an hour or so there was a knock at the door. When I opened it I saw Cara, dressed like she was when we first saw her yesterday. Another just there t-shirt and bikini bottoms, but today she had her long hair spilling over her shoulders. She managed to look both innocent with her hair and big blue eyes, and sexy with her revealing clothes.

“God,” I thought, “I would love to look so casually sexy.”

“Hey sorry for running a little late,” she said breathlessly, “So glad you didn’t start without me. Can you wait ten minutes so I can quickly eat?”

I was kind of stunned into silence remembering her place in Jack and my lovemaking last night. Fortunately Jack quickly got off the bed and called out, “Sure take your time. Anyway we have to pack and pick up the lunches we ordered.”

“Cool, see you soon gorgeous,” she called as she turned and rushed for her breakfast. After last night I was left wondering who in her mind was gorgeous.

Jack put on his speedos and shorts over the top of them. He collected the sunscreen, water and towels. In a minute or two he had it all packed in his camera backpack. I put on my bikini bottoms but was still standing by the bed equivocating about whether to wear a bikini top or not.

Jack paused, looked at me and said, “I know it takes a girl longer to get ready. But it’s quicker if you actually move.”

I poked my tongue out at him, then told him what I was wondering about. He picked up my bikini top, put it in his back pack, packed his camera, and ordered me in his bedroom voice to take off my bra and just put on a t shirt. Having dressed me in as little as Cara he hurried me out of the door.

We picked up our lunch at the bar. Cara rushed up, waved goodbye to her parents and we set off down the road. When we reached the track Jack, ever the gentleman, stood back to let Cara and I go first. Before we stepped onto the track he said, “Hey Cara, do you want to put your things in my back pack? It will save you carrying them.”

Having put everything on Jack’s back we set off down the track. There was just enough room for two to walk beside each other, and Jack fell in behind.

“God, this feels good,” said Cara, “don’t you just love being braless when it’s hot.”

“Yes, I don’t do it often enough but it feels free. And a little naughty as well.”

Suddenly, we both heard a click. “What was that?” asked Cara.

“Ha, I recognise the sound. Its Jack’s camera, either he is taking a photo of the pine trees and water off to our left. Or he is a pervert and is taking one of our butts.”

“Let’s see,” said Cara, pulling her t-shirt up, tucking it under her breasts in the front, but leaving much of her back and butt exposed. Laughing I did the same. Sure enough we could hear the camera shutter click.

“Looks like the pervert option,” she said laughing.

We sped up as we went down the hill laughing and chatting. Jack fell behind, I think because this time he was genuinely taking photos of the view. Reaching the beach we paddled in the surf as we walked towards the far end of the beach.

To pass the rocks we had to wade a little deeper. Unexpectedly, Cara reached down into an oncoming wave. She scooped up some water and threw it at me, splashing me on my stomach.

“Bitch,” I said laughing. I scooped up some and threw it at her. It hit her square on the left breast. I could see the outline of her dark nipples as the water make her top more transparent.

She looked down, smiled and said, “Turning this into a wet t-shirt contest are we. It’s all on.”

After taking two or three shots of water which soaked my top, I returned fire. We were soon both dripping wet.

Jack had caught up with us, and turning I saw him standing there with a silly grin on his face. I motioned to throw water at him. But was quickly stopped by his, “No honey, I’m carrying the camera.”

I looked back towards Cara who was staring at me. Looking at her I saw her soaking t-shirt plastered to her body. Her dark and hard nipples clearly visible. She looked hot, but it was the look in her eye that quickened my pulse. She had desire in her eyes as she looked unashamedly at my breasts, which I could feel my t-shirt sticking to.

She waded over to me and turned me so we both faced Jack. He was looking at us through the view finder of his camera. Cara put an arm around my waist saying, “Looks like lover boy wants to record our wet t-shirt contest for posterity.”

I could hear the shutter clicking, as I put my arm around Cara waist.

“Tell me Jack who wins our little wet t shirt contest?’ Cara asked.

Jack took the camera from his eye. He smiled and said, “I have told you before Cara, the best breasts in the world are the ones attached to my girlfriend. Your both look hot, but Ash will always be the winner in my eyes.”

“Good answer Jack,” Cara replied pouting for effect, “Do you want a couple more photos before we go around the rocks to the beach?”

Jack nodded and brought the camera to his eye. I could feel Cara’s hand move off my hip and down onto my butt. I felt sexy and warm inside because of what Jack said. But as Cara ran her fingers along my butt, I could feel my pussy dampen and my nipples harden.

Part of me wanted to run from her hitting on me. But the bigger part just wanted to stay and enjoy. I liked posing for my boyfriend. I could see under his shorts he was getting hard.

When Jack finished his photo-shoot, Cara waded ahead and rounded the rocks. I waited for Jack and put my arms around him. He bend down and kissed me with a toe curling kiss. Rubbing my body against him I felt his hardness.

“I love you,” I said when we broke the kiss, “Thank you for saying what you did before. You know, I am still a little jealous of Cara.”

“Honey the more I get to know you the more I love you. Like I said last night don’t ever be jealous of anyone else. Think every time you look at her, wow she is hot but Jack thinks I am hotter.”

I got another toe curling kiss. W we waded hand in hand around the rocks and up onto the beach on the other side. It was small and, while there were some people about, it was sparsely populated. Cara was standing waiting for us, about half way along but close to the water, at what looked like the high tide mark. When we reached her, she took the pack off Jack’s back and got out the towels and her sunscreen.

Unfolding her towel she said, “I better put lotion on as I don’t want to burn. But maybe a quick swim first.”

She took off her t shirt and looked at us expectantly.

“You guys want to come in the water?” she continued, with a smirk recognising we were staring.

“I know it probably safe, but I want someone to stay with the camera. I would hate to lose it,” said Jack. He spoke to me I think, but he had not taken his eyes off Cara’s bronzed breasts.

“I will sit out the first swim honey,” I said.

Jack took off his t-shirt and shorts.

“Oh my God Ashley, he is so hot,” said Cara. “I love that he is wearing swimming briefs. I hate it when girls wear skimpy bikinis and boys wear board shorts. So unfair and sexist not to be able to see the outline of a penis.”

Momentarily I had second thoughts about Jack being alone with Cara. But I remembered she had hit on me more than on Jack, and what he had said at the rocks. I said, “Go and have fun, but one of you come back. I want to swim too before we put sunscreen on.’

I walked down to the sea with the camera and stood ankle deep intending to take some photos. Cara and Jack got about waist deep and started turning their backs into the oncoming waves. I took a couple of shots of them facing the camera. Then my jaw dropped as Cara jumped on Jack’s back pushing him over. He picked her up and threw her into the next wave and then dived in after her.

