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An Unexpected Visitor

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Given the choice between a young, hot, ravenous stud and an older gentleman, simmering in passionate wisdom and experience, my preference will always be without a single doubt the old man.

I often wonder if men realize that while a woman is walking down a street being appreciated for her eye catching silhouette, offering them a break in the usual nothing to get excited about scenery, that she may be doing a little appreciating of her own.

My attraction to the older man transcends any appeal I may have considered a possibility in regards to actually any male at all. In short, plain and simple, if you’re over seventy you are definitely on my radar.

Yes, I do, sit in a park, now and then, and daydream about an older gentleman that may be sitting across the path from me. I wonder what his mouth would feel like, kissing my neck, licking my nipples round and round. I make it a point to be pleasant and smile a greeting every chance I can. I have in fact made many connections, some purely friendship, some innocent flirtations, there are a few that have resulted in long term relationships, though not sexual in nature, they are fulfilling in many ways. There are of course the special ones that shall we say, became very, very, close friends. Although I adore them all, these men, the simple acquaintances are certainly not the nuggets of pure pleasure that compel me to share my dalliances with you.

Now, I’m sure you’re settling into a comfortable place ready to learn the juicy details of who, what, where, when and how my new friend and I met in the park. We didn’t meet in the park, that would have been just far too easy and I like to keep the level of surprise at the highest peak. So, go ahead, settle in, while I bring you into my world and tell you my tale.

Once a month, every third Monday, our town has a “Resident’s Gathering”. Unlike a Home Owners Association, we don’t meet to discuss rules and regulations, we certainly do not tell anyone that their grass is too high or that their choice of paint color is unacceptable.

Our town is actually a very large area with very few homes. Most of the properties have been in the families for many years or have been kept to the original acreage by the new owners. I believe our coming together is more of a keeping in touch with each other sort of meeting. There have been in the past a few heated discussions between residents, nothing that wasn’t overcome with calm voices and simple reasoning.

On one particular Monday evening, I arrived at the library, our official meeting place, and there were several neighbors already enjoying a cup of coffee and chatting about, truthfully, nothing of any consequence.

As I looked about the room, in the far corner, rather quietly, I noticed a face I hadn’t seen before. I turned my head to acknowledge a friend walking towards me.

“Well, hello Layla, how are you?”

“Francis, nice to see you, I’m just wonderful as always, and you how are you this cold winter night, I’m surprised that Allan didn’t cancel the meeting.”

“He called me this afternoon and we considered it, but, after the first few phone calls everyone gave us the feeling that we should get together regardless of the cold so we agreed. There were a few things Allan wanted to go over about the snow plowing contract.”

Let me bring you into the inner circle.

Allan is the Mayor of our little piece of heaven, he oversees all the daily mundane business that every small utopia faces, he has been our Mayor for over twenty years, and there is never an election just a simple motion, seconded and he remains in office, if only all governing could be so easy. Imagine our government fashioned after a small town, the leaders would have to put their own agenda’s aside and actually accept what was ultimately best for the masses. I digress.

The Town Council consists of Francis, Samuel and Pauline, again, unopposed and long term officials. Our manner of governing has worked unimpeded so why change it.

Allan was about to call the meeting to order and we all grabbed a quick warm cup of coffee and patiently sat thru the minutes of our previous meeting, now we were moving on to the really important part of the night.

“Good evening all, I just have a few quick things here. Our contract for the Snow Plowing needs to be renewed, I have a copy for all of you, and Pauline will see to it that those who were not able to attend tonight will be given the information. Since we have a quorum, I’d like to take a vote tonight.

“I second” Francis, was always the second.

“The rates haven’t changed and the service plan will remain as it is. All those in favor of renewal, please signify by raising your hands, I’d say that’s everyone, so we’ll maintain the contract as it is. Okay, I’d like to announce that our annual budget, passed at the last meeting is now available for those who would like a copy, see Pauline. If you’re thinking that this sounds like small town foolishness, I would strongly disagree with you. Our little piece of paradise, nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania, has survived its quaint, storybook quality because we have taken the time and effort to keep things as simple as possible.

“There is one more thing, as you all know; we lost Scott Maxwell this past summer and his family decided to put his property up for sale. Well as luck would have it the property was sold to Nathan Schook’s brother, I’d like you to meet him, come on up here Fred.

So, this is the man with the unfamiliar face.

I now remembered the for sale sign, it had been taken down on Scott’s property; he and his family were in the mountains here for several generations. When his children left Pennsylvania, he and his wife Alana stayed here, traveling all over the country where his children had settled until her death last year. Some will tell you old age took him, I believe he died of a broken heart. There was never a time when they weren’t side by side. Losing the love of his life and his constant companion for over sixty years took a toll on Scott; he just wanted to be with her again, now he is.

