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A Wonderful Weekend

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Esther Watson was lounging in her bath; she had never in her life felt as good, or as satisfied as she was right now. She had thought back to when she might have done, but if she had, then it was a long time ago. Esther was wallowing in hot water lashed with scented oils; he was downstairs making her coffee.

It was almost 12 noon, she had just got out of bed, or rather, she had just been allowed to. He had been screwing her since 7am this morning.

He had run the bath for her, laced it with the oils, come back, picked her up in his powerful arms, carried her into the bathroom and gently lowered her in.

He had kissed her lovingly, toyed with her wonderfully abused nipples, tickled her now equally abused and suddenly well used pussy. Then told her to stay right where she was and he’d be right back with her coffee. She heard him climbing back up the stairs, and then the door opened and in he came.

She stared at him in wonder, “How could he do that?” she thought, “how can he, after what he’s been doing to me all morning, how does he do it?” What was she thinking about to herself, was staring right back at her, right in her face as he approached her smiling. She wasn’t looking at his face; she was looking the deep red bulbous mushroom that had devastated her for most of the morning.

His prick was popping its head at her as if to say, ‘hello, its meeeeee, I’m baaaaaack!’ On the other side of the beautiful angry head, was seven inches of steel, all made from flesh, thick powerful flesh. Behind that spreading outwards was a dark brown forest of hair, reaching almost to his navel, and touching the top part of his legs.

This is what Esther’s eyes were fixed on, as they followed the bobbing and weaving head as he neared her. It hypnotised the gorgeous woman, it tantalised and teased, and it tempted and thrilled her completely. But incongruously, until about 5 hours ago, she had never even seen it.

Now, it, and its owner, captivated her entirely, he had taken her completely, used her totally, fucked her manically, then made love to her in a way she hadn’t known. And he had left her more satisfied than she could ever remember. And she also knew him to be a nice person; she had known him for 12 years”

Esther was forty two years old, her rapist, seducer, now lover was nineteen. Esther was a gorgeous woman, full of life, still in her prime. And she was desired by any man lucky enough to have been fixed with her deep dark eyes. Her face was an attraction unfettered, full lipped and unblemished complexion, high cheek boned and utterly enticing.

The 5ft 8″ completely feminine woman had a body to die for as far as any red blooded man was concerned, she was voluptuous, and full bodied. She knew that any man worth his salt, prefers something to get hold of, and Esher had that in abundance. Her weight would embarrass a lot of women, she was around 155lbs, but it was all in the right places.

Esther was a 38C on a good day, sometimes she felt a 40, but her waist line was where it was supposed to be, and her child bearing hips were a hot man’s dream. Her long legs were where her height came from, and were pivotal to her looks. They tapered, on tiny feet and in tremendous shape; her calves were symmetrical giving them luscious sleek lines.

She was and had been a very sexual woman all her life, and over the twenty years she had been married, she had stepped out twice. She had regarded them as exciting from a naughty perspective, but errors in judgement never the less. Now she knew she would never regard this as a mistake, partly because she had had no say in the early morning proceedings, and mostly because of how he had made her feel.

Her long dark hair was hanging over the rolled edge of the bath, her fantastically, and naturally shaped eyebrows arched, her breasts simmering just under the still hot water, deep brown nipples poking through. Her lips quivered at what she was looking at, he put the coffee on the tiled edge to the wall.

Her hand came out of the water to capture it as he leaned over, Esther turned her lovely head, kissed, licked, then sucked it, she tasted him for the first time, and then herself on it. Her eye closed blissfully as he stayed where he was and let her bring him on. He was still naked, her other warm hand left the water and cupped his balls, his knees sagged in wonder.

She had been sound asleep alone in her bed, Esther was a freelance writer, and had stayed home this weekend to work on the book she was writing in conjunction with another writer. Her husband, son, and daughter had gone off for the holiday weekend the previous afternoon. They would be away all four days of the holiday, returning on the afternoon of the fourth day.

Now it was Friday noon, she was in her bath, and sucking a young man’s cock for him, and she was absolutely loving, and revelling in it. She had woken lazily and sleepily this morning, to see the sun streaming through her rear and south facing bedroom windows. She had glanced at the clock, and felt her husband squeeze a nipple.

In her sleepy mind she mumbled something and he had squeezed it again, it had been about three or more weeks since her and Geoff, her husband, had made love, so she was more than ready for it. “A girl doesn’t turn down chances at your age,” she would tell herself laughingly.

And the fingers teasing her nipples were so warm and lovely, she felt them grow instantly. They had always been the bane of her life, so sensitive, and needful. She only had to catch them sometimes, and she would literally turn somersaults. And today it seemed, was one of those days, her pussy warmed up with them too.

She used to laugh sometimes to herself, when she knew they were acting up, she would pick a man, or a boy out, in a shop, a bar, or anywhere, and say to him in her head. “Did you know that if you were to walk up to me, squeeze these, you could screw me any way you wanted!”

He was warm against her; she could feel him between her legs, “he’s hard!” she thought, “Ooooh lovely!” Esther put her hand behind her and took a hold of him. “Wow, is he ready or what?” she exclaimed in her head, and began to roll over; he moved in close and mumbled, ‘uh uh.’ Esther turned her hand around to get a better hold, and she was impressed by Geoff’s hard on.