I was sure Jack would have felt her breasts on his back. And when he grabbed her I could not see exactly where his second hand had gone. They swam out and treaded water and talked for a while, before swimming back towards the shore.

Cara came back while Jack stayed knee deep. “Hey, go and join him. I have him so ready for you.”

I handed her the camera and took off my t shirt to also hand to her.

She didn’t take it at first. She stared at me, before saying “You boobs are so pale we are going to have to make sure we put plenty on sunscreen on them when you get back.”

“You are such a flirt,” I said laughing

“Only with people I am attracted to,” she responded grabbing my t-shirt.

I walked deeper into the water to the occasional sound of the camera shutter and was greeted by my boyfriend. I’m guessing that when Cara said “ready,” she meant he was still somewhat hard after his swim with her.

“You ok,” he said

“Yes. She is hot and such a flirt. But I keep what you said in the front of my mind. I know you think I am hotter, but I have to say I am not that much of a flirt.”

Jack laughed, lifted me up, carrying me deeper into the water and throwing me into a wave. I attacked him and we both went under. We spent the next few minutes body surfing and generally acting like kids.

As we finished I stood and put my arms around Jack.

“Hey, full confession time. When you were taking photos of our wet t shirts, Cara was running her fingers up and down my butt.”

“Did you like it? I caught a slightly dreamy look on your face in a couple of the photos.”

“Truthfully yes, but mainly because I could see how much you were enjoying the photo shoot.”

“My confession time, Cara got me hard rubbing her breasts on my back. Then she ran her hand along my cock and said, my God you are big, I so like that in a man.”

“Did you like that?”

“Yes and no. No, because I was worried you might think I had gone too far.”

I was pleased Jack was upfront with me. “No, honey I can hardly be cross when she did the same to me. Do you know what she said before when I called her a flirt? She replied, only with people I am attracted to.”

I could feel Jack harden. “I wonder what we have got ourselves into,” he said, “Come on. You have been out in the sun long enough without sunscreen. We had better go back and get covered.”

We walked up the beach to sound of the camera shutter.

“You two are such an attractive couple,” said Cara, which made me feel good.

As I fished our sunscreen out of our bag, Cara said, “I have done my front but can I impose on you Jack to do my back.”

Jack got behind Cara and rubbed suntan lotion into her back. I did the same to my front and legs. As I put some lotion on my breasts, I was aware of four eyes focused on me. I kind of wanted to be as carefree as Cara. So I rubbed them a little more than necessary. Then looked up at them in my best little girl voice, “Do you two just like to look. Or are you dreaming about rubbing lotion into my boobs.”

“And you think I am a flirt,” said Cara.

Then suddenly smiling wickedly, “I sure I missed a bit on my breast. How would you feel about Jack helping protect me from the sun? By rubbing some more lotion in?”

Talk about upping the ante I thought. But I was not going to back down. And I wanted to remain in control.

“He can help you for a minute, but then I want him over here doing my back.”

The look on Jack’s face was priceless. He reminded me of a child who had been unexpectedly allowed unlimited choice in the candy store. Cara smiled at me and lay back against Jack.

His arms went around her and he began to rub lotion on her breasts with the palm of his hands. Cara sighed, then moaned as his fingers traced little circles around her nipples. All the while Jack had his eyes on me. After Cara moaned, he mouthed “I Love You” at me over her shoulder.

It was hot, but I started to get uneasy about where this was going. And I wanted to confident in Jack’s statement that he wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want him to. “Come on Jack, my turn now,” I said.

To Cara’s evident disappointment, he came over immediately. Rock hard I noticed, and got behind me. “Your wish is my command,” he whispered in my ear. I felt so good being in control. I liked that Jack wanted to instantly do as I asked.

He put the lotion on my back. Then with Cara looking intently he put his hands around and squeezed my nipples. “Naughty boy,” I though as I moaned loudly, “He knows how much that turns me on.”

Even Cara noticed and observed, “God girl, your nipples are sensitive.”

“That’s enough honey,” I whispered. Jack moved away and I lay on my towel on my back. Cara also lay on her back beside me. But Jack, had to lie on his front presumably to get his erection to subside.

We lay in the sun and I found myself talking easily with Cara. The more I got to know her, the more I realised we shared many common interests. But Cara looked up to me a little as I was four years older. It was a good feeling and I realised she was a girl I could be good friends with.

After we had shared our lunch, she asked us about another swim. Jack replied, “You girls go first.”

Cara stood and offered me both her hands to help pull me to my feet. I realised as we walked down to the water topless, that I now felt much more at ease with myself and with Cara. I was genuinely coming to like her, but more importantly had total confidence in Jack’s desire for me. Thinking that Jack would be looking I put an accentuated wiggle in my butt as I walked. I was rewarded with the sound of the camera shutter.

We dived in and swam out to where the water was chest high. Standing, I waved back at Jack. But I was startled to feel Cara’s fingers run down my spine. I turned and for the first time she looked nervous, and really the younger woman she was.

“Ashley, I have something I want to say to you. We have only known each other for a day. But already I feel like I am getting to know you really well. I know I tease and flirt, but I saw what you did before lunch. You got nervous when Jack played with my boobs. And you got him back.”

“Well, I just …”

“Shish” she said placing a finger on my lips, “Let me finish. Ash I like girls but I like boys more. You are gorgeous…” she said as she ran a finger around my nipple, “…but I am attracted to Jack like you wouldn’t believe. Well maybe you of all people would believe it. So I get why you are nervous. But don’t be, I want to find my own Jack, not steal yours.”

She paused taking me by the hand, “Not that I could. Lots of guys, and some girls, look at me like Jack looks at me. But no one has ever looked at me like Jack looks at you. I would be disappointed if I didn’t turn him on, and you too by the way. But I could never make him love me because he loves you. My God you even tell each other everything. You think he is a keeper don’t you?”

Cara words brought the warm and gooey feelings I have for Jack bubbling to the surface. Instinctively I put my arms around her and said, “Yes my main fantasy is leading my life totally with Jack at my side.”

Cara hugged me tighter and our beasts mashed together, “I hope you have some very naughty fantasies too,” she whispered.

“That’s for me to know,” I said smiling as we broke our cuddle.

“And me to find out,” she said again running her finger around my nipple.

I moaned as she touched my sensitive nipple, “Seriously Cara I have hardly told anyone about the depth of my feelings for Jack.”

“I have the sense you boyfriend knows all you fantasies. You tell each other everything. I get the impression he likes that you see yourselves totally together. And after all he did show me how sensitive your nipples are.”

As she said that her finger moved to my other breast and again ran her finger gently around my nipple. I liked the feeling. But I was sure I had never mentioned to Jack a desire to be chest deep in water having my nipples caressed by a big busted deliciously sexy, and newly minted friend.

