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All for One and One for All

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My wife Liz and I were enjoying our new found freedom. The worries and problems of child rearing, mortgages and financial concerns, were largely in our past. We were living a life more centered on each other.

Our vacations were now of our choice, we enjoyed walks together after dinner, we dined at nice restaurants instead of fast food outlets, and our sex life had blossomed.

We were so much more relaxed about when and where we made love, free to fondle at any time the mood might come upon us. I took her from behind one day as she was preparing a meal. I lifted her skirt up, pushed her panties to one side and worked my cock into her while she giggled and protested and spread her legs.

We fucked in a basket chair in the living room one early evening. It all seemed so damn new to us; that a tremendous weight had been lifted from our shoulders. We were now free to fully enjoy each other.

It was no longer a rush to get finished before some household issue interrupted us. We took our time, kissed touched and fondled, fucked and talked.

We were lying side-by-side one night with Liz’s leg up over my hip. Her nipples brushed my chest as my cock slid back and forth along her slit, the knob threatening to enter her. Groans and moans were interspersed with words and phrases. The subject was our interest in sex with others.

We were fantasizing about threesomes. The third person, male of female, could be a stranger. If this person were male, it would be my story to tell. The scene might be on vacation in a hot country and we would invite a well-hung younger male to screw Liz. I would not be in the room until he finished and had pulled out, and then I would come in for the wet deck. I am not certain why that excited me but it certainly aroused Liz.

The more common version was that the third person would be a woman. Either of us could relate this fantasy, but in all cases it would be a true threesome with everyone in bed at one time.

This person was occasionally some woman we both knew. The stories became more explicit each time we allowed our minds to wander. Liz became highly aroused when we imagined her engaging in sex with the woman as opposed to me simply taking turns fucking each one.

Liz had admitted that while all women did not turn her on, there were some that really got to her sexually. She could not explain what it was, but usually she saw the other one as being dominant and “knowing what to do.”

“Baby, speaking of which, you seem to be spending a lot of time with Ruth these days,” I groaned as my knob parted her lips and she tightened around it.

“Hmm yes, we really like each other” she said warmly. She pushed her hips at me, taking in a little more cock.

“Do you ever have naughty thoughts about her?”

Her mouth found mine and she slipped her tongue deep into my mouth. “You buggar, you know that I do. She is one of those women who seem to be on my wave length.”

“Do you think about touching her? Have you touched her? Do you think she is thinking about you in that way as well?”

She did not answer at first, just drove her hips at me again and took in all of my cock. “Ah God I do think about being naked with her, but we have not yet touched that way. But the way she looks at me tells me that she is open for it. What would you say if I did something with her?”

In answer I stroked her about five times, both of us grunting in pleasure. “I would love it baby, as long as you told me all the details.”

“What if she wanted to be with the two of us? Are you attracted to her? Would you want her in bed with us?” The words spilled out of her mouth.

I could tell that Liz was about to lose control as she let her mind picture the three of us naked in a bed. I wanted to talk more about this, so I slowed down and eased my knob back to her slit.

“What would you do baby? With Ruth I mean. Do you want to feel her tits? Suck on her nipples? How far would you like to go with her?” My heart was pounding as we entered this once verboten world.

“I would love to rub my tits on hers. Feel her lips on my nipples, yes. Ah God yes, I would want to suck hers.” Liz was almost vibrating in excitement as the visions raced through her mind.

“What about her pussy? Would you want to touch it, or maybe even go down on her and taste it? You like it when I lick yours, maybe she would lick yours too. What do you think?”

“You are going to make me cum! I don’t know what I would want to do with her. Maybe it would not work out at all. But oh God, I love thinking of it. Stop it now and just fuck me.”

I rolled her to her back, tucked her knees up under my armpits and fucked her as hard as I could.

We did not even mention it the next day, probably because we had stepped beyond our former boundaries. But I was sure she was thinking about it as much as I.

The subject of Ruth arose immediately after the nipples were bared on the following night. The fantasy had now evolved to a full on threesome with everyone playing with everyone else.

