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Amy’s First Camping Trip

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Amy had decided to go against her parent’s wishes and take a camping trip all by herself before college started. Having just graduated from high school in May it was her first major outing as a adult on her own. She was due to attend the state university in the fall. Originally Amy she had planned to go on the trip with a few of her close friends. But of course as the summer wore on they all found other things to do. Boyfriends, family and college preparations had managed to cause each and every one of them to tell her that they couldn’t go with her.

Last week had been the final straw when her best friend, Kelly, had finally broke the news that her and her boyfriend, Mike, were going on a trip of their own the same weekend that Amy had set up hers.

Amy had spent the week fuming and packing. She had been in a bad mood all week and her mom and dad had noticed. They listened to her, and then tried to talk her out of her plans when she told them that she planed to go anyway. Her dad had tried to be reasonable and logical with her, telling her about her lack of experience and that she would have problems. It took a week but she had finally convinced them that she would be fine. She thought to herself, “It’s only camping how hard can it be.”

She had told her parents that she would be going to the state park that wasn’t too far from home. They had agreed with her that it sounded like she would be safe. Wednesday night she could hardly sleep from anticipation. She had everything packed in her backpack and her dad’s old duffelbag. The cooler was waiting to be stocked the next morning with the food she had bought earlier. The car had her tent, sleeping bag and all the other big stuff in it already. She had a few more things to pack in the morning after her shower and then she would be ready to load up and head out. Thursday morning, Amy was up and moving just after the sun had broke the horizon.

Being born and raised in a big city she didn’t get to see too many sunrises. She had everything packed and had finished loading the car by the time her mom and dad had gotten out of bed. The three of them had sat at the kitchen table and talked about her leaving again. Of course her mother had reservations about her little girl leaving for 4 days all by herself. Amy promised to call her parents when she got there.

Amy’s parents headed off to work and she eagerly got in her car for the 4 hour trip to the state park where she would be staying the next 4 days. Amy signed in at the board and then went to select a campsite. Amy was thinking about what her parents had said and warned her about being all alone. Amy figured that she would be safest tucked back in the woods and out of site. She finally found a site she liked. The only thing that anyone would be able to see is the post that marked the site. Her car would be out of view along with everything else. The only bad thing about the campsite was that it was a long ways to get to the bathroom and shower, but she though she would just drive over there.

Amy unpacked her car, and set up her tent. It took her longer then she thought since the directions were a little confusing. Amy finally got everything setup in her little campsite and then decided to take a look around the park. Amy found where the wood was at for her campfire, on the way back from her walk she bought a bundle of wood so she would be able to cook her supper. She knew the basic layout of the park, so she pretty much could find out where she needed to go from memory. On the way back to get the wood she called her mother and let her know that she was at the park safe and sound and that everything was going okay. Her mother talked to her for about 15 minutes, more then long enough for Amy to get back to the wood bin where she was going to pick up her bundle of wood. After she hung up, Amy gathered her wood and walked back to her campsite.


Paul watched as the blond teen picked up her cord of wood and walked back towards her campsite. He had noticed her as she walked down the trail, obviously taking in the sights of the park. Paul had stayed out here many times and on occasion had even worked for the park service, he knew how things were run around here and even where some out of the way areas were. He decided to follow the blond to see where her campsite was, hoping to possibly strike up a conversation with her. Paul watched as she turned down the trail towards one of the more secluded spots in the park. Personally it wasn’t the best one but it was a good one. His truck was parked at the most secluded one in the park.

Paul noticed that she didn’t have her permit posted when he walked by the post. That gave him an excuse to walk back into her camp. He walked down the path and was greeted by a sight that almost made him laugh. The blond’s tent was lopsided and not set up right at all. It was almost as if she forgot to put a pole in. That’s when he noticed that she had not even staked the thing down.

The he noticed that the blond was stacking the wood at the back of the campsite. She was bent over with her ass sticking out at him from the bottom of her cut offs. He did notice that she either didn’t have any panties on or that she was wearing something that wouldn’t show out from under her cut offs. She stood up and turned around, then jumped back startled to see him standing there.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you.” Paul said.

The blond stood there for a second holding her hand against her chest a kind of surprised and dazed look on her face. It took her a few minutes to recover. Then she finally said, “You didn’t startle me I just had something that caught in my throat, ” trying to sound confident.

“Okay,” Paul answered her, “well hi, my name is Paul.”

She stepped forward to take his hand in hers and said, “Amy.”

“Nice to meet you Amy. You just getting here?” Her grip wasn’t at all firm but not quite the limp fish he expected either.

“Yes, I got here about a hour or so ago. I finished setting up and then decided to check out the park.”

“Well I don’t mean to be blunt, but I think you could use a little bit of help with your tent at least.” He pointed to the tent.

Amy looked over towards the tent and it looked fine to her. She could feel her anger rising a little as he called into question her skills at setting up her campsite. She looked back at him and said, “The tent is fine. I know how to set one up.” Her tone was very defensive.

Paul heard the tone in her voice and he figured that she was one of those girls that thought she knew everything. He decided to leave things alone at that point, and just let her think she knew what she was doing. He knew they were in for some high winds in the next couple days along with a some rain. And who knows in the Midwest that could mean tornado or a really bad thunderstorm. Those kind of people just got under his skin in the worst way. The know it alls, and the holier then thou’s. He figured that he would find out if she really was one of those people. And if she was, well he had a few ideas of how to cure her of those ideas very quickly.

