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All Grown Up

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Chapter 1

I’ve lived in Columbus for eight years now, a vice president of a local bank, divorced now for five years, not dating much, just mostly ‘batching’ it these days. I’ve lived on Oriole Lane for the time I’ve been in Columbus, with the same neighbors on either side.

On the East side are the Coleman’s, Rod and Ellen, both well into their retirement, on the other side, a younger family, nearer my age, Hank and Sandra Morse.

The Morse’s have a daughter, Kerri, who I’ve watched grow up. They all sometimes use my pool, I’m perfectly happy letting them do so, they’re great neighbors, and Kerri, of course, has used it the most.

I’ve watched Kerri grow up and blossom in the last few years into a very pretty young woman. Just how pretty? Well, her mother is Scandinavian in descent which tells you she’s blond and athletic-looking. Kerri uses my pool a lot so her normally-bone-white skin is a nice, warm tan. In the last few years, she has been wearing bikinis and, trust me, she fills them out very well. Very well. She’s fairly tall like her mother and her figure is perfect. Kerri could easily be a centerfold model. In the last year or so, her swimsuits have become very small, even tiny. I think they’re called, ‘thongs,’ and they leave little to one’s imagination. Her image has been etched in my imagination for some time now.

I have always resisted the rather strong temptation to make a pass at her or to touch her inappropriately, but it was not possible for any healthy male not to look at her and look at her, I did.

Then, one Saturday afternoon just after lunch, Kerri came over as I was laying out by the pool reading a book and asked if she could use the pool. I told her she could and she went back home to change. It was her birthday, she had told me and she and some friends were going out to celebrate later. I wished her a happy birthday and went inside to get another beer.

When I came back out, she was already in the water swimming. In a few minutes she swam over to the ladder and hoisted herself out of the water.

I’m sure my mouth dropped. She had on a white thong swimsuit which covered almost nothing, even at that, the small little triangles which covered her nipples had become transparent when they got wet and the thong bottom bared most of her pubic mound and easily showed the slit between her legs.

I lay the book down on my lap attempting to cover my instant arousal when she walked up to me and said, “I know you’ve been looking at me for years. It’s my eighteenth birthday, I’m legal,” as she reached behind and undid her bra top and let it drop to the concrete.

“Oh, Kerri, you are so beautiful. Yes, I have been looking at you, what man wouldn’t?”

“Can we go inside, I’m on the pill,” she said as she reached down to grip my hand and pull me up off the chaise lounge.

My head was spinning at this sudden sexual windfall and my cock was hardening to new heights.

I followed her gorgeous butt into the kitchen as she held my hand, then stopped, put her arms around me and kissed me like I haven’t been kissed in quite a while.

“The truth is, Alex, I’ve been looking at you for quite a while, too. I just knew that you’d never do anything if I was underage. But now, I’m not. Now I can have you and you can have me. You’ve wanted that, haven’t you? You’ve wanted to fuck me, haven’t you?”

“I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t.”

“Well, take me you your bed and fuck me, then.”

We went back to my bedroom and I pulled the covers off the bed as she pulled off the bottom of her thong and stood there for me to admire which I certainly did.

“Kerri, you are exquisite, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I just can’t believe this is happening.”

“Oh, it’s happening all right,” she said as she started pulling down my shorts. I wasn’t wearing briefs under them, I never did when I was planning on swimming, so we were both now wonderfully naked. She looked up at me, put her hand around my cock and slid her lips over my glans and began to suck. I stood there, one hand gently petting her cheek as she sent me skyward.

She raised up and kissed me again, then pulled me down onto the bed.

“I’ve been dreaming of this for a long time. You always made me so hot when I knew you were looking at me, wanting me. Oh, I wanted you, too, and now I can have you,” and she spread her legs out wide as I crawled up and led my cock up to her wet slit.

“You’re on the pill?” I asked wanting to be absolutely sure.

“Oh, yeah, since I was sisteen.

“Kerri, you’ve grown a lot since I first met you and you’ve certainly become a grown woman. A very talented and sexy grown woman.”

She pulled my head down and kissed me deeply as she ground herself against me, oh, this was a dream come true.

“For years I’ve come over to your pool trying to get your attention, I guess that worked, huh?” she said with a big grin.

