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I’m a 31 year old dentist and my clinic has a high turnover of young dental assistants (almost entirely female). My current girl is a stunning 20 year old called Grace. She is blonde with bright green eyes and looks like something out of a fashion magazine. While she is professional and polite, she is also a rich snob who has been spoilt by her wealthy father. Why she bothers to have a job is a mystery to me but to her credit she is one of the best assistants I’ve had so far.

She was about to become the best.

She was over an hour late to work last Friday – it turned out on the way to work in the pouring rain she’d T-boned another car when it pulled out in front of her. Though she was shaken and had a small cut on one knee, she was unhurt except that her convertible was a complete wreck. I offered her the day off but she said she’d rather work to keep her mind on something else. I was pleased because Grace wears her uniform looking more like a stripper dressed as a nurse than a dental assistant and she looked particularly sexy after being disheveled by the storm outside. Grace has small breasts but her perfect legs and ass look like they belong in a porn film. She’s always catching me looking but neither of us has confirmed or acknowledged this. I find it impossible not to stare when she bends over or reaches for one of the higher shelves and I’ve seen her cute little pouch wrapped in a wide range of underwear – sometimes a G, sometimes lacy French cut and sometimes bland but surprisingly sexy white cotton standard panties (probably left over from her private schoolgirl days).

Well, today I was in for a treat; after explaining the accident to me, she asked for a band-aid for her knee.

“Here you go.”

When she sat down on the ottoman to apply it, she lifted her ankle and crossed it on top of her opposite knee. I could see right up her dress as clear as day and could see that she wasn’t wearing ANY underwear. Time stood still and at the same time seemed to pass way too quickly. My eyes were as wide as saucers, my mouth went dry and my mind tried to soak in the image of her pussy – bare except for a tiny tuft at the top. Lucky for me Grace brought her foot down before she lifted her eyes up so I could compose myself just enough to save me from complete embarrassment.

When 5:30 rolled around I asked her if she was alright. She said she was fine but if I could give her a ride home she would be grateful as her parents were in the middle of an overseas holiday. Of course I said yes but tried my best not to sound too keen. After locking up I followed her downstairs and motioned her towards my BMW. I’d only just bought it and was pleased to show it off for the first time. If Grace was impressed, she didn’t show it.

Grace gave me directions and I made polite small talk as I drove. She seemed more cheerful and relaxed now that we’d left the clinic and I began to believe she’d be a pleasant girl away from work. She pointed me up a gated driveway and I felt disappointed that my ride with her was coming to an end. My disappointment was soon replaced by awe when I saw her house. ‘Palace’ is the word that springs to mind.

“Wow, this is unbelievable!” I said

Grace chuckled and said “Yeah, my Dad sure knows how to put a roof over his little girl’s head. I have the pool-house all to myself so you can probably guess I’m in no hurry to move out.”

Without thinking I asked “Is it as nice as this?”

“Oh yeah, you should come see. In fact, I think I owe you a drink for the ride home. It is Friday after all!”

“Um, sure, it has been a long week.” A long week staring at your sexy body.

We went around the side of the main building and along a garden path that came out at the pool area which again was amazing. The ‘Pool House’ was a complete villa that would have been an impressive house in it’s own right. Grace opened the French doors and we went inside. Downstairs was a living area with an offset kitchen.

“This looks like a kitchen, but I prefer to think of it as a bar.” Grace said with a naughty smile. She moved swiftly and without asking me want I wanted proceeded to make what looked to be Mojitos. While she was busy I looked around the room and spied a photo of her as a young teenager in a ballet pose. She was standing on the toes of one foot while the other leg was straight up in the air.

“Wow! Can you still do that?”

A strange look crossed her face as she topped off our glasses.

“Well, um, yes but I’m not wearing any underwear so I can’t show you right now.” Grace gave the cutest blush when she said it and I felt myself flush a little too.

She started to explain – “I was actually running late this morning and because my parents have given the housekeeper a month off while they’re on holiday, I couldn’t find any clean underwear. So I had to go without and, well, here I am telling my boss how I’m bare-assed under his uniform.”