He tweaked each nipple, and pushing his left arm under her and fingered her pussy, she lifted her leg to let him in, and in he went, his fingers were brilliant, she was turned on immediately. “Ooooh don’t stop, I’ll kill you if you do, you teasing naughty boy!” she told him over her shoulder. He kissed her neck, bit her shoulder, and Esther was in heaven.

But she needed what was in her hand, and she needed it in her pussy badly, it was necessary, and undeniable. It was as hard as she could remember, hot and burning. “God, hurry, put it in me, stop teasing or you’ll get it big time!” she grunted loudly. Esther bent her back away from him, and pushed her ass back at him, she was leaking juice out, hot sweet nectar was going to waste.

He bent his back and pushed, Esther guided him in, and she sighed a sigh of huge relief, and utter gratitude that she had him in her. “Jesus, you feel bigger honey, where have you been all my life?” and she giggled delightedly. To be filled like this again was a distant memory. He pumped at her, and Esther had her first climax of the day.

It was painfully marvellous, it crushed her, but he kept going, his cock slapped in and out, and it matched the slapping of his balls on her ass, and cunt lips, Esther shivered time after time, at each slap the juice covered balls made. She came again, “Yes yes, yes, Oh god go on, keep going baby, keep going,” she told him as he screwed her and tortured her nipples.

Then Esther felt him pulse, he was coming, “he’s going to fill my belly with his white mice,” she chortled to herself. He did, he humped into her, his cock was jammed all the way in, and he held her tight, snuffling into her neck. Esther felt wonderful, he had screwed her like he hadn’t for many a long year, a way she had wanted for a long time. It had arrived once more; he had got her again once more!

They rested in the afterglow, each recovering, his cock partly slipped out, it saddened her. She thought, “Well, at least he’s given me a seeing to, to last until the next time at least,” she thought a little sadly, wondering when the ‘next time’ would be. Her eyes closed slowly, she drifted off a little.

Her eyes fluttered open and she felt his cock move in her, again! Esther started to turn over but he stopped her, “Close your eyes,” he mumbled, whispering into her ear through her hair. She did so gladly, and he pulled her gently over himself, keeping his mouth in her hair, “keep them closed,” he mumbled softly again, she did so. Esther could feel his cock against her thigh.

Then he lifted himself up and over her, between her legs, she felt him ready himself. Then he plunged into her still dripping and cum filled cunt. His wonderful cock split her, her eyes flew open and there he was, it didn’t register at first, she smiled happily and so fully turned on.

He drove in and out, his prick fully resurrected and hard, long and thick. Up on his elbows, hands hooked under her shoulders he fucked her. Esther’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, she couldn’t breathe, her heart, had it stopped? She didn’t know, all she knew was she was being rail roaded, ram rodded, and screwed as never before.

And it wasn’t her husband, it was Rico, her son’s best friend, Richard was his name, but everyone called him Rico. He was nineteen years old, he was in her bed, he was screwing her out of her mind, and he had already done just that minutes before. This was the second time in as many minutes.

“Rico,” she squealed, wha…. Oh God Rico nooooo, mmmmm!” It was all she could say, her breath wasn’t enough to continue to protest. In the meantime Rico battered her, fucked her and screwed her, kissing her neck, knees under her thighs keeping her spread high and wide.

Then protests were out of the equation, Esther came again, it near killed her. The veiny hard and thick thudding weapon, was beating, and retreating unobstructed, to and fro on the path to her orgasmic door. Her body just gave up and joined in, it humped back at the young invading prick that was now bringing it such unadulterated joy, and she came again on it again.

That orgasm knocked her out of the ring; she had been soundly defeated in her own bed by a nineteen year old boy. It was no contest; a referee would give technical knockout stoppage. Her arms went around him in submission; her legs drew him to her. Rico fucked her. The contest, such as it was, drew to a close when he leaned in and kissed her.

Esther saw him coming, wondered whether to say no, resist, stop him, she met him with her own kiss, and they were locked together in a lovers sweet embrace. Rico rose and fell; his ass pumping back and forth, Esther came repeatedly under him. This was the first time in her life, that she had truly been conquered. Esther had given in many times in her life, but willingly, going with the flow. But she had never been taken like this, used like, and wonderfully abused like this, and completely vanquished in such an orgasmic manner.

She looked up at him, his face a mask of concentration, “power house fucking,” came to her mind. “God in heaven, he is a machine isn’t he, a fucking fuck machine, set to full power and on automatic.” Then Esther let it all go, she went with him. Her young man boy lover as he now was, he screwed her exactly the way she remembered, what fucking was supposed to be about.

How many climaxes Esther had she wasn’t sure but she knew it was multiple times. She had been ready for this, it had been building in her, and Rico had turned the valve of pent up emotion on. Now Esther was a surging tremendous lava flow of cums, climaxes and orgasms, until it had all spouted from her pussy and her tender body. He drove her mad with a sudden bout of teasing, he pulled out right to the tip, only her pussy lips were wrapped around the head, and then he pretended to bang it in only not to. He did this several times, and occasionally he would whop it in and take her by total surprise.

She rested underneath her son’s best friend, and then he came once more. She felt him erupt in her, his prick seated right in the entrance to her womb, and she felt the blast of hot seed flooding her to capacity.