“Okay” he said with his hands thrown up like he was surrendering, “Well the least I could do is invite you over for supper.”

Amy was surprised at his invitation. She had been asked out many times in high school, but she wasn’t the most popular girl in school. And here was this hunk of a guy inviting her to dinner. He had to be at least 21. He was wearing a snap button shirt with the sleeves cut off and the edges frayed. The top 2 or 3 buttons were unsnapped so you could see part of his chest under it. His skin was a dark brown, all that she could see at least. And then the worn, tight wranglers, omg he was built. His boots were cowboy boots that had seen better days but were still in good shape. Most guys like him wouldn’t even bat a eyelash in her direction.

“Ummmmmmm, sure. I’d love too.” she stammered.

“Okay I’ll be back round 5ish to get you and we can head over to my campsite.” Paul told her.

“Okay I will see you then.” Amy answered back.

Paul turned and walked away from her campsite, thinking to himself that maybe she wasn’t quite as stuck up as she first appeared. But time would tell. He was gonna have her at his campsite here in a few hours and it was on the other side of the park, close to the edge of the park. And if she was a stuck up as she first appeared to be it might be a good idea to be ready to teach her a lesson. He was feeling that kind of a urge lately anyway. Paul headed back to his campsite to get things ready for supper and for Amy.


Amy watched as Paul walked away, looking at his tight ass in his faded wranglers. She wondered what he would look like naked. Amy wasn’t what you would call inexperienced but she had never had a older guy check her out. And here she was checking him out as he walked out of her camp. Once he had turned the corner and was out of view, she turned to look at her tent and wondered what he had saw that made him offer to help her on it. To her it did look a little lopsided but she wasn’t sure on what went wrong. She went and looked for the directions again, but still couldn’t find them.

Amy finished getting things in her campsite set up the way she wanted them, and pulled out her cell phone to check the time, 415 pm. Amy knew she would have to hurry if she wanted to be ready for her dinner with Paul. She grabbed her shower stuff make up and the sexiest underwear she had brought with her with a pair of cutoff jeans and a cute t-shirt. Then got in her car and drove up to the bathroom.

The mirror in the bathroom left a lot to be desired since it was one of the metal ones, but Amy made due. She jumped it the shower quick to get the smell off her skin mostly since she had worked up a little sweat this morning already. She washed her hair, shaved and cleaned up as quickly as she could.

While she was in the shower, she heard the door open, and another female stepped in the shower area. Amy stuck her head out of the water long enough to look to see who was there. The other female was probably in her early 30’s, straight shoulder length brown hair. Her body was thicker then Amy’s sleek cheerleader toned body. Amy tried to look carefully so as not to be seen looking. She watched as the woman stripped down, her shirt then shorts coming off. The woman had on a plain white bra and a thong. The woman turned her back to Amy as she took her bra off and slipped her thong off.

The showers were a communal type with no separations between the heads. There weren’t many shower heads though either. Amy had chosen the middle one of the three. She knew that she would get a good look at the other female here soon. Amy had played around with a few of her friends and had seen them naked quite a few times. But she was curious as to what a older womans body looked like.

She didn’t have long to wait as the woman turned after taking off her underwear and headed to the shower head on Amy’s left. When she walked in, Amy had her back to the wall and was rising her hair so she had a full frontal shot of the woman as she walked in. The woman was average looking with good sized chest, and they sagged a bit, with huge areolas and big nips. She had a bit of a belly and Amy could see a few stretch marks on the sides. And then there was a very thick patch of dark curly hair. Amy didn’t like that particular part about the older womans body. The woman said hello to Amy and she greeted her back, finishing up washing her hair out. She then stepped out of the shower, looking back to see the womans ass again. Amy toweled herself off and then wrapping the towel around her went to the mirror.

By the time she finished getting ready she had maybe 2 minutes to get back to her campsite. As she pulled into the campsite, Paul was sitting at the end of the log that served as a bench waiting on her.

“Hey.” Paul said as she entered the campsite.

Amy said “Hey, just let me put my stuff in my tent and I will be ready to go.”

“Okay no problem.” Paul answered, “Do you want to drive over to my site or walk?”

“Um, how far is it?” She asked.

“Not far, take a few minutes to walk over there.” Paul answered, watching her ass as she bent over to crawl in her tent. He was thinking about her in that same position, except naked, taking her from behind. She straighten up, turned around, and smiled at him since he was staring right at her.

“I’m ready if you are.” she stated.

Paul lead the way out of the campsite. Their conversation on the way over to his campsite was about what she was gonna do after summer, college, boyfriend on her side at least. Paul answered the same questions she posed to him. Neither one of them had anyone they were seeing, which played into both their plans.

Amy found herself starting to like Paul a little bit. She still had some reservations about him though. That glint in his eye was something she didn’t quite trust. She wondered if he was planning on sleeping with her tonight. Amy had been with only 2 guys in her life so far. And both of them she had dated for awhile before letting them sleep with her. She liked Paul so far from what she knew of him. But not enough to sleep with him.

