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A Young Man Gets Lucky

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John had just dropped me off at the Glendale Galleria Mall because I learned there was a vacant space advertised for rent and I wanted to look at it as a possible branch for my gift shoppe. I had no appointment to see the vacancy but I thought I would give the Mall a general look-see and check if it was what I wanted. John had to take the Navigator to the Lincoln-Mercury dealership nearby for its regular service so I was left alone to look at the stores.

It was a beautiful Mall with wonderful window displays that I soon found myself liking the place enough to seriously consider putting up a branch even without having seen the actual vacancy.

I was dressed casually, a pair of baggy khaki shorts and a loose Gap t-shirt, a pair of sandals with spaghetti straps that exposed my dainty white feet and well manicured toes, the normal attire I normally wear once I start feeling the warmth of coming summer…and as always, I wore nothing under my outer garments except perfume since John and I were together.

I saw a California Federal ATM so I decided to fall in line to withdraw some cash just in case. Thats when I noticed this tall and handsome young boy of 17 or 18 slightly smaller in build compared to my John, staring at me with a smile on his face. He didnt appear to be forward or fresh, instead there was a coyness about him which I found endearing…so I smiled sweetly back at him.

After I had gotten the money I needed and started to go my way, this young boy followed and approached me saying in a shy but gentlemanly manner,

“Hi…I dont mean to be offensive or anything, but you look like that beautiful lady in the red dress in the Literotica Website who writes under the name of Lady of Sin. Are you…uh…her”, I smiled to myself as I heard him say this, both of us walking slowly and seemingly going nowhere.

“Yes I am…” I softly replied looking directly at his young hazel eyes,

“WOW…oh man…never thought I’d get to meet you…uh…I loved all your stories…all of them. I thought you were not real and that they were just fantasies…but seeing you now…WOW..”, he said smiling and stammering a little bit looking flushed,

“I’m glad you liked them…but are you not a little bit too young to be going to a mature website like Literotica and reading about incest?” I asked him,

“No Ma’am, I’m already 18 and I just adore mature women and reading stories about them than girls my age…”he replied.

“Whats your name…?” I asked, my voice soft,

“Jason Ma’am, my name is Jason…”

“My name is Gail. Now Jason tell me why dont you like girls your age and instead like mature women like myself?”, I asked,

“Uh…er…girls my age are so inexperienced”,

“Inexperienced?…about what?”, I asked, slowly getting an idea where this was all leading to. A few moments of silence passed before he could reply.

“Inexperienced…uh…with sex Ma’am”, he was slowly turning red in the face with the mention of the S word.

“Jason…are you not too young to be thinking about sex?…”, I was now teasing him and enjoying this verbal exchange with him very much…more than I could imagine as I began to feel a warm moisture creep in between my thighs.

“Uh…no Ma’am…uh…its all I think of…” he stammered again. I took a deep breath smelling the scent of his manly cologne and exhaled. I stopped walking and asked him, looking directly into his hazel eyes feeling slutty and naughty with desire…

“So…why are you talking about this with me Jason. Are you trying to tell me something?” I asked softly, feeling breathless as I saw his eyes and saw what I always see in John’s eyes when he feels the need to have my body. Looking directly at me, I saw him swallow hard, his voice a little unsteady when he replied,

“Uh…I guess…uh…I’ve always envied John and I thought…uh…I’m sorry…uh…” the sound of his nervous voice making me cream some more on the crotch of my baggy shorts…

“Jason, honey…are you still a virgin?” I asked softly, feeling a shiver of desire run through my whole body…

“Yes….” he replied, his eyes looking down, my heart suddenly warming up to him as I saw the vulnerability in his downcast eyes. I took his hand gently in mine and started walking slowly again toward what seemed to be the foodcourt of the Mall.

“Is there any place here where we can talk in private Jason?”, I asked him softly, my desire now going up several notches higher as I felt his hand clasping mine tightly,

“My car is parked at the parking structure near here and we can…uh…maybe talk there”, he said in a voice shaking with anticipation.

“Take me there now…please…”, my voice just a quiet whisper he alone could hear and echoing the increasing desire my body was now feeling for this handsome young boy. He suddenly took the lead and with our hands joined, led me to an escalator to the fifth floor…and into the parking structure. While still walking toward Jason’s car, I took my cell phone and dialed John’s number,

“John Honey…when is the car going to be ready…?” I asked,

“Hi Mom…its going to take probably another hour and a half maybe more before it is done”, John replied,

“Call me in an hour and a half Darling okay. I need to look at something and will be busy for a little while…”,


Upon reaching Jason’s car, another black Navigator like mine with full tint on all the windows which belonged to his Dad, he later told me, he opened the door to the back seats and held my upper arm to let me in, his hand deliberately brushing the softness of the side of my breasts chancing a little feel on me with the back of his hand. It was now obvious to him I was not wearing anything under my tshirt.