Rico stayed, his eyes were open but unfocused, he was motionless on top of his friend’s mother. His cock twitching as the last drips popped out, then he flinched, his cock slackened off and slid out. Now he saw her again.

“Wow,” he murmured, “that was something else, wasn’t it?” He smiled benignly at her, then he kissed the wondrous woman below him, Esther kissed him back, it was a passionately soft kiss between two people who had got, and had given everything they had to the other. In reality, he had taken what Esther had, then she had given him all of her, his cock hadn’t let her not give it.

And he was right, it had been something else, and it was something else! He rolled slowly away followed by Esther, she turned with him, they were now facing each other. “I’m sorry,” he said quietly, “but I have wanted to be with you, near you, and love you from as long as I can remember, and no matter what you might say, or even do. I have been with you, and it’s the most fantastic thing I have ever done, or been a part of!”

He stared into her deep dark eyes and felt himself swimming; she looked him for some time not saying anything. She was too strung up to speak for the moment, but whatever else had happened, she pondered, Rico had done her up like a kipper. She couldn’t remember being so totally dislodged from her mind, or so disconnected from reality.

She had been made love to in such a way that her mind had been undone, but her body was in tune with him. What he had done, and if she admitted it, how much it had done for her. Her body was still feeling the effects, and would do for a long time. The electrical buzzes were still ranging through her. They were tingling her pussy, ringing her bell, her nipples crackling in the fire still around them, all her erogenous zones, and extremities were on fire.

Esther did the only thing a woman could do in the circumstances she was in; she cupped his balls and cock, then kissed him. The memory of him being in her from behind, and her sleepily thinking it was her husband, would stay with her forever, nothing in the annals of history would ever remove it.

“What on earth possessed you Rico to even think about this, let alone do it,” she said. “What would have happened, if it had all gone wrong?” But it wasn’t admonition in her voice, it was wonderment. “What time did you get here this morning, I woke up around 7am, and you were behind me. You know I thought it was my husband, don’t you?”

“I was hoping you were thinking that yes, I got here about 6am,” he told her, “I waited in your yard for about half an hour, trying to pluck up the courage, I knew you were alone of course. But once I had made my mind up, a now or never kind of thing, I just went for it.”

“And I suppose you can lie there,” Esther said, “and tell me it all went to plan?”

“No,” he said, “I didn’t have a plan, I had no idea what I was going to do, it was like watching a film, it just happened.” Esther didn’t believe it for one moment.

“You are telling me that you crept into my bed, and just made love to me, no, fucked me! No!” she said, “technically you raped me?” Rico shank from her, he hadn’t thought of that.

“I did creep into your bed, yes,” he told her, “but I was there for about 5 or 10 minutes before I put my arm around you.”

“And I responded the way you wanted me to?” she asked.

“Well,” he answered, “I suppose you did, but I still had no idea what you would do. But to be honest, if I had thought it through properly, I wouldn’t be here now. I would have disappeared a long time ago, and you wouldn’t have known anything about it.”

Then Rico kissed her, it was a quick in and out one, he pulled back, wondering what she would do. She stayed there so he kissed her again, and this time, his open eyes, saw hers close. He moved to her and got his arms around her. He popped his upper leg over hers and Esther moved to him.

“What am I doing here, I don’t know,” she said to him as she pulled back a little. But Esther had the distinct memory of him screwing and making love to her so magically, and so magnificently. This boy, that she had known all this time, yet now she didn’t know him at all, And Esther felt that she couldn’t say no to the possibility of it happening again.

“You do know, you do realise that this is only a onetime thing Rico, I will never be here again like this for you!” she said, “once you’ve gone you will never trick, or get me again, understand?”

“Yes I know, but while I’m here, can we carry on and have some more fun, please?” he was so sincere in his words that Esther couldn’t tell him to get out, to leave. She sighed in resignation, and nodded her lovely head. Rico kissed her immediately, and went for her still aching for attention nipples, his knee pressed into her pussy and Esther sank without trace.

She suddenly felt his still warm and wet prick in her hand; she toyed, and squeezed it, pulled it and jacked him. Her other arm went around him to hold him close. “Jesus Rico, what am I going to do about you, hmmmm?” she whispered, as further tightness crept around her. She knew what that was, it was need, and she hadn’t had the satisfaction for sometime of knowing, that now that need could and assuredly would be met.

The living breathing young cock in her hand throbbed and pulsed, “This can only mean one thing,” she thought. And Esther relied on her sexual knowledge to go forth and plunder the delights of the hardening flesh in her wanton hand. She moved right into him, her sexual arousal was heightening, growing like the spongy blooming mushroom in her palm.

For some reason her mind drifted back to the two times she had strayed from the path of fidelity. One had been a tipsy fling with an erring husband who took advantage of Esther’s nipples. Her memory had always been vague, but she had enjoyed it. But the brief moment of excitement that had soon slipped away. The other had been with a young man of similar age to Rico. He had been a junior in her office, his heart had been broken by a lost love, she had consoled him, and somehow she had ended up having sex in her car with him.

But he had been totally inexperienced, had shot his bolt in an instant, made a mess on her dress, and scuttled away in embarrassment. But he had been silent afterwards, and never once mentioned it, for that Esther had been very grateful. Then he had suddenly left the firm she worked for and that had been that. He was the total opposite to Rico, Rico she now already knew, was a man among boys and men. Where he had got this level of expertise she had no idea, she was just glad he did, and had. Esther was already screeching towards another heart stopping, mind stripping, and love bang making session at his hands, and cock, which was feeling massive in hers!

