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“He said ‘we certainly made her airtight last night’ and then the rest of them laughed.” Ann was cradling the phone against her shoulder as she studied her nails and relayed the overheard conversation to her best friend Shelly.

“What does that mean?” Shelly’s perplexed voice indicated that it didn’t make any sense to her either.

“How should I know? I only heard them while waiting for the bus next to the locker-room. They sounded like they had fun.”

“Who had fun?” Ann’s brother was standing in her doorway looking at his 18-year old sister who was sitting cross-legged on her bed, cradling the phone.

Ann was annoyed that he was listening to her conversation but as she got ready to throw a retort across the room, she giggled softly to herself, realizing that he was doing exactly what she herself was describing to Shelly.

“Go ahead. Ask him?” prompted Shelly who had obviously heard the question.

Ann sighed. What harm could it do? She and her brother were fairly close. Maybe it would make sense to him. Still holding the phone she explained the whole thing to her brother. As she finished he blushed slightly and then laughed to cover up his discomfort. “Do you know? Or are you just pretending to know?” She was a little annoyed now.

Her brother stopped laughing. “Sounds like more than just fun. If they made a girl ‘airtight’ then they were fucking her in the mouth, the pussy and the ass all at the same time.” He watched with a satisfied grin as his sister’s mouth dropped open and phone fell onto the bed. Even from the doorway he could hear Shelly shrieking something. He laughed and ducked as Ann threw a shoe at him. My work here was done. He headed down to the kitchen for a snack. He was tempted to try and listen in on the rest of this conversation but the sound of the slamming door behind him made it clear that the rest of the discussion was off-limits to him. Oh well.

Ann picked up the phone again and settled herself on the bed. She could hear Shelly trying to get her attention as she brought it back to her ear. In a hushed voice so her brother wouldn’t hear she breathed, “Do you believe that?”

“Why would he lie? It makes sense the way he described it. I’ve read about threesomes with 1 girl and two guys but I never thought about a foursome.” The giggle in Shelly’s voice was gone.

Ann agreed with her. She had some experience with sex. An occasional blowjob for the boyfriend-du-jour and just last week she had finally felt a cock in her pussy. It had felt better than she had ever imagined but she had never even considered having his cock in her ass. She was astounded that it was even possible.

“So what do you say?” Shelly’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

“About what?”

“Trying it”

“Being made ‘airtight’!!” Ann stumbled over the word as her shocked mind tried to take in what Shelly was proposing.

“I’m game if you’re game. We both find three nice guys, and try it out. Best story buy lunch for a week.” Shelly whispered fiercely into the phone. Ann thought she knew that Shelly was only slightly more experienced than she was but now she wasn’t so sure.

Shelly seemed to read her thoughts. “No, I’ve never done the ass thing either but I’m curious. How about we plan on Saturday night. Are you up for it?”

Ann was still struggling to catch up but even as her mind tried to comprehend it all she heard herself saying into the phone, “You’re on!”

It was easier than she could have ever imagined. She had been worried about finding at least 3 guys that would agree to participate and keep quiet about it. She couldn’t talk to her brother about this and she finally decided that she would take a long drive to the rival college down the road. On Friday night she found herself seated at the popular bar near the college. After sizing up several different guys, she struck up a conversation with Brad, a junior biology major. After about thirty minutes of small talk, he touched her leg suggestively and she nervously began sounding him out. “I’m looking for something else.” She licked her lips seductively and placed her hand on his thigh.

“I can be something else,” he said with a huge grin.

“No, I’m wondering if you have some friends to join us.”

Brad’s smile slipped a little bit but he recovered quickly as Ann explained what she was looking for. Brad’s smile broadened quite a bit. “I think I might be able to put something together for tomorrow night.” He scribbled his number on a napkin and Ann soon found herself driving back toward home wondering what she was letting herself in for.

Ann stepped out of the shower and stared at her reflection in the mirror. With her skin still wet from the shower, she admired the glistening droplets as they slid down her breasts. As the time grew closer, her trepidation vanished and was replaced by an eagerness to explore a new frontier. In the shower she had slowly slid a soapy finger between her cheeks and probed her tightest hole. After getting used to the feeling she had found that finger easily sliding in and out. It went from being slightly uncomfortable to being quite enjoyable and now as she gazed at the mirror, she could feel her pussy growing warmer and wetter, anticipating what was to come.

She glanced over at the small note she had scribbled. She had called Brad at lunch time and he gave her an address for the party. “I think you’ll get the experience you’re looking for, and maybe a little bit more,” he said with a grin that came through loud and clear over the phone. Ann nervously chewed the pencil wondering what he meant. He gave her all the assurances she asked for. No means no, the party was over when she said it was, no problems if she backed out, discretion by all attendees, no pain and condoms for her pussy and ass. As she started to get dressed, the panties and bra she had chosen suddenly made her start to giggle. “Why bother?” She left them laying on her bed and slid into a strapless summer dress. The feel of the breeze on her pussy made her tingle all over and the gentle scratch of the fabric against her nipples caused them to swell creating sexy bumps which were clearly visible as she applied her makeup. She giggled again as she applied her lipstick. “Probably not going to stay on very long if I’m going to have cocks sliding in and out all night long.” She wondered how Shelly was doing but they had agreed to talk tomorrow night so that they could each concentrate on the task at hand. She slid her hand down and under her dress to feel the moistness between her legs. She was amazed at how hot it was. She didn’t think she’d ever been this excited before. What was she getting herself into? With one final glance at the mirror, she headed for the car.

