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An Unexpected Encounter

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I had just recently met Tiffany, who was a nineteen year old sophomore at the university I’m attending. I must say that Tiffany is absolutely gorgeous. She has long chestnut brown hair with striking dark-colored eyes. Tiffany is about five-five and weighs 115Ibs, and she has the most gorgeous set of legs I’ve ever seen on a woman (well, in my opinion).

I’m a 23 year old college senior, who is also single. I had been looking for that special young woman, so I was very excited to have met Tiffany. I realized that she definitely had potential and saw that she was basically everything I wanted in my significant other.

Unfortunately for me I discovered that Tiffany was already involved with someone. I was naturally disappointed, but I decided that I was definitely interested in being friends with Tiffany. Of course, I was optimistic that maybe some day there would be the possibility of Tiffany and me hooking up as boyfriend and girlfriend.

I also knew that Tiffany was a member of a sorority, and I realized that she also had some attractive single friends who I’d be interested in pursuing. However, I definitely didn’t expect what transpired when Tiffany had invited me to her mother’s for a cookout this past month.

I had known that her parents had recently separated and were in the process of going through a divorce. Tiffany’s mom Laura lived about 45 minutes north of campus with Tiffany’s younger sister Tanya. I also knew that Tiffany’s thirty-eight year old mother was a certified public accountant, but I had yet to meet her in the two months that I had known Tiffany.

I showed up for around five that afternoon, dressed casually in nice khaki shorts, a short-sleeve button-up shirt and sandals. I had intended on just relaxing, possibly having a few drinks and of course, meeting Tiffany’s family.

When I arrived, the food was still being prepared. Tiffany introduced me first to her sister Tanya and then to her mother Laura who was preparing the food in the kitchen.

Laura, her mother, was even more beautiful than her daughter.

Laura is five-seven, with beautiful sapphire blue eyes and shoulder-length brown hair, and she weighs approximately 120Ibs. Laura shook my hand politely as she smiled at me and then headed outside to start the grill.

I tried my best to not openly gawk at Tiffany’s mother in my friend’s presence, but I will admit that wasn’t easy. I found myself eyeing Laura as she worked in the kitchen and then on the patio as we ate.

I also noticed that Laura was being extremely nice to me, and I swear I caught her winking at me a couple times while I sat next to her daughter. But I didn’t give that too much serious thought because at the time I couldn’t possibly imagine that Tiffany’s mother would be interested in a man who was fifteen years her junior.

Before I left that evening, I thanked Laura for having me over and said goodbye. Then Tiffany walked out to my truck with me and told me that she’d talk to me later.

It wasn’t until later that I realized Laura might indeed have ulterior intentions when I received an email from her. She said in the email that she was glad that her daughter had met such a nice young man, who was also strikingly handsome. Laura also said that I was welcome at her place anytime and said she would let Tiffany know that is was okay to invite me over for dinner again.

I found myself wondering how I would deal with spending time at Tiffany’s mother’s home with her sexy mother being there, knowing I would not only be checking out my friend Tiffany, but also looking at her mom. I figured I would be fine at dealing with whatever situation might arise. But I would soon find out that I seriously underestimated the power of lust.

A week later I stopped by Tiffany’s house to see if she wanted to out to dinner because I knew Tiffany was staying at her mother’s over the weekend. When I arrived at the house, Laura answered the door and said that Tiffany wasn’t home. She said she was over at her boyfriend’s place, and she wasn’t sure what time she was planning on returning. Then, Laura asked if I wanted to come inside and wait for Tanya.

I didn’t have anything planned for the rest of the afternoon and evening, so I accepted and went inside. Laura told me to make myself at home, and I did just that. I went into their living room and sat down to read the newspaper. Meanwhile, Laura sat down in the living room and watched television.

I have to admit that I felt kind of awkward sitting alone in Tiffany’s living room with her mother, who as I mentioned earlier is an amazingly gorgeous woman. On this day, Laura looked mouthwatering good in a pair of short, tight white shorts and a pink spaghetti-strap chemise. She wore eye-catching dark pink lipstick that accentuated her lips.

