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Ashley and Her Lust

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Ashley’s mother got married again for the sixth time and she now had a stranger named Blake in her house. Her mother was 44 years old and throughout her life, she constantly changed the men that she had like changing the clothes on her back. There were numerous men in her mother’s life and Ashley herself had no idea who her father was. She met her stepfather one morning when she woke up and found the man in the kitchen drinking coffee.

Ashley was not a bit surprised seeing different men in her kitchen from she was young and for 18 years, she was used to it. The man was slightly younger than her mum was. Her mother had always-seeking new hot and sexy men in her life; and Blake was no exception. She even once slept with Ashley’s friend and she felt so embarrassed when her friend bragged to her other friends that he had fucked Mrs. Clayton’s pussy. Ashley warned her mother not to fool around with her friends; and she was glad that was the last. She brought home numerous other younger guys of her age, but they were not her friends. Ashley loved her mother, but she had sworn that she would never be like her mum where her life was solely governed by her lust and the innumerable men in her life.

Her new young stepfather was in his early thirties and he was undeniably hot. He had rich dark hair, very tall, an ass that women would drool over and a well-toned body. Nevertheless, there was something in his blues eyes, which made her felt so uncomfortable. His piercing gaze made her felt uneasy. Usually the men in her mother’s life simply ignored her. However, Blake was different. She felt challenged and threatened by his presence.

A week into the marriage, one night Ashley was on her way to the bathroom when she saw Blake fucking her mother in the living room. It was quite dark, but she somewhat see her mother on her hands and knees with Blake ramming his engorged thick cock into her dripping pussy. She whimpered and thrashed as her new sexy husband shoved his cock into her soaked sheath. Her mother was oblivious that she was there; nonetheless, Blake were eyeing Ashley. He somewhat knew that the girl felt the lust too. Ashley quickly scurried back into her room feeling breathless as her lust had been stirred.

The next morning, Ashley was washing her cereal bowl after breakfast. Her mind was still remembering how her stepfather rammed his throbbing cock into her mum’s pussy. Suddenly, she could hear footsteps of someone coming down the stairs. Blake came into the kitchen and stood behind her without uttering a single word. She whimpered when she felt his warm hands came from behind her. One hand came under her pajama top, and wrapped itself on one of her tits while another hand slithered into her panties and rubbed her mound. The bowl in her hand slipped and fell into the sink and she shuddered with the contact, hating herself for lusting over her stepfather, her mother’s sex object.

“Little Ashley…did you see how I fucked your mummy last night? Do you want me to do the same to you? I can ram my thick cock into your pussy too…again… and again …and again until it drips with my cum.”

“No…,” she said feverishly.

His hand in her panties moved lower and found her vulva and he inserted one finger in her depth; rotating his finger in the tight sheath.

“My…my…you’re one hot bitch. Your pussy wants me Ashley. You’re so tight!” he whispered into her ears as Ashley’s pussy began to drip its warm juices. She lay on his body letting her stepfather finger her wet pussy and felt the lust building even greater for him. His hand kneaded and stroked her tits making her nipples puckered under it. His other finger too found her clit and flicked on it making Ashley arched her back into the warmth of Blake’s embrace and moaned with the pleasure.

“Little Ashley…you’re just like your mum. A whore!” Blake whispered from behind her.

Ashley out-of-the-blue tore her body away from his hands and left the kitchen. He compared her to that slut! She could not take it. All her life, she tried to be the opposite of her, yet this man had compared her to her mother. She felt sick in her stomach. She tried to close the door behind her when she reached her bedroom, but Blake pushed it opened and Ashley turned around. Blake held out the hand that rubbed and tormented her pussy. She could see his fingers were glistening with the evidence of her lust. He lifted the fingers towards his mouth. He licked his finger slowly and sucked her juices from them.

“You’re tasty.” He said giving her a wicked smile.

He then swiftly grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him. Her lower body was trapped between his legs and she shuddered as she felt the thick throbbing cock in his jeans. She pushed hard against his lean muscular body and groaned when he twisted her right arm behind her. His eyes were staring at her tits as they were straining against her silk pajama. He lowered his head and nipped on her tit. He chuckled when he heard his hot stepdaughter sucked her breath. He took another soft bigger bite on her tit and used his teeth to put pressure on her boob. Her whole body shuddered and she moaned in pleasure. Suddenly, he raised his head, listened, and smiled.

“Saved by the devil herself! Your mum’s up. She needs my loving…but remember… You are mine Ashley. Don’t forget that.”

He kissed her roughly on her sweet mouth and pushed her away. She slumped on her bed as her legs gave way. Her pussy was soaking with the trepidation of her ordeal. She put her left hand into her panties, found her pussy, and winced with the evidence of her lust for Blake. She cursed herself for desiring her stepfather; nevertheless, she simply could not stop inserting her delicate fingers into her sheath imagining how good it would be to be fucked by Blake’s warm thick pulsating cock.

