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Another Midnight Hike

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We are driving home, you are so very satisfied with yourself. Looking out the window the way you do and at me. Smile on your face, happy. We are wired, it’s late but I don’t feel all that tired. I look at you, your cheeks are flushed. You still have that little girl outfit on I love so much. Your hair is this outrageous explosion, which is something I also find so amazing about you, your freshly fucked look is so delicious. Your lipstick is still smeared – I don’t even think you’ve looked at yourself in the mirror. The smell of sex is everywhere.

You keep giggling to yourself.

I finally break the silence, “How did you ever figure all that out, arrange it, and get her to go along?”

“Wasn’t hard. Our book club gets into some pretty naughty discussion. Shit. She’s wanted to fuck you since I can remember – I decided to share. Be generous,” and this wicked little peel of laughter.

You hit me on the arm, “Ow. What was that for?”

“You had her panties in your pocket. I saw them. You’re keeping a souvenir of her.”

I laugh now, “Oh. No, actually, I forgot. Took them off her earlier. In the bar.” I continue, “While you two were making out. In the hall. You helped me, actually, held her in place, she totally was trying to stop me.” I laughed then, “Shit, listen to us. Jesus… I still have both your panties in my pocket.”

I look over at your lap, your skirt is riding up so high, I catch your eye and you see where I’m looking, smile a little and hike your little skirt up so I can just gaze over your pussy. My little cat.

I look up at you, “Slut.” You squeeze your thighs together as I say that.

“I’m still wet,” You coo. “Like her titties better than mine?” You hold your breasts.

I say, “No way. I love you tits.” I watch you pull your white blouse open, staring directly at your crotch, your breasts. You just lean back in the chair and tease me with your body as I drive.

“I don’t know, you were looking pretty pleased while she sat on… Hey!”

I drive right by our house. I keep on going. You’ve got me all hot and bothered again, “I’m not through with you yet.” I say.

You settle back in your seat looking at me. This was probably all part of your plan too!!

You protest, “It’s late. I’ve got stuff to do tomorrow.”

“Bad girls don’t get to do what they want. You were very bad. I think someone could use a little spanking.” I watch your cheeks flush, still sitting there with your legs open, I watch you cup your cunny and hold your fingers there, as I drive us to our little spot where we went hiking the other night. I know how much you liked that!

“Bad girls have to hike without their top, though.” I reach over and untie your white blouse, you hold your hands on mine. But no protest. Your stockings are still up, but loose, a little twisted. You watch my hands as I hold your top in my hand, throw it into the back seat.

“I can’t get out of the car like this.”

I just say, “Come on, you got into the car with a lot less than that a few days ago” and pull you out of the car. Your little girl skirt, stockings and maryjane shoes are all you’ve got on. “I’m taking you to the tree.”

I feel you trembling, have you by the hand. Can feel you grow more excited as we walk, your breathing. The way I held you, pressed you against that tree as I fucked you.

“Think you can get it up again?” You run up and wrap your hands around my hips and cup my cock in your hand, squeeze.

“Mmmmmm, I got some ideas.”

And we head for our hike. Pitch black, I didn’t bring a flashlight. Not as cold, but cool. You are bare on top, the little branches are flicking you again, an occasional ‘Ow’ as the branches slap you in the night air.

“Mmmmmm,” you say, “The air feels nice on my puss.”

I look back at you, feeling myself getting a little hard.

“My pussy is sore, I don’t know.” I love your voice, your little girl voice, the way you are holding my hand.

“I only got to fuck once tonight.”

“You got Zoe!”

I looked back, “Fuck YOU.”

And there is that little tree, standing in a clearing. The one that scratched up your back as I held you against it, and I tell you to walk over to it.

“Want me to take off my clothes, like last time?” You have your hand on the zipper of your skirt. I can barely see you.

“No, stay in the skirt and socks. Stand over there. You do everything I say. My good little girl, always doing everything I say.”

Suddenly out the corner of my eye I see you dash off.

“Not always,” I can hear your footsteps and your laughter as you are running.

I was taking off my clothes, am only wearing boxers. “Shit!!” and I give chase. It is dark. You are in high heels and can’t run very fast, I catch site of you and you are laughing, making noise. I follow in behind, and I see you drop into the weeds. Crouching. I run up and grab you, pull you to myself, you are exploding, stretching and trying to run between peels of laughter. And I drag you back to the tree, arms and legs flying.

“No. No.” You are protesting, trying to get away. “You going to fuck me? Tell me what you’re going to do.” I take you over to the tree, you can feel my cock pressing against you, and I press you toward the tree, tell you to hug the tree, face it and hug the tree. To stand there. I hold your hands.

