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Anita’s Friend

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Having finished her shopping Anita decided on a cup of coffee before she made for home. Struggling along the high street with her plastic bags of purchases she arrived at her favourite café and entered. After giving her order she looked around in the hope of seeing someone she knew, but there was no one.

The truth was, Anita was a lonely woman. At forty-nine, her two daughters lived far away, and her husband had died from a heart attack, so Anita was lonely.

The friends that she and Sid had had seemed to have dropped away from her since Sid’s death, as if being on her own, she no longer fitted into the couple’s pattern of life.

Sid had left her well off, and she had no need to seek employment, so she tried to fill in her days with voluntary and church work. This helped fill the void, but what she really wanted was someone to be intimate with, someone to go to the theatre and concerts with. Someone who would…She set that thought aside as too painful to hope for.

Finishing her coffee Anita rose and picked up her bags. As she did this the contents of one of them fell out, spilling across the floor. As she bent to pick up her goods, a young man came across and asked, “Can I help?”

Anita looked up and saw a boy in his late teens, tall, and if not exceptionally good-looking, he had a pleasant, jovial face. She seemed to vaguely know him from somewhere, but couldn’t remember where.

“Thank you,” Anita responded, and together they gathered the scattered things and put them back in the bag.

The young man lifted the bag, testing its weight. “Hey.” He said, “This stuff is heavy, would you like me to give you a hand?”

Trusting her instinct that he wouldn’t try to mug her, Anita thanked him and pointed out that her car was parked up the top of the high street. Together they lugged her goods to the car.

Out of politeness, Anita asked if she could give the boy a lift to his car.

“I don’t have a car,” he replied, “I was just going to catch the bus home.”

Anita asked where he lived, and it turned out his house was only two streets away from Anita’s, so she offered him a lift home. He accepted gratefully, and then she remembered where she had seen him before. He had occasionally walked down her street, probably on his way to the bus stop.

The trip home took about fifteen minutes, and in that time she learnt that the boy’s name was Douglas (“Just call me Doug”), he was studying Engineering at what the locals still referred to as “The Institute,” although these days it has a much longer and grander name. She further learned that he had come in to town that day in a last effort to acquire a book. It was a novel by a nineteenth century author, and had been long out of print. The local library had been unable to get a copy for him, so he had decided to give up the effort.

Surprised that this youth had an interest in such a work, and recalling that she had a copy on her shelves inherited as part of her father’s rather extensive collection of books, she cogitated whether or not to offer Doug a loan of the book.

As they approached Doug’s house, she said, “Look, I’ve got a copy of the book you want. If you promise faithfully to return it, I let you borrow it.”

“Doug’s eyes lit up with pleasure. “I’ll promise anything,” he laughed.

So, they continued on past Doug’s house to Anita’s. She invited him in, and while she searched for the book, Doug scanned her collection rather enviously. “You’ve got a wonderful library,” he commented.

“A lot of it is from my father, but my late husband was quite a reader, and I, of course.”

She found the book and handing it to him, and not quite knowing why, asked, “Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?”

Doug hesitated for a moment, then said, “Yes thanks. Tea please.”

Doug stayed for half and hour, then promising once again to return the book, he excused himself and departed. That seemed to conclude the brief encounter. Anita thought he would probably return the book, and that would be that.

Over the following few days Anita found her thoughts returning to her meeting with Doug. “A very pleasant boy,” she decided. “It would have been nice to have had a son like him,” she thought nostalgically. “But the rotten devil would probably have gone off like his sisters anyway.”

On the fourth day after their meeting, Doug came to return the book. He waxed enthusiastic about it, and Anita, pleased to have given so much pleasure, said, “If you’d like to borrow anything else, you’re very welcome.”

Doug took this up, and after another cup of tea in Anita’s kitchen, he went homewards carrying two of her books. This set a pattern going wherein Doug returned and then borrowed more books, and supped more tea at Anita’s kitchen table.

One day he arrived when Anita had a recording on. He listened for a moment, then said, “Vaughan Williams, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Anita replied, “his sixth symphony.” Doug sat silent, listening, while Anita went into her tea making routine. Doug had once more surprised her by what she believed was a taste contrary to the musical preferences of youth. Conversations between them grew ever more expansive, each finding out what they liked, and in the process learning something of each other’s lives.

Anita discovered that Doug was twenty years old, and came from a distant city. He had come to their town because “The Institute” had an excellent reputation as a centre of engineering studies. The course was for five years, and Doug was in his second year. An option for postgraduate work for the more successful students was available, and Doug was working his way towards this.

She further found out that Doug was what the family Doug lived with called, “A paying guest.”