* * *

Ashley felt relieved that after the incident in the kitchen, Blake seemed to have lost interest in her. She felt that she could freely continue her life in her house. No more temptation for her. Yet, she was wrong. One night, she was watching a television show alone. She could hear her mum and Blake were in their bedroom enjoying their sexual orgy. She felt a twinge in her heart.

Since nothing was interesting on TV that night, and she eventually dozed on the couch. Her sleep was disrupted as she felt something was not right. When she opened her eyes, Blake was on top of her with his legs on either side of her buttock. She pushed him with her delicate arms and felt futile, as his chest was as solid as a tree trunk. He simply would not budge.

“Get off me you asshole!” she screamed and hit his body with her hands. He did not even flinch.

“Go and fuck my mum!” She yelled at him.

Instead, he used both his hands to grab hers and she was now trapped under his power. His legs were too strong and they braced on either side of her legs making it impossible for Ashley to raise her knees. He gathered her arms in one hand and used his free hand to unbutton her pajama. She was not wearing any bra and her tits were visible to his eyes in a matter of seconds. Blake opened the front of her pajama top and raked the young body between his legs with his eyes, appraising. Ashley’s heartbeat accelerated. Then, her sexy stepfather made his move. First, he lightly licked her neck, nuzzling it, tasting it and nipping on it. “You taste good Ashley.” He said. His head moved lower to her tits. He used the tip of his tongue to toy with her left nipple. It puckered. Sensation was flooding her. She wanted the man, yet she knew she could not allow herself to succumb to her lust.

“Let… me…go!” she screamed. She could not stoop to her mother’s level begging Blake to fill her pussy with his cock. She then felt his tongue flicked on the other nipple. She groaned and she panicked with her reaction even more. Blake used his teeth teasing her nipple. Her pussy by now was soaking with her juices.

“B…bastard! Let…me go!” she screamed and she was thrashing trying to break free.

“Blake?” Her mother’s hoarse voice was suddenly heard from the bedroom upstairs.

He quickly clamped Ashley’s mouth with his big hand. She struggled but was to no avail.

“Yes Jeanie? I’m watching TV.,” he said.

“Can you please come here baby? Please? I want you.” Her mother pleaded.

“Well…well…Ashley, looks like I have to fuck your mother’s pussy first, I’ll come back for yours later.” He used his other hand to rub and massage her pussy in her now damp pajama pants. She knew that Blake could feel her juices on the material of her pants as he rubbed her mound. Her pussy was practically leaking its juices that it was clearly visible He gave her a knowing smile and the smile made her felt sick inside. She realized that she acted just like her mother. Basing all her reasons and instincts on her lust.

He got up and left his flustered and aroused stepdaughter in front of the television. She was breathing hard and again, her pussy was soaking and quivering with the lust her stepfather had brought on her. She hated him with all her heart for making her want his cock just like what he was doing to her mother every night and day. She had to control her desire and she had to remind herself constantly that she was not like her mother. Not in a million years!

* * *

Ashley came home one day from work with her boyfriend, Noel and they had been dating for 5 months. She liked him because she felt secure when she was with him. He made her felt safe. He parked his car quite a distance from the house since Ashley refused her stepfather see Noel. They were kissing in his car and she could feel that his hand came under her blouse and grasped her tits. She pulled him closer while sucking his tongue and lips. She could feel his warm hands on her tits and shuddered. Her hands were frantically trying to free his cock from his straining jeans when she went still. From the corner of her eyes, she could make out that Blake was watching them from the porch and she could feel his eyes piercing into her. She faked a headache making Noel extremely disappointed as he drove home with a throbbing cock between his legs.

Blake was still waiting for her on the porch when she arrived in front of her house. He was only wearing his black jeans and he was barefooted. He stopped her when she tried to open the front door. His lean muscled arm blocked her way and he drew himself nearer, standing, looming, beside her small body.

“Why do want a boy, when you can have me?” he asked.

“I don’t want you.” she hissed.

“Are you sure? The last time I checked…you pussy dripped for me.” he said those words into her ears one syllable at a time. She cringed with the truth.

His head came closer and nuzzled her long neck. Ashley used a shaky arm to hold the frame of the door to support her now trembling legs. She swallowed a nervous lump in her throat to calm her down. His lips nipped her neck and teased her earlobe. He snaked his other hand into her blouse and grazed her abdomen making her quivered more feverishly. His hand found what it after, soft yielding young tit in a push up bra. He groped her tit under her blouse and she trembled even more violently.

“S…stop it!” she yelled with her hand holding the hand on her tit.

“Ashley? Is that you?” Her mother’s voice brought her back to reality.

She forced him to move his arm and surprisingly he relented. Her mother was in the kitchen cleaning the kitchen counter when she came in. She was busy scrubbing with her back to her daughter. Ashley took a seat at the dining table trying to compose herself.

“You okay Ashley?” Her mother asked when she turned to look at her daughter.

“I’m…I’m fine mum.”

“Want some dinner?”

“No thanks. I wanna take a bath. I feel filthy.” As Ashley stressed the word ‘filthy’ while her eyes flickered towards Blake.