“This is Fred Schook, the newest member of our little town, maybe if you have a minute you might say hello the next time you’re out his way. It’s my pleasure to welcome you and we look forward to seeing you out and about. If there’s anything you need let us know.”

What a nice smile, I thought.

“Well unless there’s something else, I’ll close this meeting and see you all next month, same place same time folks.”

Now that the “Business” was concluded the real meeting began. Everyone would grab a fresh cup of coffee or maybe a hot chocolate and gather around with a cookie, supplied by you know who, Pauline of course, and bring each other up to date on what was happening in our respective lives. This was where all the new births were announced, the engagements, the deaths of family members, just the normal conversations that happen in small towns just like this one.

“Layla, I’d like you to meet my brother Fred.”

“Well welcome to our little piece of heaven Fred, so nice to meet you.”

“Yes, it’s nice to meet you too.”

“Layla is our resident Financial Advisor; she’ll help you out with tax questions and the like. The big house on Kavandale, the old Green and Stone place, that’s her home. So how are you Layla?”

“Nathan I couldn’t be better, enjoying the quiet life, loving the warm cozy fires and the winter nights. You never told me you had a brother, it must be nice to have him close by, where are you from Fred?”

“I was in the Coast Guard, retired a few years ago in Savannah and stayed put. Nathan told me about the place for sale and the summer’s were getting so hot I decided to come back home, so I bought the place and well, here I am.”

‘Let me be the first one to welcome you with a hug.”

What can I say; I’m affectionate, by nature. I will never miss an opportunity to put my arms around a delicious older man. I leaned forward and hugged Fred and happily he hugged me right back.

“You know Fred, if I can help in any way with you settling in, give me a call, I’m in the book.”

“Thank you, I’ll remember that.”

“Gentleman, I have a warm fire, a hot bath and a glass of Chambord calling me home, so enjoy the rest of the evening and see you soon.”

I said my goodbyes and headed home. The night was clear; the sky was full of stars, just beautiful. My mind began drifting to the handsome man I met tonight.

I would guess that Fred was in his middle seventies, he was the older brother to Nathan, who I believe was seventy three. The Schook family has been here in Pennsylvania for hundreds of years; the house that Nathan and Leah live in has been passed down for four generations. The Schook’s farm and raise the most delicious corn you have ever buttered. The fifth generation, Samuel and Todd, are now running the day to day business of the farm and Nathan has taken a smaller role. The grandchildren are the center of his life now. I pulled into the garage, closed the garage door and quickly went into the house. I love this old house, it’s a perfect refuge and I finally have it just the way I want it. The house is just about one hundred and fifty years old. The exterior walls are stone and there is a fireplace in every room, even the kitchen. I had some work done to it recently and now my bedroom opens into another bedroom that I converted into a huge bath, I kept the fireplace and spend many a night, lying in a tub of warm water, sipping a sweet glass of Chambord, losing myself in music. I love Ella, Nina Simone, Nancy Wilson, the ladies of the past who know how to sing a sensual bluesy song. Jazz, from the 40’s and 50’s can change a mood in a mere second.

I lit the fireplace, started the water, poured a glass of sweetness, turned on some music, stripped down and slid into the tub of steaming warmth.

My mind began to drift; I was feeling all warm and cozy. What I wanted was a man, right here beside me, touching me, looking at how hard and stiff my nipples were, maybe a kiss, soft at first, letting his tongue slip between my lips. Feeling his hands, moving so slowly over my breasts, feeling my nipples rub against his palms, urging him to squeeze them, play with me.

My hand searched through the water for that lovable spot between my legs. My legs opened, I slipped one finger down, separated my lips and found my tender pleasure. Rubbing, slow and in circles, I felt the stirring inside me. Yesss, now it was his hand, squeezing the swollen nub between his fingers, gently rolling them over and over. Yesss, just like that, I love it like that, feels so good, ohhh, that’s it, yes, put your finger inside me, ohhh, yes, slow, in and out, like that, finger fuck me, yesss, deeper, deeper, ohhh yesss, now faster, that’s it faster, Oh, ohhh, yes, make me cum, ohh yesss, Ohh I love it, now, ohhh yesss.

I felt the sweet waves, one and then another, oh I loved it. I lay there in the water for a few minutes, enjoying the pleasure and when the water had lost its warmth I got out, dried my body, slipped into a soft flowing robe, warm slippers and taking my glass with me I climbed into my big comfy bed.

I have had many of my gentlemen readers ask me where I compose my offerings, many, right here, in the warmth and serenity of my bed.

I picked up my laptop, thank you progress, and I put my thoughts down. A little secret of a rather personal nature, many times I find myself completely aroused as I recall a particular scenario that I simply must close my eyes and relive the experience. The next time I opened my eyes it was nearly seven in the morning.