Paul kept looking at her every time she said something, always making eye contact. He hoped she wouldn’t see the hunger in his eyes as he looked at her. Paul wanted to have her in the worst way, and getting to know her was making it even worse. She had no boyfriend at least, but her having to call her parents everyday was make it harder if the feelings were not mutual. Paul was not above taking things he wanted. He didn’t react real well to being told no.

They reached Paul’s campsite. Amy noticed that it was a bit out of the way and that no one had a place even close to it. And most of all that it was out of site of any other campsite. The campsite itself was very clean, and a fire was burning in the pit already. When Amy looked at his tent she noticed that it had stakes around the base and that it looked a lot different then hers. She watched as he moved into the campsite and set about getting their dinner ready.

“Hey Amy, what do you want to drink?” Paul asked.

“What have you got?” She asked.

Paul listed off some things he had in his cooler. Amy stayed on the conservative side and just went with a Diet Coke. Paul continued making supper with their conversation continued. Amy was finding it a bit exciting to have a guy make her supper rather then taking her out to dinner. Paul was getting more excited as he made supper.

Finally supper was done and they sat down on a log by the fire and ate. Darkness fell as they finished up the meal. Paul collected the dishes and then went and grabbed a blanket for them to sit beside the fire. Amy felt comfortable enough to cuddle up to him as they sat gazing at the fire. The evening started to cool down and you could hear the cicada begin their song. Amy started to feel a little chilly so she snuggled into Paul more.

Paul took this as a sign of more then what was intended. He looked down at her as she looked up and then moved to kiss her. Amy having been alone for a while, and feeling intimate at the time with the romantic thoughts in her head of the night, the campfire and the stars, moved to kiss him as well. Their lips met in a soft kiss, barely touching. Amy began to pull back when she felt Paul’s hand move up to her neck and pull her back to him. She didn’t resist as their lips met again, this time a bit stronger. She could feel his lips press against hers, and his hand holding her lips against his.

His hand slid away from her neck, and they broke their kiss. Amy rested her head on his shoulder and snuggled closer to him. They sat there for a while before Paul got up and got more for them to drink. When he return to the blanket, they slid it out a bit more and laid down on the blanket staring up at the starry sky above. Amy used his shoulder for a pillow and rested her arm on his chest. Paul rested his arm on her back. Amy’s scent was intoxicating to Paul. He could smell the body wash she used, lilac, and her own smell underneath it. Once again there lips were drawn together, in a lip locking kiss. Paul’s hunger was growing. He could feel himself getting hard in anticipation.

Amy was also smelling Paul’s natural smell, plus the smell of smoke off his clothes. His earthy, musky male smell was exciting her. She could feel her nipples starting to harden inside her bra, and herself starting to get wet. Amy was very unused to feeling herself react this way to a guy. Amy’s experience was limited to just a few times with her ex boyfriends. And that was always hot and heavy in the front seat of their car after a date, or once in the bedroom when the parents were gone. Although it was a new experience for her, she was very excited by the prospect of it.

Paul slid down further on the blanket, bringing his face more in line with Amy’s. Paul then pushed his kiss, moving Amy to her back. His kiss was stronger now, his tongue sliding in-between her lips to touch hers. He could now feel her body starting to react to his. Slowly she spread her legs letting him lay down between them, his hard groin pushing against her. Her chest pushing back against his.

Amy welcomed him inside her personal space. She could feel his hard chest against her and his hardened groin. She could feel her arousal starting to become even more apparent. She felt him break their kiss then move to her neck. She looked up at the stars and started thinking that she barely new this guy and here she was making out with him. Then she felt him slide his hands up her arms and pin them to the ground. She then felt him move back to her lips and kissed her again, tongue sliding in her mouth.

Amy tried to move her arms and Paul kept them in place. Paul started to kiss her harder at that point. She could feel him arch and push himself harder into her. Involuntarily she pushed her hips back into him. She did like the feel of his size against her, but that made her just think more of getting away and stopping this. She pushed back against him, and he finally let go, sitting up and looking at her.

“What baby?” he said.

“Im not comfortable doing this. I mean I just met you.” Amy answered.

“But baby, I thought we connected. I feel really connected to you.” he countered and leaned into kiss her again.

Amy turned her head, saying “I don’t feel it. Please just stop.”

“Fine.” Paul said as he stood up.

Amy sat there for a second, as Paul moved behind her towards the truck. She stood up and went to take a step when she felt his arm wrap around her neck and his hand on the back of her head. She tried to scream but all that came out was a low scream that didn’t last very long as Amy’s vision started to tunnel and the world went black.


Paul slowly lowered her limp body to the ground. He knew he had to work fast before she woke up. He grabbed the tape from the log where he dropped it from the back of the truck. He gagged her and then taped her hands behind her back and her feet together. He picked her up as she started to return to consciousness. He slid her in the back of the pickup, closed the tailgate and the topper door. Just as he locked it he could hear her moans. He quickly ran to the drivers seat and got in firing the truck up. He backed up and was off down the gravel road. He looked thru the window to see her trying to sit up in the back. Good thing it wouldn’t be a long trip. About 3 mins later he came to the gate and drove thru it, out the back entrance of the park.

Paul drove down the gravel road until he got to the turn and headed off towards the cabin. A few mins later he was there. He had been watching Amy the whole time in the back. She was bounced around and still struggling to sit up. He pulled up to the cabin and parked the truck. He got out and opened the back of the pickup. She was glaring at him, sitting up in the bed. He reached in and grabbed her feet and pulled her out of the truck. Her tossed her over his shoulder and started towards the cabin.