She felt so relaxed in the warm lavender scented bath. She closed her eyes imagining all her troubles seeping out from every pore of her body. Then, her solace was disrupted by her mother’s moaning and screaming. “Hell!” Ashley said under her breath, as she knew that Blake was screwing her mother in the next room. She could clearly hear her mother’s whimpering and moaning screaming Blake’s name and demanding him to fuck her harder. Ashley’s pussy too started to quiver, as she too wanted to feel Blake’s cock.

“No! Stop it!” she reminded herself.

“I am not like her! Not like her!” she said convincing herself while covering her head with a damp towel.

Her mother climaxed in the next room, shouting his name and she could hear Blake groaned right after that. After a while, she could hear silence. She was glad that it was over because her pussy was oozing with her juices uncontrollably.

“Shit! I really need to relax! Oh please …relax…relax…relax…breathe…breathe…,” she continued her mantra and tried relaxing her shoulders and her body in the soothing warm water.

Peace. She felt peace at last. Ashley was in the tub for quite some time, enjoying the last warmth radiating in the water. Before the warmth disappeared, she scrubbed her body clean with a sponge. Feeling so calm and peaceful, she got out from the bathtub. She looked at her reflection on the mirror. Her small petite body was glowing, her face was flustered and her nipples were hard. She pinched her nipples on her ample tits and she groaned inward, still could not stop thinking about Blake. She had to convince herself constantly not to be like her mother and tried to push the image and the pleasure of her stepfather groping her pussy and tits. She took her soft towel from the sink and wrapped herself with it. When she was about to open the bathroom door, the knob turned and the door opened inward. She knew who it was and backed away, holding the towel around her wet glistening body tightly.

“What the hell do you want?” Her voice quivered with anxiety and lust.

The handsome face of Blake was full of appreciation as he raked the young wet body served in front of his eyes. The towel was too small for her and she was straining, trying to cover her pussy and at the same time preventing it from baring her generous tits to her stepfather. She froze when he closed the door behind him and locked it. She took a few steps back and her movement was hindered when the back of her legs could feel the cold bathtub behind her.

“You know what I want Ashley.” He took a step forward.

“Go to hell.”

“You want my cock in your pussy.”

“I know that even right now, your pussy’s wet for me.,” he whispered.

He took another step towards her.

“Stay away from me!” she yelled still holding the wet towel close to her young body.

“My mum’s going to know about this. Mum? Mum?” Ashley was yelling, calling for her mother.

“She’s too drunk to hear you. You’re mine!” He whispered.

Blake took another step closer and he was now merely inches from her. Ashley could feel the heat from his body radiated to her, and she trembled. He lightly touched her damp right shoulder with his warm fingers and they trailed down her elbow; and continued moving to her trembling fingers that were clutching the towel in front of her tits. His strong fingers pried open her delicates ones and she slowly was losing her grip on her towel.

“Stop it!” she hissed through gritted teeth.

He successfully pried her clutch on her damp towel and snatched it away from her damp body. She turned her face to her left, ashamed with the acknowledgement that her pussy glistened with the lust she had for her stepfather. She felt defeated. She knew that she was just like her mother, her life guided only by her lust. In addition, at that moment, her pussy was dripping only to be fucked by Blake, her hot muscular and young stepfather. With him standing a few inches from her, she could smell the scent of him making her senses reeled. Blake was 6 feet 5 inches of pure male, and with her flimsy frame of 5 feet 6 inches; she felt overpowered by her stepfather.

He pressed his hands on her ass and kneaded the generous globes. He pressed her body even further making her tits squashed between her and Blake’s black cotton shirt. Her nipples instantaneously turned pebble-hard when they contact with the coarse material of his shirt. He squeezed and massaged her ass more fervently; making her crotch moved little by little towards one of his thick muscular thigh. Ashley could stop herself from straddling it, as she wanted to feel the rough material of his jeans on her wet pussy. She involuntarily moved her hip up and down his thigh, squeezing her legs, and gyrating her hip on it. Her delicate arms held Blake’s shoulders tightly to support her weight as she could feel her knees buckled. Ashley moaned as she felt her soft wet pussy glided on the rough material of his jeans, and relished when the material touched her clit and the lips of her pussy. Her pussy was oozing with her juices and it left its mark on his jeans creating a trail of her unquenchable thirst for him.

“I…want…more.” Ashley moaned as she continued rubbing her pussy on his thigh and bit her lower lips with the thundering lust building in her body.

“Tell me Ashley…how do you want me to fuck you?”

She moaned with trepidation.

“Tell me!”

“Just…just…like…mum…the living room. I…want… that!” She said erratically through her uneven breath.

Blake lifted her while holding tight on her supple ass. Her lean legs wrapped around the waist of the man and her pussy grazed on the material of his shirt. Ashley encircled his neck with her arms while she licked and nuzzled the opening of his black shit. She loved the feeling of his chest hair on her wet lips. She continued rubbing her soaked pussy on his abdomen while she could feel his hands massaging her ass. The wall of her vagina quivered with the thought that at last her hot stepfather was going to fuck her making her warm juices oozed even more.