“Oh, Kerri, you didn’t have to try very hard. You are so beautiful, no man could ignore you, I know I couldn’t.”

“I know. I used to watch you and saw when you got hard. Your trunks would bulge out and I just wanted to come over and pull them off you, then suck whatever I found underneath them.”

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t.”

“Yeah, I knew. I knew you wouldn’t do anything and, really, Alex, I respect you for that, but now I’m legal, I’m of fucking-age, and you can fuck me all you want. I hope it’s a lot.”

“But don’t you have boyfriends?”

“You’re not turning me down, are you? Yes, I have boyfriends, several, but you just don’t know who much I want you. Not yet, anyway. You’ll find out.”

We were each rubbing the other’s chest, Kerri’s so much lovelier than mine but both felt good while I went in and out of her as she raised her legs up high in the air and waved her butt back and forth as I fucked down into her.

“Mmm, you’re just as good as I thought you’d be, Alex. I just knew all along you’d be a great fuck.”

“Well, thanks, Kerri, I’ve had some practice, I guess, though not a lot recently.”

“Oh, I’ll make that change. Can I come use your pool tomorrow? I’ll be eighteen and one day and I’ll fuck your brains out after my swim. Oh, and can I swim naked?”

“By all means come and swim naked in my pool, it’ll be my fondest dream.”

“I bet your real fondest dream is another fuck tomorrow, right?” she said as she kissed me on the lips.

“The way this one feels, yes, you’re right.”

“I’m good, aren’t I?”

“Yes, my dear, you are simply wonderful. I never dreamed we’d be doing this but it’s absolutely wonderful.”

“I pride myself on my sexual abilities, you’ll find that out, too. I want to be the best at everything I do. Wait until I masturbate you. I take about an hour and at the end, you’ll cum like never before. You just wait. I watched it on a porn vid, the way this girl did it. Oh, just wait.”

“Mmm, I always like things to look forward to, especially if they involve a beautiful girl like you, Kerri. I just never suspected you were such a vixen.”

“Yes, you’ll see, all right. We’ll have more time tomorrow, I’ll show you a lot more of what your little next door neighbor has learned surfing porn in the last few years.”

“I can’t wait,” I whispered in her ear as I pushed down hard into her as she wiggled her hips from side to side.

“Mmm, I’m feeling good, now, really good. Just what I wanted for my birthday, I’ve been waiting so long for this. And, now, you’re inside me, yum.”

“Oh, Kerri, I can’t do this much longer, I’m just about to cum. Are you close?”

“Yeah, oh, yeah, it feels just wonderful. I’ve wanted this since I was fourteen. Mmm, cum in me, Alex, I’ve waited four years for your cum.”

I don’t know if her saying that made any difference, but my body was engulfed in an ecstasy it hadn’t felt in many years as my cum spurted deeply into this beautiful, young woman. She put her legs up around my back and pulled me tight and began humping me over and over, calling out, “OH, OH, UUH, UUH, OH, I’m cumming, oh, cum in me, Alex, cum in my pussy, I want you so much, oh, I’m so happy, so happy.”

I covered her pretty face with kisses, I was just sexually swept away by our fucking, it was a culmination of all the ogling I had done in the last four years as Kerri blossomed into womanhood. Now, I’ve just fucked her, or, rather, perhaps, she has just fucked me. Either way, it was blissful and I was in her arms and in her pussy where I was so very happy.

“Mmm, I knew it would be this good, Alex, I just knew it. All these years I’ve wanted you. Mmm,” she said as I now lay next to her in each other’s embrace, softly kissing.

“All this time you never ever touched me and now I want your hands on me all the time, every second. But, I do have plans to go out tonight but i’ll be back over for a nice, naked swim and a wonderful fuck tomorrow. Um, if you want me?”

I suspect the kiss I gave her answered her question.

We lay there in my bed for about a half hour longer, kissing and feeling each other, just enjoying her newly-legal status. Then, she told me she had to go get ready to go out with friends and that I was not to masturbate a single time until she came over tomorrow to do it herself. I told her I put myself in her hands and she laughed as she slipped on her swimsuit and left.

Chapter 2

I did sleep with an erection much of the night and, yes, I kept my hands off it, I was eagerly anticipating Kerri’s offer to make it very happy on Sunday. Well, Sunday was here and I was up, had breakfast and was taking a dip in the pool when, about ten, she came in the back gate.