The more Anita saw of Doug, the more she wanted to see him. Thoughts like, “The son I’ve always wanted” kept occurring to her. She tried to suppress the thoughts that came to her in the night as she struggled to relieve her sexual tensions. “I’ve got a maternal interest in him, that’s all,” she thought.

So, the weeks went by with Doug dropping in two or three times a week, and tending to stay just a little longer each time. On a few occasions, Anita invited him to have lunch with her, and once they had dinner together. Knowing he had no car, she sometimes gave him a lift when using a bus would have been difficult. This extended to become occasional trips out into the country and lunch at a pub. Two or three times they went to a concert together, and once to the theatre.

Anita knew that Doug had very little money and probably could not have afforded these entertainments, so she did the paying. She had to save Doug’s pride and avoid to be seen as a woman buying herself a “Toy Boy.” To do this, she got Doug to carry out odd jobs around her house and garden as a sort of repayment.

Anita continued to tell herself that her relationship with Doug was maternal, and indeed, they did seem to be like a loving mother and son. On the other hand, there lurked in the deep recesses of Anita’s mind the thought that there are mothers who, when their son’s enter puberty, have sensual thoughts about them. The sight of their young bodies, growing genitals and their struggles to cope with the overwhelming physical desire for a woman which often brings on emotional disturbances, can lead the mother to help relieve her beloved son.

Sometimes Anita felt she ought to severe the relationship between them, but to have such a lovely young man as her friend, and to share things important to her with him, was more than she could surrender. So, the relationship continued to grow, but with Anita having no real idea how Doug viewed it except that he seemed to enjoy being with her. She might have opened the subject with him but she feared where this might lead.

Summer came, and Anita, a keen gardener, spent more and more time in the garden. Her back garden was surrounded with a high brush fence, obscuring most of the garden from the neighbours’ sight. Some afternoons, when the weather was suitable, Anita indulged herself by lying naked out under an old tree on the sun lounger,

One afternoon, as she lay dozing, she heard the noise of the side gate being opened. At first she could not imagine who would enter by that route, then she recalled that she had told Doug that she often spent time working in the back garden, and if he got no response at the front door, to come round the back.

Before she could reach for the light housecoat she kept handy, Doug came into view. Seeing her, he stood stock-still, embarrassed, then stammered, “Sorry.”

Anita had risen and seized the housecoat, but not before Doug had seen her nude body. Not being the sort of person who panics, or pretends to panic, in these situations, Anita said as she put the coat on, “It’s all right, darling. No harm done.”

Anita realised immediately that she had called him “Darling.” Whether Doug had noticed she was not sure. It had just come out of her as if it had been there all along waiting to be spoken. Once covered she looked at Doug still rooted to the spot, and noticed a growing lump in his groin. To cover the situation she said, “Let’s go in and have some tea.”

Doug had come to return some books and had brought a recording he thought she might like to hear.

Anita suggested that if he had the time they might hear it together, if not now, then on some other occasion. They had shared each other’s music before, and this had given Anita a great deal of pleasure. For Doug it had the advantage that, as the people he lived with did not like his sort of music, he was very restricted in when he could play it. Anita seemed happy to join him in this pleasure almost any time.

Doug was unable to stop long on this occasion, so they made an arrangement for a couple of days hence. Anita went on to ask Doug if he would like to come to dinner, and they could make an evening of it. He was happy to agree.

When he had gone Anita finally gave way to what was troubling her. Setting aside all the thoughts of “Just a motherly interest,” Doug’s erection at the sight of her body forced her to face the truth of her own feelings.

She acknowledged that her friendship with Doug was a bit of a peculiarity. A twenty year old boy and a nearly fifty year old woman? The idea that this boy, despite the erection she had observed, could actually want her sexually seemed ridiculous.

She tried to fight down the thought, but then found herself standing naked before her mirror, assessing herself. “Bit plump round the hips. Legs always good, still not bad, but marked with childbirth, as were her still large but slightly drooping breasts. The nipples still looked good, though, standing our pink and firm. Hair short, well styled, not dyed had streaks of grey, and there were lines round her eyes and at the corners of her mouth. Still had all her own teeth – nice and white…” She stopped.

She hastily dressed thinking, “You silly old woman. As if a nice boy like him who could get plenty of young girls, would look twice at someone like you. Fool!”

For the next two days, her thoughts went wild. Now she admitted to herself those times when she had felt her vagina getting wet in his presence and how his face was before her as she masturbated at night. Then turning on herself in a desperate attempt to deny that this was the case. At times she rejoiced in the sensual love she felt for Doug, then she would be reduced to tears of self-loathing.

Anita prepared for their dinner with extra care. Her instinct told her that this would be the time when the subject of their relationship would be aired. As she was older, and presumably, the more mature, she felt she would have to be the one to initiate this. Apart from anything else, she knew she could no longer restrain herself. The matter would have to be brought out in the open.