Ruth was a recently divorced and had managed to get out from under a bad and abusive relationship. Her former husband had run off with a younger woman, leaving Ruth with the family home. Her life did not improve all that much following the divorce. She was free of the husband but was still cooking and cleaning for two adult sons, whom I gather were cast in the mold of their daddy.

Socially things were not a lot better. She and Liz both golfed at the same club. As often happens, when a married person returns to single status, they become social outcasts amongst their married friends.

Liz of course is on a constant rescue mission, seeking out those who are sad or lonely. She befriended Ruth and they had reached the point that they were almost constant companions through the day. They shopped and golfed together, and quite often ended their afternoons at our home.

Ruth was a pleasant looking woman, her most outstanding feature being her very big tits, mounted on a short body. Her hips were slim so she gave the appearance of being top heavy. The more that I saw of her, and the more we talked about her at night, the more I was fascinated at the thought of fucking her.

One night, in our chat position, Liz murmured, “We felt each other’s tits today. We were trying on clothes and down to bra and panties. She made the first move and came up behind me and slipped her hands under my arms.

She felt my tits through the bra and whispered, ‘Let me take the bra off.’

I couldn’t speak and just nodded my head. She unhooked the bra and slipped her hands back around and lifted my tits. Her fingers were trembling as she found my nipples. I could feel her big tits on my back. God, I almost come right then.”

And I almost come right then as well. I sunk my cock in her and said, “Ah god baby, did you feel hers?”

“Yes. After a minute we turned the other way with me behind of her. Her bra had front hooks and as I reached under her arms to find them, I realized that she was facing the big mirror. Our eyes locked as I opened the hooks. Her tits dropped out, my God it was hot. I crushed mine against her back as I lifted them upwards, pointing the huge aureoles at the mirror. Oh God, I rolled and pinched her nipples like you do to me.”

“Oh God baby, that is so hot. Did you think about her pussy then? Did she not make a move on yours? What happened?” I was very much out of control now, on my knees between her legs, holding her hips as I fucked her madly.

We lay exhausted when she finally said; “I think we were both a little embarrassed that we had gone so far. We dressed quickly and had a cup of tea to settle down.”

I said, “We have to get her with us baby. This has got me so hot thinking about the two of you, that I want my threesome now. I want to take my cock out of her and put it in you.”

We laughed together as we lay spent on the bed. Liz said, “Let’s just see what happens naturally, no need to push things. But I want it too, and I am sure that Ruth will go along when the time comes.”

A few weeks later we were back at it in bed again. Liz was very animated and I could tell that she had a story that she was dying to tell me. Strange, how we could only seem to discuss these issues in bed when ready for sex.

I was relaxed on my back with Liz naked on her side. She was playing and teasing me, fingers roaming and kissing me, rubbing her hip and breasts on me occasionally. She bent down and kissed my neck, and then whispered in my ear.

“We did it today,” she said in a strangled voice.

I jerked my head up to look into her eyes. She looked as if she wished that she had not said it. I smiled and said, “You did? Tell me every detail?”

She had dreaded telling me but relaxed visibly with my reaction. She reached down and took my hardening cock in her hand as if it soothed her.

“It was as if we both knew that we had to try it. We were in the bedroom ready to try on clothes. By the time we were down to bra and panties, there was no question about where we were going. I had never been with a woman and I doubt that she had either, so we had no script to follow. We did have a driving need to touch each other.

We unhooked our bras. God she has great tits. We pushed our panties off simultaneously, and just melted together. I had ached to feel her tits against mine, and it was so beautiful. She kissed my neck as our hands roamed and touched the other.

We were on the bed in seconds. I was on my back with her partly sideways and leaning over me. Her tits were mixed up with mine. We kissed, soft at first, then with tongues and open mouths. Ah baby, it was so damn hot! You can’t imagine how wildly different it all felt.”

We were both very hot now. Her leg was up over my hip and my cock pressed up along her slit. But I wanted to hear more.

“We both seemed to know what to do. We worked our legs between the others until our pussies rubbed on the other’s thighs. I thought I was going to pass out. I loved the feel of her hot wet slit rubbing me, while she rubbed mine.

She pushed herself up to free a nipple for me. I almost swallowed it I was so damn horny. She took one of mine in and sucked and then we started kissing crazily. We were all lips and tongues and tits and pussies.

