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Amazing Friends

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Every third Saturday Janet goes to pick up her friend Marla and they go garage sale shopping. This was one such Saturday, except Marla didn’t answer the door. Janet looked around and found all the cars present, yet no answer at the door. She walked around the house and decided to walk out to David’s workshop. Marla’s husband was a self-employed cabinet-maker and had a wonderful shop out behind their home on 3 acres.

Janet didn’t know what to expect when she reached the entrance of the shop. In fact she assumed it would be locked tightly. Instead at the turn of the door handle, it opened into the building. Most of the lights were off, so Janet’s eyes had to adjust to the darkness. She called out softly, seeking David or Marla. As Janet was about to leave a hand reached out of the still darkness and wrapped right over her mouth.

Janet saw nothing, but certainly knew she was in trouble. She was being pushed by someone stronger than she was. It was evident that it was David. When they reached one of the shop workbenches, she was pushed forward and onto it. Scared into action, Janet tried to scream but, her voice was stifled, the large hand still over her mouth. She tried to fight, to no avail. As her energy wore, her captor quietly wrapped her wrists in extension cording. She was then hoisted up onto the workbench and her arms stretched forward from her body, leaving her half on the table and half off. Quickly she was gagged by a shop towel or rag of some sort, her eyes covered by a dark, woolen hat slipped over her head. Janet was terrified. She could not imagine what David was considering doing to her (and was it David?). Her captor left her side and was obviously gathering things from around the shop.

When he returned, he removed Janet’s skirt and panties, leaving her stay put stockings in place. Next he secured her legs to the legs of the workbench. It was an adequate spread for what her tormentor had in mind. He loosened Janet’s arms and brought her to her feet, tearing her blouse from her trembling body. The bra was unhooked and tossed aside. Janet was totally nude, except for the stockings and her heels. The captor then placed a covered wedge at the edge of the shop bench, with the highest end meeting the end of the bench. Once that was secure, he pushed Janet forward; this hoisted her rear into the air. The benches had different shaped cut outs that acted as vice grips to hold cylindrical or rectangular pieces of wood. Janet was on the end of the bench with the cylindrical cutouts. Her breasts fell right into two of the openings and then her arms were once again pulled forward, stretching her taught. The man began to close the vice grips on her breasts making them swell tight within their confines, and her nipples to poke out well below the table on the bottom side. Janet’s mind raced, her heart jumped and flip flopped, trying to decipher why this was happening to her. Any screaming sounds made were all lost to the towel securely in her mouth.

Her captor had full access to anything he desired. Then there was sound; Voices, screams, grunts, moans of pain, of pleasure. Janet’s mind could not decode all this. She thought she heard the whoosh of a whip. Her body was so open and accessible to anything, pain, pleasure, now resigning herself to the fact her captor would use her body for whatever he saw fit. The sounds continued. Then it became apparent that whatever she was listening to was sounds of sex, as the male voice finally yelped and screamed that he was going to come. Then a female voice, told him to deny himself that luxury or he’d be punished………… Janet instantly recognized that the voices belonged to Marla and David. The male was begging for release and was constantly denied it. Marla demanded that he eat her pussy until she came and then she’d consider maybe letting him reach some form of pleasure. With that came clear the sounds of delight that this person brought to Marla and an eventual crescendo as her shrills permeated the room as her body reached its destination.

Janet knew she was in trouble, however, having heard what she just did made her body alive with a new awareness of her friend’s lifestyle. She had never thought of Marla as much more than a generic housewife and mother. It is true she was a great friend, but never much considered her and David’s sex life. This revelation put a new twist on things, well, at least she would never think of her as generic any longer. As Janet was trying to envision what she was hearing she felt something running up the insides of her legs. It had no warmth to it, so it was not hands. It had no chill either, so it could not have been metal. At a loss, Janet tried to understand what was touching her, making her uncomfortable and excited at the same time. She wondered how her body could betray her now, in this awkward position, in her time of vulnerability. Yet, Janet could not deny that she was becoming aroused and in quite an intense way.

The male voice was screaming at Marla to please stop and to allow him some satisfaction. She was mocking him, complaining about a wimpy cock and that he wasn’t much of a pussy eater either. He was apologizing over and over and begging to come. It was at that time the captor touched her moist pussy with the object. Janet’s hips rose and fell and tried to reach for this touch, but the captor only teased her with it.

After a few minutes of the teasing the captor removed the hat, so Janet could see her predicament. Moreover, the captor had wanted Janet to see the TV monitor that she had been listening too. Janet could see a man handcuffed with his hands above his head, whip marks, thin red lines and some heavier welts swollen and painful. His cock was hard, painfully purplish looking and had something wrapped around his balls, they seemed to hang so low, like they were weighted. She then noticed his cock had a cock-ring around the base, making it virtually impossible for this man to come. It was only a matter of minutes before Janet realized that David was getting quite some abuse from his darling wife. He was begging Marla to jack him off, suck him, whatever, just to get some relief. Once and a while she’d walk by and touch his stiffened rod and he’d jump in anticipation; she even once dropped to her knees to engulf the purple head. David nearly came then, but was warned not to, threatened not to. How on earth the poor guy could handle the abuse was unreal, but he didn’t come. Marla arose and got her whip, once again threatening a purple head.