Blake let her down when they arrived at the living room. Ashley hurriedly was on her hands and knees. Her stepfather stood in front of the small girl and grinned. He walked backwards and settled himself comfortably on a sofa. He simply looked at the young sexy girl that was on all four waiting for him to fuck her dripping pussy. He took off his black shirt first and waited. Ashley was whimpering, feeling the growing frustration of her stepfather’s delay.


He then opened the top button of his now straining jeans and Ashley’s eyes widened with exhilaration as he lowered the zipper of his jeans. She licked her quivering lips, restless, as she had never really seen his cock in full glory. Blake took out his throbbing thick cock. The girl sucked her breath, one small hand covered her mouth, his cock was thicker and longer than any men’s she had ever seen in her life; and she now began to fear him. She was afraid that her pussy or her mouth could not accommodate all of its size and length.

“It’s…it’s…big.” She whispered breathlessly.

“Are you afraid little Ashley?”

Silence. Deafening silence.

The petite girl looked as if she had second thoughts. Nonetheless, her lust for him made her do otherwise. She slowly moved towards the sofa where her young stepfather was sitting, focusing her eyes on the pulsating throbbing cock in front of her. She crawled slowly on the carpet. Blake’s eyes enjoyed the movement of her ample tits and her ass moving as she crawled towards him. She came between his legs and raised her young supple body up. Her fingers were trembling when she took his cock in her hands.

Blake groaned when Ashley fragile delicate fingers touched his cock. Her eyes flicked towards his face and she gave him a faint smile. She unhurriedly lowered her lips and licked the pre-cum that was glistening at the head of her stepfather’s cock, making the man groaned on the sofa. She then opened her wet warm mouth while her fingers wrapped themselves at the base of his cock, and she inserted the cock into her wet mouth. She sucked hard and moved her fingers up and down his engorged thick cock. She used one hand to massage his balls at the base and he buckled on the sofa. She took the cock out from her warm mouth and his cock glistened with her saliva.

She then licked her lips and Blake seemed to notice her eyes looked intense. She lowered her mouth and again inserted his cock. She moved lower and lower, her eye watered with his pulsating cock now was three quarter in her mouth. She tried opening her mouth more and Blake groaned when his warm shaft moved slightly more into her stepdaughter’s sweet mouth. She squeezed her eyes trying not to gag. She really wanted to make her stepfather happy and satisfied with her. More happy and satisfied than what her mother had ever been.

Ashley felt his cock had touched the back of her throat and she could not push further. With her hands, she massaged the base of his cock while her mouth began moving, giving pleasurable pressure on his warm throbbing cock. Blake trashed on the sofa and groaned every time she lapped, sucked and moved her lips on his cock. His hands were stroking and gripping her hair forcing his stepdaughter to give him more.

“Good…girl…yes…Ashley.” He said through uneven breath.

His hip buckled as he shoved his cock more into her mouth. Ashley tried so hard jerking and massaging the base of his shaft while her mouth clasped and moved on it. She then noticed the rapid movement of his hip and knew that he was nearing his climax. She increased the movement of her fingers and ceaseless sucking, licking and ramming his cock between her lips. Her fingers grasped and massaged his straining balls; and she continued her assault on his cock. Her stepfather groaned and thrashed his body. Blake grunted and arched his lean body, grabbed a handful of her hair, tore her mouth away from his cock and he cum on her. His cock spurted its creamy milky cum all over mouth while she eagerly accepted his semen, licking and lapping it while her hands held his thighs for support. His creamy semen was everywhere and he smiled as he saw how his stepdaughter eagerly licking it.

She continued licking his now flaccid cock cleaning it from the residual cum that was still sticking to it. After sometime, she moved higher and higher; lapping and licking his pubic hair. Her small hands then moved higher to his chest and massage the broad muscle. She eventually rested her head on his chest still between the warm legs of her stepfather.

“Blake…can you fuck my pussy now?”

She lowered her body slowly from his, making sure that Blake could feel her tits moving as she slid away from his body. She raised her sweaty radiant body and spread her lean legs; she then inserted her finger into her soaking pussy and purred. She then took her finger out and it was drenched with her juices. She put the soaked finger on his lips and she was thrilled when her stepfather grasped her hand with his strong hand and brought the finger into his mouth. He sucked it hard.

She slowly took her hand away from him and turned her glistening body around. She unhurriedly spread her legs and knelt. She could feel his gaze burning on her back. She continued to move forward and lay her hands on the rug. She could feel how her pussy dripped and felt her juices leaked from her vulva. She too could feel how it throbbed with eagerness. She could hear Blake raised himself from the couch and he moved slowly towards her. Her pussy oozed more and more juices as her stepfather approached her.

