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An Evening With Gabrielle

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“You know what I want.”

“Yes,” I answer. I drop to my knees. She smiles down at me and parts her legs. Her right leg extends towards me.

I take her foot in my left hand and with my right I undo the strap of her shoe. I remove it and toss it aside. I close my eyes and rub her foot against my cheek, loving the smooth, sensual feel of her skin against my face. Gently, ever so gently I kiss her ankle.

“Lick me!”

“My tongue slowly begins exploring Gabrielle’s exquisite foot. I hear the intake of her breath as her excitement slowly begins to build. I begin with her perfect ankle, kissing and licking it. After a moment I move down towards her toes. First, however, I raise her foot so that I can lick the sole of her beautiful foot. I run my tongue slowly from the heel to the base of her toes and then back again. She tastes wonderful.

“Ohhh,” she moans. “That’s nice!”

I then turn my attention to the top of her foot, kissing and licking the perfect skin there. I know what she wants next but I deliberately delay, knowing that her passion is increasing by the second. Already she is squirming on the couch. Her short skirt has ridden high up her thighs, giving me a perfect view of her beautiful legs. She knows what I like too.

“Ohh, please.”

All right then. My tongue darts out and licks her toes, exploring and loving them. I lick in between each toe, leaving a wet trail of saliva everywhere. She is not the only one enjoying this; my cock is swollen in my pants. She knows the effect she has on me.

Finally I sense that we are both ready for the next step. My lips part and I slowly slip her toes into my mouth. Her feet are petite so I have no trouble taking them all in. She twitches with pleasure as I lick and suck on them.

I let her toes slide out of my mouth and begin sucking on each toe individually. I love the feel and taste of her toes. There is nothing, nothing at all that I would rather do then service her in this way. Evidently she feels the same.

“Ohh honey, oh that’s it baby. Suck them! Suck them!!”

My right hand caresses the back of her leg as I suck her. Her skin is so soft and smooth, it drives me wild. I stare up at her long legs, spread open before me. One of her hands has slipped into her little panties while the other clutches the couch tightly. She looks so good.

If I could put her whole foot in my mouth I would gladly have done so, but I satisfy myself with what I can do. Her toes are wet and glistening as I give them a final kiss.

I could have sucked and kissed her feet for hours but there was so much more of her to enjoy.

Often, I’ve thought of her beautiful legs and how she must look at the school where she teaches. How many students must have gotten a glimpse of those legs and wished that they could have knelt between them as I was doing now. She was not above teasing them from time to time by wearing a skirt that would ride up her legs when she wanted it to. I once told her that she was probably the object of numerous masturbation fantasies and she was fine with that…

Slowly I worked my way up her leg, kissing, licking and gently nipping her tender flesh. I stopped at her knee because I knew how sensitive she was there. I licked the tender flesh at the back of her knee and she moaned with excitement.

Her hand was working faster inside her panties now. Her panties moved with every stroke of her fingers.

I rubbed her thigh against my cheek, slowly moving back and forth against the creamy softness. I loved worshiping her here; her thighs were my favorite part. So soft; so sensual.

My tongue traced a path upwards, slowly licking up her leg. The insides of her legs were beautiful. I could spend the rest of my life between them… I licked up and down the inside, stopping only to kiss her there and to slowly suck on her willing flesh.

“Oh my god.Yes! Yes! Kiss me! Lick me! Suck me!” She pulled her fingers from her panties and held them out to me. I quickly sucked them into my mouth, loving the sweet taste of her pussy juice. Her eyes, glazed with passion, gazed down at me with approval.

“Turn over baby, let me taste the back of your legs.”

“Oh fuck yes!” she moaned. She flipped over, found a position that was comfortable for her and extended her leg outward. Her skirt was bunched up at her waist and I pulled it up further so that I could see the outline of her beautiful ass through her panties. If anyone was happier than I was at that moment, I can only guess what they must have been doing.

I really gave the back of her knee a good licking now that I had easier access to it… she moaned with pleasure and her toes reached out and slowly began rubbing against the front of my pants. I straddled her leg to make it easier for her and she laughed with glee as her foot found my hard cock.

“Take it out baby. I want to feel your cock with my foot.”

“Your wish is my command baby.” Quick as I could I unzipped my pants and threw them and my under shorts aside. Resuming my previous position I began licking the back of her thigh.

Her foot gently reached upward and found my balls. Ever so gently she began moving her foot back and forth, caressing them. The feeling was heavenly.

“Rub your cock on my foot baby.”

I swung around and gently lifting the sole of her foot to me I began rubbing my swollen cock on the back of her foot. There was still some saliva on her foot from before so it slid easily back and forth. A bit of precum didn’t hurt either.

“That’s it honey, fuck my foot. Yeah!”

Back and forth went my cock on her foot. Her toes curled back, rubbing against the head and increasing my pleasure.

“I better stop or I’ll…”

“No! Don’t stop! I want you to cum all over my foot. Do it baby, shoot off on my foot.”

This was new to me but I was willing to do whatever she wanted. Anyway, we had all day and I recovered quickly. More pleasures awaited.

My pleasure increased as the thought of shooting all my cum on her foot took root. I pumped harder against her and my climax rapidly approached.

“Oh sweetie I’m gonna cum all over you.”

“Do it baby shoot it. Shoot it all!”

I held back as long as I could but that didn’t last long. A wave of intense pleasure flowed through me and my hot cum erupted from my cock. I aimed at the back of her foot and blast after blast of cum soon covered the sole of her foot. It trickled between her toes and dripped down unto the couch and the back of her legs. I leaned back and sprayed the back of her knee and she squealed with delight. Really, the whole back of her leg from knee to toes was covered by the time I finished shooting off.

So intense had my orgasm been that I hadn’t noticed that she had stroked herself to climax as well. Her body was still jerking with aftershocks of pleasure as I fell unto the couch with her.

Both of our hearts were still pounding and it was several minutes before she spoke.

“That,” she purred,” was absolutely fantastic.

“Oh baby…” was the best that I could manage.

Her hand reached down and grasped my wet cock, still dripping strands of hot cum.


“Yes?” I answered.

“How long before you can do my other leg?”

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