She set the table with great care, finally placing two candles holders with candles on it. She got out two bottles of red wine. The second one was in reserve in case she needed some alcoholic inspiration to get her through what she want to say.

She decided not to wear anything that particularly emphasised whatever sexual charms she might have, settling for a simple long dress.

When Doug arrived he gave her a kiss on the cheek – a little intimacy that had grown up between them recently, but somehow it was not the silly formality so many people practiced. The kiss always lingered just a bit longer than the formality demanded.

Doug had turned up in jeans and shirt, and on looking at Anita he said, “That’s a lovely dress. If I’d known, I’d have dressed up myself.”

Anita managed a little laugh and commented, “I am not ‘dressed up’, and you look perfectly all right.”

When they went into the dining room and saw the table setting, Doug was again surprised. “Hey,” he said, “Is this a special occasion?”

“It might be,” Anita commented briefly.

Doug looked mystified but Anita failed to amplify so he did not pursue the matter, rather deciding to await events.

During the meal there seemed to be some unease between them, or as Anita put it to herself, “There’s something in the air.”

It was only towards the end of the meal when best part of one bottle of wine had been drunk, that they began to loosen up. They began to expand on what sort of a day they had had, and what tomorrow might bring. Then the talk turned to the music they proposed listening to and this went on to discussion of other works by the composer and comparisons with other composers. In short, the topics were kept safe.

After they had cleared away, they retired to the lounge to hear the music. Doug set the recording going, and Anita, who was seated on the sofa, patted the seat beside her, indicating for him to come and sit next to her. Normally they sat in separate armchairs, and the physical nearness of Doug began to have its effects on Anita. She felt the wetness of her vagina, and soon the insides of her upper thighs were soaked.

They had opened the second bottle of wine and both were now slightly inebriated and bold. Doug’s arm gradually crept along the top of the sofa to stretch over Anita’s shoulders. They sat in silence like this for half an hour until the music finished. Doug made no move to remove the recording from the machine; instead, he bent over Anita and very tenderly kissed her on the lips.

Anita was somehow not surprised. She had observed the growing lump in Doug’s jeans. She now said and did something that as soon as it was out, shocked her to the core. This despite her slightly intoxicated condition.

She reached out and began to stroke Doug’s erection through the cloth of his jeans, saying as she did so, “Darling, just let mother love you.”

With that action and those words, she knew she had laid the whole future of their relationship on the line. She had now presented herself to him as desiring to be both a mother and a lover in his life. She awaited Doug’s response.

He said nothing for a few moments, no doubt he was also shocked at the turn things had taken, then he said, “Anita, you wouldn’t let me…?”

Anita stood and said to him, “Unzip my dress, darling.”

In what seemed to be almost a dreamlike state Doug rose and unzipped the dress. Anita shrugged it from her shoulders so it fell at her feet. It was then seen that she was entirely naked underneath.

Doug stood staring at her, and Anita stepped to him and unzipped his jeans. She pushed them to his feet as his long hard penis sprang up. As she began to take off his shirt she said, “Step out of your jeans, darling, I want to love you.” He obeyed.

She maneuvered him to the sofa and got him to lie down. Sitting astride him Anita brought the opening to her vagina over the head of his penis, then lowered herself onto him.

As he entered her warm moist, depths, Doug seemed to come out of his dream state. Perhaps the alcohol he had consumed had initially given what was happening, an air of fantasy, but now its reality struck home. He cried out.

“Oh my God, Anita, O God. I want you so much…”

“I know, darling. Just leave it to me. Let me love you.”

Anita thrust down onto him until his whole length was in her, then she slowly drew back to bring the head to the inner lips of her vagina, and thrust down again.

Doug cried with ecstatic joy with each thrust. Groans of delight were interspersed with half formed sentences of love and desire until, with a long drawn out howl, he climaxed, spurting his seed into Anita.

Anita, feeling the approach of his climax, released her own held back orgasm with a mighty convulsion of her body, and thrashed up and down screaming and weeping with exultation.

When it was over, they clung together, each whispering their love. Doug was astounded by what had happened, for as he said, “I’ve wanted to do this with you almost from the first time I met you. I never believed you would allow it, so rather than lose you altogether, I settled for what I thought you would allow, our friendship.

“Well now, my love, you have my friendship and this,” responded Anita. “And you may have this as often as you wish.”

With those words, Doug received the most precious gift he had ever had, the right of entry into a woman’s body.

Anita released his penis from her soft beauty and sitting beside her Doug began to kiss her. Anita said, “Let’s take a shower and go to bed.”