There is nothing quite like a sensual orgasm for a good night’s sleep.

I fixed myself a light breakfast, tidied up the kitchen and while sipping my tea I pondered the day before me.

I decided to make a trip to the market for some things I needed. Today was Tuesday; the weather report was calling for snow this evening so I wanted to make sure I had all the necessities. I made a list, dressed and out the door I went.

Funny, when the forecast suggests that there will be a substantial snow fall you will likely see a member of each family in the market stocking up. So was the case this morning.

Everyone had baskets full of whatever constituted warmth in their lives. There were coffees, teas, hot chocolates and cookies and breads and just about anything you could imagine you might long for during a snow storm.

Across the counter, I was surprised to see a new face.

“Good morning Fred, stocking up just like the rest of us I see.”

“Oh hey Layla, yeah, supposed to be a hell of a storm tonight.”

“Yes, good day for a big pot of soup and some crusty bread. Lots of hot chocolate wouldn’t hurt. Are you all set with plenty of fire wood if the power goes out?”

“That’s one thing you remember when you’ve grown up here, make sure you have a load of wood ready to go.”

My order was ready, so I took my things and started on my way.

“Well, stay warm Fred; see you when the mountain thaws.”

“You too Layla keep that fire burning now.”

I picked up a few more things and I was back in the car ready to head home. The snow had already begun to fall; this was certainly earlier than had been forecast and it was coming down at a pretty fast clip.

By the time I got home I barely made it up the driveway and into the garage.

Safely inside, I set about putting my groceries away.

I started a pot of soup, beef and vegetables; I could make it into a chili later.

The house was frosty so I started a fire, once it had a nice burn going I went and changed into some warm fleece pajama’s and snuggled up on the couch with a cup of hot tea. There’s something so beautiful about falling snow. It has always mystified me to know that not any two snowflakes are exactly the same. Looking out the window it was really coming down and blowing like crazy, there would be huge drifts in only a few hours if this continued. Almost out of nowhere I saw a pickup turn into the bottom of the hill, trying to make it up the driveway. There was a pretty steep grade coming up to the house. I watched the truck come about halfway up and stop, I was sure the driver couldn’t get any traction and was now stuck. I watched the truck try and maneuver back and forth and finally it was clear that this truck was going nowhere fast.

After a few minutes, the lights shut off and the door opened. The driver jumped out and was on the way up to the house. The snow was already pretty deep. I went to the door and just as I opened it the driver reached the small portico. It was Nathan’s brother Fred

“Fred, my God, you must be freezing, please come on in, don’t worry about your boots, and just come in.”

As soon as he cleared the door I shut it tight, the wind was howling and blowing snow all over the place.

“It is really coming down; I think I’m pretty much stuck down there.”

He pulled a box out from under his jacket and handed it to me.

“I tried to catch you at the market, you left this on the counter, and I thought I’d drop it off in case it was something you needed. I honestly forgot about the hill up to your house.”

I took the box, it was a decadent chocolate pie, okay, sometimes I splurge.

“My God, you must be freezing, take this stuff off and get in here by the fire I’ll pour you something hot.”

Fred pulled his jacket off, slipped out of his boots and quickly went to stand in front of the blazing fire.

“I tell you what, I forgot about these nor’easter storms. It is frigging coming down and freezing. I don’t think I can get out of here my wheels just kept spinning.”

I filled his cup to the brim and walked into the living room. He was shaking. I handed him the cup and he had a hard time getting it down he was shivering so badly.

“Listen, you need to get out of those wet clothes. I’ll run some hot water in the tub, you get in and warm up, I’ll put your things in the dryer and by the time you get warmed up they’ll be okay to put back on.’

I think his first instinct was to argue against my suggestion, but seeing how cold he was and listening to his chattering teeth told him it was not a good idea.

I started the tub, and went out to get him. I showed him into the bathroom, told him to put his clothes outside the door and I’d let him know when they were dry.

Obviously he realized there was no other choice so, in a few minutes the door opened and he dropped his clothes outside. I quickly put them in the dryer and went back to check on him.

“How are you doing, warming up?”

“Yeah, I feel like an idiot, I’m getting the chill off these old bones though so I’m good.”

“Okay, well I’ve got your things in the dryer, they should be ready in about 30 minutes or so. Listen, keep the water nice and warm, I’ll throw some more wood on the fire and you’ll be warm as toast in no time.”

I waited for a reply, but he didn’t say anything. I felt kind of bad, what a way to start a new chapter in your life. I walked back to the living room and looked out the window to see if I could see his truck. The snow was already well above the wheels, it was clear he wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. According to the weather scanner this storm was supposed to drop snow all night into tomorrow morning. The possibility of his being here for a day or two was suddenly a safe bet.