“What are you…”

I step around and tie your wrists there.

“Scott!!” I pull your wrists together and you are bound to the tree. You are trying to look at me, as I move now behind you… I can feel myself getting hard. I kick your legs out away from the tree so you are hugging to it from your front, your shoulders and arms can feel the cool bark. It is pitch black. Your arms are tied on the other side of the tree. I stand around where you can see me, and peel off my boxers. Tug your arms a little lower. I hold my cock up to your mouth, and tell you to suck it. I’m getting hard, but shit, after this night I need a little help, and you open your mouth and I press my cock into you. You are tied in place and I move my cock into you, feel your mouth open around its tip.

You pull your head back, “Careful. Slower.” I take you by the hair and hold you to me, your mouth is full of cock and I can feel myself getting harder. You are whimpering a little bit and I let go of your hair, you pull your mouth back and I can see the whites of your eyes. You say in this little girl voice, “Ow, the bark hurts.” I stroke your hair, you give me a smile, put your mouth back around my cock – bite me a little. “Like that?” You say with your mouth full of me.

I step around to the other side of you, “Spread your legs.” You do and I nose down between your legs and start to lick you. “You little slut – bad girl – you liked eating pussy tonight.” I say between digging my tongue along the line of your puss… god I swear it is so hot, steaming. I am so hungry for you.

You don’t say anything, just begin rocking, rotating your hips against my mouth. I am getting you all nice and wet, find your clit and suck hard. Touch it with my teeth. “You need a spanking,” I say between sucks and keep licking you, pressing my thumb into your ass.

“Am I right? Were you a bad girl tonight?”

“Yes. Very bad.”

I start finger fucking your ass as I lick you and I can hear you starting to moan.

You say, “Fuck me. Fuck me now.”

“You want it? Ok.” I watch you lift up your ass, positioning your pussy for my cock. I look at you rising up, can just see your bare pussy pouting down between your legs. Your little peachfish. Shiny wet, the white cum of you leaking out, squeezing out your cunt, I can see you dripping.

I lift my hand and swat you hard on the ass. You jump “Ow.” I swat you again.

You look back at me and I just touch your pussy with my cock. Hold it there and as you reach out with your ass as far as you can, I pull back a little. You can’t move and I just keep touching you. “Want me to fuck you? I don’t know, I might leave you here awhile.” You are quivering your ass back at me, holding your legs open. I am holding your hips, the softness, pressing myself, touching between your legs, letting your cunt press around my cock just this little little bit. I can feel your lips opening, all swollen and wet, ravaged already by my cock once tonight. You’re undulating, shaking against my cock, sliding against me there, holding tight to the tree, still in your heels, holding yourself on tippy toe.

“Oh god. Fuck me please fuck me, oh god fuck me… I’m so hungry…”


Your hands left my hips and I heard you back away. I whimpered, begged some more. I don’t mind begging for you, and at that moment I would have done anything to make you fuck me. I could hear your footsteps walking away, out of my line of sight and I called after you, over and over, yelled, and eventually, dying of frustration, screamed your name. At the top of my lungs, then I calmed myself down and realized I didn’t want to attract someone else’s attention, half naked here, tied to a tree, not able to see much of anything.

It was a new moon, and the woods were pitch black. I could make out the shapes of trees, or what I thought were trees, from around the tree I was tied to. I tugged at my binds, starting to get a little frantic, visions of Deliverance running through my head. A twig snapped nearby and my body was filled with adrenaline. I tugged harder, but succeeded in only burning my wrists and scratching myself against the tree. Where had you gone???

My imagination was running wild, thoughts of crazy people in the woods taking you, then coming to take me. I saw shadows all around me, branches swaying in the wind, it was cold and dark and so fucking scary.

I whispered your name loudly, starting to shake. Fuck, oh God, was he ever coming back? My nose burned as my eyes filled up with tears. I whimpered, “I’m afraid of the dark…”

Footsteps. Walking quickly towards me from behind, where I couldn’t see. Was it you?? I didn’t know, I couldn’t tell. Whoever it was, they were walking so fast, why would you be walking quickly? Was it someone else?

I was shaking uncontrollably against that tree, pressing my thighs together tight. Squeezing my eyes shut. It was like a slideshow in my head of all the most disturbing movies I’d ever seen, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Straw Dogs, Monster. My mind was reeling, my body painfully alert, my blood pounding hard in my ears.

Hands grabbed me roughly around the hips. Impatient hands, impatient movements. Almost violent. I couldn’t tell if it was you or not. I kept asking, in a tight whisper, over and over, “Is it you?” but I got no answer. My feet were kicked apart, hard, and I tried to scoot them back in but whoever it was positioned themselves between them, pressing up against me between the legs and I felt it, a hard cock, rock hard and hot, slipping up between my thighs, sliding into my slit so easily, I was still soaked, and nudging, looking for the entrance to my pussy.