Doug was temporarily sexually relaxed but still somewhat dazed by what had happened. If Anita had been sure that Doug would not want her because of the huge age difference, Doug had been victim to similar problems. However attractive he found her, he felt a little in awe of her maturity. Thus he had made no sexual approach, and although he might wish for it, he expected no approach form Anita.

Now, not only having been approached by her, he had been given a pledge of more to come and as often as he wanted her. He hardly knew how to respond to such generous love.

As he reflected on the situation, he realised that Anita had given a clue to their bond at the opening of their lovemaking. “Darling, just let mother love you,” Anita had said.

Certainly, Anita had thought maternally about Doug for some time, but Doug had given no thought to the concept of a mother-son relationship. But now he understood. Now he saw that a successful relationship between two people so widely separated by age was for Anita to be the generous tender mother and he the loving caring son.

Neither of them would have considered marriage. Anita was well past childbearing, so there could be no babies. How long they would be together neither of them could say, but if Doug was to be the son, then one day the son would leave home. In the meantime, Doug would give and take all he could in this relationship.

Anita too was having her thoughts. Like Doug, she was temporarily released from immediate sexual stress, and could consider with some degree of sanity. She recalled that she had used the word “Mother.” “Well,” she thought, “Having used the word, so I shall live up to it. I shall be the warmest giving mother he could wish for.”

After showering together, they climbed into her double bed and Doug again began kissing her and gently caressing her breasts.

From the very beginning, Anita noticed a marked difference between Doug’s love making, and that which she had experienced with Sid. Sid had been fierce, even rough in his approach and penetration. One of his favourite sex games was to tie her down, then torment her with a large dildo.

By contrast, Doug was gentle. In his touching and penetration of her, she could feel the love that was present, as against Sid’s lust. She had enjoyed Sid’s ferocity, but felt that she was going to enjoy Doug’s loving tenderness even more.

His hands on her breasts were almost like the touch of butterfly wings, softy brushing. He squeezed her nipples with the gentlest of pinches. His kisses seemed to drop upon her lips and breasts like the petals of flowers, and when his tongue entered her vagina and began to flick against her clitoris, she went almost insane with desire.

He seemed to love her whole body, and transmitted the message; “I want every part of you.”

Anita responded aloud, ” Whatever you want of me, is yours.”

Doug rose from her vagina, and as he kissed her lips and softy explored her mouth with his tongue, he slid his length into her.

Anita was being tortured with the sweetest torments she had ever known. Her whole body seemed to respond to his loving. In the anguish of her hunger for him her fingernails raked down his back. Doug did not flinch, but continued to press ever deeper into her.

His hands were under her buttocks, and her legs came up to wrap round him.

They were now both at the extreme edge of sexual arousal. Doug felt Anita’s powerful vaginal muscle gripping his manhood as if she would never let him go again. Both wanted to speak their love, but could find no superlatives to describe what they were feelings, and resorted to cries, screams and moans.”

Anita had held back her orgasm so as to prolong the torture, but finally it took over and she could no longer restrain it. She gave a deafening shriek and then subsided into cries and sobs as the climax racked her whole body.

Doug too had reached the point where he could no longer hold back. He rammed his penis into Anita, and then pumped his seed into her in rhythm with his ejaculation.

All this was a new experience of love for both of them. Never had they known such powerful feelings of love and lust, and that upon which they had fed had only enhanced their appetite for more.

Anita begged Doug to stay the night with her, and nothing but main force would have drawn him away from her at that time. The people he lived with paid little attention to his coming and going, so he and Anita settled into a night of love and passion.

By dawn, their carnal energies were temporarily spent. They slept, but Doug lay curled against Anita’s back with his now slack penis still inserted into her vagina.

When later that day they came to themselves again, there was much to discuss. The result of the discussion, briefly stated, was, that as soon as he decently could Doug would leave his present lodgings, and move in with Anita, to become her “lodger.”

A month later Doug was installed in Anita’s house, and was the nightly sharer of her bed.

Anita took seriously her role as mother-lover, and whilst virtually giving her body to him on demand – which she was happy to do – she kept a motherly eye on his other activities, such as his studies.

She took the view that, as Doug need never now be plagued with unrequited sexual desire, he would be able to focus on his studies without that distraction. Once their early libidinous storms had calmed a little, this proved to be the case. Doug’s results improved continuously and at present, he is very likely to achieve his goal of a post-graduate grant. Perhaps other mothers might be willing to give some thought to the idea that their son’s study problems may well spring from sexual frustration, and that they could relieve this tension.

Mostly Anita and Doug go out together, including attendance at church, and if a few eyebrows are raised, no one has any certain proof that Doug moans into Anita most days, and that Anita is frequently wet in anticipation of his loving entry into her.

Both of them have discussed and accepted that their time together will one day come to an end. In the meantime, they love and care for each other, accepting what each day brings to their relationship.

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