She had on the white thong suit from yesterday and walked right over and dove in the deep end and swam over to me and handed me the top and bottom of her swimsuit.

“There. Now, what about you?” she asked as she leaned forward to kiss me. Our kiss was rather clumsy as I was also trying to slide down my trunks which I did manage to get off then fling out of the pool. Immediately Kerri’s hand was wrapped tightly around my cock.

“I just can’t swim now, Alex, I want this inside me so much. Fuck me right now, right here in the pool. I’ve dreamed about you fucking me here for so long, now I want it to happen.”

Well, it had been a few years since I had fucked anyone in my pool but I was certainly not going to turn this offer down. Especially as the water was lapping her right at nipple-height as we were standing there together. I backed her up to the side of the pool, she put her legs up around my back and her arms around my shoulders as we both maneuvered my cock up into her then she began pulling up and back over and over.

Ah, the feel of her lovely pussy had returned.

“Oh, I am so turned-on fucking you like this, the way I’ve dreamed of doing it for four years. Oh, yes, this is what I’ve wanted.”

“I never thought you made any notice of me when you came over to swim, I know I looked at you, I couldn’t help it, you were so pretty.”

“Well, you just don’t know young girls, Alex, once they start thinking about sex they can’t think about anything else. Ever. So, yeah, I saw every time you got a bulge in your trunks. I worked hard to make you hard. And I did, too, I could see it every time. And I wanted it so bad. Mmm, now, it’s up inside me. Right now,” and I felt her give my cock a squeeze with her pelvic muscles.

I had her back pressed against the wall of the pool and began moving in and out of her using small strokes, having learned years ago that sometimes long ones can pump water into her and lessen the pleasure of the experience.

“Mmm, this is lovely, Alex, just what I wanted this morning. I want to make the water boil between us.”

“Well, maybe a nice simmer would be good.”

We fucked on and on, her hands rubbing my back, me kissing her as my cock rocked back and forth inside her.

There was nothing hurried about our fucking, it was just perfect, our loins immersed in the water, Kerri’s stunning breasts sparking with the sunlight glinting off the droplets on her skin, oh, this was so good. I was thinking back to the first few times she came over to use my pool. She was fourteen and in a bikini. She was beautiful even then. And, yes, I do remember her flirting with me. Just the thought made my dick harder as I moved in and out of the same beautiful girl four years later.

Yes, I did have thoughts of fucking this young girl when she paraded around me in her bikinis these last four years. Any man would have. And now she was giving herself to me. I may have watched her grow to womanhood but now I’m experiencing her full womanhood in action as she works to drain my cock deep into her love nest.

And, that seemed about to happen. She was flexing her pelvic muscles as we moved against each other, it was feeling marvelous. Then, those marvelous feelings swept over me as my cock spurted her full of my cum.

“UHH, UHH, oh, oh, Kerri, mmm, oh,” I began kissing her as I pushed hard into her and she began humping me up and down and moaning as we held each other in the water.

“Mmm, mmm, OH, OH, Alex, oh, yes, mmm, in the pool, at last, I get you in the pool, oh, this is so good.”

It was far better than good, it was marvelous. I stood there holding her, her long, slim legs locked around my back, us kissing, both naked, her back against the side of the pool, breasts pressed to my chest, her tongue searching my mouth. It seems we had both dreamed about doing this and, now, we have. I suspect we will be doing it again, probably rather soon.

“Oh, I’m close, yes, oh, really good, oh, this feels so…UUNH, UUNH, OH, OH, yes, yes, oh, mmm, oh, Alex, my dream come true. Oh, finally, it’s been so long. But now you’re mine.”

During her orgasm, I really felt the spasms inside her, her vagina was contracting over and over, it was the strongest I’d ever felt from a woman, truly amazing.

“That was wonderful, Alex, just wonderful. Mmm. Ready to go inside and spend the day together. Maybe in your bed?”

“Sounds lovely, Kerri, just perfect,” and we got out and dried each other off and went up to my bedroom and got in bed.

“I’ve always wondered what your bedroom looked like. Now I’m in it all nice and naked and getting fucked right on your bed. Are you happy I’m here?”

“Well, Kerri, you’re not the only one who had thoughts of you in my bed. I just didn’t dare act on them. You can understand that, right?”