She sat in the car outside the house for 15 minutes, staring at the door and nervously biting her lip. She knew that once she knocked on that door, things were going to happening fast. She slid her purse under the seat and pocketed her car keys. She wasn’t sure she was ready but she wasn’t going to let Shelly win this little bet. She brushed her hair back over her ears and got out of the car.

“She’s here!” Brad’s grin was so wide it almost swallowed his face.

Ann glanced nervously over his shoulder into the living room where several boys had been chatting and drinking beer. Now they were all staring at her and she was surprised to see a girl perched on the arm of the sofa and eyeing her up and down as well.

“Well, are you going to come in?” Brad’s voice brought her back to reality.

There looked to be about 8 boys in the living room. She couldn’t see the rest of the house but she could hear other voices and laughter wafting in from other rooms. She could feel a tiny drop of moisture from her eager pussy, begin trickling down the inside of her thigh. What had she gotten herself into, indeed! She followed Brad into the living room. Brad handed her a beer. She took a small sip. She wanted to make sure she knew what she was doing and that she remembered the whole experience.

The girl Ann had seen from the doorway came over to her. “Hi, I’m Marley. I hope you don’t mind me being here. Brad thought you might be more comfortable if there was another girl here. I can’t believe you’re going to do this but it’s going to be exciting. Who knows, if it goes well, maybe I’ll try it next time!” She laughed. Ann smiled and realized that Brad had been the perfect pick for this. She did feel more comfortable with Marley there. Hopefully Marley would make sure things didn’t go too far.

Her eyes were drawn to the coffee table which occupied the center of the living room. It was the strangest table she had ever seen. It was a long rectangular table, with short legs. Ordinarily it had a thick glass surface but Ann could see that the glass had been removed and over half of the table was covered with a sheet of plywood. The open half had a pillow tied at the end. Under the table was a flat board mounted on wheels that resembled a mechanic’s trolley.

Marley noticed her gaze. “The boys came up with that for tonight.” She winked slyly. “I tried it out for them and it will be perfect for what you want.”

As Ann stared confusedly at the table, she felt someone come up behind her. Before she could turn around a two hands came down over her eyes and she felt the unmistakable bulge of a hard cock pressing against her butt. Obviously no foreplay was in the offing. The silence in the room became deafening and she heard two boys move to her sides and then shuddered as hands began lightly running down her chest, grazing her erect nipples before gently cupping her breasts. She took a deep breath and waited to see what would happen next.

She could hear the shuffling of bodies and felt someone slide between her legs. She opened her legs and squatted a little as she felt a tongue probing her pussy. She moaned and squatted more, pushing her open cunt down on the unseen mouth. Two hands reached between her thighs and wandered over her labia as the tongue continued its journey, swiping forward to fondle her clit and then probing deeply into her juicy hole. Her thighs trembled. She couldn’t stay in this position much longer but it sure felt good. The tongue swiped backward and touched her anus. When that happened, Ann almost had an orgasm right then and there. It felt so different and so naughty that she couldn’t even think straight. She squatted lower and now all kinds of hands were helping her. She felt her dress being pulled down exposing her body and heaving breasts to everyone.

The hands that covered her eyes were removed and now the whole scene was different. The lights had been dimmed and she was surrounded by naked college boys with hard cocks jutting towards her from all directions. One boy was still sitting cross-legged under her, with his mouth glued to her crotch. His cock was pointing right at her because Marley was kneeling down pumping it slowly with both hands while licking her lips and gazing up at Ann.

They brought her quickly over to the table and had her kneel down so that her breasts hung free in the open space and her head rested on the pillow. She watched as one of the boys slid under her and lay on the trolley. His tongue reached out and flicked at her nipples. She moaned and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation. She felt her legs being pulled apart and then strapped to the legs of the table. She knew that she was lewdly spread open. He pussy lips pulled wide exposing her juicy hole and her ass cheeks exposing her tight anus. Now her hands were tied to the front table legs.

The tongue continued its assault on her rock-hard nipples. She could feel the sensations building in her. When she felt another tongue begin to probe her anus, her eyes flew open and she gasped in delight. Besides the sensation of the two tongues, a rock hard penis was pointing directly at her mouth. She could see a droplet of semen already oozing out of the tip. It looked enormous as it pushed forward toward her open mouth. Almost without thinking she stuck out her tongue to taste the droplet of cum before the head slid between her lips. She opened wide as the first cock of the night slid into her hot mouth.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see Marley was now naked, lying on the couch with her head buried in some boy’s lap and obviously matching Ann stroke for stroke. The boy had his hands holding the back of her head as he guided her mouth

on his cock. Ann could hear Marley gulping and slobbering as she administered her blowjob.