Then, Ashley felt his hand on her abdomen while another hand started rubbing her pussy. He opened the lips of her throbbing pussy and she moaned. His fingers probed into her wet canal and she began moving her hip. His hand on her abdomen too moved higher as it kneaded and massaged her tits. His hands continued to finger her wet pussy and squeezing her tits. When suddenly he went still, she arched her back, waiting for his thick cock to penetrate her pussy.

“I hope that your pussy can take me Ashley.” He whispered from behind her.

She screamed as her pussy was roughly thrust with so much force. Her knees quivered. She could fell her stepfather’s thick throbbing pulsating cock filling up her drenched vulva. She could feel how thick and big his cock was.

“Oh…Ashley…you’re tight!” Declared Blake.

He moved both of his hands to her small waist, he held her tight. Ashley in turn, waited, waited for her stepfather to ram his cock again, and again, and again into her pussy as he had promised. He rammed his big engorged cock into her pussy with such force that made her arms gave way. The upper part of her sweaty body was sprawled on the rug while her young creamy ass in the air with Blake behind it. Her pretty face was on the carpet and she moaned and groaned loud. Her supple young ass was slamming onto Blake’s groin every time he shoved his thick cock into her soaking vulva. Her pussy was stretched and filled up beyond believe; and Blake thrust his solid throbbing cock ruthlessly into it.


She could hear her stepfather said through his ragged breath as he persisted in shoving and thrusting his cock into her wet warm sheath. She was overjoyed that he had fucked her after she was denied the pleasure of having his cock in her pussy. She wanted him the first moment she laid her eyes on him. A hot muscular man with the most sexy looks. She did not care anymore even if she was as lustful as her mother or as cheap as her, but for Blake, she wanted to be better than her slut of a mother. She relished the feeling of her vulva being forced into by his thick cock. She loved the feeling of his strong hands on her waist as he held her ever so tightly, bruising her. Her ass slammed on his hairy groin, she savored the feeling of his pubic hair scratching her sensitive delicate skin. And, she treasured his cock the most. He kept on shoving and thrusting ceaselessly into her small delicate body. She cherished the feeling of this big man slamming her pussy with his cock.

Then, she felt it building. Ashley knew that she was about to cum. Her pussy quaked and quivered even greater; while Blake intensified the movement of his pulsating cock in his stepdaughter’s quivering dripping pussy. Both were moaning louder and louder. Her stepfather shoved and shoved his cock, deeper and deeper into her sheath as her vaginal wall contracted with the promise of their climax. He rammed and rammed hard into her, until she screamed and arched her back while, her vagina shuddered and quivered with her release. Blake instantaneously cummed inside her soaking pussy, filling her vagina with his warm creamy semen. His face contorted with the pleasure he was experiencing, a state of euphoria after fucking the warm young pussy. He squirted the last drop of his cum inside her pussy, wrapped his arms around her damp clammy abdomen and fell to his side carrying his petite teenage stepdaughter with him.

Both were gasping for air after the sweet ordeal they just experienced. Ashley was panting so hard, yet she felt calm with Blake’s limp cock still in her pussy. His hands around her waist slowly moved further up her body and grasped her tits. She moaned fervently. He kneaded her young boobs, feeling how moist they were and even more tantalizing. He slowly withdrew his cock from her pussy. Ashley murmured words of disappointment when he removed his hands from her tits. She turned to look at her handsome stepfather. He was on his back, his body was damp and glistening from sweat. His huge cock now was resting on his groin, limp, exhausted. He covered his face with his right forearm. His chest was still heaving from the climax her just had with her. she closed her eyes, smiling and relishing the glorious sex she had with Blake. She wanted more. So much more. Her eyelids grew heavy. She moved nearer to her stepfather, nuzzled his neck. She then put an arm on his chest and draped her lean left leg over his muscular body. She was drifting into sleep. Then, everything went dark.

* * *

Ashley was thrashing on her bed as Blake sucked and licked her pussy. She could see his body between her legs and he was nibbling on her clit. Juices poured out from her depth. She closed her eyes savoring the pleasure he created on her pussy. He called her name. She answered wantonly. He called again. She screamed answering him.

“Ashley!” Her mother’s loud voice shattered her deliciously succulent dream.

“Ashley, I’m going to Greg’s for the weekend. See you on Monday?” she poked her head into her room.

“Okay mum.” She answered her mother groggily under her thick duvet.

“I can’t seem to find Blake, tell him…don’t wait for me. He won’t mind.” She gave Ashley a smile and closed her door.

Ashley hastily sat on the bed and removed the thick quilt that was covering her naked body. She touched the lips of her pussy and her pretty mouth formed a smile. Blake did fuck her pussy. It was sore. He did fuck her! It immediately dripped with her juices as she could still remember how his thick big cock was relentlessly shoved into her wonderfully wet warm depth. She spread her legs and twiddled her fingers into the folding of her pussy. She inserted one finger in her warm sheath and she moaned. She moved her fingers in her dripping pussy and enjoyed the building of pleasure created by it. She inserted another finger and they stretched her canal more. She started panting and moaning even louder. Blake suddenly opened the door to her room. He was fully clothed and he looked magnificent as usual.