She held my gaze as she told me this and I was at a loss at how to respond. My eyes dropped to the hemline of her dress then when I realized how that must look I jerked them up to meet her eyes again.

I stood like a statue for what felt like an hour but was probably only two seconds then she broke the silence.

“Try your drink.”

I did and it wasn’t bad.

Grace sat down on the corner-couch and motioned for me to take the opposite seat. I guess I still looked in awe.

I looked across and there in front of me was her beautiful pussy again. This time I caught myself early and looked her in the eye.

“How’s the Mojito?” she asked.

“Nice. Very nice.”

“Let me know if you feel like anything else.”

The look in her eyes was enough to convince me that this was an invitation to take it to the next level. I set my drink down and stepped across the floor. Her smug expression told me that she had planned to seduce me and now knew she had succeeded. I leant over and made to gently kiss her lips but Grace moved into it as well and met my advance with more lust than romance. My growing cock surged when her hand cupped my balls through my pants. Her tongue darted in my mouth in a way I can only describe as slutty and she moved her hand from my balls to my shaft, rubbing it fiercely.

“Let’s have a look at your cock, Doctor.”

She unclipped my belt and unzipped me. My pants fell to the floor and she smiled as my cock sprung free of my underwear.

Her mouth was straight on it. I’m not circumcised but my cockhead stands out, purple and proud when I’m erect. Grace was not wasting any time, taking me deep in her throat I could feel her push herself past what must have been her gag reflex.

As she was doing this I took my shirt off then looked down to admire the view. After a few minutes Grace released my cock and took a big breath. Her eyes were teared up which had made her makeup run a little. Damn she looked sexy.

She spat on my cock and pumped it with her little hand. I was ready to blow so I grabbed her wrist and pulled her up to kiss me. Her mouth was full of spit and precum but I was so horny that instead of being grossed out, I was turned on even more. Thankfully, I could hold off shooting my load for the moment.

As we kissed I unzipped her dress and let it drop.

“Turn around.”

I swallowed the drink, wrapped my arms over her breasts and kissed her neck with my cold lips. Grace gasped then sighed as she felt my boner press against her ass. I stepped back and knelt down behind her. I kissed the back of one thigh, then the other, savoring the smell of her sex as my face moved past her butt. Each ass cheek fit perfectly in the palms of my hands. I hadn’t realized how petite Grace was until just now. Her breathing was getting quicker and with each kiss I got an inch closer to her pussy. She was bending right over now, exposing her pussy and perfect, pink little asshole to me. I put my whole mouth on her pussy and French kissed it as if it was her mouth. Grace gave a scream of pleasure and I thought I might blow my load right there. I made my tongue hard and stabbed it into her pussy like a spear over and over. Grace started to push back against me and moaned with each stab. If her moans didn’t confirm her arousal, the state of her pussy did; it was almost dripping but most impressive was the way it the lips had folded open, bright and pink like an invitation to my cock.

I traced my tongue from her pussy to her ass — not directly but only an inch from her rosebud. Grace gasped and shivered so I softly kissed her in the same spot on the opposite side.

“Yes, fuck, yes…yes”

Wow. Her wanton lust was driving me insane. I blew gently on her asshole and she moaned her approval. I put my tongue back in her pussy then licked all the way up to her asshole, darting my tongue inside the hole. Her tight little hole pulsated, contracting and relaxing around the tip of my tongue. I pulled my face back to admire the view, the sight of her open pussy too much to ignore now. I stood up and grabbed her breasts from behind while probing my cock at her pussy. My purple head slid straight in the entrance only to meet some resistance at the second inch. Grace reached her around behind me and with her hand on my ass cheek, encouraged me to push harder. She turned her face to me and gasped “Fuck me Nick, c’mon, fuck me!” Her sex-crazed facial expression made my cock throb. I kissed her and thrust my tongue in her mouth, getting an extra thrill knowing I’d just used it on her ass.

Her face pulled away.

“Put me on the floor.”

I felt her knees buckle and we eased away from the couch. Without breaking, we knelt on the rug, her on all fours, me kneeling behind her. Grace splayed her knees apart which made her ass cheeks open, giving me a perfect view of her pink asshole and my 7 inches in her pussy, the shaft glistening on every out stroke.

