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Annette’s Story

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The sound of the paddle hitting against flesh echoes in your bedroom. Again and again, you use the wooden paddle to smack the bare ass of the man lying across your bed.

“Do you like that, slave? Do you want more?”

“Yes, Mistress, oh yes”

“Well, unfortunately, it’s time for you to go to work. Maybe if you’re good, I’ll give you a little more tonight.”

“Oh, please, Mistress, I’ve been so bad lately.”

Chuckling, you smile as your husband begs you for more of your exquisite punishment and control. Stepping back, you catch a glance of yourself in the full length mirror at the far end of the room. With neck length golden blond hair, your smooth alabaster skin stands in complete contrast with your black bra and panties and you know that you cut a fine figure of a woman.

Putting on his clothes, your husband pleads with you, “Please, I don’t want to go.”

Walking up to your husband, you throw your arms around his shoulders. Your black high heels raise your petite frame almost to the same height as your husband.

“Now, now, my dear slave, none of that. You have to go to work and I have plenty to do around here. Since our kid is at my mother’s this weekend, maybe if you are a good little boy today, I’ll have Christine’s husband come by tonight and you can play with him. You’d like that, I know.”

“Oh, yes, dear, I would”

“OK, off with you then. I’ll see you later tonight.” Kissing him goodbye, he leaves the bedroom and you begin picking up your dominatrix ‘toys’, the wooden paddle, velvet cuffs, and ball gag among others. You always enjoy your playtime with hubby. You’re always able to bring him to climax just by exhibiting your power over him. Ironic, considering that he is so much bigger than you.

Lying down on the bed, you feel yourself growing wet at the thought of holding that kind of power over someone. Running your hands over your toned body, you feel the electric thrill you always feel after playing the role of dominatrix. Cupping your ample breasts, you feel their fleshy give under your bra. Not too bad for a mother of one. While continuing to squeeze one breast, your other hand runs down your smooth stomach and comes to rest at the hem of your panties. Closing your eyes, you bite your lower lip as your fingers begin to slide beneath the lacy fabric of your panties. Just as your fingers begin to lightly rub your shaved pussy, you’re startled to hear,

“Oh my, what a lovely sight this is.”

Snapping your eyes open and whipping your head to the sound of the deep voice, you see a tall stranger leaning against the bedroom door frame, arms crossed with a huge grin on his face.

“Please don’t stop, my dear, I was just beginning to enjoy the show.”

“Who the….who the fuck are you?” you exclaim, “and how did you get into my house?”

“I don’t think that’s important right now, do you? I’m here, that’s what matters.”

“Get the hell out of here now or I’ll call the police.”

The stranger begins to walk into the room. You now notice that he isn’t what anyone would consider a common home intruder. Dressed in black slacks and black shirt with a white tie and gray suit jacket, he looks like he just stepped out of GQ magazine. Looking around the room, he casually removes his jacket, drapes it across a chair and begins to loosen his tie.

“Oh, I don’t think you want to do that. Besides, the phone is in the other room. You have a very lovely home, by the way.”

As he sits at the edge of the bed, you instinctively retreat to the other end until your back is pressed up against the wall. Pulling your legs up in an attempt to cover your semi-nakedness, you ask,

“Wha…….what do you want from me? We….we….don’t have much money, but….”

“Oh, Annette, I don’t want anything from you. It is I who want to give you something.”

“Who are you? How do you know my name?”

“Sweet, lovely, Annette. My dear, I know all about you. I know how you like your coffee in the morning. I know where you work in the financial district. I know how your child enjoys your reading bedtime stories every night. I know the very unusual way you purchase your lingerie. I know how you like to change your hair color often. Though, you really should stick with your natural golden blond color. It’s definitely the sexiest, but, that is just my opinion. I know all your secrets and I know all your hopes and dreams. But, most of all, my dear beautiful Annette, I know your most cherished desire. And that is why I’m here. To help you make that desire a reality.”

“You’re crazy, you…’re certifiable. How dare you barge into my house and threaten me….I want you the hell out of here now!”

“Threaten….moi? Tsk, tsk, darling, must you always act in the role. It so unsuits you.”

“Get out now! You….you don’t know anything about me. It’s all a trick. I have a good life, wonderful kids, a nice house, a loving husband who worships me…”

“Ahhhh, ahhh, and there is the problem, my pet. Your loving husband…..a man who would rather beg you to satisfy his carnal desires when he should simply take what he wants. Instead, you are obligated to act out a role you were never meant to play. A role that is contrary to the positions a man and woman should play in today’s society.”

Leaning toward you, he reaches in to gently cup your cheek in his strong hand.