A few minutes later, Laura excused herself and said that she was going to check on her laundry. I looked up to acknowledge her and realized that her taut ass was just a couple feet away from me. She turned around and smiled at me, as if she knew that my eyes were focused on her. I think I must also say that the line of her bikini panties was clearly evident as she walked away from me.

I felt a tingle in my underwear and figured I had better change my course of thought. I attempted to read the sports section of the newspaper, but I found myself distracted and would search Laura’s ass, trying to locate those panty lines when she walked by.

When Laura returned to the room with her laundry basket, she bent over to pick up some socks off the floor that had fallen out of the laundry basket. At that time I noticed that her panty lines had disappeared! My heart almost skipped a beat as I wondered, had this beautiful woman nearly twice my age removed her panties for me, or so I questioned.

Again, I tried to regroup and regain my composure but I will admit that was becoming even more difficult. I went upstairs to the bathroom and washed my face. As I was passing the master bedroom, I caught a glimpse of something interesting resting on her dresser.

I took a quick turn and went inside Laura’s bedroom to investigate. As I walked toward her dresser, it became clear that it was indeed what I thought. A chrome-colored vibrator which appeared to be at least seven inches long was situated on a white handkerchief on the top of her dresser. I picked up and briefly examined it, knowing very well who owned and most likely used the vibrator.

Then, I returned the vibrator to approximately the same place as I found it. Just as I was thinking, I should go back downstairs I found my eyes exploring Laura’s bedroom. I became even more curious and decided to walk over to her nightstand by her bed.

As I walked by Laura’s bedroom television set that was placed on the other end of her dresser, I saw something possibly intriguing situated on top of the DVD player next to the television. I took a few steps to the side and went over to DVD player. I looked at the DVD jacket, and I discovered that it was empty. More importantly, I could also clearly make-out that it was an adult movie.

My mind raced with thoughts, as I envisioned different possibilities and put together all my recent observations. I couldn’t resist finding out more, so I lifted the DVD jacket and began to read the back. Namely, I was very curious as to the content of the pornographic movie.

I stood there contemplating my situation and realized I could get an earful from Laura for nosing around in her room. Just then, I suddenly heard the door creak and close behind me. I felt my heartbeat quicken instantly and my breathing deepen, because I knew I was busted. I turned around quickly and saw Laura standing there with her hands on her beautiful hips.

I began to explain meekly why I had entered her room, and she interrupted me, telling me not to say another word. I thought that my goose was cooked, but instead of berating me, Laura asked me if I ever watched adult movies.

Unsure of what to say, I said, “I have. But you know, it’s not something I do very –”

Laura cut me off. “No need to explain,” she said. “I was curious as to whether I could count on you to be interested in watching a porno with me.”

I found myself stumbling for what to say, so I merely asked an awkward but simple question. “You want to now?” I said.

“No, silly I actually have other intentions right now…We will do that another time.” she said, as she grinned. Laura moved closer to me and slid her straps of her spaghetti-strapped top over her shoulders, allowing the tops of her round breasts to come into view.

I tried to speak again, but she placed one of her fingers on my lips and said, “I was glad when my daughter Tiffany invited you over last week, so we could meet. And I’ve wanted you ever since. I know you want me, too. I’ve seen the way you look at me. Am I wrong, Jason?

My cock stiffened so it was impossible not to notice the bulge in my khaki shorts.

I caught Laura looking down, and she said, “I guess there’s my answer.” She reached into my khaki cargo shorts and wrapped her hand around my hard shaft. I moaned as I realized that my fantasy of the past week was about to come true.

Laura pumped her hand along my shaft slowly at first. At the same time, she planted her lips on mine and pushed her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues danced around at nearly the same pace as her hand slid along the length of my shaft.

I found myself wondering how much I could take. I muttered, “What about Tiffany?” “I thought–,” I continued.

“She won’t be back for at least a couple of hours,” Laura said calmly. “Now, why don’t you do to me what both you and I want?”

Without hesitating, I pulled Laura’s spaghetti-strap top all the way down to her belly and marveled at the sight of the most beautiful, perfectly shaped tits I had ever seen in real life. I cupped them both and massaged them, working them over with my palms. She cooed, as her nipples hardened to my touch. Her nipples were bigger and harder than I had imagined, sticking out nearly a half-inch from her areolas. I kneaded them gently as I massaged her mounds, paying special attention to be gentle yet sensual with my touch.