I heard the buzzer on the dryer and went to get his things. They were good and dry and warm. I knocked on the bathroom door and told him I had his clothes for him.

“Okay, thanks, just leave them outside the door.”

I placed the clothes on the small table and went back to the kitchen. My soup was bubbling away and I suddenly thought that I needed to feed him. I had plenty of food so that was not a problem. I made some sandwiches and more hot tea and brought them into the living room.

In a few minutes he walked in and the look on his face was kind of cute.

“I am so sorry Layla, I just wanted to drop off your stuff and now I’ve put you through all this.”

I laughed and smiled.

“Listen, I couldn’t be happier, tonight at about eleven when I’ve exhausted all my choices that chocolate pie is all I’ll want so, really, thank you.”

We both laughed and I told him to sit down and have some hot tea.

“I made some sandwiches, I hope you like good old Ham and Swiss?”

“Happens to be my favorite, really, thanks Layla.”

“It looks like this storm has come in stronger than forecasted. The snow is already at the top of your wheels, I don’t see how you’ll be able to get down the hill or for that matter much of any place. I have a very nice guest bedroom, plenty of food and something a little stronger than tea and cocoa if you like, so why don’t you just plan on spending the night or however long it may take until you can safely drive.”

I could see the resigned look come over his face.

“I really don’t see any other option, I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience, my intention was completely honorable. Layla I left my cell in the truck, could I use your phone to call Nathan and let him know what’s going on, I was supposed to stop by there hours ago.”

“Oh my God, he must be frantic; yes the phone is right there on the table next to you.”

I picked up the dishes and empty cups and left the room to give him some privacy.

Unfortunately, the living room and kitchen were pretty close together so you really couldn’t find any privacy even if you were willing to pay for it. I couldn’t help but hear his side of the conversation.

“Hey brother, it’s me, calm down, I’m fine, I was dropping something off for Layla and got stuck on her driveway, and yeah the big hill, anyway, I can’t get out so I’m going to spend the night here at her place.”

There were a few minutes of silence.

“Okay, I’ll call you when I get home, listen, it may be a day or two, this storm is pounding us and the latest is that it’s going to drop more than they originally expected, so if you don’t hear from me, I’m fine, I just can’t get home. Okay, yeah, stay warm.”

I filled the cups again and walked back into the room once I was sure he was off the phone.

“Nathan expressed his thanks and said he would come up here as soon as the snow stopped and the roads were passable to dig me out. I’m really sorry Layla; I never expected to get stuck.”

“I’m kind of glad you did, this storm is a humdinger, and I’d much rather be here, snowed in with somebody than snowed in alone. I bet you have plenty of stories to tell about your years in the Coast Guard. So listen, relax, let’s stay warm and tell you what, why don’t you give me a hand in the kitchen, I’m making some chili and you can chop some vegetables for me.”

“Now that I can do, I actually like to cook and I’m pretty good, so they tell me.”

We spent the next few hours talking about his experiences with the Coast Guard and how much he enjoyed the travel.

“It must have been a hard choice to retire?”

“When you reach a certain age, the choice is made for you. I was able to stay in until I was sixty five but that was the magic exit number. I was ready, I’d spent over forty years in, and I enlisted when I finished college. I didn’t want to farm like Nathan, I wanted to travel and see the world, so I did.”

“What brought you back here?”

“Well the truth is I got a little lonely, you could say that all the years without a family hit hard when I got out and realized I had no one. Don’t get me wrong I had a good life, lots of friends, great times, but I never married, didn’t have any kids so there I was, retired and alone.”

“Did you say you spent some time in Savannah?”

“I thought I’d stay in Georgia, but the heat got to me. When Nat told me Mr. Maxwell had passed away and his place was on the market I decided to come back, buy it and spend the rest of my years with my family. At my age you make a decision and act on it, you don’t know how long you have, so wasting time just doesn’t make sense.”

“Could I be so bold as to ask just how old you are?”

“Oh, sure, I’ll be celebrating my seventy sixth birthday this year.”

“Well, I’d say we have to make early plans for a super birthday celebration, I bet you haven’t had a birthday party in years?”

“Layla, I’m not much of a party kind of fella, I like quiet and simple.”

“I can certainly appreciate that, I’m very much a private person myself, I like all my attentions to be centered around one thing or person at a time, I have never quite seen the benefit of “the more the merrier” seems to me the personal interactions between two people must be so much more intriguing.”

“When you’ve lived on a ship filled with other people you have a new found appreciation for one on one.”

“It appears as though the stove must do the rest of the work, how about a cocktail while we wait for the magic to happen. I pretty much have most anything you’d care for, what’s your pleasure sailor?”

Fred suddenly blushed and I realized I had just propositioned him. “I bet you never expected that did you? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you, I have a sharp tongue and very dry wit, sometimes I have no idea what will come falling out of mouth, forgive me, what would like to drink Sir?”