As we waded through the water we could see Jack standing on the beach with his camera. Cara grabbed my hand saying, “Let’s get some photos together.”

When we got knee deep Jack was only a few meters away. He said, “Hold your hands across your breasts, like you are shy about being topless.”

We crossed our hands across our breasts and half turned away. I smiled as Cara muttered, “I am not sure I know how to look shy.”

After a few shots Jack asked us to face out to sea. He took photos of our backs and then we turned to face each other. Leaning into each other our nipples touched, and I heard Jack mutter perfect as he took a number of pictures.

We turned to face him. After a few shots, Cara ran her finger around my nipple. The rapid clicks of the camera told me Jack liked the pose. So I ran my finger around Cara nipple.

“That great,” called out Jack.

“Do you want one more,” Cara replied. Then whispering to me, “Let’s make this photo a really sexy memory.”

She then drew my head in and placed her lips on mine. I was disconcerted, and almost pulled away thinking this is too far. Then I heard, “That’s great,” from my boyfriend.

I opened my mouth and Cara’s tongue invaded. Deep down I recognised I liked it, and I returned her kiss. God the girl could kiss. It was like the first time I kissed Jack. I was being transported to somewhere I had never been before.

We broke the kiss and walked up to my very erect boyfriend. I could see Cara had her eyes on Jack’s erection. When she reached him, she said in her best innocent voice, “Did we do this?”

Running her hand along the outline of his penis, she added, “I am so going to get you to upload those photos onto my computer tonight. But I also have to have some of you, to look at on dark cold lonely nights. So give me the camera and get out in the water. And Jack whatever you do don’t lose that hard on.”

I realised Jack was now partly in her control. He meekly handed over the camera that he rarely let anyone use. He stepped out into the water to where we had stood and Cara took a lot of photos. Then she said, “Go join him hun, I want some of you two together.”

I went up to him put my arms around him, and said, “You ok.”

“Yes I am ok. But what happened out there.”

“I will tell you later, first let Cara get her photos.”

We stood together facing each other, foreheads touching. My eyes stared into the eyes of the boy I loved. In that minute nothing else existed.

“Wow,” said Cara, when we returned, “I can’t wait to see those photos on the bigger computer screen. You two looked so into each other.”

“They look good on the camera,” said Jack. He had taken back the camera and was looking through the photos..

I really wanted to talk to Jack so I suggested a swim even though I had just come out of the water.

“Give me the camera then, I am going to look at all the photos we have taken today,” asked Cara.

Jack and I walked into the water holding hands, until he dived into a bigger wave. He surfaced a few meters in front of me and called back, “Come on Ash this is so invigorating.” I waded out and put my arms round his shoulders.

“You know Jack, I could be good friends with Cara. We have a lot in common and I like her.”

“So I saw in the kissing photos.”

“No silly that was mainly about turning you on.”

“Mainly?” Jack questioned.

“Well a bit about me getting turned on too.”

Jack smile was somewhat enigmatic, like he knew something I didn’t. But he caressed my back and I continued, “Cara wanted to say some things to me. She thought I was nervous when you played with her breasts. But she then confessed. Although she likes girls she likes boys more, and in particular she is really attracted to you.”

“Are you ok with that?” Jack asked. I could tell from his hardening penis that he was.

“Yes, because of what she said next. She wants to find her own Jack not steal mine. But in her mind she can’t steal you, because she sees how much you love me.”

“She is a very smart girl,” Jack said, before kissing me.

“But I found myself confessing my main fantasy. The one where I lead my life totally with you.”

“I am not sure that is a fantasy, Ashley, it is increasingly our reality.”

I could feel myself tearing up when Jack said that. He gently stroked my face and kissed the tear that had leaked out of one eye.

“Did she say anything else?”

“Yes,” I said, sure I was blushing, “She asked about whether I have any sexy fantasies. I said that was for me to know. She replied that she would have to find out. But Jack as she said it she was touching my nipples…Are you cross?”

“I don’t think so honey. I guess you liked it obviously, but it’s ok so long as it doesn’t damage our relationship. If fact it’s kind of erotic.”

“She thinks you deliberately showed her how sensitive my nipples are.”

“If I did, would you cross?” Jack asked.

“I might have been at the time, but not now. Honey this is hard for me to say. I think she knows what one of my fantasies is.”

“To be with a girl you mean?” said Jack completely blindsiding me.

“But how do you know?”

“Just from what you said last night about being with two girls. And the way you react when you are photographed with Cara.”

“But I could never go through with it in the past. Now I never would, as I don’t want to cheat on you with anyone.”

“If you cheated it would destroy our trust and love, so I know you won’t go there. But you just kissed another person in front of me and that didn’t feel like cheating did it. By the way was it a good kiss?”

“Yes I loved it. A toe curler almost as good as yours.”

“You aren’t just saying that?”

“No silly, the first kisses from you and Cara were my best first kisses ever. But yours was perfect and is one of my favourite memories.”

For that I got kissed again. With passion and love. My boy could certainly kiss. Cara despite her skills would always be second best.

The rest of the afternoon cemented our growing friendship. Cara spend time with Jack talking some more about photography. They walked down to the water and took lots of photos with different camera settings and talked about the results. Jack clearly liked Cara interest and was a willing teacher. Maybe I thought that has something to do with her being topless.

When Cara and I started on fashion, Jack rolled his eyes. We discovered we had similar tastes and even talked about catching up for a shopping expedition to London.

Late in the afternoon we each had a quick swim, then pulled on t-shirts and wandered back down the beach. This time Jack strode ahead up the path to the cabins. Cara said, “You know I like being last, the view is better.”

“What, oh no. Sexy girl lusts after my boyfriend’s butt,” I simpered.

She patted me on my butt and said, “Well you had better go first so I can lust after yours. It may be the only way of getting Jack’s off my mind. But I warn you even that may not work”

Inwardly I grinned thinking, maybe I was never going to win a flirting contest with this girl.

As we got closer to the cabins I asked whether she would join us again for dinner.

“Sure,” she replied, “I will shower and bring over the computer to your cabin. After dinner we can look at the photos and download the best of them onto my computer for me to keep.”

Back at the cabin Jack and I got into the shower together. Washed off the sunscreen and sand. Not saying much just enjoying out time together, touching and helping each other getting clean. Even though he was hard and my pussy was damp we knew there wasn’t enough time. Intuitively I think we both understood that the other thought we would wait to after dinner.

We got dressed. Me in my only dress like last night, but Jack put on his good trousers and shirt. He looked much more stylish today. We were just ready when there was a knock at the door. Cara came in with her laptop and put it on our small table.

