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Andrew’s Story

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I don’t want to open my eyes. It feels so peaceful and warm lying in my bed listening to the rain falling on my roof. The little drops create a rhythmic pattern, a song if you will as they plummet and splash one by one.

You may be hard pressed to appreciate the rain. Maybe you don’t see the beauty in a sky painted in shades of gray, may consider it bleak or dreary, not me. Rain is the element necessary to sustain all life, how could that be dreary?

My name is Layla; Latin/Hebrew origin, prayer answered by God. I’m smiling; my father very much wanted a daughter and prayed for my birth. Almost immediately he realized that I was more than he’d bargained for; he’s often said I give new meaning to the phrase “head strong”. I say, be careful what you pray for.

Having the luxury of being raised by parents who lovingly showered me with the finer things in life, some might believe I was spoiled, not so at all. I grew up surrounded by positive thinking and the knowledge that through hard work you can reap all the rewards that life has to offer.

With a profound appreciation for all things beautiful, I realized it was imperative that I choose a career that would allow me access to the lifestyle I preferred. The only way to make certain that I would be surrounded by the people and things I prized was very simple really, I became an Interior Designer.

Imagine having the capability to bring to life ideas and dreams seen only in the minds of my clients. Tell me what woman doesn’t love shopping; I do it with other people’s money, the best of both worlds.

Early on in my career, I understood without question, that I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside men. I admire their mindset. In my experience men strive for practicality in design, function and color.

I do work with women, strong no nonsense ladies, like me, who know what they want and let nothing stand in their way.

My area of proficiency is in the design of professional office suites. The majority of my clients are lawyers, doctors and corporate professionals. Once they have secured the site I am consulted and duly retained to bring their visions to life.

I am purposely surrounded by mentally strong, financially secure, intelligent men who have a profound appreciation for intelligent, confident, self sufficient women, again, the very best of both worlds.

Personally, I’m drawn to powerful men, with an indisputable command presence. Being directly involved with men who know what they want and how to get it is very stimulating, to both mind and body.

Males of this caliber don’t have patience with women who use their femininity to attain success. My clients expect, and rightfully deserve, a professional working relationship.

I adhere to a steadfast rule, my involvement is strictly limited to only those interactions required to bring to fruition the contractual requirements I have been retained to provide. In other words, I don’t sleep where I eat. This is a mindset that is missing in many professional relationships. Playing with the person who signs the check never ends well.

Believe me, I have been tempted, and it took all my control to walk away from some very appealing possibilities. I constantly weigh the pros and cons, and recognize there is nothing constructive to be gained by giving in to lust.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have the benefit of a very satisfying personal reality. I understood early in life that I am drawn to authoritative, older men.

In my professional life I am best served by my refusal to give in to the obstinate vendor who uses strong armed tactics to gain a financial advantage. My refusal to order a particular desk because he has a similar piece he’d rather sell to realize a higher margin, has been the cause of many confrontations. I admit, I may not have been victorious one hundred percent of the time, but my odds of winning are pretty high.

Conversely, much to my surprise, when it comes to sexual adventure I seek men who take control. The dominant older man, who exudes confidence, knows what he wants and has the ability to articulate his desires, is extremely stimulating for me.

Clear communication between sexual partners has always been a concern. Many loving relationships slowly watch the demise of passion and fever simply because we lack the verbal communication skills we need to tell our partner what we like and how much enjoy it.

“Layla, you have a lovely mouth, soft full lips, and a warm wet tongue, just so sexy. The image in my mind of you using that mouth to taste me, caress me, take me to a spectacular orgasm is a picture I’d love to see right now.”

I doubt there is anyone who could read those words and not understand exactly what my lover was asking for. You’ll note that there was nothing vulgar or disrespectful in his suggestion, articulation, is a very valuable ability.

I had an early appointment with a vendor on this particular morning. The rain would make traveling into the city difficult so I decided to call a car service I used for situations like this.

It was already past eight and I had to be at the showroom by eleven. The driver would be here at nine thirty so I had to get moving. I showered and decided to wear a dark grey wool suit, warm and professional. Dressed and getting all my ducks in a row made me realize I barely had time left to call the vendor and confirm our appointment. As I finished my call the car arrived.

I gathered all my paraphernalia and was out the door and quickly into the car.

“Good morning Layla, how are you this morning?”

Michael was a young man I knew well. There were several occasions when he was my driver, and over the many trips we got to know each other well.

“I’m fine and you Michael?”

“Good, the roads are pretty clear so we should be in the city with plenty of time to spare. George told me I’d be with you for the day so just let me know what your plans are and I’ll take care of the rest.”

“I’ve written out my itinerary so when we get to Glenn’s you can map it out.”

I handed Michael a hastily written detail of my stops, he was pretty good at deciphering my hurried hieroglyphics.

Michael is a driven, intelligent fellow still in school. He’s hoping to finish his degree in Criminal Justice and go on to the police academy. I think he’s just what they look for in an applicant.