It became dark once again as the woolen cap was replaced over Janet’s head and eyes. A warm breath was felt upon Janet’s rump and then lower and lower it went until it was seeking out her warmth. Instantly distracted, Janet’s own body becoming the one anticipating relief. Soft flicks of the warm wet tongue traced Janet’s thighs, tangled itself in her moist pubic down and snaked it’s way into her heated cavern of wetness. There was no way Janet could deny the wonderful pleasure she was receiving, still she wondered why David would do this to her. It was obvious from the home movies that David was submissive and not dominant, such as her captor. Nonetheless, the pussy eating she was receiving was delicious. At no time would he give her the absolute direct stimulation needed for a climax, but the teasing sensations were wonderful, but increasingly becoming a burning need to explode; still the captor never allowed it. Just as Janet thought she’d die wanting to come, he stopped, leaving her more frustrated than ever. A few moments pass and she feels a warm mouth on her swollen nipples, licking, kissing, and sucking them. He apparently climbed beneath the table and was creating quite a new feeling. Her breasts were so tightly confined they were ultra sensitive. The pleasure only added fuel to her already burning desire. Soon the mouth moved away, but to Janet’s dismay, it was replaced with a pair of weighted, vibrating nipple clamps. Her nipples were stretched quite tightly below the table and clamped with the rubber tipped clamps; then the vibrator was turned on to high. The agonizing pain of the clamps combined with the sheer delight of the vibrations, stirred such confusion in Janet that her mind could not truly comprehend which to concentrate on. The fluids were leaking from her swelled and aroused vulva, collecting on the cement floor beneath her. Her mind was buzzing in rhythm to the clamps continually vibrating and pulling on her tender flesh.

A pair of hands spread Janet’s ass cheeks apart. This action startled her and she jumped slightly and wiggled her bottom in a futile effort to get away. Again a warm mouth begins its assault, this time on her tight anus. If the buzzing and the painful pulling of her nipples held captive tightly weren’t enough, she was sure that this would make her insane. Janet acknowledged it felt good, but strange and then combine all else, she could not tell what was good and what was not pleasurable. Her mind a steady blur of confusion.

When the warm tongue left her tight hole, it was replaced with a cool, hard object, trying to intrude upon her inner body. Janet squeezed her ass cheeks together, best she could to prevent this from happening. In a flash of a second the large hand smacked into Janet’s round bottom, leaving a complete print, and again on the other cheek. She screamed into the towel and tears formed heavy in her eyes. The hands once again parted her cheeks and the object once again began its assault on her virgin ass. It was thin and well lubed and eventually with some slight pressure slid right on in. The dildo was only about the size of a man’s thumb, but uncomfortable in a virgin ass. Once it was securely in, the warm mouth began to devour Janet’s overwhelmingly wet pussy. Literally it was drinking her tangy liquid. Then the lashing really began as he found her sensitive clit. He was unmerciless upon the swollen bud, sucking, licking, nibbling and even capturing it between his teeth and licking the sensitive tip. Janet forgot about all the pain of her nipples, the object in her ass and concentrated on her rebuilding orgasm. The man was awesome, knowing exactly when an orgasm was about to be reached. He stopped again! Janet was whimpering, lost in time, wanting whatever it would take to push her just over the threshold.

He silently removed the dildo in Janet’s ass. He slapped her buttocks again, this time not quite so painfully, but enough to give a warning that he could be cruel should “his” need arise. Then Janet felt the tip of his cock run up and down her soaking entrance. It began to push slowly into her wetness, working slowly, deliberately to open her to his larger than normal sized tool. Once he was all the way in, he slipped a larger butt plug into Janet’s ass, making her pussy tighter. Although the plug was uncomfortable, it could be tolerated now that she had been iniated and it wasn’t the only thing on her mind.

Out of no-where Janet felt warmth on her pussy again. Her mind desperately trying to reason and then it hit her, there was at least two people present using her for their delight. She felt ill, confused; but the delicious feelings of cock and hot mouth were truly more than her body could handle. She exploded against the cock and butt plug, sent torrents of her womanly juices into the mouth of the receiver and shook violently as her body betrayed her mind in what would not be the last act of betrayal. As Janet’s body returned to some form of normalcy, the nipple clamps were removed, the butt plug eased out, her breasts released and she was untied. Once the woolen cap was removed and her eyes adjusted and focused, she saw Marla standing off to the side with a very large dildo strapped on her abdomen thick with come and she saw David with his face gleaming with pussy juices…

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