Cara looked stunning. I could tell she had put a lot of effort into her make up. She had her own little black dress on. I was intrigued that she looked sexier tonight even though she was showing less cleavage and less leg.

“Wow. You look good. I like,” said Jack.

“Why thank you,” Cara simpered back at him, batting her eyelashes, “You look good yourself.”

I thought, “Oh my, another night of being out flirted.”

“Come on you two, let’s go and have a beer before dinner,” Jack commanded.

As we stepped out of the cabin and on to the path, Jack offered me his right arm. I slipped my left arm though his. And then he offered his left arm to Cara. She smiled sweetly almost shyly. Shy was a look I didn’t expect her to attempt. Cara took Jack’s offered arm. And all three of us walked arm in arm to the bar.

The barman convinced Cara and I to try his special cocktail. Jack ordered a beer, and then enquired about which red wine was the best. Quickly checking the wine list I saw that it was not too expensive. Why not I thought. We having such a good day, we deserve a good wine.

We sat at the same table as the previous night. No one else had arrived yet. Jack sat himself with his back to the view with Cara and me side by side. I smiled when Cara bit on his obvious trap.

“But Jack don’t you want to see the view.”

He smiled, “I am, you two goddesses are the best view a boy can have.”

I turned to see Cara blush. Yay, I thought one nil to my man.

The cocktails were great. And we talked, having fun. Just as one would expect of the good friends we were fast becoming.

In a conversation pause Jack said, “Cara you are like Ash, just stunning eyes.” I turned to see her blush and her nipples harden. But unlike last night there was no quick witty response.

Jack ordered a second beer, just as others started to arrive.

Cara’s parents came over and we spend a good half hour talking to them. They seemed really nice. Grateful I thought that Cara was with us. That freed them to do what their younger children wanted.

Dinner if anything was better than the night before. I loved the zucchini puffs covered with yogurt and dill, the duck cooked in pomegranate juice and lots of spices, and the filo pastry layered with pistachio nuts. The wine was perfect too.

Cara seemed more subdued as we ate. Happy, and fun sure. But not as flirty as she had been over the last twenty four hours. Almost flustered when Jack said he was looking forward to seeing how sexy his two goddesses looked in the photos.

I glanced at her when he called us goddesses the next time. And I saw the look I had seen in the water when she talked about Jack. The little girl look. Almost lost.

Then the penny dropped. She felt out of her depth. Sitting opposite Jack, kept her feelings for him right in the front of her mind. She must have realised when getting ready that she was beyond flirting. Now I recognised the significance of her makeup and the dressed to impress look. She had set out to draw Jack’s attention away from her breasts. Onto her face and she now knew from his comments that it had worked, and that Jack liked what he saw in her eyes.

But I was totally ok, unlike last night. I was in control. My boy would never go outside the boundaries I set. When Jack next amped up the flirting about the photos, Cara almost whimpered. I realised she was turned on. I noticed her nipples harden and she cast me a nervous glance. I reached out and held her hand.

“Its ok, honey,” I said.

Jack ever sensitive took her other hand across the table. Smiling at her, his eyes conveying affection and support. She lower her eyes, demurely, much to my amazement.

After dinner Jack offered us both of us an arm. We took it and wandered to our cabin to look at the photos.

The photos were great. Jack is so good with a camera. He can seize on a fleeting look or a thought running through your mind. Some of the photos bordered on brilliant.

Jack, and even Cara in one or two, captured a side of me I had never seen before. A dreamy look of desire when Cara caressed my butt. A look of pure love as I gazed into Jack’s eyes. Innocence as I hid my boobs from the camera. Sultry as I looked confidently with a dripping t-shirt revealing my hard nipples.

Cara more than me, exuded raw sexuality from every photo. She looked confident, and physically desirable. I could see her reaction as she looked. A realisation of how just desirable she came across to others.

Jack just looked incredible. He was probably the best looking of the three of us. All man. Hard and well-muscled. The photos that Cara had taken were not as crisp as the others. But they captured his sensuality, but also a sweetness in his eyes. Showing what had drawn me to him, and why I had stayed.

We choose about twenty five of the best and saved them to the laptop for Cara.

“Hey,” said Cara, “What happened to our kissing photo?”

“I was saving the best to last,” said Jack. When he brought it up on screen my jaw dropped.

I knew. Jack knew. Cara knew.

No one could look at that photo and not know. It wasn’t exactly what I had told Jack. I wasn’t mostly kissing Cara for Jack’s pleasure.

The photo had captured me totally into it. Desire in my eyes and passion on my lips. I was kissing Cara to reach her soul. And Cara was kissing me back with the same intent.

“Wow,” said Jack, “I knew this was a great photo, when I first saw it on the camera.”

I realised he had seen it before we talked in the water. No wonder his smile was somewhat enigmatic. He had known something that I didn’t.

“You two look so into each other,” he continued.

“That’s because your girlfriend is a great kisser,” Cara said, running her hand through Jack’s hair.

“So are you, I hear,” replied Jack.

“Thank you for saying that,” said Cara as she stepped over to me and gently touched my lips with her mouth.

She then turned to face Jack, and in a sultry voice said, “Jack can I kiss your girlfriend again.” My mouth felt dry but I could feel a tingle of excitement go through my body at the thought of another of her mouth-watering kisses.

Jack stepped close to us, kissed me gently, and said to Cara, “Yes, if she wants you too.”

“Well gorgeous do you?” she said in another sultry tone that got my juices running.

I nodded. With Jacks hand stroking my back, Cara moved her lips close to mine and paused momentarily. In that second I felt myself closing the gap and our lips met. The kiss was gentle, then passionate as I wrapped my arms around her neck and she put hers around my waist. Our kiss went on and on and I loved it.

Jack moved behind me as we broke the kiss, and Cara smiled at him and asked me, “Ashley can I kiss your boyfriend?”

I knew the question was coming. I wondered whether I would want to say, “No, let’s stop.” But my body didn’t feel like stopping.

But I had something to say to my boy before he kissed Cara. I didn’t want him to think I had not told him the truth. “Sweetheart,” I whispered, “Definitely only almost as good as yours.”

His smile told me he knew what I meant. Totally happy now, I looked at Cara, “Yes,” I softly said.

Cara stepped to Jack and lifted one arm to his neck drawing him down while holding my hand. They kissed tenderly then passionately. She dropped my hand to put both hands around his neck. The kiss seemed to go on forever and when Cara broke away she was breathless.

“Wow,” she said “That was sooo good.”

When she gathered her breath she moved into me and kissed me again. While gently duelling with our tongues, I felt Jack behind me. When his hands went to the zipper of my dress I knew a moment of truth had arrived.

