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Angie’s Twisted Fantasy

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Angie drove home not expecting her husband to be there as usual, his job always kept him until the wee hours of the morning on the weekends. Hunter’s was a manager and bartender at the local nightclub, which had often made Angie wonder how much of the young clientele he sampled as well. He never came home smelling like anything other than beer and smoke, but she wished just every now and then he would show her the same devotion he did his job. They had just had an argument over that very subject this morning.

“Hunter, please make it home earlier tonight,” she had begged. Hunter had just shook his head and told her, “Angie, babe you know I can’t do that I have to close and do the books tonight and make sure that all the money is accounted for and such.” “I don’t” Hunter’s voice was growing louder and angrier with each word now, “have anyone else to do this that is trustworthy, and the money I bring in keeps you in the lifestyle you have become accustomed to, now isn’t that right?”

He had stormed out at that and gone to work right then she supposed, he always seemed to find things to do at work when they had an argument. He had been right though, for the bar was one of the busiest in the city and they always had live bands playing and he brought home no less than $300 in tips a night. She had been tempted to tell him that she would give up certain luxuries for the exchange of his company once in a while.

Angie pulled the car into the driveway and failed to notice that none of the lights she had left on earlier where now out. Only as she neared the front door key in hand did she sense something was wrong…didn’t I leave the light on….She put her key in the door and unlocked the door as she stepped inside she fumbled for the light and just as she found the switch a hand closed over her wrist. “AHH”, she gasped. She was quickly pulled inside as a cloth was placed over her mouth and nose.

She roused slowly her head swimming, her hands bound behind her back. Mercifully her clothes were still on. She tried to turn her head but the only thing she succeeded in doing by attempting that was a sharp slap across the face. “Bitch,” came an electronically altered voice,”I’m going to fuck that sweet body of yours and use you as a cumdumpster.” Angie’s mind raced as she tried to think of a way out of this. She wondered what time it was and how long she had been unconscious. If it were late enough maybe Hunter would make it home if she managed to somehow evade the impending rape. Surely, it would be rape she would never give her body over unless this cretin put a gun to her head and even then she wasn’t sure if she could give in.

Strangely enough though she found her pussy was dripping wet and she was more than slightly aroused by the thought of some stranger raping her. It had always been a fantasy of hers but Hunter told her she was stupid when she had suggested role playing it nearly a year ago. It wasn’t that she wanted to be raped just act it out. Now it seemed she wasn’t going to have a choice.

Angie licked her lips and tasted the bittersweet metallic taste of blood as it trickled from her lip. Well perhaps this man wasn’t that interested in raping her for he hadn’t bothered to strip her before while she was unconscious. That thought came to her just a bit premature, for even as she was thinking it she was being hoisted up to a sitting position on the couch. The lights were still all off and she hadn’t been able to glimpse anything of the captor yet, anything more than the blur of his hand before he had slapped her.

He loomed above her now, and Angie could make out the vague outline of his hulking figure. She looked up to where she expected his face to be and saw broad shoulder in the outline of the streetlights shining in from the window. His face was guarded by an opaque Halloween mask. It wouldn’t hide much of his features but would make them obscure enough that she wouldn’t be able to identify him unless it were for his physical traits alone.

His hand reached down and ran along her high cheekbones, obviously he was enamored by her beauty, she had always tried to keep herself in excellent shape, even if her husband rarely paid attention. Angie stood at 5’2″ and she had long fiery red hair, which at the moment was in a ponytail. Her breast although not enormous were 32C and her waist while not tiny was slender enough and well toned at 26 inches around. She always thought she could lose some weight but what women didn’t think that. Her hips were the hips that made men lust after her, she had 34 inch hips and on her tiny frame that just gave her what her husband liked to call a ghetto booty. Her ass was her pride and joy, her favorite body part. She worked out toning and tightening it daily, it was nice and round and firm. She loved the way Hunter would, when he was rarely affectionate with her, rub her behind as they made love and squeeze it and gently work it with his fingers.