“No, my sweet, it is your role in this world to be a man’s plaything. Instead of being the master, it is you who should be the slave. The only begging for sexual satisfaction should be coming from your lovely lips. And that is your most secret desire. Not to rule, but to be ravished. Not to dominate, but to be subjugated. I am simply the vessel that will help you reach your intended sexual and emotional focus.

“Oh….oh my God…’re planning to r..r..rape me?”

“Rape? Oh, Annette, such an ugly word. I prefer the term ‘liberate’. I want to help you purge the thoughts, habits and actions that prevent you from experiencing true sexual nirvana. Together, we will embark on this great journey. Shall we begin?”

Hoping to take the stranger off guard, you nod your head eagerly as if in compliance and then quickly attempt to roll past him. He quickly reaches out, however, and snakes an arm across your waist, and with seeming ease flings you back into the middle of the bed. You can barely utter a breath to try to scream before he has flung you unto your stomach. Your face is roughly pushed into the bed pillows. As you try desperately to breathe, you can feel the stranger’s knees forcing your legs apart as he settles between them, his weight pinning you to the bed. Your right hand reaches out to push against the headboard in an attempt to free yourself to no avail. After what seems to be an eternity, the pressure forcing your head down begins to ease and you hungrily gulp in breath after breath of sweet air. With his hand firmly pressed against your back, he leans in and whispers in your ear,

“Well, I knew it would be difficult for you to accept the much needed change that you need to undergo before you could reach your full potential, but you needn’t make this any harder than necessary. So, no screaming, no crying, no moving unless I allow it. Are we clear, my dear?

“Oh, please……don’t do this…..please don’t…..please, please, don’t rape me….”

“And now, darling Annette, please don’t move. I would hate for an errant movement on your part to cause me to mar any part of your gorgeous body.”

You lay still on the bed as you feel the stranger grab and pull at the strap of your bra. In a moment the pressure pulling on your breasts is released and you know that he has cut away the strap of your bra. You can hear his breath becoming more ragged as he reaches forward to slice apart each bra shoulder strap. With a quick tug, he pulls your ruined bra out from underneath your body.

“Don’t worry about the condition of these undergarments, my sweet. These adornments are a piece of your past and no longer belong in this new world.”

Next, you can feel his body weight lean back, and as quickly as with your bra, your panties lie in a tattered ruin on the floor. You begin to involuntarily tremble as you feel his strong hands slowly running up and down your legs……..then running over your ass…….up your back……to your shoulders. Another whisper in your ear,

“Just give me a moment to disrobe, my sweet, and we can begin our lesson together. Please do not move.”

The bed shakes slightly as he steps onto the floor. While you can’t see him, you can hear the subtle rustling of his clothes as he strips. The sliding sound as he removes his tie, the almost unheard whispers of his shirt buttons being undone, the clink of his belt buckle as it is removed and, finally, the soft plop as his slacks drop onto the floor.

“Roll over, my dear.”

Slowly, you roll over onto your side, your arm covering your breasts in an attempt to cover part of your nakedness. The stranger is standing at the side of your bed, his green eyes boring deep into yours, his chest covered in blond and gray hairs, his flat stomach and taut thighs only inches away. But, it is his fully aroused member which finally draws your eyes. Engorged with blood, it stands erect….waiting. Looking at his huge cock, you feel a quiver in your pussy and contrary to what you wish, you begin to grow wet.

“I can tell you like what you see. As you can tell, my pet, you still hold some power over the reactions of your master. My erection is the result of your power. Let it also be your reward.”

Reaching down, he grabs you by the hair and pulls you across the bed until your face is mere inches from his cock. Taking his cock in his other hand, he begins to push it toward your face.

“Suck me, slave. I want to feel your soft lips surround my manhood. It is time for you to begin to surrender to my power.”

Resisting, you try to turn your head, but his grip in your hair is too strong. Forcing your face into his crotch, you can smell his musky scent causing your body to slip a little further into the loss of self-control. Continuing to resist, you punch at his thighs and stomach in an attempt to break free, but his hold on your head is too strong. You can feel the tip of his cock rub against the back of your throat as he pushes his cock fully into your mouth. Gagging, you try again to push away from him and then feel a sharp pain in your nipple as he pinches it roughly between his fingers. Pulling your face away from his crotch, he holds your cheeks in his hands and forces you to look up at him.

“Annette, why do you continue to resist. You know this is what you want. Don’t force me to take more severe measures as part of your lesson. Surrender yourself fully. More than anything, you have always wanted a true man to take control of you…… ravish you completely. Now, open that sweet mouth and suck me.”