“How can you start without me?” he asked and entered the bedroom. His eyes were focused on her fingers that were still in her wet sheath.

“I want your mouth again on me Ashley. I did not get my cock into your throat last night.” He whispered as he moved closer to the bed.

He pulled her leg roughly and turned her body clockwise. She was forced to take out her fingers from her pussy. Her head was now at the edge of the mattress, at the foot of the bed, while her legs were on her pillows. He then walked to the foot of the bed where her lovely head lay, and he stood there looming with his stepdaughter pretty head in front of him. She was confused with what her stepfather wanted. He took out his engorged cock from his jeans and moved even closer to her head.

“Blake…I want to see all of you. Take off your clothes…please?” His stepdaughter begged.

He slowly peeled his t-shirt from his toned body. Then, he pushed his jeans down together with his boxers; and he kicked them to the side. He was gloriously naked. He moved closer to the foot of the bed where Ashley’s small lovely head lay on the mattress. He looked deep into her eyes, they were hazy from the lust and passion she had for him.

“Open you mouth.” He instructed his young stepdaughter.

Her tits trembled and shuddered with her now labored breathing. She little by little opened her lips.

“More Ashley…more.” He said from the top of her head.

She opened her jaw wider and wider, slowly, timidly. Blake then put his right knee next to her small right shoulder so that his cock was directly hovering above her lovely face. His arms held her small supple waist. Her eyes were wide staring at his thick cock pulsating, glistening with his pre-cum., Blake held her body tight with his big strong hands and rammed his cock into her warm mouth. She buckled on her mattress, and she felt the head of her stepfather’s cock touching the back of her throat. She nearly gagged. He continued shoving and ramming his inflamed shaft filling Ashley’s mouth and throat with his thick throbbing cock. Her eyes watered as her throat tried accommodate the intrusion of his cock. Ashley could taste her stepfather’s pre-cum on her tongue. She moved her arms above her head and held Blake’s muscled thighs. Her hands held his thighs as he thrust his cock into her opened lips. She too raised her delicate shoulders and neck trying to fill her mouth with his cock and she loved the feeling of her lips touching his balls when he moved inside her wet mouth.

He roughly raised her body even higher so that he would be able to force all his hot burning cock into her lips. Ashley felt his cock penetrated even deeper and she could hear Blake’s groaning increased. The movement of his hip too increased making his cock lodged itself deeper and deeper, faster and faster, incessantly into her oral cavity. Ashley trashed on her bed and she moaned deep in her throat bracing herself, preventing herself from choking and gagging. Her hands had moved from his thighs and they now grasped and pulled her bed sheet as she thrashed on her bed.

Blake’s movement became more feverish and intense. He groaned and slammed his cock relentlessly while his arms raised her young supple body higher and higher. He continued his assault. Again, and again, and again. He finally grunted thunderously in her small bedroom and filled his stepdaughter’s mouth with his cum. She coughed and chocked on his semen, simultaneously struggled to swallow the creamy fluid. He jerked his body again and again, as his cock spurted its wonderful cum into her mouth. He pulled his cock out and fell on the bed gasping for air. He used one big hand to wipe the sweat on his brows.

Ashley was still lying there gulping for air and swallowing the creamy cum of stepfather’s. Her pink tongue licked the residual liquid from her cheeks and chin. She was panting and gasping for air for quite some time. She then, turned on her side facing the limp cock that invaded her mouth just minutes before and it was resting in the nest of his damp pubic hair. She could see that her saliva and his own semen still on his cock. She could not help herself but began fondling the cock, licking it, cleaning it from his cum.

Ashley gasped when her stepfather raised her lean supple left leg and pulled her crotch closer to his face. He put her leg on his broad muscled shoulder making her dripping soaking pussy opened for his eyes. Her pussy squished with its sound as he opened her legs. It was drenched with unquenchable lust for him. They were now on their side. His lips were nibbling on her mound while she was still busy and diligently cleaning his cock from the previous fuck.

Ashley moaned when her stepfather nibbled on the lips of her pussy arching her back and pushing her groin further into his warm lips. Juices trickled from her pussy and he sucked her throbbing pussy lips fervently and lapped the opening of her pussy making the young girl dizzy with lust. His fingers searched the enfolds of her pussy and found what he wanted. He pinched her clitoris lightly and she trashed leaking more warm juices from her opening. He licked and bit on sucked the sensitive bud, she again buckled, moaned and thrashed on her bed. Her leg on his shoulder squeezed and clasped on him, urging her stepfather to intensify his ministration of her wonderful wet pulsating pussy.

She moaned when she felt his tantalizing warm tongue burrowed itself into her vulva making her pushed her pussy more to his mouth. Ashley suddenly felt her stepfather moved. He pushed her body to lay on her back and he was now straddling her petite damp body with his legs on either side of her body and she lay on the bed looking up to the ceiling. His mouth continued eating her pussy while his semi-hard cock dangled enticingly over her head. She moaned and thrashed harder when her stepfather inserted his lean long fingers into her tight dripping sheath. She buckled when he rotated his fingers and moved his fingers.