Michael is a hard working, bright twenty two year old who comes from a good family. He has always wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Michael’s Dad, Mike Sr. is a captain with the local police department.

He’s been working for George since he was eighteen, a really nice boy who has good insight and a great work ethic.

“How is school going for you?”

“I’m scheduled to graduate in May and then on to the police academy, so everything is going according to plan.”

I was happy to hear how well he was doing.

“Good work Michael, I’m proud of you.”

I settled in and went over a few orders I had placed for a law firm that was opening a new suite of offices. I was able to contact the vendor and the items were available and ready to ship. I loved it when my plans came together without any hassles. Before I knew it we were at Glenn’s showroom.

“I should be about an hour so if you want to go grab a coffee or something go ahead and I’ll see you back here at 12:30.”

Michael came around and opened the door, helping me out of the car, with all my belongings in hand I went on to my appointment.

Glenn was one of my favorite vendors. He always found a way to get me exactly what I needed with a price point that stayed on budget. It never hurt to smile when he told a joke, or perhaps a slightly exaggerated look of amazement when he found something special that I was looking for.

Glenn also appreciated a little back and forth sexual teasing. He would tell me how much fun I would have with him and I always reminded him that at his age I might just be the cause of his unexpected demise. I liked him and it was innocent and made us both laugh.

We were able to find what I needed, I placed the order, checked on some items that were ready for delivery and I was out the door and back in the car in about an hour, I was on schedule.

The rest of the afternoon went fairly quickly, an appointment with a fabric vendor and then to my office. By the time I was through it was close to four and I still had a final stop to make.

One of the benefits I include in my contract is turnkey service. Upon completion my client will have a comprehensive package down to all the amenities essential for every possible occasion. If my client requires a full bar, a stocked kitchen and a fully complemented restroom I fill that need.

I was in the final stages of a complete suite that had two executive restrooms. I needed to stop at the mall to choose the linens and get them ordered. I had wholesale vendors that could fill the order but I didn’t need quantity. I find that in these cases, it’s so much easier, and a higher margin, to purchase at retail.

Traffic was starting to build but we made good time and we arrived at the mall with plenty of time for me shop for my requirements and make the purchase I needed.

“Michael, I shouldn’t be too long, maybe an hour or so and then I’ll be through for the day. How about I give you a call when I’m finished and meet you here at this entrance?”

“That’s fine; I’ll wait for your call.”

My destination was Maxwell’s, a high-end department store that catered to the “discerning consumer”, it was their mantra.

Personally, it was a scrumptious candy store filled with decadence. I made my way to the beautifully appointed linen section and in a relatively painless search I found exactly what I needed. With my order placed, shipping date and delivery confirmed, I realized I had some free time.

I merrily made my way to my preferred destination, the lingerie department.

Maxwell’s carried the finest in ladies lingerie, most pieces were imported and many were designer originals. There was also my preferred collection cabinet, lace haute couture. In this lovely assortment was the finest one of a kind design.

Lace is the promise of what lies beneath.

With the delicate threads interlaced to form a veil you are given a glimpse of a full breast, a deep rose areola, a rigid nipple. Add to that whisper of loveliness, smooth glimmering satin, and cool silk, you have sensual, erotic, and splendor.

There is nothing I love more than the look of lace, the feel of silk and the shimmer of satin against my skin. Exquisitely made lingerie is a gift every woman should bestow upon herself. To feel feminine and sexy you have to give yourself every possible creation available to you.

In my experience, men take pleasure in seeing a woman adorned in alluring, sensually erotic lingerie. Perhaps it’s what they don’t see that captures the imagination, tempting him to become engaged, allowing anticipation, the truest, and purest of aphrodisiacs to hold him in suspense. There is an undeniable conviction that men appreciate fine lingerie.

I have been blessed with a curvaceous body. I embrace my figure; make no apologies for my ample breasts, full hips and generous thighs. I take pleasure in finely prepared food and enjoy every morsel that passes my lovely lips, devoid of guilt or self loathing.

When I walk into a room I take pleasure in the attention of red blooded males and radiate confidence. I believe I accentuate my striking qualities by choosing a style of fashion that enhances the fullness of my breasts, the curve of my waist and the shapeliness in my legs.

My body is well proportioned; I am a full DD cup and have been told that I am very easy on the eyes. Most important, I like myself. Silky deep auburn hair, worn down around my shoulders, emerald eyes, and creamy, smooth skin put together in a 5’5″ package. An avid fan of football, with a full understanding of the game, I ask you, what more could any man want.

I honestly didn’t know where to look first as I walked into my candy shop. My eyes took a quick inventory and I was drawn to a lovely marble table that was laden with beautiful lace and satin bras. The exquisite feminine designs were tempting in both color and style.

My fingers moved slowly, lingering over the smooth satin straps. Bit by bit my eyes followed the delicate patterns of lace. Standing there, my eyes trying to take it all in, experiencing difficulty in trying to decide just what I had to have only increased my impulsive pleasure.

There was something else; I couldn’t help sensing peering eyes following the movement of my hands and fingers.