Fred smiled and said he’d like a scotch, neat, two fingers. Now for those of you who don’t enjoy an aged single malt scotch, say a nice 18 year old Macallan, neat is straight no ice, no water,two fingers, about two inches in the bottom of a glass.

I poured Fred as he requested and for me, a little cocktail that was made for me many years ago, Vodka, a splash of cranberry juice and a shot of Chambord, over ice, very comforting, will warm you up before you reach the bottom of the glass, it’s a “Layla’s Love”, try it it’s luscious.

Fred and I settled comfortably on the sofa, the snow showed no signs of letting up.

Here I was, with an attractive, older man sitting on my sofa, in the midst of a major snow storm, with no hopes of it stopping anytime soon and we had yet to speak personally about anything. Either the Vodka was giving me a gentle push or I was just plain curious.

“So, how come you never married?” Do like women, find an attractive woman appealing?”

As soon as the words left my mouth I was just a little embarrassed. He almost choked on his scotch, and when he recovered he just began laughing.

“Yes I find women attractive, I like women Layla, boy you’re funny, blunt but very funny.”

That was the ice breaker.

“I just never found the woman who could live the life I lived. Most women want the house and the picket fence deal; I lived on a ship and never stayed in one place longer than my orders told me too. What about you, have you ever been married? Do like men Layla, do find men attractive?”

I laughed so hard I swear I just about wet my panties.

“Seriously, how come you never married?”

“Truth is I never took the time to. I was always more interested in my work, when I finished college and opened my own firm it took all my time. And if I were to be completely honest I have a, ummm, how do I say this, I have a thing for older men.”

And they say men are the experts in shooting out the one liner.

“Oh really, please tell me more?”

“Well, ever since I was a young woman and had my first relationship I have been solely attracted to much, much older men. I am very fortunate, I have a financially secure life, I don’t have to work, my house is paid for and I am pretty much independent. Frankly I don’t need nor do I want a husband. I do have some moments where I may be a bit lonely, but, their few and far between and fleeting to say the least. If I had my choice I’d like an older man, to have dinner with once in awhile, and someone to be an escort if I needed one, but all I really want is man who can leave the emotion outside the door and fuck me silly whenever I feel the need.”

I should tell you that once the effects of my sweet elixir begin to take hold of me I lose all manner of decorum and actually become extremely open and forthcoming. To put it simply, I turn into a vixen.

I watched his face as I spoke each word; he wasn’t surprised or didn’t appear to be taken aback by my honesty.

“Well, I have always admired a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid or ashamed of saying it. I have pretty much the same view point. My perspective differs just slightly, in that I’ve always been of the belief that we, men and women often confuse lust and love. What I mean is, I may want to spend hours fucking you, excuse my bluntness, I think we understand each other so where was I, oh yeah, I have always loved a get down and dirty, a sexy romp between the sheets, loving every minute, but it doesn’t mean we have to be in love with each other.”

“Fred, I’ve had the love of my life, he changed my life. No one will ever love me again like that, and truthfully, I know I would never love another man that way. It doesn’t mean I don’t like men, like being with them, love how they make me feel, I just don’t want a man who wants to take my freedom from me. Independence is something I treasure. My life is very full; I have a wonderful family, all the deep feelings of love and being loved. Although I’m a very private person I wouldn’t mind a gentleman in my life, for shall I say some sensual erotic adventure now and then?”

I saw a calm come over Fred, he was relaxed and at ease.

“How about I put a few more logs on the fire and you freshen up our drinks, I like this conversation and would like to hear more about how you think and feel.”

I liked this man; he was easy to talk with.

Obviously we was like minded and we were comfortable speaking freely and openly with each other.

The room was almost in darkness; I turned on a small lamp next to the couch and fixed us another cocktail. Fred stoked the fire; put a few good sized logs on and we settled down on the couch to continue our tête-à-tête.

“I remember you as a young girl Layla. The summers were fun weren’t they? I can still see you jumping off Mr. Danford’s dock into the lake and swim like a fish. Do you still like to swim?”

“I love the water, in the summer I spend a lot of time down at the lake. There a few older gentlemen who enjoy watching me swim around till this very day.”

I watched his cheeks blush, then his lips turned up into a smile.

“You have always been easy to look at Layla. So tell me more about your outlook on life and love.”

So, he wanted to hear more.

“As I said, I enjoy the company of an older man. I’m a flirt deep in my soul. I like being looked at, gazed at, and thought about. There nothing more sensual than following a man’s eyes as he slowly looks over my body. The way his eyes darken as he stops to wonder how it would feel to touch me. How his breathing becomes deeper and slower when he thinks how my body would fit his. Kind of the way you’re looking at me right now.”