The sight of that sexy little butt was too much to ignore so as we fucked, I spat on her asshole and eased my thumb in there to the first knuckle.

“So you want to fuck my ass Nick? We should take this to the bedroom so I can see if you deserve my ass or not.”

My head started spinning. What did this mean?

“Ok, lead the way.”

We broke apart and Grace turned to me and with a smile that was half naughty, half excited, grabbed my cock and pulled me into the bedroom.

Her king-size bed was unmade. Grace pulled the covers to the floor, leaving only the fitted sheet on the mattress.

We sat on the foot of the bed and kissed while she squeezed my cock, still sticky with her cunt juice.

Her hand left my cock and she pushed two fingers into my mouth. I could smell and taste our sex on them.

“Now, if you want my ass, you have to earn it.”

She lay back on the bed and pulled her knees up, exposing her open pussy and sexy little asshole.

“Use your mouth on me or you don’t use your cock on me.”

I sprawled out before her, planting my mouth on her pussy, making a point of sloppily kissing it to add more saliva to the mix. I worked my way down to her asshole and used my lips and tongue to moisten it as much as I could.

Grace moaned her approval.

Moving my mouth back to her pussy, I took my middle finger and eased it into her ass. She seemed comfortable with this so I slid my ring finger alongside it. After a minute, her ass seemed to relax so I slowly started fucking her ass with my two fingers while I licked and kissed her pussy.

Keeping my fingers in her ass, I kissed her belly, her ribs, her tanned breasts then her mouth.

Grace first confused me then shocked me by reaching down for my hand, removing my fingers from her ass and taking them into her mouth, running her tongue around them and sucking like a lollipop. The look on my face must have been priceless because she laughed before rolling to the side and reaching for something in a bedside drawer. She came back with what I guessed to be a sex-toy, shaped like an egg on a stick.

“You want my ass now?”

I nodded, no longer under any confusion who was in charge here. I may have been the boss at work but I may as well have been her slave right now.

She shuffled so her ass was at the end of the bed and lifted her feet straight toward the roof. Standing off the bed, stroking my cock in anticipation, I moved in front of her and put her heels on each of my shoulders. I placed my cockhead at her asshole and pushed past the first inch. As her ass sealed around the head of my bulbous member I looked her in the eyes, her face no longer so jovial, more a mix of concentration and anticipation. Her hand on my hip gave me guidance, encouraging or halting my advances to her tight passage.

I could sense a change in her once her sphincter relaxed, changing from trying to accommodate my cock to wanting to be fucked. I would pull out until just the head was in then push until my pubes were against her pussy lips.

Grace grabbed the egg-on-a-stick thing and turned it on. I could hear it vibrate. She started working her clit with it while I fucked her ass. I could feel the vibrations as I slid in and out of her ass. I increased my speed as I kissed and ran my tongue around one of her ankles. Grace was in another world now, her teeth biting her bottom lip as her hips gyrated to meet the thrusts of my throbbing cock. I felt her hand against my groin and looked down to see her working the vibrator inside her pussy. Now I could really feel the vibrations. The length of the toy was perfect that she could remove her hand and it would slide out of her pussy as I withdrew, only to be pushed back in with every stroke.

Grace was on the verge now and I’d been close to the edge for what seemed like hours. Her hands reached for my hips and she dug her nails into my ass cheeks to encourage me to fuck her with everything I had. Her moans turned to screams and I knew I was past the point of no return. I felt my knees fold as my cum streamed into her butt. The humming vibrator in her pussy making my orgasm all the more fierce. Grace, with a drunk look on her face (I must have looked the same) lazily removed the vibrator and dropped it off the side of the bed. Her legs straightened and she rolled them to the side, her body following. I was still standing off the bed, my cock in her ass. Without removing it, I lay along side her, now in the spoon position. Grace reached on to the floor and pulled the covers over us. I looked at her sleepy, smiling face, so different from the girl I saw in my clinic each day.

Time for a nap I think.

Then round two.

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