Somewhere to my right, I could just make out the figure of a man. I turned my head; he slowly looked down at the table in front of him. Perhaps I was mistaken, simply another shopper.

I returned to the task at hand; I chose a very pretty pale green satin piece. Holding it up in front of me to see the way it was made.

No, I wasn’t wrong, someone was watching me, and I felt it, without a doubt. It had to be the man to my right side, there was no one else in the area. I felt his stare, and this time I turned quite quickly and deliberately caught his eye.

In a brief moment I decided to engage with the gentleman, and smiled at him. A bit of innocent flirting does wonders for the soul. He wasn’t shaken in the least; he slowly put down the item in his hands and leaned back against a bank of full length mirrors.

The gentleman comfortably rested against the column next to the table, folding his arms across his chest. It wasn’t hard to see he was quite tall, athletic build, his dark suit tailored exceptionally well, the crisp shirt, open at the neck suggested a man with apparent good taste for the finer things in life.

Something came over me; the flirtatious minx inside every woman showed her little self and wanted to play.

With a slight tilt of my head, I glanced at the bra in my hand, and then directly into his eyes. My smile, an inquisitive look made it obvious I was seeking his opinion. As he closed his eyes briefly he shook his head slightly side to side which told me he thought perhaps there was something else he personally would prefer.

This was fun and I was going to play it out.

I laid the unsuitable selection back on the table and continued my search for just the piece I thought would meet with his approval.

I couldn’t help thinking that most men admire deep saturated color against fair skin; perhaps this explains why the majority of men will ultimately choose black or red lingerie for their ladies.

There were quite lovely pieces in every shade of red and deep intense black. I decided on a very pretty, deep burgundy, lace-trimmed piece. The thin satin straps and delicate lace would complement the paleness in my skin and I’m sure wouldn’t be the color he thought I would choose.

With a smile, I turned my head to make obvious contact with his eyes. I looked first at the piece of lingerie and then to him. The angle of his head, the closing of one eye told me he was seriously committing to his task. With a smile and an affirming nod I was certain that this choice was indeed something he agreed with.

This was becoming quite a sensual experience. I felt my body react to his smile, I was trembling with anticipation. Was he imagining what it would look like on my body?

I couldn’t help thinking what a pleasant smile he had. In a rather bold move, he slowly looked me up and down. I was wearing a somewhat tailored suit, the jacket cinched in at my waist, the curve of my hips and the slight swell of my buttocks were clearly outlined. I was quite happy that I was wearing sheer black stockings and a very high thin black pump that accentuated the curve of my legs, the slenderness of my ankles. I knew that if I turned around, giving him the complete picture he would be taken off guard, so that’s exactly what I did. I boldly turned and faced him, and dared him to look away, he didn’t, we both smiled.

Confident I had his complete attention, I directed my inquiry to the salesclerk, “Pardon me; I would like to try this on?”

The lovely lady showed me to the dressing room. My mysterious gentleman followed me with his eyes. When I reached the dressing room I turned, looking him square in the eyes.

I smiled as I closed the door slowly. This was a game of wits; I was fully engaged and not willing to give him any advantage. For a split second I entertained the remote possibility that he would be gone when I left the dressing room. My sixth sense told me that wasn’t going to be the case.

I slipped out of my jacket, my black lace bra and slipped into the piece he had admired.

The thin satin straps and deep color of burgundy were actually very attractive against my pale skin.

The cups were trimmed in a fine scalloped lace; it barely covered my nipples, quite rigid and firm. I had to admit I was very aroused by this unexpected afternoon delight.

As I clasped the bra behind me the underwire lifted my breasts and created a beautiful deep cleavage just as I knew it would. I was quite taken with my reflection; he did indeed have excellent taste.

Slipping into my jacket I was ready for his final consideration and endorsement. As I walked out of the dressing room, my level of excitement took a descending slide, I didn’t see him. How could I have misjudged his interest?

My ego mildly deflated, I walked towards the full length mirror, and regardless I still wanted to see what his selection did for my figure.

You might imagine my surprise as I looked into the mirror and saw his reflection behind me. So dear girl, you weren’t losing your perceptive sense of people after all. We were back to game on status.

Walking closer to the mirror, I found his reflection, he could easily see me. My hands clenched the fabric of my jacket tightly in front of me. With a swift look about me to make sure there was no one else in view, I opened my jacket, allowing my admirer an unimpeded look at his choice.

With a slight downward tip of my head, my eyes seeking a response, clearly looking for his guidance, I waited. I was delighted with a broad smile and a favorable nod. I wondered if he could see the revealing indication of delight, my very firm nipples, provocatively straining against the delicate lace

Returning to the dressing room I was filled with giddy pleasure. I couldn’t help but think that I had very much enjoyed this little unexpected interaction on a rather nothing special day. Although I didn’t need yet another piece of lingerie I wanted to keep this little number, a remembrance of an unanticipated pleasure.