I took the seat by the window as he closed the doors and sat beside me. I took his left hand with my right and felt it cold and clammy. I turned towards him and touched his face gently with my left hand. His eyes were closed and his breathing heavy, obviously quite nervous as I said very softly,

“Now that we are alone Jason, what do……”,

I wasnt quite able to finish what I wanted to say to him because I felt his right hand reach out and touch my breasts…feeling its softness and mashing the flesh roughly then reaching under my oversized tshirt feeling my warm skin, his cold fingers making my nipples stiffen and grow hard instantly…making my whole body breakout in goosepimples, the moisture between my thighs now gushing forth suddenly and profusely…as I felt the intensity of this boy’s need….

“Oh Jason…Honey…is this what you want to do…oh my goodness….” I sighed in a moan as my body surrendered to the madness of this young boy’s desire…

I arched my head up as his lips soon found the softness of my neck and throat and, letting go of my right hand, he wrapped his left arm around me drawing me tighter to him…his right hand going between my soft thighs and inside the wide hem of my loose shorts…my soft thighs suddenly opening wide of its own volition…wanting…no…needing the feel of his fingers on my wet and aching pussy…

“Touch me Jason…touch me…..”I whimpered, my tongue licking his earlobe,

I pushed my body harder against him…my mind going blank and my body shaking with burning desire for this young boy…As soon as his finger found my clit…I orgasmed…my thighs clamping tight humping his hand, my vision blinded by the intensity of my orgasm, and leaning back on his left shoulder, my mouth found his ear and with my voice shaking I softly moaned…calling out his name….

“Jason…you’re making me come…oh Jason honey…I’m coming…yes touch me harder…yes harder…touch me harder…more…oh yes…….” I reached between his legs and found a huge bulge causing my fingers to hurriedly reach for the zipper to open his pants trying to get at it. His penis seemed to jump out of the restraint of his pants into my hand…

I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing me gently down…down towards his penis, his need quite obvious. I opened my mouth and started licking the head with my tongue, tasting the pre-cum slowly oozing out of the tip. His finger was still stroking my clit so wildly and deliciously I was still having small orgasms as I took his penis into my mouth sliding slowly down the bony shaft. He started moving up and down on my mouth as I closed my lips around his muscle…up and down…his hand holding the back of my head as he began moving in and out of my mouth more rapidly…until after only a short while, I felt his penis stiffen and start jerking suddenly as a huge stream of hot semen rushed inside my mouth and into the back of my throat, my mind hearing the sound of his low voice,

“I’m coming…wow…oh wow…ohmygosh…I’m coming….arrrrrgggghhhhh…” his voice ending in a snarl as he pushed himself harder up and deeper into my mouth while his hand pushed my head down harder into his jerking penis…some semen dribbling from my lips that had closed tightly on him…his right hand now slowly letting go of my throbbing clit…

I swallowed his creamy sweet salty semen with gusto and started licking all that had escaped from my mouth, some of it dripping down the length of his shaft and into his pubic region.

I took his right hand and slowly shoved his middle finger, the one that was dripping wet with my pussy fluids, into his mouth…..

“Taste me Jason…”I whispered, thrilled at seeing him open his mouth and suck my body fluids on his wet finger…the finger that had brought me to orgasm…

Jason then fell back on the seat with a heavy sigh, his penis still hard…I raised my hips and unzipped my shorts taking them off completely and straddled him. I moved his pants down grabbing his still hard penis and started rubbing the head back and forth on my drooling pussy…back and forth…until I lost my mind again. I lowered myself slowly into this hard hot and throbbing manhood of this boy…my drenched pussy smoothly and easily swallowing his penis…this handsome boy who until now was a virgin and who was about to receive his first sexual experience at the hands…and body…and mouth of the woman he had called the Lady of Sin.

As I felt Jason’s penis penetrate deeply inside me, I exhaled as I bottomed out…I took off my shirt slowly exposing my nakedness completely to him, his eyes opening wide and looking wild as he stared at my breasts now slowly bouncing as I began to move up and down on him…my hands resting on his broad shoulders, my head arched back as I felt both his hands, now hot, reach for the warm soft flesh of my full breasts…aching for his touch…aching for my flesh to be crushed by his burning need…

Jason began to move in rhythm with me…moving up as I moved down hard on him…riding him… rubbing my pussy and clit hard on the shaft of his penis, his pubic hair roughly stimulating my clit as I rubbed my clit harder on it…making me go insane…as I moved faster and harder…our bodies now moving together, his hands roaming all over my sweating flesh, my body hot and burning with lust for him in the enclosure of his car, both of us unmindful of cars passing and looking for a space to park, our actions shielded by the covering tinted glass…

I lowered my body to his face as I felt his hands on my back drawing me down hard to him. His tongue first started licking the nipples of my breasts…then the soft flesh, his mouth hungrily sucking the white flesh of my breasts as if wanting to put a hickey on me…even as both our bodies were now grinding hard against each other…moving hard trying to reach the peak of sexual satisfaction, our voices now sounding primal like animals as we struggled against each other…harder…harder…until…….