She kept squirming on his shoulder, so he used his free hand and smacked her ass hard. Part of his hand landed below her shorts on her bare skin. She jerked up as he spanked her, and then went limp, not struggling as much. He made it thru the door and into the main room. He carried her over to the couch and laid her down on it. She was still glaring at him.

“Now, listen bitch. I tried to be nice to you and let you give it up willingly. But you didn’t want to do it that way. So now you don’t have a choice. And don’t worry about screaming, there is no one out here for miles. They wouldn’t be able to hear you at all. And it’s a long walk to anywhere.” Paul said to her harshly.

“Now are you gonna make this hard or easy?” he said to her.

She continued to glare at him, as the words sank in. She laid her head back as she started to think. Paul took this as her agreement and reached down to rip the tape covering her mouth off. He went quick with it and it burned as he pulled it off. She groaned as it cleared her mouth.

“You son of a bitch let me the fuck loose now.” she yelled as she started to struggle again. The next thing she felt was his hand against her face as he slapped her.

Amy’s head turned with the force of the blow. She could feel the heat and the sting on the side of her face. Tears were welling up in her eyes and she started to whimper. She put her gaze back on him. He was kneeling beside her, looking at her. She felt him grab her arm and pull her upright. Then he pulled a knife off his belt and she watched and he cut the laces to her shoes. Pulling them both off and tossing them onto the floor over by the fireplace that was on the wall. Then he cut the tape holding her feet together. She tried to kick him as soon as the tape was pulled away. Paul easily grabbed both her legs and she felt his hand against her face again. Again tears came to her eyes and now both sides of her face were stinging.

“I told you bitch, this can be easy or hard. The more you fight, cunt, the hard its gonna be. So please just keep fighting back. The harder you fight the rougher im gonna get. And baby I love to get rough. By the time im done with you, you will be begging for me to do more.” Paul laughed as he finished speaking.

Amy was beginning to get really scared. How much of this was fake and how much was real. That was twice now that he hit her, and she could tell it wasn’t full strength hits. Her mind was racing a mile a minute as she was trying to figure a way out of this. He pulled her up off the couch and walked her over to a beam that was across the ceiling. It was sort of a separation between the rooms. There they stopped, and he reached down to the floor and grabbed a handcuff looking thing and quickly wrapped it around her ankle. Amy knew that she was truly fucked now as she looked down seeing the metal around here ankle.

“Paul, please don’t do this. I will do anything you want. Anything. Just let me loose and I will do it. You said I cant run anywhere, so why not let me loose so we can do things.” she asked him with a hint of fear in her voice.

Paul listened to her voice, he could hear the fear. He knew that the reality of her situation was starting to set in on her mind. It always happened this way. First defiance, and a little physical violence always cured that. Next came trying to give in and give him what they thought he wanted. And he knew from experience that when you gave in they would let you have them once then try to run. He hated having to chase them down and drag them back. Not this time. He wasn’t gonna give in. His mind was already deep in the dark side. He was gonna make her his in every way.

Paul just ignored her and moved over to the other side, grabbed her leg and pulled it to the shackle. He could hear her continuing to beg him to let her go, but he just tuned her out. He went back to the couch and got his knife. The then got the shackle from the post and walked behind her. One quick slice and the tape parted. He grabbed her hand before she could move it out of the way and put it around her wrist. The cable was still loose so she had a lot of movement of her hand.

She was starting to cry now as she begged, he could see the tears starting to run down her face as he moved around in front of her. She was trying to free her wrist with her other hand. He walked over to the other post and got the shackle. As he approached her, she lashed out at him with her fist. His hand moved as he blocked it easily and lashed out himself, the back of his hand catching her cheek again and snapping her head to the side as his other hand moved and slapped her in the belly, causing her to bend at the waist. He could hear the exhaled breath as she did. He quickly grabbed her wrist and shackled it.

“Now you fucking cunt, you ever try to hit me again and you wont be able to move for a week. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME CUNT!” he screamed in her face.

He could see her shying away from him, and the big red hand print on the side of her face. Her body was starting to shake and he could see the tears falling. He chuckled to himself as he moved over and tightened up the arm cables. Once he had her stretched out, he walked back to her and looked over his handy work. She was bound now hand and foot and wasn’t going anywhere. Time to put the second phase of his plan into action.

He got his knife again and moved towards her. He grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled her head up. He showed the knife to her, very much enjoying the fear in her eyes as she looked at the knife. “Now my little cunt, you are mine to do what I want too. If you are a good girl and hold still this will be easy and nice. Struggle and you might be bleeding.” he said to her.

Amy looked at the blade before her, she could feel her fear starting to overwhelm her as she tried to fight it. She watched as the knife moved first to her shirt. He turned it point down and slid it along her neck parting the collar first, then slowly down her front. She noticed that the knife hardly stopped at all. He made sure the knife didn’t catch her bra as it passed between her breasts and then all the way down the front. She could feel the cold steel against her belly, and her muscles were starting to convulse. She was shaking now from head to toe. Her fear had finally overcame her mind.