I left the dressing room smiling, walked to the sales desk and proceeded to make my purchase. Quite without warning, my handsome gentleman, coming out of nowhere, was handing his credit card to the salesgirl to complete my transaction. This was definitely an unforeseen pleasure. The confusion on her face was evident. She looked to me inquiring what she was to do; I simply smiled and nodded my consent.

I smiled saying nothing as we waited for the salesgirl to complete the purchase.

When she handed me my purchase, now wrapped in delicate tissue, nestle in a lovely golden shopping tote I turned to my mysterious benefactor, extended my hand and he took it in his.

I gently squeezed his hand as I said, “thank you”. He smiled, “it was entirely my pleasure” he said, let go of my hand, and we both turned and walked away.

Now, the next move was his. Always prepared, I wanted to make sure that if in fact my handsome voyeur made direct contact, I would give him the chance to take our little adventure to the next step.

I had slipped my business card into his hand as I thanked him. While in the dressing room I had written a very short clear note, “Call me”, I hoped he would. Happily I wasn’t mistaken in believing he would be waiting for me when I left the dressing room.

I abruptly remembered that Michael was waiting for me, I was well beyond my hour and quickly called him letting him know I was ready and would meet him as we had discussed.

The car was there when I walked out of the mall, Michael was holding the door for me and as I sat down I saw my benefactor coming out of the mall also. He was a tall cool drink of water, refreshingly good looking I thought. In the outside light it was a clear picture. The hazel eyes I noticed at the sales desk, the grey hair, a complete package. I liked his style, a brilliantly tailored, dark blue well fitting suit coupled with a crisp white shirt, open at the neck, relaxed and confident I thought.

My phone rang and I looked at the number but didn’t recognize it.

“Hello, this is Layla.”

“Hello Layla, this is Andrew, your personal stylist.”

I looked out the window and saw him standing there with his phone in hand, smiling. I quickly told Michael not to leave just yet.

“Andrew, ummm, my personal stylist, obviously you have definite ideas of what you prefer. I’ve never had a personal stylist before, something I could get used to.”

I watched his reaction to my reply; he chuckled for a minute, and said “It works for me”.

“Now just how does one go about hiring a personal stylist?” I spole softly and waited for his response.

There was dead silence, the look on his face told me he was caught flat footed and momentarily at a loss for words. I threw him a lifeline.

“Andrew, please, forgive me, I’ve forgotten my manners, thank you for my lovely unanticipated gift.”

Calm came across his face.

“It was my pleasure Layla; in fact I was hoping to see it… I mean you, again?”

“Ummm, I know what you mean, seeing you again so soon, a real treat.”

I watched as he looked all around. Now he was the object of my attention, I wondered if he felt the same excited pleasure I did knowing he was watching me. I didn’t have the heart to tease him any longer so I lowered the window of my car as I spoke to him.

“Look at the car at the curb to your right.”

I smiled and waved; still holding on to the phone I continued speaking.

“Is there somewhere I can drop you Andrew?”

The connection was broken as he walked towards my car slipping his phone into his pocket. It appeared as though any further communication was to be face to face. I opened the door, slid across the seat and waited for him to be seated.

Now this was an especially nice unexpected pleasure.

“I couldn’t understand how you could see me; I looked for you never expecting you to be in a car only feet away from me.” Andrew was smiling as he spoke.

I couldn’t help it that my eyes and mind were not in sync; I was staring at his mouth. All I could do was think what a nice, easy, friendly, inviting smile. My mind was telling me to say something. I had to stop this and pull it together.

“Really Andrew, thank you for my gift; it was very sweet of you. I enjoyed shopping with you, and might I say you have excellent taste in ladies lingerie.”

“I’m glad you like it, I was hoping to see it again… soon”

“Do you have plans for dinner this evening?”

I watched his eyes, and with the broad grin on his lips, I smiled knowing he was free, and if he did have plans it would be no problem changing them to have dinner with me.

“Yes, I do have plans actually, I met a provocative lady this afternoon under the nicest of circumstances, and I believe we have plans for dinner, don’t we?”

I couldn’t help thinking, he has such an easy way about him, and I like this man.

I was suddenly very thankful it was Friday; this would be a late night I suspected.

“That’s right, we do have plans. I thought you would pick me up at say 8:30, is that good for you?”

“Sounds wonderful.” he said.

“Just put my address into your GPS, you’ll have no problem finding your way.”

I handed Andrew a card with my address on it, and leaned over, kissing him softly on his cheek, he smelled heavenly. Catching me totally off guard he turned his face and kissed my lips, gently gliding the tip of his tongue across my bottom lip, I’m sure he felt me tremble.

“8:30” and he was out the door.

Watching him walk away I couldn’t help but imagine what he looked like out of that suit, it made me quiver.

I quickly turned my attention to my watch, and the time, I had to get home.

“Okay Michael, I think we ready to leave. I’m so sorry I kept you waiting.”

“Looks like you have a date tonight; I’ll have you home in no time.” With a wry smile Michael pulled out and we were on our way.