Fred didn’t flinch, he didn’t show any signs of being uncomfortable or self-conscious, and I’d say he was rather enjoying himself.

“Why don’t you come closer and let’s see just how you feel?”

I smiled, put my glass down on the table and moved closer to him. I put my arms around his neck and leaned into him. When his lips came closer, in a tease almost, I kissed him. I wanted to taste his mouth, I opened my mouth and he let his tongue creep inside. I tasted the warm sweetness of the scotch he’d been drinking, the heat in his mouth and the tentative way he searched my mouth until he found my tongue. The kiss became more passionate and eager, filled with a deep desire to go further. “You have a sweet mouth Layla, I like how you respond to me, kissing me like this tells you want more is that true?”

I answered with a licking motion across his mouth. I sucked his lips and kissed him again. I felt his arms grow tighter around me, until I was so close he could feel my breasts against his chest. I moved my body until I was kneeling on the sofa, my arms around his neck, my nipples already stiff and hard just below his lips. The feeling of his teeth grasping a swollen nipple between shot a shock of pleasure down low between my legs. I released my hold around his neck and moved back, I wanted to see his mouth, holding my nipple and toying with it. He looked up into my eyes as he bit down and he smiled when he heard me moan expressing my delight.

“What sweet tits, your nipples are so hard, you like my biting don’t you, tell me?”

“Ohhh yesss, I love it don’t stop.”

“I have no intention of stopping.”

He reached up and filled his hands with my tits, biting each nipple, over and over, relishing the shrieks and moans. When he couldn’t wait another minute he pulled my top up and over my arms exposing my tits to his hungry eyes. “No bra, I like that. I saw your tits bouncing around under this shirt every time you moved. I wanted to rip this thing off and look at these big tits, grab them and stuff my mouth full of these big suck me hard nipples you have.”

And he wasted no time in doing just what he wanted. His palms full he raised my nipple to his mouth and closed his lips around it, squeezing his lips tightly and he watched me, looked at my eyes when he began sucking it hard, popping it in and out of his hungry mouth.

“Yesss, like that, I love it hard and tight.”

“I can suck these beauties real hard, till you can’t stand it anymore and you try and pull away, but I won’t stop, I’m a tittie man, I can make your nipples burn and throb just the way you like it.”

He didn’t stop; my nipples were on fire, so big and hard. The sucking was deep and drove me crazy. He let go of me and put my hands on my tits.

“Bounce your big luscious tits for me Layla, jiggle them up and down, and feed these hot candy red nipples to me.”

I did exactly what he wanted. I bounced my round milky orbs up and down in his face. I rubbed my tingling protruding nipples across his mouth and when he tried to latch on to one I pulled it away. When I needed to feel him sucking me I let him have one, in his mouth, his sucking lips and then I plucked it out, wet with his saliva and rubbed it between my fingers moaning and whimpering.

“Ohhh yeah, you know how to tease me with these big tits, just the way I like it.”

He pushed my hands down and grabbed my huge tits in his own hands. He sucked back and forth, biting the tender tips, waiting for me to pull back, he wouldn’t let go, he just held tighter and sucked harder, bit down until I begged him to stop.

“Now I want something else Layla, I know your sweet cunt is wet, filled with juice and I want that in my mouth.”

Suddenly I was on my back, and he was pulling my pants down, over my hips, down my legs until they were off and they were lying on the floor.

He pulled me to the edge of the sofa and spread my legs wide. As he slipped down onto the floor he told me to show him my wet cunt.

I reached down between my legs and separated my wet lips, I pulled back and he took one deep breath and his face was so close.

“You want me to lick this wet pussy don’t you, you want to feel my lips grab this big hard clit and suck it real good, tease it with the tip of my tongue, is that what you want, tell me Layla, tell me!”

“Ohhh, fuck yesss, that’s what I want, lick my pussy, suck it, that’s what I want, now do it!”

I watched him slid his tongue out of his mouth and when he touched my pulsing clit I almost couldn’t stand the feeling he stirred in me.

His lips were so soft and he pursed them around the engorged morsel and began sucking. His tongue was teasing the tip and his lips were sucking up and down. He’d let it fall out of his mouth and grab it again, over and over.

“Suck me; suck me nice, you’re sooo good, sooo good. Yesss like that, rub my clit with your tongue, just like that, Ohhh my God, I’m cumming, suck me, I’m cumming now.”

Fred didn’t disappoint me. His manipulations and willingness to do as I asked, no begged, brought me to a powerful finish.

The wicked rising and falling waves of pleasure were undoubtedly prolonged by his refusal to let me go. His gripping lips held onto to my throbbing piece of sweet candy, until I pleaded for his release. Much to his regret he acquiesced and allowed me to regain whatever small spark of self-control I could find. I watched Fred get up off his knees and standing over me he began to speak.