Paul could see the total fear in her eyes as he cut her shirt down the front, being careful to leave her bra in place. With the shirt parted he could see her stomach muscles clenching. He stepped to the side, just before her supper came up. She vomited straight on the floor before her, where Paul had been standing a moment before. He watched as she threw up all of her supper, and when she finished he ran the knife along her skin again this time cutting her shirt from her shoulder. He could see her stomach still clenching, and was watching her body react to him. He moved behind her and cut the other side, pulling the rag off her body. He let it drop to the floor, and went to get the stuff to clean up her mess.

Paul worked quickly to clean up her supper from the floor, and then went and threw the dirty water outside. He left the mop there as well. As he walked in the door, he could feel Amy’s eyes following him. Amy glared defiance at him as he approached her. He could finally see her chest displayed. The red lacy bra covered her breasts completely. Paul figured she was probably a B or C cup. He would check in a little while when he took it off her.

As he approached her, she glared even more, but it didn’t stop Paul as she made very short work of her shorts. In mere moments she was clad in only her matching underwear. He stepped back to admire the view before him. The defiant look, the surly attitude as she was bound hand and foot, wearing only her red lacy underwear.

“Well you son of a bitch are you gonna finish or not?” she said to him.

“We have all day cunt. I think its time for a little relaxation and some refreshments.” Paul said and moved off to the kitchen area.

The cabin was a one room affair, like a studio apartment. The only exception was the bathroom of course. The bed was in one corner of the room, in front of it is where Amy was bound. The living room in front of her, the kitchen in the back next to the bathroom. A smaller dining room was in the last corner. Paul pulled two beers out of the fridge and cracked them open. Taking a long pull of the first beer, he calmed his mind down. Paul wasn’t sure which way he should go now. He had not expected her to react like this. Paul thought about the secret he had kept from her. He knew he would have to tell her eventually, but hopefully not til after.

Finally making up his mind, grabbed both beers, taking another pull from his. He headed back to where Amy was at. As he walked from behind her, then stopped for a second. He considered what he was about to do then decided to go for it. He walked around and put his beer down on the table behind the couch, and brought hers with him.

He watched as her eyes bored into him. He held the beer up to her, and she quickly turned her head away. Paul almost expected this, so he reached up and grabbed her hair and pulled her head up and back, then tipped a bit of beer in her mouth. He didn’t let go as she took just a bit in her mouth and then started to push it back out.She tried to force it out of her mouth but most of the beer stayed in, just a trickle slid down the side of her face.

“You better drink it, Amy. Its all there is in the house to drink. And you are gonna get mighty thirsty before we leave here.” Paul said to her.

She reluctantly swallowed the beer that was in her mouth as Paul poured more it to her. He paused as her mouth got full, but didn’t stop til she had drank the whole bottle. She didn’t even try to spit it out as the last of the beer went down her throat. Amy tilted her head back down, still glaring at Paul, as he put the beer on the table out of reach.

He turned back towards Amy, and he could see that it was starting already. Her predicament was starting to get to her already. She knew she was at his mercy and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Paul pulled his knife out of his belt sheath again and held it up before her. He could see the fear once again enter her eyes as he moved towards her.

Amy could feel the cold steel against her skin as the blade slid under her bra strap. She flinched a bit, but tried not to shy away as she felt the strap go slack on her shoulder. The knife was very sharp and barely paused when it sliced thru the strap. The other side she flinched less as now both of the straps were loose over her shoulders. Now Amy was starting to get real nervous as he could expose her chest to his view at anytime.

Amy wasn’t a prude but in her 18 years she had not been with a lot of guys, there were more that had seen her topless before when one of her ex-boyfriends had sent a picture of her chest all over school. Amy wasn’t sure why that thought ran thru her head at that moment. She knew she was attracted to Paul. She had been since the moment she saw him, but she was more pissed at him that he was just gonna take her. She could feel herself getting more and more excited as he prolonged her ordeal. She knew her panties were already soaked from her excitement.

Amy watched as Paul turned the knife and sliced it down between her breasts, easily parting her bra. Amy breathed deep trying to keep it on her small chest, but gravity took hold and it fell away. Her B cup breasts stood high on her chest, with her slightly upturned nipples, hard as rocks already.

Paul drank in the view of his lovely captive’s tits exposed to his view. The light pink areolas and the dusky pink nipples, small ones, no bigger around then a eraser on a pencil. He liked the look of her chest, that was for sure. Paul could feel himself responding as he grew hard in his pants and his mind became more aroused from the thoughts of what was going to happen later on. He brandished his knife again, there was only one article between him and seeing her completely.

Amy sucked in her breath as she saw the knife again. She only had her panties on and the only ones that had seen her there were the people she had slept with. She watched as the knife came against her skin, the cold steel making her shudder. She felt the steel pull on her panties as it parted the lacy cloth. Amy closed her eyes as she couldn’t watch Paul as he cut the last of her dignity away.

Paul finished cutting the sides of her panties and watched as they went to fall away, but they stayed attached to her crotch. Paul could see as they hung down in the front and back, the middle stuck to her body. Paul reached down to make sure it was what he thought it was. He could see the little landing strip she had above her lips. The strip was about a 1/4″ wide and about 2 inches long. The brown hair did not match what she had on her head that was for sure. When he reached for her panties, he grabbed the gusset and felt how wet it was. That explained why it was hanging there between her spread legs.