“To hell with it,” she told herself, as her grip tightened, and lengthened on his ever growing hard on. Her smile widened, she was on her own until Monday! “Rico’s here, my husband isn’t, I’m on my own, no one can ever possibly know, I might as well go for broke now!” The sniggering giggle made Rico grin too, why he didn’t know. Esther surrendered to herself, but not to Rico, she surrendered to the moment.

“Rico, do what you do best, come on!” she told him and tugged his prick.

“What’s that then?” he asked stupidly, looking at her.

“Me!” she chortled, “me, you dummy, screw me, get on with it!” Rico was in her before she had finished speaking, and Esther had to fight to draw breath, his cock was driving new holes in her, opening new highways in her super heated cunt. Rico was like a man possessed, he had wanted her, and this for so long, he was on full alert, as soon as the request was made, he fulfilled it.

His ass a blur on the landscape of raw fucking, he fucked his friend’s mother like it was the last thing he would ever do, or see. He kissed her, Esther kissed him back. She ‘Ooooh’d and Ahhhh’d, Hmmmmm’d, grunted, and groaned. Her breath forced out by his pounding dick crashing in and out. And she moaned and mewled. Esther was on a high never before achieved.

They were clamped tight together; each other’s arms a band of steel binding them to the other. Hips were meeting hips, loins meeting, in the middle, withdrawing and meeting again. Slapping, time after time, until they both came in a massive life threatening climax. His sperm was finding its way into her womb once more. And Esther’s fighting to get out from the invading prick that left no space for it.

Now even Rico was finished, his morning was done, he was so deliriously happy to be where he was. Even though he knew his prick would be slipping out in seconds, withered, and fully used, and completely expended. They shared a kiss that meant that more would be shared; more loving would be given from both of them.

Rico fell off and on to his back and lay there spread eagled, Esther never moved, she lay where he left her, one arm out, the other by her side, both feet wide apart. Both of them needed time to recover, and both looking to the moment when they had. Esther turned her head and looked at him.

“Rico, don’t get bigheaded,” she breathed huskily, “but you are magnificent, where on earth have you learned all this. I can honestly say you are the best ever, and you’re only nineteen, I’ve known you since you were seven, where has it all come from?”

“I’ve been fucking Christine for the past nine months,” he didn’t tell her. “And what we haven’t done between us is nobody’s business.” Christine was Esther’s twenty year old daughter, and no one, not even Luke her son knew of their liaison. Her daughter was not a nymphomaniac but boy did the gorgeous girl love being fucked, and Rico had honed his skills, the ones he had just used on her mother, on her.

Now there was nothing he didn’t know about fucking and making love, but there were, he knew, many many years of good fucking to come in his life. And he would die in the attempt to screw Christine’s mother in the ass. Christine’s ass had been a fight well worth winning, and he had won it easily. That would make the set, he grinned to himself.

They spent an hour just lying in bed, chatting about nothing in particular. But Rico slightly tested the waters so to speak. His finger found its way, accidently of course, into the entrance to her ass. This brought him a rebuke. “Don’t even think about that young man,” she told him, “we don’t know each other well enough!” The remark brought him joy; he knew with a dead certainty that he would get her there, no sweat!

“I’m going to run you a bath Esther,” he told her, she looked at him; this was the first time ever he had used her first name. But it was reasonable to expect it, isn’t it? she asked herself.

“You are a lovely boy Rico, so thoughtful, thank you,” she told him. He kissed her long and passionately, all his warm loving kisses were returned equally from her. He left and ran the bath, found and poured in lots of scented oils, he ran it hot, he wanted to have fun in there too a little later.

He went back, and said, “Stay there for a minute, I’m going to put the kettle on, and I’ll be back before you know it.” He dashed away, and when he returned he turned the water off, went back into Esther’s bedroom. He picked her up in his arms and carried her in and lowered her gently into the nice hot water.

When she had settled, and in between hot sexy kisses he left again saying, “I’m making coffee okay?” and off he went. When he came back she stared avidly at him. And her sexy come to bed eyes were firmly fixed on his prick, the very prick that had taken her around the orgasmic universe three times already this morning. It was pointing its one eye at her, bobbing about as he approached the bath.

“Hellooooo, I’m baaaaack, its meeeeee!” it seemed to call to her. As he neared her it popped up and down in her eye line. Rico set the coffee down on the tiled edge. Esther couldn’t stop her head from turning to the ultra enticing sight before her. She leaned over, kissed, then licked and sucked the big purple red head of his prick. And the seven inches of steel flesh behind it.

Rico grunted in appreciation as his cock disappeared into his friend’s mother’s mouth. He reached out and first squeezed, then rolled a nipple as it was stuck out of the water, then he did the same to the other. Each action forced Esther to suck harder, and fasten her hot mouth around him tighter.

Rico worked on them for a while as Esther got more and more into fellating him completely. Then he stepped slowly into the bath with her, his cock slipped from her mouth even though she leaned forward to keep it in. As he wormed his way into position to screw her again in the still hot water, he knelt between her legs. Esther widened her knees and lifted her feet on to the edge of the bath and Rico had prime place.