She was starting to come, desperately trying to force her pussy against mine. She twisted around until our pussies were jammed together. Suddenly she came, I could feel the warm discharge soaking me between my legs.

I was still horny but did not know what to do. She smiled at me and reached down for my pussy. Her slit was still brushing it and I watched her red fingernails sort through my bush to my slit.”

She said, “Let me get you off Liz. You can’t get this close and not come.”

“I watched in fascination as she gently inserted her fingers into me, hooking two fingertips up under my mound. She was gentle but insistent. I slowly relaxed and let her bring me to a soft intense orgasm. I could feel her fingers, her inner thighs, her bush and pussy lips and the brush of her big tits on my belly as she worked away. I grabbed her hand and got off grinding against it.”

I fucked her very slowly and gently and continuously until we both got off once more.

Aroused as I was at the thought of my wife and another woman getting it on, I had not considered that maybe Ruth only wanted Liz and might not be interested in a threesome.

“Do you think that Ruth would join us for a night?” I said desperately.

“Of course she will. Let’s call her and ask,” Liz smiled.

I realized then that the ladies had been discussing the possibility of involving me. I lay back on the bed as Liz reached for the phone and dialed the number. As Ruth responded, Liz put the phone on speaker and lay beside me.

“Hi Ruth, are you in bed?

“Yes of course, I am reading. I am curious, never had a call from you at this hour before.”

“Oh, just laying her beside my hubby. We have been talking about our meeting today, and how much fun it was.”

“Liz! You didn’t tell him all did you? Are you crazy?”

“I told him every little detail and it drove him mad. He was so excited and we have just finished tidying up from the results.”

“Oh God, I will never be able to look at him again. Jim, it just happened, I hope that you are not upset.”

I chimed in, “Damn no Ruth, I loved it. I almost got off just thinking of you two at each other. I was just asking my beloved whether there might be some of you for me.”

There was a pause; we could hear her breathing as she wondered how to respond. Finally, “Well I guess if you ask me that, you already know that Liz and I have talked about it. And yes, I think of you and fantasize what it would be like with the two of you.”

I had another big bone on. Liz was smiling at me, a look of triumph on her face as she slipped down my body to rub her face along my shaft. I groaned at her touch.

From Ruth, “Are things alright there? Why the groan?”

“Ah well, my dear wife has chosen this particular time to tease me with her mouth.”

“Oh God, this is so hot Jim. I am touching myself now just imagining what you two are doing.”

“What are you wearing Ruth? Pj’s?”

“No, I am in a short nightie.”

“Jesus, panties?”

“Never wear panties to bed.”

“God would love to see you right now. Ah my God.” Liz had taken me fully into her mouth and was seriously sucking me off.

“Wish I was there,” said Ruth, her voice weak and trembling.

“Ruth, join us at the club dinner this week, and be prepared to come home with us for the night.”

“Yes, yes, I will,” and she was gone.

Liz gave Ruth and me the opportunity to become comfortable with each other at the club dinner that weekend. She buzzed other tables, chatted with friends and danced with other men to give us some time alone.

Ruth was quite relaxed. We rubbed knees under the table; let our hands linger when we touched, and generally warmed to each other. We danced a few times to some nice slow ballads. She was not shy about letting me feel her body. One big tit was tucked under my arm and the other teasing and rubbing my chest. Her face was in my neck, her lips brushing my ear. She did not pull back when I pressed my hard cock against her hip. “Oh Jim,” she whispered.

Liz drove home and suggested Ruth and I sit in the back. We got right at it as I pulled her over me. We kissed and felt each other passionately. She was very aggressive and was rubbing my cock before we hit the first traffic light. I opened her blouse and eased a big tit out of her bra to fondle and squeeze.

We were jolted upright when Liz opened the car door and smiled, “Last stop, all out, we’re home.”

Liz suggested that I shower in the spare room while she and Ruth prepared in our bedroom. Following a very hurried shower I put on a robe and brought a tray with wine and glasses upstairs.

The bedroom was dimly lit. The ladies were wearing negligees and looking beautifully expectant. We toasted the evening and I returned the glasses to the dresser.