All of the thoughts leapt from her mind as she felt the man flick on the light behind her softly illuminating the room just a bit more. He was wearing all black A black jacket which he was now removing, under which he had on a tight black T-shirt that showed off his well chiseled muscular chest. Hunter’s features were remarkably similar to this man’s she thought. But it was only a fleeting thought as he stood in front of her and pulled a knife from his back pocket. The intruder pressed the tip of the knife against her throat before reaching down and lifting her top away and slicing it down the middle. He grabbed her braless tits and pinched and pulled roughly at the nipples. “Ungh!,” she moaned, “Please sir, I’ll do whatever you ask just don’t rape me.” “My husband’s due home anytime now. Take what you want and leave.”

“Hahaha!” The man stood over her and lifted the voice alterer to his mouth and said, “I have been watching you and this house long enough to know that on Friday nights your husband doesn’t return until nearly 4 in the morning.” “Now slut, you are going to please me.” He stood her up and unbuttoned her pants before yanking them down. Her shoes were already off and he lifted her effortlessly and pulled her pants the rest of the way off. His big hands pushed her back down over the couches back and he grabbed the side of her thong and tore it easily from her body.

Her voice caught in her throat, and her breath wouldn’t come without some exertion now. Even with that being the case her pussy was damn near dripping, how could I be turned on at such a horrendous time she wondered. Her fantasy was becoming reality and there was nothing she could do to prevent it either. Her pussy was bare except for one small well trimmed strip of the same red curls that were on her head. Apparently the man had not failed to notice this either as he had removed her panties. “So I see,” he growled, that you are a natural redhead.

His hand came down between her legs and spread her pussy wide, her pussy lips were already engorged as well as her clit. She was already aroused beyond any point she could remember in a long time. She found herself torn between wanting to beg the man to please not rape her and for him to fuck her abusively. What’s a girl to do she thought. Well, in her fantasy she had always struggled and fought with the urge to succumb to her horny nature. She opened her legs wider giving him easier access while at the same time pleaded, “No please don’t rape me….isn’t there anything I can do to save myself?” He slipped two and then three fingers into her cunt, “You slut, your pussy is already soaked and I know how much you obviously want my cock inside you.” “Every bitch just wants to be raped, and every man knows that is her fantasy,” he said.

She felt his other hand working its way down her asscrack, his fingers pushed between her cheeks and pressed against her tight little asshole. Hunter had never taken her there and the thought that this man might only furthered her fantasy and aroused her. She wanted to be taken, brutally fucked and left full of some strangers cum. She secretly hoped he was enormously endowed because if he wasn’t it wouldn’t be as good as her fantasies, for Hunter was hung like a horse and she knew that even an average cock wouldn’t appease her desires now even if she were being raped.

Angie felt herself raising her ass back to this man and relaxing her sphincter trying to allow him the intrusion he seemed hellbent on gaining. Suddenly she felt his fingers leave her pussy and they worked their way up to her asshole. He rimmed her ass with the wet fingers lubing her up. As soon as he was satisfied with the job he slipped his fingers back into her pussy and then resumed his working on slipping his fingers into her ass hole. It only took the slightest push now and he gained entry. He started with one finger working it in and out until she could feel his palm bottom out on her ass. “MMm,” she moaned, she immediately thought fuck was that my voice. Then he added a second finger to her upturned ass and started pumping fiercely in and out. Her moans were now audible to him and she couldn’t know just how much and how more she was spurring him on.

She only thought now the one thing that could make this better was to have her mouth wrapped around his cock. She had always loved a cock in her mouth, she had learned to give head early on in her teens as a way to remain a virgin until she had found the right man. And what had first appeared as a task to her had one day turned into an obsession. She had been willing to suck whatever boyfriend she had at the time every single day and as often as possible. Angie loved the taste of a man’s big hard cock, the musty scent of his balls and manly sweat so near her. She was surprised that Hunter didn’t take advantage of this more like he used to. He used to love to spend long weekends fucking her and placing her on her little knees before her and waving his big prick in her face.

The man now took on a fevered tempo inside her ass with his fingers. At once he withdrew his fingers from her cunt and ass. Angie heard the zipper of his pants going down and then she felt his naked thighs against her legs, she looked back over her shoulder and saw a huge prick through her lust filled eyes. He was every inch as big as her husband, maybe she thought even a tad bit larger than Hunter. Almost as soon as she wished he would fill her pussy, it was happening. He wasn’t gentle at all he just stood behind her and thrust the length of her big meaty cock into her. “Oh fuck yes,” she screamed out, “fuck my tight little pussy, you dirty rapist.”