“Lovely…pussy.” He murmured.

Ashley was in heat and moved her hands to her quivering clammy tits. She squeezed her tits and tweaked her nipples, feeling wonderful with lust. Blake had intensified the movement of his fingers and he had now three long thick fingers moving in and out her wet pulsating pussy. She arched her back and thrust her hip up from the soft mattress to welcome her stepfather’s fingers. He drove his fingers again and again into the young girl’s tight canal, rotating them so that the wall of her vagina could feel him there. His thumb constantly rubbed her stretched clit and her hip would buckled each time Blake stroke her clit.

He intensified the movement of his long fingers when Ashley’s vaginal wall contracted and shuddered more and more violently signaling him that his stepdaughter was about to cum. Her juices leaked from her pussy and he greedily licked and sucked the liquid that was on her groin, on her stretched out pussy lips and on her anus. He continued to move the fingers and nibbled her clit over and over again. She cummed on his hand and his fingers could feel her vaginal wall contracted, shuddered, trembled and quaked releasing the intense rapture of her climax spilling more of her warm juices on his hand. He took out his fingers slowly after he could no longer feel the quivering of her vaginal wall. Her warm liquid trickled and leaked from her pussy damping her pink cotton bed sheet. He moved his body from her and lay on his back with his now delicious thick engorged cock between his legs.

Ashley lay on her back for quite sometime relishing the last quiver of pleasure in her pussy. Her small hands on her tits continued to knead and tweak her ample tits. She simply loved touching them. She turned her head to her right and Blake was on his back while his throbbing shaft had grown in length and size after she had cum on his long thick fingers. She trailed her hand from her tit, moved it to her mound, and smiled with satisfaction. Blake unexpectedly turned to his left and raised himself from her soft bed with his back to her. She hurriedly raised her body and grabbed his left thigh, molding her young body to his back thigh. She rubbed and ground her tits with their pebble-hard nipple on him. He turned his head around and smiled at his petite stepdaughter. He pushed her away with his very strong hands and she whimpered in frustration.

“Please…don’t leave me Blake.”

“I want your cock.” She said and opened her lean legs while she inserted her finger into her still dripping sheath.

Blake turned his body towards her and Ashley beamed when she could see his cock was pulsating and throbbing with lust. She could see how the veins of his cock pumped more blood making it larger and longer. She licked her lips greedily with her tongue.

“Stand here in front of me.” His raspy voice instructed.

The young petite girl scrambled to her feet and stood in front of her tall muscular stepfather. She felt so vulnerable standing in front of him. He was nearly a foot taller than she was and he was muscular and strong. His throbbing cock nudged the her skin under her tits. She looked down her body, sucked her breath with the delight and pleasure of looking at his cock. It pulsated and throbbed, pre-cum oozed from its head.

Ashley steeled her body with apprehension when she felt Blake’s big strong hand grasped her ass. She quivered and shuddered when his hands kneaded and massaged her toned ass moving her abdomen closer and closer to this throbbing shaft. The head of his warm cock touched her abdomen and she bit her lips preventing herself from moaning loud. She was so tempted to beg her stepfather for his warm thick cock. His strong hands squeezed and massaged her tight ass bringing her nearer and nearer to it.

Ashley could not take it anymore and grasped his inflamed cock in her small delicate fingers, guiding her body up to insert it into the opening of her soaking sheath. His hands pushed her body away from him and his right hand held both her delicate arms stopping her from touching his cock. Ashley whimpered with his intrusion and struggled. He used his superior strength and size to subdue the small sexy young girl. He dragged her struggling body to the bedroom door and held her there with her back to the door and her hands above her head held tight by his left hand. She thrashed on the door.

“Fuck you Blake! Your cock…I want your cock!” she pleaded and trashed while her pussy dripped with her liquid lust.

With one strong hand, Blake lifted her left leg, pushed her left knee up, and wrapped it around his waist. Her dripping pussy was visible to his eyes and he smiled when he saw how wet and soaking her pussy was. Her pussy’s lips were wide apart exposing her clitoris and her vulva. It oozed more and more juices and she felt his eyes penetrated on her wet core. He moved his hip forward and rested his throbbing cock at the opening of her pussy. He nudged the head of his thick cock a little into her pussy; she buckled to insert more of him; but was denied as he pulled out his inflamed cock from her dripping opening. She groaned in frustration and again she thrashed about violently. She pulled her arms from his iron grip and winced when she could only feel pain and his grip did not even loosen.

Blake once more prodded his cock into her wet quivering pussy, stopped a few inches at her opening and she wriggled her hip passionately to have all of her stepfather’s cock in her dripping pussy, yet again failed as he removed his cock again. She cursed him again and thrashed. Her sweaty body was trembling and her eyes watered with unshed tears from the frustration that was created by the man in front of her.

“Please…please…fuck me!” she whimpered in defeat.