He slid her ass up his thighs, the oils made it easy, Esther grabbed the edges of the bath and he pointedly fixed his eyes on hers. He was telling her, ‘I’m going to fuck you again beautiful lady!’ The weight of his prick aligned it with her open pussy, grabbing her by the hips he pulled her on to it. As it slid in unopposed, she slipped down into the water, her hair, which she hadn’t wanted to get wet slid in with her. Moving his arms he put them under her thighs and lifted her feet over his shoulders, now he had her completely!

Rico took a hold of her hips once more and his control was total. He rocked his hips and began a gentle but insistent screwing of his best friend’s beautiful mother. Esther’s eyes rolled once more into the back of her head, she had never felt so full, so content, so used and so happily satisfied, she felt she could stay here for the rest of her natural days being fucked by this young master.

Orgasms rolled out one on the other, Rico snapped her nipples, she cried out in surprised wonderful agony as he crushed them before she knew what he was doing. She couldn’t let go of the bath sides, and therefore had no way of resisting Rico’s punishing devastation of her nipples, her mind, and her body. Tears of hapless released frustration swept down her cheeks which were flush red with absolute pleasure.

Rico was in control mode, he like having this domination over her, it excited him, he pushed hard into her giving her as much prick as he could get in. And now he knew that this was the way into her ass. Tomorrow he would repeat this again, but her ass would be the unobstructed target, one he wouldn’t miss, a bulls eye would be hit unceremoniously. He briefly wondered if she would like it as much as her daughter did, now!

He leaned forward allowing Esther feet to slide down, now he lay on her and fucked her powerfully, bringing moans and groans from the beautiful sexy older woman. He wished he could tell his buddy what he had done to his mother this weekend, and also tell her daughter that he was screwing the both of them completely.

Water was splashing over the edges of the bath but he didn’t care, all he cared about was giving this woman everything he had, and everything he could deliver. His prick was on its own, he pumped it, it did the deed required of it. Esther’s eyes were closed, as if she was sleeping, but she was relishing, revelling and drowning in what he was doing for her. Esther knew that she had never cum like this before, the boy was phenomenon, no doubt, no question, he was utterly amazing.

Rico didn’t cum, he couldn’t he was running on empty, his prick was still in good order, but his balls were dry. And his head was spinning, he hadn’t screwed Christine like this, he was past his optimum moment, he kept up doing the wondrous woman under him, and after she had cum for the??? time he slowed and stopped. He made room at her side and rested.

“I need to sleep I think Esther, what do you think?” he asked her. “I think you are right Rico, I am done for, you have worn me out. I’ve never known anything like this honestly!” she chimed up. They extricated themselves from the bath, but still pawing and feeling each other, with Esther’s tired but happy nipples getting the worst, or best, of it.

They dried off and staggered back to bed, it was damp from their previous unions. Esther quickly renewed the sheets and they flopped into it. Pulling the covers right up they settled down and were soon fast asleep. Esther woke up to hear the phone ringing, she didn’t know where she was for a moment, her body was stiff and sore, then she remembered what had happened. She rapidly turned to see if Rico was there, he was, it hadn’t been a dream, it really had happened.

She reached for the phone and said quietly, “Hello, Esther speaking,” it was how she always answered the phone, much to the annoyance of her husband. There was a deep breath at the other end and then.

“Hi honey, it’s me, we arrived on time, everything is alright, are you, are you lonely without me there with you?” Esther gulped, she hadn’t expected a call from him until later in the day, she looked at the clock, it WAS only 5.43pm.

“5.43PM!” she shouted in her head, “AND I’M STILL IJN BED!!!!” Esther looked at Rico who was now waking up. She slid a hand over his mouth to stop him saying anything. Taking a deep breath, she replied, “Hi Geoff, how are you, I’m fine thanks, just having an afternoon nap, I feel a little tired,” she told him.

At that moment a finger sank into her pussy knuckle deep, Esther gasped loudly, her husband asked what was wrong. She tried to dislodge the middle finger Rico had deposited there but couldn’t. His thumb rested, and then caressed her clit and Esther sank into the abyss he had created for her.

She managed to regain her composure, if not her senses, and said, “Sorry Geoff, I sat on my shoe, I had just put it on the bed for some reason.” She glowered at Rico, who smiled back innocently, but maddeningly continued to finger Esther’s still bubbling, even after nearly 4 hours sleep, pussy. She flopped back and concentrated on speaking to her husband as Rico brought her slowly past simmering, and soon she knew she would boil over, like milk in a forgotten pan, if she didn’t get rid of her husband.

Her hand snaked out and found his prick, gained a hold and began to jack him off. “How unbelievable is this,” she thought, “here I am in my bed with a boy, young enough to be my son. He’s my son’s best friend and he’s driving me crazy! And I’m talking to my husband too!” As her hand gleefully slid up and down the shaft her body was getting to know so well.

“Yes I’m good Geoff, in fact, I couldn’t be better?” she sneaked a glance at Rico, and then at his prick, “God how I need to suck that,” she said to herself. “Can you call back a bit later honey, I’m in the middle of something?” she suggested, saying to herself, “if you only knew Geoff what I was in the middle of, you would choke on your cornflakes!”

Geoff said no problem, and rang off saying he would call about 8pm.