Paul could see that she was wet, very wet. He brought the gusset of her panties up to his nose and smelled her excitement. He looked up to see her embarassement turn her face red. Her scent was spicy mixed with a slight musky undertone, and caused Paul’s mouth to water. The red in her cheeks spread up to her forehead and down to her upper chest. Paul liked seeing the red spread over her skin. He paused for just a little bit til she opened her eyes again.

Amy watched as he pulled his shirt off over his head, his bronze colored skin, his muscular chest and that washboard stomach came into view. Amy could feel herself gush as she saw him start to strip his clothes off. She had to admit to herself that she was incredibly excited by the situation. It wasn’t going to help her to deny it. She had even had a rape fantasy or two, she knew and here it was coming true. She watched as he undid his belt and unfastened his jeans, leaving them slightly open. Before she realized it she moaned aloud.

Paul heard her moan and smiled to himself as he realized that she was getting into this, finally. He moved up to her once he left his jeans open. Paul reached his hand out to cup her tit in his hand. Her chest was just the right size to fit into his palm, then he moved his fingers out to the nip and pinched it. She moaned a bit when he pinched the one so he moved in front of her and pinched them both at the same time. Paul looked in her eyes as he did so. He could see the fire in her eyes now. She moaned a bit louder as he increased the pressure on her nips, his fingers pinching them hard now.

Amy could feel the pressure on her nips and it was making her gush. She could feel her juices starting to run down her thighs now. She was rapidly getting embarrassed and turned on all at the same time. She felt his hands cup her breasts again and rub her hard nip against his palm. It was just adding more excitement as the rough treatment had. She then felt his hand slide down her body. She could feel her skin flush with heat again as his hand headed down her body. She felt him slide his hand between her outspread thighs.

Paul was watching her face as his hand slid between her thighs. He could see the red spread across her skin, and then knew why as his hand ran along her wet inner thigh. He felt her swollen lips open as his finger slid between them. She was soaking wet as Paul had figured she would be. His finger brushed against her clit and she gasped, leaning involuntarily towards him. Paul pushed his finger deeper between her lips, up to her entrance. Teasing her, he slid just the tip of his finger inside her, to the first knuckle.

Amy could feel her body responding to him, even as she was trying to restrain herself from reacting. Her hips were trying to push down and force more of his finger in her. Her clit was still rubbing against his finger. When she couldn’t force more of his finger inside her she settled for sliding her hips back and forth, trying to stimulate her clit. She was building very quickly to what felt like a huge orgasm. She had made herself cum many times before, but never had a guy ever got her to cum before. And here a total stranger was getting her not only close but headed towards a huge one.

Paul could see the red getting darker on her upper chest and hear her breaths coming in rapid short gasps. He knew she was getting close to cumming. Paul pulled his finger out, Amy moaned loudly and then gasped as he shoved it back inside her. His finger went all the way into her soaking wet pussy, all the way down to his palm. Amy started to grind her pussy on his hand as she felt it go in so deep. Then just as quickly Paul pulled his finger from her.

Reaching up and grabbing her ponytail in a loose grip, he brought his wet finger to his mouth and licked it. She was watching as he did so, and felt her pussy spasm as he licked his finger. He them brought his finger to her lips. Amy automatically opened her mouth and sucked his finger in his mouth. She ran her tongue around it, cleaning her own juices from it.

Amy had reached that point where she was so stimulated that her body was reacting to what he was doing, and there was no hope of fighting it now. Her body was craving his touch, his hardness inside her. She was close to the edge and she wanted to cum badly. But he was still teasing her.

“Do you like to taste yourself, my sweet captive slut?” he asked her in a soft voice.

Amy didn’t trust herself to respond, so she just nodded her head.

“I cant hear you slut? What did you say?”

“Yes, I love to taste myself.” Amy’s voice responded, thick and soft.

Paul smiled as he heard the tone in her voice. She was his now. He let go of her hair and moved his hand down to her tit again and tweaked her nipple before sliding down to her wetness. He lightly ran his finger along her lips, brushing her clit, causing her to shudder and try to force herself down on his finger. He then slide his finger back inside her, cupping his palm to keep pressure off of her clit. He didn’t want her to cum too fast. He was enjoying teasing her way to much. He was looking at it as payback for all the time she had teased him.

“Do you like that? Like feeling my finger in your tight pussy?” he asked her as he slowly started to finger fuck her.

Amy could feel as his finger slid in and out of her, slowly, keeping her right there but not enough to push her over the edge. She could feel her mouth open in a “O” shape but nothing came out, and she just nodded her head again.

“When I ask you a question, slut, I want a answer. Not a nod of your head.” Paul told her, a bit of bite to his tone of voice, as his hand reached out and gripped her nipple, pinching hard and twisting it.

“Yes, I love your finger inside me.” she replied quickly, as the pain quickly subsided as he let go.

“Do you want to cum for me slut?” he asked.

“Yes.” she answered.

“Then you will have to beg for it.” came the answer.

Hearing this, Amy’s mind tried to fight its way up from the fog it was in. She remembered that he had said he would make her beg for him to do more to her. Her body was still in control and her mind was fighting a losing battle. What nerve this man had to tell her to beg for him. She had never submitted to anyone in her life and she was not about to start now. Her body betrayed her and tried to push down on his finger again as she felt him start to withdraw. A loud disappointed moan came from her lips as his finger slid all the way out. Amy closed her eyes as she tried to squat down. Then she felt the finger enter her mouth, her lips clamping down on the finger and began to once again suck her juices off his finger. She could hear herself moaning around the finger as she cleaned it off.