“Oh, sure. I didn’t press it, either. I waited, right? Until now. Now you can fuck me all you want. And I’m ready whenever you are,” she said as she flopped down, her legs open, offering me her body for our mutual pleasure.

“Well, I’m pretty hard. Want me to try?”

“Oh, here, let me see what I can do to help,” she said as she got up and took me in her mouth and began sucking me. It did help, I think she could suck a dead man back to life. Soon, she popped off me and dropped back down, legs spread open.

I was soon deep inside her stroking in and out, some of my cum oozing out as I pressed hard into her depths. She had her legs up around my back and was making happy moaning sounds as we went along.

“Mmm. nice, this is just perfect for a Sunday. Just what I wanted.”

“Just what I wanted, too, Kerri, after yesterday. It might have been your birthday but I feel like I was the one who got to unwrap the wonderful present.”

“You say such lovely things Alex. That’s why I’ve had this crush on you for so long.”

“It’s easy to say lovely things to such a lovely young woman.”

“You make it easy to be in your bed, Alex. This is just what I want.”

I could sense my own sexual feelings coming to the boil and was trying to hold back to make it good for Kerri.

“Oh, Alex, oh, go a little faster, oh, yes, perfect, oh, yes, yes, I’m cumming…UUUH, UUH, UH, oh, mmm, mmm, oh, just keep going, it’s so wonderful, Alex, just wonderful.”

I did keep going but not for too much longer.

“Oh, Kerri, mmm, now, now, I’m gonna cum, oh, yeah,” and I arched forward as she raised her hips off the bed and rotated around and around as my cum surged up deep inside her as she moaned, “Mmm, give me your cum, Alex, I want it in me, mmm.”

We lay there in each other’s arms, my cock still snug inside her feeling her contractions as we enjoyed the warmth and closeness of the moment. After a few minutes, I rolled off her and we lay there together snuggled close, just savoring one another.

I guess we drifted off to sleep. A very happy and satisfied sleep. I awoke to Kerri’s hand gently touching my cock, just a fingertip rubbing back and forth. I opened my eyes and there she was on her side, smiling at me.

“We had a little nap, it seems.”

“Yes, after some fun; it just happened, I guess,” I added.

“We could have some more fun. What do you think?”

“Well, I think I’d like to fix us a bit of lunch and open a bottle of champagne I have in the fridge. I know you’re underage for the champagne but we won’t go anywhere, except back to bed, perhaps. What do you think, Kerri?”

“I think it is a marvelous idea. Do we do lunch like this?”

“I happen to think it’s how you look best. What do you think?”

“All nice and naked, what better way to have lunch?” and she bounded out of bed and ran to the kitchen. I walked rather more leisurely and found her sitting at the kitchen table with two champagne glasses and the bottle she had retrieved from the refrigerator. Good thinking.

I popped the cork and poured us each a flute.

“Here’s to being eighteen, Kerri,” I toasted.

“Heh, heh, it’s been pretty nice for you, too, right, Alex?”

“It’s been absolutely wonderful for me, Kerri. Perfect.”

“Good, I just love us fucking. And after our nice lunch, I’m gonna do you good. We’ve got four years to catch up on. That’s a lot of fucking.”

“Maybe I’d better schedule a check-up with my doctor. Make sure my heart can stand it.”

“Oh, we’ll take it nice and slow, don’t worry, I love it nice and slow.”

I was making us omelets as we kidded around. The prep work I did the night before, so the cooking was really pretty quick and simple.

As we ate and sipped our champagne, Kerri kept one hand on my cock and was circling her thumb around the tip in the wetness oozing out in anticipation of our next coupling.

“You’re not only a wonderful lover, Alex, you’re quite the chef. Everything a woman would want.”

“Oh, I have a small repertoire of meals I can impress with. Stick around and you’ll see that I pretty quickly run out of hits.”

“I might just stick around if you’d like.”

“I’d like nothing better but don’t you have some younger admirers?”

“So many guys are self-centered little brats. I’m rather liking the idea of a more considerate and sophisticated man with experience.”

“Oh, so well put, Kerri. So well put,” and I leaned over to kiss her as she kept wiping the precum around the head of my cock.

We ate our omelets, had another glass of champagne, then took the glasses and the rest of the bottle back to bed, both stretched out along side each other sipping and touching.