I could stop him. Maybe I should stop him. But as he slid the zipper down, I focused on kissing Cara. As my dress fell to the floor Cara ran her fingers across my nipples. Any residual resolve to stop weakened with the jolt of pleasure that went from nipple to pussy.

Cara turned to Jack and kissed him again, this time with even more passion.

I knew what I wanted to do. I went behind Cara and ran her dress zipper down. I felt as if I was in control and unwrapping a gift for Jack and me. As her dress slipped to the floor I saw Jack’s hand touch her breasts. When he broke the kiss, he bent down and gently sucked one of her nipples causing her to moan.

She turned and gently kissed me and then reached for Jack’s t-shirt and drew it above his head. I undid his belt and eased his trousers off.

Cara pushed Jack on to the bed and said to me, “Please let me, I so want to do this.” She pulled his boxers down and his large cock sprung out fully hard.

“Oh my God Ash, he is magnificent,” she said bending over and placing a gentle kiss on the head of his penis.

She turned to me and pulled me into a kiss as we stood beside the bed. As the kiss ended her hands pulled my underwear down, and then she slipped hers off saying, “Shall we make you gorgeous boyfriend cum first.”

I stood there jolted by her words. Realising that from now it was more serious. If I wanted to stop now was the right time to do so. As those thoughts went through my mind, Jack moved back on the bed with his eyes wide and a grin on his face. Cara knelt on the floor in between his knees which were bent over the edge of the bed.

Spreading his knees a little further apart she leant over onto one thigh. Through my mind was clouded by her stunning kisses and my indecisiveness, I recognised she had left room for me.

She was ordered and in control. Pushing her hair to one side. Adjusting Jack a few inches lower on the bed. Holding Jacks cock in her hand, down low. She turned and looked straight at me.

My pussy was damp. Looking at Jack I saw pure desire in his eyes. That pushed me over the edge. I want to do this I thought. I knelt down in the position Cara had left for me.

“Your boy. I want to watch. You go first,” she smiled.

I moved my head towards him and opened wide, and she guided his cock into my mouth.

I closed my lips around the head, held him tight. Then did what I usually do, sucked him firmly. My lips ran tightly over him as his cock slid inside my mouth. Tasting a drop of pre-cum, I thought he is really turned on. I trapped him between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. From experience this was the best way of generating the pressure he so adored.

I then started pushing down onto his cock, focusing on taking as much as I could. Pleased with myself as I got all the way to the back in one stroke. I knew this was turning Jack on, but a bit of me was showing off for Cara.

I felt her squirm a little beside me as I let him slip back out. Cara moved forward and her pretty little tongue ran across Jack’s balls. He moaned enjoying two girls pleasing him orally for the first time ever.

Then I went to suck again every bit as deep. But if we were to work in tandem, I couldn’t. Cara’s head was in the way. I so was not going to deny Jack’s balls getting attention. So I did what he found almost as good, ran my tongue over the sensitive spot just behind and below the head of his penis.

Holding just the head in my mouth and moving my tongue in earnest. In control. Pleasing Jack. Showing Cara what a good little cock sucker I am.

Her hand came up, tucked some of my hair behind my ear, and I felt a full breast press into my arm. “You look so good with Jack’s cock in your mouth,” she said.

Jack’s erection throbbed inside me. I sucked him in and out and he groaned and I felt his thigh tense next to my shoulder. He was not far away and I had another decision to make.

I made it. I slowed, stopped and he popped out of my mouth. He raised his head to look at us. Questioning.

I slid my hand to the bottom of his cock and pushed it towards Cara.

She smiled at me, took a deep breath and slid him right in. As deep as I had gone on my first attempt. She was good. No winner here, except of course for Jack.

Jacks head fell back on the pillow and he moaned loudly. She then ran her mouth up his cock. She copied me and held the top of his cock in her mouth with the centre of her tongue right behind the sensitive tip. She worked her mouth back and forth, sliding it from side to side. This girl could suck cock.

“You look good like that,” I said stroking her. Pleased to realize I was comfortable with my boyfriend’s cock in my friend’s mouth.

Jack seemed well beyond thinking as he squirmed under her subtle touches. I said some words to myself, surprised that they turned me on rather than scaring me, “I don’t mind sharing him with her at all.”

Her eyes twinkled at me as she worked my boyfriend’s cock. I ran my tongue over his balls. Copying her. He groaned again and I looked up recognising he was close.

Still working her mouth now more gently on the head of his cock, she arched her eyebrows at me. I knew what she was asking. I was fine with it. “Yes,” I whispered.

She grinned back at me again, let him slip out. Jack lifted his head with a look of concern. She looked him directly in the eye and asked in her most sexy voice, “Jack darling. Would you like to cum in my mouth.” He moaned. She was so pushing his buttons.

“Oh and Jack darling, would you like me to kiss your pretty girlfriend afterwards. And coat her lips with your sperm? Do you want to? Jack?”

He just nodded poor boy. Her voice made me wetter, God only knows how strongly it heated up his desire. I thought maybe I should be more vocal in bed. Get Jacks eyes as crazed with lust as they now are. Offered a fantasy he didn’t know he had.

I was entranced. I had so lost control. She closed her lips over his cock and Jack moaned as his head fell back on the pillow. Cara sucked him in slowly all the way to the bottom. Then again and he tensed his hips. Then he exploded in her mouth, as she held just an inch of him between her lips.

She took the first spurts, jaw locked getting as much as possible in her mouth. Jack groaned again, in pure bliss as she sucked gathering up every drop with her tongue.

She held him inside until sure he was done. Looking up to Jack she waited. And waited. And waited. Until he opened his eyes.

As he watched from the bed, Cara took her mouth from his cock not spilling a drop. She pulled me to my feet. Her cute little tongue emerged covered in sperm. She ran her tongue along my mouth coating my lips with Jack’s cum. And then in for another open mouth kiss. Her tongue pushed some of my boyfriend’s sperm into my mouth. We shared a glance at Jack. Then we both swallowed together, holding the kiss long after it was all gone.

It was the most erotic blowjob I have ever been in.

We broke, I started breathing once again, desperately trying to get my eyes back into focus. Again I found myself thinking this girl can sure kiss. And she gives a mean blowjob. She glanced again at Jack and licked a single drop, which had slipped out of my mouth, from my chin.

Jack groaned again. “Oh my god. So good. You two really are goddesses…”

We both climbed on the bed and lay on each side of Jack. Taking turns kissing him. He was slow to move but when he roused himself, he climbed over me so I was in the middle and he kissed me deeply.

I thought, “Oh my God, my boyfriend can so kiss.” I turned to Cara and she kissed me. I thought, “So can she. There is no denying that. But if I had to choose a winner it is still Jack.”