“Layla, you are quite a woman. I don’t mind saying, in all honesty, and with deep respect, that you have perhaps the sweetest pussy I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Looking at you now, lying there, those delectable tits, rising and falling, the wetness seeping out of your sugar pot, glistening lips and open thighs I would like nothing more than to fuck the living daylights out of you.”

Never one to turn away from such an invitation, I simply smiled and reached out to the man. I unbuckled his belt, opened the single button on his jeans, found the tab and pulled the zipper down.

I looked up and when I saw a broad smile materialize across his face I continued.

I reached into his pants and felt for his cock, it was quite hard and sprang out into the open. I was instantly aroused, in my hand was a truly magnificent specimen of stiff hard cock. Fred was a very, very fortunate man, and I was about to be given the privilege and distinct pleasure of feeling that huge instrument fill me with delight.

Although I could feel the wetness between my legs, I wanted to feel the man in my mouth, my warm wet mouth.

I lifted his cock in my hand and held it while I licked it from top to bottom. I hovered over the swollen head and then slowly engulfed it in my greedy lips. I gently sucked up and down, stopping only to bring him in deeper on every pass. When he felt the back of my throat, he pulled away.

He offered his hand and when I placed mine in his he pulled me to my feet.

“I want to see every inch of me slid inside you. Get up on the table and spread your legs nice and wide.”

The table he was referring to was my dining table. He helped me up, lifting me by my waist. “Now put your pretty feet up on the table and scoot your sweet fuck me cunt right down here on the edge, yeah, just like that.”

I was lying on my own table and it appeared as though I was to be the main course. Fred moved between my legs with his monster in his hand and began rubbing my pussy up and down; I could hear the wetness as it moved over me.

“You are one fantastic piece of pure sex. Now, it’s time to finish what we started.”

He stepped the tiniest bit closer and I felt the first soft touch.

“Yeah, that’s my cock woman, I can see it sliding into that wet pussy, inch by inch, and you feel it don’t you? Your lips are spread now Layla, I’m half way home, just a little deeper, oh, your sweet cunt is just pulling me in deep. Here we go.”

The feeling of his hard cock slowly filling me up was so sensual, so erotic, mesmerizing, I tightened my pussy and he drove way in, deep, so deep.

He took his time, in and out, stopping and plunging, a few fast furious thrusts and out again, he was driving me insane.

“Look at your big tits, bouncing all over, driving me crazy. That sugar candy is staring right at me Layla; I think I should rub it just a little like this.”

His fingers rolled over my tender puffed up clit and he began pulling on it, up and down, I was screaming, it felt so fucking good, I was doing everything I could to hold on, when he plunged deep into me and began fucking me hard and fast, rolling my button round and round I couldn’t stop it.

“That’s it, now we’re fucking aren’t we, feel that, you want it hard don’t you, deep and fast, well here it comes”

He grabbed my knees and held them apart as he pounded in and out of me. I was moaning, pleading with him to go faster, harder.

Ahhhh faster, fuck me harder, yesss, like that, ohhh, are you ready, do it now, now, fuck me hard let me cum!”

“Squeeze your pussy tight, yeah, now fuck me hard Layla, yesss, here it is, all the hot cum you want.”

I felt him jerk inside me and then the shots against my cervix, he was so deep and I was so insane with the pleasure I just pounded against him, he met me all the way.

I couldn’t catch my breath; I was reeling, moving all over the table until I felt him slow down, and stop moving. He was still buried deep inside me when he fell forward over me. I few more thrusts in and out and then finally I felt him pull out and find his breath again.

“You might just be the cause of my sudden demise.”

He lifted his body up and took my face in his hands, covering me with soft kisses. I was smiling as he moved his hands down and lifted my nipples to his mouth, I watched him suck and kiss each one and when he backed away and pulled me up he took me in his arms and hugged me so tight he took my breath away.

“How about a shower and some dinner, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna need all the strength I can find if this snow storm is going to keep me here for a day or two.”

We laughed and headed to the shower, I hoped it would never stop snowing.

The shower was so soothing. The water was hot and it felt good running down over us. We washed each other, kissed here and there, laughed and admitted we were starving.

My daddy had left some warm sweat pants and shirts here and I dug them out and Fred put them on. I slipped into a pretty fleece robe and some warm slippers combed my hair and we went to the kitchen.

What surprised me the most was how completely comfortable we were with each other. We were almost strangers, and yet there was no awkwardness.

We got dinner together and sat down at the table we had just fucked our brains out on and started eating.

“Well, this is very tasty, not quite as tasty as you but good.”

I laughed; I don’t remember being compared to chili before.

“You can drive me wild little lady, I had all I could do not to throw you up against the shower wall and have at you.”

“There is never a bad time to make love old man.”