I would be less than honest if I didn’t say I spent most of the trip home thinking about Andrew. I wondered what he did for a living, maybe he was in television, or the movies. It was clear he was educated and outgoing. Was he married, I didn’t think so, a married man couldn’t make plans so easily, on the spur of the moment. I guessed his age at somewhere in his late fifties. I was sure he was a man who spent time running or some sought of athletic workout, he was well preserved. I was looking forward to dinner.

When I finally walked through the door it was almost six.

I was barely able to contain my excitement and focus on my task at hand. A clandestine, sensual, arousing afternoon was now becoming a much anticipated evening filled with promise.

It was just after 7:30 by the time I showered and was ready to dress. I wanted to choose something special. The main component had to showcase my delicious gift, he would expect nothing less. My final choice was a flowing burgundy dress that fell easily over my body. The fabric was barely sheer, just enough to suggest the possibility of something very captivating underneath. With a few carefully chosen additions to my gift I was ready, and quite pleased with the overall effect.

I quickly put together an unexpected surprise for Andrew, one I was sure he would enjoy. I lit a few candles, put some quiet music on, one last look at me and I was ready and waiting.

The lights in the driveway told me my date had arrived. It was precisely 8:30, he was punctual, and I liked that. As I opened the door I wondered if my rapidly beating heart would give away my delirious enthusiasm.

“Good evening Andrew, please, come in.”

Once the door was closed to the outside world he smiled and pulled me into his arms, kissing me passionately, leaving me breathless. Holding me close against his body, his hand in the small of my back, he had rendered me helpless. I genuinely enjoyed his kiss.

“I’ve wanted to do that all afternoon, good evening Layla, are you ready to go?”

It took a few seconds for me to find my voice.

“Actually, I thought we would have dinner right here?”

His smile told me he thought it was a wonderful idea.

“Layla, I’d like that very much. You know, I’ve been humming your song all evening, thinking it might be true, you may just get me on my knees.”

“I plan on it.”

Taking his hand I brought him into the living room.

“Would you like a cocktail while my dinner finishes simmering?”

The innuendos were clear and only heightened the sexual tension, it was delicious.

“If you give me a minute there’s something I have in my car I’d like to get, I’ll be back in a minute.”

I watched him stride to the door, his confident gait; I imagined him thrusting inside me. I had to force my attention back to the present. The sound of his voice brought me out of my self induced trance.

“Here we are this is for you Layla, a little something special I wanted you to have.”

He handed me a box from Maxwell’s.

How did I know it was from Maxwell’s, they have a signature color for all the packaging from their store. One of the most recognizable iconic gift boxes is from Tiffany’s New York. If you receive a pale blue box tied with a white satin ribbon, you have no doubt where it was purchased. This iconic golden box, tied with a black satin ribbon could only have come from Maxwell’s.

“Thank you; how very sweet. You’re a man full of mystery aren’t you?”

I took the box and put it down for a moment.

“And this is for you Andrew; I think you’ll like it”.

I handed him a glass of wine. He took a small taste and said,

“Saint-Peray, yes, I love it, thank you.”

Nice to know we enjoyed the same grapes.

Sitting down on the sofa he spoke softly.

“Why don’t you open your gift.”

I put my glass on the table and kneeling down on the floor I smiled and picked up the box of gold. The gift was beautifully wrapped; I hesitated to open it. Carefully untying the black satin ribbon I laid it next to me and slowly lifted the top of the box. From the corner of my eye I could see Andrew following my movements, smiling, anticipating my reaction.

Inside there were layers of scented tissue, nestled within them the surprise: the matching pieces of lingerie for the gift he had already given me. I carefully lifted each piece, the beautiful deep burgundy lace panties, a satin garter belt and a luxurious silk chemise. I was astonished, to put it mildly, with his choices. I couldn’t hide the thrill, my breathing became deeper, I felt a warmth rising in my face, I was sure I was blushing. The tingling between my legs, the growing passion in the pit of my stomach, the uneasiness wasn’t fear, it was pure unadulterated lust.

“How lovely, what can I say, you’re quite unpredictable, and I’m touched by your generosity and kind-heartedness. You’re charming to say the very least.”

I was utterly overwhelmed, something that never happened to me. I’m not comfortable when I lose control of any given situation, this man more than mystified me, and he thrilled me. I had to take hold of myself before he realized he was having this affect on me.

“Well, I think dinner is ready, and I’m famished.”

Thankfully all I had to do was steer Andrew to the dining room. With a perceptive smile he gladly followed.

Our dinner was an amusing combination of topics. In any fledgling relationship it’s common to become an intruder. This new face sitting in front of you has a life you know nothing about, a life you want to know everything about.

Curiosities are peaked and questions abound. When we had satisfied our individual interest regarding our backgrounds we spoke of good food, delicious wine and life in general. Of course there was the underlying sexual tension, growing, being fed by innuendo and cloaked with amusing allusion.

“You, lovely Layla are a triple threat. Beautiful, intelligent and a wonderful cook, I can only believe that there are infinite surprises in store for us tonight.”

“Yes, I believe that dessert will be an unexpected surprise, this time of year the market is limited to what the current climate bears. Do you like sweet juicy desserts?”