They both pressed their bodies against mine each with a knee over my thigh. Then as if synchronised they kissed little light kisses down my cheek, ran their tongues over my ears, and kissed down my neck and chest to finally circle my nipples with their tongues.

Jack gently on one nipple, Cara firmer on the other. I was in heaven as my nipples are so sensitive and I was getting a double dose for the first time ever. Round and round they went licking, and Cara occasionally gently biting, each touch connecting to my pussy which was starting to leak.

Then they looked at each other and bent over my body to kiss. When they broke their kiss, Cara said “Me?” and Jack replied, “Yes, definitely.” Whatever understanding they had reached was lost on me.

They returned their attention to my breasts and I lay back on a pillow. Closed my eyes enjoying the sensation. Then gentle kisses started again, one set up my body and another down my body. Suddenly I realised that they had agreed who was going up and who was going down.

I opened my eyes to see Jack smiling at me. As I lent up to kiss him, I knew it was decision time all over again. But I was so horny and Jack so unconcerned, that I let a ten year barrier down in my mind. Cara was going further than any girl ever had with me. I lay back on the second pillow Jack had thoughtfully got and propped me up with.

When Cara knelt down in front of me and looked up at me with those big eyes, I wasn’t prepared for the response my body gave her. And when she slipped a finger against my clit, she could feel the response, “Ooh,” she cooed, “looks like you want this gorgeous.”

She spread my legs giving her all the access she needed.

Her little tongue slipped out of her lips. I watched as she let her fingertips graze my wetness and then felt the pressure of her finger slipping into me. I admit that it felt soooo good. And when that tongue flicked against my clit, I buried my head into Jack’s chest. I whimpered.

Jack asked, “Do you like Cara licking you honey?” And when he flicked my nipple, he got the answer he was looking for, a groan and stiff little nipple to play with. Flicking my nipple with his finger, making me even more desperate.

She grazed and sucked my clit then rolled her tongue around it in circles. Working me up slowly, she pumped her finger a few times and then buried it. Leaving it in me while sucking my clit again.

Jack massaged one nipple with his fingers, the other with his mouth. Gently just the way I like it.

They were both driving me mad with lust.

Then she looked up at me with the most innocent look she could muster and asked, “Is that how you like it? Am I doing a good job?”

Admitting to myself she is good, and different from Jack. I nodded, “Yes. You’re doing great. Put another finger in me, though.” As she obeyed, I could feel the two fingers stretching me.

“Ooh,” she smiled at me, “you’re really wet now.” Her fingers were the perfect size to make me completely dumb with pleasure so I could only nod. Her tongue, soft and wet, fluttered over my clit while Jack caressed my nipples, both sending more shock waves through my body. They both sucked a little harder and I moaned from sensory overload. Two people who knew how to pleasure me touching me together.

Then she looked up at me again with those big eyes, “I like licking you. You taste so good. Do you like it Ashley?”

My body reacted to this question by getting even wetter and I could barely whisper, “Yes. Oh my God yes.”

I was trembling all over. I thought I was about to cum right then and there, but I managed to hold off.

That little tongue flicked out and licked my clit like it was melting ice cream. She asked softly, “Can I suck it, too?”

“Yes, please,” I groaned as I opened my eyes to see Jack smiling down at me. No doubt as surprised as I was about how vocal his girlfriend had become.

Making the sexiest shape with her mouth, she sucked my clit between her lips and it was all I could do not to move my hands down and shove her face into my pussy.

I closed my eyes and just let her tongue do its magic. At some point, my hands ended up grasping Jack by the hair and pulling his mouth to mine.

I wanted to kiss him while my hips, with a mind of their own, ground against her pretty face. When I got really close, she kept attending to my clit while Jacked caressed my nipples. Then she shoved two fingers deep into me. I gasped.

Jack returned to sucking my nipples and Cara never let up on my pussy. They had me so turned on, I couldn’t believe it. And then she started stroking my G-spot.

That’s when I lost my mind and just let everything go, “Fuck yes. Oh God. Shit. Suck me Jack. Eat my pussy. God yes. Make me cum. Holy shit, Jack.” My heartbeat and breathing stopped at the same time as my back arched and my body erupted, I shook and shivered, chills broke out all over, my nipples were rock hard from Jacks attention, my pussy gushed from Cara’s, and I was lightheaded.

Never, ever in my life had I cum that hard before.

Cara kissed her way up my body and I opened my eyes to see my spellbound boyfriend open mouthed, with his hand touching his rapidly hardening erection.

Cara lent over and kissed him, and asked in the sweetest voice, “Do you like tasting you girlfriend’s juices on my mouth?”

“Yes, she is even more delicious when I lick her from your lips,” he said as he helped her down on the bed between us.

I couldn’t move. Just rolled my head over and kissed her as Jack moved down to caress Cara’s breast with his tongue. I could see him roll her nipple around in his mouth and I could hear her moan. Groggily I raised myself so I could reach her other breast. Taking it in my mouth I sucked her nipple, imitating how Jack sucks mine.

He looked at me questioning, and I just knew what he was asking. And he was right to ask. I ran my hand over his face, silently indicating my thanks and my answer.

He smiled and we returned to massaging and kissing Cara’s big breasts. They felt softer than mine and, because she didn’t moan as much, I guess they are less sensitive than mine. Leaving Jack to indulge himself playing with the big breasts that had first attracted him to Cara, I moved back and kissed her.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“The pleasure was all mine,” she said.

“I so don’t think so. You weren’t the one screaming,” I said laughing, looking into her eyes.

A little tremor went through her body. We both turned towards Jack to see his head moving down her body. I guessed the tremor came from his tongue touching her belly button. I loved when he licked the piercing on mine.

I watched Cara lie back and close her eyes. Deep down I was completely uncertain about whether I could do what Jack was about to do. I was thanking Jack for asking and not pushing me into it.

But unlike Cara, I knew what was coming. Right from when we started making love, Jack had surprised me with his gentleness. I knew that when he pressed his lips into her pussy he would land as light as a butterfly. His gentle touch was as sensual as it was delicate.

“Ohhhhh…” Cara sighed. I gently kissed her and got up a little higher on my elbows to get a good view.

I saw him use his lips, gathering her juices and then he looked up into my eyes. Smiling I said, “Make her cum Jack.”

Dragging his lips up and through her labia, a pause, and then down and through. He used his thumbs to softly spread her even more open, very gently. Then upper lip feather soft over her clit and meeting the lower lip right at the opening.

She pursed her lips for a kiss, leaned into me and sucked my tongue, her softness and gentleness reflecting, what I knew from experience, Jack was doing to her pussy.