Laura swung her hips as she ground her white shorts against my right leg while we stood by her bed. Her pelvis was gyrating so hard on my thigh that I nearly fell over. But I managed to keep my balance, then moved my head down to her erect nipples and tongued them, using my tongue to encircle each of them individually.

She held onto the back of my head as I moved it from side to side, allowing her hard nipples to slide across my lips from one corner of my mouth to the other.

As her gyrations quickened, she moaned, “You’re fucking good at what you do!” I will admit initially stunned to hear her use such language, but then I realized that I should appreciate the fact that she so comfortable talking dirty.

I kept up the pressure on her boobs and reached down to unsnap her shorts. I tugged the fly of her shorts open with my right hand, forcing the zipper down. Laura wiggled her hips, and her white shorts slid down her thighs. As she stepped back, they fell to her ankles.

I had for the first time a close-up view of Laura’s pussy that I had found myself daydreaming about. Only this pussy was neatly trimmed and cleanly shaved around her pussy lips. I also had noticed a huge wet spot in the crotch in the crotch of her shorts and a trail of wetness connecting her thighs, as she kicked her feet out her shorts.

After Laura stepped out of her shorts, she said, “I had hoped that you would come by again soon. Jason, I’ve been keeping my pussy trimmed and neat. I even took my panties off just for you.”

I was speechless, and didn’t know what to say. I grinned, and Laura smiled back at me. Then, I knelt down in front of her and reached around, placing my hands on her firm ass cheeks and pulling her trimmed pussy to my face. She moaned as I angled my head to place my tongue right in her slippery slit that she had kept well prepared just for me.

I worked my tongue softly from one end of her moist slit to the other and felt more of her wetness seep out her. Her sweet scent and lubrication covered my mouth, as I worked my tongue in her pussy, each time probing between her pussy lips with my tongue and then slipping my tongue toward her clit. Each time I reached her clit with the tip of my tongue, she wiggled her hips and her legs convulsed from the pleasure.

I was thoroughly enjoying her sweet yet musky smell and found myself craving both the scent and taste of her juices. I also knew that I had her on the edge of an orgasm, so I concentrated on her love button, circling it with my tongue.

Laura worked her pussy back and forth on my mouth in long, grinding thrusts, using her hips and pelvis to meet my tongue in all the right places. Her grip on my head was tightening to the point where I was almost concerned that I might suffocate, but her fingers running through my fingers reassured me that I had nothing to worry about.

She shuddered violently for a solid period of at least thirty seconds was frozen in place with my tongue rolling her clit between my lips as she bucked against my face. After her series of orgasms subsided, she didn’t collapse or appear to want to even rest.

Laura pulled me up from my knees and lofted me backward on her water bed, where she deftly yanked my shorts to my ankles and instinctively pulled my entire erection in her mouth.

I could only watch in awe, as she eased it all in the way down in her throat in one long, continuous motion. It was almost if I had stopped breathing for a moment, unable to believe that she had just deep-throated me on her first taste of my cock.

As my dickhead slid in and out of her throat, her lips were so soft and her mouth so warm, I figured I would come in a matter of seconds. Laura sucked my cock in such a way that it her lust for me was blatantly obvious, and I found myself wanting this sex-crazed woman even more.

I gently held onto her head to guide her mouth up and down on my cock, occasionally stroking my fingers through her long mane of dark hair like combs as she sucked on my shaft. She pulled it out of her mouth and licked the underside from the base to the crown of the head. Once she arrived back at the crown with her tongue, she gulped the length of my shaft back down her throat.

I arched as I felt an orgasm building up inside of my loins. I think she sensed my impending eruption and pulled my dick out of her mouth. “No, not yet, “Laura said. “I’m not ready to taste your come. I have to have your cock in my pussy first.”

Laura kissed my shaft, leaving a smear of streaks from the remainder of her dark pink lipstick. Then, she stood up and motioned that she was climbing aboard.