Andrew had a smile on his face that assured me he in fact did have a taste for the sweet and juicy, I was sure I could feed that taste.

“Layla, I have a sneaking suspicion that you would move heaven and earth to find exactly the perfect ending to an already delectable meal. If there anything I can do to help you prepare what you’re serving, speaking of dessert of course, I would be at your beck and call.”

This man was charming, and funny. I enjoyed the back and forth.

“As much as I appreciate your kind offer, I have this under control. I’d say that dinner is over and we will be moving along towards the decadent part of the evening.”

Clearly act two of this production was about to come to an end. With dinner over, I suggested that Andrew go on into the living room and relax while I took care of the tasks at hand, essentially clearing the table and getting dessert ready to be served.

I thought a nice addition to the mood I was creating would be a change in music. I asked him to choose something and within a few minutes the smooth sultry voice of Nancy Wison was filling the aire.

“A mature man is like an elegant wine”

Peeking around the corner I smiled as he sat down, laid his head against the back of the sofa and let himself get lost in the moment.

I am captivated by Andrew, he’s quite stimulating, not only in a sexual way, he’s passionate about life, his work. I have always been fascinated with confident men, intelligent men who know what they want.

I have to say he captivated me, drew me in and dared me to play with him this afternoon. He could easily have thrown me down on the seat of the car and had me this afternoon; he wanted it as much as I did, the rise and fall of my breasts, the tiny pulse in my neck beating wildly was more than excitement, it was blatant and unadulterated lust.

I’m a woman who requires a slow hand, a strong touch and a confident man. It was becoming abundantly clear to me that I may have found him.

By deliberate design the living room was barely lit, a few candles burning, a small soft light in the corner on a table.

As I walked into the room it took him a moment to see me come out of the darkness into the softer light. Once I was close to where he was sitting I placed a tray down on the coffee table. He paid no attention to and could have cared less about the silver tray and the delicacies it offered.

I satisfied the want, did exactly what he expected and hoped I would do. I stood, just scarcely beyond his reach with explicit intention. My body draped in deep burgundy, full breasts not quite hidden in the delicate lace bra I taunted him with, gifted lace panties clinging to my hips, accentuating the mound between my legs.

Smoothly caressing my waist, the glimmering satin garter belt he chose for me, small glistening clasps securing the top of each stocking around the full curve in my thighs. My eyes followed as his piercing stare intently wandered over my legs deliciously sheathed in black silk, sheer shimmering stockings. Soft creamy white shoulders, barely peeking out of the chemise draped around me. I watched his eyes, leisurely study every curve and nuance my body presented.

With a soft smile and a slight tilt of my head, I waited for his answer to my unspoken question. His eyes looked down to my legs, up over my hips, resting for a few agonizing seconds on my breasts. I watched his tongue slip out of his mouth; lick his bottom lip before he sucked it into his mouth, something one sees when another is contemplating a course of action.

Intentionally, deliberately, he slowly made contact with my eyes, searching his for a hint of what he was thinking; a yielding smile and an approving nod gave me the answer I was sure I would be given.

I immediately focused my attention to the coffee table, leaving him with a look of bewilderment. I had no doubt he expected my concentration would be entirely on him.

On the silver tray were succulent, sweet, chocolate covered strawberries. I reached down and plucked a fat, juicy treat, bringing it teasingly to my lips. Andrew was mesmerized as I bit into it, the sweet red liquid dripping down my chin. My tongue wet, glistening, slipping out of my mouth licking the juice off my chin, the sound of my lips sucking the sweetness into my mouth was torture.

Speaking softly, slowly moving closer I asked Andrew a simple question “Want this?” as I placed the strawberry between my lips offering it to him.

“Oh yes Layla, I want that, and more, I want all of you, and I’ll take all of you.”

He had his mouth on mine before he got to his feet.

The decadent taste of dark bittersweet chocolate, tart cold strawberry and his warm mouth was succulent. The kiss was passionate, full of a hunger that chocolate and strawberries wouldn’t satisfy.

I smiled devilishly and pulled away from his body. The music was filling the room with a sensuous rhythm. I felt my hips begin to sway in time with the melody, it was steamy and erotic. I reached out and fingered the buttons on Andrew’s shirt; my hands drifted up and down his chest.

The tips of my fingers drew circles around his nipples, teasing and taunting him. Methodically I began opening the buttons of his shirt, one and then another, agonizingly slow. As each open button revealed the fresh skin of his bare chest I licked him tasting him like a serpent searching the air for the scent of prey. Biting, nipping his nipples playfully and then harder, it drove him wild.

Pushing his shirt off his broad shoulders, I kissed his neck, licking and sucking his skin, he was groaning and panting for the breaths he couldn’t find. Andrew’s moans were animal-like and loud, he was the prey and I was the predator, he was powerless.

As I fell to my knees, I felt his body shudder. Andrew’s eyes were wide and full of question, what would I do next. Like a cat I prowled around him, playing with my toy. My hands gripping his thighs, feeling the strength in his legs drain from his body when I barely touched his stiff throbbing cock.