I could hear the little slurps from Jack licking and sucking. I so knew that she was finding it as pleasurable as I did, as he kept making her squirm. A lot. He kept moving, always very slowly.

While I had not had a lot of other boyfriends, they had all gone down on me. But Jack was a completely different experience. Electrifying. Cara moved her knees even, wider. Silently begged him toward her.

I tucked the pillow behind her, so she didn’t have to strain to keep her head up. Pulled some hair from her eyes. Put my head on her shoulder and we both watched very closely.

From experience I knew he was moving much slower than she had on me. Much, much softer. His slightest touch was taking her breath away.

Moving his tongue down, I suspected, a little above her butt. I wondered whether he would touch her most private of places. Cara’s moan answered my question. I realised he had delicately run his tongue over her hole. Lingering, gently caressing her butt with his tongue. Cara moaned, “Fuck that is good.”

Then straight up in a single maddeningly slow agonizingly light lick through her lips, lighter over her opening, somehow even more so over her clitoris. When Jack did that to me my clit would stand tall as if begging for attention.

Tongue extended, he leaned in, lapped at her clit like a kitten takes milk. I looked away from Jack to Cara and saw her laying back on the pillow eyes closed softly calling out Jack’s name.

I thought it was sooo hot. Cara was experiencing sensations as intense as the ones she and Jack had given me.

A deep breath from Cara. I looked down to see my boyfriend look into my eyes as his tongue started pressing inside her. Circling around inside, tracing her circumference. Then slowly, deliberately back to her clit again. I knew from experience, and from her sighs and moans, that Cara was slipping slowly into ecstasy. Driven by the slow twirling and lapping of my boyfriend’s tongue.

His lips now went directly onto her clit. Full tongue soft and gentle, getting Cara’s breath shuddering in tiny little gasps. It looked so fantastic, I didn’t even notice my fingers slide inside my pussy until they started moving hard in me.

I could see Cara’s fingers curl. Her hand reached out and grabbed my arm. Ouch. Her breathing turned into moaning. Her body started trembling. She became as vocal as me. “Suck me. Oh fuck, you are magic. Yes Jack. Lick me stud. Make me cum.”

Tongue still gentle, but licking more quickly. Cara’s hips trembled like they wanted to force themselves deep into Jack’s face.

I looked at her. “Oh my god. Yes Jack,” she screamed as she came. Hard. Then she slowly unwound, relaxed and smiled. A smile so sweet at me, that I melted, leant in and kissed her.

Jack sensuously kissed his way up her tummy, still being a butterfly. Soft and slow. He lay on top of her, resting his cheek on her shoulder. Her glorious boobs pressing against him on one side and me on the other.

She slowly brought her arms around to hug him close.

“That was beyond fabulous, Jack,” she whispered, kissing the top of his head, “That was truly the best ever. By far.”

He snuggled in besides her getting comfy. I got up on my elbow and looked down at them. Cara smiled at me her arms still around Jack. “Ashley that was unbelievable. Is it really like that every night? Kiss me honey.”

I leant over and kissed her, imitating the way Jack delicately played with her pussy. She moaned and then eased herself under Jack so he ended up in the middle between Cara and me.

I leant into him and kissed him deeply and passionately, tasting Cara on his mouth. I felt ok with that. Traced my finger up his cock. It was somewhat stiff when I touched the base but the time my fingers reached the sensitive spot just under the head he was fully hard.

My touching myself as Jack licked Cara had made me horny again. And just a little desperate for my man.

I reached over and gently pulled his shoulder so he lay on his side facing me. Looking him in the eye, I smiled and said, “I want you. Now. Deep inside me.”

He rotated over me, eyes never leaving mine and his erection bumped against my pussy. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Cara roll onto her side. It made me even hornier knowing she was about to watch my boyfriend make love to his girlfriend.

I’d been horny since looking at the photos. Cara and Jack had more than taken the edge off, but I needed more. Jack looked down at me. I looked up at him. We knew what to do, to make it just right. And he slid slowly inside me. Firm and deep and familiar, I so love the feeling of him on me and in me. I hugged him tight while he slowly withdrew and slid back inside with just a touch more firmness.

Sex with Jack is like ice cream. Always delicious but there are a range of flavours. This was my favourite, slow and firm, loving. He stroked slowly into me, burying himself all the way inside with quiet, squishing sounds. I got my knees higher and open for him, so our pelvic bones met on his downstroke.

I lay back, closed my eyes, squirming to let just a fraction more of him inside me. I wanted everything he had. In a perfect place, making love with my boyfriend, not showing off to the other girl in bed with us. Watching us.

I looked to see and his eyes were on mine, and I started to meet every thrust with a squeeze of my vagina. I could feel myself breathing more quickly which I knew was signalling to Jack how close I was. I settled in for what I knew would shortly be a very satisfying conclusion.

Jack didn’t look at Cara. Jack didn’t touch Cara. He just focused me, and I loved it. I let my eyes ease shut again and floated along with the tingles rippling up from down below. I knew in that moment that I had made my last most important decision. His absolute concentration on me made me sure of what I had decided.

I let myself go. No cares, no worries, just surrendering into the pleasure that was coming. Jack knew just knew, and he picked up the pace to draw the second, sometimes harder to get, orgasm out of me.

But it was there just lurking. Feeding and growing bigger on the memories of what Jack and Cara had done to me. Feeding and growing bigger on my decision. Feed and growing bigger on Jack’s love making. Waiting just waiting for Jack to fully set the trigger. I moaned and surprised myself but getting vocal again.

“Yes honey, close, make love to me. Oh my God I love you. There just there.”

And the tingles in my pussy grew to waves and crashed over me. An orgasm almost as intense as the last, but somehow more complete and satisfying. I opened my eyes drained and saw Jack smirking, justifiably pleased with himself.

And I smiled back wondering whether he picked up the glint in my eye from my decision. A decision that I was so keen to tell him. Jack and I rarely come together. One of the things I love about him is that he likes to ride me through my orgasm before letting his build up.

So when he started to quicken the pace of his cock inside me, I said, “Stop honey.”

I looked across at Cara and smiled as I reached out and squeezed her hand. I arched my eyebrows. She knew the question I was asking and she nodded. Smiling, no much more than just smiling. Her whole body glowed with anticipation. I realised that what I had asked her was what she wanted most.

I looked back at Jack, and told him my decision, “Cara, she wants you. Inside her.”

“You sure?” Some indecision in his voice.

“Yes I am sure.”

I pushed him up, he slipped out of me and I rolled out from beneath him quickly. Cara flexibly and fluidly eased herself into my place below him.

But Jack paused, bless him, and asked again, “You really sure?”

“Yes Jack. Please her just like you pleased me.”

He nodded grinning.