Esther threw the phone down and dove at Rico’s cock and sucked it in immediately, bringing a sigh of happy relief to them both. Esther had already told herself that there would be no let up, not until she had him unload everything he had in the large hairy testicles now nestling in her soft hand.

This was one of Esther’s forte’s, she loved the feel of power it gave her, and any woman if it came to that, to know that she had the sole power to make him cum, not to let him, or make him wait. But she knew already in her own mind that when push came to shove, she wanted his cum in her mouth as soon as she possibly get it in there. So she went to work, she gave him the best, hardest and softest blow job she could muster.

Her tongue was silk, a rough tow rope, an investigative living machine, her lips a suction pump. She gave it all to make him cum. And Esther was rewarded with copious amounts of his hot and thick sticky fluid. She gulped and gobbled, the initial burst searing her mouth, she rejoiced in it. Soon a regular motion was taking place, he spurted, she swallowed, heaven was upon her.

She lay spent with her soft haired head resting on his stomach, his prick still secured between her wonderful lips. “That was the best blow job Esther I have ever had, absolutely fantastic,” he told her caressing her hair, “not that I’ve had many,” he added hastily, not wanting her to think he was easy!

“You are far better than your daughter and that is a fact!” he never said. And then idea came to him, it skittered through his head like a whirlwind, “I think I’ll ask Christine to marry me, and then I’ll have them both available? Hah, what a fucking good idea hey?” he told himself. “I might even end up getting both in bed with me?” he laughed, but knowing that possibility was a farfetched as marrying Christine, maybe?

“What are you laughing at Rico,” she said, “I’m glad you think this is funny, doing me how and when you want to, and making me do all of this, at the drop of a hat!” But she gently rubbed his balls, letting him know inadvertently that she didn’t mean what she was saying.

“You love it now Esther, don’t deny it, we are having the best sex,” and then he added quickly, “the best loving ever.” Esther sighed, he was right, she was loving it, she did love it, and yes, she knew, it was the best ever, and no, she couldn’t deny it at all! She poked a finger into his ass; she wanted him in her everywhere.

She didn’t care now; Rico could do what he wanted to her, she never knew, couldn’t have known, or even guessed that this kind of level could be achieved when having sex and making love. The fact that he was only nineteen added to the thrill of it all. But she knew that when this was over, she would look back on this weekend as the best she had ever spent in the arms of a man. He was a boy in age, but a real and complete man in reality.

She snuggled down and slept, both fully sated, for the time being, Esther knew as she drifted off that the weekend wasn’t about to finish. And the thought of Rico having her when, where, and how he wanted, filled her with utter dread and absolute insatiable desire for it.

She woke again to the ringing of the phone, this time she sat on the edge of the bed to answer it. “Rico won’t get me here,” she thought. How wrong can a person be, she told herself, as seconds later as he pulled her backwards, and she was lying flat on her back, his knees either side of his shoulders. He had one hand in the middle of her chest to prevent her from getting up. Rico pinked her nipples one by one, then leaned forward and fingered her pussy.

“Hi Geoff,” she said without preamble, “you all had a good day then?” She listened for his answer. “Oh by the way, you know Rico? Well he’s here too, and he’s been fucking me all day out of my skull!” she didn’t tell him, but she really really wanted to for some reason. Fortunately for Esther, he told her they were just about to have dinner, and he would call again tomorrow, he said, just as Rico bit her right nipple, it made her gasp very loudly.

“Are you alright Esther, you in pain?” he asked.

“Pain, you call having your nipple bitten by a sex mad boy pain, you idiot!”

“I just bit my finger, can you believe that,” she giggled, “I’ll speak to you tomorrow, love to the kids,” she said, “bye.” Esther put the phone down just as an unexpected tiny orgasm flitted into her pussy. “Rico, you have to stop doing these things when I’m talking to my husband, he half knows something is wrong,” she said gruffly, “he isn’t stupid you know, he knows the sounds I make when something is happening,” she told him, but not saying “when we have sex, occasionally.”

“Yes I’m sorry Esther, but you excite me so much I can’t leave you alone,” he told her, and to prove his point he dived over her, head to toe and hoovered her pussy into his mouth making her collapse totally. He got her entirely, his speed took her over, and her pussy was on high climax alert immediately. Her knees rose and fell, her arms wafted about like straw in a strong wind, her head lolled from side to side as her mind disintegrated.

Esther came, and them came again as his tongue slid over and around her clit, in and up her pussy, his lips constantly running over and nibbling at her pussy lips. His cock and balls swinging over her upturned face, were enticingly unattainable unless she could somehow find the strength to lift her lovely head.

Esther lay back and let it happen, she had had more orgasms this day than she had had in the last five years. Her final cum sent her into oblivion, her body was afire, her nipples crackling away again in the blaze of lust and arousal.

She woke up, and the sun was bright outside, she had difficulty remembering again what had happened, but she remembered Rico this time. She could feel him next to her, his arm draped over her as if in protection, or she thought, laying claim to his woman. She wondered if she was his woman, lover, bit of skirt, a good fuck when he wanted it, his to use, how and when? All these things ran through her utterly confused head.

A glance at the clock told her it was nearly 8am, her body hurt wonderfully, the ache she felt reminded her of her demise at the hands of her son’s friend, and so marvellously and completely. She looked at him, he was fast asleep and looked so peaceful and innocent, she smiled at that, “innocent my eye!” she told herself.