Finally, I was about to feel Laura’s pussy wrap itself around the length of my shaft. Before I had a chance to remember the way I imagined it felt in my daydreams, I was fully inside Laura’s pussy. She mounted me with such ease and expertise, I realized then the difference in bedding an experienced woman.

With her tits daggling in my face and her pussy resting on the base of my cock, she began to grind her mound and more important her clit against my pelvic bone. I reached up to take her boobs in my hands, cupping them in my palms, and manipulated them with my fingers.

Laura arched her back and moaned with excitement as I fondled her boobs. She raised her pussy up and then lowered it again on my hard rod, taking my shaft almost completely out each time before impaling herself completely on my cock. As she continued to repeat this pleasurable process, her wetness trickled down between my legs as she bounced, and she gradually began to pick up the pace.

She said many things to me during this time, but I swear I couldn’t decipher a word of it. As she continued to ride me, she leaned back on her hands and gave me a complete view of her pussy sliding up and down the length of my dick. It glistened each time she rode up, and I found myself beginning to think of spurting my load of come in her wet snatch.

I Knew I was getting close, and I was hoping for a mutual orgasm, so I placed my right hand on her lower belly and thumbed her clit. Meanwhile, my left hand continued to brush across her jiggling breasts. My left hand would occasionally pass across the side of her face and through her long hair, as I attempted to stroke her skin and long mane of hair affectionately.

“Oh god, yeah” She screamed, as she uttered those words in a high pitch tone of voice. She shook her hips and begged me to come with her. This was just the invitation I had hoped for. I met each of her thrusts with one of my own, ramming my dick all the way into her pussy. I could feel her pussy clutching around my shaft as my head began to spin.

She flopped around on my dick like a woman possessed of lust and enamored with ecstasy, and soon I couldn’t hold back anymore. I loudly moaned her name and then called out that I was coming, as I came with such unimaginable force and shot a load that filled her pussy. Laura clearly must have felt me spray the insides.

Laura screamed as a result of her own pleasure as well, as an orgasm seemingly engulfed her entire body, while she continued to ride my cock. Meanwhile, I continued to use my thumb to toy with her clit as her body trembled in pleasure.

Our climaxes seemed to last for minutes and seemingly didn’t stop until I felt come seeping back out of her pussy. She slid off me and cupped her hands beneath her dripping slit. As come leaked out of her pussy, she collected it in the cup of her hand. I didn’t know what to make of this at time, but I was so charged that I honestly didn’t care.

Once it appeared that a good portion of my spunk had drained out of her, Laura brought her hand to her mouth and licked her hand, so to taste the mixture of our combined fluids. Then, she leaned forward and planted her lips on mine in a very affectionate and loving caress.

As her lips met mine, I could smell our juices. She slipped her tongue inside my mouth and swirled the tip of her tongue against mine, offering me a taste of our combined sex juices.

She smiled at me, and then placed her head on my chest.

I whispered to her that she was wonderful and confided in her that I was glad that we had met as well. Then, I affectionately brushed the fingers of my right hand through her hair while enjoying the warmth of her body, as she snuggled against me. Meanwhile, she massaged my belly with her left hand.

The two of us enjoyed the closeness of being next to one another for quite a while, and then decided that we better get dressed before we end-up getting caught in a compromising situation.

I watched intently as she got up. Laura went over to pick up her shorts, and I found myself eyeing her taut ass as walked over to put her shorts back on. She put them back on, allowing whatever semen possibly remained to continue to slowly drip from her pussy and add the wetness of my come to the already moist crotch of her white shorts.

“I’m going to have your come inside me all day, “She said, giggling. Then, she told me not to tell anyone we mutually knew about our encounter. She also promised that we’d watch an adult-rated movie together, as I began to get dressed.

I finished getting dressed, and then gave her a passionate good-bye kiss. I told her that I’d be looking forward to seeing her again and also reassured her that I’d remain discreet, just as she had asked.

Soon afterwards, I realized that I was indeed a fortunate young man. I also realized that this could very possibly be the start of a very rewarding and mutually pleasing relationship. I also learned a valuable lesson — while things don’t always happen as you would expect, but in my case I don’t think there is any reason for me to complain about the outcome of this unexpected situation.

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