“And Jack, enjoy. This may be the only time you ever have sex with someone other than me for the rest of your life.”

He smiled so sweetly at me. Then turning, and looking at Cara with pure unadulterated desire. “Lucky girl,” I thought without jealously, “she is in for the ride of her life.”

“Oooo, so big,” she giggled as his erection scrapped over her as she lifted her knees into position.

I stunned myself by reaching over and guiding my boyfriend’s rock hard cock into Cara. Surprised at how ok I was sharing him with her.

He just pushed forward and was inside her pussy. Maybe the only time ever in someone different. Well from the time we agreed we were a couple.

“Ahhhhh…” he sighed as he slipped slowly in. And I really, honestly hoped Cara felt as wet, warm and wonderful, squeezing tight around his erection, as he told me I did. I wanted it to be perfect for him.

She wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled in tight. Mashed her soft breasts against his hard chest. Pushed her bottom up, adjusted a little and looked him in the eye.

“Jack you are gorgeous, I wanted this ever since I saw you looking at me yesterday. Especially since I made myself come last night thinking of you. Now fuck me good you gorgeous boy.”

Then she slapped his butt a couple of times with her soles of her feet like she was a rider controlling a horse. Strange time to catch myself wondering if she actually was a horse rider. I like to ride and she would be fun to ride with.

Jack got the message and the sexual flavour he dialled up was hard and fast pure fucking. Different from what he had just given me. Speaking more to lust than love, but in tune with the signals he had just got from Cara’s feet.

I lay there on the pillow, and actually enjoyed watching my boyfriend have sex with the stunningly beautiful girl, who I had come to like so quickly. I was into it and even wondering what I could learn for the Oxford nights.

She pulled her knees much higher than I did which bent her butt farther up too. I was wondering. And the penny dropped, it pushed his cock up against her g-spot. I made mental note to try that on my boy sometime soon.

He was fucking her hard and fast. I had so not worn him out. And Cara sure didn’t seem to mind as she was matching him grunt for grunt.

I watched his face, then hers. Both beautifully engrossed. Into each other, working together. But having to adjust to each other. But they were in heaven learning about fucking each other. Now I envied them both just a little

Her hands shot out, suddenly, grabbing his butt. She dug in her fingernails got his attention. He stopped, she bend her hip and rolled him on his back.

Sitting up, she stopped. Looking him in the eye she said, “Look at my big boobs as you fuck me. Seer the memory into your brain for your night time fantasies.”

Jack’s eyes glazed over as Cara ground her pussy hard into him, then quickly got the rhythm going again, ridding him every bit as hard as he had done for her. Her full round breasts were well beyond jiggling and were positively bouncing, her bottom slapping into his thighs.

Head tipped back, she huffed, “Squeeze my boobs.” She pulled one of his hands up to a breast and held it there. Jack ran his fingers over them.

“No, Jack hard. Pinch them.”

“Ouch,” I thought as Jack squeezed and pinched her firm nipple. Pinched hard. He is so not doing that to me, I said to myself.

But that was obviously a turn on for Cara. She slid a finger onto her clit rubbing hard and in time. Her breathing deepened and she sped up even more, hips swinging side to side as she pounded him in and out. He was grunting now, lower and louder with each shove into her.

“Yes, yes,” she moaned, “You fucking gorgeous stud I’m cumming.” Throwing her head back her eyes rolled back and she screamed as the waves of pleasure jolted her body.

I could tell Jack had been close when Cara first touched herself, but he held on through her orgasm. As she finished, Cara looked at him, in awe I think of his self-control. She squeezed her hips together obviously tightening her vagina around his cock, “Come in me Jack. Now.”

She rode him a couple of times before his hips rose as if to push her through the ceiling, and he moaned, “Oh my God Cara, Ash,” and squirted his seed deep into Cara’s pussy. It was beyond hot, so sexually intense.

Cara body collapsed and she lay on Jack, both of them struggling to get their breath back. After a minute or two she raised her face so she looked at him, and ran her hand through his hair.

“Thank you, best sex ever.”

“No thank you,” he replied, “Second best lover in all the world.”

She grinned and I melted. Even straight after some wild sex with one of the hottest girls I knew, Jack’s first thoughts were about me.

She turned to me, “Come closer girl, I am beyond moving.”

I snuggled in and she leaned over and kissed me, “Thank you,” she said.

“My pleasure,” I replied.

“Probably,” she said with a grin, “But mine too. He is so very good.”

She slipped off Jack and we both snuggled up to him one on each side. Content satisfied sleepy.

I didn’t know how long we had been asleep, but I felt Cara stir and get out of bed. I forced myself awake and got up to see her slipping her dress on.

“I hope you weren’t thinking of leaving without saying goodbye.”

“Of course not,” Cara replied, “But I would have left a note if you didn’t wake.”

She slipped on her shoes, picked up her undies, put her computer under one arm and then put her things down on the table.

She turned took me in her arms, “Hey girl, I so want to catch up with you two when we are back in England. I have always wanted a threesome and it came true tonight. You are gorgeous. I really like you. Did your fantasy come true Ashley?” she asked.

“Yes it did, I realised though that my fantasies have to have Jack in them.”

“Good,” she said, “Perhaps again, when I come to Oxford. I heard you say that I was the only girl, other than you, that Jack could fuck.”

I smacked her butt, “Ha girl that is not actually what I said. And you know it.”

She grinned and asked, “Well could we?”

“Perhaps,” I replied. “But no promises.”

“You awake Jack,” she asked.

A soft yes from Jack, and she said, “Jack you are such a fantasy for me. Right from when I saw you at the pool. I so wanted you tonight.”

Jack got up and came over, “For me too,” he said hugging Cara, “You are a goddess you know. Keep up the photography and send me you work to look at.”

I thought about the pictures on her laptop. “Cara you won’t show our photos to anyone else will you?”

“Of course not,” she paused, “With one exception. When I find my Jack I will show him. That’s something I learnt from you Ash. No secrets from your man.”

I smiled, “Hope you find him soon.”

“I will now that I know exactly what I am looking for. Someone just like Jack.”

Jack and I smiled and she continued, “Thank you both. Bye for now. Bye Jack, bye Ashley.”

She picked up her things and opened the door. Before she shut the door, she put her head back inside and said, “You two are the best sex I have ever had. And I also now know what making love looks like. Can’t wait to try that for myself. Love you both.”

And then she was gone and our little cabin seemed emptier. I got back into bed with Jack and I snuggled up. Jack whispered, “Thank you for a perfect day, I love you completely.” And he drifted back to sleep.

“I love you too honey,” I replied as I closed my eyes. Inhaling I was still able to smell Cara in the sheets as I fell asleep.

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