Liz guided Ruth towards me. I reached down and untied the negligee while Liz peeled it off of her. “For you my love, I give you, Ruth.”

“You are very beautiful Ruth.” My hands automatically reached and lifted her tits, while I bent to kiss her. Her lips were parted and her tongue available. I stepped back again, still holding her tits, to look down her body. Her narrow hips framed the V of her legs and belly; her bush was trimmed to a vertical stripe ending at the tip of her slit.

Liz moved behind me and opened my robe. Ruth moved in tight against me, her tits sliding each side of my chest. My cock brushed her belly until she moved to get it against her mound.

Ruth moved to the bed and climbed up with her head on the pillow while Liz took her place in front of me. Her eyes were blazing; I had never seen her so aroused. She was naked and hot as we kissed, her hands finding my cock and stroking it. She murmured, “Let’s have fun tonight.”

Ruth was in the middle of the bed, spread out beautifully, one knee raised but legs closed, her breasts slung each side of her chest. We joined her on the bed, one on each side.

Liz bent down and licked then sucked on a nipple. I watched for a minute, it looked do damn beautiful, the careful way she kissed and licked it gently before slipping her lips over it. Ruth moaned softly and pulled her head to her.

I lifted the other tit in my hand. I love the feel of a breast in my hot palm; it is such a unique feeling and like no other. I bent my head down beside my wife’s and latched on to a hard nipple. I was a little rougher than my wife, sucking and tugging at it, pinching it with my lips and scraping my teeth on it. Ruth seemed to enjoy it and pressed my head against her.

We reached down simultaneously and spread Ruth’s legs, exposing her pussy. Ruth cried out. Our hands slipped up her soft inner thighs beginning at her knees until meeting at her pussy. Our fingers wrestled to part her lips. Ruth was enjoying it all, arching her back up, clasping our heads to her tits as we sucked and fingered her.

I pulled my finger out of her pussy and spread some juice on a nipple and I said, “You wanted to taste her pussy baby.” Liz pulled the nipple into her mouth with a little cry.

I was ready to fuck Ruth but Liz had other plans and she changed places with Ruth, who quickly slid down Liz’s body, forced her legs apart and dove into her pussy.

“My God,” Liz moaned, automatically pulling her legs further apart as Ruth’s tongue, lips and fingers plundered her pussy. I held her still as I moved back and forth between her nipples.

I could hear a tongue lapping in Liz’s sopping wet pussy. Ruth was in it face first and had moved Liz’s legs over her shoulders. Liz began to tremble and clutch at my head. She arched her back up to take more licking.

“I’m coming Jim, she won’t stop, don’t want her to stop, fuck me Ruth, fuck me.”

Liz collapsed after her release holding Ruth’s face against her pussy as the last tremors left her body.

I got in behind Ruth and lifted her partly to her knees and ready for doggie style. I swabbed the red gash of her cunt with my hand, rubbed it and fingered it. Her pussy was pulsing already. I pulled my fingers out and inserted my cock. I grabbed her by the hips and started fucking her. She came quickly.

Liz had recovered by this time and was fingering her pussy. This was the dream, the fantasy, the one thing I had fantasized for years, the opportunity to pull my cock out of one pussy and putting it in another.

Ruth rolled to one side and I replaced her between Liz’s legs. I lifted Liz’s legs up and nestled her knees on my shoulders. My cock slid in easily and I leaned over her, braced on my hands each side of her head.

Her eyes were smoky as I leaned over her, slowly fucking her, a slight smile played on the corner of her lips. She looked so damn wanton.

“You have such a beautiful cunt my sweet. I love the feel of my cock slipping in between the hot folds. It is like a thousand little tongues are licking my cock and knob.”

I felt her begin to pulse and my hips drove me into her more quickly as I felt my need arise. Ruth had pulled herself to one side, watching the two of us lose it. I did not notice her hand on my ass until she slipped a finger near my butt hole, driving me over the top.

We lay spent on the bed, sprawled out in a variety of positions. I believe that we were all a little uneasy at what had just occurred. I got up and brought the wine tray back to the bed and we sat and sipped.

Liz broke the spell and said, “Hot tub anyone?”

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