Pulling your head back toward his crotch, he pinches your cheeks to force your mouth open as he again slides his dick into your wet mouth. As his cock slides in and out of your mouth, you feel yourself grow wet as his words reverberate in your mind. It was true. You have often wanted to surrender yourself to a man whose only thought was to fuck you like a whore. Finally, surrendering to his dominance, you hungrily begin to devour his cock, sliding your hand behind him to grab his ass and pull him closer, to allow you to suck every inch of his cock. A quiet moan escapes your lips as you feel his gentle fingers slowly begin to rub against the lips of your pussy. Spreading your legs wide, you open yourself fully to his touch. His fingers lightly probe inside until they envelop your growing clit. As you continue to suck him at a more rapid pace, you can’t help but feel shame at the realization that you are making love to a man who is not your husband. It should feel wrong, but it doesn’t. You should stop, but you can’t. Your husband would never be able to provide this feeling of submission to you. Your surrender is quick, absolute and overpowering. Finally, he pulls free from your mouth and orders you to stand. He sits on the bed and pulls you over to him. As your legs straddle his hips, you see that his erect cock is glistening with your saliva and you realize one other thing……

“No, please, wait……let me get a condom, please wait.”

“Condoms are for the weak, dear Annette. A slave should always be willing to accept the seed of her master. Your first duty is to pro-create our species. Do not ever resist the bare and raw power of your master.”

Pulling you down, his cock slowly spreading the moist lips of your pussy, you cry out as his dick stretches your wet snatch. Your head leans forward as he fills you and your breath grows ragged when he grabs your hips and forces you to ride his shaft. With a growl, his lips, tongue and teeth attack your breasts. With a combination of sucking and biting, both nipples are soon erect. You wrap your arms around his head to pull him in. Your hands run through his hair as he continues to savagely ravish your tits. He continues to force you to ride his cock and you feel his strong hands spank your ass. Your ass bounces on his thighs and soon he has you riding him willingly. His mouth continues to ravage your breasts, but the only sensation you feel is the growing heat within your loins as you begin to climax. You begin to lose control, but make no effort to stop. Unknown to you, your sweet juices have escaped your pussy to coat the stranger’s strong thighs and legs. Finally, your building orgasm spreads throughout your body. You cry out at the feeling of complete surrender to this stranger and to your own body. Your entire body seems to be on fire and you will the feeling to last forever.

After a few moments, spent, you raise your head to look into the smiling eyes of your rapist. He is aware of the power he now holds over you. Pulling you up, he leads you back unto the bed. You willingly comply as he pushes you onto your knees facing the headboard. You can barely stay upright until he slides behind you on his knees. Holding you upright, he wraps his arms around your waist and cups one of your heaving breasts. With the other, he rubs your still wet pussy. Leaning in, he whispers in your ear,

“My sweet love, Annette, did you ever realize how I knew so much about you……how I knew you needed to be freed of your misconstrued desires……did you believe this to be a random act? No, the explanation is so simple, but you never questioned it. You never asked how.”


“It was Christine, my sweet. Beautiful Christine who realized that you needed to be set free from your sexual prison. And she knew all of this because………I was the one who freed Christine.”


“And now is the time for complete and utter surrender, my lovely Annette. What do you want right now……tell me.”

“This is so wrong… very wrong…..'”

“Let it all go, Annette. Release yourself. What do you want right now! Tell me!”


“Say it. Say it now!”

“I….Oh, God….I want you….want you to fuck me. Please, master, fuck me.”

Without another word, he turns you around and lays you on your back. Pulling your body to the middle of the bed, he pushes your legs apart and slips in between them. Grabbing your ankles, he places them on his shoulders. Leaning in, he slides his cock deep into you. With your legs on his chest and ankles on his shoulders, he is able to slide every inch of his cock deep into you.

“Mmmmm, Annette, you are so wet… tight……your skin so soft…..but I need to have you completely bare as we couple…..”

Leaning to the sides, he uses his teeth to gnaw at the straps of your high heels, his cock still deep in you. Finally, his teeth have loosened the straps to the heels to allow him to use his hands to push them off your feet. Only then does he begin to thrust, slowly at first, but soon gaining intensity. Your overflowing juices allow his dick to easily slide in and out of you. With each new thrust, his shaft runs along your swollen clit. Your fingers run through the now sweaty hairs on his chest. Your naked bodies move as one as he continues to pound your pussy into submission. Your moans intermingle with the liquid sounds of your sex. Feeling your approaching climax, you cry out,

“Master…..I’m so close…..I need you to cum in me….”

He continues to frantically thrust his cock deep inside you. You can’t hold on any longer and you orgasm again. As your body writhes beneath him, you can hear his bestial cry as he too, climaxes. Wave after wave of his hot cum drives deep in you and you know his seed is mingling with your juices. Finally, after what seems like forever, he pulls out of you……drops of his semen dripping onto the bed. As he collapses next to you, you attempt to climb out of the bed, but his arm grabs your wrist and pulls you back.