Paul decided to take this to the next level as he pulled his finger from her sucking mouth. If she sucked his finger that good, he could only imagine what her lips would feel like on his cock. Paul moved over to where the winch was for her arms and legs and let some slack out of the cables.

Amy felt the tension on her arms slacken then on her feet as well, she tried to lower her arms, but she couldn’t move them down very far. She could now feel the fatigue in her shoulders as the tension was relieved. She had no idea of what he planned next, or why he loosened her bonds. Once Paul was satisfied with the play in the cables, he moved in front of her once again.

“Now my slut, kneel.” he commanded.

Amy obeyed without thinking, dropping to her knees. Now the tension was back on her arms, allowing her to rest her arms somewhat. She kept her legs together to keep some decency. She turned her head as Paul finished removing his clothes. She could see his naked ass as he pulled his jeans off his foot. His ass was lighter then the rest of his body but not the stark white she had seen from other guys. Then he turned towards her, and her jaw dropped. Oh my god he was fucking huge. It was not the first cock she had ever seen before but it was definitely the largest. She took a guess that he had to be at least 9 or 10 inches long and about as big around as a 12 oz pop bottle.

Paul watched her, as her eyes zeroed right in on his cock. The open mouth was the usual reaction he got when a female saw his cock for the first time. He moved towards her before she got a chance to recover. He grabbed her ponytail as he put it to her lips, pushing just the head and a inch or so inside her open mouth.

Amy kept her mouth open as he grabbed her hair, then surrounded his cock with her lips as he slid inside. Amy did love to give head, and this cock she had in her mouth deserved the best she could give. Besides it might convince him to go easy on her or even let her go. She ran her tongue around the head, focusing on the sensitive underside of the head. She liked the cut cocks as she could usually get them to cum fairly fast.

Paul felt her run her tongue around his head, and moaned as he felt the wonderful sensation of her working his head over. Then he gripped her ponytail tighter and began to fuck her wonderfully talented mouth. At first he was gentle, only giving her a little at a time. By the time he had just over half of his cock in her mouth, he could feel she was having problems taking him. He pushed another inch inside her mouth and felt her start to gag on it. Pulling back, he let her catch her breath for a second before pushing back in, a bit deeper then before. She took it this time with no gaging. Paul kept pushing in and holding then back out to let her recover. He had to meet a woman yet that could deep throat him, but he did enjoy making Amy take as much as she could, even gagging on it.

“That’s very good slut, you took more then I thought you would. Now its time for something even more fun. Stand up.” Paul told her.

Amy stood up again. Paul disappeared behind her, then she felt her arms loose as the cable let out. Paul appeared beside her with a different set of cuffs and put one on her wrist and took the cabled one off her wrist. He then walked behind her, twisting her arm so it would go behind her back. He then did the same to her other wrist, but he hadn’t cuffed it yet. Once Paul was standing behind her she felt the other cuff go on her wrist.

“Now I want you to bend over so we can begin with the fun.” Paul told her.

Amy complied without any argument, she was more then ready to try and take that monster up her pussy. She felt her arms go tight as she leaned forward. She found that she could go 90 degrees to her legs and her arms would support her weight on the cuffs. As she found this out she felt something slide up the lips of her pussy, brushing against her clit. This caused her to moan out loud and try to shove her hips backwards into it. She heard Paul chuckle as it moved away from her. Whatever she had managed to get calmed down now returned with a vengeance. Amy was now hotter then she had been before when he was fingering her.

“I told you that I would make you beg. And you wont get to cum til you do beg me for it Amy.” Paul reminded her.

Amy could feel herself letting her juices flow freely again. They were once again flowing down the inside of her thighs. And the worst blow to her was that Paul was standing behind her now and could see all of her. Her legs were beginning to quiver cause of not being able to cum. Her inner thighs were soaked as well as her pussy.

She then felt something running up her thigh. She lowered her head and looked back to see that Paul was licking her inner thigh. He went up her left leg first then to her right thigh. She watched as he then moved to the middle and felt his tongue slid up between her lips, over her clit and her entrance. But he didn’t stop there and kept going, right up across her asshole. That made her shiver a lot. She had never had anyone do that before. And the sensations were driving her mad. She wasn’t far from there to begin with.

“Please, Paul fuck me. Let me cum on your cock.” she heard herself saying.

Paul moved up behind her and rubbed the head of his cock against her lips, pushing his cock head down to her clit and rubbing it in small circles on her clit. Amy responded with a long drawn out moan as she started to build towards that huge climax again. Paul then moved the head of his cock up to her entrance and slowly pushed. At first Amy moved away from him as he increased the pressure. The head pushed in and finally popped in her pussy. Both of them grunted as her pussy stretched to take the head of his cock.

Paul paused feeling her slick insides start to massage the head of his cock before he slowly pushed his way in. Amy could feel him sliding inside her. She had never felt this full before. He was rubbing all of her walls at once. Oh god he was running right across her g-spot. She knew she was gonna cum and real quick.

“OH FUCK!!! IM CUMMING!!” she screamed.

Paul could feel her tighten up on the head and the first inch of his cock as she came. Damn it was like a fucking vise around his head. Damn this girl was a tight one.