She had relented to her impulses and if he was going to rape her anyway she was going to give in and enjoy it as much as possible. She pushed her hips back into him and let him rape her without much of a fight. Her arms were sore from being pinned behind her this long but it only made it that much more exciting knowing she couldn’t free herself. She could in her mind fully enjoy this and yet play the part of the loving wife later when Hunter would inevitably try and console her from such a horrible ordeal.

“Take it all bitch,” he yelled while thumping away inside her well stretched pussy, “you know you like it you dirty little whore.” The inside of her moist sex was gripping his shaft ever sense his entry. Her center of lust was given further elation by the fingers of his gigantic hands slipping deep inside her virginal rectum. She could feel his fingers massaging his cock through the thin membrane inside her body separating the two orifices.

“Your hot little redheaded pussy is awesome cunt,” he moaned, “I may have to break in again and rape your sweet ass on a regular basis.” His voice was now unaltered and it seemed familiar yet at the same time foreign to her. He had a deep base in his voice and she guessed that from the feel of his trouser snake plumbing her depths that his cock and balls played a part in his baritone words. He pounded her relentlessly for nearly 30 minutes, scolding her and telling her what a stupid worthless whore she was. Truth be known she loved it.

He continued to slip in and out of her throughout her numerous orgasms, she thought that for a rapist he definitely was taking his time getting his rocks off. Finally he pulled out of her leaving her panting for her breath as she came down from her last orgasm. She had failed to notice that he had not withdrawn his fingers from within her ass yet. Then suddenly her ass was void of fingers and her body was left open and hungry still. In her fantasy he filled her with his spunk and this man hadn’t so much as given her a drop of his juices yet. She jumped as she felt his breath on her ass and then jumped against the couch as her ass was invaded by his tongue.

He didn’t do this long just enough to tempt her to beg for more, then it happened, he straightened up and she heard him spit. Then she felt his hands spreading her asscheeks and his fingers on the rim off her asshole. (oh god this is it she thought) He slipped the head of his fat cock in easily, then immediately began ramming his cock into her asshole. This time there was a stronger sense of urgency and she could feel it. She wanted to force him to drop a load in her ass. She bit her lip hard and fought the urge to cry out as she suffered through his abusive anal assault.

Finally she could contain it no more, “Yes, Fuck my ass hard, rape my asshole you bastard,” she screamed, “bury that huge cock in my tight little virginal asshole.” Upon the utter of the word virginal he started pumping harder. He reached around her and pinched her nipples with one hand while slapping her ass with the other. “You dirty cunt,” he swore panting for breath, “I’m going to cum deep in your tight little asshole and then leave you dripping with my spunk.” She shoved her ass back at him as she neared her own orgasm now, tempting him to fill her as he promised. She had much earlier decided that this is what she wanted she may not even tell anyone she was raped. This was too delicious, she just hoped and prayed he didn’t have any diseases.

Angie could feel his balls bouncing off her tight ass and he jerked and went rigid against her as he came, “UGH!” he bellowed, “Take it all bitch.” Angie felt the warm spunk flowing from the tip of his cock deep into her bowels. She kept bucking her hips against his prick trying to drain him of his manly essence. Finally she felt him start to soften and slip from her asshole. He leaned over and bit her neck and slapped her ass hard. “Thanks slut,” he said, “if you tell know one what happened then I may return some night and plunge all of your wholes next time.”

He dressed and turned off the light, leaving her naked and lying on the couch his cum trickling out of her now ravished asshole. She wondered if he would just leave her that way or what he had planned for her now, and that’s when darkness encompassed her again. She caught the scent of chloroform just before all went black. When she awoke she once again didn’t know how long she had been out or if the man was still in the house. Angie could feel her hands were now free though, she sat up and felt the caked jism on her asshole and she stood up and walked to the kitchen and flicked on the light.

She stood there in awe as on the counter there was a rose with a note attached…

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