Ann was suddenly back in the moment and ignoring Marley as the boy on The trolley began to slide his cock into her pussy. The cock in her mouth was pushing toward the back of her throat and the tongue in her ass was replaced with a finger covered in lube. The finger coated her ass and then began sliding into her tight ring. It felt just like her own soap-covered finger and she quickly adjusted to the gentle thrust. Her lips tightened around the cock that was sliding insistently between her lips. She could feel the thick shaft between her legs, slowly filling her waiting hole. It was bigger than the only other one that had ever been there and it felt great. She felt every inch as it slowly penetrated deeper and deeper.

She moaned and her fingers clenched and unclenched as her first orgasm began to build. As she moaned she felt the cock in her mouth begin to swell and before she could get ready it pulsed and began pumping giant spurts of cum right down her throat. She gulped frantically to keep up but failed and left a trail of cum dripping from her lips as she shuddered through her first orgasm. The cock in her mouth withdrew and she gasped for breath as convulsions throbbed between her legs and the big shaft sliding into her pussy. Her nipples were so hard, they hurt and just when she thought she was coming down from the sensation, the boy on the trolley closed his teeth over one breast drawing a ragged cry from her throat. Tiny orgasms rolled on as the finger in her ass became two fingers, stretching and widening her tightest hole for something a little bigger.

Another cock presented itself to her mouth and she eagerly attacked it, swallowing the entire thing with a frantic gulp. Her breath rasped frantically through her flaring nostrils as she reveled in the sensations. And as the big cock began sawing in and out of her distended lips she felt the first tentative probing of her well-lubricated anus. The head of the cock push forward and for an instant she thought it wasn’t going to work. As the head pushed, she felt the first stab of pain but before she could form a protest she was astonished to feel the tight ring relax and her asshole widened to welcome in the cock that was knocking at her backdoor. She was amazed to feel the shaft filling her ass and sliding all the way in with one smooth stroke. In that flash of an instant her mind exploded in ecstasy. She was AIRTIGHT!

Her cheeks were puffed out, filled with cock and sucking hard on the hot shaft in her mouth. Moisture cascaded down her thighs, oozing from her pussy hole which was wrapped around another cock thrusting between her legs and simultaneously she was servicing a cock that was buried between her ass cheeks and filling her tight anus. She actually blacked out several times from the intensity of the sensations. Each rolling orgasm left her shaking and sweating as she struggled to keep up with all the cocks that found their way into her body.

Just when she thought she’d seen and felt it all, she had one more surprise. She was coming down off another orgasm, gulping down another load of cum when Marley appeared in front of her. Drops of cum decorated her breasts and mouth as she smiled down at Ann. In her hands she was holding what looked like three dildos joined together with a strap. As Ann watched, Marley revealed the object to be a pair of panties with two inward facing dildos and one outward facing dildo. Marley slid the panties on and spread her legs to receive the two dildos. A boy slathered lube on them and then helped Marley insert the two dildos into her pussy and ass. Marley stared at Ann with a glazed expression on her face. “Now I’m going to fuck your ass!”

Ann tensed and waited as Marley disappeared behind her. She glanced over her shoulder and watched as the boy that had been fucking her ass stepped back and Marley took his place, sliding the dildo into her well-fucked ass. The rubber cock slid easily into her open asshole and as Marley pushed forward and moaned. Ann could just imagine that the dildos in Marley ass and pussy were being pushed deep as Marley fucked her. Marley moaned and shuddered through her own orgasm as Ann felt another cock tapping her cheek. She turned her head and opened her mouth and began stretching her lips around this new friend. I’ll bet my lipstick is gone, she thought happily.

She surrendered herself to the sensations…..

Hours later, Ann stumbled to her car and made her way home. Both of the places between her legs as well as her jaws ached. But it was a pleasant sort of feeling. A satisfied feeling. She couldn’t even count the number of orgasms that she had had. She couldn’t even imagine the amount of cum that she had swallowed or the number of times the cocks in her ass or pussy had swelled and throbbed. She couldn’t wait to compare notes with Shelly.

“I chickened out.”

Ann’s jaw dropped. She had been looking forward to hearing Shelly’s story and now there would be nothing.

“I can’t believe it. You talked me into this and then you don’t go through with it.”

“Are you telling me you went through with it?” Shelly was both annoyed and intrigued.

“You’re damn right, and it was great.” Ann exclaimed and then launched Into the entire story. When she was done, Shelly laughed.

“I don’t believe it.”

“Well how am I supposed to prove it?” Ann asked. Before Shelly could respond the doorbell rang. Ann, still holding the phone to her ear, went to the front door to find a small package lying on the porch with her name in black magic marker. She walked back to her room, staring at the package with a puzzled look on her face. She pulled off the wrapper and found a DVD. She stared at the DVD and then at her car keys on the dresser. The small identification tag that dangled from the keychain glinted in the room light. “If found, please return to….”. She stared at the keys and then the DVD.

“I think I can prove it.” She smiled. Scrawled across the silvery surface was a single word….

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