I dipped my finger in my glass and traced champagne around her nipples, then, licked it off.

“What a lovely use for champagne, Alex, can I try it?” as she dipped her finger and dripped some on the head of my cock, then bent over to lick it off.

She not only licked it off, she slid her wet lips down over me and began sucking. I slipped my hand down along her butt cheek, and up along her wet cleft to run my finger back and forth, then inside where it was all warm and wonderful.

She raised up off my hard cock, wet with her saliva, kissed me and said softly, “Lay down now, Alex, I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. I am so ready. And, look, you are, too,” as she put her hand around my cock and swung over me, gripping me to guide me up into her depths.

Oh, sliding down on me, oh, yes, she is so tight, her vagina grips me tightly, especially as she pulls up on me, making it feel like her pussy is sucking my cock. Wow, what a young woman. She was so pretty and sexy these last four years, now, she’s naked, up over me, fucking me the best I’ve ever been fucked. Yes, the best.

My hands were rubbing her breasts and her hands pressed mine against her, she went up and down, up and down, over and over, just wonderful.

“Mmm, mmm, feel good, Alex?”

“Just wonderful, oh, Kerri, just incredible. It may have been your birthday but I’m the one that’s so happy.”

“Maybe I should put a bow on my pussy?”

“That would be lovely, I’m sure.”

“Mmm, I’m getting that wonderful feeling again, Alex, that wonderful feeling your cock is giving me,” and she ground down on me twisting back and forth rubbing the tip end of my dick way up inside her, oh, that felt so good.

“You’re sure giving me lots of feelings, I’m sure glad you had your birthday.”

“Oh, I bet you are. Like me fucking you, don’t you? All those years of looking at me in my bikini and now I’m naked in your bed with your big, hard cock deep inside me.”

“I never expected it but it’s one of my life’s happiest moments.”

“That’s nice, that’s really nice. Me, making you that happy?”

“Oh, Kerri, you’re making me exquisitely happy, really more happy than I’ve been in a very long time.”

“Maybe I should try to keep you happy for a very long time.”

“With me? You with me? I’d love nothing better but you’re a very young woman who should be with a man much younger then me.”

“What if I want to be with you, Alex? What if it’s what I want?”

“You really think you want to be with me? I’m forty-one. You’re eighteen. I’m over twice your age.”

Now, you might wonder exactly why I was trying to talk Kerri out of being with me when at the time she had my hard cock up inside her thrilling it like never before. Well, I wondered, too, why I was resisting her wish to be with me, but I wanted her, if that’s what she wanted, to be sure.

“Alex, don’t you get it? I’ve been in love with you since I was fourteen. Fourteen. I’ve waited four years to express my love for you. I love you, dear Alex, I love you.”

I pulled her down to me and kissed her for a long time as she slowly moved her hips up and down.

Finally, she pulled up off me and said, “Well, now I’ve told you. I’ve wanted to tell you for so long. I just hope that telling you I love you hasn’t ruined everything. I’m not a scatterbrained little girl, Alex. I know what I want. And it’s you.”

Well. The young girl from next door loves me. But she’s hardly a little girl anymore. She’s up over me, beautifully naked, fucking me, her breasts jiggling just a little as she jogs up and down on my thrilled cock.

“Well, Kerri, this is a lot to process, it’s all so new and, really, unexpected. You’ve just got to give me a little time to let all this sink in.”

“Yes, I know and I will. But I’m going to keep trying to convince you that I have a lot to offer a forty-one year old man. Am I doing okay, so far?”

“Oh, Kerri, you’re doing perfectly so far. Any man would want you. You’re beautiful, young, sexy, just every man’s dream. And, my dear, you fuck like a dream. I’m going to cum any minute now.”

“Mmm, good, I’ve dreamed about feeling the throb of your cock as it releases deep into me. Every time, it’s wonderful. And, there are many times in our future, Alex. I plan on keeping your sperm count depleted. I’m gonna fuck you crazy. From now on.”

And, that’s just what has happened in the following three years. Kerri just finished her junior year in college, we plan to be married right after she graduates and she no longer lives next door to me.

No, she lives with me in my house, in my bedroom, in my bed. Her parents approve and understand. That, to me, may be the most surprising and unexpected part of this whole affair.

And, Kerri does fuck me crazy. It only gets better.

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