Blake lowered his head and kissed her lips. She immediately opened her lips, sucked, nipped and bit her stepfather’s warm lips. She opened her mouth and moaned when she felt his tongue probed into the depth of her warm mouth. He then rammed his thick pulsating cock into her wet sopping sheath. She felt her back slammed onto the bedroom door; it creaked and thudded. His throbbing cock filled her pussy up, she looked down her belly, and she could see a huge bulge forming on her groin. He was so thick and big, she could not breathe with the intrusion.

Her hot stepfather let her aching arms go and she quickly moved her hands to his face, touching and feeling it. She kissed him fervently tasting his mouth, loving the taste of him. He then began moving his hip slowly. He pulled his thick cock slowly out of her tight wet sheath and pushed his cock in again gradually; an inch at a time. Ashley sucked in her breath each time he pushed his cock. The hands on his face moved to his neck and held his strong shoulder. Her head was tilted to the back on the bedroom door, her succulent wet lips opened with every breath and whimper she made. Her glistening young body, squirmed and trembled with every inch inserted by her stepfather.

Blake deliberately withdrew his pulsating cock yet again, clenching his teeth. Her arms on her shoulder encircled his neck drawing her stepfather’s head to her damp tits. She lifted her other leg and wrapped it around his waist trying to lock his body, stopping him from withdrawing his throbbing cock from her soaking canal. She could feel the hard bedroom door on her back and winced. She tightened her arms around his neck yet, her stepfather still stopped there in her core, with only a few inches of his cock inserted in her.

“I…need…your…cock Blake! I…want it!” She pleaded.

Blake hands that were holding her waist went lower and grasped her ass. He kneaded and squeezed her ample ass. She pulled her face from his neck to look at his handsome face and she knew it was coming. Blake suddenly thundered into her body with his cock again, and again and again. Her pussy was so wet making his exceptionally thick cock moved smoothly in her vulva. With every thrust and shove, her body was slammed onto the bedroom door. Every thud was heard and her moaning too filled the room. Her drenched pussy was opened wide, and her legs behind him tried to squeeze him, forcing Blake to shove his cock deeper into Ashley’s tight wet cavernous depth.

He slammed his cock over and over again into her. She too moved her hip welcoming her stepfather’s inflamed cock incessantly. She did not even notice the ridges on her bedroom door were hurting her; red marks started forming on her back. Blake used the bedroom door to support Ashley’s body when he continued impaling her soaking pussy with his cock. She could feel his cock deep within her depth, with each thrust; Ashley felt his cock deeper, and deeper.

Both Ashley and her stepfather sensed that their inevitable climax was near. Ashley felt her vaginal wall quaked and shuddered more forcefully. That made her legs gripped his buttock tighter and her arms encircling his neck were rigid with apprehension. He too was aware that her warm sopping sheath convulsed and quivered around his engorged cock when each time he burrowed deep in her wet vulva. Both intensified their movement, making the pleasure increased. She moaned quicker and louder. Ashley was gripping his body tightly in her embrace. He in return relentlessly slammed his cock into her hot pussy.

They cum together. She yelled out his name while arching her back while he pushed her body even more onto the bedroom door, driving his quivering cock deep in her warm pussy. His cock felt all the shudder, quiver and quake made by Ashley’s delicious vaginal wall. She embraced the warm creamy semen spurted by her stepfather in her vagina. She relished the feeling of his warm cum filling her; making her juices and his cum trickled out from her pussy. They both held each other’s damp sweaty bodies tightly; savoring and enjoying the last quiver and tremor of each other’s pussy and cock. Both were panting and gasping for air. Her head was tilted back on the bedroom door, while her handsome stepfather laid his head on her small right shoulder. His rough strong hands were still on her sweaty ass and her legs wrapped around him.

He gently lowered her petite supple body off him and her knees wobbled. He withdrew his large cock from her watery canal while she held his damp hairy chest to steady herself. Blake put his arms on either side of her head on the door, panting still. She laid her body on the door and her legs simply could not support her; she slumped on the floor of her bedroom. Her stepfather was still standing bracing the door with her starring his magnificent physique from below.

“Thank…you…Blake. Now…I know…how…my mum…feels when…you fucked her.” Ashley said after a few moments.

“By…the…way, she’ll be…at Greg’s…this weekend. She asks…you…not to wait for her.,” she continued.

After that, both did not say anything and the bedroom was only filled with the sound of them panting and gasping. Blake rested his head on the door recuperating from the aftermath of his sexual orgy with his hot stepdaughter while Ashley still on the floor rasping too. She then little by little moved from her spot. She crawled to her left towards her bed and raised her damp body on it and laid there with her legs dangling at the edge of her bed. Blake turned around looking at the tired and sweaty young girl lying on the bed with her pussy still oozing her juices and his cum.

“I won’t…wait …for you mum. I…have you.” he said through ragged breath.

“Your pussy…is mine.” He whispered while staggering towards the bed. He knelt on the floor and started licking his cum and her juices from her exposed pussy.

“I can’t…get…enough of you.” He murmured into her dripping pussy.

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