“No,” I murmured against that tree. The man was pressing me hard into it and the bark was biting into my breasts, my arms. I started to cry again. “Nonononononononono.”

And he plunged inside of me. All the way in in one hard, painful stroke. I cried out, and he stopped, pinned me up against that tree with his cock, pushed so far inside of me. And he just stayed there, not moving, not speaking. His hands were gripping my thighs, up high, just below my ass, tilting my hips out to allow him access. My breasts, my shoulders, pressing into the tree. I just stood there on tiptoe, panting, and felt him twitch a little inside of me, a little pulse that made me moan despite myself. My cunt automatically tightened up around the cock inside of me, my body responding without my mind’s permission.

He slipped out and fucked up into me again, hard, and stopped. Like he was waiting. Waiting for me to want it, beg for it. Was it you? I still didn’t know. The man’s movements were so quick, so hard, brutal. There was no way to tell. My mind kept flip-flopping – it must be him, it feels like him inside me – then I’d wonder, am I just telling myself that to get through this? What if it isn’t?

He slid out and this time when he dug back in to the hilt, I moaned loudly. I couldn’t help it. The fear, the excitement, the pleasure of something so hard and violent between my spread thighs, I loved it. He started fucking me faster, not too fast, still slow, but without pause. I was panting loudly, the pain of the bark on my sensitive skin, across my nipples, mixing with the incredible pleasure of the brutality being taken out on my pussy, I was so dripping wet. Slick and hot and every stroke sent shivers of pleasure up my spine. I was still squeezing my eyes shut, losing my head, my body fading away, the only feeling left was this melting between the legs. It built and built as I was being fucked, forcefully, against my will, tied to a tree.

The man’s fingernails dug into the flesh of my thighs, pulling my hips up closer to him, thrusting deeper inside of me, until my toes were barely brushing the ground and my cheek bumped and dragged against the bark with every thrust. My body was limp, I had surrendered without much of a fight, lost in every stroke, just hanging there, getting fucked. Moans split through my throat in rhythm with this cock that split my cunt and I lost complete consciousness, nothing but a pile of flesh around my center that was so hot, burning with pleasure that was building, every in and out sending a shock of pleasure through my body. I was shaking still, but not from fear or from the cold.

He steadily quickened his pace, like he knew what he was doing, like he was trying to make me cum so hard, pronounce his power over me, the weak little girl tied to a tree, a slave to her own pleasure, open to anything he wished to do. Soon he was fucking me so hard, so deep, gripping my thighs, his nails digging painfully, I imagined they were bleeding. And he fucked me still, and my body ran away with me, crashing into orgasm, these strange, animal cries being torn from my throat, it was something stronger than I’d ever experienced before, like my whole body was filled with this burning light pulsing through me, my mind completely gone, just my body left, tingles pricking my skin everywhere, my cunt clenching and unclenching that cock inside of me, and he came, hot, drenching my insides. Still completely silent.

He pushed in and out of me hard a few more times as he finished. It felt like he’d been cumming forever inside of me. I started to come down, my body relaxing into this drugged, sedated state, my eyes opening just a crack. I was dizzy, completely weak. The man (Was it you???) slipped out of me, stood there for a moment, then turned and walked away. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t even think, I just hung there, limp, tied to the tree.

I think I almost fell asleep at one point, then awakened to more footsteps behind me. A soft touch on the back of my head, running down my bare back, over the curve of my ass covered with the short skirt, then fingers lightly touching high on my thighs and I winced. The cuts from his fingernails.

You came into view then, untied my hands and I collapsed to the forest floor. My legs wouldn’t hold. I could barely focus. I wanted to ask you if you’d just fucked me, but my mouth wouldn’t work. You gathered me into your arms and draped a blanket over me. My befuddled brain took a moment to register it had come from the trunk of the car. Did that mean while you were gone to get it, someone else fucked me? Did you watch, enjoy it? Or was it you? I had so many questions but I was too weak to do or say anything. You scooped me up and started carrying me to the car. I rested my head against you and shut my eyes to the dark woods around us. I felt warm, safe again, completely exhausted. All questions would have to wait until tomorrow, my brain decided. It had been a long, eventful night.

We reached the car and you laid me carefully in the back seat. I was afraid you were going to try to fuck me and I opened my mouth in silent protest but you just chuckled at me, gave me a soft kiss that I didn’t have the energy to return, then got in the driver’s seat and headed towards home. You turned the heater on and I curled up, and passed out.

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