Esther slipped out of bed, and went into the shower; she soaked herself, washing off her sweat, his cum along with hers. Her pussy felt like raw liver, it was still so soft and tender when she washed herself. She wondered if she and it would ever recover from the onslaught imposed on her by Rico. She vowed to find out today, and sniggered dirtily.

When she finished and returned to the bedroom Rico was still fast asleep, so she went down and started breakfast. She made a huge pile, as she nearly finished she started making noises, loud ones, in an attempt to wake him up. She feared going back up because she knew what would happen, he would screw her rotten again, and as much as she now wanted it, she wanted feeding too.

Rico appeared in the door way smiling at her sleepily, but staring wild and hungrily eyed at the platter full of bacon, eggs and sausages, mushrooms, hash browns, toast and tea. He went to her; they embraced lovingly, kissed passionately. Their bodies tight against each other sexily, each knowing what the other wanted, again! But they passed pleasantries, then she sat him down, and they ate heartily.

They ate everything with Rico eating the most, Esther encouraged him, saying, “Come on Rico, you need your strength, we haven’t finished honey, not by a long way!” Her eyes were telling him what he wanted to know with all his being. She had taken the decision to have him stay until the Monday morning. Esther saw the look of relief in his own eyes, then added, “but no more funny business when I get phone calls, okay?”

Rico laughed and promised to be on his best behaviour, if I can, he sniggered. Esther grabbed his dick, and said, “If you don’t I will cut this off!” and she laughed with him. “Seriously Rico, you must behave yourself, my life can be at stake here, and yours too, so no more!” her words were emphatic, and he took heed.

Esther had never been more ready now than she was this weekend for sex, sex, and more sex. She didn’t love Rico, not quite true, she told herself. She did in a way, but not in the way a woman loves her man. She never would, and she would never consider this as nothing more than the fantastic, fabulous sexual escapade that it was. And in consideration, she was almost 100% positive that when the weekend drew to a close, this episode in her life would be over, sadly yes, but over none the less.

After they had eaten, they both exercised, Esther was a regular, that’s why she was in such great shape, fit as a fiddle and as lithe as any woman could be at her age. What surprised her was Rico’s capacity for it too, they egged each other on and by the time they finished sweat was in abundance.

“Bath or shower?” he asked her, hoping she would say the bath, she did.

“I think a good soak is the order of the day young man,” she replied, “and then bed again for a rest, afterwards!” she laughed, meaning more sex hopefully. They went up arm in arm, already toying with parts that only set of their collective libidos. Rico ran the bath adding lots of scented oils, he found some candles and lit those too placing them around the bath and closed the drapes. It was daylight outside but in the bathroom there was a soft glow now, ‘romantic’ he thought.

Esther in the bed room readied herself for her entry, she put on sexy underwear, wanting to excite the exciting young man who was about to fuck her out of her mind, again! ‘It’s strange,’ she thought, ‘how easy I have fallen into this,’ she pondered, ‘it’s been so easy, no hang ups, none that matter anyway,’ she told herself. ‘As soon as they are back, I’ll be my normal self again,’ and the thing was, she knew she was right, she would be!

She entered the bathroom to see a naked Rico bending over the bath, she crept up behind him and goosed him, she laughed and giggled as he tipped over and fell in making a huge splash. She dived in with him making another one, completely ignoring the fact that she was in her lacy underwear. Rico set about ripping it all off while Esther set about mangling his growing prick in her warm wet hands.

It seemed like in a second she was in position, on her back, head resting on the roll top, hands holding the grab handles on the sides, feet up over his shoulders and the breath being expunged as he crashed into her super heated pussy. Rico had a look on his face that told her she was in for a banging to end all banging’s. She closed her eyes to take in the sensation of cock in pussy, hers, and Rico fucking her like a demented controlled lunatic.

She had an immediate climax; the heat of the water, the heat of the moment, the heat of his cock had her climbing the walls. Rico grabbed her nipples and squeezed, this caused her body to rocket upwards, only to sink back down in defeat, another bang rolled through her sexy supercharged body. Her hair in the water again, she didn’t care, her body swishing back and forth causing waves as Rico pumped his prick in and out.

Soon he was about to cum himself, Esther had shot hers three times already and knew there was at least another one or two left in her to be dug out by the mushroom topped iron bar within her. That’s when Rico held on to himself, he pulled out, looked down and shoved his prick unceremoniously into the helpless woman’s unprotected ass; he forced every bit of it in, all the way up to his pubes.

He looked at Esther’s face, she was open mouthed, her eyes popped wide open and in a silent scream, he yanked back and rammed in again and again, Esther couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t let go of the hand rails to get him off. She would have sunk under the water and drowned. There was no option but to accept his total control, this was what she was going to offer him in the bedroom, but he had just taken it here. And the painful gorgeous agony suddenly filled her with supreme serenity, heavenly delight slid over her like a cloud of silk.

She loved the roughness of him, he wanted it, he was taking it. There was nothing she could do, he was fabulously raping her ass, and Esther died from the wonderful severity of it. She loved a bit of domination, and Rico was dominating her in the way she loved to be dominated, in the most, a forced ass fucking. One she hadn’t experienced in many a long year, and Esther had an explosive climax because of it.