“My God woman you’re driving me insane, you’re torturing me and I love it.”

Using my lips I opened the button on his trousers. I was taking great pleasure in seeing his response to the manipulation of my mouth. He was engaged and there was nothing else on his mind, he was mine to do whatever I wanted, there would be no power struggle, no battle he was more than willing to surrender to me and I would show him no mercy.

I curled my tongue under the tab on his zipper. Grabbing it in my teeth I slowly tugged it down. The anticipation was reaching a new height; Andrew was clearly struggling to stay upright, his legs were trembling.

His cock was straining against the tightly woven fabric of his trousers begging to be released. When I at last reached for the waist of his pants and began pulling them down, I heard Andrew whimper, I was thrilled.

My hand reached out and I had his cock snug in my grip. I looked deep into his eyes and my tongue slithered out of my mouth, flicking across the swollen head, glistening with pre cum.

Andrew’s head fell backwards, “Agggghhhh” it was music for my soul.

I licked and tasted every inch of him. Reaching between his legs I caressed his balls, as I sucked the head of his cock deep into my throat. His stiff throbbing shaft was dancing in my warm wet mouth. I licked slowly up and down, around and around, his legs were failing him, ready to give out.

Andrew pulled himself out of my mouth and jerked me up by my arms.

“You won’t give an inch will you?” He said with a smile.

“That’s not what you want, we both know that.” I spoke with defiance and confidence. “We both know what we want.”

“And I’ll give you all you want, but we’re not ready for that at all Layla, we have a long way to go before we reach the final plunge.”

Suddenly, there was a blaze in my green eyes, he saw it, the fire was ignited and I was burning flames fueled with passion and craving.

He wanted to kiss me, taste my mouth still fresh with the essence of his cock and I wanted that. Andrew grabbed at my hair, pulled my head back. There was absolutely no fear in these emerald eyes; you could see the devil himself dancing in the inferno, feeding the hunger.

His mouth was ravenous, and he was hungry for me, all of me, but he wanted my mouth first. He drove his tongue deep into my throat and latched on to mine twisting and sucking. The taste was sweet and salty. Andrew could still feel my tongue licking his cock. My mouth opened wide and I bit down on his tongue like a cat catching a fish out of water. It hurt, in the most delicious dirty way.

He turned my body around, he understood my need to feel controlled I thrived on that power. Andrew had seen that today – had fed it – and had left me wanting more.

I stopped fighting him; I became softer, quieter and responsive to only his touch not my desire. My neck was sleek and soft, he licked the space between my shoulder and collar bone, I laid my head back against him giving him clear access.

“Yesss, I love the feel of your wet tongue licking me like this. Tell me, how I taste, do you want to bite me, suck on my sweet milky skin, Andrew tell me?”

I heard the words and the deep rasp in my voice, he heard it too.

“You taste like dirty sex, a bitch in heat, filthy and nasty , yess, I want to feel your flesh between my teeth, yielding to my bite because you want that, you want me to bite you, don’t you?”

The sound of my groans and whimpers told him what he needed to hear. He pulled the chemise down off my shoulders and stared at the satin strap on my shoulder, it was like a tease, the only thing holding my bra to my body. Andrew had to get it off me, he wanted to see these bursting breasts get his hands on them, and I wanted it more.

Reaching for the satin ribbon he untied the flowing dress and ripped it down and away from my body, I stepped away and faced him, I wanted him to see me, gorgeous, and my body stacked in all the right places. The deep burgundy bra lifted my round full breasts up and my deep cleavage glistened. In one swift movement he pushed the lace cups up and filled his hands, moaning, when he felt the stiff rigid rose colored nipples in his fingers.

“Oh God, you’re beautiful, your tits are so full and round, deep rose areola all puffed up and these nipples, hot and hard.”

Andrew had to unclasp my bra and get his mouth around my aching nipples.

“Turn around Layla.” In seconds he would have what he wanted.

The bra was gone, turning to face him bare breasted, breathing deeply and rapidly I wanted his mouth. But, not here, not on the couch I wanted a larger arena.

We needed a place to play; I took his hand and encouraged him to follow me into my bedroom. Now it was his turn to torture me. He laid down on my bed, his cock standing straight up daring me. Like a lioness stalking her victim I crawled up the bed licking my lips.

Straddling his body I leaned down over him, my breasts inches from his mouth, swaying brushing against his chest. My rigid swollen nipples danced over his, it was like two electrical wires touching and spraying sparks. Andrew reached out and grabbed my burning tits filling his hands. I sat back, watched his fingers pulling and twisting my nipples, making me shriek with pleasure.

Abruptly he sat up, his hands behind me, holding me so his mouth could take the place of his fingers. The sensation was everything I wanted. Hard clenched lips, pulling and biting, I heard my screams and I begged for more.

“Yessss, your mouth is driving me wild, don’t stop, I love it, I don’t want you to stop, ohhh…God it feels so good.”