Amy could feel her muscles contracting as she came. Even her toes were curling as she came as harder then she had ever cum before in her young life. Her body started to shake as her climax started to subside. Paul felt her loosen up on his cock. Then he started to push again. She was opening up for him as his monster cock pushed inside her tight pussy. Paul pushed a extra inch inside her on about every 3rd or 4th stroke, then he would pause and let her adjust to his girth.

Amy would swear she was being torn open from the inside out as that huge cock pushed inside her. When he would stop she though she had taken all of him but then he would show her that he wasn’t in all the way yet. She was building to another climax as he added more. When he stopped she tried to catch her breath, but then the strokes started, and this time he pulled back a little farther then before and she felt the head against her g-spot again.

“OH FUCK PAUL!!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!” she yelled as her second climax of the night rocked her body once again.

Paul didn’t wait for her to stop cumming this time. He could still feel her tight pussy on his cock as he grabbed her hips. He backed the head up a bit and rammed home. He felt his balls slam into her and the head of his cock hit a wall or something inside her just as his hips impacted against her cheeks. He then backed up and rammed in again.

Amy though she saw stars when she felt him ram deep inside her, hitting the head of his cock against her cervix. He was long enough to hit it but not too long to cause pain for her but oh god it was gonna make her cum again.

“DON’T STOP!!! IM CUMMMMMMMMM!!!!” Amy didn’t even finish what she was saying as the climax hit her hard.

Paul began to increase his pace as he gave into his animalistic need. He was just slamming his cock in her pussy as hard as he could. Amy had started to rock back and forth with the force of the pounding she was receiving. They hit a rythmn together, pulling away then slamming back together again. Grunts, groans and screams filled the little cabin as they both gave in completely to their base natures.

Paul came back to his senses as he felt his balls tighten up. “Take my cum slut.” he yelled as his cock exploded in her.

“Fuck me, fuck me, oh god yes FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” Amy screamed as she felt him shooting his cum right up against her cervix, as she began another toe curling orgasm.

Paul felt like his balls had been drained completely dry. Now it was time to go to the last stage of the plan. He slowly pulled his still hard cock out of Amy. There was a wet sucking pop as he pulled out of her. He moved very slowly and carefully over to the kitchen table and grabbed the folder that was laying there. Then he walked over in front of Amy

Amy saw his feet in front of her. She felt wore out. She had never cum that much or that hard before in her life, ever. She could still feel his cum inside her. As her gaze moved up his legs she saw that his cock was still hard, and wet from their mixed juices. He was standing close enough that she stuck her tongue out and licked up it like a ice cream cone. Once she reached the head she sucked it in her mouth, savoring the taste of their mix.

Paul looked down as he realized that she was sucking his cock. The folder was open and this is not what he expected her to do. He closed the folder and let her continue to clean his cock off. She began to get into it and was pushing off with her feet, forcing more of his cock in her mouth. When she began to gag on it, she pushed herself further down on his cock. Paul could feel his desire returning. He let her go right ahead sucking his cock, taking as much as she could of his cock. That’s when he felt the beginning of a second climax.

“Amy, you are gonna make me cum if you keep that up.” he warned her.

Amy heard him and redoubled her efforts, she wanted him to cum in her mouth. She wanted to taste it directly from the source. She could hear him start to moan as she swirled her tongue around the head again. Then back to the long strokes. She could feel him hitting the back of her throat and she still had about 3 or 4 inches to go til he was buried in her mouth.

Paul grabbed her ponytail again and started to fuck her face as he was getting closer to climax. He was moving faster and faster. He could feel his head against the back of her throat. Then he felt it start. He roared as his cum shot up his cock to explode out into her mouth.

Amy could feel her own mini climax race thru her body as he shot in her mouth. He tasted wonderful. That hot, thick fluid landing at that back of her mouth and slowly sliding down into her throat.

Paul pulled himself from her mouth and sat down on the floor. He was basically face to face with her now. He could see the sated look in her eyes and knew that it was mirrored in his own. But the last little item on the plan list had to be taken care of. With that thought, he reached up and grabbed the folder off the couch.

Amy watched as he pulled down a manilla folder and opened it up. He glanced over it then turned it to her so she could read it. On the left side of the page were 2 blocks of pictures. The top block had pictures of her, including the one of her topless that her friend had sent her when she found out about it. The lower block of pictures were of the guy sitting in front of her, including one of his monster. Amy realized that she had seen those pictures before. On the right side was a print out of a conversation Amy had with a online friend of hers not 2 days ago, explaining what her plans where. It hit Amy all at once. Oh my god, this was her friend she had been talking with for almost 2 years.

“Oh my god, you are kidding me. Paul, hung like peter? That was you online?” Amy asked.

“Yes That’s me Amy.” Paul returned.

“How … What … Why?” Amy stammered.

“Remember that conversation we had about 3 months ago about you saying that you had a dream one night about being raped?” Paul told her.

“Yea I do.” Amy responded.

“Well I thought I would make your dream a reality.”

“Oh my god Paul, you have no idea what you did with it.” Amy said back

“So I take it you liked it?” Paul said.

“Loved it is more like it. But could you get me out of this please?”

Paul chuckled as he got up and let Amy loose. Once she was loose she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him soundly on the lips, her tongue sliding in between his lips.

THE END ….. or is it?

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