It always begins in the back of my hips…then it moves urgently to the pits of my thighs, then to my pussy…then it radiates all over my naked body making me shiver uncontrollably…this physical outburst…this natural high…that makes me lose my mind…this orgasmic mindblowing explosion…this feeling of madness…as my naked body fell down on Jason, still fully dressed, as I moaned continuously and shamelessly on his ear… “JASON….BABY ITS COMING!!!….I’M COMING AGAIN…AAAARRRGGGGHHHH…THERE IT IS AGAIN….OH NO…THERE IT IS AGAAAAIIIIINNN…JASONNNNN…”my head on the hollow of his shoulder, my tongue urgently licking the salty sweat streaming down the side of his neck and throat, my naked body still moving desperately, grinding and humping in spasms against him, his own now jerking rapidly as he held my soft and sweating naked body in a tight viselike grip against him, his voice a deep monotone, his penis now moving in and out of my pussy fast as if on overdrive…until I felt the scalding heat of his semen shoot inside my pussy in long continuing bursts…filling me up…to overflowing…my mind screaming wildly as his virgin seed filled me…making me come so hard…again…and again…and again…..

After a long while, I slowly moved trying to get back to my seat. Jason’s penis plopped out of me leaving my pussy empty as I fell on my seat. I looked at his penis and still saw it hard and standing…erect…and red…jerking slightly even though he had come twice…semen coming out of the tip and dribbling down the shaft.

With desire still burning strong inside me, I took this part of him in my hands and began to lick it again…tasting him…and myself…my taste buds relishing the fluid mix…my tongue going down licking his hairy balls, my hungry mouth going down on him again and again…sucking his penis hard…my voice an uncontrollable moan of lust and depravity…soon I felt him move again…up and down…slowly at first…then rapidly, both his hands now holding my head steady as he fucked my mouth…his young voice moaning wildly, making me shiver with lust, soon bringing himself to another orgasm, my mouth willing and open…ready…eagerly receiving his hot virgin seed.

I dont remember exactly what happened after but I found myself completely dressed once again, the engine running and the airconditioning of the Navigator turned on high cooling both of us…his arms gently around me as I laid my head on his left shoulder my face toward him…our breathing heavy…

I raised my eyes and looked at him asking softly,

“Jason are you sure you’re still a virgin?…you make love to me quite beautifully and expertly”,

“I was…until I met you today and no…you’re the one who made love beautifully to me”, this young and handsome boy replied.

“Well, now that you’re no longer a virgin Jason…did you ever want anyone in particular to be the first for you?”

“Yes…” he replied with a deep sigh,

“Who did you want, if I may ask?” my voice gentle and soft,

“Funny…but after reading your stories again and again…and looking at your photo all the time and jerking off at the sight of your body, I wanted the first so badly to be you..”, and with a gentleness I found so endearing, he looked at me and slowly moved his lips closer to mine… kissing me gently….our first kiss.

I finally decided to rent the vacant space at the Galleria and soon got quite busy putting up my new store, the display shelves, and handling all the legal matters that had to be taken cared of…signing of the lease agreement etc. I told John about Jason that very same day when he picked me up and what had happened as there are absolutely no secrets between us. He was so turned on with what I told him, we made love wildly as soon as we got through the front door of my home, in the living room floor where he stripped me naked without even waiting to go upstairs to our bedroom and giving myself a chance to clean up.

The branch store is finally in full swing now and often, when I go out into the display area, I would see Jason standing near and leaning on the banisters just right out the front of my shoppe looking at me…watching me whenever I had the chance to go outside, the hungry look I see in his eyes making me shiver with lust…and sometimes when business is slow, I would feel extremely slutty and take him by his hand and bring him inside my inner office where, behind locked doors, we would continue the lessons of sexual intimacy I had started on him, lessons which he needed so badly…even more so now.

Often he would ask me to write more about my experiences with John since he said he had not read any new stories, but more specially that story about what happened between us in his car, that time when I first saw him and took his virginity away and became the only mature lady lover in his life…..but the shoppe was always taking too much of my time……

Until now.

Jason spends a lot of time after his classes during the day at my new store and has become almost like a second son to me, but he never goes there when he sees John…

But in the evenings at home…when the need engulfs my body completely…it is always my son John between my thighs…and inside my naked body…..

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