“And it only gets better” he whispered. His words sent chills up and down my spine.

In an instant he was pushing me backwards, as he held me and slowly laid me down on the bed, on his knees, now he was straddling me.

His cock crept into the warm space between my breasts, rocking back and forth. My lover groaned as I pushed my round globes around his glistening cock, the pre cum, dripping on my breasts, making his movement easy and flowing. I reached up and gathered the milky fluid with my fingertips rubbing it over my nipples; it was thrilling, nasty, dirty and so sensual. Andrew’s eyes were steely bullets shooting sparks filled with lust.

“My God, you’re so fucking hot, you’re burning me up.”

When I slipped my sticky fingers between my lips and licked them dry he bent down, tasting himself on my nipples, sucking, licking, it was exactly what I wanted.

This magnificent stud grabbed my tits and squeezed them, popping the stiff nipples up hard and high, his mouth licked and sucked until I screamed, when he bit down passionately, I screamed louder.

I wanted him, I knew that from the moment he smiled and we engaged each other in our game of seduction. Now I was at his mercy, and I didn’t want to be anywhere else.

Andrew kissed my stomach, licking me, teasing me, slowing me down, he was in control now, and I wanted him there, to be in command of where we would go from here.

Soft kisses, gentle touches, we were making love. Now it was slow, sensual intoxicating feelings of bliss. His fingers curled inside the waist of my panties. Andrew, kissing each part of me that was revealed as they came down over my hips was heavenly, sheer delight. Down, over my thighs, soft brief touches of his lips, still further, off my legs, now gone.

I closed my eyes; I didn’t need to see I wanted to feel. The silence was filled with sounds of a clasp snapping open, another, and still one more. My stockings, being gently rolled down my legs, kisses, licking, warm wet lips, and the sensation was ethereal.

The touch of his tongue, gliding across my inner thigh was maddening, I wanted to pull his mouth where I needed it, wanted it. I opened my legs, offering him all of me, he didn’t make me wait. His tongue slipped between my lips slow and intentional as he tasted me. Gently sucking my small inner lips, swirling round and round, so close, almost there, and then…

“Ohhh, yesss, there, right there, suck me, ohhh dear God, just like that, sooo good.”

His tongue flattened, and he licked, long hard stabs, up and down, over and over. Strong lips surrounded my throbbing clit and he sucked with a soft steady pressure. I could feel the pit of my stomach ache, the flashes of heat and then the burning flame that started the explosion inside me.

The deep pulsing blasts of a powerful orgasm engulfed me, took me all the way into torment and brought me screaming back into paradise.

“Please, I want you, now… please… I need you deep inside me.”

Andrew came up on top of me. I felt his cock searching for the way inside, with a strong push he was there, it was piercing, and the pleasure was almost too much. He was in a steady thrusting cadence, it was magical, each plunge deeper and harder. Now faster, my hips meeting him, we were in perfect harmony.

“Nice and easy Layla, look in my eyes, I’ll know when, you’re eyes will tell me and then we go for it together.”

And he knew, he was right, he saw it in my eyes and with the first flash he took us both where we wanted to go. The sounds of two bodies thrashing, slapping against each other, the moaning, whimpering and pounding was like a fireworks display. Andrew took hold of my hips and pulled me down sliding under me. I was on top, now I was the rider in this rodeo.

I put my hands on my thighs and rode him like the stallion he was. Hands slapped at my bouncing tits, they squeezed and played with me. He leaned up off the bed and caught my nipples in his mouth, first one then the other. With every downward push my clit rubbed against his cock, taking me closer and closer to another hard cum.

I felt his orgasm building, heard his moans, whimpers, and whines and knew he was ready. He held on to my hips and plunged his cock deep and hard.

Andrew met every push, every pounding plunge, and he stayed with me, until he knew it was ready to go all in. He felt me rubbing my swollen clit firm against his rock hard cock and grind with each thrust. As I felt the first profound, hard, contraction inside me, felt my gasping breath, and met the final grind, I felt him release a wild hot stream of cum deep and tight inside my constricting cumming hard pussy. It was a true convergence of two powerful forces colliding in an out of this world explosion.

In sheer exhaustion I fell to Andrew’s side and searched for way to get air into my lings. “Are we still breathing?”

Andrew chuckled, he was charming.

“Sweet Layla, I must send a note to Eric Clapton, I’m sure he would be amused to learn that I was brought to my knees, and I’d like to tell him what a marvelous trip it was.”

“Ummm, my darling Drew, the night is still young, this was only the first stop, and this trip is far from over. I think we should jump into a nice bubble filled hot tub, relax, refresh, and revive. I gathered all my lovely gifts in hand.

“Last one in gets the drain.”

And I was off the bed headed to the bathroom.

I didn’t wait for an answer, I dropped a piece of lingerie, and then another, leaving them behind me as a roadmap for Drew. Walking toward the sound of water running, I’m sure he reminded himself that in these times of high fuel costs it made perfect sense to car pool, every chance he could. Car pooling absolutely has its rewards.

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