Rico fell on her, kissing her open mouth, her head slid under the water, he lifted her up. Holding her in his arms, she was now doubled over and Rico fucked her ass with wanton ferocity. He gave no quarter; he just hammered her, the oils in the water lubricating every inward thrust right up to his cum filled balls. Esther seemed to be having continuous climaxes. Then Rico stiffened and shot his load, Esther felt her ass and bowels swell with the sudden intrusion of his thick hot sperm and he unloaded into her.

Slowly but surely he began to slow as the last drops of his hot were jetted out, and Esther relaxed under him knowing that this would never be repeated again in her life, even if they did it every day for the rest of their lives, it could never be attained at this level again. She knew unequivocally that no one would ever fuck her this way ever again.

Relaxation drifted over the both of them, lots of loving and endearments crossed both ways. His prick started to slide out, she bemoaned the fact, Esther wanted it to stay in her ass. But out it popped, and swilled about in the water washing itself of his cum and Esther’s sweet smelling shit.

Esther bathed her young lover, giving him a cleaning that only a mother would give her child. Rico muttered about having his ears poked, and around his ass but he liked that, he liked it a lot. Soon they were both drying each other off, and heading to bed for more fun. Rico was already recovering and Esther was nothing more than amazed at his prowess.

What she wanted next he gave it to her, Esther never got chance to tell him, to ask him. He was on her as if he had read her mind. She was going to tell him to give her a good old fashioned, back breaking, mind bending, heart beating, gob smacking fabulous and frenetic shagging. Rico delivered it in lorry loads.

No sooner had Esther got on the bed and turned to face him, that he was on, in, and shagging her ass off. His hips were pounding hers severely, his hands hooked under her shoulders, up on his elbows, toes dug in. Rico set about fucking his best friends beautiful mother in a way she had never been fucked. There were times when she actually feared for her life! If the orgasms she endured, underwent, and thoroughly accepted hadn’t beaten her thoughts to the punch she might have done.

Esther bounced around underneath the steam machine fastened to her, she could only hang on and feel the climaxes crash and burn through her. Her feet on the backs of his knees, her hands and nails dug in the for the duration and fight she had already lost to her masterful dynamic young lover.

She cherished the feelings he was giving her, knowing that in another day it would be over, and it would become a loving memory never to be forgotten. And in her heart, knowing it would never be repeated, she would always make it her business from this day on, never to be left home alone the way this weekend she had been.

That night they lay spooned together in her bed, her back to him, his cock resting between her thighs. Esther felt it grow, unbidden, untouched, with nothing but its own determined self to screw the woman it was feeling. It behaved like an Anaconda, seeking its victim, strangling it, devouring it, then sliding off to rest.

Rico drew back, fingered his prick up a little then pushed into Esther’s ass, her body tightened in response but she never moved except to hold place, to not let him push her forward. Her sphincter held him in, she pressed back and in he went. Soon he was rhythmically screwing her soft yet taut ass; it would be the last time. Esther sighed in utter satisfaction; the steel bar of flesh fitted her like a finger in a silk glove now.

Her own finger found her clit, Rico took care of her nipples and Esther soared once more on the plane of loving orgasmic bliss, to land in a distant place known only to her. Her eyes closed, her face a mask of happy fulfilment. She gave a soft sigh of a woman treated to something that had been missing from her life, something she hadn’t known of, and something she hadn’t known she had missed.

The moment he filled her bowels again with lots of hot steaming cum, gave her the greatest feeling of being the most desired woman on earth, filled her with awe of him. Tears leaked from her eyes, tears Rico would not see, she bit her lip as a climax of the dearest proportions swept through her. Rico seemed to have the ability to produce in her time after time, different reactions from her super charged and electrified body and mind.

They fell asleep, and it was morning again, now they made full consensual love, love between a man and a woman, seen and enjoyed by billions of other couples across the planet. But this particular couple knowing the day was done, the weekend over. Rico would leave, and Esther would ready herself for the return of her family.

She would never regret this, even though nothing had been planned by her, he had fooled her completely, but she had taken part more than willingly. They kissed and petted lovingly, both not wanting to let go, Rico more than Esther, but both knowing it had to be.

When he had left Esther talked to herself, practised her welcome home routine, and when the time came she was the perfect wife and mother once more. No one even guessed at a change in her, a change only she would ever know of.

But there was a change in the air, and it came two months after her illicit wonderful weekend. She had seen Rico several times, and nothing had transpired between them, they did give each other a knowing and sometimes loving look, but that was all.

One weekend her daughter came home with Rico in tow. She announced that they were a couple, that she felt she loved him, and a month after that Rico asked her father for her hand in marriage. Esther still didn’t know that her daughter and Rico had been long time on and off lovers.

At their engagement party Esther managed to speak privately to Rico, the first time since their affair. She asked him why her daughter, and what was he after. He had replied that he loved her, that he knew they were right together. Then he had added, “Just as you and I were Esther.” Then he had stroked her ass, and said, “I’m looking forward to being your son in law Esther, and I know we’ll get along just fine, again.”

Esther knew what he had not said, the innuendo clear, and the tingle she felt in her ass as he stroked it told her she was right. She also knew that if and when, she was ever alone with him, and the chances of that happening in the future were good. Then he would have his cock back in her in minutes. Esther shuddered and her pussy got disgracefully wet! Her determination to not go there ever again was ripped away in seconds.

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