“I need to clean myself….your cum….”

“You need to serve me, slave…….clean my cock with your mouth.”

Taking his hands, he places them around your head and pulls you down to his crotch. You can still feel his heat and smell the sex from your illicit fucking. Without question, you open your mouth and take his semi-flaccid shaft in your mouth. Using gentle motions, you suck on his cock and your saliva cleans the spent cum from his cock. The taste is slightly salty as you swallow the mingled remnants of his cum and your nectar. Finally, he says,

“Now it is time to clean ourselves.”

Pulling you from the bed, he leads you toward the bathroom and leading you inside reaches in to turn on the warm spray of the shower. He steps in and the water hits his chest and stomach. Offering you his hand, you step into the shower and feel the warm water massage your back. Grabbing the soap, he hands it to you and orders,

“Wash me.”

Taking the soap, you begin to lather his chest. His hands grab your shoulders and pull you close. You continue to rub the soap over his shoulders, arms, stomach and then you gently begin to lather his genitals. Lightly cupping his balls with one hand, you use the other to begin stroking his cock by running the soap up and down his shaft. After you have generated sufficient lather, he takes the soap from your hands and begins to wash your neck, shoulders and chest. As he lightly runs the soap over your breasts, an electric tingle begins to generate in your nipples. You find yourself stroking his cock faster and feeling it come to life. As you continue to massage his balls, he begins to wash your stomach, pelvis and then run the soap gently over your pussy. His fingers begin to probe inside your cunt until he begins to massage your hardening clit. You tilt your head back to look into his eyes and the water from the shower drenches your blond hair. Your unspoken communication together is understood and he turns you around so the spray from the shower can clean your soapy body. Using his hands, he rubs the soap off your body, taking a moment to cup your breasts and squeeze each nipple. Now clean, you move to the side so the water can now clean his body. The soap suds run down his legs and you use your hands to rub the remaining suds off his fully erect cock.

Once clean, he reaches behind you, and grabbing your ass, easily pulls you up off the tub floor. Wrapping your legs around him, you reach down and grab his cock as he pulls you close and slowly lowers you down. Guiding his cock into your moist snatch, you can feel his dick again stretch your pussy. With his hands roughly grasping your ass, he begins to effortlessly lift you up and down, your swollen pussy milking his cock with each thrust. You bury your head in his neck as the water continues to spray upon both of you. The steam from the hot spray causes water droplets to drop from your wet hair down in front of your eyes as he continues to fuck you. With your legs still wrapped tightly around him, he turns and pushes you up against the wall of the tub. The coolness of the tile contrasts with the heat of the water and the fire of your passion. You close your eyes as you feel your orgasm build with each thrust. Finally, you cannot resist any longer and your lust explodes in a fire of passion. Your entire body trembles as you orgasm and you find yourself biting his shoulder in an attempt to keep from screaming. Whether it is from the pain of your bite or his own orgasm or a combination of both, his body tenses and he raises his head to the ceiling and releases his wanton lust in a guttural cry. As your orgasm begins to subside, you feel an almost weightless sensation as he holds you tight while his seed shoots into you. Then, after what seems to be an hour, he lifts you one last time and you moan ever so slightly as his cock slides out of you. Lowering you to the ground, he leans in to kiss you. His tongue probes deeply into your mouth and you return the passionate kiss as his ragged breath echoes in your ear. Bodies wrapped together in tight embrace, you continue to kiss deeply as your heartbeats finally begin to slow and your rapid breaths become more regular.

Reaching over to turn off the water, he then opens the shower curtain and steps out. Grabbing one of the towels on the rack, he assists you out of the shower and begins to dry your naked frame. Water drips down his hair unto his face as he continues to run the towel over your entire body. Then, using the towel, he dries himself. Throwing the towel into the tub, he reaches down and sweeps you into his arms. Exiting the bathroom, he carries you easily back into the bedroom. Setting you lightly onto the bed, he begins to gather his clothing and dress. Too weak to move, you lie on your back and watch him as he finishes dressing. As he finishes tying his tie and putting on his jacket, he sits on the bed and says,

“You are free now, my lovely Annette. No longer need you concern yourself with playing a role you were never meant to play. You are free to embrace your true sub and I will always be available to help guide you in that role. For you are mine as of this day, my pet. Someday soon, I shall return and we will progress with our next lesson.”

Leaning down, he kisses you one last time, a deep soulful kiss delivered with the implied promise that he will, indeed, return one day. And just as quickly as he entered your life, he’s gone. But, you realize that your life will never again be the same.

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