“Layla, it’s because I am an old man that you even thought about it. How many of us old guys have you put in the grave? I’m fooling with you. Right now, I’m thanking God almighty that I’m an old man and that you have such a thing for anybody old enough to collect social security. Is there an age requirement?”

“To be perfectly honest, if you weren’t at least seventy two I would have never even considered it. Seriously, I have never been attracted to younger men. As far back as I can remember I have always been drawn to older men. My father and mother married very late in life, it was my father’s second marriage and they didn’t think they would have children. My father had a daughter, my sister Barbra, from another marriage, his first wife died very young. By the time I came along, and what a surprise I was, Barbra was already gone so I essentially grew up as an only child. I was always around adults. My Daddy was a college professor and all his friends and family were much older than the other kid’s parents. I liked books and music and never had an interest in what the other kids were doing. Wow, I’m babbling on here.”

“No, I’m really interested. I remember you as a young girl, always off by yourself. I also noticed how much you weren’t like a girl at all. You had a body that wouldn’t quit and a mind that put most adults to shame. I always wondered what actually became of you.”

“I had a very happy life. I traveled, read books, listened to music and always liked being alone. I was nineteen when I met Tony, and a virgin. He excited me and the rest as they say is history.”

“Can I ask how old he was?”

“He was seventy eight years young. He was what love was meant to be.”

I was suddenly becoming melancholy and I didn’t want to change the atmosphere.

“Enough of that, do you like Hot Buttered Rum?”

I think he understood my reluctance to continue along that path and smiled and said he thought that would be a marvelous treat.

We gathered the ingredients, went into the kitchen and in a very few minutes we were back on the sofa, sipping the sweet elixir and laughing again.

“So, now you live here year round is that right?”

“Yes, I just made the move this past fall. I’d been spending more and more time here, I love this house and the town, and the people so I made the move and have been so glad I did. I forgot how much like “Northern Exposure” this place really is. There is always something going on and as I said I adore all the eccentric personalities. That’s funny; I guess my own eccentricities fit right in. Say, how about some music?”

I didn’t wait for an answer, I was already up and turning on the computer.

“I thought you were putting music on?”

“Yes, I subscribe to an online music library, you choose a particular artist and they create a station with that genre. I love Ella Fitzgerald, the cool jazz of the 40’s and 50’s. The library makes a collection of all those old and new renditions and plays nonstop.”

Within seconds the sweet soulful Miss Ella was singing. “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most”.

“Ummm, that’s really nice; I can see why you love it. It fits you Layla, just like this house, this town, it all fits you. I’ve known a lot of women in my life but I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone quite like you.”

“I know what I want, and don’t want. I like men, older men, if that makes me different, so be it. Sometimes I think I’m a holdover from the sixties, you know free love and all that. Someone once told me I have an old soul. Do like to dance, I would love to dance.”

“Then let’s dance.”

Nina Simone was singing “Smile”, slow and sultry. Fred took me in his arms and we danced slow and sexy, barely moving our feet. The rum was taking me over, and it made me feel very warm. The music was perfect, the man was perfect and the snow was falling. “You feel good Layla, soft and warm in my arms. I’m going to kiss you.”

I raised my mouth to meet his and the kiss was sensual, slow, and sweet. I felt his mouth open and this time our tongues explored, tasting each other.

He turned me around and I could feel his hands touching me, circling over my hips, my waist, slow and easy. I leaned against him and felt him in the small of my back. He kissed my neck, his mouth was warm and his tongue licked my skin as his hands felt my breasts. This was so different than this afternoon, this man was making love to me and I wanted him.

He opened the buttons on my robe and reached inside cupping his palms under my breasts. His hands caressed me, felt me and held me.

The fingers that found my nipples rolled them softly and I was on fire. He pulled my robe off and reached down between my legs, wanting to feel me, touch me. He moaned in my ear when he felt the wetness, and he couldn’t wait any longer.

“Layla, lie down here on the rug.”

I watched him slip out of his clothes and crawl on top of me. My legs were open, inviting him in and when he took me in his arms he found the way slipping gently inside me.

This was easy and the feeling was sweet and erotic. We moved against each other, and felt the urges grow. “You feel so good; you’re so wet and warm.”

He felt me tightened around him and meet him just a little faster, he thrust into me just a little deeper.

Rosemary Clooney was singing “Lover Man” and it was all we needed.

The passion was building and we looked into each other’s eyes and the fervor was taking over.

The moving was deliberate and firm, deep and deeper, and when I raised my legs and put them around his hips he knew what I wanted and he gave it to me, all of it.

The feeling in my groin was powerful and he was in perfect rhythm with me. The sensation was so damn good, we just moved until the pure throbbing pleasure reached the point of no stopping and we came together in unadulterated unabated bliss.

Dorothy Dandridge was singing,

“What Is There To Say”

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